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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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you and i will clearly. afghanistan. and i will go to you don't. wave there is desolation with it. head on by the sands hold me and i do they call it adequate she can as you can yeah as. have you you don't. they combin on your own by them i mean john after. you who. get of them. but i'm going to show man this when i'm. never hostile missile beast that afghanistan you know you don't gotta get russia. or they're outnumbered on a chicago money that. i'm going to. show them but i'm sort of caught when i. think it's honest them to in court when i call people. i know you more that angel. who is
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a beast on barge other young wanna. be more nice. i thought. i scored us off them one bit that. courthouse door that i'm a let me. ask is there was more to my left on oil are they gone to one of the bombs in the include as many as me in my limo mammone shot it. with us them in. the. morning. say the name calling. game course to go.
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that saudi guys mean go to the. cuban house or even choked you were over there. and i was sure sure those. were. you sure this was all this though and i was just your. budget without. them on is in the game i mean. by the battle. i give obama who's in the game now bootsie mission bomb jaime show me at the 2 about 30 shadowy. only did it that show that even they gave them one.
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with an embassy at our finest and. most of our arab watches from local szish want to know for sure chorused was very busy i mean should join as an economist. not served as a human. and yet you bitch at you. to chart a to gain at that. time is known as the idea behind by admitting yes i had to give an account of the economy to me but i'm a brute. enjoys any down team that the rest is soft at it as you not understand i'm going town hall you're committing to john is on him sometimes the.
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someone who has been so long was already behind. the door. for the side effects of it with. all of us here if you have the wire on the ignition right well who said it was you know the one i have and this is any question he has yet to be sure to. log said of course i mean i wasn't moving i don't want to be all mean i'm each going east. that needs more than is better than other because another day because i was on a bush as out of control of the south as in the good god i'm not a mom but a mom was good a set of. bit of us a woman on the ship the other a login to them the closer they can is well as you know them a little ways. than they can muster been reduced article for them was that it was about a for the moment out of this the wish of cheesy but the numbers were shot with silly
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cheesy almost a moment in pushing without cost another step on the way but i haven't always done enough what is on the court which was going to let out of and logic that i. got not what i'm cussing out on kalani not you got much to get home if we're going on what i've read again other than what i want to mention of what. dr shad come on i'm a temple of can i mention it but i'm joining an amateur just oswald beacham been delighted it was going to push me off now mission to sanity is the audition i'm afraid what about a messiah got me a hobo i think a football been on the mind of my son and they use the other sam could be a whore to my new mission to make nightgown kuno as i want to funnel money and help before their caudle mother or the law ship the last couple of little while vishal is to hold out to the gun cannot assassin i got thomas quite a good deal but betty and i must.
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put it out i'm going to say that i don't know she left. that's a good lassie the best audience us that body that said i loved because it was sort of a mother soon edition of the good stuff and good luck i can count. on the future of the amendment i have agnes you know that of the only one who would be and i'm not gonna question that production. person doesn't and the other has given us quote i'm not just a cookie company don't want to feed one of them one of the not to one and they have off the actually do several children negative stuff the after the going is good is going to not be generous it won't be different if you want a category in the monday but most but it's not the gaffer the numbers that it is i don't get it from the city because nowhere did they should have got better as that identity division when i did my job was that they're going to go to but you have to . go on with sedition what i've done even national and i will be talking about the
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speculation as collecting on about to be going to run and try to love me but isn't sure whether to fit in with it was going nation was or to be made within i don't wish my money to keep it on another that's united and i think that behind saddam was your hook and your chain i said that's the humanity as you really did ever get it on the cross and that's when yeah that's my nickel dime have autonomy already i must not. it was done i shall go home and get it bialik i'm sure we're going aren't you jamming on me but he went almost as fast as fast as. our question did it a question with a request i see you know if not i'll meet him again and told more this was that it was. just. a reality which you can. not go to the ice in any hour that it was out of we've been out up we all might any opportunity but as an idea on the idea i get. now my degree r.v.o. are you going to try another thing to our money i did better than that i was asked and.
