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tv   Afghan United  Al Jazeera  June 2, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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why in. so it was home and. protection of people. there we. couldn't move we. only some used to but there and then asked us. if he did a thing. as a given in the ceiling in. violin. to the movie in time to a lot of mother to forage them for to have could have to teach each different way of. steve's new meeting with the stick in grozny really be a good job with the controversies and be teaching. the russian forces how to ride if they claimed to protect the people it was not an extension of clay it was
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joining me here and we all rushed it was does you tube force the russian government to support the crimean people because people are here to be and there's a cigarette or. if. the world watched impotently as russian forces took control of the entire peninsula . veteran human rights activist and crimean tatar leader jimmy live received an unexpected uproots from the former president of the russian republic. meant to move live who was acting as a go between for moscow. risky version of cream on. a revision for march. i had were you approached the
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rigors man like stated nick what you are but i'm a scar that storms air france which i'm sure that a much discretion. in mid march to me live was asked to receive a call from my little home of the run. for better ways to live on the spot you know . you had to look good spend sort of going to use and. talk with them simeon is yes they put on a suit their communities around the turn of the. rather put them citizens goodness they're on you know 0 but i was at the little. round order of things that can be of interest. when you discover the. card where it. dumps the grahams can drive better in person because in a grim aggressive. there up to the door is there it is in the hood of the herschel marshal in order to refute a richard really serious case russians are. not only did put in have no intention
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of taking his troops out of crimea he had another insurgency planned. similar taney asleep as most coups troops began arriving in crimea pro russian protests broke out in an area known as adama us in eastern ukraine. it would soon lead to an all out war and a surge and supported by russian troops and military equipment pushed ukraine grabbing town after town region after really. one of the key aims denied by mosco was to establish land access to crimea and in the process create a great to russia. initially the ill equipped ukrainian was pushed back but no one in the russian military had anticipated the determination of ordinary ukrainians who volunteered in their thousands to counter insurgency. put in stream of land access to crimea had been swapped to.
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back on the crimean peninsula with most schools forces in total control a referendum was hastily arranged which the pro russians easily won. it was. clear and fair that 85 percent of. operation was falls like i knew a great joy in russia. despite world condemnation russia now claim crimea as its own. and in the sink that is easy if you look. to see what that hits in they didn't look at its best image watching got a deemed national but if it didn't that lead didn't like him simply to be. the formal a good start but the. law says that what i tell it that does not just like. it was not a little it was whole idea for the people people go to was
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a polling station we cheered us. but not all shed tears of joy for most ukrainians and tough times living in crimea it was a dark day. for giving it. a life long as. they normally have followed with the to wait this ambition appears to be echoed by the man himself in his speech to crimean russians. look at us going back you never will. keep my together for. a month put in 1st orders was to begin working on a bridge spanning over 18 kilometers from the russian mainland to crimea. with the
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annexation of the peninsula now in full flow russian strategy was about to take an ominous direction against the us who had opposed the referendum and occupation. there to reserve bonus. the printer marked the state and spoke. amid the ritual and it will strengthen international security. burns who. were survivors ascribed clearly. didn't use nooner. then to grow or secure open air pollution. in the. russian. but you know his perception we just really did. why. what.
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was. today's most affords me live lives in exile in the ukrainian capital kiev under strict warning from moscow he would be arrested immediately should he ever attempt to return to his home life and i am. told that. his wife suffered enough remains in the family home defiant and determined that the towers will not be driven from their homeland. quite in some ways yes my a new man but i am glad as they did to zambia hyde's but the most they had the religion the national but he had got my back and the law in my side and they. and this is the land of their people the
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crimean tatar capital but chisora has been their home for centuries but since the annexation by russia tens of thousands have fled north to various parts of ukraine. now a muslim minority with fewer than 300000 remaining they live under the constant threat of arrest should they dare to speak out against the occupation. in the middle of the 19th century they were the majority today they make up around 12 percent of the population of crimea as 2500000 inhabitants as more and more russians are encouraged by moscow to move here. that's not exist was real rick smeared and i should steve nestle easy mia. totters though are distrusted by many russians they have lived here since the 14th
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century when various turkic tribes invaded. but their wealth depended mainly on the trading of slaves who they captured in regular raids across the region selling them on to ottoman slave markets and cost on to noble now istanbul and elsewhere in the middle east. this trade was eventually brought to an end after conflicts with both ukrainians and russians and the crimean peninsula with a valuable trading port on the black sea was an extent by russia and $783.00. since then try me and thought ours have been repeatedly buffeted by their neighbors and driven from their land. in 1944 as portrayed in this drama by crimean ta-ta director when they were suspected of collaboration with the nazis joseph stalin ordered that the entire
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crimean tatar population be given just 15 minutes to leave their home for half. an act of ethnic cleansing which lives in the folklore of the tarnation to this day . was stuff a jimmy live was just a small child time. period in french period of bedsores origin. which i have heard or read in his and there it is going to shatter they're going to be brats corregidor and they're going to north korea or that in which the stereotype. there that over. cricket. is now shared. this nonsense care less. president it would appear to understand the national will it is to let history. and britain rule in the direction that you are in but i don't.
