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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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find the passages on the top day. from whatever angle you watch the collision is scary with the cruise line or simply warping the earth about. the author or she isn't bennis a several people were hurt as they tried to escape the accident happened on the deck a canal which is a major thoroughfare into the city built on water. it was probably something that was bound to happen the only lucky thing i hope is that there haven't been any deaths or injuries it was something we were expecting to happen for ages. you know it's a shameful situation but despite what happened we have been lucky given the circumstances it could have been a lot worse. than it is one of europe's most popular tourist destinations 20000000 people visit every year but the number of large cruise ships
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traveling through this u.n. world heritage site has alarmed many him. was was fearing the impact on this delicate city and the lagoon surrounding it and this person just lacked the m.s.c. opera they were greeted by protesters was the cruise ships owners say as it was about to dog when it encountered a mechanical problem it's reported to tow boats tried to prevent it from bombing into the river about. an investigation is underway to find out what happened and why he would al-jazeera. of a check of the weather up next the man. i'm. reporting from yami islands are melbournians on the northernmost tip of the philippines we'll tell you how the philippine military efforts to bill. a defense zone here in greatly influenced
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other territories in the south china sea. also devastation and evacuations after record flooding in parts of the u.s. . ally a pretty hates across the middle east as one would expect we've got showers drifting across the east and out of the region all the positive going to start seeing some pretty heavy rain and that pushes up little further north into tech minustah need to pakistan here's where the hate is coming behind 45 celsius for baghdad and here is why they the lively showers are kabul gets temperatures up to around 27 celsius karate around $35.00 somewhere in between northeastern parts of pakistan seen temperatures touching $51.00 degrees celsius recently so
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a record breaking heat well it will come to $28.00 there just around the eastern side of the mediterranean by rate of around 2829 over the next couple of days as we go on into choose day well that little more cloud just coming in across the eastern side of the mediterranean going to the heat into iraq we'll see temperatures around 26 therefore couple showers never really too far away about largely dry lousy dry to across iraq being pregnant 39 celsius temperatures take back a touch 40 degrees as we go on through cheese day but it's a lot so dry weather have you not feeling too humid lot of dry weather to across much of southern africa but welcome cloud pushing into the sack. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. provided attempts into someone else's work.
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inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers i'm at the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove it. witness on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera secretary of state mike pompei o says the u.s. is ready to hold talks with iran with no preconditions upon peo insists washington won't back down against what he calls a rainy and aggression it comes just a day after iran's president suggested he is open for talks. roger ailes
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transitional government has its counseling july's presidential election it prolongs the country's transition after the removal of president up at ozzie's beautifully in april. israeli forces have entered the compound that occupied east jerusalem they used pepper spray and detained a number of palestinians who were attending prayer and a mosque. donald trump says britain should be prepared to walk away from the e.u. without it would draw a deal but refused to pay the 50000000000 dollar divorce feet it's the u.s. president's latest remarks in a controversial lead up to his u.k. state visits. well if i were them i wouldn't pay $50000000000.00 the big number would be 50 but i'm only saying this for myself i would not it's a tremendous number it will get what they want to walk yes. this is their decision just as. if you don't get the deal you want if you don't get
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a fair deal. they walk away china has taken a firm stance on u.s. trade blaming washington for the setback in negotiations basing accuses the united states of being an untrustworthy negotiator and says a trade war is only hurting america's economy here's our china correspondent adrian brown. a trade dispute the began almost a year ago is intensifying in an unusual move officials from the commerce ministry held a news conference on a sunday morning to present a report outlining china's position in the stalled trade negotiations up to 3000000 u.s. jobs were at risk it warns and it was the trumpet ministration not china backtracking on previous commitments nothing is agreed until everything is agreed and he warned china will never yield to pressure. if one side does not respect another
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size sovereignty and the core interests forcing one side to see it through pressure to gain a result that is only beneficial to one side and this kind of negotiation will not succeed and china's government is now promising new measures set to further escalate the trade tensions on friday china's commerce ministry announced it was a stablish ing a blacklist of foreign firms deemed a threat to china's national interest more details are expected in the coming days but analysts say it's almost certainly a response to the impending ban on u.s. technology exports to china's biggest tech company a move that's likely to further unsettle foreign business executives in china u.s. ones in particular on saturday there was more chinese retaliation when terrorists were raised by up to 25 percent on $60000000000.00 worth of u.s. imports the list detailing the new levies running to 132 pages they applied to
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a wide range of products everything from meat and victim and pills to seasonings and auto parts. china's president xi jinping and president donald trump will have an opportunity to talk again at the g. 20 summit in japan later this month but on sunday the vice minister said he didn't know if the 2 would now meet adrian brown al-jazeera beijing or the dispute in the south china sea has also emerged as a flashpoint for china u.s. relations the chinese defense minister has warned the military will take action to defend beijing's claims over taiwan and the south china sea the comments come a day after acting u.s. defense secretary patrick shanahan or in china to stop threatening its neighbors sovereignty. it is a legitimate right of china to carry out construction on its own territory trying to build limited defense facilities on the islands and reefs for self defense does
