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c. is the 2nd largest organization after the united nations it was established 60 years ago to end its words safeguard and protect the interests of the muslim world in the spirit of promoting international peace but critics say it's failed to achieve its goals because of divisions among some of its members. joining me now in the studio sultan baraka who is the director of the doha institute's center of a conflict and humanitarian studies always good to have you with us on saudi arabia wanted to project a united front against iran at this these summits it hasn't got that has it no not really. no one disagrees with saudi arabia that iran has over the years been interfering in regional affairs iran has been causing trouble. areas very obviously like syria iraq is they sure is really whether there is enough substance to convince the world the muslim countries on that up can trees. in saudi arabia is
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the right leader to put together a case against iran and i think there are a number of factors that work against that one the most important one is that in people's mind iraq is still very fresh not only in the arab world but around the world and the fact that we have individuals such as bolton netanyahu are emerging in this discussion really reinforces that fear of what happened in iraq and the call for a section of weapons of mass destruction and so on this is all the same scenario to be repeated the other issue which is also somehow related is that i think in the arab street and the mr world people are not a 100 percent convinced that iran is a threat and not israel is a threat to be able to sow the line that iran is the major threat for for the region has not really been done properly and the way they have marginalized the palestinians over the date of the century has really reinforced the problem in that
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area saudi arabia's likes to see itself as the region's leading nation but not all its allies even the learned those who aren't its allies are happy to go along with that view so if the region isn't happy to bow to saudi arabia and have good money is it ever going to be possible for. arab nations to come together and reach a consensus particularly of things like iran i think over iran in particular we want to see in the coming months is a development of a particular set of our upstages that are calling for neutrality on this issue qatar has already is already leading that bloc iraq is now emerging more and more of the way there actually is the rest is issue they did say we are with the iranians it is the saudis what they're saying we should really talk to their ears we should all just address this issue differently we should try and avoid conflict or man is very much in that group kuwait so i think the saudis will find themselves with less and less allies who are willing to be militant about this this issue
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could cast or perhaps be the key to helping to somehow ease the tension between saudi arabia and and iran i mean clearly qatar enjoys a particular set of relations with iran based on respect and mutual interest in terms of gas and so on and i think if the saudis were they they have the opportunity to use qatar strategically and smartly by. paving the way for them to act as a mediator or a bridge to iran yes that's a very good prospect and coming back to something you were saying a few moments ago about this middle east peace plan this u.s. middle east peace plan which saudi arabia seems small but happy to go along with palestine of course vehemently opposed to that yet to be unveiled plan and yet saudi arabia. very happy it seems to to push it over i mean what are we to make of that i think is part of the problem of this palestinian issue is really central to the issue of the moral authority of saudi arabia to lead the arab world the fact
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that they have accepted to substitute themselves to the palestinians visibly the americans and the israelis is not really the right approach there is no substitute for having the palestinians directly sitting around the table talking about this deal understanding the details of it until now no one really knows what are the details and they start to talk about the economic aspects of the plan ahead of the political side of it and all of that really does not work in the interests of saudi arabia and does not strengthen the the moral authority of so you're able to lead the arab world in the muslim world on other issues like iran because to see so many facts sticks out about it thank you. this is the. program decades on how the victims of a mass killing during the war finally being identified. face
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to face. in new york will be here with details of the. military council says the protest in the capital khartoum is a danger to the country demonstrators have been staging a sit in outside the military headquarters for weeks now they want the generals to hand power to a civilian administration councils also ordered the closure of office in khartoum without giving any reason 0 has denounced the closure in khartoum saying that the network sees this as an attack on media freedom professional journalism and the basic tenets of the right for people to know and understand the reality of what's happening in sudan the network deplores the decision and assures its audiences in sudan and globally that it will continue its coverage of sudan despite this
