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released and then of course on saturday china imposed more terrorists on some $60000000000.00 worth of u.s. imports as the 2 countries ratchet up their tariff war now the commerce ministry has gone a step further hit back once more they released a white paper which in a sense outlines china's case in these stalled negotiations between the 2 countries the vice minister for commerce mr wang sherman said repeatedly that the united states had backtracked during the negotiations between the 2 sides he said that china would never capitulate on key areas that affected its sovereignty he was also asked where the president xi jinping and president donald trump would meet on the sidelines of the g. 20 economic summit in japan at the end of the month he couldn't answer that but he did say the chinese officials would be attending a major economic summit in japan in the next few days and that seemed to hold open
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really an invitation if you like for the united states to perhaps attend those talks china said it did not want a trade war but once more repeated its warning that it's quite prepared to fight one china isn't the only country in the trade dispute with washington president trump plans to impose tariffs on all imports from mexico now the tariffs are meant to pressure mexico into curbing illegal migration into the u.s. some border is a resident scholar at the american enterprise institute he says the mexican government has left itself in a weak position. i don't know why what the mexican government expects because clearly the this us government is not a government that you can reach agreements with that you can then rely on they just renewed the free trade agreement with the u.s. and canada. and that is supposed to eliminate all terrorist between the 3 countries
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so i don't know what they're hoping for but i don't know they've put themselves in a weak spot obviously at the margin there is there are things they can do they can try to enforce their their own southern border but ultimately what the u.s. is asking them to do is to turn themselves into some sort of east germany where they they build walls and whatever else to make it impossible to leave mexico and that seems like a completely reasonable the ban to make. well still ahead here on al-jazeera. i'm somehow lolling down then reporting from yami i meant are my warnings on the northernmost tip of the philippines won't sell you how the philippine manages efforts to build a defense here greatly influence other territories in the south china sea. the game all the traditional iran keep pounce time that's come back to life thanks to the demands of on.
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the web and sponsored by cattle and raise. still plenty of heat in the weather across europe at the moment still some lively showers as well this particular band of cloud and thundering down poles is locked in position here high pressure dominating so that's why we've got the clearer skies and the sunshine but there is a change on the way we got this wet and windy weather which will pile its way in from the atlantic over the next couple of days introducing some more fresh air temperatures in london recently getting up into the other the mid to high twenty's well for a little colder as you go on through sunday and cool still as we go into the early part of next week and that change is also in place of paris 30 celsius will see this band of clouds and rain sweep its way through winds picking up temperatures fall back to around 21 degrees still some more though at least for the time being image rated around 33 celsius could touch 32 ahead of our rain band. and then we
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got those showers just sinking a little further south which of these was down across the balkans much of the med it's fine and dry with warm sunshine and plenty warm sunshine to into northern africa but you can see this band of cloud which is spinning out of the mediterranean into libya to just catch a spot or 2 of right on that system then as it makes its way a swiss study cells are seeing kyra maybe 36 for monday is colder but warm enough behind. the weather sponsored by cattle and ways. goes on a roller coaster journey in the wrong and discovering how for an empowered refugee community south believes and identity. i'd like to prove to the world. i will be able to prove myself to my mum. and myself. to the side child afghan you know on
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al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching all deserve me sell robin a reminder of our top stories at least 2 people are being killed and 10 others injured in sudan's capital after security forces opened fire on protesters played been camped outside the military headquarters for weeks demanding a civilian government. israeli forces have entered the mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem they used pepper spray and detained a number of palestinians who were attending prayers at the malls. china says the u.s. must take full responsibility for the setback in trade talks between the 2 powers
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vice minister of commerce one show when he says the u.s. can't pressure china into an agreement beijing will not back down on its core principles. to asia pacific now where the philippines is building its 1st military base on its northernmost island it's uninhabited and taiwan is just 80 kilometers away jamil arlindo going traveled with the philippine military to yummy island and reports now on why the facility is so important. people here say it's talked about like mythical islands in the children's book a place so remote many thought there was no way to get there. but the philippine military invited us on the trip. and after almost 2 days of travel we finally arrived at the island. yemi is also known as is the northernmost to put the philippines taiwan. for the last 2 years the philippine
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military has been quietly building a maritime zone here it's not in a contested area as it's well within the philippines exclusive economic zone but the philippine military is thinking ahead to. the very. other naval forces. yummy the island is highly strategic it's facing a key waterway that connects the pacific ocean the east china sea and the south china sea. at a time when the administration is highly criticized for its. braving
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the rough seas. has been fishing here for more than 50 years he says a foreign poachers with larger fishing vessels have been bullying local fishermen like him for decades he says he is grateful for the shelter that's been built here for them. from what i never imagined that this was possible in my lifetime before. foreigners throw dynamite in front of us. food security is a growing issue not just in the philippines but in a region with competing claims over territorial waters and analysts say this may well be the next milegi flashpoint. as the flag is raised and the national anthem reverberates on this now occupied island the philippine navy promises to increase its patrols here on the northern front.
