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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 152  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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and the communique and before that the g.c.c. find the communique also so is this a bell of the saudis as you describe all that condemnation is this the saudis almost taking the baton from the united states as magid said madge and the united states slightly backing down a little bit is the saudis taking the baton and saying right we will allow lead the charge against iran and us if you want to support us come along that case because the. perplexing issue is that there were not be beyond condemnation of iranian behavior which was and practice which was expected was the issue of what are the practical measures that will be taken by the g.c.c. leaders and by the arab leaders to. put in practice this condemnation translated from condemnation to a practical approach to try to push iran to change its behavior and this is the issue not regime change and then there is
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a contradiction by united states and this is what's really puzzling pompey about a year ago stipulated the 12 conditions on the iranians and that they should really add here to in order for the americans and the iranians to strike a deal. and talk of president trump a few days ago just obliterated all of that and it raised it and he just stated 11 point and that is iran should not become a nuclear pollen and the ayatollah khamenei stated that clearly that there is. any an approach under any any policy and effect is that it's against islam to have a nuclear arsenal so we are at with this stand still is ongoing but what are the conditions what the what is the really the united states strategy. is in that while for its stated by pump your it is the one point about the nuclear issue stated by trump so there is a lot of confusion. and then you throw in bolton here yeah and then you have more
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confusion regarding how to deal with iran from the american perspective and leaving that allies puzzled libya but really about what is the at the end of the americans here let's say then what has the nothing has to say in teheran bring you into the conversation not maybe not so much the reaction that we've heard from the iranian officials but what you think about how they've interpreted this as a bellow was saying the 12 points versus the one point the slight backing down from the u.s. the that aggression from saudi arabia and of course i think the iranian reading of this all of this you know saber rattling on the part of the united states is that they don't have a core here and consistent policy bay only want you know to push to maximize the pressure on iran to see afterwards what will come up i mean there are of course iran harks in washington who are advocating you know war a military attack on you iran but in general there is no consistency there is no
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coherence in there with regards to saudi arabia and the summit emergency summit there is nothing emergent about them. from what i hear into iran it's basically what the saudis want to call emergent actually it's you know it's part of their maximum pressure whenever the escalation decreases in the region there is deep the escalation in the region by the on the part of the united states on iran and saudis try to you know feed the fire and put some for the future if you want it and i think this policy is part of it is you know bringing back the. maximum pressure on iran and part of it is to push back against iran's diplomatic outreach in the region you know iran's contract with with its neighbors the gulf is that pakistan ride trying to you know deescalate the situation in the region has
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a lot to do with with what saudi arabia did last night a bottom line then the saudis are looking at trump as an opportunity will. iran be worried or how worried will iran be or in the end does iran you know regardless of who signed a communique and who didn't do they know who their friends are they know who they can trust they'll carry on as they were of course i'm in saudi arabia basically divided the region into 2 camps doesn't you know basically go in there and sitting and listening to what king someone has to say doesn't mean that you agree with them that even they're the most the closest alliance the saudi arabia had during the past you know decade or during that basically for decades. was the g.c.c. and within the g.c.c. as a nation there are that attitude towards iran and there are the doves or doesn't who
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don't want an escalation with iran on top of them qatar under blockade kuwait and oman we don't know who basically are trying to deescalate the situation practically they are going against saudis official line of escalation on iran about to go in and against saudis a courtroom isn't against iran with regards to the trump because they see trump as an opportunity and i think their policy will continue with the way it is until they exhaust the trump arrival with regards to iran should the way that has done is it talk to us there about the camps the way saudi arabia he says is divided then can you just elaborate on that a little for of viewers and remind us who's on whose side basically or maybe more the point to making in the end when push comes to shove if push comes to shove who will back saudi arabia well at the moment a few states that are aligned with saudi arabia's foreign policy initiatives in the
