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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2019 6:00am-6:33am +03

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from ation of what we've really been expecting very strongly now for the last hour or so a 2nd election in a year unprecedented in israeli history all right thanks very much to go back to you'll see michael back with me here in the studio so we are getting election as you had predicted means israelis of course now have to go through another 3 months of election campaigning having to have an election in april in the heat of the summer yes they probably also the temperature of the political system in israel will will go up this is the best case or the 2nd biscay scenario for an attorney al the best case scenario for him was forming a coalition the worst case scenario if someone is nominated and this is the end of his political career he has just one more chance if you wins the election and decisively but what it exposes that is weak and what seems only a month and something ago is big victory actually expose how weak is the mini did this 2nd biggest party in israeli parliament said that the one seats we fear and
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the other smaller parties clone the quillan said and this there is a majority it once and it means it is easy to to blackmail him in any negotiation to form a coalition is a weak leader i think in the election campaign will make him even weaker because it exposed that he doesn't have the natural natural supporters within the wi fi in the parliament are not automatically supporting him and if if i am allowed to have another prediction i think this is the beginning of the end of with danielle is usually prime minister it is a big prediction to make we will see in the coming months that you are neck about getting your thoughts and opinions like you. now u.s. special counsel robert miller has made his 1st public comments since releasing his report on possible russian collusion during the 2016 presidential election lisette his 2 year investigation was never going to end with charges against president
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donald trump as that would have been detained on constitutional but he also sets it didn't play a trump of all wrong doing also jordan has more details. you got for more than 2 years robert mueller has not spoken about his investigation into charges russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election a once again muller told reporters this will be the 1st and last time that they and congress will hear from him any testimony from this office would not go beyond our report it contains our findings and analysis and the reasons for the decisions we made we chose those words carefully and the work speaks for itself and the report is my testimony i would not provide information beyond that which is already public in any appearance before congress. house democrats had wanted miller's to testify about all he learned during the 2 year long investigation one legislator implied
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muller's a potential appearance may not be as important as what he has already confirmed president donald trump interfered in the investigation if muller wanted to exonerate the president from having committed the crime he would have said so instead the special counsel makes clear that obstruction of justice which he found substantial evidence of is a serious crime to stripes at the core of our justice system muller has been criticized for not charging trump with the struction despite new reports saying he had considered doing so to the special counsel explained why he didn't under long standing department policy a president president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office that is unconstitutional even if the charge is kept under seal and hidden from public view that too is prohibited his special counsel's office is part of the department of justice and by regulation it
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was bound by that department policy charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could consider muller also underscored a couple of points he said there's no doubt the russian government meddled in the 2016 race and muller did not criticize the way attorney general bill barr handled the release of the final report despite many stories he thought barr had mischaracterized his team's conclusion tromp quickly reacted on twitter nothing changes from the report there was insufficient evidence and therefore in our country a person is innocent the case is closed thank you. some congressional democrats say the time for impeaching tromp is at hand but the house speaker refuses to go that far we do want to make such a compelling case such an ironclad cast case that even the republican senate which at the time seems to be. not an objective jury will be
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convinced of the path that we have to take as a country to be clear moeller did not clear trump of wrongdoing but he also made it clear while he can't hold the president accountable there are others who can do so if they want rosalynn jordan al-jazeera washington and let's go to washington and get more on this from particle hey it's a party some this a lot for us what is the political fallout of what happens next. well of course this is washington so everything is seen through the prism of the political impact polls show the majority of democrats in the country think that trump should be impeached or least the proceedings should begin but the majority of americans do not think the congress needs to go that route so you heard speaker pelosi say she wants to have an ironclad case while there are those in her party the progressives a small minority but still there are very vocal saying that she needs to follow the