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when there are 3 it's the will be defenses in the place of heavily on board ships and military aircraft how can we not deploy you need defense facilities 6 countries have overlapping claims in the south china sea china vietnam the philippines taiwan malaysia and brunei or china historically claims nearly all of the sea including waters close to the coasts of the other countries beijing has built several artificial islands to house military bases there this season porton because it's a major trade routes worth 5 trillion dollars and has abundant fisheries natural resources and possible oil and gas reserves in the philippines is building a military base on its northernmost island which is just 80 kilometers from taiwan jamila and dog and traveled there with the philippine military. people here say it's talked about like mythical islands in the children's book a place so remote many thought there was no way to get there. but the
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philippine military invited us on the trip. and after almost 2 days of travel we finally arrived at the island. yemi is also known as. the northernmost to put the philippines taiwan. for the last 2 years the philippine military has been quietly building a maritime zone here it's not in a contested area as it's well within the philippines exclusive economic zone but the philippine military is thinking ahead to. the very. other naval forces. yummy the island is highly strategic it's facing a key waterway that connects the pacific ocean the east china sea and the south china sea. at
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a time when the administration is highly criticized for its. person. in the north. we have a responsibility. braving the rough seas. has been fishing here for more than 50 years he says foreign poachers with larger fishing vessels have been bullying local fishermen like him for decades he says he is grateful for the shelter that's been built here for them. from the law i never imagined that this was possible in my lifetime before we were helpless for a nurse to throw dynamite in front of us. food security is a growing issue not just in the philippines but in a region with. all over territorial waters and analysts this may well be the
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next flashpoint. as the flag is raised and the national anthem reverberates on this now occupied island the promise is to increase its patrols here on the. island northern. hope. for forgiveness from the roma community for the discrimination they faced over centuries at the hands of the catholic church has been meeting representative of the community in romania where they make up about 10 percent of the population pope francis angered italy's far right interior minister matteo salvini by receiving a group of the vatican responded by repeating his promise to close all of. camps. nearly $8500.00 people were murdered in the 1st 3 months of this year in mexico the
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figure is a sobering reminder of the task facing president. whose promise to deal with violent crime has the latest in our special series looking at the president's 1st 6 months in office. record murder levels in mexico it's clear president and his mother will preserve a daughter needed a plan to bring the killings down and this is it or a big part of it the national guard branded as a new security force it's actually made up of the same soldiers marines and federal police that have been deployed to mexico's hotspots 2 years now $50000.00 of them will be stuck together in the new food and give an extra permanent policing powers its 1st deployment immunity plan in the south eastern state of veracruz the force was sent here up to 13 people including a baby were recently killed at a party. many residents are relieved including local doctor and community leader
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laurel petty's. wednesday the gang says had gone past all the limits there was no want to control them right now they're being stopped and it's tangible they're still kidnappings and robberies but they've gone down. the relief some are worried about a militarize force permanently on the streets armed forces temporarily deployed across the years have committed human rights abuses in listing that the lenses marines were involved in the disappearance of a son had called. the force disappearances haven't stopped and if the national guard comes with carte blanche to do what it wants they'll go on that's what we don't want more disappearances more human rights violations there is another issue now on the new force has been promised is the government really going to come through president will preside over the board announced almost a month ago that it was already operational here in minot to plan but in 2 days in
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the city we haven't seen a single member of the national guard and that's only going to lead to questions is this for real or just to show. we were unable to put those questions to the new national guard commander or interview request went unanswered. critics of the questions the main one why is the government starting this new fools why not work on the badly paid and equip police which are already in place in the long term you're basically just increasing the reliance of of local governments in federal security institutions instead of strengthening their own capabilities so you're not really filling up the institutional vacuum that we have at the local level in various places of mexico where security forces and police forces are basically useless and very incompetent because of a myriad officious mainly corruption and infiltration. president lopez obrador
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beach results and quickly he's calculated that the national guard who deliver the it's impact in the long term is open to question john homan just did a minute. relentless lighting has submerged farmland and homes in central u.s. states the mississippi missouri and arkansas rivers are breached levees more bad weather is on the way charlotte dallas reports. just north of st louis you'll find west alton county it's a farming community on a flood plain sandwiched between the mississippi and missouri rivers people here familiar with spring flooding but this year it hasn't stopped i never thought i would see this this water this high again after $93.00 they told us that was a 500 year flood but with all the levees they've built along the river there's no flood plain anymore so you know it has nowhere to go when we have this much snow
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melt snow melted in march and seem to surge of water down the mississippi river and its tributaries the illinois missouri and arkansas rivers record flooding drove thousands from their homes the state of emergency was declared in wisconsin iowa and nebraska but then the spring rain started and made the situation worse downstream affecting wide swaths of the midwest say the felt the economic impact but usually by this time the corn is 90 percent planted right now i think it's the last i read it was 37 percent but. you know the farmers are just devastated as communities have been evacuated businesses have also suffered this fuel station is the only one still open in west alton it's managers filling more boats and fewer cars as rivers become the new thora fear mistrust.