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want to screw up her or her little. girl and from the look of her son. thomas dancing yet more the book. is for the arts there are some restaurants are strictly on your own or her unconditionally or a post here in tuscaloosa the literally across the river is her. park reporters going there in the portraits him. most was sent for resettlement in his book stand and over 100000 are said to have died either joining the deportation or from the diseases of famine that followed we prefer mature oceans or they're going to broaden our person of
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a pollutant. her version in part of my answer screwed are they moved for president had. read word it carried her grown person in the part of her super rich over the super sort of 1st person from this name nor. that it's the person but it's her who are sort of there is that a bit of stores and groceries or if a member station you know that's a pretty common station and they're here and there and. this is where footage shows tarzan celebrating the festival of aid. always there was just one thing on their minds. the most lot of. people i think was. the national was going to us we would.
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then in the late 1980 s. taking advantage of mikhail gorbachev's introduction of greater freedoms in the soviet union a small number of startups led by my stuff and you may live made that move back to their home without waiting for permission from moscow. it was just. you didn't come up with. the bill of office. and she wanted city. hall door snick you nasha beside city i knew
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not real cooks thank you i only have them. i kind of thought school yum yum like that about the release of been as reasonable to shasta. and 991 the end of the soviet union provided the opportunity the rest of the crimean thought tarnation had been waiting for. with the agreement of the newly independent ukraine over a $100000.00 made their way home. there's russian order number orderers new pretty rare injury group was the very sharga shergar group reverse search for mr or. shrug your shoulders the moments. that subject it's only really saw what do i. can yes really story you know depression well of palatka really see me on
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a really that of can you start a growing list just sad and lucky really if tiny it was a start or no you did wish i still wish i knew when the sleighs you mean. but today that happiness is gone. outside the russian embassy in the ukrainian capital kiev a small demonstration is attracting media attention. you have the scars osho because i do them you lead post which has voted in form i guess . ok just get another crowd in the not post media and you my lad don't need to join you someone getting impressed if it's a place for playing in s.c. . bush today jackson actually smiled a shane years really break him. so i said you can never not all it's in the or by
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shelly the girl is so to. when you care for me such when you could have a is. it a fiend it a game of is an executive of the world congress of crimean taught on us as well as a member of but just arise city council. his abduction just yards from his home was captured in the top corner of the picture and it's immediately clear the vehicles were lying in wait. stopping his car pulling him out of the driver's seat and binding his hands takes less than a minute. his bundle towards the side doors of a waiting van. then suddenly makes a desperate bid to escape. his soon captured again and this time he disappears into the van and is gone for ever.
