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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 2, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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it's a manifestation of a you know we have it by in the end speed anything can possible be god united and passion need to depend and protect but you have. now experts are telling us that any efforts that the philippine military has done here on this barren island can also greatly influence efforts in all other territories of the philippines in the south china sea now jose antonio studio is a defense and security analyst in manila and he says it's an important area that needs to be molded. it will be a listening and a monitoring air post for the philippine military because that area of that island is so in the middle of 2 channels channel and berlin tongue channel which are all waterways that connect the east china sea to the solve china sea or portions of the rest of the pins the us we would call it here and that is
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a major interdiction point ok so. i will be frank here by saying that chinese military vessels for example can be monitored in terms of their ingress and egress all of that of the south china sea or is trying to see leading towards the central pacific so. the possibility of that playing a very big role in in monitoring those activities is quite high and of course there is always the potential for base improvement in our base improvement by itself may be actually not just be a unilateral affair by the philippines because we have to remember that the philippine in that diary is works very closely with the united states military so it is also possible that such a facility me be assisted by the us government in matters of installing sensitive listening and monitoring devices there and even perhaps
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upgrading the could be abilities of the philippine military to undertake its missions and its mandate in that particular part of the philippines. a lot more ahead here on al-jazeera including in mexico murders we explain how the president is getting tough on crime and death rates continue to seoul. and motorcycle lifesavings we follow the heroes who it's called ambulances through gridlock indonesian cities do stay with us here on al-jazeera. had other showers that have been around the southeast of europe it's slowed down in their intensity some degree you see the cloud is still apparently rotating figures coming out of the sky and reports on the ground 40 to 50 minute set of these thunderstorms lasting an hour or so maybe sri and that's the position we have on
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sunday the spread in the way from almost west in turkey right up to slovakia and all straight answer to sudden its leaders stretching line to western russia this hasn't changed much in the last 2 days now western europe things are warming up nicely in fact getting hotter just overlay the temperature colors you see oranges and reds that's well above the average 31 in paris 24 and one city for rather more normal to madrid and that's not going to last i'm afraid the day after the atlantic as we've said we're down to 22 in paris with cloud and probably want to thunderstorms that goes through this has not changed very much now a lot over land but there is an influence on the breeze direction through north africa so also is warm ne hot in egypt 46 in aswan on the coast 23 in benghazi and robot the temp is actually coming down little bit has been about 30 we get to about 27 come monday but it's bright sunshine all the way from morocco to east in libya.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera with a reminder of our top stories at least 2 people have been killed and 10 others injured in sudan's capital after security forces opened fire on protesters they've been camped outside the military headquarters for weeks demanding a civilian government israeli forces of and to the mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem they used pepper spray and detained a number of palestinians who were attending prayers at the malls. also china says the u.s. must take full responsibility for the setback and trade talks between the 2 pounds vice minister of commerce one when says the u.s. can't pressure china into an agreement beijing will not back down on its core principles. china isn't the only country in the trade dispute with washington president donald trump plans to impose tariffs on all imports from mexico the tower of cement to pressure mexico in the eagle migration into the u.s. standard is a resident scholar at the american enterprise institute he says the mexican
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government has left itself in a weak position. i don't know why what the mexican government expects biggest clearly the u.s. government is not a government that you can reach agreements with or you can then rely on they just renewed the free trade agreement with the u.s. and canada. and that is supposed to eliminate all there is between the 3 countries so i don't know what they're hoping for but i know they put themselves in a weak spot obviously at the margin there is there are things they could do and it can try to enforce the their their own sovereign border but ultimately what the u.s. is asking them to do is to turn themselves into some sort of east germany where they they build walls and whatever else may get impossible to leave mexico and that seems like a completely reasonable the ban to make one thing in mexico signs on the economy
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security is also a big issue in the country 8 and a whole 1000 people were murdered in the 1st 3 months of this year present and this one will lopez obrador has promised to tackle the problem with a new security force called the national guard john holmes has the latest in our special series looking at the president's 1st 6 months in office. record murder levels in mexico it's clear the president and his mentor will not. needed a plan to bring the killings down this is it or a big part of it the national guard branded as a new security force it's actually made up of the same soldiers marines and federal police that have been deployed to mexico's hotspots for years now $50000.00 of them will be stuck together in the new food and given extra permanent policing powers its 1st deployment in minot to land in the southeastern state of veracruz the fools were sent here up to 13 people including a baby were recently killed at