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in march the government warns 2 thirds of mainland america was at risk of flooding this year affecting 200000000 people thousands of homes have been damaged or completely destroys like this 110 days. in oklahoma. livy's maine to protect towns and farmland have breached across the midwest unable to withstand the steady high flows of water flooding hasn't been the only problem the us has experienced an unprecedented streak of tornadoes monday with 72 tornadoes recorded pushing the total above $1000.00 so far this year charlotte ballasts al-jazeera. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera secretary of state michael peo says the u.s.
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is ready to hold talks with iran with no preconditions but peo insists washington won't back down against what he calls iranian aggression it comes just a day after iran's president suggested he's open to talks we're prepared we're prepared to engage in a conversation with no preconditions we're we're ready to sit down with them but the american effort to fundamentally. reverse the activity of this as lawmakers republic this revolutionary force is going to continue. algeria's transitional government says its counseling july's presidential election it prolongs the country's transition after the removal of president of the law is beautifully in april. at least 2 people have been killed in 10 others injured in sudan's capital after security forces opened fire on protesters they've been camped outside the military headquarters for weeks demanding a civilian government the military leadership is accusing protesters are for
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mentoring anarchy. israeli forces have entered the compound and occupied east jerusalem they used pepper spray and detained a number of palestinians who were inside attending players a large group of israeli settlers also entered the compound alongside the israeli military. pope francis has asked for forgiveness from the roma community for the discrimination they faced over centuries at the hands of the catholic church he's are meeting representatives of the ethnic minority in romania. and 38 in egypt and . my heart is heavy it is way down by the many experiences of discrimination segregation and mistreatment experienced by your communities history tell us that christians too including catholics are no strangers to such evil i would like to ask you forgiveness for this i ask forgiveness in the name of the church and the lord and i ask forgiveness of you a cruise ship in venice as collided with
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a tourist boat injuring at least 4 people the ship was coming into dock when it crashed into the wharf and then the smaller boats. those are the headlines on al-jazeera and side story that's coming up next. china now mexico done all trump is whitening and goods unless the government stops illegal border crossings is the us president's using trade levies as a political weapon and what's the impact on diplomacy this is inside story.
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how welcome to the program. donald trump likes to call himself a tariff man the us president has imposed in paul duties to address trade imbalances with china canada europe and others now his threatening titus on mexico one of america's biggest trading partners says he would impose levies on mexican goods if it doesn't stop undocumented people from entering the u.s. many of the migrants escaping violence and poverty in central america that tartus with affects hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods mexico's president says he's optimistic that talks in washington this week will lead to a solution. that there are international options that we could turn to if we
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think that won't be necessary that we will achieve a good agreement through dialogue and we won't resort to legal processes we want to maintain good relations with the government of the united states while the u.s. and china have been imposing targets on each other over the past year china hit back on sunday with an official document blaming. the u.s. for their trade dispute the government accused washington of being an untrustworthy negotiator. we found if one side does not respect another size sovereignty at the core interest forcing one side to conceive through pressure to gain a resolve that is only beneficial to one side this kind of negotiation will not succeed book. let's bring in our guests now joining us on skype from north to term in maryland robert scott senior international economist a vehicle nomic policy institute in birmingham scott look us founder and editor of
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world view and years analysis site and u.s. and international politics scott is also a professor at the university of birmingham also on skype from taipei russ feingold tony and republican political consultant welcome to you all robert i would like to ask you 1st why is trump taking aim at mexico is it because of a purely economic purpose or there is politics behind this whole enterprise. this is purely a political stunt trump is increasingly becoming a one issue candidate his policies this year have been dominated by determination to make the immigration issue a campaign centrepoint and he's an easy gauge an increasingly desperate move. shutting down the government for