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political interference by the sudanese authorities. is the executive director of the international press institute says they've registered several attacks on journalists. we find it very disturbing that the transition to military. council which has been charged with ensuring a peaceful transition to democracy democracy is it still failing to respect the fundamental principles of press freedom which we believe are absolutely core to any successful in a catholic transition this is exactly our main concern not yet he has been monitoring developments in sudan over the past months with great concern we have registered numerous attacks on join our list from the tensions to physical a car to administer b. of measures when a mission. or for on to serious joint is for example to operate that way or mr on
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couple of months ago. we were hopeful that the transitional military council. acted differently and would ensure in june a list of billet to work in sudan without fear of retaliation. we all believe and it is proven that the free exchange of news and information is core to any society where a conflict exists it is vital that the different groups in society are able to express their views their opinions in order to allow the democratic process and eventually voters to cast their vote congolese forces say they've killed $26.00 members of a rebel group in a school in a shoot out rather the followed an attack on the positions it happened there benny where violence is making it difficult to control in a bowler outbreak in the region serious barbara and gopal has more. for residents tired of rebel attacks instability and disease the reaction to this
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gruesome presentation was one of grim satisfaction rather than shock the army says the bodies were rebel fighters from the circled democratic force. all killed in a firefight on thursday no no my dear i have seen the bodies of the real rebels they are not our brothers we have seen them go own eyes so we are happy because we have lost our brothers children and also the fact that my younger brother was slaughtered. we still have no idea ways body is always buried. we've seen so modest there ugandans are also there and we asked the president of the republic to continue with the work he's doing so that we can be helped there's no other way we can be helped and we are need peace. more than a dozen armed groups operate in the belly region the a.d.f. is considered to be one of the deadliest. i believe that the a.d.f.
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will take time to rebuild after losing these people whose bodies they left on the battlefield with several abandon weapons the advantage we've had with this operation is that the army was informed about the rebel attack on our soldiers this is how they prepared to respond effectively and here are the results on the ground . many of the attacks have targeted clinics dealing with the health crisis more than 80 health workers have been killed or injured since january the death toll from the disease has now topped $1000.00 and less security can be restored health officials say that figure will only rise barbara and get out to sara separatists in indian administered kashmir calling for mass protests on the last friday of ramadan tensions escalated last week after indian forces killed the leader of an al qaeda linked group wednesday dozens of protesters said the city of srinagar injured in violence with government forces india and pakistan have competing claims overpass.
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kosovo's foreign minister says that he'll baron visits by serbia's prime minister accusing her of making racist comments it's just the latest flare up and tension bits. been pushed into belgrade serbia already has its troops on high alert off the course of a police launched a raid in a predominantly ethics area in the north waziristan reports now from gazza needs in consul in kosovo. it was a message of hope the new born sculpture in pristina was created in 2008 to mull kosovo's independence from serbia but 2 decades after conflict tore the 2 sides apart rivalries between serbs and albanians in kosovo still threatened peace the sculptor is now an m.p. he says belgrade is destabilising kosovo by fuelling nationalism among its minority serbia and serbian politics and those belgrade's. involvement in.
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in in the affairs in kosovo has made this impossible for the last 20 years so serbia has to accept the fact that they have a minority here which. will be treated as equal citizens of course or so be a refuses to recognize kosovo the tensions are preventing both sides from joining the european union e.u. leaders are calling for reconciliation deal one proposal would be to reach your borders carving up costs of 0 along ethnic lines would be controversial the cost of an president's chief advisor says a solution must be found assuming that there can be some sort of a correction in the end of the tops. forever remain multiethnic as it is today because nobody will ever accept any borders among their clients and this is not at all the intention the intention is to camargue come up with
