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and that's us but. we've recovered a 45 caliber handgun with multiple extended magazines that were emptied at the time the suspect was reloading extended my disease and that hand on fire victims throughout the building and at officers this is a horrific day for the commonwealth of virginia our hearts ache over the senseless violence that has been inflicted upon the virginia beach community today my deepest condolences and prayers go to the families of those who left home this morning. and will not return tonight police know begin the time of trying to put together the why the question most people will want to know answer to this was the 40 thought my shooting in the u.s. in me a loon and the worst in the u.s. this year alan fischer al-jazeera washington victims of
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a canadian genocide that's the conclusion of a landmark government report into canada's $4000.00 or so missing all met its indigenous women the report is a combination of a 2 and a half year national inquiry it uncovered a disproportionate level of violence against indigenous women through state actions and inactions rooted in colonialism and colonial ideologies the report was leaked to count as national broadcasts. plenty more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including britain's boris johnson receives a presidential vote of confidence as a conservative leadership contest continues to gallons 3 steam plus the band with battle what scientists say could be catastrophic consequences of 5 g. technology and world heavyweight titles up on the line in new york joe looks ahead to anthony josh was u.s.t. .
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to the democratic republic of congo now where mourners are paying tribute to a veteran opposition leader it kennedy the longtime opposition leader died in belgium 2 years ago but political turmoil prevented the return of his body he died before his son for leaks won the presidency in the elections last year tend to security was a prominent critic a former leader to assess a sicko and co-founded the union for democracy and social progress party in 1902 he became an opponent along the former president who assassinated in 2001 and his son joseph kabila who govern the country for 18 years almost 2 years after she's a caddy's death his son phillips was sworn in as president although december's elections were marred by claims of fraud it was considered the 1st peaceful transfer of power in 59 years of independence speak to her his life for us in kinshasa so our moment 2 years in waiting haro tell us about the mood for us in
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contrast a stadium in the significance of today's ceremony. people have been deliberating all day they call it into the case of the hero a man who did stand up against corruption and challenge leaders such as what good is that will be called iraq appeal and joseph the official ceremony is about to end in june people will hit out the stated in a confession they all go through parts of the city marching with the coffin alongside them to the cemetery where they will be very 80 and she is katie now a lot of people of course are saying that this is a very significant momentous occasion it took 2 years you brought home from belgium partly because of the political turmoil and disagreements with just a computer the home appraisals and i think that this is an election victory against the former government but it's important to be clear that that lady was not allowed to by everyone in the d.r.
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see the people who aren't in this area and some of them are saying that perhaps too much money is being spent on the funeral we told millions of us dollars have been paid and this is the country that has a lot of poverty is trying to contain any polar outbreak is a high unemployment rate to some people are saying is this really necessary could this have been a private ceremony but his supporters say this had to be done and they happen to me that it is significant that his body is back home finally buried in the. arrows spend decades in politics but he sailed as we said in several attempts to become president today his son felix is the president of the d r c what do people make of his leadership style and how does he compared to his father in terms of popularity . some people are saying give him a chance it's only been a few months since he's been president and if they'd only could judge him but opposition critics say that they believe that joseph kabila the former president
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made some kind of deal to make sure that the kidney became. president they even say they believe that a deal was made it way by being that party is in control of key government functions such as parliament and the senate and people are wondering how much power . that haiti actually have now it was a very controversial election some people here believe that opposition leader martin parr ulu one very thin but election he challenged the result in court but he lost and pillaged the committee were warning that president now all eyes are now on he has buried his father we will bury 5 of very soon what next what kind of you don't you going to be easy going to be strong charismatic you got against corruption abuse old man despite the allegations all clean that he's being told what to do by joins a couple of the home operated it is important also state that even though come to believe that he is being looted by joseph kabila. and the committee
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denied claims. of reporting live from kinshasa in the democratic republic of congo and in angola a former leader of the rebel you need to movement is being ribera 17 years after he was killed journalists have him be died in a shootout with government soldiers in early 2002 his death spelled the end of angola's long civil war something the same the end supporters say they've waited a long time for the government to turn over his remains a decision to do so is being seen as a gesture towards national unity. now u.s. president is set to begin his state visit to the u.k. on monday but is a ready made clear his choice for who should replace prime minister theresa may say his former foreign secretary boris johnson would make an excellent leader calling him a very talented person both from ben jonson have been critical of prime minister may's approach to brics it may set to step down as leader in
