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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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dissipated in previous summits so it is not new it is true this time they were represented by the prime minister of the saudi stance like the other countries is that we are looking for a solution for the cause of the problems and the crisis between these countries and qatar hopefully there will be a solution if it comes back to the right path. but the issue of iran dominates the thinking and talking saudi arabia may regard support from the g.c.c. and the arab league as a diplomatic advantage but with opposition led by iraq that message isn't warn of full arab unity andrew symonds. still ahead on al-jazeera. this is probably been one of the toughest years that i've experienced in my 40 plus years farming american farmers heart by donald trump chinese terrorists are not backing down from their support of the president. and in a memorial in new york to honor those who responded to ring the 911 attacks.
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hello again and welcome back we're here cross we are seeing some scattered showers across the area temperatures are on the rise as well you see on the satellite those clouds passing through particularly in the heating of the day so for tehran not bad in terms of temperature but we do so expect to see some more rain coming through as well here on saturday baghdad on saturday 43 going up to 45 degrees as we go towards sunday and kuwait city an expected high for your 41 degrees there where here in doha temperatures are on the rise as well we do expect to see 44 here on saturday getting up to 45 degrees as we go towards sunday very very very very hot conditions here but dry conditions maybe some clouds pushing through in the overnight hours over here towards miscount though it is going to be a fairly nice day compared to the rest of the region with a temperature of $36.00 degrees there and then very quickly across parts of
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southern africa we are going to be seeing some clouds pushing through parts of cape town as well as port elizabeth durban is going to be not too bad as we go towards saturday may have some clouds pushing in we do have a flow off the water though johannesburg is expected a high of 18 degrees and as we go towards the rest of the weekend we're going to be seeing it dry conditions across madagascar we did have showers to the south attempt a few of $21.00 degrees and harare attempt of $21.00 as well. here's.
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the top stories now the mexican foreign minister has to travel to washington to meet with u.s. officials over the threat of u.s. terrorists president donald trump says he'll impose tariffs on goods from mexico unless it stops illegal immigration. pompei o is in berlin at the start of a 4 nation tour he's urging european partners to isolate iran and to stop using technology from china's while away. at iran has rejected accusations at a summit of arab nations that it's
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a threat to regional and global security 2 summits have taken place in mecca and the 3rd is due to start later on friday. iranians have turned out in force across the country to mark jerusalem day demonstrations are being held across the region in a show of support for the palestinian cause iran has marked the day since the start of its 1979 islamic revolution comes just weeks before the white house presents the economic part of its long awaited peace plan and bahrain afghan taliban has carried out a car bombing in kabul killing 4 people 7 others were wounded including 4 u.s. service members the mom targeted a military convoy in the city's western kahlo easier to strike. china's tariffs on $60000000000.00 for the u.s. have gone into effect in the last hour the battle between washington and beijing is taking its toll on america's midwest many farmers are struggling as the trade dispute escalates but for now president obama still draws support from the region john hendren reports some call facts eleanor. as the u.s.
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administration plans ahead in its trade war with china american farmers say they're getting crushed between the world's 2 largest economies we grew a record soybean crop record corn crop and then you take the fact that our largest buyer just disappeared you know we created a huge ending stockpile that is it's going to take years to eat through it not to mention we tripled what we normally carry china's retaliatory tariffs on corn soybeans imported hit their mark american farmers deep in trim country across the midwest are suffering this is probably been one of the toughest years that i've experienced in my 40 plus years of farming are bankers i'm starting to get nervous next year is going to be. a tough time and some farmers are not going to get to our operating loans they're not going to pay off their own operating loans from this year and they're not going to be able to get credit to put
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a crop out next year for the 2nd straight year president trump signed a bailout for american farmers this time $16000000000.00 worth but that won't bring back lost markets buyers who've moved on to other sellers their silos are full of surplus crops that oversupply his tank prices for corn and soybeans farm income levels are half what they were 5 years ago across the midwest corn and soybean farmers are filing for bankruptcy in numbers not seen for more than a decade and losing their patients i'd like to see that light at the end of the tunnel and know when things are going to turn around and get better so you your patience is wearing a little thing to little yeah this year farmers are nail. with high tariffs low prices and now his story grains that have left their fields flooded but while china's chair of search striking their intended targets they have not achieved their goal of turning the farmers who are among president trump strongest supporters against the president is it fair to say that farmers still by and large
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support president trump i think that's fair we believe the president is doing the right thing to live on a farm as an old agrarian saying has it used to be schooled in patience for now those laboring behind america's plows seem willing to wait a little longer john hendren al-jazeera colfax illinois. protesters in sudan's capital khartoum are defying warnings from the military to stop their sit in outside the defense ministry this was a scene as people took part in friday prayers in front of the military headquarters on thursday a senior army official said the sit in had become a hub for criminals and was creating a danger for the state and al-jazeera has denounced sudan's closure of its bureau in khartoum saying the network sees this as an attack on media freedom professional journalism and the basic tenets of the right for people to know and understand the reality of what is happening in sudan the network supports the decision and assures its audiences in sudan and globally will it will continue its coverage of sudan