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a party. many residents are relieved include. local community leader laurel perry's . the gang says had gone past the limits there was no want to control them right now they're being stopped and it's tangible there's still kidnappings and robberies but they've gone down. with the relief some are worried about a militarize force permanently on the streets armed forces temporarily deployed across the years have committed human rights abuses that the lenses marines were involved in the disappearance of a son called. the forced disappearances haven't and if the national guard comes with carte blanche to do what it wants they'll go on that's what we don't want more disappearances more human rights violations there is another issue now on the new force has been promised is the government really going to come through president. announced almost a month ago that it was already operational here
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a minute to plan but in 2 days in the city we haven't seen a single member of the national guard and that's only going to lead to questions is this for real or just to show. we were unable to put those questions to the new national guard commander our interview request went unanswered. critics have other questions the main one why is the government starting this new fools why not work on the badly paid and equip local police which are already in place in the long term you're basically just increasing the reliance of of local governments in federal security institutions instead of strengthening their own capabilities so you're not really feeling. the institutional vacuum that we have at the local level in various places of mexico where security forces and police forces are
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basically useless and very incompetent because of a myriad officious mainly corruption and infiltration. president lopez obrador beach results and quickly he's calculated that the national guard will deliver the it's impact in the long term it's open to question john homan i'll just a minute. and in the next in all series on the mexican president starts 6 months in office we'll look at the social programs aimed at a deterrent against crime will be broadcast here on al-jazeera english. place in the u.s. state of virginia say the suspected gunman in friday's mass shooting appeared to have bought his weapons legally craddock who was an engineer for the city of virginia beach police say he shot and killed 12 his coworkers in the worst mass shooting in the u.s. this year heidi castro has more. in the community of virginia beach remembers the 12 killed in friday's attack the military veteran
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who worked for 28 years as a city engineer the contractor visiting the government building to file a permit to their families to their friends and to their coworkers they leave a void that we will never be able to fill police say the shooter was doing craddick he'd been working in the public utilities department for 15 years and had no criminal record police declined to give a possible motive officers killed craddick at the scene or they didn't have any engagement with him verbally once they identified him he identified them immediately opened fire we immediately returned fire the weapon was a 45 caliber handgun with a silencer and magazine extenders such extenders were once banned in the us but became legal again in 2004 democratic presidential hopefuls expressed outrage on
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twitter calling for more gun control but as images of the newest mass shooting played out on american television screens the public remains divided on what to do next you know ma'am guns don't kill people people kill people. such attitudes still dominate washington where republicans swayed by the powerful n.r.a. gun lobby have consistently fought to preserve gun ownership rights i'm just going through a lot of emotion because it's way too much killing going on and i'm just glad that they alert. enough time the thoughts and prayers continue to pour in adding drops to a sea of grief in a nation where the pace of these mass shootings has dramatically accelerated but the political will to stop them has not. castro al-jazeera virginia beach virginia but certainly the african work 2 car bomb explosions in eastern libya have reportedly targeted fines as loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar the attack
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happened in the city of a medical souls and residents told reuters news agency at least 18 people were hurt it's not clear who's responsible or forces loyal to libya's recognise government so they've pushed back warlord cleaver have to find just south of the capital they say they've also bombed have to positions in the south at least 3 fighters were killed in the operation of a military offensive to capture tripoli in april. as well from tripoli. clashes started on saturday between forces loyal to the un or could now is the government of national accord and others led by the warlords or hefted in the vicinity of the old international active airport on the southern western part of the libyan capital the government forces say that the are determined to be captured at the airport because it has been this supporting hub for have to its forces in for the main axes north of the airport in its windy and 3 good armor actually and
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east of the airport in a little for the journey and sat up and other axes of the government forces say that the recaptured at the airport they can then cut the supporting line going for health of forces from the airport to those 4 main axes the also say that they can easily take control of their airport and look at they have to his forces locations in the vicinity of the airport they can also open the way towards area would have to his forces are located there the situation remains very tense on the southern outskirts of the libyan capital specially for civilians many people have been killed since the fighting started on april 4th including civilians and also including women and children but iran's president has suggested talks with the united states may be possible but most of rouhani says washington must 1st follow