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watergate model richard nixon when they were he was facing impeachment proceedings he had a higher approval ratings than president trump but they consider continued the proceedings public opinion shifted republicans who had been standing with him decided to abandon him and he left office in disgrace so they're pushing hard to do that model still the white house is pushing back at even the thought that the democrats would pursue what the president likes to call the i word. they interviewed $500.00 people they looked at over a 1000000 pages and documents over 50 subpoenas and made the determination there was no collusion again that's the entire reason for the special counsel they've concluded it just because democrats don't like the results of the 2016 election or the report doesn't mean they get a do over it's sad that they message that they have no agenda and the hypocrisy of the process that they're doing what they're going through and what they're going to do to the country that doesn't hurt the president it hurts the american people and
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that's unfair and they should be ashamed of that so you know. perhaps somewhat ironically donald trump might actually push democrats to start impeachment proceedings that's because the committees have been subpoenaed witnesses and records in the white house approach and the response has been no can't have it can't talk to i'm not going to do it and the courts have ruled in the past when there's an open impeachment proceeding they're much more likely to force the administration to comply with those subpoenas so we'll see how it pans out right now democrats are making it clear at least the leadership that they don't want to pursue impeachment but they're saying in the end they might have to if the president doesn't start cooperating and let them have some sort of oversight over the executive branch in washington thank you. jeff executive director of the revolving door projects at the sense of the economic policy research he's also live for us in washington d.c. thanks for being with us on the program so the special counsel said challenging the president's with a crime was not an option we could consider cutting explain for our international
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audience why not. the special counsel was not independent previously when there is been a president under investigation the united states someone was appointed who has an independent counsel who could reach determinations on questions of law by as he or she felt fit mower was not appointed by that process because bill clinton let that law fade out of existence in 1999 out of pique at ken starr and the whitewater investigation in the monica lewinsky matter and so for the last 20 years we've not had the benefit of an independent counsel that meant that muller was bound by determinations made by the department of justice which is run by donald trump's appointee william barr william barr believes in a very strong president and we so far as when the president is
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a republican and bill bars justice to pour department continued an interpretation which said that a president can never be indicted while sitting in office and so mower literally had no choice but to listen to his boss bill barr and so that is the mean reason why donald trump has not been indicted criminally as of this moment the house speaker nancy pelosi. a few moments ago she's being extremely cautious about this idea pietschmann but she's clearly under growing pressure right now. pressure is growing rapidly today just the sort of the act of muller speaking out the mower report which remains one of the most discussed but least read documents in the history of mankind i mean basically no one in congress other than elizabeth warren and justin amash have actually bothered to read the mower report and so when bob muller offered up sort of a little mini outline of the more than 400 page document in
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a 9 minute speech today all the sudden you saw a bunch of democratic presidential candidates acting like they'd only heard for the 1st time that more uncovered enormous wrongdoing they also uncovered the fact that more didn't say that there was no evidence of criminal conspiracy he just said that there was insufficient evidence to charge a criminal conspiracy against trump and so i think that the having moeller speak and give life to words that were written in a very long document that was not widely read even that 9 minutes kind of impacted public opinion and so i think pressure is growing on nancy pelosi for when congress returns congress is out of session this week so people or members are back in their districts i think by next week you're going to see increasing pressure on nancy pelosi there definitely been many more people coming out for impeachment today than on any day previously great to have you with us just how special he is live from washington d.c. thank you. still ahead on this news hour. tomorrow it
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could be your industry your company your consumers the chinese tech giant while way legally challenges its blacklisting by the u.s. saying the ban will harm billions of users. defending champion rafa nadal storms and a 3rd round on the french open who would be fair with us here. iran's supreme leader ayatollah has reiterated that tyrol will not negotiate with the u.s. over its nuclear and missile program america's u.s. national security adviser blamed iranian naval mines the damaging oil tankers off the coast of the united arab emirates earlier this month don bolton did not provide any evidence evidence to support his accusation he's currently visiting the u.a.e.