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a week's time but is staying on until his successor is chosen as speech neve bach in london for sony how this is going down boris johnson securing the endorsement of donald trump. yeah we haven't heard much from boris johnson the top he has been very very quiet the last few days and one can only assume that this is all part of his strategy particularly now as it appears that donald trump is doing the talking for him i think it's perhaps no surprise that donald trump is interested in where power lies who has it who doesn't have it and in the context of this interview with the sun newspaper he very openly said that he believed that boris johnson would make an excellent prime minister and would quote do a very good job he also said the course of the interview that he didn't believe that boris johnson was widely publicized extramarital affairs would it anyway impact his chances in this leadership contest in passing he also referred to jeremy hunt the foreign secretary he gave the thumbs up as well largely because
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hunt has said that he would spend more on defense something that the other even leaders to do over in recent months thumbs down for another front runner michael gove the environment secretary after michael gove criticized trump's policy towards iran perhaps what is very interesting though overall is that trump said that several. of the 12 people m.p.'s in the running for the leadership some of those also approached him for his support he strongly believes that he could have a direct impact on who will be the next leader of this country right endowed we talked about he talked about the list of contenders there for the conservative party which is growing it seems by the day just on the u.s. president's visit which begins on monday what are we to expect what sort of preparations. well huge for asians or
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around the way this is a state visit as opposed to the working physics when donald trump came here last summer but let's cast our minds back to what that was like it was perhaps one of the largest police operations ever particularly here in the capital there were massive demonstrations of course you got to remember the scale of opposition to donald trump's visit here to the u.k. remains very large indeed it won't just be in the company of the royals and leading politicians will also be going down to the south coast to portsmouth taking part in d.-day commemorations as well i think it's interesting to point out that in this very same interview with the sun newspaper he said this he believed that he was really loved in britain and given the scale of police preparations this time around perhaps that claim at least may be up for debate thank you for that neve baka live
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for us in london. a missouri court has ruled the u.s. state's only abortion clinic can stay open for now it was to have closed at midnight the state's health department said the clinic did not pay enough attention to patient safety it's been granted a reprieve allow need to operate until tuesday when another hearing is due to take place but it's not over. and i still have more to do and if there's going to be possibly another court date early next week so we're glad that that happened we're glad that that this facility can keep providing these services these valuable services to people that need them anti-abortion activists stage a sit in up side the missouri clinic in support of his goetia it's all by the. united states britain in the. things that i. like. at least one person has been killed and dozens injured after
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a tornado struck the 7 chillin region of p.o.p.o. the storm formed just before 6 pm local time sweeping into the regional capital los angeles and knocking out power toronto and homes the region is no stranger to natural disasters earthquakes a common but tony toes are way. a government department in the u.s. at odds over the introduction of 5 g. technology billions of dollars are being made from the sale of satellite band with space to wireless companies but some scientists say that's getting in the way of variability to forecast the weather mike can explain some washington. when are you concerned he hit the u.s. coast it was disastrous but it could have been worse if where the scientists had not predicted the path of the storm and the point at which it would hit several days before date on hurricane sandy very impressive storm the national oceanographic and atmospheric agency noah says this will no longer be the case if
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bandwidth in space is sold off to 5 g. companies the reason noah says senses on satellites that measure crucial indicators like water vapor are being compromised by the signals from 5 g. providers in a shared bandwidth there is genuine concern here that as 5 g. is deployed in it interferes with those atmospheric signals that we're trying to detect with the weather satellites then we will not be able to provide the same quality and reliability a forecast that we have currently. but the f.c.c. and the 5 g. industry denies there would be any interference and wireless industry representative brad gillen said in a blog post it's an absurd claim with no science behind it he maintained that no as claim relies on the study of a microwave sensor that never went to to use not so insist the scientists well i can tell you that there are many scientists know or nasa and outside of the
