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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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so it was home in utah i put ration protection of people. there we. couldn't move we. see it on the dollar store. only some years ago but there are and then asked. if he did a thing. because they. thought as a given in the ceiling in. nevada while you. could a movie in time to learn how to forage there for the couldn't to dish each dish for you. steve when you see meeting what he knew of either me or you could go but. over seas and could be teaching. the russian forces how the right if they claimed to protect the people it was not an extension of. the 2 wars joining
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me here and we all rushed it was to. force the russian government to support the crimean people because crimea people appeared to be on. or. if. the world watched impotently as russian forces took control of the entire peninsula . veteran human rights activist and crimean tatar leader jimmy live received an unexpected uproots from the former president of the russian republic. meant to move live who was acting as a go between for moscow russia. risky russian of crew members he reported a revision for march. i had were you approached the rigors man thanks they didn't
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occur what you were but i must give the storms their friends which i'm sure that a much discretion. in mid march to me live was asked to receive a call from my little home did you learn. anything or for a better way to live on the spot you know. you had to look good spend sort of an adult use and. talk with them said muniz yes the butter is the shooter who leaders around the world of the. brotherhood them citizens goodness they're on you know 0 but i was it the little party that runs order of things that can be regarded. but new discoveries. occurred where it. dumps the grahams can do better in person because in a grim aggressive. there up to the door is there it is in the hood of the herschel marshal in order to refute richard 3 of the serious crimes russian theater. not only did put in have no intention of taking his troops out of crimea he had another
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insurgency planned. similar tamia sleep as most coups troops began arriving in crimea pro russian protests broke out in an area known as adama us in eastern ukraine. it would soon lead to an all out war and a surge and supported by russian troops and military equipment pushed ukraine grabbing town after town region after really. one of the key aims denied by mosco was to establish land access to crimea and in the process create a great to russia. initially the ill equipped ukrainian was pushed back but no one in the russian military had anticipated the determination of ordinary ukrainians who volunteered in their thousands to counter insurgency. put in stream of land access to crimea had been swapped it.
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back on the crimean peninsula with most schools forces in total control a referendum was hastily arranged which the pro russians easily won. it was. clear and fair that it's a 5 percent. operation was falls like i knew a great joy in russia. despite a world condemnation russia now claim crimea as its own. and in the seat that it sees here and you look. at the feeling at that point that it in they didn't look at its best the men watching got a deemed fit national but if it didn't that lead didn't like him simpleton. begins the formal a good start but yet sally. said that what i tell it that does not like. it was not in the foot and it was hauling for the people
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people go towards a polling station we cheer. but not all shed tears of joy for most ukrainians and thought i was living in crimea it was a dark day. for giving it. a life long as. they normally have followed it for you to read this ambition appears to be echoed by the man himself in the speech to crimean russians. look at us going back you never will. keep my together for. a month putin 1st orders was to begin working on a bridge spanning over 18 kilometers from the russian mainland to crimea. with the
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annexation of the peninsula now in full flow russian strategy was about to take an ominous direction against the us who had opposed the referendum and occupation. there to reserve bonus. the printer marked the store. amid the original regional strength and emotionally became. lower grants to. neurosurgeons quite clearly. he didn't use near. the negro or secure open or police or. russian equipment. but you his perception you mr news. why. what.
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was. today's most affords me live lives in exile in the ukrainian capital kiev under strict warning from moscow he would be arrested immediately should he ever attempt to return to his home life and i am. told by. his wife sufi no remains in the family home defiant and determined that the towers will not be driven from their homeland. quite in some ways yes my a new man but i am glad as they did to zambia hides but the most they had the religion the national of my back and the law and the my side and they. and this is the land of their people the
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crimean tatar capital but chisora has been their home for centuries but since the annexation by russia tens of thousands have fled north to various parts of ukraine. now a muslim minority with fewer than 300000 remaining they live under the constant threat of arrest should they dare to speak out against the occupation. in the middle of the 19th century they were the majority today they make up around 12 percent of the population of crimea as 2500000 inhabitants as more and more russians are encouraged by moscow to move here. national guards this was real ritz mir and i should stever nestlé yeezy mia. my daughters though are distrusted by many russians they have lived here since the
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14th century when various turkish tribes invaded. but their wealth depended mainly on the trading of slaves who they captured in regular raids across the region selling them on to ottoman slave markets and cost on to noble now is tumbled and elsewhere in the middle east. this trade was eventually brought to an end after conflicts with both ukrainians and russians and the crimean peninsula with a valuable trading post on the black sea was an extent by russia and $783.00. since then try man ta tas have been repeatedly buffeted by their neighbors and driven from their land. in 1944 as portrayed in this drama by crimean ta-ta director when they were suspected of collaboration with the nazis joseph stalin ordered that the entire
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crimean tatar population be given just 15 minutes to leave their home for half. an act of ethnic cleansing which lives in the folklore of the tarnation to this day . was stuff like jimmy live was just a small child time. created in french period of that small margin. for china and there here it is and there it is going to transfer and they're going to be prince corregidor and they're going to north korea or that and wishes 3 of them. there that are over prayer. is now shared. this announcement is care less to. her than it will hear from. the national it is the latest video. and i put them all in their direction which room but i.