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island northern philippines. well from the northern philippines that said to north africa where 2 car bomb explosions in eastern libya reportedly targeted fighters loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar who turn up and in the city of donor a medical source of residence told reuters news agency that at least 18 people have been hurt it's not yet clear who is responsible and forces loyal to libya's and recognize government so the pushbike ward cleaver have to find a south of the capital they say they've also bombed have to his positions in the south of least 3 fighters were killed in the operation after launched a military offensive to capture tripoli in april the mood of the wired as more from tripoli. clashes started on saturday between forces loyal to the un or could now is the government of national accord and others led by the warlord 24 hefted in the vicinity of the old international active airport on this southern western part of the libyan capital the government forces say that the are determined to be captured
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at the airport because it has been this supporting hub for have stood as forces in for the main axes north of the airport in its windy and 3 get up. and east of the airport in a little for the journey and ends up ends our axes they go with the government forces say that the captured at the airport they can then cut the supporting line going for have to forces from the airport to those 4 main axes the also say that they can easily take control of their airport and look at they have to his forces locations in the vicinity of the airport they can also open the way towards area what have those forces are located there the situation remains very tense on the southern outskirts of the libyan capital specially for civilians many people have been killed since the fighting started on april 4th including civilians and
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also including women and children. victims of a canadian genocide that's how a landmark government inquiry will describe canada's missing or murdered indigenous women the report leaked to the media looks into the deaths and disappearances of $1200.00 indigenous women since 1980 but the exact number is thought to be much higher it blames deep rooted colonialism and state in action for a disproportionate level of violence faced by indigenous women indigenous women make up 4 percent of canada's population but account for up to 24 percent of homicide victims more than 2000 witnesses took part in the inquiry including survivors and relatives of missing weapon she have written c. has more from ottawa. the commission is in charge of this inquiry said that we're going to talk about the findings of that report until monday when the report is officially released at the building behind me they say that's in deference to the
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thousands who took part in the inquiry and meetings around the country over 2000 people sharing what they call that truth is with the commission has some who called for the inquiry some of those in the indigenous community have welcomes the use of the word genocide but the same question that hung over this inquiry when it began hangs over it now now was this isn't the 1st inquiry into the problems plaguing indigenous communities in canada we've had several in the past that do seem to come up with the same convergence of factors social and economic exclusion official racism official violence official indifference the cultural war that was declared on in the communities in canada but in the past all for those reports despite promises from prime minister justin trudeau just 3 years ago after the truth and reconciliation commission to implement all the recommendations off the inquiry off of the commission nothing or very little has actually happened the question this
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time around once again is so what's going to be different this time once again prime minister today says he'll implement some $125.00 recommendations in this report but it is difficult to believe. u.s. president donald trump arrives in the u.k. on monday kicking off his 3 day state visit but he's already making his presence felt by wading into the conservative party's leadership contest. in london. president trump has a keen interest in power who has it who hasn't he also has his own ideas on the next british prime minister in an interview with the sun newspaper this is what he said about the export and secretary and hardline boris johnson i know the players are no different but i think. they can be. and he also said he didn't think johnson's well publicized extramarital affairs would harm his chances johnston's been complementary of donald trump's presidency in recent months but
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when he was mayor of london he was anything but how times change i would invite him to come and see the whole of london and take him around the city except that i wouldn't want to expose to any unnecessary risk of meeting donald trump. foreign secretary jeremy hunt another leadership contender also got the trump seat of approval because of his pledge to spend more on defense. but it's thumbs down for environment secretary michael gove the leadership front runner who recently accused trump of saber rattling over his iran policy trumps words fall short of a full endorsement of johnson but they've been seen as a bombshell intervention in british domestic politics and a breach of diplomatic protocol also claims that other leadership contenders have approached him asking for his public support the guessing game over who these contenders are has already begun all in all the u.s.
