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all of the streets we live in a police state where we cannot even lift the national flag or have any sort of public demonstration they want to silence the opposition. and a show of good faith for the mother's day holiday the nicaraguan police released 50 political prisoners they were to get government is also committed to releasing all political prisoners by june 18th brian al jazeera 69 containers full of rubbish have been loaded onto a cargo ship in the philippines heading to canada the philippine government says of the garbage was shipped in legally and 201314 mislabeled as plastic spencer recycling. reports. it's taken more than 6 years a diplomatic fallout between asians and a threat of war finally more than 60 containers of toxic waste are now heading from here in the philippines back to where they came from canada more than a 100 containers or about 2500 tons of waste were shipped here from canada in
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201314 the bureau of customs exposed it then and said the containers had been mislabeled as recyclable rubbish. but. for years the philippine government has appealed for canada to take the trash back but canada said its own laws prevent that then the philippine government said he made 15 deadline for the waste to be sent back but nothing happened in response to the terror to recall the philippine ambassador and other diplomatic officials from . greenpeace says impoverished communities like this one in downtown manila are the ones who suffer the most from the disposal of hazardous waste waste wherever it goes. waster it is unacceptable because it impinges on the human rights of people
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who are at the receiving end of the waste so it violates their right to a healthy life and right to health right the livelihoods right to a proper living activist save the philippines is just one of the many countries in southeast asia that had become dumping rounds of talks like waste from developed countries this is why there is a growing pressure on the philippine government to impose a total ban on the importation of waste the malaysian government also says it will send back some $3000.00 metric tons of non-recyclable plastic waste to countries like canada australia and the us it is grossly unfair for reach countries to send their wishes to pull countries simply because the poor countries have neutralized may be. their economy activist see what's happening with
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canada's we steer is an example of what can be achieved in cleaning up the global recycling industry jim ellenbogen al-jazeera manila. it's been 10 years since the end of sri lanka's civil war around 100000 civilians and fighters from both sides were killed among them a group of 5 terrible students who were reportedly executed on a beach the case well that is the trunk of 5 is still being heard in sri lankan courts a father of one of the victims is vowing to find justice. for her. father of late son can go. on a. i'd like to produce my son son's murder 2006 general the 2nd really very quiet
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son is the court of table tennis association want to be a doctor but everything is parted down the boys as healthy help me help us help us like that then suddenly the open file after that i heard in my own message there were 2 boys safely and the. lost their life. is. when there are certain visit to the hospital they will. want to. open the door for bodies my son's body in sri lanka can't get the proper
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justice. i want a hybrid quote the international criminal court in it that i've never dressed this alone and some of the goddess i am about were there any repeat think brady from sri lanka i want justice only. i only international justice with my son's case otherwise i am not a father of already here. just ahead here on the news an american blazes a trail by signing a $7000000.00 deal with a japanese baseball team will be right back.
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i don't get time to support his poll adrian thank you very much the toronto raptors have taken a big step towards becoming the 1st canadian team to win the n.b.a. finals they beat the defending champion golden state warriors in the opening game of the series laurence smith as the action. and n.b.a. 1st in toronto canada staging its 1st ever game in the finals and the crowd were up for the occasion the raptors knew a fast start was needed against the 2 time defending champions serge ibaka doing some early damage. from toe starman of the season so why let it didn't disappoint readers. but it was raptors forward pascal siac who stole the show for his team so the. risk of finishing with a playoff career high of 32 points warriors steph curry would top score
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a lot but it was kyle lowry who provided the icing on the cake so make the final score 118-2100 lloyd. i it's the 1st time golden state of lost their opening game of the n.b.a. finals for 4 years they do it again in game 2 interim so on sunday night laurence smith al jazeera. day 2 of the cricket world cup was all over after less than hoffa day's play thanks to a crushing victory for the west indies against pakistan the windies took full advantage of good bowling conditions at trent bridge in nottingham england to dismiss their opponents for just $105.00 in under $22.00 overs 4 wickets from on of the macho shane thomas they reached their mega target in less than 14 overs chris gayle with a half century as they won by 7 wickets. number 2 seed carly in