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scripts are warning that a. marker for the work of her. timeless stance in yet more detail. is looked arts there are some restaurants are sleeping on your own or her unconditionally or a post here in tuscany us to literally cross the road as her. park reporters can or the preferred fare. most was sent for resettlement in as pakistan and over 100000 are said to have died either joining the deportation or from the diseases and famine that followed we prefer musharraf inserted where the breadwinner or person of
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a pollutant. version in part of my answer scrivener they move for president. red rugged territory they are growing person the part of principle which over the super for sure is preparing for this native nor. a return of their power but it's the worst part of her for several years that they have stores in programs where if a member station you have to have a pretty clear instruction and there's your letter on. this where footage shows a child celebrating the festival of 8. always there was just one thing on their minds. the most let us put out a. little bit of. national laws for getting us where we would.
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then in the late 1980 s. taking advantage of mikhail gorbachev's introduction of greater freedoms in the soviet union a small number of startups led by mustafa join me live made the move back to their home without waiting for permission from moscow. it was just. did it was all up with. the bit of obama's. mind. and she wanted city. hall door snick you nasha to say that city i knew
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not real cooks thank you i only have them. i kind of thought school yeah yeah maliki said about the release of been there is 9 year but he's shasta. and 991 the end of the soviet union provided the opportunity of the rest of the crimean tarnation had been waiting for. with the agreement of the newly independent ukraine over 800000 kottaras made their way home. there's russia remember orderers neighbor near where newsroom injury grew christabel sharga shergar group a river search for it was thrown. out of their shirt and worse than. that since i didn't see my part really so what do i. can yes now willing and able story you know depression well of palatka really see me on
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a really have that of kindly as tara agronomists is sad and actually really tiny it was a stutter not to do with it she asked if i knew when the sleighs you mean. but today that happiness is gone. outside the russian embassy in the ukrainian capital kiev a small demonstration is attracting media attention. young discos osho because i through them you read serve post which has totally changed the moment inform i guess. a quest to get an upgrade in the not media i knew my lad almost nico knew someone getting impressed it's a place to play and i see. bush today jets initially smile and a shany it really broke him. so i said you can never not all its and be able to
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share the the good is so true and you give me such when you could debate is. it a vien it or game of is an executive of the world congress of crimean taught us as well as a member of but just rice city council. his abduction just yards from his home was captured in the top corner of the picture and it's immediately clear that vehicles were lying in wait. stopping his car pulling him out of the driver's seat and binding his hands takes less than a minute. to wards the side doors of a waiting van. then suddenly makes a desperate bid to escape. again and this time he disappears into the van and is gone for.
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risking it all. coming soon. on al-jazeera. i got. out of his truck. a group of.