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despite this political interference by the sudanese authorities now the committee to protect journalists issued a statement in response to the action against al-jazeera the middle east north africa coordinator says the raid and closure of. zeros khartoum bureau is a oring science advance military rulers and to to suppress coverage of pro-democracy events this action belies military leader statements and they should immediately reverse course and allow al-jazeera to operate freely just because a member of a nonviolent resistance movement in sudan is so strong alyssum and general is under threat now. you're moving the freedoms of press and trying to have the world not see what's happening is a big deal. and i think this is a turning point because what happened after april 11th and the collapse of the government is suddenly the government allowed journalists from all over the world
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to go sit in to come to sudan to cover this and for them now to decide that no the world doesn't need to see this anymore is a sign for us that some things are changing and we're going back to them a crackdown and it means and we're actually getting ready for a crackdown on the protests there i mean what's happening with the negotiation between the. regime for freedom and change who are talking from the point of their protesters with the transitional mood ponselle they reached a point where we supposed have a civilian government and they reached a point where they are not moving forward. and somebody council i was going to give up our civilians or they're not going to do it and now we're more than 55 days into this situation and we're thinking that now is the time or we have to go back to fighting this government in another way because they're not giving the military doesn't want to give up power so we were like waiting for them to give up power and if they were serious about given up power they were not going to do a crackdown on the media so we're like worried now iraq's prime minister viktor
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orban says he wants a thorough investigation into a boat accident on the danube on wednesday at least 20 people are missing and feared drowned at least 7 others are rescuers are still searching the river for survivors police have detained the captain of the larger ship that hit the site saying vessel it was carrying 35 people one was struck and sank within seconds. there's a new effort underway to identify more than 100 victims from 1992 mass killing during the bosnian war more than 200 civilians were shot dead and in a ravine by a police unit it's taken nearly 3 decades to uncover many of their remains and return them to families for proper burial paul brennan reports in the garden of his home in turn napoleon 78 year old houses his retirement in silence his 2 sons emin and near where in the early twenties when they were both killed at kota chani cliffs after 27 years she's now been told that there remains
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a finally been found. a job and was found 10 or 12 years ago but they didn't know which of them it belonged to now the food remains were found in thought musgrave. i mean and they are exempt from a site known as the stone mass grave the corpses were hidden under a thick layer of rocks in august 1902 a group of more than 200 bosniak men were transported to the edge of the ravine made to kneel and then shot dead by police the corpses are only now being recovered . their head in father founded in was one of the victims who have now been identified he will be buried in july. evasion or simply the most part it's all about who is found and who wasn't how the people responsible for the crimes being prosecuted why some didn't get more prison time those sorts of things haunt us take a fix faces having to say goodbye to his brother all over again he already buried some of his bones found a car a china cliffs now
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a significant portion of the rest of the skeleton has been identified yet this. is not easy but this time around is stronger still i thought i was done with this 5 years ago i guess this time i'll get actual closure. on 6 umed the bones offer and sickly examined at the center 112 sets of remains are currently awaiting final identification here. the final number of newly identified victims will reach 18180 people whose relatives have spent nearly 3 decades wondering. what this talk we have here remains of slain sons and their parents siblings neighbors all kept it together this is in the way a unique situation you could say that this was a family mass grave. each victim has a story who is a cement job was a teacher. teaches senator was killed by one of his former students and there was another one of his old students who found his remains
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committed the crime and the other one did a good deed. in 2004 the leader of the police unit which carried out the massacre was convicted of crimes against humanity and sentenced to 17 years in prison but it's only now that these victims can be properly buried that their families can have closure brennan al-jazeera algerians are protesting in the streets despite police reportedly arresting dozens of people in the capital algiers. hundreds gathered in the city for the 15th friday calling for the entering president. to leave office immediately became president after the ailing longtime leader abdelaziz bouteflika stood down last month amid public anger at him running for a 5th term elections are due to be held in algeria and july but he looks founder julian assange has suffered psychological torture that's according to a united nations special rapper toure who also says a sign just help was critical that he should not be extradited to the united states
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to face charges of espionage. shows all the symptoms of a person who has been exposed to psychological torture for a prolonged period of county who are speaking about is severe stress and constant stress. of severe psychological trauma and seriously gravely concerned that if this were to be extradited to the united states he would be exposed to a politicized show trial in grave violation of his human rights a new memorial has been unveiled a new york author and those who lost their lives in the 911 attacks many of the 1st responders continue to suffer from post to toxins early 18 years ago or sensibly has more. in the park where the twin towers once stood the unveiling of a new memorial highlights the lingering impact of the september 11th attacks