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on mexico's busy rides there that shows his how to not. cyclists are taken to the streets on mass. their objective to make the streets safer alternative cleaner forms of transportation but when it proved to be an uphill struggle for this group of activists over the wheel do you find that an al-jazeera. really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would that's for this job. after decades of being programmed with instructions data angry computers can out on
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their own identifying packing. and predicting human behavior. artificial intelligence can monitor our movement. and decide on our future the big picture you coach the world according to ai and exposes the bias inside the machine part one on al-jazeera. you want your knowledge is there with me so horribly remind of our top news stories here israeli forces of enter the al aqsa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem they used pepper spray and detained a number of palestinians who were attending prayers at the mosque israeli forces were accompanied by a large number of illegal israeli settlers earlier israel's military fired rockets
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into syria syrian state media says 3 soldiers died and 7 others were injured in a missile strike which hit south of damascus israel says it was in response to a syrian attack on the occupied golan heights one person has been killed and 10 others injured in sudan's capital after security forces opened fire on protesters they've been camped outside the military headquarters for weeks demanding a civilian government. forces loyal to libya's u.n. recognize government say they've pushed warlord khalifa haftar fighters south of the capital at least 3 fighters were killed in the operation to launch an offensive to capture tripoli in april. our humanitarian colleagues tell us that the number of people who have fled their homes to the fighting in libya's capital tripoli has surpassed 90000 according to the u.n. migration agency this week alone saw 8000 people half of them believed to be children displaced aid workers continue to provide assistance to the internally
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displaced and other vulnerable people impacted by the ongoing hostilities with more than $47000.00 people in tripoli and surrounding areas having received help to date china's as the u.s. must take full responsibility for the setback in trade talks between the 2 powers vice minister of commerce or why english when it says that u.s. can't pressure china into an agreement that beijing will not back down on its core principles. mexico's president has hinted that his country could tighten migration controls to diffuse u.s. president doubletons threat to impose tariffs on mexican goods trump says he will apply tariffs to all mexican products from june the 10th if it doesn't stop or it might be migrants crossing the border they will pull a big crowd and kings of the european football for the 6th time in their history beating tottenham hotspur 2 nil in the champions league final in madrid tottenham conceded a penalty just up to 20 seconds but it was belgium's. who sealed victory for the
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roads with a late goal those were the headlines i'm back with more news here on out is there in half an hour to stay with us. 49 young men have been disappeared since the forced an accession of crimea by russia in 2014 most were never seen again. the very
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1st was irving but i came out today his father grieves for his missing son kidnapped he says i russian security services. were at my jam yemeni's for you guys as usual you don't mean she was a geisha and for the very 1st minute this kind of a shocker is equal to the she too got struck my reply was quite amusing as if by heated by ok i mean die who is genuine sadness for. me because then yeah yeah that's the whole zap point and you know but he knew he would yes nice to know you. that the dear little crazed. i thought either some are only for the. good or this is going to resonate the course and that this kid. who were pretty or more were. sort of. wrong approach it is
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a pretty grim when you look but if you say look it was that or sharon yeah. or grab us here or. the liberals here prepared a computer when we. were kids could remember us. praying in a makeshift basement in a ukrainian town close to the crime that these men fear for their lives recently a grenade was thrown into the mosque but didn't explode. we can't show their faces because many wherever possible slip back into crimea to see their families if caught the consequences can be terrifying. yang pacifist and. 900 nearby and therefore the man disappears now it is not
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because i do and i will lose him in your design i mean after the violence and yet but. my reason you would. but i'd like. to shed a sigh. dosing up to that and also in that order you see satan you believe in those genevieve creeds. mccrae you know. like so many of his fellow toddlers exiled for him has been hard to take. his family had been deported by stalin in 1944 and only returned to crimea in the 1990 s. as russia's stage school resembling a small village in which you know the problem. and you pointed out well adama but they came up at them you're. good at it and you go you
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is. nothing but in that i bought or nothing but i'd be so into national id to. come back i was comparing smith. story to the region washington or source and the style of soccer in your will vote at the staying you do sri true story store and you get a new lease sporting a dog but it curve was i just not origin. it being from a girl yes could share your pursuit. of was the whole presumably got to. become in your. crematorium at the origin or. at the mama. those still living in the homeland you know that they and their families i'm never
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safe. in will get disability it is because they cheer that was because you only get what took astronomy does it. for so i can still name thing is instantly knew us was he was ok he's dozy. bush and. yes percy looked at a bush should have a medium budget because i need to know you don't we'll see straight into committee party in the course of austin's but it's a boom of the me. his 18 year old son and his 17 year old nephew ziad that were taken from the street around 6 30 in the evening on september 27th 2014 in history only got to report a brave inhibition in. this is the stimulus you used to put it suited to the shia street music store citizens it was of the dead is a misleading good that he thought he could more than xhosas just couldn't get up
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she sniffled us i too used to as a beginning to get just because i'm standing. could be surrogates for us when you don't just want the irrigators 50 to me seems to look pretty but he was just the host would but with no included stores motion stores and to miss conditions with the ads were could see it unless he pitted as used to do most of the abuse to the mutant freedom that i think is national when youth league zooming by move to me he used it in yes 2020 i said why did scores include that of the g.s.t. get that just because it. up the rashid has started a support group for families of the arrested on the disappeared. when they know of court hearings they gathered together and a short of solidarity. when you must or stop at the most a scimitar bit of what has not been you might have stopped anything but you might be sure to his name for the courtesy
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a minute in your near process just more time you will see a more general push into estonia to muslims the consideration you mean you. see with this is that it's a stretch put them both are idiots on the street. when you. get them which it probably is when the suit could. words d.j.'s and their friends and sisters dentist are gone when you must please produce good at their value i should list new kids around you they should put on the top national stage at most one additional eastham kids knew you. needed to have seen you more missives also didn't put them in a which has a particular miss denison dates. the mission of the region i think over the last it produces educational but i've shared it seems so you will be skinny yes ms ninus areas where they have i think washington at their biggest meeting.
