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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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the was he able to tell you of the types of injuries people have suffered yes they can types actually different they have been some of them were shot on the chest some of them on the one hand all over their body and on their arms but he didn't want them did you think you did. this of course this. and of course the hospital where he is has been surrounded by troops being infiltrated we were hearing that some hometowns messing yes them up letting people want to get to hospital not news like kept there you know also they don't know getting they're not getting any help from outside they cannot get anything not even in good people that could get inside the house right now in terms of the location where you are if you can safely tell us can you describe it for us in terms of the buildup of security personnel where you are and the type. of cost to the
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things that residential is it just commercial busy busy the process that's what they're doing and if you didn't have them just trying to protect it is a neighborhood go that broke in. the mantle by you know any kind of you know what you call it still * tires and they're bending guy's body so this is what they're doing right now i think that those many years they have worked there you know with this congress they come and they move. and they try i mean they sure. look in there and they take them they can't them inside the city if it is going to be a future war that is the problem then the interest hit the city you know war and in terms of the sort of conflict it's certainly something that the sudanese professionals association does not want to see they want peaceful demonstration
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disobedience there is a cool full must protest we've been just on this morning for the even the debate is going to start immediately i think. that are too much just you know there are some of them are being held and got people on the steps but not sure about the sudanese doctors association this is the strongest association they have. put out an announcement you know they have announced about how many are killed and how many are injured that is just getting us what is the situation right now. that is not that is the end of the belief that it or not we know nothing now about negotiation or agreement now we have we have to get rid of those military hubba trey do you feel by the military transitional council considering there was a great deal of talk now there was a just a complete loss of face. what do you think what did you say how betrayed to do
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you feel. the transitional military council there was a lot of talk and now just betrayal by the sounds of it if it doesn't it was expected you know this you know you cannot reach an agreement with you know those people they don't know how to negotiate and they don't they don't want you know but they just using power on course but we're not expecting anything to come out of them but you just give them as you said their workspace just to let. you know our negotiations let them they want to give them a chance to you know to you know to find out what they can do peacefully but actually from the beginning we knew was that this is going to end up this way once the violence is stopped if it does stop i'm told today one wonders how the dialogue the conversation. continues all resumes who would you talk to who would the sudanese doctors association who would the sudanese professional association people
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speak to in good faith once once we've seen these pictures these images emerging the world is watching what is going on in khartoum. i don't know i don't i don't think there is any at all now putting. it is like it is it is like a confrontation between this he did and. there is no way even our opposition parties they are so much corrupt they want to sit on their worth their while to vote it on is that or not think that is of the country. and this is why we could not move in the negotiations because they managed to make come among the whys they were why were they were discussing negotiating. with the military so i don't think we have any call for the position party but we have our hope for the professional association. for the 3 that might change and these are the only area.
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on the polish now one on the. ground that you know that we believe in them ok now stay with us on the line because we just want to update our viewers around the world as to what's going on and update them on the situation come to months unfold you are watching al-jazeera english we are showing you pictures live from khartoum bringing out to the scene to sudan as to what's going on let's just begin with what happened about 3 hours ago 344 hours ago now when troops began to break up a protest camp outside the military headquarters witnesses say the force is heavily armed fired live on munition and tear gas the committee of sudanese doctors says at least 5 people have been killed while many others were critically injured security
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forces have surrounded 2 hospitals we've been told i'm one of them has been stormed one of the main protest groups the saddam professional association says the ruling military council. held accountable for any bloodshed there calling for people to march into the city center to support and overthrow the military council thousands of protesters have been blocking roads and burning tires in sudan 2nd largest city on demand just over the river from khartoum let's go back to our. guest in a moment these are live pictures coming out of khartoum we see one individual in military fatigues seems to be either talking to or being consoled by civilians other civilians protesting there about what's going on have the military there all sitting on the back of trucks not quite sure what their role is or where they're