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particularly on 1st responders nearly 400 of them have died from 911 related illness so far thousands more are sick at the ceremony they mixed with dignitaries amid the slanted stones meant to honor them bridget gormley father william was a firefighter whose company was one of the 1st on the scene that day everybody initially had the 911 cough the world trade center cough it wasn't until 2016 though that he was diagnosed with bladder cancer that killed him 6 months later this is shifting the narrative to where i need to be shifted not as what has what happened but what is happening. the gormley family is still waiting for payment from the victims compensation fund which was set up to help survivors you won't see any names written on this memorial that's because the list of sick and dying is still growing and could soon eclipse the nearly 3000 people who were killed on september 11th that as funds that were set aside by congress to help victims are
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drying up. it's estimated as many as a half 1000000 people were exposed to the toxic dust that filled the air for months after the attack and it's not just 1st responders who are getting sick but also those who volunteered went to school or worked in the area the bearish mcgarry law firm now represents 12000 people from all over the country whose illness has been linked to 911 exposure and they say they hear from new victims every day we're seeing many people in the 911 community who have not one but 2 and 3 cancers doctors tell me they have never seen this before in february officials overseeing the victims' fund announced they were running out of money and would have to drastically cut payouts to victimise but advocates are already pushing congress for more fun down we belonged to on september 16th 2001 when we were told there was
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safe where the water was safe to drink and yet now we're fighting for health care and compensation from the government the very government who lied to us a government that promised to never forget the horror and the courage seen that day and a community who with this memorial is promising to remind them kristen salumi al jazeera new york for the 1st time in the 94 year history of the u.s. national spelling bee competition there's been an 8 way tie. oh and me p e o y o t o u r. o 600 spellers under the age of 15 took part in a tournament in maryland just quiz the final 8 contestants for 20 consecutive rounds on birthday finally all the enter the competition because they felt like they just couldn't beat each of the winners will receive
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a $50000.00 cash prize it's. amazing and it's never happened before which makes it even more special i feel like there is no no better way to do it i would have been really sad if one person had missed in that round i was really glad people won i never expected for this to happen i was convinced that the ball was going to ring on me at some point today and for some reason. i don't know if this is the culmination of the past 6 years of my life through graduation install the winners our website is al-jazeera talk hong take a look when we get a moment ever a recap of the headlines in just a bit. check out the headlines on al-jazeera the mexican foreign minister has to travel to washington to meet with u.s. officials over the threat of u.s. terror us president donald trump says he'll impose tariffs on goods from mexico unless it stops illegal immigration expose president andres lopez obrador says the
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tariffs are not the best way to handle the immigration issue. sit by on that it's not a mosque i believe this measure will be further analyzed by the united states government i believe that president trump will understand that this is not the way to solve things i think that there will be a correction if not right away at some point because these measures are neither in the interest of mexicans nor united states citizen as you know secretary of state my pompei o is in berlin at the start of a 4 nation tour he's urging european partners to isolate iran and to stop using technology from the chinese telecom company while way we've been pretty clear about trade with iran there are items that are sanctioned in their items that are not those items that are subject to sanctions we will do our best to enforce the american sanctions regime that is put it been put in place but for those that are for humanitarian goods things that are permitted to move whether they move to in
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stacks or through another mechanism those are lawful in appropriate didn't are permitted to continue under under the sanction is the sanctions laws that we put in place iran has rejected accusations made during a summit of arab nations that it's a threat to regional and global security to summits have already taken place in mecca and a 3rd is due to start later on friday chinese tariffs on 60 $1000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods have gone into effect it's a latest move in a trade war between the 2 countries the dispute has rocked global markets and impacted american farmers many of whom rely on government subsidies or testers in sudan's capital khartoum are defying warnings from the military to stop their sit in the defense ministry this is the scene as people took part in friday prayers in front of the military headquarters on thursday senior army official said the sit in had become a hub for criminals and is creating a danger for the state as are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera we have
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a news hour at the top of the hour and sad story is next though. reigning in iran saudi arabia hosts 3 summits calling for action against hebron and riyadh accuses its rival of threatening regional order but beyond such high level meetings what the arabiya do doesn't have enough support this is inside story.
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hello everyone i'm come out santa maria welcome to inside story an emergency requiring 3 consecutive summits in the one location it certainly sounds like something that needs to be addressed and quickly and according to saudi arabia the emergency is iran the kingdom gathered arab leaders for meetings of the gulf cooperation council the arab league and the organization of islamic countries and said the international community must quote use all means to stop iran from interfering in other countries a fair question is though is there an emergency or is this another power play in the gulf with the addition of a u.s. military presence we'll discuss that and more with our panel in a moment 1st this report from hash. a rare moment between qatar and saudi arabia. qatar prime minister share how the lebanon.
