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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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to roussillon day is that palestine will live forever and jerusalem belongs to all muslims and over the past 2 years none of the plots of the enemies of his loud against jerusalem has been successfully 1st they tried making jerusalem the capital of the egresses we saw that other than one or 2 small countries no one else accepted that then they tried to give the golan heights to israel no country and all the international community accepted that now they're off to the deal of the century i believe it will be the bankruptcy of the century it will definitely go no way. from so-called deal of the century is expected to include proposals for large scale investment in palestinian territories from arab countries even before its unveiling it has been rejected by palestinian officials many in the mideast wonder if it will be dead on arrival. in iraq at a time when but the dad is trying to calm rising tension between the u.s.
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and iran people held rallies to mark jerusalem day iranian backed shia brigades carry pictures of iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali how many will move was the above the dogs will have a lot through the day in baghdad and the other iraqi provinces and across the world expresses the people's rejection of the deal of the century which is being planned by trump in order to dissolve the palestinian cause in his own special way but there is a wide rejection from the peoples that will make this conspiracy fail jerusalem day falls on the last friday of the fasting month of ramadan but this year's demonstrations also took place less than a day after the conclusion of a gulf cooperation council summit in saudi arabia one in which saudi king solomon called on arab states to confront iran its timing is a reminder of the deepening rifts and growing rivalries in an already volatile region. time for a short break here now to 0 when we come back mexico's missing how the country's president intends to try and help the families of people whose loved ones of
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disappeared. and the bandwidth battle what scientists say could be the catastrophic consequences of 5 g. wallace technology stay with us. had our throat friday there were thunderstorm warnings for bulgaria and you probably see circulation of clouds it principally is over about get rid of the big admitted lee because the circulation is going to continue on into saturday and probably sunday there is some variation where the heaviest downpours are admitted lee but you see the general idea anyway from the balkans from the carpet ins and outs up through ukraine to western russia warm but potentially very wet and the thunderstorms at the same time the warms is there further west without a summons to look at times in london and paris for example on saturday or indeed
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and sunder up to 30 in paris by the time for so we approaching spain's values now obviously a bit further west and it's to expect stormy dust out of the water so the oranges and the reds are reappearing in western europe and to some degree even underneath the sun the storm potential as you can see this extends i think at its highest dancer's spain and portugal into most of north africa but as has been the case for a few days you go non-insured breeze which is clearly not the case in morocco the temperature kept down to the middle maybe low twenty's as the case for argyria tunisia and in libya and in libya something of a massive cat could produce some locally but quite interesting some storms. after decades of being programmed with instructions data angry computers. can now now on their own identifying patterns and predicting human behavior.
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artificial intelligence can monitor our movement. and decide on our future the big picture decodes the world according to ai and exposes the bias inside the machine part one on al-jazeera. welcome back a program out of our top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. police say you have to scramble employee has killed 12 people at a local government complex in virginia beach the suspect died after a gun battle with the police. mexico's foreign minister says he'll hold talks in washington on wednesday of a president from splines of tax all mexican goods from mexico to stop the flow of
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migrants or face tariffs which could climb to 25 percent. and leaders of muslim nations have condemned the u.s. for moving its embassy to jerusalem the organization of islamic cooperation has been meeting in saudi arabia delegate said any recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital undermined the 2 state solution. but tensions between tehran and washington continues to rise the white house is seeking support from gulf states to back its sanctions and its tough stance on iran and as our diplomatic editor james bays reports from the united nations for some there are echoes of a previous u.s. push for war. tensions are rising the u.s. is building up its forces in the gulf there are threatening voices coming from both sides on the face of it it feels similar to the buildup to the invasion of iraq in 2003. a war that devastated the country and destabilize the region one advisor who advocated strongly for war 16 years ago now has an even more
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powerful position john bolton is president trumps national security adviser but this time around as he builds a case against iran he finds even less international support than the u.s. had for its campaign against saddam hussein carne ross is a former british diplomat who resigned over the iraq war. it had far more diplomatic cover and it had support from the u.k. and other allies i mean the coalition in support of the invasion of 2003 you know may not have included france but it included a lot of other countries reluctantly or willingly and willingly went along. diplomatic efforts to create such a coalition have not happened in this case there are also big differences between saddam hussein's brutal regime and the current leadership in iran which arguably has much greater capacity to fight back across the entire region from the late 1990
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s. veteran diplomat richard butler headed the u.n. weapons inspection team that worked in iraq comparison with what they would face today a horse of a completely different color iran is fast wrong far more capable far more culturally and historically determined then the hussein regime in iraq by 2003 the goal of the us was regime change toppling saddam hussein and his government 16 years on donald trump is a president who campaigned on removing the us from foreign wars even if he wanted to carry out regime change against iran he doesn't have enough troops in the region the real risk right now according to diplomats in international capitals and here at the u.n. is the rising rhetoric and the risk of a miscalculation james 0 at the united nations people in democratic republic of congo have been paying tribute to the veteran opposition leader etienne tshisekedi