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actually on the side of civilians or just waiting to see what happens waiting for orders from h.q. but certainly people out onto the streets there was a call by the sued dinies professional association for people to turn out onto the streets over the next few hours to show their discontent and anger with what's going on of course that protest site outside the military headquarters disbanded and attacked earlier on monday morning the camp itself set on fire it was we were told by one eyewitness that it was protest as themselves that that camp on fire so that the military could not see the protesters as they fled but as they fled we've seen various images on social media of individuals being beaten being attacked and even the injured now being treated in hospital these are live pictures again via social media on coming out of the capital khartoum people demonstrating certainly
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trying to gather in numbers and in strength to show the military what they feel and think of them it seems that these individuals these. men in military fatigues certainly holding their fire listening to what the protestors say and let them to be an antagonism there but certainly the protesters themselves trying to talk sense into them trying to get them on side we saw these pictures just a few moments ago coming out of the capital. interesting development there are people are coming out onto the streets let's go back to our. you know while one of the protesters who's been there analyzing events for us in a while we are seeing pictures in the last few minutes of protesters gathering peacefully banging plastic drawer making a lot of noise gathering in different parts certainly of khartoum from what we can see holding signs as well in arabic we presume talking about peaceful
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resolution to what's been going on very difficult obviously situation to analyze when in parts of the city violence is ongoing. yeah yeah absolutely whether it's going on or what yeah i don't know if violence current those violence going on in parts of the city we've been told but we're seeing pictures now on al-jazeera. we're seeing actions of peaceful protests like the call for protests from the associations and from the civil society groups . yes it is actually that is still. going on and protesters are gathering. but they were expecting to come in expecting again the same thing to happen but actually they you know they they they are not afraid of anything right now and they just wanted to move on with their
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evolution and we actually become a text speculate anything right now because it is like we never know what is going to happen now there is something not actually. i mean clearly between the media savvy to the needs military course and the danger we didn't know because they kept on doing so many what you call it. it is like they maneuvering and they you never know who is wheeze which i mean which is which if this does the rule is just as needed to be to see the police force if it came to easy we don't know actually what is happening some of the actually said i need to meet that of course they are just. quiet and they are not doing anything they said we did not receive any order for anyone to move in terms of the call to protest it's obviously something that the public in
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a certain safe areas feel they can go out on to the streets but the streets of khartoum all being blocked as well by military personnel and civilians with seeing all screens have been attacked. is this is true and this is what is happening right now you know these people are starting to gather and they was going to new. to protest protesting until these find out what is the what is going to happen i mean the protesters are going to continue. and in terms of the hospitals that are taking the injured. we have eyewitness testimony from you that they are now being surrounded as well what are people inside the hospital telling you. there are so many good people under still many. in critical in critical situation and. we are running out of supplies is the
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hospital right now and all medical personnel so the because. many of the hospital right now is to the conflict with the social media that we need help we need anyone who's got any i mean any medical. units to come in the hospital and. to help us out so many injured because they get critical i mean that in critical condition and they are even in the hallway of the hospital and in normal. bed you know so they're trying to take them outside even in the hallways of the hospital or indeed of cool so we're getting protest pictures now from on them and i think that's an area near ritchie on the other side of khartoum across the river the people trying to protect the areas that they live in and certainly deter any attacks on that. they have already attacked then no no no they are trying to deter trying to stop attacks on them by burning tires. yes on mine now it's just like
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under the protective contours they said because what they had on their mind is another city that they used to be to be coming to the. you know the military court but i don't think they could come in because that is a bridge between on demand and cargo of whether we have the military quite yet quite that they are i think they will if they have blocked the bridge that will be a lot of people to be area but on the money it's a big city and it's like they have so many protests that there and they said they're out of the control of their block on their door and the things that we're waiting for is the. strike or the defeated 1000000000. 1000000000 it's going to happen if. there's a call in a nationwide civil disobedience. and a hold of all services across the country just