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greeted by saudi king selman binoculars sees in mecca the kingdom is hosting emergency meetings of the gulf cooperation council the organization of the islamic conference and the arab league to counter what they say is iran's growing influence but the saudis who are eager to show they have wider backing face a daunting task and the blockade imposed says to 1017 the thai prime minister is seen here shaking hands with the king of bahrain another blockade in country and then the kuwaiti amir steps in trying to bring the saudi king and qatar the prime minister to engage in further talks that might ease tension and bring harmony to a d.c. in disarray king said man made it clear in his opening speech that he sees iran as the biggest threat to stability in the region. the iranian regime interfered in our internal affairs and developed polycystic and nucular weapons it affects navigation
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in international oil this is a naked aggression against our stability and international security. but for the sardi's to build a coalition against iran they need to end the impasse created by the d.c. acquire the diplomatic spat started with saudi arabia bahrain the u.a.e. and egypt sever ties with qatar imposed a land sea and blockade the blockade in water accuse qatar of supporting extremism accusations strongly dismissed but the target government kuwait is mediating in the conflict and the u.s. is concerned the feud might undermine its efforts to isolate iran and defeat icily in the middle east. is flawed from the state law because in one sense. they don't want to talk to iran iran has asked for a dialogue and they don't want to sit on the table and talk to your own and sort
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out all the issues that we have a go on on the other hand they are instead of uniting and unifying the gulf region to stand as a bloc a solid block they are actually dividing it into different countries they are this integrating. regional organization that you see you see there a conflict within between the g.c.c. member states the blockade against scott card so you can't have one. standing against your own if you want to push back in one sense and this and this is this united and this is this fragment that at the end of the meetings there's g.c.c. and the arab league expressed support for saudi arabia against what they describe as iran's destabilizing activities in the region as a diplomatic boost for saudi arabia but also a period to more tension in the region.
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so let's meet the panel for today 2 of our guests here in doha with me in the studio as magid and saadi who is a professor of the. science and culture university we have also got a battle showed you a professor of political science from kuwait university and in teheran might be an assistant professor of political science at the university of tehran welcome to all of you 3 professors on the show so let's get into it majid let me start with you. i mentioned this in my in my set up a little bit earlier the emergency and i am using escorts there because this seems to be this promise of we need 3 summits right now to deal with this emergency is it an emergency or is this in fact a way of almost creating the feeling of an emergency yeah 1st of all let's just clarify one thing which is that 2 of the summits were majesty said ok this summit is enormous i would just always rail issue but certainly there is some insight held consecutively in the show of emergency if you will because it was very clear for
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the saudis that they needed to prop up the situation with between the united states and. worldwide with what the american agenda in the region of course what the saudis are they're banking on the about what that is that the white house would change its position so quickly because their white house went from calling for war with iran to basically now the exxon mobile staff going back to work on sunday in the uk so there is absolutely no sign of any tension tension between the 2 countries is this still not a bit of ambiguity there i mean the classic from the trumpet ministration of mixed messages bolton says one thing trump says the other thing and we never quite know what the official line is i think i mean if we look at the pattern of behavior when it comes to trump administration is very clear that this issue now it's been treated exactly like the north korean deal so you can see very clearly started escalation threatening talking about even you know. i think what he said
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with trump said in the u.n. was. think of the. total destruction of yet original of career. now the same thing has been said about iran but also as well what happened with north korea then he started praising the leader of north korea and then asking for the summit of the holding the summit and then nothing really caring what happens after the summit to be because it's all a political win for trump the same thing is what the white house now wants from iran it's very clear that the iranians are more stubborn they're not going to get into bed easily with the americans just over a photo shoot and they're right now with the saudis and there are things that are left high and dry without any any real agenda in the region towards what's going to happen it's very clear that when it comes to the military the u.s. is not appropriate for war when it comes to how it's dealing with its citizens in this company of the agents not revving up for war but the saudis and them and i think now are left with a summit that is basically only condemnation of the acts that took place during the
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last month but with no pussy ger to deal with it in the future even so let's talk about that condemnation and bring you in at this point tell me what your thoughts were on the language particularly of king solomon the way he said we will use all means to stop iran iran's criminal acts naked aggression against an instability it was all quite aggressive language really exactly i mean we have to look at this issue of the summit the 2 emergency summit that we had. last night up until dawn as a part of the ongoing cold war mentality and practice that has been the norm the new norm since 2016 at least one saudi arabia sever ties with iran and other g.c.c. countries followed suit especially about her a and also other g.c.c. even qatar and kuwait. withdrew their ambassadors and lower the diplomatic present
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ation and to hansal what's going on is that this is a rather solve all of pushing back by the. the leader of the g.c.c. to send their message to the iranians especially after the loss of bombings of the 3 i think as king solomon stated very clearly the opening and opening statement that iran is responsible for the shannon against and for what's taking place to undermine security and stability in the region the heightened tension is because of the escalation of rhetoric between the united states and iran and now we have the escalation and from day one i said there is no war and this region but it's just part of the. trump administration flexing its muscles to gain some. some credence and some votes among his staunch voters and his base tortorella his base as the americans keep saying so the condemnation was expected the saudis are
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trying with the him oddities and made a nice to try to with the one who are the 3 hawks we have ox and olives and the g.c.c. and the hawks are not taking this stage and they're trying to send a message to the iranians through their their constituencies and to the americans that we are standing tough against the iranians and that is what there was white condemnation although it was not the reflected in the speeches on the other summit the emergency summit or the arab league summit but it was clearly in the in the find of communique that there is a strong condemnation of iranian behavior is iran has brought this upon itself for supporting proxies for for a moment sectarianism and for pushing the region into the abyss so is it a literally a message was clear of sent by the communique the final communique the arab summit final communique and before that the g.c.c.