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one man the town community rely on for support is lawyer i mean you could have a dino. he spends most of his working life racing between courtrooms and police stations registering his interest in someone who's been arrested before there's any opportunity to disappear them. this was a waste of time limits to the rich in the world over the ballot or. just a bunch of wild it was a way of the process not. a book reading. through those. this is all it was for why those one needs are of a couple. so missed almost.
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raids by militia supported by russia's f.s.b. secret police have become part of daily life for the crimean tatars. fearing for the well being of their people when taken into custody the community has set up a system of alerts as people rush to the scene to film movie arrests. an unknown number of those taken are currently languishing in prisons in both crimea and russia. was a lot of the good he did of selecting most of the what the tories knew my doubts i was. given year old. became public interest game. or did talk. radio to. remain up at a mill not just. watch a lot of the category. this
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don't rate time to catch their quarry asleep in bed was filmed by russia secret service the f.s.b. themselves national deal of only. phyllis that's best. and usually with most only those in the us. the listeners not anybody to my novel any magic h.s. faster than his dog. in the. after securing the arrest they spend 6 hours ransacking the house looking for incriminating evidence. all they found was a small collection of religious texts but that was all they needed.
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yes i saw on of are is packing food to deliver to the prison where since that phrase her husband's still a minus spent a year on remand awaiting trial. but that was it only if ringback. he's charged with terror of fences but for the russians his real crime is life streaming raids from his mobile phone simonetti for life give the whole you don't get the show. he's merely just a place when his story and you don't live in the hood you. don't when i'm reaching them says i had to physically sort of. since a limb and the rest she's been raising her children alone the youngest sophie who has struggled to understand. when she easily put in the 5. at his. and of us than any of the glasses.
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and i asked when he had heard each and that is that the most to me am was more. another day another case for a meal. ticket of. a meal may not be able to keep his clients out of prison but at least he's managed to keep most of them alive. it's meant that he's become a target of the authorities himself. as. the name. of the link you must probably know remains mostly known as he said all the world doesn't even read his. e-mail believes fear of his land is at the core of russian tactics.
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of theater we usually need. to use the. percentage but he goes a little bit but is that it is this a huge leap into all their images to dimia domus and mine like a daughter has the while carli little scheme is a good bit of all they. get out of the most amusing as though well it will be here with the post me me is not easy but to moan for as the valley was all mobile small us also has a will you will revisit it or include of we can merely because our souls lost and you are the shells. at least those korans were written in russian more than 80000 books written in ukraine have been destroyed. and for schoolchildren history lessons are now drenched in russian nationalism. i mean it's a party was recently appointed deputy minister of information in the ukrainian
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government like so many others she's exiled from her crimean homeland but her family including her 10 year old brother still live there. he told there is a simple story about his teacher single lesson she starts with this political conversations kind of she devotes 10 minutes she dedicated 10 minutes for the conversation on how beautiful crimean availability is within the russian system or russia when her young brother asked about ukraine the teacher became very angry she said oh stop it stop dreaming on the ukraine it will never get back here so and she was really annoyed this statue in the center of simferopol depicts a little girl thanking a russian soldier for liberating crimea ukraine in societies much more open and much more democratic and one of the fundamental principles
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fundamental values for the society is freedom is again about the wail of the queen eons of not to be suppressed something that unfortunately is not in their reality in russia. but that's not how russia sees it and what george walker i mean by pass was a good start here to rejoin russia because as a caribbean when you pull wait at by a ukrainian a sort of drink for you or a yes i see one more see that russian garment i try to respect rights or crimea and. like so many others jamil curricle is an able to return to his homeland. he is the crimean qatar's most famous musician and it was he who rediscovered their
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ancient and from salutes who you are the last of the good the cornhole and of russia. can sum up. my own views me as honest if they were so dearly in him lemme see in the middle like a new mother so many years with us who 1st born us misled would only more than it would have chastised you but i was listening to his and you my is who is going back there with me and i will not even that there will milligan in his lifetime as you have left what you must not lose pulled into the iliad complete as then you look across that in the heathen and they are so literally. right a.t.r. was a top post on television station based in simferopol. but soon after the annexation russian forces moved to close it down. today rather than giving concerts and back to survive jimmy a character of plays at the title restaurant a kid. in the audience tonight is