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a place cover is out of the french open at the 3rd round stage the czech player was beaten by creation's petra martin each pliska going down in straight sets as well 636 $30.00 weight goes on for a 1st grand slam title. men's 3rd seed roger federer is taking on noise casper rude right now no problem so far federer closing in on a 2 sets to love lead root is only 20 and his father christian was a practice partner for federer the french open back in 1999 the atmosphere is building in madrid ahead of saturday's champions league final between liverpool and tottenham the liverpool team flew to spain on friday morning looking to go one better than a year ago when they were beaten finalists against well madrid. thousands of fans are descending on the spanish capital many have travelled without much tickets hoping they'll find despair at let's go madrid's one that metropolitano stadium holds 68000 if you're
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a for expecting up to 100000 fans to be in the city it's the 1st time since 2008 that there's been an all english final in the champions league and tonio county is back in football management after a year out of the game the italians been named as the new manager at inter milan replacing luciano spot let's see who was sacked on thursday has won the english premier league at chelsea and 3 titles with ventas but germany's joachim loew won't be doing any coaching for a while and will miss their you're a 2020 qualifiers against belarus and the stonier he drops a dumbbell on his chest during a workout a few weeks ago and it's only now been discovered in needs treatment for a squeezed artery low has been ordered to rest by doctors. south korea's under 18 team has been stripped of an international title after disrespecting the trophy during celebrations chinese fans were outraged when park
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q. here was pictured with his foot on the pundit cup in sichuan province on wednesday the team gathered to say sorry in front of the media the video of the apology getting 10000000 views on the chinese social site way by but organizers decided to take the trophy anyway and have said they may ball the koreans from playing next year weld boxing champion and he just says he's ready to impress when he makes his u.s. debut on saturday night at madison square garden in new york the british heavyweights insists his opponent underoos junior will prove a tough challenge despite the mexican only being brought in as a late replacement at the start of may fly in the for me is just as dangerous as fly in the on to a while ago or tyson because they both possess their own skills and they said going on a skinflint for me in both respite so take and the deadly serious at the overlook immense who spoke to him was both of the really shiny really good.
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and you know. i'm just ready i'm ready for june for i'm ready to become the 1st mexican everywhere champ in the world ready to bring those bells back to mexico now american baseball players outside the major leagues often struggle to make a living wage as they fight to get in the big time but that could be changing after an amateur it was snapped up on a $7000000.00 contract by japanese team 19 year old passed up on a deal with the atlanta braves and is instead signed with softbank hawks stuart made a name for himself pitching for eastern florida state university a 6 year deal sees him move away from a more financially uncertain ricky career in the m.l. bait. i do hope that i create new opportunities for most young injured players to have a different path but i don't know what's going to happen in the hope that one day someone looks back on this in and says this is
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a great idea ryan moore laid skull sma morial told months after the opening round but it was 2 other americans who captured the attention of the crowd format must just champion jordan spaeth as a shot off the lead chip in for birdie at the 11th for highlights of his round. champion tiger woods is 2 and a part returning to watching for the 1st time since missing the cut at the p.g.a. championship. and i love my whole body thanks indeed now a u.s. spelling bee has seen the most extraordinary outcome in its 94 year history after it ended in an age way tie i p e l. s personally i 600 spent most of the age of 52 hours of the annual scripps national spelling bee in maryland which is was the final think contestants from 20 consecutive rounds on thursday calling out into the competition what i felt when i put to. each of the words will say $50000.00 i'll be back with more you see here
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down to 0 in just a few. it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the cartels are fighting each other and we've been told that we can still hear these is the largest demonstration that's been held by will enter refugees since over $700000.00 it was the year the summer emerges who is on the front here for them to think of it could be but that here al-jazeera english proud recipient of the new crystals called cost of the year award for the 3rd iraq. i need i want to get down to the nitty gritty of the reality where on line we have a male chauvinist and that is in france with in our global federation and it is really hard to get a case for that or if you join us on send. me to the help there mind this is
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a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us in our live you tube chat and you too can be in history join the colobus conversation on al-jazeera. examining the headlines a collapsed economy beats the beni people are struggling to survive setting the discussions people have to wait i don't think you can look away any longer sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform of the news motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera. when a military coup overthrew chile's marxist president one stadium's became prisms and the hunters sole objective was absolute control. publicly refused to accept