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a final deal between the 2 countries there are reminders of ethnic divisions everywhere in kosovo and echoes of the past some course of an albanians want to join albania others say kosovo should stays it is this is gretchen it's a predominantly ethnic serb municipality just outside pristina most serbs here say they live alongside their albanian neighbors without any problems and if course of i was to be divided along ethnic lines people here say they would. this pharmacy family has lived here for generations and ethnic serb he says his grandchildren's future is here for the money there needs to be an agreement and then everyone will calm down we don't have problems between albanians and serbs it's politicians feeling a tool of course if i was born out of conflict and it remains fragile until pushed belgrade can resolve their differences uniting everyone under the same flag could
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remain elusive for course of his leaders natasha butler al-jazeera. kosovo and there's a new effort on the way to identify more than 100 victims of the 992 last killing during the bosnian war more than 200 civilians were shot dead and dumped in a ravine by a boss stance police unit has taken nearly 3 decades to uncover many of the remains and return them to their families for proper burial reports. which in the garden of his home in term napoleon 78 year old passes his retirement in silence his 2 sons emin and amir were in their early twenties when they were both killed at kota chani cliffs after 27 years has now been told their remains have finally been found . in a jawbone was found 10 or 12 years ago but they didn't know which of them it belonged to now the full remains were found in that musgrave i mean and they were exempt
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from ascites none of the stone mass graves the corpses were hidden under a thick layer of rocks in august 1902 a group of more than $200.00 bosniak men were transported to the edge of the ravine made to kneel and then shot dead by bosnian serb police the corpses are only now being recovered. they had ins father father dan was one of the victims who have now been identified he will be buried in july. the most part it's all about who was found and who wasn't have the people responsible for the crimes being prosecuted why some didn't get more prison time those sorts of things haunt us taylor fix faces having to say goodbye to his brother all over again he already buried some of his bones found a car a china cliffs now a significant portion of the rest of the skeleton has been identified yet. it is not easy but this time around stronger still i thought i was done with this 5 years ago i guess this time i'll get actual closure. on 6 umed the burns off forensically
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examined at the center 112 sets of remains are currently awaiting final identification here the final number of newly identified victims will reach 18180 people whose relatives have spent nearly 3 decades wondering. what their thought we have here remains of slain sons and their parents siblings neighbors all kept it together this is in the way a unique situation you could say that this was a family mass grave. each victim has a story who is a senator was a teacher. who teaches senator was killed by one of his former students and there was another one of his old students who found his remains one committed the crime and the other one did a good deed. in 2004 the leader of the police unit which carried out the massacre was convicted of crimes against humanity and sentenced to 17 years in prison but it's only now that these victims can be properly buried that their families can
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have closure paul brennan al-jazeera. next on the road just kevin corriveau is here with a weather update for us then. disastrous a very grave mexico response to new tariffs announced by president trump at a move to hold illegal immigration. one father's search for justice 10 years after his son was killed in sri lanka's civil war. and its force an american adults have blazes a trail by signing a $7000000.00 deal with the japanese baseball team. to weather sponsored by qatar airways. well for months now we have been dealing with the flooding here across united states 1st started with the storm really melting
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the snow into the northern plains and now it has ended it hasn't ended but it has been exasperated by the very heavy storms they've been pushing through as of late we talked about those tornadoes with the storms but all those storms in this area has caused flooding here across the major rivers i'm going to show those services in just a moment because we're now talking about historical flooding these are the major rivers that come down into the mississippi and then flow out here towards the gulf of mexico but it's here near little rock this is the arkansas river that has had historical flooding take a look the video that has come in across this region where we have seen the water in 8 locations break river levels and we're not done yet because all this water that you see right here does have to continue to flow downstream thousands and thousands of people have been evacuated and as you can see the water is flooding fields flooding farmlands across the region the good news right now is a lot of the rain has ended across the region but like i said all that water does have to go downstream the other system we are watching what is happening here in
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mexico down here across much of the southern coast we're looking and expecting to see flooding because every disturbance here over the next few days we could be seeing $150.00 to over $300.00 millimeters of rain. when. the time. let me take. my place on the. wild west the rain. and palaces come. the rain the strongest fall stay stagnant scale. may still come together to. raise. stadiums with rocks like incredible.