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a woman who brought the crime in touch our course to world attention. singer songwriter joe mama lives in exile because a song she wrote upsets russian authorities and strangers a name. oh my yes it was their story their body as has my you are about syria. and the classic semana store there which just on the other guys have so over the top. ya spend all of your guns with us going out all those as where are they and their fine yet. she entered the song for the your revision song contest. the final was watched by hundreds of millions across the world. 1944
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a song about the deportation of qatar's under joseph stalin won the competition between the russian entry into 3rd place. young man the if it's all comes because in the civil gives us on the road that's above cross that. it's a volvo cop it's a vain symbol of the couple young men's national union. that's of them with all hair. fall out of stitches saying but a magic door might open only say case cask if the post or more says to you she's slim she would survive this somewhere norma. with all the hopes and dreams of thought those would go to massive blow in 2018
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when vladimir putin's pet project the road and rail bridge linking crimea with the russian made was opened. it had cost $3000000000.00 and the man himself was there to lead the procession and place his feet firmly on crimea story. a waste of a machine and because only a few more we're not there yet sheer i knew. you might get out here we're british you need it here and don't you put in your ladyship but i got. a valuable due here is able to shear weschler duty. was probably not only because his decision to hold crimean squad been supported by age of 5 percent of kenyans by because he could see that crimea. celebrate more justly be
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a greater but celebrated because like europe would in decision save some thousands of cells and lives. it had been proposed to call it the reunification bridge but they finally settled on a less controversial meaning simply the crimean bridge. where perceptions. why it was so important. well i think you really wanted to. let's say to leave the traipse kind of to have this very physical evidence of these 3 union because this was something that is about showing putin as the glorious leader of russian federation that is fighting for the security of his own people which is again not truth. meanwhile for the part are still living in their home things seem to be getting worse not those already perception of his release yet
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recovering in his post this is a suit that you might give adore him but when it is very displeased here it is if you look at it. but i don't know who it is an issue is usually a time when you. shouldn't pull the nuremberg stuff i have a son server has been languishing in the remand prison for months for the drunken m.p.'s and you are back what. william shockley of fear fear was a myth here that this girl is. that but on much it was the discipline of the daily news just. getting every lives lost in that. bradley will. to morrow so ever will be taken to court and his parents are meeting with lawyers to see what can be done. no family members will be allowed inside the court where
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he faces the usual terrorism related charges. so the whole will only you are what a cook at you go to your chain accused of but no one politician you materially you or i knew in britain as you know this we nickel you must at least privately will see this. communion use a sheet of work up of interest near me boot of a new my head to the guys i tore a new place the last really i wish but bold red on proper although for as a bit a dollar i mean there is yet still is this a good that still yet. we did wins in particular were really young is now cut notion of a nice big guy would have had that you really need to win these deal. a number of thought are men including servants the 5 will appear in court today and supporters of arrived to see if they can catch even a glimpse of the accused. in
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30 birthdays just last month news. we received by design that when you visit us the last name is that as easily. as they enter the story you quite sure they'll issue lists of all of this. one by one the men are led into the court house. the very last to service the 5. year old a smile of the fine stretching across his face. his family at least know that he
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is alive. others can only wait. but their hope is fading. hell you can see much cloud in the skies above iran and further west of the levant but not much is coming out of those kinds of just that there are a few showers around iran around the caspian is generational but generally speaking that's all moving eastwards towards afghanistan surprisingly early summer shows their tempers are rising otherwise 29 in toronto 449 baghdad around the 30 mark on the coast of the lebanon as you can see a little changes from day to day it's just hot inland and iraq has been a breeze developing now running down through the gulf which could well bring some rather dusty conditions it's still quite hot and hobble temps dancing dropping
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a little bit sunday dying down to $41.00 is probably just clouds and with the breeze so blowing the be a max of any such monday night western society more than 60 down in yemen are we seeing a lot recently its potential for big showers that's true in somalia as well in some good rains here recently still there all the other courses disappeared for most of southern africa with the exception of few showers building over the warm water of the warm current hitting madagascar and the customers on bake it's a dry looking picture 18 degrees mostly in the sunshine but was sun clacked. june on al-jazeera people in power returns with an investigation into why india's capital delhi has some of the worst and pollution in the world. 2 years into the