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where he said the u.s. has been successful in deterring what he described as threats from iran in the region but the tensions between iran and the u.s. are expected to be the main focus of a security summit in saudi arabia on thursday it's a merge that cass's prime minister is due to attend the events it will be the 1st such high level meeting since can't as neighbors imposed a blockade on its 2 years ago shake up delavan nasa been holy for al thani will join to much from saudi arabia the u.a.e. all rain and other countries in mecca. ahead about 4 ministers from the organization of islamic cooperation a currently missing in jeddah. ok ass's gulf neighbors cut diplomatic ties on impose the economic blockade 2 years ago next week the main book 18 countries all saudi arabia the united arab emirates and egypt they accused cata of supporting terrorism in the region and made
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a series of demands to end the crisis as leaders have always strongly denies the accusations. we can bring in now al-jazeera senior political analyst marwan bashar is samoan how significant is it that the cattery pm is going to be attending this event it's pretty significant after 2 years of paralysis clearly the blockage the country led by saudi arabia have run out of ammunition become too i did lock the sanctions and the blockade are not working and hence. extending a hand of some sort for the time being it's just all of this is just the beginning of something perhaps a 1st step an important step whether there will be bilateral meetings on the sidelines of the summit between the qatari prime minister and his. golf. partners remains to be seen if there would be then i think definitely there is progress going on between them. clearly iran is going to be one of the key issues
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going to be discussed at this curacy conference is that i mean you see that among the. arab nations about how to deal with that if there isn't i mean it's very very simple one just can go around the room as they were say go on the map and you can see from lebanon to syria to iraq probably will not take the saudi a position even all mine and perhaps cut and certainly among the slimy countries like you know other countries like turkey even pakistan we don't really know you know how many people how many of the countries and the significant countries i think indonesia and algeria and are really interested today to escalate the conflict between iran and saudi arabia or to take solid you position vis a vis against iran i think everyone is interested to deescalate busy and they certainly are going to be in solidarity it was so dear a.b. against any attacks on tankers or on pipelines and what have you but the big
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question is whether saudi arabia will remain divisive in the region whether they will support more escalation in libya they support more escalation in yemen they support more escalation in palestine or not because the saudis also have basically earned if you will sort of a bad reputation over the last especially 3 years for being divisive in the region well and thank you. what's account is there at life from london still ahead on the program. a mexican steel tycoon is the rested on the spanish holiday island of new york part of a major crackdown on corruption. hundreds of ethnic serbs protesting kosovo after police arrest several people in one of the balkans most. for me one stars of today to one of the legends.
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we got some quotes where the pushing into western parts of your quotes from warmer weather actually the storms that were seated she said they're going to ease their way further eastward just allowing the last sloss of clearer to come a little bit of clout there just across england. scotland it's northern out of her time on thursday but look at the temperatures they start it's not jobs around $21.00 celsius their 4th day showers there is the central parts there pushing their way towards that western side of russia 27 celsius in moscow said temperatures starting to slide away attending increasingly wet in the process then a few light showers into east now if you're on friday so into parts generally dry a fair bit of cloud down towards the balkans no there will still be one or 2 showers here as is the case too close northern parts of potent it to the north of chairman a celebrity wet weather there into northern ireland and also just gotten for
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a time but 26 in london so 26 in paris 22 in london with getting up into the thirty's there for madrid warm sunshine busting through then more sunshine here across northern parts of africa a little bit of cloud just making its way outs of choosier pushing across a good part of libya still very warm to the east of that car with a high of 39. the pollution is palpable. delis shares the symptoms of many modern metropolis but that's unique features of be got from a crisis. people in power investigates the toxic mix feeding the city's invisible killer and asks why more is not being done to relieve its citizens the least deadly air on the jersey of. groningen in a very short time to be
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a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's going on there and you can find out very quickly when looking at the news from some nation's prison. we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be showing that we can be the best international news and mistrust and source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. hello again undermine for the top stories on al-jazeera israeli politicians and
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voted to dissolve parliament paving the way for a 2nd general election this year prime minister benjamin netanyahu styled to form a coalition government with a certainty today that my. special counsel robert miller has made his 1st public comments since his best a geisha into russian meddling in the 2016 u.s. election will a says charging president donald trump was never an option available to him. as prime minister is jesus attend a security summit in saudi arabia on thursday will be the highest level cattery official to visit the kingdom since cats as neighbors imposed a blockade on its 2 years ago. at least 10 civilians have been killed in the latest wave of barrel bomb attacks and strikes in northwest syria government and russian forces launched it on wednesday syria's civil defense volunteers known as the white house trying to rescue people from the rubble the constant bombing hinted that efforts strikes on shelling by russia and syria have killed movement 250 civilians
