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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 22  Al Jazeera  June 2, 2019 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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since but if they would add their users they wouldn't of it but there's coordination. on the players and. once you cross that wall who is on the other side or what territories that we're not going. to not going to them then none of that is in the at the moment on the thoughts of. as a no vote for the isle of man that i thought he would have but i can. think again that once you cross into the states how far from the border do you go. and then you come back. out of it so you get that she finishes in that point and then someone else take it to another territory and. in the last 2 to 3 months has it been more complicated then with defeat in that it
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. look at the path and then the from then on the miliband. must. jump said he wants to military to build a very high wall. so no into war they i heat sensors their body movements sensors. helicopters but trolling that border guards how did you get around all of that knowledge that i had at that moment over. there he. thought if. you know. what the. bottom of what happened. that i come when i went. so you have to go to the
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experts in your team. that go to this and so on. and it's better than i care because they're going to rethink. it and then of openness in the bottom of the tip of the moment about that. little. scene but as a game of the. on the up is on the. going on with the. with the. old it dad me you are walking with your clients someone is guiding you. have you ever thought about going and settling in the united states. because you have a better job here. b.b.n.
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piers is from guatemala she began her journey alone but met her miss from honduras along the way and fell in love. although she started out determined to cross into the united states she says she is reevaluating process when you're going to. see it. in the. u.s. . you said goodbye to your mother and there's a goodbye to your friends and you didn't know what was going to happen what did they say. they gave up. their manuals but i. mean all phenomenal what they say that they know me nor even of the. millions but the. catalog.
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of those are still says. this it it went up over there so we're going to want. most. of all. without missing a model for young. no one even see that. the mill and those are the joy of the hardest 1000 miles in. the whole u.s. . but it gave me so and yet i said in my. you want to return to god so all i want to see get awarded are what they're not all local one which will . get a war going to be iraq this little bit of the ok yeah you say. this but on the. get out i guess our laws might be a heap of. president trump said you were invaders. other people. people like you come and don't speak the language and you know behave badly
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you think it's going to be easy once you cross there low no us a man fuzzy political bulls did this or that which i had that i see stunt they gave the say they. have more so instead of me and i had a single bed all i kept there when i get out there is suddenly me and the scare logical in. many you are you that. little so almost a not a demigod also that's the most i activists you will say yeah you know it's a little somewhat of a want to stir be anybody mentally entering i will see as. you say the nautical but also when i spot a sourness umbrella hollowness you know so you want to evade the system of i want to stand up for yobs seeing was that a man has the it up cumbia. general jail adam was part of
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a sicko markandey why not that we allow these things you don't mean was made gun will not get into our hearts it'll be in one of the saying i at last miss most is the loneliness is located in the heart you all know in order to get out there by north america. getting mugged if you can stay in mexico and you have your love and you have your papers and you can find a job why not stay here or else a deal is a serious way normal when i. feel and that will not be on my mental set a movie is a bit too mediating you living in this and the as journalists government ask you about you all the time when before we didn't really look at you when the borders clause when all these rumors about the 2 leaders. and by this scenario. see i hold bajo weigel me me me me but it's so not any good up. but
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opposition against migrants does not just come from the american side of the border . here into one there is some worry as well although it can take a while before you hear it after some prodding afraid to no purpose a restaurant owner an accountant says he feels his town has been hijacked. but he also blames the mexican government for not handling the situation in a better way the very 1st day we had like 500 people here many of them asking for power for your cell phones many of them children they asked me for a soda or a pizza i black eye blood be. given to them. i actually hired 2 of only venice to work here and there for exchanges going to
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give them a bad and good but i was kind of disappointed. at the 3rd day because they were telling me hey we need to have breakfast we need to have lunch and we need to have dinner so. i don't think that was correct of the. you mean you felt it was me when we felt yeah yeah that's right that's right that's the that's one of phelps and central feed the people are so afraid of the central american but because and facebook. a lot of people say that they are modest i love to watch us for people that are coming to make damage to the site. actually and one of my face favorite publications of my business. i was inviting the people to come over because it's
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a very secure place we have misspoken lives we have federal police taking care of the security of the area and many of them oh no it's very dangerous because central america. and it's not it's a very safe place it's a very safe place to be but there's no report of any kind of attack or robbery or harassment or there was derived through rocks threw rocks at the police officers. and after that they. did not know anyone. so was what's happening now through social media this fear mongering yeah. there's fear. we. can help. our government with something we would do it but we need to get our city back. right now it's been taken. it feels like it's.