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attended a ceremony 2 years after he died in belgium aged 84 political turmoil had prevented the return of his body until now reports from kinshasa. some point is that it is a caveat calling this a huge fake you know that if they get to the baby here out on the eiffel on fact there is a huge momentous occasion. for the. president that. they want. one. that happened a few months. and
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even speculate that maybe he won't believe. that he would. actually say that. behind the scenes telling. the u.s. military rulers and protest groups to return to the negotiating table to reach a deal of the country's transition to a civilian led government and religious group showed support for the military council which has been in power since the ousting of president omar al bashir in april outside the defense ministry thousands demanding civilian rule defined warnings from the military to stop the demonstration on thursday a senior army official said the protest had become a hub for criminals and was posing a danger to the state. and saddam's main opposition group the sudanese professionals' association has condemned the closure of al-jazeera his office in khartoum suppose person said it was quote a new setback to the gains of the revolution the committee to protect journalists
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also weighed in the middle east and north africa coordinator says the raid and closure of al-jazeera was cartoon viewer is a worrying sign saddam's military rulers intend to suppress coverage of pro-democracy events. military leaders statements they should immediately reverse course and allow al-jazeera to operate freely. protesters in the capital of honduras have set fire to the entrance of the u.s. embassy tires were set ablaze before soldiers were called in following a 2nd day of demonstrations it's not clear why the u.s. embassy was targeted but teachers and medical workers have been rallying against presidential decrees which they fear could lead to major job cuts. well it's been 6 months since the mexican president and the us money lopez obrador came to power $1.00 of his main challenges is tackling the violence that's plagued his country for more than a decade the president has also made the issue of missing people
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a priority $40000.00 people have disappeared since 2006 that means each year more than $3000.00 people are reported missing in mexico $26000.00 bodies remain unidentified in morgues and other places. the government says between december and may this year 337 bodies were found in $222.00 mass graves across the country its promise to spare no expense to find a solution to the decades long problem as part of our special series marking 6 months of his government al-jazeera as john holeman traveled to send a lower to talk to the victims and perpetrators of mexico's violence. loose movie is sifting through mud from the bottom of the canal trying to find the remains of her son he's been missing since armed men burst into his house and took him away that was 5 years ago finding pieces of his body is probably the closest to closure . and i know that. my life is gone through
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a 360 degree spin i don't have peace i can't sleep here waiting for someone to come and tell you there he was dumped here a 1000 questions were no answers. those questions are being asked by groups of relatives who are scouring the country looking for the 40000 missing for the 1st time we have the chance to put those questions to a man who admits disappearing people he works for the similar lower cartel i asked him why they hide their big tins the answer he says is simple we're more than without a body because no crime belts were nobody no. it's a common belief in the criminal world it's not completely accurate but the lack of a body doesn't make any murder investigation much harder but that's not the only reason gangsters disappear people it's also meant as a warning to kruger we have
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a saying it's a dodgy business but we play straight so when someone's given a chance to work on his own to sell the product they don't pay their dues we make an example of them and say to others work rate well the same is going to happen to you oh no but of course many of those who disappear in mexico as simply innocent bystanders that hasn't stopped the gangs from inflicting on thousands of families and then ending punishment afterwards when you when you've seen the results for the family how was that made you feel when they're still looking for their lost their lost relative and you know where they are or you know that at least they're dead but you don't tell them i mean how does that feel remorse. it's something that we know was painful for the families sometimes to come and ask us and i know where their relative is but i can't tell them because i'll probably end up just like the victim. maybe you feel better because they could be your friends or people you know but there's nothing you can do. now the government has a new plan to find the disappeared it said unlimited funds will be made available
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for searching the forensic facilities to identify bodies. but that won't take away the motivation for criminal groups and certain authorities to hide their victims while that remains so too will these desperate searches for lost loved ones john home would i would visit a similar. and on sunday we'll have more in our special series on the 6 months of the lopez obrador presidency we look at the steps the mexican government is taking to stem the country's soaring murder rate $28000.00 was the most brutal year since records began in mexico with $30000.00 killings that's next in our special series on the 6 months of the door presidency. and he's one person's been killed and dozens injured after a tornado struck the southern chilean region of b a b o the storm formed just before 6 pm local time sweeping into the regional capital los angeles and knocking out power to around $12000.00 homes in the region is no stranger to natural
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disasters earthquakes are common but tornadoes are far more rare. now government departments in the united states are odds over the introduction of 5 g. technology billions of dollars are being made from the sale of satellites and with space to want us companies but some scientists say that's getting in the way of their ability to forecast the weather mike hanna explains now from washington d.c. . when hari concerned he hit the u.s. coast it was disastrous but it could have been far worse if where the scientists had not predicted the path of the storm and the point at which it would hit several days before they go on hurricane sandy very impressive storm the national oceanographic and atmospheric agency noah says this will no longer be the case if bandwidth in space is sold off to 5 g. companies the reason noah says senses on satellites at measure crucial indicators like water vapor are being compromised by the signals from 5 g.