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i stand. by. my. own. strength will be able. to stand last night of the world to realize i was there when you can last and son of a team on the hook for me to. your world on one's own once a. rock national. was long before that it was. many of them on the team and i was pushing one of the stores and sure this was a robbery the mission was going. to the concert. and i would add $3.00 so i think about what a beauty of a cool art we shall be. in
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just as. bad as that you see i'm about you know. that i'm more than a man chance only 1000 with. that i'm bad as mine i'm his own but. by ticket was it. as i mean i got on is in the v.o.a. and the. navy that i use as i. am. one of one of us if we put in a show of 100000 abandoned mabel top one time to come close in on them catholicon
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nash i thought there was time to be. around in bomb bush in case i don't she was about to have already made one jack short while ago and i took the 4 that i got that we just had to go cause i'm told joe you know why haven't you done a survey going to last a month to stay we're told she's i was on some of the normal that i want to do for the show you don't cut down for the turnout was all and if you want a job no high skill and a troll without i don't know what up on a but most do i didn't tell him to choose how i'm not sure they should let you know this she. was going to this machine worked out what good is i see i love it she got it only the generations for that i was wishing. i could to visit us at all england because you have some other the good with all i know is that i had a national marching to the fish i think i should have done which of you. as in
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not this some of them and will stand now in our. eyes not that one time to put it you think never going to. think it out i am sad how that film is shot at the gas. and i thought in anything else i've been thinking about it come on that. is that. so. those of us. oh. yeah going on about often but. it's fun. for. them and therefore if they were mad. anybody well on all media and your cause them oakmont there's look you know baby boy. none of the bomb the are going to be. that they've been assembled down for well over the beat at the us a look at what i've done to me i am mad at that i think they're. going to be off
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when i go forwards. she thought i did not have to but here most of us go i don't know let's go let's give a lot of them on the whole council joining us now we're going to i'm going up was like. anybody keen to do a hand job so there would be. a boss trying to help tony. that on his own i said. and bruce fein has said it's also going to get better for them when you know you had neither team. john or what i said to me about. that is what is it about. a lot of this without i'm asking them it's not an. issue that when i'm what they need to hold the chairmen they're not yet injured is it was
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when i said i'm not out of my home i phone but tanya i thought that you know i think it was. not so i. decided to put it on how best to get. even with that but that's a clue that it's not just a couple. i don't know now that i will back down but. i did. oh sure yeah. sheesh no charge as i did you bastard how about that. sound i said. there's. nothing in this now i'm just want. to shoot and i'm psychosomatic with a gun than is a hammer to jack in the wind as you'll get your internet someone with
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a still more. than bad intro can have a good national to give them a book in the end there. then are we going what a wonderful moment the it was even though she wasn't good and to me would what has name was going on and you know had pushed him but i know that if the worst of the one i don't want to deal. with was about the bengals try occurring band if one of your legal. visual to door villian no doubt as it were brought in on i mean i will go to get. on a mission that i know my is better than the. president enough when he was over. this. or to kill him is the key. you wish it was a law suit or get it. as
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a mr bastable or socialist or. john i said mommy can you couldn't get in without her the real power is not in a deep. hole i was in. it brutally honest from god with or without the butler did after i'd asked is that all i was you don't you get. yards out of these are there are the. people that was one of those i know that was going over how the you know. all of this asked if i didn't really believe. what to move it down i just thought it would be. hoarders the other wasn't just she of them were. more copies more than before the machine. i would woman a home on the bed a pattern here and now for the house i wanted a house that has left him but he couldn't fight in washington well i know he
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doesn't want to give this a lot of thought i'll just be done with it is about obama should neither know nor that after. i get the 4 of us now if they didn't your forte is written from his record english or whole bit of word enjoys i would have ordered a mormon about. the n.t. purposely to be a good listener should be. manically maternity may shine john but i'm here as in every little bit. there was little middle. corruption shondra low level to middle earth again maybe if you're him where does he manage ramadan when you happen when i share downs them joys on which is i manage and got our home i surely would enjoy that i don't often times when we get our sheet imaginable from you cork i thought that joy is a kind of one of the most asked me get up early has see i'm not admitted you see i'm for really wishing me. well you know i could ask you how much can i read that
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really others on the a meter that know all of us what there was a goner. when a military coup overthrew chile's marxist president when stadiums became prisons and the hunter's sole objective was absolute control. publicly refused to accept dictatorship episode 4 of football rebels expose the life of. the footballer whose personal story swayed a vote that altered the history of his country. and the demise of a end date on al-jazeera. and. the consequence of. russia he served for.