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international rules he says tehran will not be pressured into the goetia oceans over its nuclear program iran has repeatedly denotes washington's withdrawal from the 2050 nuclear deal. u.s. sanctions are a bullying tactic. at least 29 people have been injured in a fire at a migrant camp in northwest bosnia the my role in the town of could do so is used as temporary accommodation for about 500 migrants police say the injured are being treated in local hospitals the calls the fire is not yet known. now an investigation is underway into a series of explosions at immunizations factory in russia which left at least 80 people injured the blasts happened 400 kilometers east of moscow as a plant that makes explosives for the military the half of the injured were in a nearby residential area where the force of the blasts blew out windows no one was killed in the explosion. motorcyclist's or providing
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a life saving services school to ambulances through indonesian cities to make sure they reach patients as quickly as possible in the latest in our series on 1st responders spoke to some of the volunteer bikers who call themselves indonesia a scorching ambulance. this is a common theme in jakarta and other major cities in indonesia gridlocked traffic which only gets worse during rush hour motorists don't always give great. even for emergency services. that has prompted a group of bikers to band together to provide motorcycle convoys that escorts ambulances through traffic they call themselves indonesia escorting ambulance the service has proved so popular that it spread from a city in west java to other cities around indonesia. sometimes we get stopped while doing this we don't have the right to do this i know
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that but we are helping people as well as the police if they think we're wrong we are breaking the law but look at it from a humanitarian point of view if we don't help who will most indonesians are still not sensitive toward ambulances like the others here and he has a full time job and volunteers on his days off they don't get paid and instead have to dip into their own pockets to pay for petrol on what about when they're on duty they have to be ready to spring into action at any time a patient from this hospital is going to be transferred to another one now these guys are going to ride ahead to clear traffic and several others are going to be bringing up the rear this patient who's had a stroke is being moved to another hospital to get a c.t. scan if she misses this appointment she'll have to wait several days to get another . ambulance has to travel from south to a district outside jakarta. to south jakarta the 14 kilometer journey would have
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taken at least one and a half hours not for the biker. i'm happy that my mom could get here quickly and safely traffic here was so bad some hospitals now work closely with the bikers sharing information of where and when ambulances are headed for every 2nd matters the faster the patient gets the sooner they can be treated that makes their chances of survival and recovery higher. the service these bikers provide may not be strictly legal but it's one they say is needed. partly al-jazeera down. there watching are just with me so whole rummel a reminder of our top stories at least 2 people are being killed and at least 10
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others injured in sudan's capital after security forces opened fire on protesters they've been camped outside the military headquarters for weeks demanding a civilian government israeli forces have entered the al aksa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem they used pepper spray and detained a number of palestinians who were attending prayers a large group of israeli settlers also into the compound alongside the israeli military the site is sacred to muslims and is home to 2 of the most important sites in islam the dome of the rock and. israel's military says it's fired rockets into syria late on saturday syrian state media says 3 soldiers died and 7 others were injured in the missile strike which hit south of damascus israel says the strike followed a syrian attack on the occupied golan heights china says the u.s. must take full responsibility for the search but i could trade talks between the 2 powers vice minister of commerce says that the u.s.
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can't pressure china into an agreement but beijing will not back down on its core principles. well the trade war has not made america great again and still has increased the production cost of american companies raise domestic prices affected us economic growth and people's livelihoods and attended u.s. exporters to china 2 car bomb explosions in eastern libya have reportedly targeted fighters loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar the attack happened in the city of daraa a medical souls and residents told the reuters news agency at least 18 people were hurt it's not yet clear who's responsible and forces loyal to libya's u.n. recognized government say they've pushed back warlord khalifa haftar fighters south of the capital they say they've also bomb tough does positions in the south at least 3 fighters were killed in the operation launched a military offensive to capture tripoli in april.
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because you have all of those stories on our web site at al-jazeera dot com i'm back with more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next it's inside story do stay with us. risk in utah. coming soon. on al-jazeera. the call for democracy grows louder in sudan opposition protesters demand civilian role while supporters of the military say only the army can guarantee stability so can these 2 sides negotiate some sort of solution this is inside story.