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arab world who seem very clearly that they that they had a better moments they have to in libya maybe the new military council in so the probably the only countries where you would find. support for any saudi initiative and even in that case i'm skeptical about how much of support the saudis can get from this going to be it's seen very clearly in that look at don't like for example the saudis wanted to alie all the arab and muslim world against cut back but they ended up being a very small number of states most of them backed out of the blockade. and in the crisis but also it's very important here to note that the saudis were banking on their efforts being a side show of american aggression towards iran they didn't bank on the idea that the. americans would very very quickly like this and this is why i said before that they were left high and dry and this is not now these summits are in their view
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mirror. you've seen the declaration that came out of it they're communicating at the end even though the countries who were attending the meeting at least your voice is concerned that it was not part of. writing the communique and designing what would be included in it but palestine asked for another sentence to be added it was never added and it was very clear that a lot of the statements by the leaders were not aligned with what the saudis wanted to hear and were not in line with the actual official communique that ended the summit which makes it very clear that this summit is basically a courtesy to saudi arabia tendency to go to saudi arabia and that he'll support for any saudi initiative towards iraq just quickly before i go back to a dollar you mentioned the gulf crisis and qatar how important was it that the prime minister of qatar did go i don't think it's significant in the crisis itself it's very clear that there was no initiative that resulted in the prime minister going i think that it was very clear they received the popular invitation of this down as opposed to what happened previous summit and also. is
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attempting with its partners in kuwait in amman and in other countries to rationalize politics in the region to rationalize what it could behavior in the region and also that has. always been has always given above. differences with came to issues in the arab and islamic. issues so i think it's very clear why the prime minister was there and the lack of any enthusiasm from the other side and from the gut that i thought was talking about the d.c. makes it very clear that there is no advancement in that crisis right adela let me come back to you i actually want to discuss a couple of other things that weren't discussed everything was iran iran iran the fact that yemen was not discussed at a meeting of arab league and g.c.c. i think is quite something and it's you know i mean as i understand the leaders were even given a tour of almost like a little museum when they arrived they were showing drawings and missiles from yemen that have been destroyed and almost like showing off and then didn't discuss
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what is the greatest humanitarian crisis in the region but he was discussed in a way through the whole fees or there was also a white condemnation of the hutus who are everybody knows as a very effective automorph of iran and even the museum that the saudis showed the leaders of the g.c.c. and arab states were all made in iran i mean the problem once again we go back and state that lays on the iranian the iranian side iran has to change its behavior what's the dividing the g.c.c. not only the saudi arabia u.a.e. slash policy but also the practice and the behavior and propping up iran's proxies in 4 out of countries iran brags all the time that they control for up capitals and this is really undermining not only the g.c.c. solidarity and security and stability but the whole arab legion iran wants to be a player and the region iran believes that it is
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a title to this role because it has the power it has the influence that has the proxies and it has invested heavily on its proxies in lebanon and. a rock in syria and in yemen and it has of elian 1st traded with a sleeping cells and therapist says that were discovered. also helped by the by the iranian embassies especially in kuwait a few years ago we discovered the largest and the most dangerous that was thought out a cell that was funded supported trained around india logged by the iranians saw iran's behavior has really cool be looked at again revisited and to it because iran is real and that i have a crunch and now if the americans are pushing very hard for iran to have 0 or export. stated that we have deprived iran or $50000000000.00 this is this is this is asked of us for a 40 year on an order to cripple iranian economy in order to forment internal
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stability even though president trump stating that the american policy is not on the objective is not the overthrow of the enya regime but the hidden agenda here is that can i interrupt for my nigga troubles and this ability wouldn't push the iranian regime to collapse i'm sorry is it going to be just as you are going to bring her son back and we are starting to run down on time here anything you want to react to there with this as we say you know i started talking about yemen there but as it all seems to turn back to iran by the end of it and of course not the way of the scribes i think iran is relevant a piece of it but it's not the entire picture i think saudi arabia i mean he's talking about yemen as if yemen just erupted without any causes there are causes for that you know $6000000000.00 worth of missiles and bombs dropped on the yemenis and soon as you know