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veterans. as they struggle to get their lives back. in the philippines the black market for gold is worth hundreds of millions but not everyone is reaping the rewards or sound of paying the ultimate price when i went east investigates why people like dying for gold on al-jazeera. hello again adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera iran has rejected accusations made in the summers of arab nations that it's a threat to regional and global security the gulf cooperation council and the arab league largely backed saudi arabia's condemnation of iran but iraq said that it didn't agree with the group's final statement same reports from tehran. well we've
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heard a lot of strong condemnation of the conversations that were had in saudi arabia yesterday iran's foreign ministry spokesman abbas mousavi began friday morning by issuing a statement in which he said he expressed regret that saudi arabia was using the opportunity to host the organization of islamic cooperation and muslim leaders as a platform to push for its divisive policies he said that iran rejects and condemns the statements that were said in saudi arabia between arab leaders yesterday that condemned iran for interfering in its neighbors affairs saudi arabia's military campaign in yemen was also discussed at the summit the saudis defended their position claiming that they reserve the right to defend themselves from foreign attacks riyadh says that iran has been providing support huth the rebels and ickes ation that tehran denies i don't know what. we are not involved in
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yemen if we were there now the who these would be in riyadh yemen is completely surrounded by the americans and the coalition including some europeans non europeans and zionists so when yemen is surrounded we cannot get there openly and themselves now handle it based on chronic principles we should help as much as we can and we do but they themselves have now produced their capabilities as in gaza they themselves do it this iranian supplied us and force across the country to mock jerusalem day demonstrations being held right across the region in a show of support for the palestinian cause iran has bought the day since the start of its 1979 islamic revolution. police in algeria have reportedly arrested dozens of protesters rallying in the capital algiers 100 scattered for the 15th friday calling for the interim president to leave office immediately. i'll be back with an hour of news and
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a little over 25 minutes but let's get you back to crimea russia's dirty secret.
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49 young men have been disappeared since the forced an accession of crimea by russia in 2014 most were never seen again the very 1st was irving game of the day his father grieves for his missing son kidnapped he says my russian security services. move in with his blue eyes as you do. this kind of a shocker to the sheeted cops took my report is. yes and i suspect he did by ok i mean you don't lose any with incentives for he made me stand yeah yeah i
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mean that's the whole example with me and i he you know you would yes nice to know you from that that they're a little crazy. i think other some are only for the. good of this is going to resonate the course and that this kitchen is. pretty or more were scarier sort of. wrong approach it is a pretty grim when you look at it you should look at it was yeah. the grab us here to. do what the liberals here preferred computer when we. were cadets crimping is. praying in a makeshift basement in a ukrainian town close to the crimea. these men fear for their lives
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recently a grenade was thrown into the mosque but didn't explode. we can't show their faces because many wherever possible slip back into crimea to see their families if caught the consequences can be terrifying. yang. 900 nearby and therefore the man disappears now it is not a good idea and i will lose him in your design enough by the violence and yet but. my reason you would. but i'd like. to shed innocent you. those who are up to that and also in that order you see satan you're building those genevieve creates. mccrae you know.
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like so many of his fellow toddlers exiled for him has been hard to take. his family had been deported by stalin in 1944 and only returned to crimea in the 1990 s. as russia so instead he screws in los origin which you know the problem. and you put that well adama but that comes up at them you could be good at it and go at you is not a boiler nothing but in that outboard nothing but i'd be so into national id to. come back i was comparing smith. story to dharma region washington or source in the style of soccer in your vote at the staying you do sri true story store and you get a new lease sporting a dog but it curve was i just not origin. i
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think i'm a girl yes could share your pursuit. of was the whole presumably. becoming your own crematorium at the origin or. the mama. those still living in the homeland know that they and their families and never safe . in will get to the abilities it is because they're sure that it was because you only go to it took astronomy does it. for so you still name thing you can still play nurse was he was ok liz dozy. bush and. yes percy looked at a bush should have a medium budget because and it will now you don't we'll see straight into committee party in the course of austin's but it's a boom of the me. his 18 year old son and his 17 year old
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nephew ziad that were taken from the street around 6 30 in the evening on september 27th 2014 and he just really got orders for a brave impression in. this is the stimulus. suited to the cea suited music store citizens it was of the ad is a misleading good that he thought he could more than xhosas just couldn't get up she sniffled us at least if. he gives no ticket just because i'm standing. who are the surrogates for us who don't use would be idiots for treating me seemed to look pretty but he was just a who swears one would move into the stores motion stores and to miss conditions with the ads work or see it unless he put it as used to most of the abuse to the mutant freedom that i think is national when you use it when i moved to me he used
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it in yes 2020 i said why did scares him to death of her she has to get that just because it. up the rashid has started a support group for families of the arrested on the disappeared. when they know of court hearings they gathered together and a short of solidarity. was up but we're human our stores now but i must say submit a bit of what has not been you might have stopped eating but you might be sure to his lab for the courtesy a minute in your ear process just more time you will jay a more general push into estonia to muslims again traditionally mean you. see with this is that it's a stretch put him both are a bit on the street. when you both are at them which it probably is when the suit couldn't. words d.j.'s and
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yet there's an existential can when you must please produce good at their value i should list new kids around you they should put on the top national and state your question additionally just i'm curious and you. needed to have seen him with me says those who do put them in the clips is a big deal mr henson data. in the mission movie did you uncover the last images that in all our shots are seems so you of biscay me yes images 9 is a i said what is it that washington at their biggest meeting. one man the town community rely on for support is lawyer i mean you could have a dean or. he spends most of his working life racing between courtrooms and police stations registering his interest in someone who's been arrested before there's any opportunity to disappear them.