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but i for 1 am come out santa maria welcome to inside story it has been nearly 2 months since sudan's military deposed the longtime leader. and since then there's been a lot of talking there's been a lot of protesting but not much progress talks on sudan's political future have stalled for now people are venting their frustration opposition groups want the military to hand over power to a civilian leader and are defying warnings to end a sit in outside the army's headquarters in khartoum meanwhile supporters of the military council held a rival demonstration in the city they say only the army can bring peace. any choice is a military led authority in order to protect society we support our brothers at the city and it will void the patch it is the only way to get our prices especially
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with all the trouble in the neighboring countries is for the army to bring saddam to safety and. you know this it in here is aimed at lobbying for a national unity government when the government says that the sit in here causes harm to the people it is a crash nation so as not to meet the demands of the demonstrators to form a new government i'll introduce you to our guests in just a moment but 1st a reminder of how we have reached this point of course it was the sudanese army which removed president bashir on april 12th after a popular uprising that began as a protest over high living costs the transitional council was set up by the military with a mass sitting outside the army headquarters protest leaders held talks with the council and eventually reached an agreement on a 3 year transitional period the talks broke down though over just who would lead a new joint transitional government protesters then held a nationwide strike to pressure the military to hand power to civilians the military responded by declaring their city in a danger to sudan and also closed al-jazeera office in khartoum.
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all right so here's a panel with me in the studio where they'd met the boy he is the founder and president of the sudan policy forum nice to see year and glance we've got a low senior lecturer at kiel university in the u.k. but i'm going to start on the phone from. them in a civil society activists who has been protesting since the demonstrations began in december so now well tell us happy to continue protesting despite the government wanting you to stop and almost threatening you for the continuing protests outside the army headquarters yes thank you for having me videoing this program. right now there in front of the military council but if they get caught i mean they are really fine morning only 5 more than before the key principles are going to
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peace freedom and justice and now they are more unique why they have raised that big sluggers that the c.b.d. and government only p.t.d. and government this is their mind and they're much more they're not moving at least for me and even they are going to have cheap of the weather and the fasting their muslim fasting that's still so much strong they are unified and they are determined determined you see that they want for the civilian government. just assistance to show that nobody is over or beyond them all and also maybe 30 then we've got a conflict people. a continuation of the previous regime and. to interrupt you know while i read you talk about the unity and the strength and the numbers and the passion that people have worried about what the army could use
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a threat that this could turn violent. let me tell you what we have this is a peaceful peaceful the evolution it's thinking the ideal of peace or peace and and this is what it makes it a lot longer and still they are going to use all their weapons on the people you work on and the last one is the t.v. video and disobedience and that is coming soon and that is it on a lot of the way you know so it is not about these like afraid and the us the us and the people who are sitting there in front of the military council i tell you let me tell you they don't care they said we have nothing to lose. no well let me know if democrats set up anything ok no i'll stay on the line for me there i'm going to bring in our other guests now to get some reaction to what you've been saying well they let's start with you because you and i were talking before we started the show and used talked about the 2nd phase of this revolution you felt there was a fear that it could turn violent now the world is telling us they're not worried
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the young people they're energized they're ready they are passionate they are not worried about this the young men and women are very courageous they realize that the everybody realizes that the very group that has killed or influenced the killing of half a 1000000 in the periphery of so that they are capable of killing at least 5000 if not 50000 in khartoum but what is that going to king i mean if they kill half of the population of khartoum the basic principle is stance that the sudanese people want a quick transition to a civilian democratic rule and for me i call it the 2nd phase because at the beginning all they deceived all of us into thinking that you know we we stand by you we want to ensure that everything goes it's mostly. the procedure and
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substantively but now everybody realizes that this group is is just invites to is just part of 2 or all of they just really placed on what a bushido but the system they want to ensure that the system institutionally is intact the same the same i mean autocratic system the same clip procrustes e group of i mean. islamists are in place and they they made no effort no effort whatsoever to bring anyone to justice they haven't shown any seriousness no the protest that is called by into all. to think that you know despite the difficulties you know all of these. commanders are doing whatever possible to make the transition they should north any north whatsoever to tell their people that they have given in to the demands of the protesters and
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that is what is bringing the hype a little bit. and i think now they are preparing themselves to a confrontation with the civilians got for a bit if they start shooting people during ramadan they are going to at least kill 5 to 10000 individuals in that city in this hour lalo your thoughts on this i mean well it is painting an unfortunate grim sort of scenario there but the point he makes i think and i'd like to get your view on is the fact that really nothing changes and most importantly nothing changes as far as trust goes there is no trust there is no belief from the civilians and protesters in this military. and i fully agree with him i think one of the things that we have to realize in the context of dunn is the facts are there you know the revolution didn't bring about a rupture between the past and the present there is