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providers in a shared bandwidth there is genuine concern here that as 5 g. is deployed in it interferes with those atmospheric signals that we're trying to detect with the weather satellites that we will not be able to provide the same quality and reliability a forecast that we have currently. but the f.c.c. and the 5 g. industry denies there would be any interference and wireless industry representative brad gillen said in a blog post it's an absurd claim with no science behind it he maintained that no as claim relies on the study of a microwave sensor that never went to to use not so insists the scientists well i can tell you that there are many scientists know or nasa and outside of the government that are looked at us and also our international colleagues and determined they are there is a serious threat here and that the science must be considered or we do risk losing
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our predictions or major storms that would impact society the updated senses also improve research into climate change factors a critical study given the unprecedented increase in extreme weather conditions ranging from intense drought to an seasonal storms. but this argument is rejected by influential figures in the administration who are climate change skeptics including the president himself officials from the u.s. state department attempting to bring the 2 sites closer together a unified position is critical as a meeting will spectrum regulators is due to take place later this year but the scientists are hoping that the conflict will be resolved by an international convention that would deny 5 g. operators access to the same bandwidth as the weather senses. in a month that seen a series of tornadoes strike us states the fear of scientists is that the trumpet
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ministration may be reluctant to sign any more international agreements and will side with those intent on securing a river new stream from 5 g. providers. rather than those attempting to predict the next economically crippling threat from the weather. mike hanna al jazeera washington. a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera u.s. police say a disgruntled employee has killed 12 people at a local government complex in virginia beach the suspect died after a gun battle with the police we do know who this suspect is we have not been successful in notifying certain family members and once we are able to do that busy we will release his name once we're going to mention his name once and then he will
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be forever referred to as the suspect because our focus now is the dignity and respect to the victims in this case and to their film. officers who are processing through what this could be described as a war zone there along with. u.s. businesses are warning that billions of dollars of trade could be affected if president donald trump's threat to impose tariffs on all mexican goods goes through mexico's farm ministers heading to washington for talks on the taxes which trump says will stay in place into the flow of microbes to stop u.s. seaports of started collecting higher tariffs on chinese goods us president trump increased levees on may the 10th but allowed a grace period for sea cargo that had left china before that date imports my list of more than $200000000000.00 worth of goods and now being taxed at 25 percent up from the previous rate of 10 percent and no trade talks are scheduled between the 2 sides after the last round ended without a deal if you're such
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a state might pump aoe is a european tour seeking support for washington's arline policy on iran he began his trip in germany where the government still favors the 2015 nuclear agreement. leaders of muslim majority nations have condemned the u.s. for moving its embassy to jerusalem the organization of islamic cooperation has been meeting in saudi arabia delegate said any recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital undermines the 2 state solution. and protesters for and against sudan's military leadership have demonstrated in khartoum pro army and religious groups showed support for the military council which has been in power since the ousting of president omar bashir in april outside the defense ministry 1000 is demanding civilian rule defied warnings from the military to stop their sit in. well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story of them so much data. on counting the cost from credit fuel bloom to currency crisis how
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can you fix turkey's economy. made in america how much would consumers pay for u.s. made goods and the debt crisis is making it harder for mozambique to invest for the future. counting the cars on i just. reining in iran saudi arabia hosts 3 summits calling for action against her brand of riyadh accuses its rival of threatening regional order but beyond such high level meetings what can saudi arabia do does it have enough support this is inside story. hello everyone i'm come on santa maria welcome to inside story an emergency requiring 3 consecutive summits in the one location it certainly sounds like
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something that needs to be addressed and quickly and according to saudi arabia the emergency is iran the kingdom gathered arab leaders for meetings of the gulf cooperation council the arab league and the organization of islamic countries and said the international community must quote use all means to stop iran from interfering in other countries affairs the question is though is there an emergency or is this another power play in the gulf with the addition of a u.s. military presence we'll discuss that and more with our panel in a moment 1st this report from hash. a rare moment between qatar and saudi arabia. qatar prime minister shareholder. greeted by saudi king solomon binoculars he's in mecca at the kingdom is hosting emergency meetings of the gulf cooperation council the organization of the islamic conference and the arab league to counter what they say is iran's growing influence
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but the saudis who are eager to show they have wider backing face a daunting task and doing the blockade imposed sr $1017.00 the thai prime minister is seen here shaking hands with the king of bahrain another blockade in country and then the kuwaiti amir steps in trying to bring the saudi king and qatar the prime minister to engage in further talks that might ease tension and bring harmony to a d.c. in disarray king said man made it clear in his opening speech that he sees iran as the biggest threat to stability in the region. the iranian regime interfered in our internal affairs and developed polycystic and nucular weapons it affects navigation in international oil this is a naked aggression against our stability and international security. but for the sardi's to build