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find the communique also so is this a bell of the saudis as you describe all that condemnation is this the saudis almost taking the baton from the. states as magid said madge of the united states slightly backing down a little bit is the saudis taking the baton and saying right we will now lead the charge against iran and us if you want to support us come along that case because the. issue is that there were not be beyond condemnation of iranian behavior which was and practice which was expected was the issue of what are the practical measures that will be taken by the g.c.c. leaders and by the arab leaders to. put in practice this condemnation translated from condemnation to a practical approach to try to push iran to change its behavior and this is issue no regime change and then there is
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a contradiction by united states and this is what's really puzzling pompey about a year ago stipulated the 12 conditions on the iranians and that they should really add here too in order for the americans and the iranians to strike a deal. and talk he'll present trump a few days ago just obliterated all of that and erase that and he just stated 11 point and that is iran should not become a nuclear pollen and the ayatollah khamenei stated that clearly that there is. any an approach under any any policy and effect is that it's against islam to have a nuclear arsenal so we are at with this stand still is ongoing but what are the conditions what the what is the really the united states strategy. is in that while for its stated by pump your it is the one point about the nuclear issue stated by trump so there is a lot of confusion and then you throw in bolton here you know and then you have
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more confusion regarding how to deal with iran from the american perspective and leaving their allies puzzled leery about really about. it is the at the end of the americas here let's say then what has the nothing has to say in teheran bring you into the conversation not maybe not so much the reaction that we've heard from the iranian officials but what you think about how they've interpreted this as a bellow was saying the 12 points versus the one point the slight backing down from the u.s. the that aggression from saudi arabia and of course i think the iranian reading of this all of this you know saber rattling on the part of the united states is that they don't have a core here rant consistent policy bay only want you know to push to maximize the pressure on iran to see afterwards what will come up i mean there are of course iran harks in washington who are advocating you know war or a military attack on you iran but in general there is no consistency there is no
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coherence in there with regards to saudi arabia and the cement emergence is some of this there is nothing emergent about them. from what i hear into iran it's basically what the saudis want to call emergent actually it's you know it's part of that maximum pressure whenever the escalation decreases in the region there is deep the escalation in the region by the on the part of the in at this this on iran saudis try to you know feed the fire and put some for a few if you want it and i think this policy is part of it is you know bringing back the. maximum pressure on iran and part of it is to push back against iran as diplomatic outreach in the region you know iran's contract with the with its neighbors the gulf ease it back this done trying to you know deescalate the
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situation in the region has a lot to do well with what saudi arabia did last night a bottom line then the saudis are looking at trump as an opportunity will. iran be worried or how worried will iran be or in the end does iran you know regardless of who signed a communique and who didn't do they know who their friends are they know who they can trust they'll carry on as they were of course i'm in saudi arabia basically divided the region into 2 camps doesn't you know basically go in there and sitting and listening to what king someone has to say doesn't mean that you agree with them that even they're the most the closest alliance the saudi arabia had during the past you know decade or during that basically for decades. was the g.c.c. and within the g.c.c. as i mentioned there are the attitude towards iran and there are the doves or doesn't who don't want an escalation with iran on top of them qatar under blockade
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kuwait and on mine we don't know who basically are trying to deescalate the situation practically they are going against saudis official line of escalation on iran about to go in again saudis a poor children isn't against iran with regards to the trump because they see trump as an opportunity and i think their policy will continue with the way it is until they exhaust the trump arrival with regards to iran much of the way that hasa as it talked to us there about the camps the way saudi arabia he says is divided then can you just elaborate on that a little for of viewers and remind us who's on whose side basically or maybe more the point to making in the end when push comes to shove if push comes to shove who will back saudi arabia well at the moment a few states that are aligned with saudi arabia's foreign policy initiatives in the
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arab world who seem very clearly that they that they had a better moments they have to in libya maybe the new military council in so the probably the only countries where you would find. well support for any saudi initiative and even in that case i'm skeptical about how much of support the saudis can get from these going to be it's seen very clearly in that look at all but like for example the saudis wanted to alie all the arab and muslim world against to cut back but they ended up being a very small number of states most of them backed out of the blockade. and in the crisis but also it's very important here to note that the saudis were banking on their efforts being a side show of american aggression towards iran but they didn't bank on the idea that the. americans would very very quickly like this and this is why i said before that they were left high and dry and this is not now these summits are there a view mirror there you've seen the declarations that came out of it there
