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condemn america's role in the middle east to that end the new face of the foreign ministry often iran's loudest voice on the world stage made it clear iran remains wide open to diplomacy with everyone except the united states john bolton also had a message for american leaders with regards to the joint comprehensive plan of action the 2050 nuclear deal which the united states pulled out of over a year ago he said that the only reason iran had to pull out of the deal would be to pursue nuclear weapons and that iran should stay in the deal iranian leaders had of course have of course said over and over again that they have no intention to pursue nuclear weapons that it is against iranian law and it is against islam and law and so they have no intention to pursue any sort of weapons program and they would call america's move or john bolton suggestion that iran stay in the deal slightly hypocritical since they themselves pulled out but they are committed to maintaining the deal russia's deputy foreign minister sergei lavrov is into iran
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for meetings with iran to plan another meeting of iran and the remaining signatories to the nuclear deal and how to preserve it of course we are 3 weeks into a 60 day deadline that iran's president hassan rouhani said earlier this year when he began a process of not cooperating with certain parts of the nuclear agreement. al-jazeera same but the live in tehran sign many thanks visit to the u.a.e. comes as regional leaders a gathering in saudi arabia for several sonnets over the next few days foreign ministers from member states of the organization of islamic cooperation at you to meet in jeddah ahead of the annual session on friday a growing tension between the u.s. and iran and washington's plan on the future of israel and palestine are expected to top the agenda. it is one of the balkans most volatile areas and tensions in kosovo have increased off the course of a police operation in a predominantly area
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a protest is under way right now admit tributes in kosovo these are live pictures of a protest dozens of people including ethnics were arrested in an empty smuggling operation serbia says the move was designed to intimidate and has put its troops on high alert well kosovo is almost entirely ethnically albanian but used to be part of serbia as yugoslavia broke apart of the 1990 s. a group calling itself the cost of the liberation army began an insurrection to gain in support independence as the rebellion escalated serbia launched a bloody crackdown that included civilian massacres and ethnic cleansing of the albanian population. eager to avoid another genocide like that in neighboring bosnia launched a bombing campaign against serbia the forces to withdraw from the territory hitting targets in both kosovo and belgrade under the protection of western allies kosovo
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declared its independence from serbia in 2008 but belgrade has never recognized this and disputes between the countries remain the main sticking point is northern kosovo which is populated mainly by serbs and is keen to reunite with. prevents is can scrub stories an associate director of control risks she joins us now live from london good to have you with us what's your appraisal of this original police operation in kosovo that led to today's protest was it anything more than an operation against organized crime. well we all know that organized crime is major issue in the region and according to the government in kosovo or as well as the international for present that there is in the country this was one of the biggest or organized crime operations of the special forces so looking at the arrests and what's happened over
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the past 24 hours there are a few reasons to doubt the. vacation behind the operation that was undertaken in the north of course of all but having said that there are several concerns including the excessive use of force by the special forces members in north kosovo which have raised concerns among the ethnic serbian population in the north about their safety as well as about any future similar interventions on especially inside of populated areas in the north ok so this protest in machu picchu is underway as we can see right now it all looks pretty peaceful but does this situation have the capacity to escalate are you worried. in a region such as the balkans there is always the potential for security issues to escalate . however you know because of legacies of what happened 20 years ago
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in kosovo of the large scale violence of international intervention and so on these legacies are still alive they often tend to resurface in political debates in the local discussions therefore the potential for escalation is always there however we do not expect that the situation will escalate significantly definitely not to the levels of 1990 and what would have been the situation in the region and within europe is very different today but but serbia has put its military on high alert would would serbia resort to military intervention in kosovo. we believe that's fairy unlikely for the time being president which in serbia did indeed precede the coup but in the army on on combat alert however we see that as
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more of a symbolic gesture intended mostly for domestic consumption to the domestic audience to indicate the hearts and serbia of being serious about protecting the interests of serbs but not necessarily intending to use military force in kosovo ok many thanks indeed can i ask you that in london. thank you. this is the news hour from our series still to come on the program saudi arabia is once again accused of targeting a critic based abroad tell you more. struggle to survive in pakistan. which is facing a severe drought. and later in sport there's some disappointing news for heavyweight boxing champion anthony joshua. chinese tech giant huawei has stepped up its legal fight against u.s.