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for some migrants crossing the border it is not just a once in a lifetime experience. hector from one duress already made the journey as a teenager but after a difficult time in america he tells us he started drinking he returned to his home country where he eventually married. now he has changed his mind about america and wants to return his wife 8 months pregnant already crossed the border he wanted his 3rd child to be born in the us to secure a citizenship for the baby and eventually the rest of the family this is what trump would call an anchor baby and he wants to put a stop to it and that is why the jews who were going to marry. the new one in the us i'm not a bad lot and don't see the internet out of interest so you were too young to
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understand how lucky you were to be in the united states is a 2nd. time in the open and money not operative look at him record. i want to gasoline back at the mother grandmother with the ghetto i thought i was there but as if one what they would ever need coming from in a 2nd and this wall. every day day add to it it's how you are does more metal does it when you look at it are you afraid that you might not be able to cross if it continues like this no it is a boy it gives off what you know but of the father i must go out of this in the subway or get help with your helping the mohammed atta fathoming get out of them when they are part of the family handed out a missing so you know why your father about a young mind how you come home to see your wife crossed can you explain to me how it all happened buzzing a moment in the heart of the water mama fake on the road it felt oh yeah mom it was a you let me know ok i will get here i cannot get here but i've been here not need
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to tell or not to ask a fairly young we don't look at all of the mushy language amber or evil jani i mean i don't focus on this any more a preschooler from now but i'm going to focus on that if i'm honest with you did she jump or did she go underneath no isadore where bin you know the person like the love i go but she's 8 months pregnant and must have been scary for you to see it in the on the other playing on the mental convalescing or the serious effect right there you know which are ok the tower can let you go i don't get into so i didn't get give us a ride or however you want to have any balls yesterday here in the crib but i'm not going to tell you that i am particle being a normal thing lasting only an hour and wish you no to thank you from texas so when she called she as far as i look to the b.s. in a book that was a on the when or where i thought on what i know no killer if i don't know but hey i do holger escape but i bring them up there is often a fun trip or they are for girly stuff but i sit on their monolith. and which i
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struggle with about his hero so often you see a number of the fire in. the enduro and i feel like i suppose. gallows skinner brought a blob on a bong i said i'm going to corner your feet what are some of you but a lot of people say you shouldn't be crossing that this way you should be going through did he go order even if it takes much longer but it came out among the 15 but again they're there saw him because they had the open air academy which i love both on the list it was a must win then i got to look at the beginning myself the bandit ran out to be another good lens i could think of went on the net on the bust my not like i was in with an sickest floating debris nothin of weather but i've probably already put down there was a couple had a list of prevent that i'm nowhere near any of just but if our feelings are when i woke up and i was because of the political atmosphere in the us a lot of people think that. you guys are invaders that you
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are criminals that you want to go and live over on social benefits if you had an american in front of you who thought that what would you say will get them out again oh no someone will get the innocent muslim to hold a summit at our fundamental place l.d.s. boy going to been you know he's looking for work if i see a lot of it up on the hill a funky man is so nokomis political can wait how do you most mossad of the world might be nice to him by a veteran with a c c o be it on the new bishop in the name of the boy. is getting on me ok i'm going to hand think i'm already out of them how that awesome. i was damn we bump up what you gotta suck up it only for the look at him and yourself and does it hurt us but i guess so i got that or. the book i'm with her hands in a photo book and all men are from with o.c.i. going to run to put a book at them or their part in the most of one of the and if you go thick you may be. go in this area over yourself i leaned over up with
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a limp your portable to your he saw example employer fantasy since we have been here standing you have been looking a lot at this voyager what were you thinking when you're looking at all what's happening at the moment. we have one of only 4. go for a password. at the nearest. to relieve is a lot. better than my telegram to. mamma had there been a problem. stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives. on just longstanding. finally separate