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over the past few weeks threatening a fragile truce brokered in september. sones military says it's arrested a soldier who opened fire during gunfight during a gunfight between members of the security forces killing a pregnant woman and injuring several others it happened the 2nd day of a nationwide strike demonstrators were on the streets in the capital when the shooting began protesters demanding the transitional military council transfer power to a civilian that authority. well sudan's opposition coalition has won the military council it will call for civil disobedience if its demands are not that let's take you to costume and speak live to our series have a morgan and hear what else did the opposition have to say. while felicity the opposition said that they largely reject the statements that have been made by the military council over the past couple of days yesterday the
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deputy head of the military council came out and said that the the opposition coalition is not inclusive and that there are infiltrators among the protesters in front of the army headquarters they also said that they may call for early elections now that is one point that the opposition coalition has been strongly rejecting their thing their become tree is simply not ready for it for election even 6 months from now as the opposition as the military council has been calling for so lots of tension lots of harsh words and protests now on their 2nd day of the tribe that has been called for by the opposition coalition so that they're ready for any kind of escalation that the opposition coalition deems to be suitable to try to continue putting pressure on the military council to hand over power or at least return to the negotiating table to discuss the terms of a transitional government which they've already agreed will be for a period of 3 years in ca to thank you medical staff in venezuela have
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staged a rally calling for crucial 8 doctors nurses and the parents of 6 children march to the capital caracas that angry about the recent deaths of at least 6 children who doctors say died because of a lack of medication and supplies. a spanish judge has sent the head of mexico's biggest steelmaker to prison while authorities decide on his extradition to mexico alonso and tear at his own day was arrested at the main airports in the mediterranean island of the u.k. he's wanted in mexico as part of president and the rise manuel lopez up of those anti corruption drives and the arrest warrant has also been issued for the former chief of mexico's state owned oil company panix life to mexico city and john home and said john how is this being seen in mexico. was being seen as a pretty big deal here there's a couple of reasons for that this president and those men who are lopez obrador has
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basically said that corruptions at the root of all evil in terms of mexico he says that for the country to advance they need to be this has been saying that for many years this is the 1st real scientists to become president that he's really looking to hit hard so that's one reason and another reason is the case itself this is linked up in a roundabout way with all the breaks and the order break scandal for audience might not know what this is this is a brazilian construction company that basically admitted to sewing bribes all across the region to get things done with officials and it's led to presidents being dismissed it's led to ministers being canned in mexico hasn't really led to that much at all under the previous government so president lopez obrador now taking this on is quite an emblematic sort of step if he manages to pull this off and i don't i mean do you think this is going to be the start of a big anti corruption push in mexico.
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well that is the big if no if he manages to pull this off as i was saying a lot of anti corruption experts some of which we've talked to said that this is a very good sign that he's beginning this he's freezing bank accounts for these 2 men and he's trying to get them detained but there's a long way to go between that and between getting convictions and actually sending people to prison in this and other cases of course this is just one of the many cases that are open that been investigated by journalists in mexico about corruption about money laundering so really the experts are saying we have to see how this it turns out and if it's just that he takes on this case because it's so emblematic that he can't leave it alone or if he starts to also try and get involved with the other cases have been plaguing me it's creepy years from home and with the latest there from mexico city thank you. u.s.
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secretary of state michael peo has defended the sanctions against the tech giant while away calling the company an instrument of the chinese government he made the comments after a while way father legal action against washington to try to have the bones on its business deemed unconstitutional a drone brown has more from shows that. few companies could withstand the assault that while ways no wonder part of its response has been to open its doors to the international media rare in corporate china but these are unusual and uncertain times for the country's biggest technology company now effectively locked out of the us market we believe this sets a dangerous precedent. that they it's can it come and our way tomorrow it could be your industry your company your consumers
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on wednesday the company announced it's pressing ahead with legal moves to try to scrap a recently passed law that prevents u.s. federal employees from using weiwei technology the trumpet ministration says it could be used for spying because of accusations the firms in the pocket of china's government the u.s. government has provided no evidence to assure that highway is currently threat there's no gun no smoke only speculation u.s. politicians he said were using the entire strength of the u.s. against one company while we had anticipated being placed on the u.s. trade blacklist which effectively prevent said buying components on which its technology is dependent it has been stockpiling parts but those parts will soon run out and what's not clear is what happens if the ban remains permanent. when