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president believes that he has the potential power to impact who will be the next occupant of number 10 downing street it is a crowded contest with 12 m.p.'s vying to replace to reason may the race may be on may will still be prime minister during trump's 3 day state visit to the u.k. beginning monday to resume and boris johnson have had a fractious relationship over breaks it. also told the sun he was really loved in britain given the huge demonstrations during his working visit last year including the appearance of this claim may be up for debate the barker al-jazeera london. traditional arab game is making a welcome return for players in northern iraq it's known as the ring game and has been played by iraqis for decades during ramadan eisel ban the popular pastime in mosul when the group took over the city 5 years ago now with arsenal gone it's game on again matheson reports. they may look grim and
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determined but these men from mosul are actually having fun this is the so-called ring game on the tables for decades during ramadan in iraq habits teams made up of shia and sunni players have competed across the country but the game was abandoned . mosul and some other parts of iraq when i saw fighters seized control 5 years ago among. the gangsters let's name them i so didn't allow any entertainment in life god willing we will have it every ramadan realising this traditions and bring him back to smiles on life to our society and to our beloved muscle. in mosul behaviors teams can have up to 21 members a ring is hidden in the hand of one player that means one of the opposing team has 42 hands to choose from if you find the ring he scores a point it sounds simple it's not. isn't
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a guessing game it's a game still in the school colors and scrutinizing of the faces in the body language of the players to try to work out which one is holding the ring has been played for years in places where i still didn't have control like here in baghdad but in mosul the return of the ring game is another small. piece. in public my head this is almost exclusively played by men in private things can include women as well like most gays it's as much about bringing people together. all the areas in mosul are taking part will bring out the battle of sweets then there will be photos laughing storytelling it is all about people meeting other people even if you're going to do. when they find the ring the team will cheer and say bring during bring it then they will celebrate them a special way by singing the old songs. peace is still fragile in iraq
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but people in mosul say the return of the ring game is another sign the threat from eisel seems to be fading. al-jazeera baghdad. and hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend a victory parade in liverpool in northern england after their champions league win tottenham hotspur conceded a penalty inside the 1st minute of the match to put live full one nil up in madrid the 2 nil win marks the 6 time that liverpool have been crowned the european champions and liverpool city council has warned that significant troll disruption is expected during the parade show. we will be. watching al-jazeera homes the whole robin these are our top news stories at least 2 people have been killed and 10 others injured in sudan's capital after security forces opened fire on protesters they've been camped outside the military
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headquarters for weeks demanding a civilian government israeli forces have entered the al aqsa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem used pepper spray and detained a number of palestinians who were attending prayers a large group of israeli settlers also entered the compound alongside the israeli military compound is sacred to muslims and is home to 2 of the most important sites in islam the dome of the rock and mosque israeli military says it's fired rockets into syria late on saturday syrian state media say 3 soldiers died and 7 others were injured in the missile strike which hit south of damascus israel says the strike followed a syrian attack on the occupied golan heights china says the u.s. must take full responsibility for the setback in trade talks between the 2 powers vice minister of commerce one issue when has unveiled a government report on the dispute he says the u.s. can't pressure china into an agreement and beijing will not back down on its core
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principles. of the trade war has not made america great again and still has increased the production cost of american companies raise domestic prices if it did u.s. economic growth and people's livelihoods and it's handed u.s. exports to china. 2 car bomb explosions in eastern libya her reportedly targeted fighters loyal to the ward cleaver hafter the attack up and in the city of daraa a medical source and residents told the reuters news agency at least 18 people were hurt it's not yet clear who's responsible and forces loyal to libya's u.n. recognize government say that they've pushed back ward cleaver have to fight as south of the capital they say they've also bombed have tossed positions in the south at least 3 fighters were killed in the operation after launch a military offensive to capture tripoli in april the u.n. says more than 90000 people have fled their homes to escape the fighting you can follow those stories of course on our website at al-jazeera dot com i'll be back
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with more news in half an hour but next it's talk to al-jazeera so stay with us. i really want to get down to the nitty gritty of reality where on line you have a male chauvinist and that is in clash with in our global federation and it is really hard to get that higher or if you join us on sat. there mind this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us and i live here to chat and you too can be in the street join the conversation on how to 0. when the american government 1st partially shut down migrants and asylum seekers along the mexican border continued trying to enter the country.
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to. efforts by president trump to force the democratic party which controls the house of representatives to fund a border wall had reached an impasse meaning no agreement on a budget the plan includes $5700000000.00 for a strategic deployment of physical barriers or a war. in other words what happens here impacted the normal functioning of unrelated operations of the united states government. i am beyond our leader was there. and at the center of all of this are of course the migrants themselves like they've been payers from guatemala and hector from a salvador will tell us their stories like that.
