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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 150  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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sure little bit later on and issues to do with e.u. ascension what do we make though and maybe i'll come back to you. shannon in belgrade what do you make of the way the serbians have reacted here president bush has put his troops on high alert and that sounds dramatic and i'm sure it looks dramatic as well do you think he would actually act or is there actually too much at stake here for both countries i mean just added one point on what was previous sale don't forget that in our case serbia of course a war do organise crimes players politicians and guerrilla fighters are on the power they are really closely and strongly connected meaning the. leaders of the organised crime groups they are some kind of the instruments in the political games when sarah b. and not the data controller what is the situation reality sometime is using the
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channels or for communication with little bay needs like industries you know the taxis in the boy could or the custom goods trade or sometimes for provoke a shoe no difference as security incidents go back to your question i gained. would. be some kind of the how silly. pocket game. you try to our eyes the level of crazies to shown clearly to 14 years of use that centers and to albanians the serbia is ready to fall right on to protect the saps from the other side is the message for the local population in belgrade that there are the limits of that intervention to be clear i am sure that his idea will world not to send the. army but the idea was to show your readiness and to prepare if it is needed some other instruments for
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provoking the local army then other conflicts course if you listen. seriously listen in his speech in the parliament he said that there are basically for him to option one is the dialogue with some compensation in territorial normalization for plus territory compensation or the long term 5 for 10 years crisis i mean that now we are on the crossroad. to go into deep graduation deepening these kings do localized. rights all too good to die oh we've seen parties want to happen well when you talk about dialogue and addresses to all of you and then we'll get a separate answers but there has been dialogue there have been a you brokered talks which were going on if i'm not mistaken serbia walked away
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from them in november and again it came down to the issue of territory as you've all talked about and then there's the fact that both want to ascend to the e.u. at some stage i go back to my point that there is a lot at stake here and maybe i'll ask you about this. the amount that is at stake which might actually hold them back from that crossroads which dish on just described and take them down the path of talking rather than the path of fighting absolutely and i agree with you there kamal i think this time around there is much more at stake for both sides and i do not expect to see that the violence and costs of all or cross the border will escalate as a result both countries both governments have had as their priority to improve relations with the european union for a very long time that's a key foreign policy priority for both states so taking acts that are going to jeopardize this goal it's not going to be helpful either domestically for their
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voters or externally with the european union so i think this should prove sufficient to persuade north can weigh in on the underside of renewing the talks which have been stalled since november but finding a compromise and walking away from flexing muscles and showing strength and for such as you know voters just statements for army being on full alert or on the course of our side we're seeing imposition of tire if and other measures which have been tied nice serbia and then to to walk away from them from the talks. but of ever is it enough in your opinion to keep them from going down a path that no one wants them to go down i know we talk a lot about the history between the 2 countries and what could set that off again but from what i've heard from all 3 of you this is more about it a current issue now about territory rather than the historical conflict. well i
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would say no this is not even about territory this is about the west and the you trying to be having started to be a serious actor in one part of the war of southeastern part of europe in 201213 you know starting to so-called political dialogue through some leadership by the german chancellor of great britain and the u.s. bringing an end to the status dispute and they they went to to almost a historical right turn you know by a linking sort of best us parish in with the. demanding from them to recognize the reality that belgrade knows for a very long time that they have lost cause of all and you know moving towards recognizing that reality which has taken place in 2013 with this so-called april agreement and on focusing you know on on organizing and safeguarding normal life or course or service integrating them into kosovo state which including in the north has started in 2013 unfortunately what we have seen over the last 2 years in the so-called final stage or a new stage of the dialogue final negotiations on
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a final comprehensive agreement on comprehensive overall normalization of relations is an unholy alliance in the within the context of the crisis of the un the west since 2016 we have seen the serbian president trying to you know exploit that to get some gains and to depart from the original agreement trying to get some territory out of course of all cause or president thought she has has reigned into that position of land swap because he is basically privatized the whole dialogue in costs of oil and l.a. and they did the whole rest of the political lead for you know xscape in from some war crimes indictment and we have seen the unfortunately they are the high representative of the you trucking the basic principles of the us and western policy in the balkans that is never go into ethno territory and station because this was the start of the balkan wars. forth for some you know reasons of getting