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a coalition against iran they need to end the impasse created by the 2 seek weiser the diplomatic spat started with saudi arabia bahrain the u.a.e. and egypt sever ties with qatar imposed a land sea and blockade the blockading water accuse qatar of supporting extremism accusations strongly dismissed but qatari government kuwait is mediating in the conflict and the u.s. is concerned the feud might undermine its 1st isolate iran and defeat icily in the middle east. is flawed from the state law because in one sense. they don't want to talk to iran iran has asked for a dialogue and they don't want to sit on the table and talk to your own and sort out all the issues that we have of iran on the other hand there are instead of uniting and unifying the gulf region to stand with a block of solid block they're actually dividing it into different countries they
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are this integrating. regional organization that you see you see there of conflict within between the g.c.c. member states the blockade against qatar so you can't have one. standing against your own if you want to push back in one sense and this and this is this united and this is this fragment that at the end of the meetings the g.c.c. and the arab league expressed support for saudi arabia against what they describe as iran's destabilizing activities in the region as a diplomatic boost for saudi arabia but also a period to more tension in the region. so let's meet the panel for today 2 of our guests here in doha with me in the studio as magid study who is a professor of the. cutter university we have also got
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a professor of political science from kuwait university and in tehran has son the an assistant professor of political science at the university of tehran welcome to all of you 3 professors on the show. get into it majid let me start with you. i mentioned this in my in my set up a little bit earlier the emergency and i am using escorts there because this seems to be this promise of we need 3 summits right now to deal with this emergency is it an emergency or is this in fact a way of war most creating the feeling of an emergency yeah well let's just clarify one thing which is that 2 of the summits were murders he said ok this climate summit is enormous i would always rail issue but certainly there is some insight held consecutively in the show of emergency if you will because it was very clear for the saudis that they needed to prop up the situation with between the united states and. vied with with the american agenda in the region of course what the
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saudis are they're banking on the i'm about is what that is that the white house would change its position so quickly because their white house went from calling for war with iran to basically now the exxon mobile staff going back to work on sunday in the uk so there is absolutely no sign of any tension tension between the 2 countries is this still not a bit of ambiguity there i mean the classic from the trumpet ministration of mixed messages bolton says one thing trump says the other thing and we never quite know what the official line is i think i mean if we look at the pattern of behavior when it comes to trump administrations very clear that this issue now it's been treated exactly like the north korean deal so you can see very clearly started this collation threatening talking about even you know. i think what he said with trump said in the u.n. was. think of the living thing all of the total destruction of yet original of korea now the same thing has been said about iran but also as well what happened
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with north korea then he started praising the leader of north korea and then asking for the summit and then holding the summit and then not really caring what happens after the summit because it's all a political win for trying the same thing is what the white house now wants from iran. it's very clear that the iranians are more stubborn they're not going to get into bed easily with the americans just over a photo shoot and they're right now with the saudis and there are things that are left high and dry without any any real agenda in the region towards what's going to happen it's very clear that when it comes to the military the u.s. is not appropriate for war when it comes to how it's dealing with its citizens in this company of the agents not having up for war but the saudis and their morality is no are left with a summit that is basically only condemnation of the acts that took place during the last month but with no pussy ger to deal with it in the future even so let's talk about that condemnation and bring you in at this point tell me what your thoughts were on the language particularly of king solomon the way he said we will use all
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means to stop iran iran's criminal acts naked aggression against an instability it was all quite aggressive language really exactly i mean we have to look at this issue of the summit the 2 emergency summit that we had. last night up until dawn as a part of the ongoing cold war mentality and practice that has been the norm the new norm since 2016 at least one saudi arabia sever ties with iran and other g.c.c. countries followed suit especially a bar a and also other g.c.c. even qatar and kuwait. withdrew their ambassadors and lower their diplomatic at the present taishan and to hang on so what's going on is that this is a rather solve all of pushing back by the saudis the leader of the g.c.c.
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to assad their message to the iranians especially after the loss of bombings of the 3 i think asking salmond stated very clearly the op inning and opening statement that iran is responsible for the shannon. again and for what's taking place to undermine security and stability in the region the heightened tension is because of the escalation of rhetoric between the united states and iran and now we have the escalation and from day one i said there is no war and this region but it's just part of the. administration flexing its muscles to gain some. some credence and some votes among his staunch voters and his base who are totally his base as the americans keep saying so the condemnation was expected and that the saudis are trying with the i'm oddities and mayor de bar a nice to try to with. the free hawks we have ox and olives and the g.c.c.