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a short while ago you said you want to the international community to say something to get involved let me just update you as well the u.s. embassy in sudan we quote is saying that attacks on sudan's protesters must stop we also know that the british embassy has commented as well also saying they're very concerned about what they're hearing and seeing around their compound and we also have politicians in the united states namely jim mcgovern he's a democratic. congressman from massachusetts sits on the house rules committee also very concerned tweeting in the early hours of the morning of course of the night in north america politicians are slowly waking up to this this will be a little bit of encouragement for you. i hope so because this is the tell you to tell you the truth this militia hannity the guy was not leading this fight and i'm here he does not listen to anyone he doesn't care even about the. really big thing
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or he said he only cared about the art of telling him you only get there by 3rd year if you are in that act. he's really touching those guys you know i'm sorry to say these words but this is what we hear from him he does not care about the un he said if they were in the us was why didn't he do anything in that 4 or is he a this is what he said indeed to all you know then worried that people like this who have to have the ammunition you might say and have the backing of the military council could run riot through cause to really stamp out the protests so what's your main concern about the way that this particular group could act in the future not right now. yeah i got what we can you really really just really have a lot of faith and we have a prayer and we know this guy he could do whatever he wants to do but we have
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a lot of god a lot if they're watching this is a lot of faith it's protecting us maybe just for some people this is not like something sounds anything but it is people and they are. supporting each other that unified ok and they are. all the before. we get. some miracles go typing to us everything becoming. new while you and various other protests lead those that have been involved in the demonstrations all of the hope of more conversation or at least a chance to chat talk with. the military transitional council is that even possible anymore. i don't think so i don't think so because from the from the p.d. for previously over the last the last month this work has been going on negotiation
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times and then they hold it and then they continue on then and then things like. growing worse and things are getting clearer today is he really. needs people that people one must like you know they were not honest and they were most serious about what they're saying and they were they were they had their plans that he can by someone who was in the previous. government he's met needs name is gorge he's the head of the of the of the security. the secret the head of the queue security also that not everyone known him to washington by the cia and he's the one who has returned this line to the media to the consing everyone knows everyone knows he's ok for the moment while we also need to just finally ask you. you all stuck in the location where you all
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because of the roadblocks because of the military because of the danger when do you think when are you being told it might be safe for you to go out onto the street to demonstrate when you do that today of course i will yes i actually you know my husband he was outside the house now and he called me to come on we have to go but you know i just had to do something before i leave we went really well and we went already this morning and we really are ready to go at any moment to go and actually fight the corner of my house that he did because you know. who fall for our soldiers who are like ready to hit and dine with the with the was a team guys. like i mentioned and they are there. from my house well we will leave it there stay safe and of course we will try to speak to you later in the day noel osmonds one of the protesters in khartoum into us here thanks
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very much for joining us let's just bring it up to speed for those who joining us here on al-jazeera english on what's been going on in the news coming out of sudan where security forces are targeting protesters in the capital khartoum now that began several hours ago when troops began to break up the protest camp outside the military juntas headquarters witnesses say the forces are heavily armed and fired live ammunition and tear gas the protesters the committee of sudanese doctors says at least 5 people have been killed while many others have been critically injured security forces have surrounded 2 hospitals and stormed one of them one of the main protest groups the sudan professionals association say the ruling military jointer will be held accountable for any bloodshed they're calling for people to march into the city center to support and overthrow the militant or thousands of protesters have been blocking roads and burning tires in sudan 2nd largest city on demand just
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over the river from khartoum. gupta has the very latest for us. a raid at dawn when the protest is least expected it oh so downs dropped support forces and the police moved in. shots were fired as unarmed protesters dive for cover. for more than 2 months to have protected the city and outside the army headquarters the symbol of the defiance and there's aleutian but for saddam's military rulers it represented a threat. or even like it was predicted gathered from the army. because when a life well it's been shot in the perimeter of the army base the army has the right to defend those who are going to be accorded the video but now we have been shot right in front of the are going to argue that something they're coming from because
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they didn't want it coming from different sides streets and the like they were trying to buy kabul where we're being attacked by 80 rockets but in order to pull me. protest as a cue saddam's to torrijos dropped support forces headed by general have made of ordering the violent crackdown he's the deputy leader of the transitional council has been in charge since omar bashir was deposed in april. 24 hours earlier he was films making a veiled threat to protest does he want to see civilian rule we must firmly stand up to the ongoing chaos and build a truce as for the civil state the protesters are demanding to be truly a civil individuals above it it must be built on the rule of law it must be ruled by law and no one is above the law if this chaos continues it will be a civil state it will be anarchy. but saddam's protesters who've seen the