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sanctions the companies filed a motion in court to have bans on its business deemed unconstitutional u.s. federal agencies and contractors are prohibited from using for national security reasons. china correspondent adrian brown reports. few companies could withstand the assault that while weighs now under part of its response has been to open its doors to the international media in corporate china but these are unusual and uncertain times for the country's biggest technology company now effectively locked out of the u.s. market we believe these sets a dangerous precedent that they it's can it come and our way tomorrow it could be your industry your company your consumers on wednesday the company announced it's pressing ahead with legal moves to try to scrap a recently passed law that prevents u.s.
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federal employees from using waterway technology the trumpet ministration says it could be used for spying because of accusations the firms in the pocket of china's government the u.s. government has provided no evidence to assure that. is a kurti threat there's no gun no smoke. only speculation u.s. politicians he said were using the entire strength of the u.s. against one company while away had anticipated being placed on a u.s. trade blacklist which effectively prevent said buying components on which its technology is dependent it has been stockpiling parts but those parts will soon run out and what's not clear is what happens if the ban remains permanent when president xi jinping talks about defending china's core interests he means
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companies like while away whose headquarters he deserted 4 years ago another important core interest what's called rare earths special metals used in everything from magnets to missile systems a week ago president xi highlighted their importance when he toured the part of the country where the industry is based a prelude perhaps to a warning that appeared on the front page of a popular newspaper on wednesday quoting an unnamed government official who suggests china might use its rare earths as leverage in the trade dispute with the united states china is currently the world's largest rare earth exporter this and the battle over while way further signs of the collapse in trust between the world's 2 largest economies adrian brown al jazeera actions in. the inauguration for nigeria president mohammad who bihari a 2nd term is underway the 75 year old former army general why
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a closely for selection in february he campaigned on promises to revive the economy to end corruption and to defeat boko haram fighters in the northeast of the country main political opponent as challenge the election result al-jazeera is ahmed address reports now from a butcher. from killings and kidnappings by bandits in zamfara in the north west to attacks by boko haram in the northeast nigeria is struggling to contain widespread insecurity. then there is a struggling economy rising unemployment and power shortages. these are challenges that president obama promised to solve when he was 1st 14 years ago. i think people are resigned to the crisis that we're in a crisis of a comment a crisis of insecurity in the end in levels of corruption in the country people who are resign with shouldn't be the case the elections as you know very controversial
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very content it's caught up in it costs a lot of people did not think that election provided an opportunity for choice much of the violence is happening in areas where most of the hardest supporters of labor and that's undermining his presidency. right here in 2015 then president elect mohammed while he took his oath it was widely supported by nigerians who criticized his progress or for freely to tackle corruption in security and economic decline for years on many an idea of state those problems haven't changed and that he lost a lot of good will that propelled him to victory. the president's supporters blame decades of corruption and mismanagement for the country's problems and point to what they say i successes of the last 4 years one. to do. something infinitely not established it were like do. you point out iraq.