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and the hawks are taking the stage and they're trying to send a message to the iranians to their to their constituencies and to the americans that we are standing tough against the iranians and that is what there was white condemnation although it was not the reflected in the speeches on the other summit the emergency summit or the arab league summit but it was clearly in the in the find of communique that there is a strong condemnation of iranian behavior is iran has brought this upon itself for supporting proxies for for a. sectarianism and for pushing the region into the abyss so it is a clearly a message was clear of it sent by the communique the final communique the arab summit final communique and before that the g.c.c. find the communique also so is this a bell of the saudis as you describe all that condemnation is this the saudis almost taking the baton from the united states as magid said. the united states
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slightly backing down a little bit is the saudis taking the baton and saying right we will allow lead the charge against iran and us if you want to support us come along that case because the. perplexing issue is that the. well nor be beyond condemnation of iranian behavior which was and practice which was expected was the issue of what are the practical measures that will be taken by the g.c.c. leaders and by the arab leaders to. put in practice this condemnation translated from condemnation to a practical approach to try to push iran to change its behavior and this is issue no regime change and then there is a contradiction by united states and this is what's really puzzling pompey about a year ago stipulated to 12 conditions on the iranians and that they should really add here too in order for the americans and the iranians to strike
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a deal. and talk he'll present trump a few days ago just obliterated all of that and erase that and he just stated 11 point and that is iran should not become a nuclear pollen and the ayatollah khamenei stated that clearly that there is. any an approach under any any policy and effect is that it's against islam to have a nuclear arsenal so we are at with this stand still is ongoing but what are the conditions what the what is the really the united states strategy. is in that while for its stated by pump your it is the one point about the nuclear issue stated by trump so there is a lot of confusion and then you throw in bolton here you know and then you have more confusion regarding how to deal with iran from the american perspective and leaving their allies puzzled leery about really about what is the any area of the
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americans here let's say than what has the nominee has to say in teheran bring you into the conversation not maybe not so much the reaction that we've heard from the iranian officials but what you think about how they've interpreted this as a bellow was saying the 12 points versus the one point the slight backing down from the u.s. the aggression. from saudi arabia and of course i think the iranian reading of this all of this you know saber rattling on the part of the united states is that they don't have a core here and consistent policy bay only want you know to push to maximize the pressure on iran to see afterwards what will come up i mean there are of course iran harks in washington who are advocating you know war a military attack on you iran but in general there is no consistency there is no coherence in there with regards to saudi arabia and the summit emergency summit as there is nothing emergent about them. from what i hear into iran it's basically
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what the saudis want to call emergent actually it's you know it's part of their maximum pressure whenever bit escalation decreases in the region there is deep the escalation in the region by the on the part of the in that this this on iran saudis try to you know feed the fire and put some for the future if you want it and i think this policy is part of it is you know bringing back the. maximum pressure on iran and part of it is to push back against iran's diplomatic outreach in the region you know iran's contract with the with its neighbors of the gulf is that pakistan ride trying to you know deescalate the situation in the region has a lot to do well with what saudi arabia did last night a bottom line then that the saudis are looking at trump as an opportunity will.
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iran be worried or how worried will iran be or in the end does iran you know regardless of who signed a communique and who didn't do they know who their friends are they know who they can trust they'll carry on as they were of course i'm in saudi arabia basically divided the region into 2 camps doesn't you know basically go in there and sitting and listening to what king someone has to say doesn't mean that you agree with them that even they're the most the closest alliance the saudi arabia had during the past you know decade or during that basically for decades. was the g.c.c. and within the g.c.c. as a nation there are that hawkish attitude towards iran and there are the doves or doesn't who don't want an escalation with iran on top of them qatar under blockade kuwait and on mine who don't know who basically are trying to deescalate the situation
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practically they are going against saudis official line of escalation on iran about to go in against saudis a courtroom isn't against iran with regards to the trump because they see trump as an opportunity and i think their policy will continue with the way it is until they exhaust the trump variety bowl with regards to iran much of the way that has done is it talk to us there about the camps the way saudi arabia he says is divided then can you just elaborate on that a little for of viewers and remind us who's on whose side basically or maybe more the point to making in the end when push comes to shove if push comes to shove who will back saudi arabia well at the moment a few states that are aligned with saudi arabia's foreign policy initiatives in the arab world who seem very clearly that they that they had a better moments. have to in libya maybe the new military council in so the probably the only countries where you would find. well support for any saudi
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initiative and even in that case i'm skeptical about how much of support the saudis can get from these going to be it's seen very clearly in that look at don't like for example the saudis wanted to alie all the arab and muslim world against to cut back but they ended up being a very small number of states most of them backed out of the blockade. and in the crisis but also it's very important here to note that the saudis were banking on their efforts being a side show of american aggression towards iran but they didn't bank on the idea that the. americans would have a very very quickly like this and this is why i said before that they were left high and dry and this is not now these summits are in their view mirror. you've seen the declarations that came out of it they're communicating at the end even though the countries who were attending the meeting at least your voice is concerned that it was not part of. writing the communique and designing what would