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a continued of the same institution and this institution of belief by the military that is to belittle is more important than demands for freedom in a democracy is a discord that has been present incidences finance dependence that's why sudan has been. ruled by military generals but the fact of the matter as board has been highlighting is that stability and security on the one hand and democracy on the other are not mutually exclusive i.d.'s mutually exclusive principle they reciprocally reinforce each other as imperatives so stoney's people came out and asked even with. al bashir the monday no for taking some pretty brutal major been around they took on him and i don't think they will back down now. you know once they have paid the sacrifice have got to this stage and i think it's very
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important at this point that bore size consider very carefully what this confrontation would have been a nobody would benefit out of this is no well known on the phone from khartoum i hope you could hear what i found guest was saying that they have a lot of concerns about the future and about the threat of a confrontation what the opposition do to try to mitigate that to try to stop there being any confrontation. yes i think that they should open the pain that their lot and the you know the discussion about how to get between the military council and the opposition group but as a matter of fact what was protested said that we managed to get it all off although she had a right to state for a dictator what state or 30 years and it is not going to be difficult for us we are going to use the same with one which is peaceful protest protest and peaceful laws and this is going to happen again and this is work then tired you know time that is
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they say this is what they are doing and as a matter of fact. to reach it's come i think it's coming to an end also because it seems like. the government. you know between the ideology of the people who are taking over the military council and the protesters i think there is no there is no there is no a come on come on cause for them you know and this is that this is the reason why there is no there is no solution now but you know they're just whatever happens is happening they want to see didn't government that's what they want whatever it takes and to take it to have this civilian government ok hold on well what did you want to say i think somewhere in between we seem to forget about the role of the diminishing role of the forces of freedom and to. see the ones who
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should be shoe should have been negotiating on the behalf of the protesters or mediating between the. military transitional military council and the protesters i think ever see the forces of freedom and have failed the rule big time and by so doing they are putting these protesters in defense of the din of the millions. of. there are many the military council attempted to bribe some of the leaders of the forces freedom and kin through through their proxies in delhi don't they and they have attempted to bring in some. made themselves. some tribal leaders tribal leaders i mean these are the very. this is the very constituency that ormerod bashir has been using for like 50 years
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and it is the very constituency that has as i mean. the that was put at the dis advantage by by daily game co-opting its leaders so that the game i mean the military council is not is sticking to its all as a transition a military concept is flame to play ways it's going to be good to me and it's political it's trying to bribe him some leaders from the if of c. . there are already a spoiler to play this all. leaders or somebody that's who have been kicked out of the s.p.l. him. so. we need to focus more on bringing the association of professional to these these are the very people who are fairest lid this that evolution now that of law has been brought in they have been downplayed their role have been downplayed by the presence of the forces of freedom and change
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ok and we need they need to stand up to their duty and to lead to provide a reality that she for the protests that let's us are all about that there is the opposition suffering from was it has unity in power from a lack of leadership from a lack of a strong figurehead or at least a cohesive negotiating team a strong negotiating team to try to work with the transitional military council. so i think when you have such a broad and diverse group of actors soon society groups opposition political parties rebel movements professional associations who have different ways of doing things coming together out deal with the stablish when you are bound to have difficulties in those discussions and i think one of the things that the opposition groups need in order to stay together as a quasi force is a leadership
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a unifying leadership that speaks for all of them if everybody speaks for themselves and they only come together during the negotiation and i think that makes it very very difficult you know as the guest from doha was saying the military would of course to do everything it can to divide them to some of the groups in order to get what it wants and i think it's absolutely crucial that they focus on internal cohesion and quite heaton's as an organization to be able to take on the military and i think over the last few days we have clearly seen a pivot if significant word from the military council both internally but also on some regional issues and that suggests that the military council might be considering. you know completely going beyond this to these negotiations and asserting its own i think it's important for both sides to go back to the drawing table and try and work out not just the kind of deal that is on the table now and i
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think one of the sticking point from what we know so far is the composition of the military council maybe i think there is ground to explore again what powers that military council has so you know there are various restitution is and i think they can work around you know by tinkering into some of the argument that i would really be grateful that they could find some kind of balance and i think it's absolutely crucial for was. to get this do you think i will come to you in a 2nd well i do think that the military in the back of its mind is thinking about what we've seen in the arab world and in north africa in the past i know it's a very sort of lazy comparison to say oh arab spring of 2011 a replay of that i know it's different but still that idea that the protesters could win that idea that people power could win against a military rule that that would worry them wouldn't.