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president xi jinping talks about defending china's core interests he means companies like walk away whose headquarters he visited 4 years ago another important core interest in what's called rare earths special metals used in everything from magnets to missile systems a week ago president xi highlighted their importance when he toured the part of the country where the industry is based yeah a prelude perhaps to a warning that appeared on the front page of a popular newspaper on wednesday quoting an unnamed government official who suggests china might use its rare earths as leverage in the trade dispute with the united states china's currently the world's largest rare earth exporter this and the battle over while way further signs of the collapse in trust between the world's 2 largest economies adrian brown al jazeera actions in. serbia is they
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may say and the european union for certain tensions in kosovo. police rate spot anger among ethnic serbs tuesday's operation operation and they say dominated area of kosovo spalt fury in belgrade where the government puts serbian troops on full alert and hundreds of ethnic serbs have held a protest in the tributes at where the raids took place it has about reports. the towering statue of king those are in north metro feeds are is a symbol of serbian pride in this predominantly ethnic serbs municipality in north and kosovo people are angry over what they call intimidation by prishtina kosovo's police of launch an anti smuggling operation in the area the majority of those arrested were ethnic serbs the worst when you're looking not. just to the issue of little action of course of the police i guess that would marry people would be in the uk keeping the peace as much as we can the flow but every single
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action can cause a more damage especially about the issue between serbs and albanians some protesters say police used unnecessary violence but this is what you should not frighten children bait people and destroy property as if they're trying to push us out serbia's president has put the country's troops on full alert as tensions escalate the european union's foreign policy chief called on both sides to resume talks if we miss this opportunity i see the risk of the dark forces of the past coming back in terms of confrontation even of conflict the course of a declared independence from serbia in 2008 after a nato bombing campaign backed course of an separatists but belgrade refuses to recognize it matter of its a is a divided city over there south of the bear river it's mainly albanian on this side it's mainly serbian and has a similar picture across northern kosovo when 90 percent of the population also and
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most say they want to be part of serbia last year the presidents of kosovo and serbia discuss warping territory in exchange for serbia recognizing kosovo a move the war is albanians in north mitra viets a man in the town secure the idea of partition is harmful and it endangered the lives of the people living in this neighborhood but i'm sure. partition will not happen and this is all about politics prishtina and belgrade show no sign of being closer to resolving their differences but in a town where ethnic divisions are deep and memories of the balkans war still fresh few people here want a new conflict natasha butler al-jazeera of the kosovo turkish police say they detained the leaders of what they called europe's biggest people smuggling ring 20 people were taken into custody in operations in 4 turkish provinces after a yearlong investigation lacey's phones drugs and digital material during the raids
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sources say the smuggling group helped thousands of migrants reach here of from the middle east. the front runner in the race to become the u.k.'s next prime minister has been ordered to appear in court save allegations he lied to the public during the breakfasts referendum campaign boris johnson famously claimed that the u.k. said $440000000.00 a week to the e.u. and bracks it would allow that money to be spent on the health service but opponents say the number was false and deliberately misleading reports that the big red bricks it fastened its $350000000.00 pound slogan had an enormous impact on the bracks it campaign and boris johnson embraced enthusiast tickly sometimes even embellishing it why we said 10 pounds a year that brussels but the battle bus claim that britain sent $350000000.00
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pounds that's approximately $440000000.00 a week to brussels was demonstrably false as johnson continued to use the figure through to 2017 even earning himself a rebuke from the u.k. statistics orthorexic see what we could do with another 350000000 if. the money needed to launch a private prosecution was crowd funded by campaign a marcus ball whose case alleges that johnson's claims had been irresponsible and dishonest amounting to misconduct in a public office johnson's lawyers denied the allegations but the magistrate issued a summons johnson himself must now answer the charges in court district judge coleman decided dunn's having considered all the relevant factors she was satisfied that this is a proper case in which to issue a summons against mr johnson for 3 counts of misconduct in public office if there is a beautiful day there has been no response from boris johnson or his spokesman but
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the timing is extraordinary johnson is the current frontrunner to replace to research and if he wins he could find himself as a prime. minister facing trial that might make it harder for him to kind of just blow past this one. and also it's a very serious charge to suggest that his lies contributed to. the outcome of the referendum and all that goes with that is something that i think you might find quite hard to shake off. concerns about the character truthfulness of politicians are not new george orwell described politics as a mass of lies evasion folly but seeing a politician held criminally responsible for misleading campaign slogan.


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