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bloodshed during the she's era not too long ago are prepared for a long fight after monday's violence they call it specifically and government has morphed into the removal of the entire military leadership the protest leaders are calling for a mosque civil disobedience movement across the country. i am going. right now. is not going to be the end of this movement and there you. go talks between the military council and protest leaders who suspended 2 weeks ago after the 2 sides failed to agree on who will leave the country during the transitional period the military council says if no progress is made it will call
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elections before the end of the a move rejected by the opposition. but many protesters accuse the military who knows of being in to inspect power as monday's attack on what's been the most potent symbol of resistance has made to more intensely self to protesters and military rulers likely. shams osmonds a political activist he joins me on the phone call team good to have you with us mr alterman just explain to us if you can safely where you are and what you can see right now. right. behind which is a part of the hotel. what's happening at the moment is that all the streets the main streets are small streets are all closed by barricades the protesters have closed the street the movement right now it's very restrictive if you have a cry or any vehicle it's almost impossible to get to where you want to go anywhere in the city. on the rapid support forces some fully believe surrounding all the
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streets they used to last they used live ammunition. and there are a lot of supporters on the streets. the smaller streets in parts of the town this isn't happening at the moment there was a call last only no. sitting area is completely. clear as indeed we are hearing various reports about the areas that you might see civilian controlled and those where the military the judge agreed to going in. and creating not havoc that we're seeing on screens at the moment in terms of the security situation where you are. how would you describe it. i would say that if i own a car i walk on it or walk to the main street where there are mainly the hard yards of a point where they. don't warm up on the road but they're hot but not quite where
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they're located. only to walk you know next to a point where there are a lot about the court for the. murder trial or chronicle problems but i don't mount. on both the parties 5 and by the small town by the home of the paper that you are closer to the monkey becomes one martin short one sort of word are you getting if any of the same sorts of demonstrations all clamp down beyond cartoons outside of the capital is this being replicated across the country that's an absolutely replica of across the country. in other cities like another man on the grounds that it's going to be replicated across. the road so in the meantime kansan. litter from other cities happens was unreal at the moment there was a cole just
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a few hours ago by the sudanese professionals association to the country into civil society to come out onto the streets in their numbers to show civil disobedience and to overthrow the military council in the light of the violence that we're seeing coming from the military do people feel safe coming out onto the streets those that are speaking to you. but the violence is not coming from the military the military should not be able to sing about it the violence is coming from the rapid support forces and other forces. that the military is just. like you think the military of giving them a free hand on they really to get the military or allowing them to do it so they are involved exactly exactly. so i think moment there's already the civil disobedience has already started i mean everything is closed i mean the city is completely. just does not i mean everybody so i'm not really sure. either bring it but it's
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a signal that disobedience is already started the courses are already on the streets the only issue right now is that we are not organized in terms of protests in the past the a.c.l.u. assigned certain points for protesters to gather and from there we move this hasn't happened yet because it was subtle but i'm sure that it's worth soon so we will start organizing ourselves. person when you can what do you call your contacts just telling you about the the situation in and around hospitals at the moment we're getting conflicting reports of these have some hospitals being surrounded some of the being stormed. and arresting those that are either been injured all those that are taking care of the injured. good luck 1. 100. 1 come on ok well sham's we'll leave it there shams ozment joining us from khartoum thanks very much are for joining us and for those of you
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who are actually joining us here on our just bring you an update of what's going on out of sudan where security forces are have targeted protesters in the capital khartoum that began several hours ago when troops going to break up the protest outside the military headquarters witnesses say forces are heavily armed and they fired live ammunition and tear gas and of course so we've got 5 dead according to the sudanese professional association many more injured around the capital let's just bring in. mohammed al as our correspondent when our senior correspondent just came out of sudar before they actually banned jazeera and the rest of our team are coming out right now. change of events in a very short period of time and the worrying change considering the military have been saying yes we'll talk to civil society this is not talking to civil society exactly so now we are at square one. remember this started several months ago in december and that's when the people were dispersed in the streets and the police