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that just doesn't go away. out of his trophy last couple years. he's homeless. follows a group of u.s. army veterans traumatized by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. hello again adrian for the getting here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera there's been a gunfight between members of sudan's security forces which accidentally killed a pregnant woman and left several others injured at the 2nd day of a nationwide strike people were out on the streets demonstrating when the shooting began the protesters are demanding that the transitional military council transfer
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power to a civilian little farsi. the u.s. national security adviser says he's almost certain that iranian naval mines damaged oil tankers off the coast of the united arab emirates earlier this month john bolton also says there's been a failed attack against the saudi oil shipping ports in the city of young who is current visit to the u.a.e. comes amid escalating tension between washington and tehran more now from same bus ravi. now what we're seeing in terms of this attack on the u.a.e. port the allegations of an attack that the united states says was carried out by iran iran has said that that was possibly a false flag operation carried out by the united states or israel also providing no evidence for this so certainly they are on opposite sides of a story that both countries leaders are trying to control and to that end in the last few weeks what iran has been doing is pushing the diplomacy narrative they've been trying to reach out to gulf arab neighbors they've said that their arms are
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wide open and they're willing to sign a non-aggression pact kosovan serbs have protested against arrests in the in kosovo demonstrations are angry about police raids on the semi autonomous region largely populated by ethnics. dozens of people were arrested in an empty smuggling operation earlier this week so be it says the move was designed to intimidate and has put its troops on high alert. israeli government has reduced gaza's fishing zone 3 days after allowing palestinian boats to venture further out to sea the israeli military says it's responding to incendiary balloons flown towards israel by palestinians the fishing area was extended this part of a cease fire broken following the recent cross border bob bob went. in algeria a human rights activist has died in detention while on hunger strike as he awaits a trial come on a day in fact. he's describing his death as a premeditated murder at the hands of the judicially. held me back
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a little over 25 minutes with a news syrup about let's get you back to 0 world. thank . you and we. thank. you and we. thank. you and we.
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thank. you. thank. you. for. all.
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the. systolic in 1000. what is in the game i know people can think you know what i meant and i'm but i'm a saw that one man shot young and if you. think you mention him. cannot humble as you can. i was. i. thought i. should have been to get your competition to do it i think i'll just go back out that i thought my cap office might become
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a problem over to you actually that what i saw who or how they got an extra 105 stuff not the 1st i mean. you know my. mom. my mom. was. i.
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i. i i. don't. oh yes he said oh i'll. talk to you tell my. mom this is the silent city bombing i have to chose as. 1000 times you know john you. know i love you coming to do it honestly with you to my stupidity more if you want to pass me to run maybe we'll get you don't you know i shouldn't i mean i've you know. just
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a hunch to. john they would have said this here. john. last emotional yes and you. may vote and it was that identical. i had thought oh yes yes you are you hunting may not oh yeah yeah.
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yeah yeah oh has a charming oh. stop. what i'd be dished out by community is that i'm off i mean our nation i think it's a d.v.d. . i would say law by the way we asked. him what i actually. did and letter to mr law when i miss on a new you would. make it very. often when i google music one afternoon i was going to need to do is going to give it was you can ever
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own a lift and now by the end of. this show we could. be done and messy to our side. but on beside us norah o'donnell. good. cheer on. never miss and you anyway. i sent you out casement dianetics initiate and let you know it. was a thing that has a thing that could cause. me to miss out on years in the one i. want to mine and i don't deal with the shaft if. i do duty you can enjoy that i will you know that people.
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go to the table without us without. us no.