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no absolutely absolutely i think what we see already in sudan is a replay of the script that was played in in egypt egypt in sudan. culturally not exactly the same also politically not the same i think there are values forces within sudan who have been for a very long period of time demanding political autonomy the 2 countries are very different but also they are close in some ways so that i think the likelihood that the military might be seeking some advise from neighboring egypt is very high but also i think there is the bigger picture the regional rivalries. in my view there are 2 basically 2 major axes in that in this political battle in the middle east on the one hand you have turkey and qatar what i call the turkey qatar axis on the
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other hand you have the u.a.e. and saudi arabia and the contestation between these forces has been playing out not just in the region but also in the horn of africa and sudan was a crucial political states in terms of that battle and both sides have been investing strategic assets for example in sudan and the reason why they invest or strategic assets is not for economy purposes they're mainly. us a fast track just that were created to expand in to strengthen their own strategic foothold so what we see now with the support from saudi arabia and u.a.e. for for in terms of the budget for sudan and also the expression by the head of the military council recently supporting saudi arabia i think that also shows that the military is most likely considering very strongly to find
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a way to stay in power while it how potentially influential are those regional powers do you think i mean it's the same it's the usual suspects saudi arabia u.a.e. age of taken. you know i think if we go back to history sudan has been in and the globe british condominium broad between. 899-1956 and since then. sudan has not been has not succeeded in escaping the influence of regional powers i mean especially north an elite they were very much affiliated with egypt and you have the bath is affiliating themselves with. iraq in and then near to on opposition the north an opposition who was very much affiliated with the bia but this is the very famous time that we see than in a very blatant manner i mean what's their agenda what is saudi arabia and the
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u.a.e. in egypt want out of this i personally. think that probably they want a proxy steere. did that can provide them with. swords you know this. is where you know land can be exploited for i mean to provide for security for those countries in that he don't but i think strategically speaking it's going to affect them it's going to negatively affect them in the future because if you have or august the if you have havoc on this or that in sudan. the knack of security in sudan is going to influence the security of egypt it's very much going to influence the security of saudi arabia and if saudi arabia is very much. no it is about the security of. then i mean
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a rogue state like sudan is going to negatively affect the i mean the safety the security of israel because as the israelis themselves say i mean north i mean port sudan which is the eastern part of the country is more important to their security than. itself. so there are there are some pretty serious issues but what i am what i am concerned about is those countries disrupting the political process in sudan the internal process. because sudan needs and needs to be given its time and space too much your political eden to some how into a democratic transition we may not necessarily go into a liberal democracy but at least some sort of. democracy and that is going to help them achieve their long term strategic objectives starting to run down the clock is
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one more item i want to address and that has to do with us al-jazeera has you'll know the government decided to shut down our offices there i mean it seems to be a classic sort of play doesn't it try to shut down the media try to shut down the voices at how concerned you think you about about media freedom i guess. i think again the. again they are not adopting the right tactic i mean even if you have some allegiance to to some group in that region you should then show your bias in a very blunt monitor because again the protesters are very much going saying about some very basic idea that protecting the national sovereignty of the state and i had to i hope for one of the guests to have brought out the issue of if you're not not. not receiving well the president of sudan and just sending
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a 2nd delegation to receive him at the airport the troika the usaid the pressure and the international and that pressure is going to our to be any influence that any any support or assistance that they might be getting from the condominium estates condominium estates now i call them so that is now and condominium influence. the 3 countries that we know but going back to the whole issue of disease. and defeatists in our defeat this 20 years sudan was very much of. a lie and or affiliated with this islamic axis and. it didn't help us at all as a matter of fact it had it influenced the secession of south sudan because we were not so denecke in our way or thinking and now we are going into this axis and it's going to help decide up the political process because we are
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a black nation we sudan is multi diverse multi ethnic country it needs to have. to focus more into developing its own i didn't write which very much links to development in i mean in the material sense but. just one of the final words just before we run out of time i will work your final thoughts on and while they've made a good point there sudan needs to do this itself doesn't it and it's been an organic process up until now and for it to be successful whichever way it happens and needs to carry on that way. i absolutely i think one of the kind of unique features of the sunni through illusion is the fact that it was so organic the protesters organized themselves a very natural process but escalated very quickly and they were successful in terms of overthrowing the share but i think it's very important that instead of looking