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this was a waste of time limits to the rich in their will for the ballot or. just a bunch of wild it was a new process not. in the caribbean. where all 3 of those single drop this is why those one needs of a couple. of all time. missed almost. raids by militia supported by russia's f.s.b. secret police have become part of daily life for the crimean tatars. fearing for the well being of their people when taken into custody the community has set up a system of alerts as people rush to the scene to fill movie arrests. an unknown number of those taken are currently languishing in prisons in both crimea and
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russia. was a lot of the gears if you dig up on a site like to misapply what. you my doubts i was saying it over possible tom became public interest game. or did top. 3 men up at a middle of. the ballot. a lot of the category. this don't raid time to catch their quarry asleep in bed was filmed by russia secret service the f.s.b. themselves national deal of only. phyllis that's best. and usually with most only those in the us. the listener must anybody who had
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novel any magic h.s. faster than his door. after securing the arrest they spend 6 hours ransacking the house looking for incriminating evidence. all they found was a small collection of religious texts but that was all they needed. yes i saw on of are is packing food to deliver to the prison where since that phrase her husband's still a minus spent a year on remand awaiting trial. but that was. it only if. he's charged with terror of fences but for the russians his real crime is life streaming raids from his mobile phone simonetti for life give the whole you don't
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get the show. he's merely just a place when his story and you have to live in the day again even and when i'm teaching i'm so sad in the physician. since a limb and the rest she's been raising her children alone the youngest sophie who has struggled to understand. when she easily put any thought. at least. one of us then the glasses. and i asked what he had heard each and that is that the most a man was more. another day another case for a meal. ticket to. a meal may not be able to keep his clients out of prison but at least he's managed to keep most of them alive. it's meant that he has become
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a target of the authorities himself. as. the name. of the link you must probably know is mostly known as he said all the world was anybody's. e-mail believes fear of his land is at the core of russian tactics. be a delusion. to use the spit allusion emotion is present in it but he goes on the praise but praise the it is this a huge leap into all the images of today near the moments of mine like a thought to the alcohol in the whole scheme is a good bit of all they. got out of the most amusing was the well it will be filled with the me me yes that's an easy but to them and phrase believe them that it was
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all mobile smallest also has a will it will revisit it or include of we can merely because our souls lost and you are the shells. at least those korans were written in russian more than 80000 books written in ukraine have been destroyed. and for schoolchildren history lessons are now drenched in russian nationalism. and minutes apart was recently appointed deputy minister of information in the ukrainian government like so many others she's exiled from her crimean homeland but her family including her 10 year old brother still live there. he told there is a simple story about his teacher single lesson she starts with this political conversations kind of she devotes 10 minutes she dedicated 10 minutes for the conversation on how beautiful crimean availability is within the russian system or
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russia. when her young brother asked about ukraine the teacher became very angry she said oh stop it stop dreaming on the crane it will never get back here so and she was really annoyed with this statue in the center of simferopol depicts a little girl thanking a russian soldier for liberating crimea ukraine and society is much more open and much more democratic and one of the fundamental principles fundamental values for the society is freedom is again about the whale of a queen eons of not to be suppressed something that unfortunately is not in their reality in russia. but that's not how russia sees it and why george talking about the us was a good start here to rejoin russia because as a caribbean when you pull wait at by a ukrainian are sorted your drink your a yes i see one more see that russian
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garment i try to respect rights or crimean. like so many others jamil curry cove is an able to return to his homeland. he is the crimean qatar's most famous musician and it was he who rediscovered their ancient and from. salutes who you are the last of the good the cornhole and have the option. group some of. my own. there were so dearly in him lemme. in the like and their mother so many years with us was 1st born as this they would only then think we would have just missed it but also think it isn't in my is who is going to ask them whether they and i will do that today and i doubt there will malignity lifetime as you have of us what you must not lose
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pulled into the iliad complete as then you are divorced at the in the heathen and there are still lives around that. right a.t.r. was a total was on television station based in simferopol. but soon after the annexation russian forces moved to close it down. today rather than giving concerts in batches or i jimmy a character of plays at the title restaurant the kid. in the audience tonight is a woman who brought the crimean tatar calls to world attention. singer songwriter gemma lives in exile because a song she wrote upsets russian all 4 of these. strangers a name. oh
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my yes it was the story of body as has my you are about syria. and the classic semana story of what chad just on the other guys of so over the north. yeah spend all of that's going on all those as where are they and then they're fine yes. she entered the song for the eurovision song contest. the final was watched by hundreds of millions across the world. 1944 a song about the deportation of tars under joseph stalin won the competition between the russian entry into 3rd place. young man a it it's all comes because in the civil comes on at all that's above cross that. it's a volvo cop it's a symbol of the couple of young men's national union. that's of them with all head . see just see what