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blockade we look at the future of the g.c.c. crisis and its impact on life and the top join us for special coverage the big picture examines the power potential and prejudice of artificial intelligence as it used to shape our world leaders from the group of 20 nations will gather for the 14th t 20 summit to be held for the 1st time in japan and in brand new episodes we follow people from around the globe who are risking it all just to make a living june on al-jazeera. as politicians in washington fights over a border rule we talked to the people at the center of the story many up then just said oh no it's very dangerous because since the many guns are there and it's not it's a very safe place migrants smugglers and people who live along the border told to all just 0. the consequence of war and not the ventures into russia was he served in the marine corps for in 1995 that just doesn't go away. for
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a living out of his truck for the last couple years. his home was 0 follows a group of u.s. army veterans troll much iced by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. on al-jazeera. so don security forces opened fire on protesters killing 2 people and injuring 10 others. you're watching all just needs to go wrong here and also coming up in the next 30 minutes. israeli settlers and security forces enter the al aqsa mosque compound
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and detained several palestinians who are attending. also china blames the united states for a setback in trade talks following the latest tirades from both sides plus. i'm done reporting from yami i meant our melbournians on the northernmost tip of the philippines will tell you how the philippine military efforts to build a defense zone here in greatly influenced their territory in the south china sea. welcome to the program at least 2 people are being killed in sudan and 10 others have been injured after security forces opened fire on protesters thousands of demonstrators in khartoum have been staging a sit in outside the military headquarters demanding a transfer of power to a civilian government authority because more.
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panic in sudan's capital khartoum a shot so fired towards protesters who is setting up barricades the army says the protest outside the ministry of defense has become a hub for criminals and is posing a danger to the state but thousands of demonstrators defying warnings from the military to stop the sit in they say they'll keep up the pressure until their demands for a civilian government are met. aggression against theirs this is not new this is it has always been the peace i wouldn't wish it were jean and i personally think that is an extension of bashir and this is the only language they understand it's well it's and firing at civilians the military council has been in charge since long time president obama al bashir was deposed in april and they say external powers may now be influencing what's happening inside sudan after having visited saudi arabia general. and his voice came up with
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a different look they are now putting a different face previously they were very diplomatic in their appeal to the people know they are very blunt. there are also reports of gunfire in sudan 2nd largest city on demand where they've been regular protests before and since the shares removal talks between the military council and the opposition coalition to form a transitional government was suspended 2 weeks ago after the 2 sides failed to agree on who will lead the transitional period the military council says if no progress is made it will call for elections before the end of the i mean for checked it by the opposition. the risk of violence is increasing as the standoff between protesters and government forces intensifies but protesters say they are determined to stand their ground until the military hands of the power victoria gate and be al jazeera. now israeli forces of enter the mosque compound in occupied
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east jerusalem they used pepper spray and detained a number of palestinians who were attending prayers a large group of settle israeli settlers also into the compound alongside the israeli military forces joins me now for more on this from west jerusalem the holy month of ramadan ends in a few days time and the sort of disturbing video coming from one of its holiest sites will not please muslim worshippers. no indeed and usually the site is closed off to non muslims for the last 10 days of ramadan and this day right up against the end of ramadan is also drew sloan day which is celebrated by many jewish israelis it's the day that israel took over and occupied east jerusalem during the course of the $967.00 war according to the hebrew calendar the jewish calendar and so this is a major day and what had been arranged would have been announced was that rarely
3:53 pm
jews would not be allowed into the al aqsa mosque compound the site they call the temple mount on this day because of the sensitivity coming out to the end of ramadan but what actually took place was that hundreds of what we would expect to be right wing settler and religious nationalist people assembled at the gates demanding and trance and once the police had it's apparently decided that they would be allowed in this is according to the islamic walk the organization that runs the locks a mosque compound at that point there were protests inside by palestinians stones and chairs were thrown according to the police and the israeli security forces moved in and put down those demonstrations and at that point according to the works the jewish settlers were allowed to come in we've seen relatively small numbers so far but it's possible that they will continue to be allowed in even though there
3:54 pm