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a month over the border wall issue to now threatening tariffs that could undermine both the u.s. banks and economies masonic us if tom decides to go ahead with the targets impose a mexico what kind of impact we have on the economy well and itself it will cause a further rise in prices for manufacturers who bring in components and parts from mexico it will cause a further rise in prices for consumers who buy products from mexico if mexico decides to respond with its own tariffs it could make it more difficult for us farmers more expensive to send their products down south of the border but of course remember it's not just mexico because these tariffs come on top of the other mexico other tariffs including on the european union and especially on china and the chinese tariffs alone are estimated to cost $1.00 trillion dollars and u.s. cittie pay if they continue so it's now
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a combination of the tariffs around the world where mr trump and his advisors are risking economic damage for whatever political gain they see loss we're talking about judy's though is thoughts with a sense and then will increase to 25 percent perhaps one of the most dramatic increases by the top administration says the start of its trade war isn't his sending a message to the mexicans that this is the beginning of a war against here guys. well the issue here is one of security in the united states also a humanitarian crisis only democrats or republicans in congress or state officials along the border throughout the united states would deny that there is a significant problem and the fact is the government of mexico does need to do more to prevent the people entering from southern mexico transiting through mexico and then trying to enter the united states shortly before we began this program
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president trump sent its we were he called mexico an abuser you said is ease basically said that mexico's abused that their trade privileges that the u.s. extends to it that this strong relationship and return in return we have mexico not doing enough to prevent this tragedy that's occurring every day on the border the reality is is that tens of millions of americans are going to be very supportive of president trump's decision to be tough on mexico aust we have to keep that in mind if we follow of the line of reasoning value of thoughts and why would i upset the whole global trade system just for the sake of a border crossing issue between the mexicans and the americas the different ways to solve the problem. that the terrorists that president announced a few days ago it might be imposed later this week are with regard to mexico and a security issue that exists along the mexican united states border it's not related to broader trade concerns obviously president trump has used towers who are
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threatened tariffs with a number of trading partners whether it's the e.u. china and others but this specific situation as we've been discussing clearly it's important to president trump politically but that doesn't change the fact that there is a crisis and action needs to betaken how disciplined to that is the roberts. in fact trade in immigration policy do not and should not mix we don't really have a. security crisis supporter busy what we have is our refugee crisis in fact unauthorized immigration in the united states as a share of the population is at its lowest level in a decade if we look at who's arriving here 61 percent of the people arriving were families and children trying to escape a drug war and this in the so-called triangle countries a lot of mana mama el salvador and honduras and these wars in turn have been funded
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by the u.s. military and has been shipping tons of weapons to these governments where the tast aunt paramilitaries who are at hand in clubs with the gangs and the drug courts so just to the cops and there should be attack. so look as if the americans if the mexicans decide to retaliate against the titus imposed by the by the americans what kind of impact will he have on the american consumers. well if the mexicans retaliate then it will drive up prices for american consumers it will drive up prices for american manufacturers further but i think most importantly it will cause damage to american exports and in particular you look at the effect on american farmers who are already hurting because of the tariff or the trade war with china but i think beyond that immediate mexican retaliation the real danger
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there is really the rhetoric that you heard from ross which is pretty much trump rhetoric which is to simply say that the entire problem there it's all the mexicans fault in fact as robert pointed out we didn't have an escalation in undocumented immigration until after donald trump took office in many ways this is a whipped up crisis by donald trump and by his advisors to try to take this into the 2020 election so yes trade policy is very much linked to immigration even though it shouldn't be and it is simply the idea that you can bully mexico by using twitter or by using trump spokespeople to put out frankly untrue remarks about what is happening in the immigration issue ross you've heard what the scots have been saying and then many even in america saying that trump is harming his own people the people who bay who voted for him that just give you an example as a mexican decided to retaliate us on explosive mexico which accounts for something like $20000000000.00 would be affected plus the the. 5000000000 cubic feet of