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because i mean if you know how to write you know by the general got to have money i have not something that's really nice to ask the owner was at. my. high def us to be a man in with and i mean a stoic you know you. got a team and you can shut up and. don't want to put on the last little bit. so ben goes down a mush i did just about was going to be so. you want if you got an. afternoon . it just so we understood saute would. was in the care of them but i've been to
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many who lost like what i've been to. us and what has been. chilled i was gone when . i sent a cappella you can see mom you know as i was telling the system going to start with you know a lot about me after all it's about right to millie during the year you have time to share them with the sister. i've done it on hope. and on his soul by all going on she has either style. i say to her show them off on here. if that's what i'm. hume what's my and none. it was about if i'm just. i'm a humble corner of what i'm going to do on the other one i'm just a funny has got on his. chin i timidly when i let him he's just always jani. i think i mean she's all just.
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i think i was just you know i don't. know what. the let anybody. said that it. was. i was. was.
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sure to me i was going to. race was not in the region i was working all over. yes thank god i'm not what i was you got the job with the much more since i was one
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that was i would you know nothing i was most i was not that were you love them so i was. right. there i was. honest and. it's only. you know now after their lies be sought after. that if not hope to give. joy. now we don't want going to an afternoon with a need on yes on a night with my thinking which i need young iranians and like well john i was in them and wasn't going to have a home comedian why not. i just take us out of. you know there wasn't.
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a confessional hanging up after. hours on end user. that's. my joint task. you're always wanted to talk. to us and. i'm going with off the. top i'm going to run is going into. no wrong with our. age when dragon after. that. with a task that i want i mean. i can do your homework and show it is remade after i wrote it when there.
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was a. jim marrs english down by j. young was. there in the jet on long enough and you don't. insure it is in the game. are laws if. you don't he was. the shooter. i. was. in touch.
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i am i. thank you. i.
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tell you on saturday may both. honest. about on their bones if you know an enjoyment of his own. cannot harm his team but on they. just need to hold him us just now at the how the hominem all you could do what about him all although you know it is who is in the game on in a year to the i'm to enjoy me at all but i can try to hold him one but i said i'm going to. feel feel. good.
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oh oh. 1 0 oh. oh. oh oh oh it was a i'm a money i'm sad and i thought it happened so i thought it was i mean just like should. to afghanistan hawkish no i'm on a mission. more data a hard to go hog monitor. about identity.
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on hold enjoy the model hold his name in you know media. has said by the other 6. and i can when i'm with us. then one. morning more on him i'm going to be i'm all began by yet i mean what i. said as in the. now afghanistan when i am all as one. doing the money money's. as when she could buy them you sat down with. the rest to go to. chicago i mean you lose it off with when i. call when i value need and care of them all to
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be to each other. for them. to get out of this i'm a home or a bad i mean to. me about on the one now enjoy to hold it steady. not survive. when under school. fish. this.
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love bites you gotta love wakes you. up like. that. i don't know. i don't know. as i do and on most of us. i don't know if i'm other us with the. busy idea. of like like. eco. chic
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. if. the weather spun sets back at a time waster. hello the rain has eased off now and paraguayans drifted further east is still there in the southeast of brazil the flooding still exists in paragraph some 70000 people now displaced there are dotted fairly heavy showers the notice the monthly reports didn't prove it really the line is from ecuador eastwards through northern brazil to ward suriname french crown etc science is a fairly draw a picture getting cold every now and again in argentina print says max 14 degrees a once in dropping further on thursday with the rain rather more concentrated now and uruguay in southeastern brazil trying to creep back into paragraph then the draws are not through the amazon forest now we have seen some pretty big showers recently in mexico as well nothing much on the satellite picture you can see in
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mexico itself but further south also although running out through jamaica to the greater antilles is a master class here the potential for showers oversea exists will put them in the full cost of course extending all the way down through panama to the northern part of south america but to as much of mexico now as looking very dry case doing big showers as you can see the real violent stuff as i'm sure you're well aware is in the u.s. is tornado season at the moment and the tornadoes are back with us. the weather sponsored by cattle and weighs every war makes a devastating impact. earthrise explore some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientists safeguarding one of our most valuable resources these are important southpaws that we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees striving to co-exist with nature ok so what's going on there simulating
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what happens when an elephant cause life to conflict on al-jazeera. cricket's biggest photo it has come to england the miles 6 weeks 10 tell us 11 venues. can australia the friendly try for a good funding win a world cup tie with al-jazeera for all the latest on the 29th cricket world cup. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian forgetting this is the news live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. a woman dies in the crossfire between sudanese forces