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any deal done before the end of her mandate unfortunate supported by the washington work by washington mr bolton and the trump administration from their position of you know any deal is a good deal that has raised enormous tension in the region there's a term of lands for passage of all you know with the berlin summit in april 2000 in april this year april 29th and it seems like you know that certain provocations we saw you know like yes that they could you know be you have to do something with organized crime but they could also easily be an attempt you know of the 2 a president and burger in pristina that have hit a wall with their policy of 2 years to to create facts on the ground there is something we have seen last year with similar arrests so this is always you know. an area where we have to guess you know whether this is really about fighting organized crime or whether this is really about provoking a crisis so both has done
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a great job there of widening things out for us talking about washington talking about the e.u. talking about the west just on can i add russia into it as well a big international player these days a supporter of serbia is it watching this closely do we need to watch russia closely in this story. surely it's for my point of view experience there and now witnessing a good a new stage of course or crisis it basically unfinished war and finish up from 1000 all time russia was involved in some ways during the night and until the put in russia. with the west. and i have been to in some way too many dream the war scene bosnia kosovo now is the completely different situation 1st of all we knew we could not hear the one voice from washington but arsenal out west including nato we have a lot of voices
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a lot to interest the russia using that situation threatening its proper presidency and influence for so long through politics civil society true communication with the religious. jews plus which is most important energy security russia is the one of the main supplier with the gas or serbia and or 3 d. owner of the biggest energy companies serbia the influential russia. in culture and politics are really strong but is not one sided russia has also the influence not so strong on the albanian side sometimes directly from will be near sometimes we are on carla. and 3rd on there but going back to the 2 days situation we could see something what we recognize is the influence of russia in methodology of managing conflicts the rush him so-called russia but is one of the
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holds a must 6 of our products is producing getting conflicts and management with that but the territorial lies that the conflict. if you look at what is the main dispute between the west and russia there is the nato way spreading all the nato all over the europe and i'm sure the russia using this crisis for stopping right spreading on the nato over sarah bia macedonia or so on and bosnia. maybe the fight for montenegro is over but using the crisis from the north you are destabilizing montenegro meaning the need to it's really high level playing in the same time our show has some political strategic and interests to negotiate with the process and the washing talk about to kareena in georgia and
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the west a more calm and serbia one really hurts a functioning cart in the hand of russia and what's cool in that negotiation so you mentioned earlier that you didn't think things were going to escalate further. but at the crux of it all is some sort of reproach on some sort of agreement between cost of a. how likely is that actually when there is so much animosity between the 2 over territory and over so many issues and one thing i can say is that there's a definitely a momentum in the region now to address a longstanding dispute and here i'd like to mention how greece and macedonia resolve their earlier this year last year their dispute over the name of the country north and now so there is some pressure on both sides to find some compromise an agreement a mutual agreement and solve this a longstanding problem between the 2 countries which should look. problems with
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integration into the e.u. or if the government's desire so nato which in serbia case i think it's unlikely but the cost of them might want to do so. as long as there is mutual agreement and as long as there is a leadership within both countries and both governments i think some refreshment solution is possible and is definitely desirable now having said that there will be spoilers on both sides domestically there may be external actors russia or other regional powers who will not necessarily welcome a resolution of a problem of this nature but it is their fickle to forecast exactly when their idea of the circumstances fill it or eyes to see the solution but no i don't i mean you seconds left and i get a final vote difference in our series if you don't mind just on the idea of this as we say normalization of relations come out this is
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a lot of centuries old grievances or a strong russia this is about a week with we have seen over the last 12 months in this push for a land for alliance between the presidents of serbia and kosovo this has nothing to do with grievances this has to. with the fact that some of the actors in the west based on the current cares within the west but within the e.u. and the us would have to part from the original framework of the dialogue that have shown it to be excess while it started with the clearing the status dispute closed course or the be an independent state and basically signing up to this so this reopening of the status issue has more to do with the way it's done with belgrade and prishtina so what i think we have now is a number hoped for hopefully the berlin summit by mr mccrory for the mccraw and prime minister medical end of april was the beginning of a complete reset of the log return of the dialogue to its original framer and that
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will ultimately lead to some formal recognition of what the both red nose is there the independent kosovo in return for members your perspective and the integration of course it will serve with full corrective rights and only on that basis you know come out and there be a basis for real fight against organized crime and corruption and to but this has to start with this mentally in the nexus between organized crime the serbian list which is the one party system in the north. and pristina but if ever in berlin along with vatican iska and london and dish and janet in belgrade thank you so much for joining us for inside story and thank you for watching as well to get online to want to see red dot com you can see this program again any time or any of our other episodes there i can get social to facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story we're on twitter at a.j. inside story and i'm at a.j. if you want to tweet me directly so thanks so much for joining us for inside story so you can see.