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american gas which is pumped they would basis to mexico all of that would be disrupted which will have a knock on effect on the u.s. economy. these exports aren't going to stop it's true that max a kid consumer mexican companies might purchase last because their cost goes up but some cases in american exports lead back cost or some cases of mexicans will have no choice and they will buy that they will purchase the goods even with higher powers imposed by their own government but that we have to return to their the issue of the flow of people it's not fair to the truck to ministration to say that they manufacture this or it's the fault of the military assistance they give to government stair yet we don't know that those governments and institutions in central america are weak or corrupt and have a number about problems but but it's not fair to put my name in this on the trump administration you know people decide to leave whether they're for economic reasons
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or they're seeking asylum for legitimate reasons but the fact is they are transiting mexico mexico does have an obligation to its neighbor the united states to do something on the southern border of mexico to prevent the people who are coming in from from the triangle countries to blame that trump or ministration or say that it's that manufacture crisis the that there's a bit of a disconnect there between the right alan he's on the ground which is this movement of people where does this whole crisis leave mexico are we going to going to see them in the near future adopting more of a protectionist approach to try to protect themselves or seal themselves against the ramifications of his thomas. well for better or worse the united states has a great deal over leverage over the mexican economy 80 percent of their exports go to the u.s. and mexico is much more export to and it. that is the united states united states
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only about 12 percent of our economy depends on exports most of them go somewhere else so you might say that if this trade war actually takes place the united states economy might get a cold but mexico will get pneumonia and what happens when the mexico gets monia is they have no safety net and so what we will very likely get is a huge search in unauthorized immigration from mexico not the triangle countries as will be pushing mexico in a terrible recession missa look us is the spirit of nothing the started in 1900 full still belive and when trump is on the ballot the need to pull respect as an opposable levies on different countries for not just the spirit but the reality of nafta is very very relevant i mean this is a trade agreement for 25 years and indeed with the proposed revision from last
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autumn which has brought benefits to the u.s. to mexico and to canada in multiple sectors but beyond the immediate immigration issue let's be very clear donald trump has never believed in nafta donald trump has wanted to shred nafta and some of the some of his hard leider along advisors to and to be honest with you what we're looking at here is a fundamental decision on wednesday chaired kirshner dollar trump son in law said to the president look you don't need to do this for your aunt timer gratian measure you don't need to put the tariffs on because you will threaten my talks with the mexicans trump overruled them which raises the question is donald per count prepared in fact to go further and to completely undermine nafta beyond the specific issue of the 5 percent tariff. was i'm in with. i listen to you talking about the need to fix the issue of security and undocumented migrants but trump is someone who has been talking for many decades about the japanese taken advantage of
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the u.s. economy and then his chief of that narrative towards the chinese now he's taking aim of the mexicans what is he trying to achieve here because many people are saying populism is going to drive the united states of america into the obvious of catastrophe it's an excellent question and in fact in his tweets shortly before we began this program president trump mentioned that he does hope that american manufacturing would return to the united states from mexico possibly as a result of these new tariffs whether that will happen obviously it remains to be seen it's too early to make that judgment. president trump editions are criticizing japan as you mentioned in the 1980 s. and more recently nafta and china he's always been a proponent of american manufacturing return to the united states and if that is an outcome the tariffs which china or the terrace with mexico some of us might like that approach but it could be
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a political victory for president trump to the extent that he could cite american manufacturers who expand their operations and higher in the united states and it might very well get him reelected what we're talking about the what ross has just been saying about this could be conducive to a 2nd term for donald trump i mean the the republicans have been saying over the past few years that the only way for america to be great again is to reconnect with this money factor in bass and that with the tardis like when it comes to illuminate him and steal the minute facts and we'll be able to go back and flawless like you did in the past how do you see this russian and is it really does it make sense from an economic perspective or is it blown out of proportion. i think the overall tariff policy pursued by trump is it is actually backfiring what we've seen is in fact that u.s. trade deficits have been going up and that's tending to push production away from america and take a just a particular example in this case the u.s.