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to cover the wonders of on us destination. feel the wind in swelled. 2019. it is good to have you with us hello adrian for going to hear a doha but the news hour from now sara the headlines iran has rejected accusations of assad is of arab nations that it's a threat to regional and global security the gulf cooperation council of the arab league that's in saudi arabia to discuss recent tensions. prime minister attended
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those talks of the 1st high level meeting since the 2070 blockade on his nation began the saudi foreign minister says that maybe a solution to the crisis if quote comes back to the white path. and saddam's military council is to plot a protest of the capital khartoum a danger to. the country the army has ordered al jazeera as office to close without giving a reason. the u.s. secretary of state is a bird living his 1st official visit with germany's chancellor mike pompei at aguilar merkel are expected to discuss the wising tension between the u.s. and iran germany is part of the 2015 nuclear agreements that the u.s. pulled out of last here european leaders of sense out of a framework for trade with iran to avoid u.s. sanctions that's called lived out of berlin. dominic came can tell us more so what's the point of bike pompei as visits dominic. viewers might recall that this is
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a meeting that was supposed to take place much earlier this month but was abruptly canceled by the american side of things the u.s. state department when it wanted to show that its displeasure perhaps disagreement with the german position regarding iran that you referred to in the introduction there but whether this is a meeting of minds or not about iran it's certainly a meeting of allies and so when angela merkel in initial statements made when she 1st met mr pompei earlier she gave this message to the media about what she expected to come from her meeting looking hard and then. we'll have plenty of issues to discuss today the world is in unrest indeed 1st and foremost is iran how can we make sure that iran doesn't have any nuclear weapons how can we prevent further aggressive actions on the part of her around. the interesting thing to point out here adrian is that this visit it's not just the angle americal that was
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the point has been meeting but also his counterpart the german foreign minister i call must and after that meeting mr pompano made clear that he felt that it was important germany understand the american policy not just regarding iran but also regarding china particularly the the large company huawei and its 5 g. networks being made increasingly available in european union countries the feeling from the american side that allies should not be giving main access to huawei to these new networks being developed and that if they were to do that well that the american side might not necessarily want to share as much information with allies doing that so clearly a message being conveyed by mr pompei or about the way the united states government sees foreign policy right now. anything such as there is to want to came there reporting live from berlin. saudi arabia's military campaign in yemen was one of the issues discussed at the arab summit in mecca the saudis to fended the position that claiming that they reserve the right to defend themselves from foreign attacks
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riyadh says that iran has been providing support to the who these accusations which teheran denies. we are not involved in yemen if we were there now they who would be in riyadh yemen is completely surrounded by the americans and the coalition including some europeans europeans and zionists so when yemen is surrounded we cannot get there. and themselves now handle it based on chronic principles we should help as much as we can and we do but they themselves have now produced their capabilities as in gaza they themselves do it iranians of force across the country to mark could stay demonstrations being held across the region in a show of support for palestinians iran is not the day since the start of its 979 islamic revolution it comes just weeks before the white house presents its long awaited peace plan in bahrain. mexico's president wants talks with washington after donald
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trump said he'll impose tariffs on goods from mexico unless it stops illegal immigration the u.s. president posted this video on twitter which appears to show 1000 migrants trying to cross the border trump says the 5 percent tariff will be enforced from june 10th of will be increased every month until something is done. we will not keep our arms crossed until june the 10th to see if he was serious or not but i do trust this is something which is not meant to be enacted because it would be very grave. the battle with china of a tariffs is taking a toll on america's midwest many follows a struggling as the trade dispute escalates but for now president donald trump still draws support from the region as well handled reports from colfax illinois. as the u.s. administration plans ahead in its trade with china american farmers say they're getting crushed between the world's 2 largest economies we grew
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a record soybean crop record corn crop and then you take the fact that our largest buyer just disappeared you know we created a huge ending stockpile that is it's going to take years to eat through it not to mention we tripled what we normally carry china's retaliatory tariffs on corn soybeans imported hit their mark american farmers deep in trunk country across the midwest are suffering this is private and one of the toughest years that i've experienced in my 40 plus years of farming are bankers i'm starting to get nervous next year is going to be. a tough time and some farmers are not going to get their operating loans they're not going to pay off their own operating loans from this year and they're not going to be able to get credit to put a crop out next year for the 2nd straight year president trump signed a bailout for american farmers this time $16000000000.00 worth but that won't bring