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government that are. also or international colleagues and determined they are there is a serious threat here and that the science must be considered or we do rest who's seen our predictions or major storms that would impact society the updated senses also improve research into climate change factors a critical study given the unprecedented increase in extreme weather conditions ranging from intense drought to and seasonal storms. but this argument is rejected by influential figures in the administration who are climate change skeptics including the president himself. officials from the u.s. state department attempting to bring the 2 sites closer together a unified position is critical as a meeting of world spectrum regulators is due to take place later this year but the scientists are hoping that the conflict will be resolved by an international
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convention that would deny 5 g. operators access to the same bandwidth as the weather senses. in a month that seen a series of tornadoes strike us states the fear of scientists is that the trump administration may be reluctant to sign any more international agreements and will side with those intent on securing a ribbon ustream from 5 g. providers rather than those attempting to predict the next economically crippling threat from the weather. mike hanna al-jazeera washington all right time now for a check of the world weather is evident fox what's the latest on those tornadoes in the u.s. as well you know a fall is almost a case of a month me whether i'm pleased to say that the tornado risk is much for juice but we have got other things to worry about you look at the satellite picture clear across the plains so that's fantastic news the worst of the weather is now moving out of the way but there are still some showers or longer spells of rain in the
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forecast and this is the scene in arkansas where we have course a broken levee here that is around the water to breach the highway here so still some problems around still a chain of showers there across the plains not as widespread not as active as before look at the temperature contrast 20 to 32 in dallas something more normalized now so we're not expecting that told that a connectivity this cause all those widespread problems still some showers there and that will of course be an issue for those flooded there is still some rain up towards the appalachians into new england into the eastern side of canada as we go on through the next couple of days prior to skies by the time we come to monday's to the few showers just down towards the southwestern corner there will be more heavy rain spilling its way into texas and we've had some very heavy rain recently around the yucatan peninsula into southern parts of mexico this could well develop into the 1st hurricane of the season so we keeping a close eye on this one spot the difference really go on into sunday's showers
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longer spells afraid there's flooding in place as flooding downpours continue into next week really thank you very much for that evidence still ahead on this new mexico's missing president intends to help the families of people relatives disappear. sparely room to move more in the downing u.s. report into overcrowding at a migrant detention 18 texas and in sport a bad night for the kings of african football as a team walks off and protests during the continent's decider don't have the details . on counting the cost from credit fuel boon to currency crisis how can you fix the turkeys economy. made in america how much would consumers pay for u.s. made goods and the debt crisis is making it harder for mozambique to invest for the future. counting the cost on al-jazeera. june on al-jazeera
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people in power returns with an investigation into why india's capital delhi has some of the worst air pollution in the world 2 years into the blockade we look at the future of the g.c.c. crisis and its impact on life in qatar join us for special coverage of the big picture examines the power potential unprejudiced of ology official intelligence as it used to shape world leaders from the group of 20 nations will gather for the 14th g. 20 summit to be held for the 1st time in japan and in brand new episodes we follow people from around the globe who are risking it all just to make a living june on al-jazeera.
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land. this is a news hour al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour mexico's foreign minister is in washington d.c. for talks after president. to announce tax on all mexican goods trump wants mexico to stop the flow of migrants or face a 5 percent tariff which could climb to 25 percent u.s. police have named the gunman who killed 12 people at a local government complex in virginia beach has to weigh in several people were injured in the. takada died after a gun battle with police and mourners in the democratic republic of congo a paying tribute to veteran opposition leader 18 she sick 80 he died in belgium 2 years ago but political turmoil delayed the return of his body. syrian government forces and their russian allies have bombed several rebel controlled areas in the country's northwest as strikes have hit the city of to read in the
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western aleppo countryside and several towns in hama province to say they have also been bombing south of adelaide meanwhile hundreds of thousands of syrians are in the firing line as government forces try to recapture the last remaining rebel held areas opposition fighters have been pushed back to an area around deadly province in the northwest hundreds of people have been killed since last month the un's children's agency says this includes more than $140.00 children the world food program says more than 300000 people have been displaced by the fighting and camps are overcrowded and surprise a running short the u.n. has won the fighting is putting humanitarian operations at risk all korean fighter is a country director for the world food program in syria she says the situation is dire for those fleeing the violence in their lives we are witnessing a catastrophic on school and lives are being lost people must flee conflict there on the mall that displaced civilian infrastructure is being destroyed and now we