4:46 pm
outside to the international community i think the sudanese are as organized political community that everything that it takes to challenge the military of course a good thing if the international community uphold thoughts and principles african union has given sudan 2 months time to hunt over power to civilian rule that 2 months time is running out and i don't think the military council is going to meet that deadline but i think the primary. push has to come from the saudis themselves and sudanese shouldn't put too much hope on external actors how will alow in glasgow i thank you well ladies sorry i'm out of time with a video here in tire. and on the wall us one who's on the phone as well from khartoum and thank you for watching as well plenty more for you online of al-jazeera dot com this program and all our other additions are in the inside story section of the show's menu i didn't get social whether facebook dot com for a.j. inside story or so twitter at a.j. inside story and i'm at come on in the tweet me directly thanks so much for joining
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us so you can sing to. on mexico's busy roads there are those who've had enough. cyclists are taking to the streets on mass. their objective to make the streets safer alternative cleaner forms of transportation but when it proved to be an uphill struggle for this group of activists over the wheel do you find that on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you are. saddam's security forces opened fire on protesters killing 2 people and injuring time. hello you're watching al jazeera long headquarters here in harm so robin coming up in the next 30 minutes. israeli settlers and security forces
4:49 pm
and to the al aqsa mosque compound and detained several palestinians who were attending prayers. also china blames the united states for a setback in trade talks after the latest tyrus from both sides plus. an inquiry into canada's a murdered missing indigenous women finds the victims of a genocide. welcome to the program at least 2 people have been killed in sudan and turned injured when security forces opened fire on protesters thousands of demonstrators in khartoum have been staging a sit in outside the military headquarters demanding a transfer of power to a civilian government rhetorical because the latest. anik incidents capital khartoum a shots were fired towards protesters who were setting up barricades the army says
4:50 pm
the protest outside the ministry of defense has become a hub for criminals and is posing a danger to the state but thousands of demonstrators defying warnings from the military to stop the sit in they say they'll keep up the pressure until their demands for a civilian government are met absolutely no aggression against theirs this is not new this is has always been the women were jeanne and i personally think that is an extension of her bashir and this is the only language they understand well it's and firing at civilians the military council has been in charge since long time president obama al bashir was deposed in april and they say external powers may now be influencing what's happening inside sudan after having visited saudi arabia general. and his vice came up with a different look at the they are now putting a different face previously they were very diplomatic in their appeal to the people
4:51 pm
now they are very blunt. there are also reports of gunfire in sudan 2nd largest city on demand where they've been regular protests before and since the shares removal talks between the military can. and the opposition coalition to form a transitional government was suspended 2 weeks ago after the 2 sides failed to agree on who will lead the transitional period the military council says if no progress is made it will call for elections before the end of the year a move rejected by the opposition. the risk of violence is increasing as the standoff between protesters and government forces intensifies but protesters say they are determined to stand their ground until the military hands of the power victoria gate and be al jazeera. part of the protests and has been since january he says people optimistic will be
4:52 pm
a breakthrough. i 1st of all i want to show him when to show my sympathies to a good idea about what happened. shutting the deer off the hill and i'm paying that this is a. very very very bad move to against what we were demanding. because like the needs. of the dearest specifically want to be part of the all the most important the most important weapon that we paid the people to jim and to detect their ship was the media so much that much of the story about the about the situation here is good and i'm actually in the right now i mean the tipton things are really. the 3 tier that people are really high and people are sick about the leak that we gave. 2 hours ago maybe tonight my idea back to tonight but things aren't really clear to now. about what
4:53 pm
was going on in the. sudan here you can actually feel the tangible change that happened after the collapse of the previous 3 games people are more more more open the speaking people are more freely speaking about their opinion the situation here in sudan even though there are so many up to one of them for sure the forces which are controlling everything here in sudan which make it so hard for the negotiators to achieve something in the ground people have been. divided when it comes to the other forces some of them are saying they. basically created by the previous 3 games to keep some certain agendas to be such places and they're now on the side of the people but the others other. a lot of the people are.