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communicate at the end that even the countries who were attending the meeting at least your voice is concerned that it was not part of. writing the communique and designing what would be included in it but palestine asked for another sentence to be added it was never added it was very clear that a lot of the statements by the leaders were not aligned with what the saudis wanted to hear and were not in line with the actual official communique that ended the summit which makes it very clear that this summit is basically a courtesy to saudi arabia a tendency to go to saudi arabia and he'll support for any saudi initiative towards iraq just quickly before i go back to a dollar you mentioned the gulf crisis and qatar how important was it that the prime minister of qatar did go i don't think it's significant in the crisis itself it's very clear that there was no initiative that resulted in the prime minister going i think that it was very clear they received the popular invitation of this down as opposed to what happened previous summit and also. is
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attempting with its partners in kuwait in amman and in other countries to rationalize politics in the region to rationalize what it could behave you're in the region and also has. always been has always given above. differences with came to issues in the arab and islamic. issues so i think it's very clear why the prime minister was there and the lack of any enthusiasm from the other side and from the gut that i thought was talking about the d.c. makes it very clear that there is no advancement in that crisis right adela let me come back to you i actually want to discuss a couple of other things that weren't discussed everything was iran iran iran the fact that yemen was not discussed at a meeting of arab league and g.c.c. i think is quite something and it's you know i mean as i understand the leaders were even given a tour of almost like a little museum when they arrived they were showing drawings and missiles from yemen that have been destroyed and almost like showing off and then didn't discuss
2:41 am
what is the greatest humanitarian crisis in the region but he was discussed in a way through the whole fees or there was also a white condemnation of the whole foods who are everybody knows as a very effective automorph of iran and even the museum that the saudis showed the leaders of the g.c.c. and arab states were all made in iran i mean the problem once again we go back and state that plays on iranian the iranian side iran has really to change its behavior what's the dividing the g.c.c. not only the saudi arabia u.a.e. policy but also the practice and the behavior and propping up iran's proxies in 4 out of countries iran brags all the time that they control for up capitals and this is really undermining not only the g.c.c. solidarity and security and stability but the whole arab legion iran wants to be the player and the region iran believes that it is
2:42 am
a title to this role because it has the power it has the influence it has the proxies and it has invested heavily on its proxies in lebanon and. a rock in syria and in yemen and that has really in fact rated with the sleeping cells and therapist says that were discovered but also helped by the by the iranian embassies especially in kuwait a few years ago we discovered the largest and the most dangerous that was thought out a cell that was funded supported trained around india logged by the iranians saw iran's behavior has really will be looked at again revisited and to hear because iran is real and that i have a crunch and now if the americans are pushing very hard for iran to have 0 or export. stated that we have deprived iran or $50000000000.00 this is this is this is asked of us for a 40 year on an order to cripple iranian economy in order to forment internal
2:43 am
stability even though president trump stating that the american policy is not on the objective is not to overthrow the enya regime but the hidden agenda here is that can i interrupt for a minute make it troubles and this ability would push the iranian regime to collapse i'm sorry is it going to be just as better when it's very hot sun back and we are starting to run down on time here anything you want to react to there with this as we say you know i started talking about yemen there but as a balance it is it all seems to turn back to iran by the end of it and of course not the way the love describes i think iran is relevant episode of it but it's not the entire picture i think saudi arabia i mean he's talking about yemen as if yemen just erupted without any cause us there are causes for that there is you know 6 $1000000000.00 worth of missiles and bombs dropped on the yemenis and soon as you
2:44 am
know a low take you know drone crosses the border you would hear. about private these are you know iranian proxies where yes they are indigenous yemenis defending. themselves again a foreign invader of their country that's the way it is they are killing enemies and humanities are reacting and the more and better the longer the situation you know lasts i think the yemeni reactions will increase that's that has been that trend with regards to other issues there are you know different views totally different from one of the less said i mean in the region you know who went to syria to topple the government there who destabilized iraq they are all of shorts of saudi fame can you know the sellafield jihad these terrorists who go there and so chaos in these regions to dominate these states who you know detained
2:45 am
a head of state then the lebanese prime minister and his capital who waged a war devastating war on yemen who blockaded and other neighbor affairs i mean it's not iran people tend to you know simplify the picture by pointing yeah that's the justification for our irrationality here but i think the rationality is very we are adventurism started in 2015 with that with mohamed bin style of saddam's taken over he waged wars waged you know he detained people that killed a lot of people he blockaded countries right and then after doing all these the rational behaviors he then started thinking then what next less justified with iran and then bring in some heads of states and say it's an emergency because this and that is simple. but it it's not going to solve its problems i hate doing this we're out of time i'm so sorry house and the i'm in teheran about the here and of course
2:46 am