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be included in it but palestine asked for another sentence to be added it was never added it was very clear that a lot of the statements by the leaders were not aligned with what the saudis wanted to hear and were not in line with the actual official communique that ended the summit which makes it very clear that this summit is basically a courtesy to saudi arabia tendency to go to saudi arabia and he'll support for any saudi initiative towards iraq just quickly before i go back to a dollar you mentioned the gulf crisis and qatar how important was it that the prime minister of qatar did go i don't think it's significant in the crisis itself it's very clear that there was no initiative that resulted in the prime minister going i think that it was very clear they received the popular invitation this time as opposed to what happened previous summits and also qatar is attempting with its partners in kuwait and oman and iraq and other countries to rationalize politics in the region to rationalize political behavior in the region
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and also that has. always been has always it isn't about bilateral differences with came to issues you know arab and islamic. issues so i think it's very clear why the prime minister was there and the lack of any enthusiasm from the other side and from the gut because i through was talking about the g.c.c. makes it very clear that there is no advancement in that crisis right adela let me come back to you i actually want to discuss a couple of other things that weren't discussed everything was iran iran iran the fact that yemen was not discussed at a meeting of arab league and g.c.c. i think is quite something and it's you know i mean as i understand the leaders were even given a tour of almost like a little museum when they arrived they were shown drones and missiles from yemen that have been destroyed and almost like showing off and then didn't discuss what is the greatest humanitarian crisis in the region but the amount was discussed in a way through the whole fees or there was also white condemnation of there who are thieves who are everybody knows as
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a very effective automorph of iran and even the museum that the saudis showed the leaders of the g.c.c. and arab states were all made in iran i mean the problem once again we go back and state that lays on the iranian the iranian side iran has really to change its behavior what's the dividing the g.c.c. not only the saudi arabia u.a.e. slash policy but also the practice and the behavior and propping up iran's proxies in 4 out of countries iran brags all the time that they control for up capitals and this is really undermining not only the g.c.c. solidarity and security and stability but the whole arab legion iran wants to be the player and the region iran believes that it is a title to this role because it has the power it has the influence it has the proxies and it has invested heavily on its proxies in lebanon and. iraq in
4:42 pm
syria and in yemen and that has of elian felt rated with the sleeping cells and therapist says that were discovered. also helped by the by the iranian embassies especially in kuwait a few years ago we discovered the largest and the most dangerous that was the therapist says that was funded supported trained around india logged by the iranians saw iran's behavior has really will be looked at again revisited and to hear because iran is real and that i have a crunch and now if the americans are pushing very hard for iran to have 0 or export. stated that we have deprived iran or $50000000000.00 this is this is the best of us for a 40 year on an order to cripple iranian economy in order to forment internal stability even though president trump stating that the american policy is not on the objective is not to overthrow the enya regime but the hidden agenda here
4:43 pm
is that can i interrupt for my nigga troubles and this ability wouldn't push the iranian regime to collapse i'm sorry is it going to be just as you were wondering how the sun back in we are starting to run down on time here anything you want to react to there with this as we say you know i started talking about yemen there but as it all seems to turn back to iran by the end of it and of course not the way of the scribes i think iran is relevant episode of it but it's not the entire picture i think saudi arabia i mean he's talking about yemen as if yemen just erupted without any causes there are causes for that you know $6000000000.00 worth of missiles and bombs dropped on the yemenis and as soon as you know a low take you know drone crosses the border you would hear. about private these are you know iranian proxies where yes they are indigenous yemenis
4:44 pm
defending. themselves again a foreign invader of their country that's the way it is they are killing enemies and humanities are reacting and the more and the longer the situation you know lasts i think the yemeni reactions will increase that's that has been that trend with regards to other issues there are you know different views totally different from one of the last said i mean in the region you know who went to syria to topple the government there who destabilized iraq there are all of shorts of saudi fame can you know the sellafield jihad these terrorists who go there and so chaos in these regions to dominate these states who you know detained a head of state then the lebanese prime minister and his capital who waged a war devastating war on yemen who blockaded and other neighbor of his i mean it's not iran people tend to you know simplify the picture by pointing yeah that's the
4:45 pm
justification for our irrationality here but i think the rationality is very riyad up adventurism started in 2015 with that with mohamed bin sal of saddam's taken over he waged wars waged you know he detained people that killed a lot of people the blockade at the country's right and then after doing all these the rational behaviors he then started thinking then what next less just to fight with iran and then bring in some heads of states and say it's an emergency because this and that is simple. but it it's not going to solve its problems i hate doing this we're out of time i'm so sorry house and the i'm in teheran of the here and of course much it on sorry with me here as well thank you so much for your time and thank you for joining us as well this program's available online of course that al-jazeera dot com along with all our other episodes you can connect with us at facebook dot com forward slash a.j.