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also see farmland being destroyed which will have an impact on food security beyond repair 300000 people have been displaced mostly moving from the south of the north of palm. to northern camps and to all the program has been able to reach 190000 people with emergency assistance which is food that can that is can't and people can't eat on. the situation is outgunned and it has to stop this is a very densely populated area. and and the camps are fool people receive tense from humanitarian partners but they have nowhere to pitched. you know one man told. our partners that he has been under move and he had to carry his aging and wounded mother for hours on his back until he found a vehicle to take them or another woman is stunning is that you know in
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a blink of an eye she has lost everything and her children are traumatized from the bombs and the shelling fall through from the skies so do people are moving north to words to safety to words these camps but they don't find a place to to really settle even if temporarily but the want the program is able to reach the camp with it with a life sitting through the system the u.s. secretary of state has been putting more pressure on european leaders to support the u.s.'s tough policy towards iran in his 1st official visit to germany before heading to switzerland my phone failon chancellor angela merkel discussed the rising tensions with tehran germany is party to the 2050 nuclear agreement that the u.s. pulled out of last year european leaders have said set up a framework for trade with iran to avoid u.s. sanctions. we've been pretty clear about trade with iran there are items that are
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sanctioned in their items that are not those items that are subject to sanctions we will do our best to enforce the american sanctions regime that is put in been put in place but for those that are for humanitarian goods things that are permitted to move whether they move through instax or through another mechanism those are lawful inappropriate and are permitted to continue under under the sanctions or the sanctions laws that we've put in place meanwhile the leader of lebanon's hezbollah has warned that a war between the u.s. and iran would be devastating for the whole region as well as comments came as leaders met in saudi arabia to discuss what they perceive as iran's growing threat to the region. well if there were i'm joe mr trump and isn't ministration and his intelligence agencies know very well that war against iran will not stop at iran's borders war against iran means the whole region will burn and america a star let alone in the region erupt the price of a barrel of oil will rise to 200 dollars 300 dollars 400 dollars and he will lose
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reelection that is the balance of power when the supreme leader of iran says there is no war is because iran will not and has not started a war with any side and the us has to take into account the economic and human loss if it decides to wage war and this is what is preventing the war when the us administration is also seeking support from gulf states to back up sanctions and tough stance on iran as a diplomatic editor james spader's reports on the united nations the tension between tehran and washington is echoing a previous us 1st for. tensions are rising the us is building up its forces in the gulf there are threatening voices coming from both sides on the face of it it feels similar to the build up to the invasion of iraq in 2003 a war that devastated the country and destabilize the region one advisor who advocated strongly for war 16 years ago now has an even more powerful position john bolton is president trumps national security adviser but this time around as he
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builds a case against iran he finds even less international support than the u.s. had for its campaign against saddam hussein carne ross is a former british diplomat who resigned over the iraq war. it had far more diplomatic cover and it had support from the u.k. and other allies i mean the coalition in support of the invasion of 2003 you know may not have included france but it included a lot of other countries reluctantly or willingly and willingly went along. diplomatic efforts to create such a coalition have not happened in this case there are also big differences between saddam hussein's brutal regime and the current leadership in iran which arguably has much greater capacity to fight back across the entire region from the late 1990 s. veteran diplomat richard butler headed the u.n. weapons inspection team that worked in iraq comparison with what they would face
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today a horse of a completely different color iran is far stronger far more capable far more culturally and historically determined than the hussein regime in iraq by 2003 the goal of the us was regime change toppling saddam hussein and his government 16 years on donald trump is a president who campaigned on removing the us from foreign wars even if he wanted to carry out regime change against iran he doesn't have enough troops in the region the real risk right now according to diplomats and international capitals and here at the u.n. is the rising rhetoric and the risk of miscalculation james 0 at the united nations leaders of muslim majority nations are condemned the u.s. for moving its embassy in israel to. the organization of islamic cooperation has
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been meeting in saudi arabia delegates said any recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital undermined the 2 state solution. we shall not accept rewriting of the history exchanging justice with economic benefits and disregarding dignity and legitimacy because of palestine and there could still always remain the core issue for all of us any peace deal doesn't throw away the creation of an independent and so are in a state of palestine within the 1967 borders with sheriff as the as its capital will be rejected by the ois the community. more than 45 palestinian children were killed by israeli fire last year in the occupied west bank now teachers and students are trying to find ways to protect themselves from violence by israeli settlers and security forces a day brain reports from nablus in the occupied west bank. students.