much it ansari with me here as well thank you so much for your time and thank you for joining us as well this program's available online of course that al-jazeera dot com along with all our other episodes you can connect with us at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside store. as well you can go to twitter at a.j. inside story and i'm at a.j. if you want to tweet me to rightly come to this week on inside story and we will see you again soon. i. i. on counting the cost from credit fuel plume to currency crisis how can you fix
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turkey's economy. made in america how much would consumers pay for u.s. made goods and the debt crisis is making it harder for mozambique to invest for the future. counting the cost on. one of the really special things that work in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as he'll we cover this region better than anyone else would be foolish as you know is that it turns out in the but to good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real story so i'll just mend it used to do we were individualism we don't feel inferior we're good audience across the globe. with stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives giuliana's on just a long standoff with international borders is finally over separate the spin from
2:48 am
the facts the misinformation from the journalism protesters complain about the under reported of police violence the sensationalizing of the demonstrations with the listening post on al-jazeera the strength of al-jazeera is that because we have such an expansive network people were coming to us and actually shared information with the al-jazeera team entrapped them. 0. carry this is the news hour live from joe coming up in the next 60 minutes. i believe that president trump will understand that this is not the way to solve the
2:49 am
. president sent his foreign minister to washington for and sanctions over immigration. we've been pretty clear about trade with the wrong items that are sanctioned in the. u.s. warns european leaders about trying to bypass sanctions to conduct trade with iran . stands military council calls protests a threat to the country as rights groups condemned the closure of the al jazeera bureau in khartoum. in london with the latest from europe including. moving car and so on poor visibility and carrying authorities warn of a prolonged the 21 people still missing after tourist boat capsized in the danube river. and in school the west indies began their cricket world cup campaign with them 3 chris gayle as they crossed by 7 wickets in the team.
2:50 am
and we began with an escalating dispute between mexico and the u.s. president donald trump he is saying that he will be imposing tariffs on his southern neighbor until mexico does something to stop the flow of migrants into the u.s. foreign ministers to travel to washington on friday he's calling the treatment of his country i'm just earlier trying posted this video on twitter which appears to show a 1000 migrants trying to cross the border he's warned that the 5 percent tariff will be enforced in june 10th. encreased every month until something is done several u.s. businesses are considering suing the white house over the new tariffs the auto industry is looking to be the most vulnerable automakers shipped more than $52000000000.00 for the vehicles to the u.s. for mexican assembly plants last year some of the most popular vehicles sold in the u.s. are made in mexico including those made by general motors chevrolet and volkswagen trump surprise announcement is already set in u.s.
2:51 am
stock markets tumbling major indexes have gone down by one percent and midday trading on friday the terrace have also stoked fears about the future of the united states mexico canada agreement their replacement to nafta is seen as a top economic priority for trump ahead of this 2028 presidential reelection bid so we have 2 reporters covering this developing story rozen jordison washington d.c. or mexico's foreign minister is headed for joining us live from mexico city so what has their reaction been from mexico city. the reactions been mostly measured and also mostly on social media we heard those remarks but we saw those remarks of your twitter from president trump making threats toward mexico over tariffs if mexico is unable to stem the flow of migrants making their way into the united states later a letter published also via twitter by the mexican president calling for a renewed dialogue with the united states and then this earlier on friday morning
2:52 am
the mexican president spoke at a morning press conference talking about the dispute let's take a listen sit by and then. i believe this measure will be further analyzed by the united states government i believe that president trump will understand that this is not the way to solve things i think that there will be a correction if not right away at some point because these measures are neither in the interest of mexicans nor united states citizen lists. now marcello abroad who is the foreign minister for mexico is on his way to washington to have renewed dialogue with the united states on the issue of trade but also the issue of immigration would seems counterintuitive at the moment is the timing of these threats by president trump giving that the united states canada and mexico are on the verge of signing a trilateral trade deal that would be the replacement to nafta as we've discussed in earlier segments of the timing seems a bit inappropriate for for the united states to be making these threats of
2:53 am
a renewed trade war with mexico now while mexico cooler heads seem to be on this side of the border calling for a rational dialogue president for mainz on twitter calling on mexico to do more to send the flow of migrants and making allegations that mexico has taken away as much as 30 percent of the u.s. auto industry all right man awful eye for us in mexico city thank you. now from washington d.c. so as mandela was saying there the timing does seem a bit counterproductive considering there are these negotiations going on for a new nafta are we getting any more information out of the white house about why this is happening. well what we had been getting all day friday shell is conflicting messages either is it about trying to restore u.s. manufacturing by clawing back some of the jobs that had been lost because of the
2:54 am