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the spin from the facts. in this information from the journalism protesters complain about the under reported of police violence the sensationalizing of the demonstration with the listening post on al-jazeera. saddam's security forces opened fire on protesters killing 2 people and injuring 10 . cards the whole robin you're watching of is there a line from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes. israeli
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settlers and security forces and to the compound and detained several palestinians who are attending prayers. also china blames the united states for a setback in trade talks to the latest terrorists from both sides plus. i'm. on the northernmost tip of the philippines well to tell you how the philippine military efforts to build a defense here influence. in the south china sea. welcome to the program at least 2 people have been killed in sudan and 10 injured when security forces opened fire on protesters thousands of demonstrators and car to have been staging a sit in outside the military headquarters demanding a transfer of power to a civilian government. as the latest. panic
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in sudan's capital khartoum a shot so fired towards protesters who is setting up barricades the army says the protest outside the ministry of defense has become a hub for criminals and is posing a danger to the state but thousands of demonstrators defying warnings from the military to stop the sit in they say they'll keep up the pressure until their demands for a civilian government are met. aggression against theirs this is not new this is has always been the peace i wouldn't wish it were jean and i personally think that it is an extension of bashir and this is the only language they understand it's well it's and firing at civilians the military council has been in charge since long time president obama al bashir was deposed in april and they say external powers may now be influencing what's happening inside sudan after having visited saudi arabia general. and his voice came up with
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a different look they are now putting a different face previously they were very diplomatic in their appeal to the people know they are very blunt. there are also reports of gunfire in sudan 2nd largest city on demand have been regular protests before and since the shares removal talks between the military council and the opposition coalition to form a transitional government was suspended 2 weeks ago after the 2 sides failed to agree on who will lead the transitional period the military council says if no progress is made it will call for elections before the end of the year and move projected by the opposition. the risk of violence is increasing because the standoff between protesters and government forces intensifies but protesters say they are determined to stand their ground until the military hands of the power victoria gate and be al jazeera. israeli forces that are into the al aqsa mosque
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compound in occupied east jerusalem that used pepper spray and detained a number of palestinians who were inside attending prayers a large group of israeli settlers also enter the compound alongside the israeli military force it has more from west jerusalem. well these scenes are coinciding with 2 important events firstly the end of the holy month of ramadan a time of great sensitivity for muslims a time when muslims usually aren't allowed access to the al aqsa mosque compound known as the temple mount to jews and also for jews for israeli jews this is according to the jewish calendar 2 the day known as jerusalem day marking the occasion 52 years ago when israeli forces seized and occupied east jerusalem dream the course of the $967.00 war now what we had been led to expect was the police would not allow jewish access on this day as would normally be the case on jerusalem day because it coincided with the end of the month of ramadan there was
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a high court decision when that apparent decision being appealed by jewish activists saying that it was up to the police to decide on the day but in in essence they decided to allow jewish access after all the police spokespeople aren't explaining that decision but once that decision was clear inside the locks a mosque compound palestinians inside started to protest the police say that stones and chairs were thrown the islamic walk the organization that runs the compound says that a large number of israeli security forces came in put down that protest and then allowed access and we've just heard from the walk the nearly 1200 jewish people were allowed in on this day that's down from 2000 last year but given that it's the end of ramadan that is seen as a pretty high number after this what happens later in the day typically on
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jerusalem day is that thousands of ultranationalists and religious nationalists march through bearing israeli fire igs march through the old city and including the muslim quarter and that is another potential flash point on a very tense day. and israel's military says it fired missiles into syria late on saturday syrian state media says 3 soldiers were killed and 7 others injured in the attack which hit south of damascus israel says the air raid followed a syrian attack on the occupied golan heights. parts of saudi arabia have been without water and electricity since saturday local media say 3 provinces in the southwest close to the border with yemen have lost vital services disrupting hospitals and gas stations the outage is being blamed on technical malfunctions. china has taken a firm stance on u.s. trade blaming washington for the setback in the goshi ations beijing has accused the united states of being an untrustworthy negotiator and said the trade war