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auto industry is incredibly dependent on u.s. supply chain with mexico products move back and forth several times if these tariffs are imposed that add hundreds or even thousands of dollars the cost of a car made in north america this is going to reduce the ability of u.s. producers to compete in north america $2.00 things will happen one they will ship their supply chains to outside of the continent to start importing more cars from korea or even vietnam or malaysia and number 2 it will make for an imports more competitive so again this policy is going to be self-defeating if our goal is to rebuild american manufacturing if i can just make a final point the fundamental problem with the trump trade policy is that he's failing to deal with that sect that the u.s. dollar is uncompetitive he promised that on day one he would name china currency manipulator he has failed to do that we need to address the currency imbalance
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which is a global problem and has very little to do was a small poor countries like mexico some of us i mean a city have a car columnist hans saying that basically quotas and levies could be the best way to cut trade deficit and in the case of mexico china and other ways they say that's what trump is doing is absolutely the right thing to do. we saw this in the 1930 s. we saw countries around the world try to impose quotas to protect themselves raise tariffs and it only made the depression worse the whole reason why we have developed trade agreements since the 1950 s. the general agreement on trade tariffs for example the reason why we have a world trade organization the reason why we have agreements like nafta is so that all sides can benefit from trade this idea that trump can just pull everything inside america this protections idea and it's going to be magic it's neko well now i agree with ross it might be snake oil that helps him politically in 2020 but the
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bottom line is nobody nobody wants from a trade war and there is no way that donald trump on twitter is going to change that ross if you weighs a war against. us because this is affecting canadians mexicans and the europeans what kind of messes are you telling you the people you have worked together with for the last 70 years to build the mordant trade finance and political architecture though we know of today. i think this question goes to issues that so many of us have in trying to understand what is the trump and ministration or what is the trump policy on specific issues so we have to separate the rhetoric from the actions the president tries is not saying he doesn't want to have allies you know there's a whole debate about his feelings towards nato and threats that he made but ultimately in nato meetings and other nato activities the united states has been at the city
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for us supporter under the trump administration it's the same thing with trade president trump is not saying he's against trade agreements he's not against the global trading system we're working with end it what he is saying and again there's a lot of support among democrats and republicans in the united states is some of the unfair trading practices of our allies or in some cases countries like china which is obviously not an ally be united states need to be addressed and previous agreements for the world trade organization have not adequately addressed these unfair trading practices and we can't deny that other countries have trade barriers against united states goods and services and in this case that that's just a fact and donald trump has identified terrorists as a way to address this but then him i disagree with you for just that simple reason the tump was surrounded by some of the people who are really in favor of a global approach and they would all events had not taken over particular when it
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comes to the economy the knutsen of this all the protests this was brings me toss this question to. mr roberts if this is now more about protectionist within the top administration trying to shape his policies about the tatas is it possible still to have a globalized order that will swell for both the globalists and for the nationalists . well i think increasingly in fact trump is. trying to use threats and to punishes allies and not just on trade issues that year or so on immigration issues earlier we say it we saw the same. method being applied for example to induce could north korea where we threaten them with nuclear holocaust it got him a deal it got him a meeting with kim jong un but no agreement no change in their behavior and there again she should firing off test missiles so that situation has what hasn't worked
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is not worked in the case of the terrorist threats and its rights to tear up the nafta agreement that didn't really get him much progress on the changing nafta deal that's from what i was there is a very small fine tuning of the details that's not going to fundamentally change the you know so the problem is that you can you can throw bombs and threaten to clear all it cost only so many times and at the end of the day people stop listening ok we're now moving into a period where i think foreign leaders and countries are beginning to say well let's just wait this guy is going to 18 months maybe he's going to go away and we can deal with the next guy a woman or i think this white house some of us have seen that document released by the chinese government's use of americans for being an untrustworthy negotiator saying that if the boys down to head it back of the tightest they would ultimately do the same thing and blacklist american companies the not sharing components where
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the chinese potten is if the chinese decide to with holly it's how do you see the future of the international trading system. well i think if we get back to the point that robert talks about which is that there are trade issues but we need a scalpel to deal with them we need to do that so that all sides benefit if we can get back to that despite donald trump then we can take the pressure out of this the problem is and you've heard it from ross who simply is saying well we'll just use a sledgehammer to this we'll just you know everything instead of talking about currency values instead of talking about basically a negotiated arrangement in terms of exports and imports were to slap the tariffs on if that continues then if china retaliates and says well we will not give you rare earths renewable which are vital in everything from smartphones to computers if china decides to cut the u.s. off here's where we get we get to the idea that the u.s. is not at the center of the economy since we've had since 1905 but that the risk is that the u.s. will isolate it so what if china says we'll deal with europe we'll deal with india
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we'll deal with russia and donald trump you sit on the side and see what we can. ross i mean i'll tell you why people as we speak because we're seeing from the way is conducting the. fighting policy when it comes to north korea same thing with the case when it comes to iran now he's trying to upset a trading system the has been prevailing for many decades talking about more than one trillion 2 $100000000000.00 when it comes to trade exchange with the north american countries mexico and the united states of america is talking about more than $600000000000.00 of trade exchanged between china and the u.s. you're talking about hundreds of billions dollars worth of trade stays between the e.u. and the united states of america one simple incident as currency because all over the world particularly comes as stock markets so how do you just to fly this move by the trump administration. well in the over 2 years that the tribe administration
2:45 am
has been in office it's fair to say that the tribe administration has some victories on trade issues he has got concessions from some of the other trading partners to say that the u.s. m.c.a. the new version of nafta has only minor changes that might be sure looking at the black and white at the ladders on the on paper but the reality is canada for example has made significant changes to to its treatment of u.s. dairy products that's a big victory not just for the trump administration but for american dairy exporters. south korea again trump came in toth said he wanted to reopen that trade agreement south korea eventually made changes so we see that with other trading partner said to say that he comes in with a sledgehammer you know these other accusations in the rhetoric that we've heard during this program if you keep it by that you didn't do all these things on day one or 6 months in an even china were over 2 years into the trump administration where president tried has finally raised the tariffs up to the levels that we have
2:46 am
now made at these rather high levels you do it on day one is trying to go shit for the last 2 and a half years so. is he not getting good deals for the united states that would be inaccurate to say because the reality is he has got no other countries to make concessions in the threat in the face of the threat of tariffs we might not like it you might prefer i don't bomb emitter or asian type of approach where we have lots of multi lassie appointing but but but that's not an approach that has always worked best for the last fortunate they were running out of time on a promise of a dozen to visit this particular issue and of use a. inside story. thanks to our guests robert scott scott look at us and ross feingold and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j.