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pointed to 2 local government and the 3rd. and the 1st it's. under the control for the. ability to. model and do. with in the shortest possible period and not the least. this is campaign against corruption while there is widespread disappointment some nigerians hope the president will deliver on his promises i spect that things will improve the economy in full i mean i suspect they'll be more jobs you know the 1st seems in the last so well yes there was a bit of a drug. deal he said. we will join the other business. and one of the 4 science nigerians will be watching is a composition of his cabinet and whether or not it will be able to get
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a grip on the security situation that's something many nigerians are hoping for. in italy the anti migration league party is proposing tougher controls on people being smuggled across the mediterranean and boats following victory in the european elections the party is also targeting italians who work for refugee organizations which give help to new arrivals. reports now from. it's hard to imagine the human connection to a dilapidated building but for raphael and her mum this migrant reception center was their only source of income and now both of them are without jobs in. this center was among dozens it was down after it leaves government decided to change its refugee laws. we are 120 people who were laid off like me and my daughter there are others who have no salary it's sad it's difficult and so vain he
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has no idea what he's doing to our. charities are warning that more than 4000 workers are already jobless and if the government continue to shut down migrant centers the number could rise 215005 the end of the year in addition to costing millions of euros essential integration services such as psychological assistance and language courses will also be lost. many people have been relocated to other centers some have decided to stay because their paperwork was already being processed no one agreed to speak on camera because they're afraid of what the government might do to their cases if they talk to us. and they have nowhere but the street to call home. at the crack of dawn they pack up their belongings and leave. it's not the live the imagined when they took risks to come to europe. in addition to closing down migrant centers the italian government plans to. put every migrant to rescue italian m.p.'s have been defending this decision saying that out
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of the hundreds of thousands of people who came to their shores only a small percentage were actually refugees the rest what economic bike. opposition politicians accuse the government of then a phobia and racism. there is a contradiction because the numbers are unreliable the interior minister 1st broke a 500 or 600000 but now he says illegal immigrants to italy are 90000 with no explanation but the. 44 year old deborah has also been laid off from a migrant reception center she was pregnant when the government decided to close down the center in the suburbs of rome since then she has lost the baby and her job . i've looked for a job after the miscarriage but he wants me at my age for the child to get sick once a month my biggest fear is not being able to feed my son i only hope i have is of leaving italy i see no future at the moment but. the right wing government says
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it wants to put italians 1st it's promised jobs and getting rid of migrants but the tough conditions are impacting the locals as well deborah was born to italian parents and now she wants to move out of her old country in search of a better like some of the job with al-jazeera. the next report in this series focuses on the story of 2 boys born in italy hailed as heroes but still waiting for citizenship you can see that throughout the day on thursday 0. next up on the weather with mckelway still to come on the program. green is the color in argentina the symbol of women demanding the right to have an abortion. the fastest way to a hospital in kenya how a ride on 2 wheels is the way to go for many. and in sports a final farewell to one of the legend so for the world.
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the web sponsored by cattle and. has been described already as the 4th worst tornado season so far on record in the u.s. not cause it is the heat in the heart of tornado season the most vicious one in the monday night was this one in salinas ohio it's sort of for and part of the time as you can see from this particular footage that is because we feed up the most from the gulf of mexico against what is to further north. persistent line of cloud which can generate tourers there's anyway i hire out you one price you're more familiar with someone like kansas or nebraska or even texas new see the line here this just the west account the city was what happened last night such as storms least one of
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which she satori 7 which actually had his term his were quite honest and this is i know it's hand-held footage of course is taken fairly fresh off the dormer this is the picture stripped mature trees just one part of the evidence of a spinning storm like that that is the line that it currently exists with the walls and humidity the sides there the talking of code red answered denver colorado down towards northern texas so that line is the one to watch for the next day or so and it will be once again missouri ohio and eastwards where the tornado risk exists. the weather is. always. on al-jazeera people and returns with an investigation into why india's capital delhi has some of the worst and pollution in the world. 2 years into the blockade we look at the future of the g.c.c. crisis and its impact on life and how top join us for special coverage the big
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picture examines the power potential and prejudice of artificial intelligence as it used to shape world leaders from the group of 20 nations will gather for the 14th t 20 summit to be held for the 1st time in japan and in brand new episodes we follow people from around the globe who are risking it all just to make a living. on al-jazeera.