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inside store. as well you can go to twitter at inside story and i'm at a.j. if you want to tweet me directly to this week on inside story and we will see you again certain. player . in the philippines the black market for gold is worth hundreds of millions but not everyone is reaping the rewards to sell the painting the ultimate prize one i want to east investigates why people like dying for gold on al-jazeera june on al-jazeera people in power returns with an investigation into why india's capital delhi has some of the worst air pollution in the world. 2 years into the blockade we look at the future of the g.c.c. crisis and its impact on life in qatar join us for special coverage the big picture examines the power potential unprejudiced of knowledge official intelligence says
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it used to shape the world leaders from the group of 20 nations will gather for the 14th g. 20 summit to be held for the 1st time in japan and in brand new episodes we follow people from around the globe who are risking it told just to make a living june on al-jazeera. these explosions were not an act of war. these nuclear bombs were experiments by the soviet union. to the kazakh people who lived in the vicinity the motives might be little difference rewind silent news announcing. president trump will be welcomed by the queen and outgoing prime minister to rescind made during his 1st state visit to the u.k.
4:48 pm
but how will the public receive him trump's views on breaks it global warming and other issues unlikely to cause controversy watch al-jazeera for full coverage and analysis. at least 13 people including the suspected gunman have been killed in the journey and the worst mass shooting in the u.s. this year. alone down jordan this is al jazeera lawyer from doha also coming up mexico says it's open to dialogue off of the u.s. president threatened to impose tiresome mexican goods but it doesn't cut illegal immigration. shelves support for palestine leaders of muslim majority nations condemned any decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel plus.
4:49 pm
activists speak out against the u.s. government plan to allow oil exploration in alaska wildlife but. what this is a spoken of the horror describe until civil servants shot and killed 12 people in the. us and these 4 were injured in the attack on a government complex in the city of the geneva beach the suspect was shot by police and later died and in such as the latest. police moved in cautiously sticking with procedure but trying to get to the scene of the shooting as quickly as possible it was just after 4 pm on friday afternoon when the 1st emergency calls were made the shooting underway at the municipal center in virginia beach a coastal town about 300 kilometers south of washington d.c. the center a complex of 25 buildings the administrative heart of the timing of the reports coming from one location building 2 there's little security here people need to
4:50 pm
easily come in go police believe the man moved from floor to floor firing well some workers took cover at their desks others elsewhere on the campus were moved to safety i'm just going through a lot of emotion because it's 2 way too much killing going on and i'm just glad that they alert us and the time so we wouldn't be outside when everything was occurring those who made it out hugged their colleagues their friends know their fellow survivors others were taken to a local hospital stood on alert police say the shooter was an employee who'd want there for a long time at this stage the of new idea of motive but he has no date i can tell you that it was a long gun battle between those 4 officers and that suspect we recovered a 45 caliber handgun with multiple extended magazines that were emptied at the time the suspect was reloading extended magazines and that handgun firing at the victims
4:51 pm
throughout the building and at officers this is a horrific day for the commonwealth of virginia our hearts say over the senseless violence that has been inflicted upon the virginia beach community today . my deepest condolences and prayers go to the families of those who left home this morning. and will not return tonight police know begin the task of trying to put together the why the question most people will want an answer to this was the 43rd mass shooting in the us in me a loon and the worst in the us this year alan fischer al-jazeera washington mexico's foreign minister says he will hold talks in washington next week to discuss president trump's plans to tax all mexican goods trump wants mexico to stop the flow of migrants or face tariffs which could climb to 25 percent by the rapid i
4:52 pm
reports from mexico city. u.s. president donald trump has renewed threats against mexico over immigration enforcement trampling the mexican government via a series of tweets adding quote on june 10th the united states will impose a 5 percent tariff on all goods coming into our country from mexico until such time as illegal migrants coming through mexico and into our country stop also threaten to slam mexico with tariffs as high as 25 percent by october mexico has for many years had a pretty tough immigration policy against americans and we're just asking them to help us to not be this gateway between the northern travel countries we have people pouring in you've seen the statistics 1000 just yesterday or so up to 100000 in some months that can't be. during his morning press conference mexican president. called on the u.s. to engage in a rational dialogue mexico's deputy economy minister. offered her own jabbing at
4:53 pm
the idea of tariffs. they have to understand that this way of going forward is not in the interests of the united states and secondly of course know that mexico has the legal instruments. it becomes necessary because we think this is an arbitrary and abusive measure talks going on now between the u.s. and mexican authorities will likely include with these latest developments mean for the pending trilateral trade deal between the us mexico and canada what remains to be seen is whether the threat of tariffs will simply evaporate like the time president from britain to close the us mexico border but never did when it up in mexico city. well christopher will smith is the deputy director of the wilson center as mexico institute he says border issues are taking over washington's entire relationship with mexico. well traditionally in u.s. mexico relations there's been an effort to put these things on separate tracks to make sure that there's not contamination from trade to migration security issues to