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inside story for me hashem the entire team here in doha by phone. i. as politicians in washington the fights are over a border wall we talked to the people at the center of the story many of them just said oh no it's very dangerous because since the many guns are there and it's not it's a very safe place migrants smugglers and people who live along the border. patrol just 0. president trump will be welcomed by the queen and outgoing prime minister
2:48 am
to resign made during his 1st state visit to the u.k. but how will the public receive him trump's views on breaks it global warming and other issues unlikely to cause controversy watch al-jazeera for full coverage and analysis. on counting the cost from credit fuel boom to currency crisis how can you fix turkey's economy. made in america how much would consumers pay for u.s. made goods and the debt crisis is making it harder for mozambique to invest for the future. counting the cost on i just you know. this is al-jazeera.
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watching the news our life from a headquarters in doha i'm dead you know gays are coming up in the next 60 minutes are ready to sit down with them the u.s. says it's prepared to talk to iran with no upfront demands but what is up on its pressure campaign. next month's elections in algeria are called off extending the. transition after mass protests forced out the longtime leader also. israeli forces and settlers enter the mosque compound several palestinian worshippers are detained. by maryam namazie in london with the top stories from europe including. an out of control cruise ship collides with a dock in venice fronting renewed calls for a ban on bigger vessels and i'm leah harding with all of your sport liverpool return as kings of european football greeted by tens of thousands of fans after
2:50 am
clinching the champion's league title. hello secretary of state my compost says the u.s. is ready to sit down and talk with iran with no preconditions about its nuclear program it's the latest sign of a softening stands between the 2 countries which have been trading threats for weeks but speaking in switzerland pompei or added the u.s. won't shy away from confronting what he calls iranian aggression. we're prepared we're prepared to engage in a conversation with no preconditions we're ready to sit down with them but the american effort to fundamentally. reverse the my line activity of this islamic republic this revolutionary force is going to continue and just days ago iran's president hassan rouhani said talks are possible if some important things happen 1st have examined. whenever the u.s.
2:51 am
stopped its cruelty against our nation put aside the cruel sanctions stands up for their commitments to return to the negotiating table which they left themselves the road is not closed but that the road is open i gather that a task. if the u.s. put aside cruelty in its policies returns to justice and returns to law the iranian nation will keep the road open for you it is in your own hands to show in practice that you do not want to continue your past cruelties and crimes well as amos ravi is monitoring reaction in tehran we'll hear from him shortly but 1st we'll cross over to washington where rozen jordan is standing by in pompei or has been one of the hardliners on iran rosalyn so is this a softening by the white house's position on the issue of teheran. well daryn it does appear to be a softening but whether or not it's a turning point is probably a much more difficult question to answer and that's because in recent weeks we have
2:52 am
seen the secretary of state might pompei of taking the lead on actions to try to hurt iran economically including the designation of the islamic revolutionary guard corps or r.g.c. as a foreign terrorist organization that has never been done before by the united states when it comes to a part of another country's government usually the organizations on this list include organizations such as al qaida such as boko haram such as who the fighters in yemen but you also don't see the u.s. for example allowing countries to have permission to buy iranian oil without the threat of facing sanctions that was another recent major rug cracked down in an effort to try to harm iran's economy and by extension persuaded to give up its ambitions of having a nuclear weapons program so it's
2:53 am
a softening of the rhetoric but unless you see a real change in u.s. policy it's not really clear daryn whether or not this is an actual turning point and perhaps an easing of tensions between the 2 countries an easing of the fears in the international community that there could be some sort of military confrontation between the u.s. and iran here in just a bit clearly rosalyn even though the secretary of state said that they're willing to talk to iran with no preconditions are there any signs at all that the u.s. will sort of relent and its campaign its maximum pressure campaign as it calls that's on iran. i would hazard to say no because we did hear the secretary of state say a short while later in that press conference that the u.s. was still going to be using these tactics to try to get iran to return to what the u.s. calls the international community of civilized nations you're not going to for example
2:54 am
see the u.s. . putting pressure on iran to stop operating its heavy water nuclear reactor the waste from that's generated by that reactor can be used as material in the construction of nuclear warheads you don't see the u.s. backing away from its demands that iran open its facilities to international inspection unfettered international inspection you don't see the u.s. saying that it is willing to actually return to the iran nuclear deal or that it is ready to actually negotiate a new deal is basically the status quo but a real softening in the secretary of state's language perhaps in part because of the growing international concern about a risk of yet another conflict in the middle east ok roslyn jordan with an update from washington fank you now let's get the view from iran as amos rafi is in the