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again it's good to have you with us adrian for going to him with the news from up 0 the headlines is into the 2nd day of a nationwide strike protest leaders called for the walkout to pressure the transitional military council to hand over power to a civilian rather ministration transport hospital electricity and banking stuff stopped work tuesday. chinese tech giant way has stepped up its legal fight against u.s. sanctions the company's filed a motion import bans on its business deemed unconstitutional but injurious president obama who bihari is being inaugurated for a 2nd term in office 75 year old former army general won a close before selection in february. a british judge has ruled that boris johnson one of the front runners in the race to become the u.k.'s next prime minister will be summoned to court johnson's facing accusations of misconduct in public office
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over comments he made in the run up to the brig's referendum 3 years ago let's go live to london to sirus paul brennan can tell us more paul what's this all about. well the security frankly this is not the legal authorities bringing boris johnson to court it's a private prosecution that's been launched by an individual who spent the last 3 years raising around 230000 pounds to crowd fund. a private prosecution against the former format of london now conservative m.p. and now also prime ministerial candidate forrest johnston one of the they're alleging or what he's alleging this man marcus ball is that 3 counts of misconduct in public office and that is relating to the bracks it campaign ahead of the 2016 referendum and they say that he says that boris johnson essentially willfully misled the public over the primarily over the claims that $350000000.00 pounds
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a week was being sent to the european union and if we went through with bracks it and left the european union that money would come back and be spent on the n.h.s. now the arithmetic of that 350000000 pounds a week has been picked over in the past 3 years since the referendum and found to be judaists put it that way i will give you the nuts and bolts but it's close it's around $160000000.00 it's certainly nothing like $350000000.00 a week and the test now is whether this individual marcus ball busy can make the charge stick and the threshold is fairly high ridge of the details it's a public officer while he's an m.p. so that would work wilfully neglecting to willfully misconduct himself to such a degree as to amount to an abuse of the public's trust without a reasonable excuse or justification and what he's done is today one of 1st victory and that and that boris johnson the judge's order the powers junction should come
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to westminster magistrates court for a preliminary hearing which point the case will be sent to a crown court and john so will have to ask the answer he can brush this off he will have to answer these charges so what does this mean for his chances of becoming the next conservative party leader and therefore prime minister. well good question i mean certainly it's a distraction i don't think boris johnson would like his. road to what he hopes the would be not number 10 downing street. distracted by a visit to a cause or have a court case hanging over busy his head and in the most serious case and i'm not suggesting this is the most serious case but if they are executed maximum prison life in prison now that's not going to happen but the reality is that boris johnson has proved himself to be coated in teflon in the past you remember he's been hoisted up on a zip line and rather embarrassingly got stuck that didn't seem to damage his
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political ambitions he's had various other personal issues that he's had to deal with that doesn't seem to none of them seem sort of damage his personal stories political ambitions so it's possible he could turn this to his advantage in this case no problem so all publicity is good publicity in boris's case but certainly it's a distraction that i'm sure he will be unhappy with for many things some serious paul brennan live in london. a new wave of barrel bomb attacks in the ass trikes has killed at least 10 civilians in northwestern syria syrian government and russian forces launched attacks on wednesday the u.n. says that more than 300000 people have been displaced in the past month or so hot i reports from beirut. this is how the government's won back territory from the armed opposition in recent years targeting civilians to pressure rebels to surrender now the tactic is being used in northwest syria. there have been hundreds of these air
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strikes in the past months but the last few days have seen major escalation busy streets crowded areas are coming under fire. they like to punish the civilians they always do this we found 10 burned bodies here they target the civilians the people when near a pharmacy when they were killed. it's an all too familiar scene the casualties particularly among women and children are increasing from northern. provinces to the southern edges of it live and further west in the aleppo countryside nowhere is safe out. there. people are living in fear children were playing in the street when they were martyred there is no rebel position or headquarters here you can see the civil defense workers are trying to move to a woman under the rubble. hospitals are being destroyed and humanitarian services have been suspended the united nations has denounced big world powers for doing
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nothing to stop the attacks it is warning of a catastrophe i do not. want. to provide no life. like. this was. ever. offered. it is under the control of her. which many in the international community believe is still linked to al qaida the syrian government and its allies say they are fighting terrorists but the province is home to more than 3000000000 syrians hundreds of thousands have been forced to leave their homes and this rebel held belt of territory on the southern edges of its lip but if this becomes a full scale battle for the entire opposition to visit north west that crisis will get a lot worse than a. beirut saudi arabia is being accused of targeting
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a prominent critic and using israeli spy where. the sorry is a popular satirist who regularly criticizes the saudi royal family charlotte bennis reports as they go my eyes jobless our outspoken and into taining to saudi broadcasts assess i own you tube videos have been viewed hundreds of millions of tying ups. the saudi satirist often targets his country's royal family but his comedy has pushed him and it's cross he is. he's lived in the u.k. for 16 years in self-imposed exile and has been under police protection since the murder of journalist jim you know his lawyers have told the saudi embassy in london they're bringing legal action for hacking his phone this is not an isolated case i think in recent weeks we have heard some new.