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i . kidnappings amandas in crimea since russia's forced onyx ation of the black sea. i don't understand why he was kidnapped. schools of crimea into tons have been arrested. and killed most believed by russian security forces. crimea russia's dirty secret. on al-jazeera
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in the philippines the black market for gold is worth hundreds of millions but not everyone is reaping the rewards to sell them paying the ultimate price when i when east investigates why people like dying for gold on al-jazeera. now. i get a very upset again here in doha the top stories now syria israel will hold a 2nd election this year after prime minister benjamin netanyahu failed to form a coalition government it's just 7 weeks since he claimed a major victory in parliamentary elections harry forsook reports now from west jerusalem. well essentially it was the actions of his former defense minister and
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prior to that his initial political aide when he ran for the likud leadership and won his 1st election victory in the mid ninety's avigdor lieberman he is in charge of a right wing secular party that wanted to ensure that a bill which he saw as defending israel from becoming a religious state or at least in part doing that would go through unchanged ness and yahoo couldn't square that with his culture orthodox prospective partners in the coalition government and so his attempts is ongoing attempts to try to get a coalition failed at the last moment are they believe him and has been out this morning not mentioning netanyahu by name blaming likud's turn towards ultra orthodoxy for the situation that it finds itself in not either saying that he would go with benny gantz leader of the opposition in any future elections saying about
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would not happen so we really back in the same situation we were 7 weeks ago. as prime minister is expected to attend a summit in saudi arabia the 1st high level meeting since a blockade against his nation began 2 years ago the saudis are holding a series of meetings to discuss regional challenges particularly how to stem iran's rising influence in the region delegates from more than 15 asia pacific countries are in bangkok for a un meeting on statelessness they want to pledge action for the millions of people around the world who are being denied a nationality scott heide reports. it was so far today on the agenda really is kind of discussions about best practices what has worked and hasn't worked in these 15 nations in asia in the pacific who have come here for this meeting so they're discussing through this so they can kind of share ideas and share what has worked for them and what needs to be focused on not to discuss this further we're going to bring in melanie kahn and she is the head of u.n. aid that's the refugee agency statelessness what really does that mean you know we
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know refugees are internally destroyed displaced persons i.d.p.'s what are stateless people thank you for that scott and 1st of all thank you for having me on the great question even though i work on statelessness full time i'm very aware that most people have never heard of statelessness it's a bit counterintuitive most people have a nationality everybody they know has a nationality so statelessness is a bit of a mystery but it is the situation of people who have no nationality no government on the planet recognizes them as its citizens it's different from the refugee issue because stateless people haven't crossed an international border typically there can be exceptions but most stateless people live and die in the country they were born and without ever having a nationality here these best practices in discussions will be taken again to the bigger statelessness meeting in geneva in october protest leaders in sudan have declared the 2 day strike
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a success people across the nation stopped work on tuesday and with the same protest groups are now threatening a campaign of civil disobedience to try to force the military council to hand power to a civilian led to destroy. the syrian government's aerial assault on rebel held areas in the north west of the country is continuing 3 children were killed on thursday when as strikes hit cities in the province 66 civilians had lost their lives in the past 3 days alone. a bomb attack in the afghan capital kabul has killed at least 6 people a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a military training center it's one of the main centers for training recruits no group has yet claimed responsibility and hungary and police have launched a criminal investigation after a tourist boat sank on the danube 7 people are confirmed to died a further $21.00 people are still missing the boat was carrying a south korean tourist's rescue team is said that this now little hope of finding
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any more survivors is the headline as the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness next. this was supposed to be a short film about my old fled to meet kids but i've been collecting images for more than 15 years. in these books have seen people in places i could have never
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imagined. that's me during the summer of 2002 i was in my twenty's and i was living in rome my dream was to become a cinema director and i was pressing on my time filming around my flat. that. i. see no to seniority so i wasn't jealous emission but you know and clearly you know your idea of. it is the case and it brought me a whole. new years. but then i got some. really zones academy out of the. league can you tell. us. how we should kids see. so kennedy had all
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but should go off the dance to keep getting everybody jordan at least. it will be interesting to plactic leave too because the minutes are a journalist think out. and it was just like these that casey entered in my life and like with the other flatmates i started to feel him. and said yes that is what is. crazy must. be fucked up no no i just thought somebody saw it all ok ok ok it's all a plot to make it well. but now does it from me that if i found it said something
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about it is the only thing i want to do the show began to see down clearly. julian . oh of course there was somebody i didn't see. me just a beautiful without all but the love in your poem on the way with that and i love none of the folk. she sang can't buy neon pots full of. kids and i were very different is energy was exhausting but also exciting he had the ready trabant many counters and could make friends anywhere. even one fruit from the neighbor we're going to i born in silver. much lost my biggest fear and they're going to live with the down i know stuff you know. you watch. all of. it.
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well. i'm kind of something. to do to. get going to see a good. whenever i was with kids it seemed something would happen so i decided to make a short film about my flatmate and his life in pro. bowl because there's a problem but. because he was working more and more inside jordan asked and slowly started to be interested in my video camera. i found jobs feeling sense as an assistant director but this one as i had free time i was
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with my new friend. i wanted the spirit to last forever but then when the good job of it and was leaving for the middle east. side believe there was an immense distance in between us and i was afraid we would lose touch. here it is then my video to show it to you. my normal life and abnormal please. check out this random. like some is your pic with people in it that i can barely even see the now so right here so much and everything is white everything lex is a follower of the stream old the way to the middle east and me i also left rome and
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moved to berlin. to decent job at the rectum before mentors for german television. and in my free time i could enjoy the boy email lifestyle of the sea. is instead was sold was looking for something more something new. i need something that i can just. use i'll be climbing a hill like this his latest obsession was to be able to travel in a war zone. true if you're friends. you know you've got friends you know your reference point. your friends your tribe. oh dass you're spending your time you're. there you go sky.
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high there. was you know. there's like 3 graves so it's. like oh yeah ok.


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