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when israeli settlers attacked their school in a village most of the occupied west bank classes to find safety but it's not always going to. people here say this happens regularly israeli settlers are still in stones at the school they shot this video. some students threw rocks back but witnesses say settlers are often armed and have the israeli army's protection this includes life and munitions. he tells us an israeli settler shot him from a short distance a few months ago the damage to his arm could be permanent. we were in class when the settlers started throwing rocks and fire bombs the students started defending themselves as we were leaving the school some of the settlers were armed with weapons and sharp tools i was walking when to settle a shot at me with a life bullet that went into my arm such attacks have forced some students to study in other villages or drop out of school. miss with the thought. i was shocked by
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the declining number of students attending the school some parents say instead of losing their children to these attacks they protect them from harm and send them to labor market to make money. students you know what if it did at least 14 times since the beginning of the school year the legal settlements are so close it means that this school is exposed to regular attacks yet this is not the only risk palestinian students have to face children's rights organizations say students are being traumatized by school demolitions checkpoints and harassment. this video shows 9 year old isn't it is being detained during a lesson this really army told the children threw stones at israeli vehicles and her parents. and it says it has no choice but to interrogate an address children believed may be involved in violence but you are not going to see attacks on schools both of those are increasing sometimes backed by israeli forces the
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military law as a whole is a system of control rather than a system of justice and this is what they want they want to control the daily life all activities of palestinian children as a person adults and education is a main tool to control them hidden or if school attacks could happen and what students and teachers try to keep their school life as normal as they can get over images eda the occupied west wing. demonstrators in sudan have tried to stop security forces from closing down the main street outside the military headquarters in khartoum these new protests come as the un is urging sudan's military council and protest leaders to return to the negotiating table for army and religious groups have showed support for the military council which has been in power since president all mob a share was deposed in april. don's main opposition group the sudanese professionals' association has condemned the closure of al-jazeera as office in khartoum a spokesperson said it was quote
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a new setback to the gains of the revolution the committee to protect journalists has also weighed in the middle east and north africa ordinator says the raid and closure of al-jazeera is khartoum bureau is a worrying sign sudan's military rulers intend to suppress coverage of pro-democracy events this action belies military leaders statements and they should immediately reverse course and allow iran to operate freely. protesters in honduras as capital have set fire to the entrance of the u.s. embassy it's not clear why the embassy in to go seek out that was targeted by the attack happened what other rallies were taking place workers have been demonstrating for the past 2 days against presidential decrees which they fear could lead to major job cuts. now it's been 6 months since mexican president undress munyon lopez obrador came to power one of his main challenges is tackling the violence that's plagued his country for more than
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a decade the president has also made the issue of missing people a priority $40000.00 people have disappeared since 2006 that means each year more than $3000.00 people are reported missing in mexico $26000.00 bodies remain and identified in morgues and other places the government says between december and may this year 337 bodies were found in $222.00 mass graves across the country as promised to spare no expense to find a solution to the decades long problem as part of our series marking 6 months of lopez obrador scott meant john home and travel to sin aloa to talk to the victims and perpetrators of mexico's violence. loose movie is sifting through mud from the bottom of like now trying to find the remains of her son he's been missing since omed men burst into his house and took him away that was 5 years ago finding pieces of his body is probably the closest to closure. and i don't know.
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my life come through a 360 degree spin i don't have peace i can't sleep you're waiting for someone to come and tell you he's there or he was dumped here but 1000 questions were no answers. those questions are being asked by groups of relatives who are scouring the country looking for the 40000 missing for the 1st time we had the chance to put those questions to. a man who admits disappearing people he works for the sin aloa cartel i also him why they hide their victims the answer he says is simple where more than without a body there's no crime that's why no body no crime. it's a common belief in the criminal world it's not completely accurate but the lack of a body doesn't make any murder investigation much harder but that's not the only reason gangsters disappear people it's also meant as a warning to kruger we have
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a saying it's a dodgy business but we play straight so when someone's given a chance to work on his own to sell the product they don't pay their dues we make an example of them and say to others work rate well the same is going to happen to you oh no but of course many of those who disappear in mexico as simply innocent bystanders that hasn't stopped the gangs from inflicting on thousands of families and then ending punishment afterwards when you when you've seen the results for the family how was that made you feel when they're still looking for their lost their lost relative and you know where they are or you know that at least they're dead but you don't tell them i mean how does that feel remorse. it's something that we know was painful for the families sometimes they come and ask us and i know where their relative is but i can't tell them because i'll probably end up just like the victims maybe you feel bad because they could be your friends or people you know but there's nothing you can do.


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