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a low take you know drone crosses the border you would hear the saudi out private these are you know iranian proxies where yes they are indigenous yemenis defending. themselves again a foreign invader of their country that's the way it is they are killing enemies and humanities are reacting and the more and the longer the situation you know lasts i think the yemeni reactions will increase that's that has been that trend with regards to other issues there are you know different views totally different from one of the last set i mean in the region you know who went to syria to topple the government there who destabilized iraq there are all of shorts of saudi fame can you know the sellafield jihad these terrorists who go there and so chaos in these regions to dominate these states who you know detained
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a head of state then then the lebanese prime minister and his capital who waged a war devastating war on yemen who blockaded and other neighbor affairs i mean it's not iran people tend to you know simplify the picture by pointing yeah that's the justification for our irrationality here but i think the rationality is very riyad up adventurism started in 2015 with that with mohamed bin sal of saddam's taken over he waged wars waged you know he detained people that killed a lot of people they blockaded countries right and then after doing all these the rational behaviors he then started thinking then what next less justified with iran and then bring in some heads of states and say it's an emergency because iran wrote this and that is simple. but it it's not going to solve its problems i hate doing this we're out of time i'm so sorry house and the i'm in teheran about the here and
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of course my get on sorry with me here as well thank you so much for your time and thank you for joining us as well this program's available online of course that al-jazeera dot com along with all our other episodes you can connect with us at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside store. as well you can go to twitter at a.j. inside story and i'm at a.j. if you want to tweet me directly thanks we have to this week on inside story and we will see you again soon. i. i. the pollution is palpable. delis shares the symptoms of many modern
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metropolis but its unique features have been gotten a crisis. people in power investigates the toxic mix feeding the city's invisible killer and asks why more is not being done to relieve its citizens delis deadly aired on al-jazeera. when the news breaks the inauguration of comedian and active as president of ukraine when people need to be heard there were days of a game ball to work with no food for much joy because it all went to sleep with an empty stomach with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries what russian goals have we achieved none and lightnings on air and online. al-jazeera was goes on a roller coaster journey in iran and discovers how football can empower the g.g.
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community self belief and identity. i'd like to prove to the world comes up. i will be able to prove myself to my colleagues from friends and myself. able to play beside the child afghan united on al-jazeera. fully back to bill with a look at our main stories here on al-jazeera mexico's foreign minister is in washington for talks after a u.s. president donald trump threatened to impose tabs on all mexican imports trump wants his southern neighbor to stop the flow of migrants or face of 5 percent tag which could increase to 25 percent reports from mexico city. u.s.
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president donald trump has renewed threats against mexico over immigration enforcement trampling the mexican government via a series of tweets adding quote on june 10th the united states will impose a 5 percent tariff on all goods coming into our country from mexico until such time as illegal migrants coming through mexico and into our country stop also threaten to slam mexico with tariffs as high as 25 percent by october mexico has for many years had a pretty tough immigration policy against americans and we're just asking them to help us to not be this gateway between the northern travel countries we have people pouring in you've seen the statistics 1000 just yesterday or so up to 100000 in some months that can't be. during his morning press conference mexican president. called on the u.s. to engage in a rational dialogue mexico's deputy economy minister. offered her own jabbing at
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the idea of tariffs. they have to understand that this way of going forward is not in the interests of the united states and secondly of course know that mexico has the legal instruments. it becomes necessary because we think this is an abuse of measure talks going on now between the u.s. and mexican authorities will likely include with the latest developments mean for the pending trilateral trade deal between the us mexico and canada what remains to be seen is whether the threat of tariffs will simply evaporate like the time president from britain to close the us mexico border but never did when it up in mexico city. meanwhile u.s. forces have started collecting higher taxes on several goods arriving from china beijing's retaliatory taxes on $60000000000.00 worth of u.s. products have also come into effect last month president trump increased taxes on 200000000000 dollars worth of chinese imports from 10 to 25 percent u.s.