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and particularly the you know the militia that are attached to the ruling party all the time they were with turbans on their on their faces and so on and they were chasing people in the streets everywhere around khartoum and in other cities now are back to that situation and remember also that this is exactly what the you know the military have been you know weren't against this that the city has become a place of chaos the city itself which is like a very small place. in front of the headquarters of the military and it was very easy to control very easy to observe very easy to. to look at what's happening there and control it but no khartoum is a city now we have we the pictures we see coming from there it's like they have deliberately decided to widen this situation of chaos as they describe it and how they can handle it now it's very clear they can't in terms of just getting a sense of the locations it's very small it's very manageable we just got a few things clear while you were there as an independent observer did you see any
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of the civil society groups take up arms have i mean nation have guns have weapons anything that looked as if it could be used in a violent confrontation absolutely not absolutely not not even a stone in their hands not a stick nothing and that slogan they've been chanting every single hour and every single day with simmias in milch is peaceful peaceful and they confronted the bullets the live bullets. with their own bodies with their own barrel chests that's what's been happening so right now there is no i mean according to people i talked to and according to everyone in so that you know the the general public the general public opinion is that there is no justification whatsoever for this violence against civilians. and what we're also getting is international reaction slowly we've got the u.s. embassy in khartoum saying the attack on protesters and civilians is wrong unless. stop it says the responsibility for stopping the attack lies with the ruling genter the british ambassador to come tonight says there is no excuse for any such attack
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we've had diplomats and politicians talking the talk but walking the walk these last few months they've also taken a backseat to be worried about other things that are going all around the world and perhaps i'm not quite sure that they think that sudar is on the back burner so don't cannot be on the backburner right now. well let's see there is a lot of hot spots in the arab world in the middle east that are on the back burner in terms of the political initiative across the world but there are people dying in droves people dying hundreds of numbers of people dying you know every day like what's happening in syria like what's happening in libya and so on so why not so that as well i mean when we can say that it can't happen because this is a fresh story this is you know a new conflagration of violence and so then and people don't want across the region don't want to see another failed state another people being killed you know by their own military but you know what i see as you said from my observation is that probably is going to be the same we have been we've seen the heads of the military council you know touring the region having that carpet in saudi arabia and the
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united arab emirates and then other countries explaining their views and so on and convincing the neighbors that they are the right people to also learn and we have seen or so the discourse or the reaction from the western side is you know it's a double sided or whatever you know on the one hand they give these statements that she just said to me on the other hand they're not doing anything they're not putting pressure on regional allies of the military council to to not to support them they have already received millions of dollars how. much concern for how surprised are you at the speed of what's happened considering we heard. the military leadership head to saudi arabia for the organization exactly conference we've had obviously the african union meeting earlier in the year when all of this was going on. and we've got we are in the position that we are right now with a saudi delegation having arrived in sudan and media outlets including al-jazeera
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being banished from the country very organized systematic way of dealing with. the general public. many people many observers have been you know exactly you know explaining this and predicting what would happen when one of those i was kicked out and other news outlets that was a very clear indication that something is being being prepared for the for the protesters in and particularly something violent and it just like a matter of 2 or 3 days when we saw it happening the legations from saudi arabia and from the united arab emirates also arrived in sudan right after the coup by the way and the exchange of visits never stopped so there is clearly a coordination going on and there's clearly you know sort of there is still clearly going back on the promises by the military council as more coordination with saudi arabia and the united arab emirates takes place. less and less acting on the promises of the military council to give some power to civilians or even to share
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you know that's we see now after this summit in saudi arabia it's like that i mean they gave us a statement that you know giving power to civilians now means chaos and it's not practical that's a clear statement of the intentions but the way perhaps of deflecting the fact that this is all civilian. civilian problem what do the military have to lose weight if they do give up power because the end of the day you know militaries globally are at the behest of a democratically elected government and that's exactly what the civilian movement wants all the civil society movement wants you know free and fair elections it's not up to the military to actually be in power we've seen this in several countries across the globe power corrupts and in this particular case they have a lot to lose well this is this is the idealistic scenario according to people in the in that particularly the military i mean this is idealism you know they say we are maintaining security would guarantee security i mean sudan is