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a magic door might open only say his casket the pro store moses do you know she's live on t.v. it's right there somewhere norma. with all the hopes and dreams of thought those would go to massive blow in 2018 when vladimir putin's pet project the road and rail bridge linking crimea with the russian made was opened. it had cost $3000000000.00 and the man himself was there to lead the procession and place his feet firmly on crimea story. a waste of a human issue union because only a few more we're not there yet sheer i knew. you might get out yeah we're british
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you need it here don't you put in your ladyship but i got. a valuable due here is i will do shear weschler duty. was probably not only because his decision to hold crane means could been supported by 85 percent of convenience but because he could see that crane means he would approach and celebrate not just the raid but celebrated because like europe would in decision save some thousands of cells and lives. it had been proposed to call it the reification bridge but they finally settled on a less controversial meaning simply the crimean bridge. police perceptions. why it was so important. well i think you really wanted to.
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let's say to leave the trades kind of to have this very physical evidence of this the union because this was something that is about showing putin as the glorious leader of russian federation that is fighting for the security of his own people which is again not truth. meanwhile for the part are still living in their home things seem to be getting worse not those every day perception of his release yet because when you miss post this is worse or that you might deal with him but when it is very displeased here it is if you look at it. but i don't know who is a mature is used to it and when you. see them. the nearest fire of a sun server has been languishing in the remand prison for months for the drunken m.p.'s and you are back up. here william shock you see if there was
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a myth here that this girl is. not but all matter what was he disappears not really . getting a real live thought of that. that rally will. to morrow so ever will be taken to court and his parents are meeting with lawyers to see what can be done. no family members will be allowed inside the court where he faces the usual terrorism related charges. so who will all of you are what a cook at you go to your t.v. set of the one politician you materially you or i knew in britain assume this we nickel they must at least privately will still exist. can in use a sheet of work up of interest near me boot of any money to the cause i took it all in one place the lesser game i wish but poetry had long broken all or for as
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a bullet a dollar i mean there is yet still is this a good that still yet. we did wins in particular were really young is now cut notion of and i simply keep the guy who would have had that you need to win these deal. a number of thought on men including servants the 5 will appear in court today and supporters of arrived to see if they can catch even a glimpse of the accused. if they bear they just want to use the fact. we initially by decide that we need to use it as the state of the us the visit as easily. as the janja destroyed equired sure they'll issue disability. one by one the men are
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led into the courthouse. majar. the very last to service the 5. year old a smile of the final stretching across his face. his family at least know that he is alive. others can only wait. but their hope is fading.
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the weatherman sponsored by cattle and. hello again and welcome back to international weather forecast or we are looking at some rain down here across parts of southern brazil now the rain is going to continue we do have a stationary boundary that's kind of laying out over the region you can see up here towards ascension over here towards rio it's bring some heavy rain and it's going to cause possibly some localized flooding because as we go from friday to saturday not much of a change in location maybe slipping up to the north slightly but it's still going to be quite rainy it does bring the temps down a little bit here in rio from the low thirty's down to about 27 degrees for one is out as we're going to see plenty of sun a temperature there of about 17 degrees to you well speaking of rain was seeing plenty of rain down here across parts of southern mexico as well as into guatemala
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we are going to be seeing an air of disturbed weather off the coast now this is potentially going to develop into something tropical but right now the percentages are fairly low what is going to do is bring heavy rain not only friday through saturday but possibly as we go into next week as well so we could be watching flooding along this area and in terms of how much we're going to be seeing we could be seeing anywhere between $100.00 and even more millimeters of rain across this particular area so we're watching this very very carefully up here towards parts of him a heavy rain for you as well as over here towards much of puerto rico where we have seen flooding before. the weather sponsored by cattle and ways. president trump will be welcomed by the queen and outgoing prime minister to rescind made during his 1st state visit to the u.k. but how will the public receive him trump's views on breaks it global warming and other issues unlikely to cause controversy watch al-jazeera for full coverage and analysis al-jazeera was goes on
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a roller coaster journey in iraq and discovered how folks can empower the g.g. community itself to lead and identity. i'd like to prove to the world. cup. i will be able to prove myself to my colleagues from friends and myself. to the psychic shop afghan united on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the get this is that he was live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. here about trade with iran the u.s.