north american free trade agreement of 1904 or is it about compelling mexico to do more to stem the flow of migrants from central america into the united states this is from the spokesperson for the white house sarah sanders perspective a little earlier on friday. we've been giving them advance warning for months we've asked them repeatedly and told them they have to do more let's not forget that the average individual that crosses over the southern border of mexico it takes $21.00 days before they reach the united states border that gives them 3 weeks in which to break up particularly these large groups just this week we had over 1000 people that moved is a massive group through mexico and came to our border untouched. now richelle as you noted the president's announcement late on thursday that he would be imposing a 5 percent tariff on mexican goods coming into the united states has really
2:55 am
rattled the financial markets in this country the stock market at. last note is down about $68.00 points that would be the dell jones industrial average leading business organizations including the u.s. chamber of commerce are now discussing among themselves whether they should be suing the trumpet ministration for creating a hostile environment for u.s. business to work that decision could come down perhaps as early as monday and there is now a much larger discussion breaking out about whether it is appropriate to use tariffs for non economic reasons and if so how does this affect for example the u.s. treaty alliances with other countries on national security measures is that appropriate if this is going to be the new state of play what can what should be done to try to mitigate the negative impacts of that policy a lot of national patients to be sorted out iraq jordan live in washington d.c. thank you. urana said back at accusations made by arab leaders that it's
2:56 am
a threat to global security tehran describe their condemnation is baseless and said saudi arabia was dividing the entire region the leaders attended emergency summits and macko were a saudi king solomon call for arab states to confront iran iraq refused to sign a separate communique urging action on tehran warning aggressive rhetoric caused make the situation worse and got us prime minister attended the talk it was the 1st high level meeting since the 2017 blockade on as a nation and her summons reports. this is the 1st high level contact between cattle in saudi arabia for nearly 2 years the qatari prime minister shake up don't have been nasa been funny and saudi king solomon bin abdel-aziz the saudis are trying to show they have wider backing in their efforts to counter what they say is iran's growing influence the qatari prime minister here briefly shaking
2:57 am
hands with the king of bahrain kuwait sim is trying to encourage some dialogue as he has done since 2017 he's been attempting to mediate a dispute between cats and the blockade in countries of saudi arabia bahrain the united arab emirates and egypt. what the saudis want to do is to try to project a united front. that the iranian regime interfered in our internal affairs and develop ballistic and nucular weapons it affects navigation in international oil this is a naked aggression against our stability and international security. but iraq objected to a communique attacking iran issued later which supported the rights of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. to defend their interests following what they say were attacks on shipping and oil installations and i quote any future when you have as in what proper what are my brothers in the midst of this tense time and the quick developments and
2:58 am
a tense regional and international environment full of threats we are watching before our eyes the escalation of a regional and international crisis which can turn into a war that will engulf assault. the saudis may have the support of the united states but some observers think their tactics are high risk when the g.c.c. is so divided instead of uniting and unifying the gulf region to stand with a block of solid block they're actually dividing it into different countries they are this integrating. regional organization that you see a reference there to the blockade of catarrh after allegations made by saudi the u.a.e. bahrain in egypt but the country backs terrorism accusations firmly denied by category leaders saudi arabia isn't giving the impression any breakthrough is imminent. cats are participated in previous summits so it is not new it is true this time
2:59 am
they were represented by the prime minister of the saudi stance like the other countries is that we are looking for a solution for the cause of the problems and the crisis between these countries and qatar hopefully there will be a solution if qatar comes back to the right path. but the issue of iran dominates the thinking and talking saudi arabia may regard support from the g.c.c. and the arab league as a diplomatic advantage but with opposition led by iraq that message isn't warn of all arab unity andrew symonds. saudi arabia's military campaign in yemen was another issue discussed at the arab summit in mecca the saudis defended their position claiming they reserve the right to defend themselves from foreign attacks riyadh says iran has been supporting providing support to the who thesis and accusations iran to ny is g.c.c. an arab league leaders in saudi arabia are now turning their attention to the organization of islamic cooperation they oh i see has 57 member countries spread
3:00 am
over 4 cotton and it's making it the 2nd largest organization after the united nations it was established 60 years ago to safeguard and protect the interests of the muslim world in the spirit of promoting international peace the critics say it's failed to achieve its goals because of divisions among some of its members they are icy meeting will mark the 1st time iran has had a seat at the table during these emergency summits and a message to attending leaders iranian president hassan rouhani seemingly criticized the gathering as well as the u.s. and israel saying at a time the islamic world needs maximum solidarity convergence and cooperation against a common enemy unfortunately it is witnessing some divisive actions that serve to distract public opinion in the islamic world about the issue of palestine the main problem of the islamic world speaking earlier of the previous summits palestinian president mahmoud abbas has echoed that same message. we called for an end to days israeli occupation of palestine under stop to abolish dinny an independent state on
3:01 am
the borders of $967.00 with east jerusalem as its capital i would like to also reaffirm our absolute stance against american attempts to undermine.


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