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deployed near a long running city and by protesters in khartoum. iran dismisses us accusations that it was behind attacks on oil tankers in the u.a.e. pool's. protest a day after tensions soared following police raids with serbian troops on alert. at an ailing economy and rising violence a tough road ahead for nigeria's president as he starts his 2nd term. and in sport we're expecting a tanf nice to have him back oh. sorry feel the frost ration at the europa league final with arsenal. a gun fight between members of the security forces has killed a pregnant woman and injured several of us it comes to a strike people warrants on the streets demonstrating with the shooting began the
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protesters demanding that the transitional military council transfer power to a civilian lead authority let's go live now to talk to with him morgan complete up the story for us what happened. well about 2 hours ago process to say that shootout between rapid support forces which is the faction of the military and the military itself started they say they couldn't understand the reason but what happened was one woman who was pregnant died in a crossfire now of course it's the 2nd day of strike where people are trying to force the government to understand that they want to fill the government and they don't want the military council to retain power after asking president i'm going to show you from power on the 11th of april the sudanese professional sisters association the body that has been spearheading the calls for protests since december in the country are saying that they want to protest this at the sit in to remain calm and to remain cautious and they're asking them not to escalate the situation especially after past tensions between the 2 sides between the military protesters which has led to deaths of civilians so they're saying that they want
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their protesters to deescalate the situation and to continue with their sets in and continue with the strike do the protests organise organizers consider this 2 day strike to have been a success. while at the moment they're saying that they're waiting for the military council to come back to the negotiating table to give them a sense of whether they can continue their talks in terms of forming a sovereign council now that was the main sticking issue between the 2 sides the sovereign council which effectively will be the press. eventually council at the military council wants to be the one in charge while the office think that it should be led by civilian and dominated by civilian majority now the 2 sides are yet to a team talks but despite the fact that technical committees on the 2 sides are still meeting to try to iron out their differences but the military council is think that if the 2 sides continue with their stalemate if no agreement is reached and if other political parties and civil sides are not included in the talks the public transitional government that they will be calling for early elections adrian
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and that's something the opposition coalition i think the country and they are not ready for cable many thanks david morgan then live in sudan's capital khartoum. the u.s. national security advisor says he's almost that iranian naval mines damaged oil tankers off the coast of the united arab emirates earlier this month john bolton didn't provide any evidence to back up his comments he's currently visiting the u.a.e. where he said america's response has been successful in deterring what he described as threats from iran in the region in a moment we'll be live without serious company how can we get the latest reaction from washington but 1st let's speak to say must ravi who is in iran's capital tehran what's iran been saying about these accusations zain from john bolton. well since this incident took place in the fridge airport in the united arab emirates it really has become almost from the outset
9:53 pm
a battle of narratives between the united states and iran when the reports 1st came out iran leaders actually said that this could be a false flag operation carried out by the united states or israel again not providing any clear evidence to substantiate those claims but they said that that might be the case to try and escalate tensions in the region earlier this morning iran's foreign ministry spokesman abbas mousavi categorically denied what he called absurd or ridiculous accusations by the united states and he said that john. walton was a warmongering figure iran's president hassan rouhani during the weekly cabinet meeting also made statements to say that the united states has routinely made contradictory statements with regards to its policies in the middle east and thereby their words can't be taken as seriously as their actions here's some of what he said out of it is so common how you stand if you. many comments have been made by them there have been many ups and downs and the resistance of the iranian people has forced them to
9:54 pm
sometimes make contradictory statements we don't rely on their words whenever they stop their oppression towards iran and put the cruel sanctions aside stick to their commitments and return to the negotiating table that they themselves left and the door won't be closed to them. zain what happens now what more can the iranians do. well in the last several weeks what iran has been trying to do is push soft power in the face of ongoing american pressure both economic and military buildup iran has been reaching out to leaders in the region and saying that it's arms remain open in a briefing the foreign ministry spokesman actually said iran waits to hug its arab neighbors so really pushing this idea that are wrong wants to maintain diplomatic ties with neighbors in the region ahead of an important meeting in saudi arabia of arab leaders iran has been pushing the idea of a non-aggression pact with its neighbors saying that it doesn't need the united
9:55 pm
states to maintain security in the middle east so many things let's bring in our white house correspondent kelly how coud washington d.c. so john bolton saying he's almost naval mines damaged oil tankers off the coast of the u.a.e. again though providing new evidence to back up his comments which the white house. white house is not commenting on this i spoke with kellyanne conway the adviser to the president in the driveway behind me here outside the white house just moments ago i asked her directly for some sort of reaction she would not comment on john bolton's comments directly only to say and deny that there's a division in the white house but what we're seeing here certainly is division because what we've seen increasingly is the national security adviser who's long we've known had a very hawkish view on iran taking a much stronger and at times quite different opinion about how to approach iran then his boss donald trump the u.s.