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back lost markets buyers who've moved on to other sellers their silos are full of surplus crops that oversupply his tank prices for corn and soybeans farm income levels are half what they were 5 years ago across the midwest corn and soybean farmers are filing for bankruptcy in numbers not seen for more than a decade and losing their patients i'd like to see that light at the end of the tunnel and know when things are going to turn around and get better so you your patience is wearing a little thing to little yeah this year farmers are dealing with high tariffs low prices and now historic rains that have left their fields flooded. but while china is chair of search striking their intended targets they have not achieved their goal of turning the farmers who are among president strongest supporters against the president is it fair to say that. a large group. i think that's fair we believe the president is doing the right thing to live on a farm as an old agrarian saying has it used to be schooled in patience for now
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those laboring behind america's plows seem willing to wait a little longer john hendren al-jazeera colfax illinois 69 containers full of rubbish have been loaded onto a cargo ship in the philippines heading to canada the philippine government says the garbage was shipped illegally in 2013 of 14 mislabeled plastics meant for recycling missed the may 15th deadline to take it back is also planning to send tons of waste back to western countries that have been shipped that is the managing director of recycling consultancy next tech he joins us now via skype from boff in the united kingdom good to have you with us that these containers of canadian trash end up in the philippines in the 1st place i mean kind of that's got a pretty good track record when it comes to the environment. yes indeed and i think the thing you have to remember is that this is happening based on
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a very widely established trading of real materials around the world and in some cases we get materials that are inappropriate and materials that are meant to be. not recycled should never be shipped and that's the intention of nearly all the companies however there have been examples where materials have been traded that contain not recyclable materials and you need to get into the details of what's in those containers and what should have been kept in canada and what should not have been shipped what we're seeing in that in these containers are a mixture of materials probably recyclables but probably not sorted and that should never left the shores of canada and should stay that and it's not so much you regular practice but it's probably traders who are looking to make a quick profit put things in the container ship them off and then take their their revenues without taking responsibility and clearly this is got to stop and it's
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probably a good thing that people now super conscious about stopping this practice as you say people that are waking up to the need to recycle things. that are bad for the environment but why should this stuff garbage this this practice of shipping material to. 3rd world countries i mean should should have been dealt with in the place that it's collected. absolutely right i think we all are all conscious that we need we generate materials that have a have a short life one of things we need to do is to act to eliminate a lot of the single use plastics that recyclable. but there will be lots of materials that are used in true packaging with it's protecting the longevity of food which it keeps nutrition and that's very important and those materials need to be handled and processed in the country of origin and it's
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a simple issue now people realize that in the past it may have been an economic issue but we're now fully aware of the unintended consequences of waste being shipped and then left in these countries those countries that are less developed and and if they don't have. well controlled weiss processes will any residual ice well in letting this material out into the environment potentially potentially get into the cities so it's quite clear every country has to develop a strategy where it preferentially does all the refining in its own scholz any refined materials like recycled plastic materials then can be shipped with safety and with the assurance of one generate more waste outside of the country of origin really good to talk to us because there are many thanks indeed for being with us thank you very much. correct was government has released 50 prisoners to tame during protests over the past year but
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a ban against public demonstrations remains in place for the opposition the only form of protest is under the watch of faith leaders reports. police and armed paramilitary forces have spread out across much of the nicaraguan capital to enforce a nationwide ban against public protests or demonstrations that could be considered critical of the country's president daniel ortega a lot i feel pain sadness and outrage because after one year we still don't have justice. it's mother's day in nicaragua and protesters have gathered at the catholic church downtown demanding justice for the hundreds of men and women who've been killed by pro-government forces since the start of the political crisis more than a year ago this time last year hundreds of thousands of nicaraguan citizens were marching on the streets calling for the government to be held accountable for the
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deaths of unarmed demonstrators. at least 15 people were killed and 200 others injured when pro-government forces opened fire on protesters and water remembered as the mother's day massacre. i'd sat there over the past year the government stepped up repression of political dissidents and journalists. processed on the streets of the capital have become quite rare still there are those who continue to speak out and i mean nothing. on the regime is taking control of the streets we live in a police state where we cannot even lift the national flag or have any sort of public demonstration they want to silence the opposition. and a show of good faith for the mother's day holiday the nicaraguan police released 50 political prisoners they will take a government is also committed to releasing all political prisoners by june 18th. brian al jazeera.
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it's been 10 years since the end of sri lanka's civil war around 100000 civilians and fighters from both sides were killed among them a group of 5 title students who were reportedly executed on a beach a case that is the drink of 5 remains one of the highest profile cases of the war that is still being heard in sri lankan courts a father of one of the victims is vowing to find justice. to go. on. i like to call this my son son's murder 2006 general the 2nd really very quiet son is the court of everything is. going to be a doctor.


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