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secretary of state by compare warns european leaders over trade with iran. the economic dispute between the u.s. and china is likely to get worse new tariffs a just a few hours away. rallies in solidarity thousands trot out in iran to many other parts of the world to commemorate jerusalem day. with only a sport where it's toronto on the march in the n.b.a. finals the raptors see off the warriors the i think game. a step closer to championship history. the u.s. secretary of state is in bolin trying to ramp up pressure on europeans to support the policy towards iran and his 1st official visit to germany mike pompei and chancellor angela merkel discussed the rising tension with tehran germany is party
9:50 pm
to the 2015 nuclear agreements that the u.s. pulled out of last year european leaders of sin set up a framework for trade with iran to avoid u.s. sanctions but. have plenty of issues to discuss today the world is in unrest indeed 1st and foremost is iran how can we make sure that iran doesn't have any nuclear weapons how can we prevent further aggressive actions on the part of iran let's go live to the berlin i was there as dominic cain is there was this visit politic all about putting pressure on the german chancellor over iraq. but it certainly felt like it adrian the point to make here you referred to in your introduction this in stacks scheme set up by the 3 european countries who were party to the the deal with iran which fact of lee dealt with the atomic issue as it were already people thought it had done this was set up after the trouble of ministration the trouble ministration repudiated that agreement and it's about
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trying to allow iran as it were legally to circumvent u.n. sanctions are as excuse me u.s. sanctions the point here is though that the relationship between the united states states government in the german government well it's a little bit difficult right now precisely because it's the pompei was supposed to have had his 1st visit with angela merkel some weeks ago but he called it off is the state upon corded off abruptly perhaps to show some level of distain for the position that the merkel government has been taking but mr pompei referred to the situation with iran in the meeting with i'm going to merkel this is what he had to say we've been pretty clear about trade with iran there are items that are sanctioned in their items that are not those items that are subject to sanctions we whirl do our best to enforce the american sanctions regime that is put in been put in place but for those that are for humanitarian goods things that are permitted to move whether they move through in stacks or through another mechanism those are
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lawful an appropriate and are permitted to continue under under the sanctions and the sanctions laws that we've put in place and something the issue of choir ways technology came up in the discussions another warning for mrs merkel. well yes that's the interesting thing here adrian that mr compo had a meeting with his german counterpart heikal must before that meeting with angela merkel when he emerged from the 1st meeting he made reference to her way and said look if european union countries are trying to embed more deeply with huawei to get what more deeply into the telecommunications structure of their countries well that might be a bit of an issue for the united states government he said look maybe we will have to consider how much information how much intelligence we share with the countries who seek to do that the point here is that several other e.u. countries are in this situation certainly the united kingdom government was very
9:53 pm
much considering further in trenching an agreement situation with weiwei so you can see as it were this is a sort of metaphorical shot across the bows of e.u. countries because it's not the only issue that they seem to have a disagreement upon iran qual way it shows you that there is definitely considerable distance between certainly between the merkel government and the trumpet ministration on foreign policy issues dominic many things are going to cain in berlin will china is describing the u.s. measures as naked economic terrorism and in just a few hours chinese tariffs on $60000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods will take effect that's affecting confidence in both china and the u.s. as odd as it was john hendren reports now from illinois. as the u.s. administration plans ahead in its trade with china american farmers say they're getting crushed between the world's 2 largest economies we grew
9:54 pm
a record soybean crop record corn crop and then you take the fact that our largest buyer just disappeared you know we created a huge ending stockpile that is it's going to take years to eat through it not to mention we tripled what we normally carry china's retaliatory tariffs on corn soybeans imported hit their mark american farmers deep in trunk country across the midwest are suffering this is private and one of the toughest years that i've experienced in my 40 plus years of farming are bankers i'm starting to get nervous next year is going to be. a tough time and some farmers are not going to get to our operating loans they're not going to pay off their operating loans from this year and they're not going to be able to get credit to put a crop out next year for the 2nd straight year president trump signed a bailout for american farmers this time $16000000000.00 worth but that won't bring back lost markets buyers who've moved on to other sellers their silos are full of