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dictatorship episode 4 of football rebels expose the life of carlos. the footballer whose personal story swayed of votes that altered the history of his country carlos caselli and the demise of i ended a on al-jazeera. we've been pretty clear about trade with. that are sanctioned in their terms that are not the u.s. warns your opinion leaders about trying to bypass sanctions to conduct trade with iran. well again i'm adrian figure this is of 0 life from doha also coming up so the military council calls the protests outside the headquarters a threat to the country and shuts down al-jazeera as bureau
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a call to. return to sender the philippines ships tons of watching waste back to canada or it came from plus. a person. who is ours never before in history is the way tie of the really 100 year old u.s. national spelling. the u.s. secretary of state is in berlin trying to ramp up the pressure on europeans to support its policy towards iran in his 1st official visit to germany like. all discussed the rising tension with tehran germany is passage of the 2015 nuclear agreements that the u.s. pulled out of last year european leaders have since set up a framework for trade with iran to avoid u.s. sanctions. will have plenty of issues to discuss today the world is in
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unrest indeed 1st and foremost is how can we make sure that iran doesn't have any nuclear weapons how can we prevent further aggressive actions on the part of iran what are from. berlin. the issue of how to deal with iran has become a difficult one for the german government these are the the trump administration certainly mr pompei or had been expected to visit angola machall some weeks ago this month but called that meeting off abruptly perhaps as a show of displeasure with american government about its position the point to make here is a lot of of the resentment and problems in the relationship revolve around instead it's the scheme set up by the e.u. 3 countries who are involved in the deal with iran france germany and britain about helping iran circumvent sanctions it's something that mr pompei referred to during his meeting with angle americal we've been pretty clear about trade with iran there
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are items that are sanctioned in their items that are not those items that are subject to sanctions we will do our best to enforce the american sanctions regime that is put it been put in place but for those that are for humanitarian goods things that are permitted to move whether they move through in stacks or through another mechanism those are lawful in appropriate didn't are permitted to continue under under the sanctions or the sanctions laws that we've put in place iran was not the only contentious issue for mr pompei in his visit to berlin when he spoke to his counterpart here in germany heikal mass he raised the issue of china specifically the telecommunications giant huawei and quite how appropriate it was for huawei to become involved in the phone networks and other communications networks in e.u. countries saying effectively that the united states government would have to reconsider the amount of data and intelligence it shares with the e.u. countries that seek to have more profound dealings with huawei showing that from
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the united states government's point of view there are still clear policy differences between itself and leading you countries to do with foreign policy. iran has hit back at accusations made by arab leaders that it's a threat to global security to iran described their condemnation as baseless and said that saudi arabia was dividing the entire region the leaders attended emergency summits in mecca saudi arabia's king solomon called for arab states to confront iran iraq however refused to sign a separate communique urging action on turn around warning that aggressive rhetoric could make the situation worse the palestinian plight was also on the agenda with president mahmoud abbas calling on the leaders to reject president donald trump's proposed peace deal with israel. we called for an end to days rail yoku patient of palestine under stablish ment of a palestinian independent state on the borders of 1987 with east jerusalem as its
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capital i would like to also reaffirm our absolute stance against american attempts to undermine international law with what is called the deal of the century to abolish the principle of a 2 state solution and as prime minister attended the talks it was the 1st high level meeting since the $27.00 team blockade of his nation began under simmons reports. this is the 1st high level contact between cattle in saudi arabia for nearly 2 years the qatari prime minister shaikh abdullah bin nasser being funny and saudi king salamander bin abdel-aziz the saudis are trying to show they have wider backing in their efforts to counter what they say is iran's growing influence the qatari prime minister here briefly shaking hands with the king of bahrain kuwait see me or trying to encourage some dialogue as he has done since 2017 he's been attempting to mediate in the dispute between cats and the
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blockade in countries of saudi arabia bahrain the united arab emirates and egypt. what the saudis want to do is to try to project a united front to the iranian regime interfered in our internal affairs and develop ballistic and nucular weapons it affects navigation in international oil this is a naked aggression against our stability and international security. but iraq objected to a communique attacking iran issued later which supported the rights of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. to defend their interests following what they say were attacks on shipping and oil installations and i quote any future when you have as in what proper what are my brothers in the midst of this tense time and the quick developments and a tense regional and international environment full of threats we are watching before our eyes the escalation of a regional and international crisis which can turn into