4:54 pm
other things because there's such a complex relationship between the 2 countries and so what this does is it shows 1st of all just how intense and focused president trump is on this might gratian issue on control of the u.s. border with mexico but it absolutely holds some risks it risk contaminating the entire relationship it risks preventing the passage of the u.s. m.c.a. renegotiated version of nafta in the congress of mexico and potentially also in the united states it puts at risk actually the very cooperation on migration issues it's true that in the 1st 2 months of the new administration in mexico in december in january there was there were more of fish visas issued to central american migrants and fewer detentions and deportations of central american migrants but at the u.s. urging in recent months mexico has been working very hard to not just try to
4:55 pm
protect migrants and their human rights but also to work on deterrence with the united states so there's not such a massive flow of migrants coming from central america so to have a threat of terror of starting at a 5 percent level just rising and rising and rising throughout the fall if the numbers don't drop it strikes me as a very strange thing to do to the united states' best partner in managing this this regional challenge. u.s. ports have started collecting higher tariffs on goods arriving from china president trump increased the levies on may 10th but allowed a grace period for sea cargo that left china before that date imports from a list of more than $200000000000.00 worth of goods and now facing tyrus of up to 25 percent that's up from 10 percent for trade isn't the only area where the u.s. and china are dogs washington is also taking aim at beijing's foreign policy speaking at a security forum in singapore the acting u.s. defense secretary patrick shanahan want china to stop threatening its neighbors sovereignty it also said washington is investing in the indo-pacific region to
4:56 pm
defend its asian allies. china. russia. but we're here you're going to grow if you're going to start to and so just growth . but here. your sect of state might pompei o has been in switzerland and germany pushing washington's hardline policy on iran there are sharp divisions not least over the 2050 nuclear deal the us pulled out last year but the e.u. continues to support the arrangement as dominic cain reports from berlin my pompei also sounded a warning about doing business with the chinese tech giant who are way. it was a meeting of strategic allies in berlin a chance for a show of unity at least in public and an opportunity to concentrate on apparently shared policy objectives notably iran but on many people's minds was the dispute between the u.s. and germany over the nuclear deal agreed with the iranians in 2015 but rejected by
4:57 pm
president donald trump in 28. when will the world is in great restlessness especially the issue of iran and how we prevent the country coming into ownership of nuclear weapons also how we prevent other aggressive actions from iraq to win this and yet germany has joined forces with britain and france russia to all possible to help keep iran within the terms of the 2015 deal setting up a financial transactions channel called in stakes designed to help iran legally get around us thank sions something that has angered u.s. officials to the point some commentators believe it explains why mike pump aopa spurned an earlier planned visit to berlin another contentious area for the 2 countries is the increasing influence of china in the world recently the u.s. government officially deemed the chinese tech giant weiwei to be a risk to its national security alongside the german foreign minister mike pompei
4:58 pm
and explain why one of the reason merkel information on their systems or where colocated with their systems how the rest of the work to change our behavior in. in light of the fact that we can't permit private citizen data from the united states or and actually security there from the united states to go across networks that we don't have confidence that we don't view as trusted networks that's how we're thinking that it's a warning to the several e.u. countries considering allowing huawei greater access to their telecommunications networks ministers in berlin say sales of 5 g. operating licenses here will not be allowed with companies which don't meet german security requirements for the merkel government this is a sensitive issue particularly given china's status as germany's leading trade partner by chance the chinese vice president was also visiting berlin on friday next in line to meet merkel after pompei a headline there was no comment for the media at this meeting but the beijing
4:59 pm
government roundly rejects american accusations don it came out 0 earlier. the leader of lebanon's hezbollah has warned that a war between the u.s. and iran would be devastating for the entire region. comments came as arab leaders met in saudi arabia to discuss iran's growing influence well if there were i'm don't know mr crump and if ministration and his intelligence agencies know very well that war against iran will not stop at iran's borders war against iran means the whole region will burn and i'm not a star i love when the region erupts the price of a barrel of oil will rise to 200 dollars 300 dollars 4 $100.00 and he will lose reelection that is the balance of power when the supreme leader of iran so there is no war is because iran will not and has not started a war with any side and the us has to take into account the economic and human loss if it decides to wage war and that is what is preventing the war well he also went on to say statements by gulf leaders about unity are undermined by their blockade
5:00 pm
of qatar. well that i have to tell you yeah. there is a very funny paragraph in the gulf summits communique namely paragraph 4 which read emphasizing the strength impregnability and unity of gulf cooperation council member states in the face of these threats all this while they have been blockading the state of catarrh and people for more than a year leaders of muslim majority nations have condemned the u.s. for moving its embassy in israel to jerusalem the organization of islamic cooperation has been meeting in saudi arabia delegate said any recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital undermined the 2 state solution we shall not accept rewrite the history exchanging just this economy benefits and disregard the dignity.


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