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police say a disgruntled city employee has killed 2 all of his coworkers at a local government complex in virginia beach the suspect died after a gun battle with police it's the worst incident of mass shooting so far in the u.s. a c.m. syrian government forces and their russian allies a bomb several rebel controlled areas in the northwest says strikes have hit the city of at to read in the western aleppo countryside and also several towns in hama province activists are reporting bombing south of it as well the world food program says 300000 people have been displaced because of fighting in it since last month hundreds of people have been killed and aid agencies are warning of a humanitarian crisis if the violence continues. mourners in the democratic republic of congo are paying tribute to veteran opposition leader it in security he died in belgium 2 years ago but political turmoil delayed the return of his body it tends as a kid he spent decades in politics but failed in several attempts to become president
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his son philip the kitty won the presidency in elections last year in an goal of the former leader of the rebel you need to movement is being greedy barry 17 years after he was killed jonas savimbi died in a shootout with government soldiers in early 2002 is death spelled the end of our goal as long civil war so envious family and supporters say they have waited a long time for the government to turn over his remains the decision to do so is being seen as a gesture towards national unity in hungary a court hearing is underway to decide whether the captain of a coup ship that collided with a tourist boat in the danube should be arrested at least 7 south korean tourists were killed when the boat sank in the river in butte of paste on wednesday and protesters in honduras is capital have set fire to the entrance of the u.s. embassy it's not clear why the embassy in diggle seagal but was targeted workers have been demonstrating for the past 2 days against presidential decrees which they
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fear could lead to job cuts. the opposite would had lines on al-jazeera the news continues after the documentary shot that distinct. raise your right hand and repeat after me i say your name. this only swear. for. security in the united states. against all enemies. foreign and domestic. according to regulations. and uniform code of military justice the size of the job.
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so i got ventures into roger shoals he served in the ring corps for 1995 so he's going to my programs is a bed and mutely for him to get his life back to living out of his truck for the last couple of years he's homeless and i'm sure to get about obstruction to a bed. and so on. he told me what he did in the marine corps yes i was nice to. ken i knew. i was a sergeant for quite a long time but if you look at his bad oh no i love my serve and i came from a very broken broken much found the support. that's a joy nice his record it was all good from there to learn how to be of marine nothing. in it 3 yesterday every day
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here as there is somebody on your side of. the private so many scholars call the speaker. oh my god the marines from my from the my wife not the year after up and i didn't know it. was work i get my life back on track after pretty much what i had flown to new extremes flashback. and into the stream thought i want to write back overseas are in the field and cannot get out of me in the shares had a few run ins a few times the shoals see on your 2nd mile program so it's basically there to work on the same come as health and his housing situation it was all it was hard also for me your bags of
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a life i mean attempted suicide 3 times and i was homeless at one point when 1st came back for a 2nd roger situation being homeless sucked the country that is the country gave up on me this job saved me because i mean i know 40 percent of the ploys here are better and so i better stands the veteran here and. it was just the perfect working place so many people arrive to success because he wants it now i mean yeah he's had his hick ups is bumps in the road but he's at that point his life where he's 50 you know he's ready to he wants to relax i hope and just work in enjoy the rest of his life so so. we got hope for today put it that way i met.
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this organization started in the seventy's we were trying to create a place for returning vietnam veterans and it soon became apparent like everybody else they had a homeland of a job they needed that healthy relationships. so there so there was a need for to establish an agency an organization that was know i could bring together these resources but also create a place a safe secure place that they could come to talk about their experience and share their with those people have a similar experience. there seems to be a large percentage of veterans who do come out you know a little broken you know and for everybody really i mean it's a life changing experience that's what boot camp is all about they take away your
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individual ism and they train all that stuff out of you see don't question orders they're leaving you know such a structured environment and then thrown into you know life that's been going on for 4 years without them or longer you know and that's scary and intimidating and they don't know how to cope and that's why a lot of them turn to drugs or turn to whatever it is they don't know how to fit in anymore i feel like the real problem is no out training that makes sense you know particularly with our military people now you know they're being trained to such a high degree to go over and fight they go over there they do their job and then they're out one day and why have you know how somebody supposed to foot that switch it doesn't happen. i have to say with bob dylan where the nails he
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bet. we could use about they are i think. that will be our room. has a good program next week out of graduate but i got it i put it in pretty extension staying longer than is i need a lot more work on my show and i'm getting the help that i need here are some well i'm going to them that i can learn here because i did with every issue the interest of your day with i'm going to present a ts need to see what you are you and what you're sure you hit 676800. when i was drafted they very wisely made medico for me because i don't think there was anything else an army that i would have done i never saw another job that i could have done that i would have done.
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and we'd get a ambushed and they'd be shoot medicine and stuff i would use my rifle to big noise just. as scare off but i did what i heard him. mostly sit stand not men do defects p.t.s.d. and depression and all the other you have your don't complain about that's what i think it's common to all of. this my son jack. shit as he did he mean. that i don't have. seen. ever play.


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