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phones spying on. the united states. in europe. most recently in norway and it seems to be a pattern. this spyware was developed by israeli side about any sorry group whose products have been linked to the targeting of activists and journalists around the world amnesty international filed a lawsuit earlier this month asking israel's ministry of defense to ban the export of any sos pegasus software which can convert lead take control of a mobile phone copy its darter and turn on its microphone for surveillance amnesty says one of its staff was spied on that way it knows of 24 other human rights activists including the shock g. who also targeted what sepp says it was hacked by the spy ware in may. any so
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started in 2010 in israel and is supported by european private equity firm no philippine capital is revenues of $250000000.00 and he says we're supports the national security priorities of israel the united states and europe adding we probably take a pioneering approach sits an industry standard for if the cool business that much of it is denied that it spyware has been used against civilians out of saudi suv he's not to continue his public battle for freedom of speech shelob ellis al-jazeera. the israeli government has again reduced fishing to 3 days after allowing palestinian boats to venture further out to sea the israeli military says that its responding to incendiary balloons flown towards israel by palestinians the fishing area was extended as part of the gyptian of cancer a broken ceasefire between palestinian factions and israel following the recent
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cross border bombardment. green handkerchiefs of been flown in towns and cities all over argentina as women step up their campaign to have abortion legalized green is the symbol of demands for changes to the law in the mainly catholic country i was interested in as a boy reports from one of us. legal abortions in a public hospital that's what these women are demanding. thousands of them marched to congress to present a new abortion bill last year that no one house of parliament voted for the 1st time in history to decriminalize and legalize abortion in this largely catholic country. however they know was rejected in the senate in a very tight. but people like say they will continue trying. the chambers the same and it's going to be difficult the same dinosaurs as last year but they need to understand the abortions are already happening in the country
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and women die many of them are poor they have nowhere to go and end up in warble places where their lives are at risk. these green handkerchief has become the symbol of their demand to legalize abortion and gay marriage in tina for women here it's a matter of public health because already hundreds of thousands of illegal abortions are already happening in the country thousands of women end up being hospitalized because of complications during the procedure. there we sold the risk of prison if a woman is found guilty of having had an abortion argentina only allows abortion in case of rape or a risk to woman's health oh. they're powerful catholic church continues to be a major obstacle to legalize abortion in this country but friend says who is argentinean has repeatedly said that abortion cannot be condoned. says the pope is correct when i'm president of russia they come with their green
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handkerchiefs and think they are right they're not justifying killing an innocent life and the law won't pass because it's the same chamber as last year. or more the presidential elections will take place in october this year and most lawmakers acknowledge that debating abortion won't be easy it's a highly contentious issue that has polarized argentinian society. president macky said he would sign the bill if fast as one threw up at the us here in the health secretary. says argentina needs to address the controversial matter. where it needs to be an issue of public health of women dying of the hospitalizations that end up in mutilations that occur when complications arise aside from believes values and attitudes there is a problem that happens abortion already exists we cannot stop it poor women who do not have access to the pharmaceuticals or procedures to interrupt
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a pregnancy go to unsafe places and end up in a hospital or dead. in. even though it's unlikely past this year women say they will continue to pressure lawmakers they say legalizing abortion is crucial to save women's lives. in algeria a human rights activist has died in detention while on hunger strike as he awaits a trial kemal a day in fact cause lawyer says that his death was premeditated murder the hands of the judiciary so the car was jailed in march accused of causing ethnic tension between american communities despite the resignation of longtime president. of syria and continuing to demand the resignation of everyone associated with his regime. in kenya patients needing hospital treatment often get that not by ambulance but on 2 wheels and the latest in our series on 1st responders catherine
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sawyer reports from. motorbikes are often the quickest way to get help in rural areas. in the town of moore this has all the service is run by a local nonprofit organization that operates in remote villages across the country today the team starts off i join me now i removed the home she's 6 months pregnant with her 2nd child and she's getting an ultrasound scan for the 1st time. i'm happy to see my baby it's alive healthy and thorough playful next door several mothers have brought their children to get tested for pneumonia it's easy to treat but about 10000 kenyan children die every year mainly because they're taken to hospital late. the rainy season is approaching and how fleck is here taking no chances. the closest hospitals are private and too expensive for many
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here when we find sick children would take them to the main government hospital in good time so it can help save lives. kenya has more than 600 ambulances that's a big improvement from a decade ago when there were only 70. steel they fall short of the $1000.00 that the world health organization.


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