9:55 pm
surplus crops that oversupply his tank prices for corn and soybeans farm income levels are half what they were 5 years ago across the midwest corn and soybean farmers are filing for bankruptcy in numbers not seen for more than a decade and losing their patients i'd like to see that light at the end of the tunnel and know when things are going to turn around and get better so you your patience is wearing a little thing to a little yeah this year farmers are dealing with high tariffs low prices and now historic rains that have left their fields flooded but while china is tariffs are striking their intended targets they have not achieved their goal of turning the farmers who are among president trump strongest supporters against the president is it fair to say that farmers still by and large the. i think that's fair we believe that the president is doing the right thing to live on a farm as an old agrarian saying has it is to be schooled in patience for now those
9:56 pm
laboring behind america's plows seem willing to wait a little longer john hendren al-jazeera colfax illinois mexico's president wants talks with washington not to donald trump said that he will impose tariffs on goods from mexico unless it stops illegal immigration the us president posted this video on twitter which appears to show $1000.00 or so migrants trying to cross the border trump says the 5 percent tariff will be enforced from june 10th and will be increased every month until something is done mexico's president responded in a letter to trump warning against the use of coercive measures on those manuel lopez obrador wrote that the slogan america 1st is a fallacy because until the end of time across national borders universal justice and fraternity will prevail al-jazeera is heidi jocasta reports from washington. the threat and terror of mexican goods would jump to 25 percent by october if
9:57 pm
according to the trump administration mexico has not complied with this demand to deport more central american migrants now that would have a catastrophic effect on the economy on both sides of the border mexico export of $346000000000.00 of goods to the united states last year half of that was accounted by auto parts and machinery which are both vital to the manufacturing sector of u.s. workers which trump has said he wants to support it start only that on this day when the white house sent to the congress a plan to ratify the renewed nafta agreement now called the us mexico canada agreement which took years of negotiations to work out that it appears the white house also unilaterally on the single day may be tearing up that work with these threatened tariffs which ironically that trilateral agreement is working to curb so
9:58 pm
the real question is whether or not these tariffs truly will happen whether this is an empty threat or realistic it's the same question we asked ourselves a few months ago when trump had threatened to close the entire southern border in response to the migrant crisis he never did that rather he claimed without providing evidence that mexico had stepped up in its immigration enforcement against central americans and it is telling that in this renewed threat of tariffs on mexico there is nothing in the ultimatum that says to mexico what it needs to accomplish to avoid these tariffs so it opens the door again for the trump administration to claim a victory while in essence still avoiding the tariffs if it so chooses and in the process scoring political points with the base there with the news from 0 to 0 still to come on the program all divisions are. leaders meet to discuss security and the role of iran in the region. decades on how the victims of
9:59 pm
a mass killing during the bosnian war finally being identified. added sports and other high ranked seed tumbles out of the french open the details a little later. protestors in sudan's capital khartoum are defying warnings from the military to stop their city and outside the defense ministry this was the scene as people took part in friday prayers in front of military headquarters on thursday a senior army official said the city and had become a hub for criminals and was creating a danger for the state and after syria has denounced sudan's closure of its bureau in khartoum saying that the network sees this as an attack on media freedom professional journalism and the basic tenets of the right for people to know and understand the reality of what's happening in sudan the network deplores the
10:00 pm
decision of the shore's its audiences in sudan and globally that it will continue its coverage of sudan despite this political interference by the sudanese authorities barbara triomphe is the executive director of the international press institute she says they've registered several attacks on journalists in sudan. we find it very disturbing that the transition to military. council which has been charged with ensuring a peaceful transition to democracy democracy is itself failing to respect the fundamental principles of press freedom which we believe are absolutely core to any successful in a chronic transition this is exactly our main concern at yahoo has been monitoring developments in sudan over the past months with great concern we have registered numerous attacks on journalists from the tensions to physical account.


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