4:54 pm
basically would be called to do it. they're not going to be they cannot be tolerated or accepted by any means. people are divided when it comes to. turning their debate that people. think aren't real be clear because obviously the. interest in. israeli forces event of the al aqsa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem they used pepper spray and detained a number of palestinians who were inside attending prayers a large group of israeli settlers also and to the compound alongside the israeli military have a full sit tons more on this now from west jerusalem and basically it's nearly the end of the holy month of ramadan hereon just this disturbing video emerges from one
4:55 pm
of the holiest sites in islam and it does not going to please worshipers that. no and the reason that it's happening in the contest of this is that it's also excuse me a day known in israel as jerusalem day marking the according to the jewish calendar the day 52 years ago that israeli forces occupied east jerusalem during the course of the 1967 war so it's in celebration of that day that they attend a large march or at least thousands of people usually ultranationalist religious nationalists march through the streets of the old city which leads to tensions especially in the muslim quarter were lots of shots a shot and we can expect that to happen later this afternoon but usually when these day to day when this day coincides with the end of ramadan as it has this year then we would expect to see it close to access to to all man was lim's at least during
4:56 pm
most years the aqsa mosque compound known as the temple mount to jews is closed in on muslims for the last days of ramadan what we're not clear about is why the police decided to open it this morning there was a report earlier in the month last month that the police are decided to close access to jews on this day the high court received a petition from jewish activist said it was up to the police to make a decision and what we're hearing from both the police and the islamic works the organization islamic organization which runs. the mosque compound is that once people inside found out that jews would be allowed in on this day after all protests broke out the police say stones and chairs were thrown and these very security services moved in and it was after that that they started to allow access to non muslims in terms of official word from the israeli authorities that as
4:57 pm
you've already mentioned the wife of a saudi has already said well given its version of events can we expect any more comment about this. well certainly i think we we have been trying to get some further comment from the works and we will bring that to you as and when we get it but i mean that the whole tenor of their remarks was that this was an operation which came in and put down a protest with large numbers of israeli security forces and then allowed access to 2 to jews to jews took to come in on a day when all indications previously had been that there would be no such access so i think you can take from that that there is a great a good deal of of unhappiness with the situation as far as the work is concerned the police really aren't giving any explanation as to why they made this decision the police spokesman is merely saying that access to non muslims was allowed today
4:58 pm
as it is on any normal day that there wasn't access allowed on wednesday and thursday but access was reopened today sunday so making no real comment on the fact that it's jerusalem day making no real comment on the fact that it's the end of ramadan but those are the 2 important events in terms of how this is being seen on both sides i think for the moment we'll leave it there howie thank you. now israel's military says it has also fired missiles into syria late on saturday syrian state media says 3 soldiers were killed and several others injured in the attack which hit south of damascus israel says the air raids followed a syrian attack on the occupied to golan heights parts of saudi arabia have been without water and electricity since saturday local media says 3 provinces in the southwest close to the border with yemen have lost vital services disrupting hospitals and gas stations the outage is being blamed on technical malfunctions.
4:59 pm
china says the u.s. and take full responsibility for the setback in trade talks vice minister of commerce one shoe and says that the u.s. can't pressure china into an agreement and beijing will not back down on its core principles. well the trade war has not made america great again instead it's increased the production cost of american companies raised the mystic prices if it did u.s. economic growth and people's livelihoods and it's handed u.s. exports to china. brown has more from beijing it's rare for senior chinese government officials to hold a news conference on a sunday morning but that's what has now happened and it has to be seen in the context of all that's taken place in china during the past few days on friday the commerce ministry announced that it was a stablish a blacklist of foreign companies a move that will unsettle foreign investors here in china but wouldn't give details as to when that list would be released and then of course on saturday china imposed
5:00 pm
more terrorists on some $60000000000.00 worth of u.s. imports as the 2 countries ratchet up their tariff war now the commerce ministry has gone a step further hit back once more they released a white paper which in a sense outlines china's case in these stalled negotiations between the 2 countries the vice minister for commerce mr wang showmen said repeatedly that the united states had backtracked during the negotiations between the 2 sides he said that china would never capitulate on key areas that affected its sovereignty he was also asked where the president xi jinping and president donald trump would meet on the sidelines of the g. 20 economic summit in japan at the end of the month he couldn't answer that but he did say the chinese officials would be attending a major economic summit in japan.


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