9:56 pm
president for example we saw the president over the weekend when he was in japan talking about how he was not calling for regime change in iran but of course we know that is something that john bolton has advocated for prior to entering this administration it's a view that he has spoken publicly about so there certainly is some distance saying that is. this white house to the latest comments from the national security advisor in fact outright denial in terms of any sort of division that might exist in terms of policy towards iran a white house correspondent kimberly how could their reporting from washington to believe anything john bolton's visit to the u.a.e. comes as regional leaders gather in saudi arabia for several summits over the next few days foreign ministers from member states of the organization of islamic cooperation at you to meet in jeddah ahead of talks on friday the growing tension between the u.s. and iran and washington's plan on the future of israel and palestine are expected to top the agenda. this is the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the
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program a child is pulled from the rubble after the syrian government intensifies its. of rebel held town. there's no. no smoke only speculation a legal challenge by the way against the u.s. decision to put it on a trade blacklist. in sports big names say a final farewell to one of the legend of formula one. vowed to resist further police raids in the semi autonomous region protesters in north spoke out against a police operation on tuesday dozens of people were arrested in an operation against organized crime and corruption serbia put its troops on high alert saying the arrests largely popular in the area largely populated by ethnic serbs were
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designed to intimidate. that's the latest from the protests but we already know. the palettes. people here don't feel the mind to pristina they feel very close. to belgrade and syrupy and they've come here to protest because they say that they are being intimidated by cos of an authorities now this is because on tuesday cause of and police launched a major operation they say was across the country but particularly in this region against smuggling of all sorts of goods such as petrol and cigarettes they made a several arrests among them some so and so the police officers who were later appear in court in pristina now serbian people here say this is just an opportunity to try and fight in them to try and intimidate them the president of serbia has put troops on the border all full alert he says this is for peace and security but also
9:59 pm
that they will be able to respond if needed the president of course the post says that this is simple law enforcement the whole situation is also being filled by russia calling this a provocation as well because of course russia is an ally great an ally of serbia serbia and russia who do not recognize when it's been for take an ask is a global risk analysis with the analyst rather with control risks she says a low tension is high there's a low chance of any serious fighting breaking out. in a region such as the balkans there is always the potential for security issues to date. however you know because of legacies of what happened 20 years ago in kosovo all of them large scale violence all for international intervention and so on these legacies are still alive they often tend to resurface in political debates in a local discussions there for the potential for escalation is always there however
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we do not expect that the situation room escalates significantly definitely not to the levels of 999 and what have been the situation in the region and within europe is a very different today president in serbia did indeed proceed to put the army on combat alert however we see that as more of a symbolic gesture intended mostly for domestic comes up into the domestic audience to indicate the hearts and serbia being serious about protecting the interests of serbs but not necessarily intending to use military force in kosovo by jury as president obama did bahati has been sworn in for a 2nd term 75 year old former army general want to closely for selection and said he campaigned on promises to revive the economy to end corruption and defeat boko haram in the northeast.


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