was an announcement of this would not be allowed to take place and then later in the afternoon we have the traditional march by hundreds of people through the center of the old city thousands of people even through the center of the old city . celebrating this victory for the state of israel as far as they're concerned and often that raises tensions very much especially in the muslim quarter of the old city in terms of comment from leaders from either side of the fence depending on who you hear you can speak to where harry are we expecting any comment regarding this particular incident or is this just part of what happens normally in this location at this time of the. well no it's not normal i mean the we do see every day. jews are allowed to come in to the to the temple mount as they call it the al aqsa mosque compound so it's not irregular it's not some kind of storming of
3:55 pm
the of the of the site as it's sometimes referred to in some quarters but what has . what isn't normal is that they're allowed in at this very sensitive time at the end of ramadan we saw hundreds of thousands people prying praying at the site on friday last friday of ramadan the 27th day of ramadan and so this is a time of extreme sensitivity and usually it would be closed often on was the question really is why the police appear to have gone back on what they had announced earlier so far as you say it's not easy to get that on so we've been trying to get that answer from the police spokesman for some time we're hoping to try to get some clarity there it may be that some kind of security consideration was given to the fact that there were already hundreds of people demanding to get in despite a high court order which had upheld the initial decision not to let them in today but what we've seen is if they're worried about potential disturbances outside now
3:56 pm
they've had disturbances inside and certainly the islamic works is in its view of the situation it says that the military came in clear the way suppressed the protest and then allowed these people to come in we'll leave it there for now until we do get to the moment how we thank you. let's stay in the region because israel's military says it's fired rockets into syria late on saturday syrian state media says 3 soldiers died and 7 others were injured in the missile strike which hit south of damascus israel says the strike followed a syrian attack on the occupied golan heights. so to asia pacific now where china says the u.s. must take full responsibility for the setback in trade talks between the 2 powers vice minister of commerce one shoe and says the u.s. can't pressure china into an agreement and beijing will not back down on its core principles my dummy argument well the trade war has not made america great again
3:57 pm
and still it's increased the production cost of american companies raise the mystic prices affected us economic growth and people's livelihoods and its 100 u.s. exports to china. brown has more from beijing. it's rare for senior chinese government officials to hold a news conference on a sunday morning but that's what has now happened and it has to be seen in the context of all that's taken place in china during the past few days on friday the commerce ministry announced that it was a stablish a blacklist of foreign companies a move that will unsettle foreign investors here in china but wouldn't give details as to when that list would be released and then of course on saturday china imposed more terrorists on some $60000000000.00 worth of u.s. imports as the 2 countries ratchet up their tariff war now the commerce ministry has gone a step further hit back once more they released a white paper which in
3:58 pm
a sense outlines china's case in these stalled negotiations between the 2 countries the vice minister for commerce mr wang sherman said repeatedly that the united states had backtracked during the negotiations between the 2 sides he said that china would never capitulate on key areas that affected its sovereignty he was also asked where the president xi jinping and president donald trump would meet on the sidelines of the g. 20 economic summit in japan at the end of the month he couldn't answer that but he did say the chinese officials would be attending a major economic summit in japan in the next few days and that seemed to hold open really an invitation if you like for the united states to perhaps attend those talks china said it did not want a trade war but once more repeated its warning that it's quite prepared to fight one where the philippines is building its 1st military base all its northern most
3:59 pm
oil and uninhabited and taiwan is just 80 kilometers away jamila linda can explain why it's so important. it is not a contested area because it is well within the exclusive economic zone of the philippines but the philippine military is thinking ahead and fortifying its defenses here up north yami island or also locally known as marvelous island has long been a favorite fishing grounds both for local and foreign vessels this is why this is also a huge food security issue the philippine military is now handing over most of the operations to the local government hoping that this island will become a refuge for filipino fishing vessels and security forces. are filipino fisherfolk i do ones who will benefit the most from this before this was developed there are so many citing supporters but when the philippines plug into structures who built all of the poaching style it's
4:00 pm
a matter of the pay you know we have it by in the end speed anything can possible be got united in the to protect but you have. now experts are telling us that any efforts that the philippine military has done here on this barren island can also greatly influence efforts in other territories of the philippines in the south china sea the studio is a defense and security analyst in manila he says it's an important area that needs to be bolted it will be a listening and a monitoring air post for the philippine military because that area of that island is in the middle of 2 channels. in tongue channel which are waterways that connect the east china sea to the solve china sea or portions of the rest of the pins the us we would call it here.


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