2:55 am
capital. ever since the united states pulled out of the 2050 nuclear deal it has widened what was already a sizable trust gap between tehran and washington so the latest comments from u.s. secretary of state mike pompei you of talking to iran with no preconditions though a positive sign of a softer tone from washington was received here into her on by iranian leaders with a great deal of suspicion in a statement from iran's foreign ministry spokesman abbas mousavi said for the islamist republic of iran wordplay and expressing a hidden agenda with new words is not the foundation for practical actions for iran the basis is the. united states altering its approach and practical behavior towards the nation of iran but mr pompei was emphasis on the continuation of maximum pressure on iran shows it is the same long running old approach that needs to be revised so the message there is that for america talk is cheap but for iran
2:56 am
economic sanctions have been costly and continued economic pressure from those sanctions on the iranian people is unlikely to set the stage or the mood for any kind of conversation. because talking is. the continuation of the process of pressure he's imposing pressure this may work in the real estate market does not work in dealing with the last experience was not very optimistic and does not provide an optimistic. perspective for a future agreement if we are to take a positive view of things then both the united states and iran have softened their rhetoric in recent weeks both sides have seemed to walk back from the brink of war but iran's leaders have said over and over again they will not negotiate a nuclear deal with the white house of u.s. president donald trump they will not compromise on their defensive capabilities
2:57 am
they don't want to talk about things like the ballistic missiles program so what iran's leaders will be asking themselves with regards to this latest offer from the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei you know is if they're not going to talk about those things and the united states is unwilling to move on its position of a maximum pressure campaign then what is there left to discuss algeria's constitutional council has called off july its presidential election barely any of the candidates were able to register that's because of pressure from protesters who want the removal of politicians linked to former president had these beautifully demonstrations against the 82 year old began in february when he announced his bid to run for a 5th term many thought he wasn't fit to run it rarely been seen in public since having a stroke and 2013 by march the 11th the president was forced to reverse his reelection beds he promised reforms are named the new prime minister but was a fluke i was forced to step down in april under pressure from protesters and the army the july 4th election date was announced with
2:58 am
a vote now the sponsor will be up to the interim president. left the set a new date fintan monegan reports. many algerians of long suspected what was finally confirmed by the constitutional council. the presidential election scheduled for july 4th is called off nearly all the candidates who put themselves forward for the top job couldn't register because of pressure from protesters who've been demanding more reforms and the move all politicians linked to former president abdul aziz beautifully because government analysts say interim president abdul qadeer been solid and prime minister nuri diem been doing now need to listen to the 10s of thousands of protesters. they've turned out across algeria for 15 consecutive weeks demanding the resignation of anyone linked to the former government that's been cited as to listen to it but at this it's you know they have to get that out of that eminence of the president did that
2:59 am
but isn't the government and they did they have to have a new column sunday to organize these elections some protesters want army chief of staff. to step in and remove the political elite but he's warned against what he says are attempts to create a power vacuum despite such warnings anti-government protesters seem determined to keep up the pressure until algeria's political stop which meant has gone. into monohan al jazeera at least 2 people have been killed in sudan and many more injured officer security forces opened fire on protesters thousands of demonstrators in the heart to have been staging a sit in outside the military headquarters demanding civilians be put in charge. to reports. this is what saddam's military leader don't want journalists although why do was to see a scene with echoes of the era of to post press didn't. the army which had
3:00 am
earlier promised to protect the protest is says the sit in outside the military headquarters in khartoum is a danger to the state and now comes another warning. that we must firmly stand up to the ongoing chaos and build a true state as for the civil state the protesters are demanding to be truly a civil rule with no individual is above it it must be built on the rule of law it must be ruled by law and no one is above the law if this chaos continues it won't be a civil state it will be anarchy. protesters accuse a rapid support forces headed by general how meet the of carrying out saturday's crackdown m e t is part of the transitional council that has been in charge since the she was deposed in april and analysts say external power was may now be
3:01 am
influencing what's happening inside sudan after having visited saudi arabia general . and his voice and meet the they came up with.


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