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between the 2 powers was only hurting america's economy adrian brown has more beijing. a trade dispute the began almost a year ago is intensifying in an unusual move officials from the commerce ministry held a news conference on a sunday morning to present a report outlining china's position in the stalled trade negotiations up to 3000000 u.s. jobs were at risk it warns and it was the trumpet ministration not china backtracking on previous commitments nothing is agreed until everything is agreed and he warned china will never yield to pressure. if one side does not respect another size sovereignty and the core interests forcing one side to see it through pressure to gain a result that is only beneficial to one side and this kind of negotiation will not succeed and china's government is now promising new measures set to further
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escalate the trade tensions on friday china's commerce ministry announced it was establishing a blacklist of foreign firms deemed a threat to china's national interest more details are expected in the coming days but analysts say it's almost certainly a response to the impending ban on u.s. technology exports to china's biggest tech company a move that's likely to further unsettle foreign business executives in china u.s. ones in particular on saturday there was more chinese retaliation when terrorists were raised by up to 25 percent on $60000000000.00 worth of u.s. imports the list detailing the new levies running to $132.00 pages they applied to a wide range of products everything from meat and vitamin pills to seasonings and auto parts. china's president xi jinping and president donald trump will have an opportunity to talk again at the g.
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20 summit in japan later this month but on sunday the vice minister said he didn't know if the 2 would now meet adrian brown al-jazeera beijing will stay in the region the philippines is building its 1st military base on its north east oil and uninhabited in taiwan is just a cyclone which is a way to enter into explains why it's so important it is not a contested area because it is well within the exclusive economic zone of the philippines but the philippine military is thinking ahead and fortifying its defenses here up north yummy islands are also locally known as marvelous island has long been a favorite fishing grounds both for local and foreign vessels this is why this is also a huge food security issue the philippine military is now handing over most of the operations to the local government hoping that this island will become a refuge for filipino fishing vessels and security forces. are
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filipino fisherfolk i don't want who will benefit the most from this before this was developed there are so many sightings of poachers but when the philippines plug in the structures we build all of the poaching stop it's a manifestation of a you know we have it by any and speak anything can possible be we are united and passionate to defend and protect but you have. now experts are telling us that any efforts that the philippine military has done here on this barren island can also greatly influence efforts in other territories of the philippines in the south china sea. jose antonio studio is defense and security analysts based in manila he says it's important. that needs to be monitored. it will be a listening and a monitoring air post for the philippine military because that area of that island is in the middle of 2 channels channel and berlin tongue channel which
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are waterways that connect the east china sea to the south china sea or portions of the rest of the us we would call it here and that is a major interdiction point ok so. i will be frank here by saying that chinese military vessels for example can be monitored in terms of their ingress and egress of that of the south china sea or is trying to see leading towards the central pacific so. the possibility of that playing a very big role in in monitoring those activities is quite high and of course there is always the potential for base improvement now base improvement by itself may be actually not just be a unilateral affair by the philippines because we have to remember that the philippines that diary is works very closely with the united states military so it
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is also possible that such a facility me be assisted by the us government in matters of installing sensitive listening and monitoring devices there and even perhaps upgrading the could be abilities of the philippine military to undertake its missions and its mandate in that particular part of the philippines will still ahead here all al-jazeera tackling mexico's murder rate will examine the president's proposals for getting tough on crime. and motorcycle life so you follow the people who were schooled ambulances through gridlocked indonesian cities to stay with us. now.


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