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some simply jump over the wire. other specially men seek the help of smugglers to cross the border. trump said that he wants the military to build a very high wall. with. the crisis also affecting people in mexico who live alone to train migrants take to get from central america to do united states like alfredo lopez lives into a corner i always try to help the people that come here to move business or. to start asking for a. new door or a calling there was a little confrontation between residents feel like yes and the migrants are were living near a true rocks a lot of people think that you guys are invaders you are criminals if you had an
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american in front of you who thought that well would you say. today on talk trudges iraq would be the people at the center of the crisis along mexico's northern border . it may seem like a difficult thing but if you know the area this border is not that hard to cross at least that's the impression you get when you talk to people smugglers. according to have year a few days of carefully planned walk is all it takes for people who i do wise might not risk it to cross the border with his help and enter the united states.
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but with helicopters above border patrol employing body detectors on the ground and with a partial reward to stop them this one bill during the george w. bush administration how do they actually do it. have year grew up in nogales along the border with arizona and has been doing this since he was 14 for more than 25 years we wanted to know how it all really works none of them are korean or almost i mean and. everything coming up and. you know i going to. president trump talking about the war with the u.s. soldiers that have been deployed along the border with helicopters and all of that is it more complicated. than i was good enough.
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for the out of my. remote. and. ok coming back with the money but there's always a new way right. now but it almost is a well thought out thought out of my in my mind over these 26 years how has it. just moan to. those that i thought ask what all this where is say's get there what you are a. good thing you know the boy with the thing is if they thought a. what and back what they think or what i. can be i'll move. to math. and that i. eventually. will have known i'm not up and look if
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a can of what is. that of those that are the what the row the. apple with and and when and why have you ever been caught they might have no might have put them in the water and how much does it cost and then though the author. makes single me in the us that you will. or show me to my madonna good business. in the middle and that's just for you is it for the holden and would. know no more for you from of. what i like and so you stop in arizona and then someone else takes it further you can feel water run and wake will love ya got together when i want that guy. either i think of him behind me and i will find out if and. but i should go with
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him but i don't know i. will email. yeah i think that in the. end why do you do is a dangerous job when. yes the border at the moment the wall here how is it in this area. by the. by the. then the muslim mathematica. nothing. but a family and from that say they just jump. in and they just walk over it's that easy we also heard about american people acting as vigilante is having weapons shooting at its migrants or as island seekers are probably people like you know the whole throws the almost the little
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memo but every benefit their political. thank you and the kids want to. come on the what are the almost. every family the bottom of the foot and the corner of the thumb when i want to know what sort of mass every family but remember so you depend a lot on information on the ground basically and you have your own intelligence network underground to tell you where to go and. the plan is important and. what end of a bit of them one of them would have more than a plan so i just want to do a little bit more detail than to do logistics of crossing would have to happen at a day or at night when i wasn't at that event but at the north. that's going from
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one locus and a mother to wear them on some of the miami in europe and then the. but another to move one going to reality here you know there's that them but i'm not them but i know you know this and norton and north they've been there less they would have them do you have to be armed for that. but i was in there. with them that's the. term i like and it's good to get that i like and what's the biggest group that you can take in one crossing. so you can do that alone you know . but it's almost. you know and it's a male of the there is in the end part of the money they pay is you provide food and sleep and all of that security obviously. when. you live by way of the on a calm in. their lives that have gone but. you know one of the new usa
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assoc i'm going to come in and. get them in there then grow up on. the set but most of them but i don't have these and that anything. have you had words for the lower cartel which controls this area on the mexican side and he says the cartel also controls terry chew on the american side of the. the cartel uses these rugged mountains to smuggle drugs and people both in close coordination but at the same time so it's the same route the drugs and and the people say the. boucle mind. you but there's never together no room for the safety of the drug operation and for the safety of the people there. since
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but if they would add their users they wouldn't of it but there's coordination. on the plate and then at the cables that are once you cross that wall who is on the other side or what territories that we're not going to move out of the not going to run then none of but it isn't that at the moment on the threats. and that's one of the for the isle of man that i thought he would have but i can. think again that once you cross into does states how far from the border do you go. take. that. and then you come back. out of it ok so you get that ritchie finishes in that point and then someone else take it to another territory and. in the last 2 to 3
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months has it been more complicated then with everything that it. no look at the person of from then on the miliband. must. jump said he wants to military to build a very high wall. so knowing the war heat sensors their body movements sensors and. helicopters but their border guards how did you get around all of that. going to. be. with. this and so that. you know. you could limit them. but some of. the 2nd one.


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