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a war that will engulf assault. the saudis may have the support of the united states but some observers think their tactics are high risk when the g.c.c. is so divided instead of uniting and unifying the gulf region to stand with a block of solid block they're actually dividing it into different countries they are this integrating. regional organization that you see a reference there to the blockade of catarrh after allegations made by saudi the u.a.e. bahrain in egypt but the country backs terrorism accusations firmly denied by category leaders saudi arabia isn't giving the impression any breakthrough is imminent. cats are participated in previous summits so it is not new it is true this time they were represented by the prime minister of the saudi stance like the other countries is that we are looking for a solution for the cause of the problems and the crisis between these countries and
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qatar hopefully there will be a solution if qatar comes back to the right path. but the issue of iran dominates the thinking and talking saudi arabia may regard support from the g.c.c. and the arab league as a diplomatic advantage but with opposition led by iraq that message isn't warn of all arab unity andrew symonds. that's kind of you now from abraham frye has his associate professor of conflict resolution at the doha institute he's with me in the studio now abraham in saudi arabia like see itself as the region's leader not all its neighbors a happy to go along with that ask at this summit saudi arabia wants to project a united front against iran but it didn't get better did well said thing x. that got some support especially from countries like egypt jordan tunisia even the policy none of us supported this but of course that was the iraqi position that
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was that went to the extreme actually of them withdrawing from the final statement of the arab summit. yesterday so but the means the leadership position which is actually what saudi arabia is doing bringing some of the muslim countries in order to show you know taking a leadership role you know meeting in saudi arabia and making these you might add statements these statements are important that there was of diplomatic support but remains very very debatable to what extent this can actually support is that then shannon solve the crisis if not everyone in the region is happy to go along with saudi arabia and agony. it's going to be impossible to reach a consensus as to well consensus is not that all possible and you know especially given the iraqi position on the other positions that when they're put into practice
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not short what the extent that they are sustainable these positions there was a report in the financial times about 2 weeks ago about jordan for example. switching alliances or switching position from working or allying with saudi arabia towards the other you know other parties who are against. the what's called the deal of the century like turkey and. and the policy then over at the end and others so. so when this put into action and the practice i don't think this is that we would see the same exact support that we'd see and diplomatically and then the question as well where to go next despite the blockade cattle accepted an invitation to attend sent its prime minister to the summit 20 cent could cast a hold the key here because it has relations with iran along with oman and kuwait not exactly friendly but at least they that they talk they do business to what extent could hold the key here between 2 to act as
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a mediator between saudi arabia and the u.s. and iran well qatar can definitely play a role between iran and the united states i'm not sure about with saudi arabia and the united arab emirates because they don't talk to qatar to begin with but with the united states specially with this enormous strategy of donald trump that is trying after he is committed absolutely to the maximum with the with iran. you know applying maximum pressure on iran to come to the negotiation table and he's been open talking publicly about who want iran to come to that to the table at the lift a number with switzerland for iran to call him i think the thought of can help with this a strategy in this case in order to convince sort of try to bring to help iran come to the negotiation table but at the same time in terms of resolving the conflict or preventing a war i think it takes more than just cut out mediation because this where the issue remains though it is important in terms of negotiation and helping it short
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than terms of solving the crisis or preventing a war because takes much more than bit too big the part is that you know maybe because too many things did for being with us thank you. iranians are turned out in force across the country jerusalem day demonstrations are being held across the region and a show of support for the palestinian cause iran has marked the day since the start of its 979 islamic revolution it comes just weeks before the white house presents the economic part of its long awaited peace plan in bahrain. hayom it was there was seen in the message of jerusalem day is that palestine will live forever and jerusalem belongs to all muslims and over the past 2 years none of the plots of the .


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