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a very big country full of insurgencies full of militia and so on and the military have to be in power because that's the only way they can maintain security this is the this is the rest of you that they use but remember that in sudan revolutions have taken place several times in the past against the military and there will always coups coming out response to the demands of the people and there were always revolutions those revolutions being stolen over the years and now now they don't want that to be repeated in the us why we have this is the longest time military movement in sudan that has ever taken place since the 1960 s. and it doesn't look like they are going to go home to go back home until they see power transfer to civilians and also they have the you know their military the military into that has never opened fire on civilians inside khartoum and major cities and leave aside the rebellions and you know those you know warsaw. in the region of sudan but not in khartoum and not on a political demonstration in this manner now or so they say they rely on the junior
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officers in the military the because it was those junior officers who started instigated the revolt against bashir 2 months ago. and now they say that if the military go much more bloody and heavily against civilians they they think that junior officers will stage another coup against top leaders why why haven't i mean this isn't the question about you know the split within the military. firing on your own people takes a great deal of strength a crisis of conscience to a certain extent and one wonders where the red lines will be drawn within the military and where the real red lines will be drawn within the civilian movement to say you know we called keep defending ourselves with words we need to defend ourselves with weapons whether they are sticks stones or even live ammunition that there is a real sort of point of no return for both sides and we seemingly from what we can
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see today it's powerful and it's quite worrying or let's hope not and also you know the leadership of the of the of the of the revolution in sudan they are very well aware of these points and they know that the day the fire one bullet against the military they will be they will be there will be described as terrorists they will be described as violent people and not not civilian them slater's and they are afraid of that and they are also afraid of a situation where everything will be out of control and sudan will take the path of syria or maybe they don't want that to happen and that's why we have more than 100 people killed now from the civilian side and they have not reacted violently so they are very. the they learned from the lessons in libya and syria and other countries and they don't want that to happen and until now they are in control of the us and control of their reactions of their emotions and people are dying. so i mean the the what's expected now is that. if as i said if if a big number of civilians are killed in one day. certainly create problems within
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the military itself as i said that's when some junior officers and probably high up officers will turn their weapons against against the top leaders and this is what people are expecting but also it's not the it's not a good scenario because when you have a military fighting each other that that could lead to a civil war in a country like sudan tribal country regional powers and you know everything and that's also a very bleak indeed go anywhere how to go back to the moment to sort of update our viewers because we are getting international reaction to those actions of saddam's military and the u.s. embassy in khartoum says the attack on protesters and civilians is wrong and must stop it says the responsibility for stopping the attack lies with the military council and there's also been reaction from the british foreign office reforms to the has said that they are extremely concerned by the heavy gunfire i've been hearing over the last star from my residence and reports that sudanese security
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forces are attacking the protests sit inside resulting in casualties no excuse for any such attack i mean how many. of our correspondent who's been following events for us in khartoum is still with us we have to sort of look at the international reaction america is still asleep at the moment america as is the u.s. most probably. people that we've been speaking to have been saying that you know security council has to get involved the e.u. has to get involved. blah blah blah u.s. whatever. it's a case of how much influence how far involved they can get and that they want to get 2 very different lines of thought really you know look i can only reflect to you what my sudanese sources contacts and friends are telling me they don't expect anything good from the military from the security council they don't they don't expect anything concrete by way of forcing the hand of the military to stop what
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they are doing right now even if the even if streets are flowing with blood you know they don't expect anything to happen this is this is what the sudanese all telling me there will be an outcry there will be condemnations and so on and there and they do not even sure that this. that is meaningful will be taken probably someone will you know veto it or whatever they know that the big powers particularly the united states are coordinating with the saudis otherwise the saudis cannot take those decisions and saudis cannot support the military council if there is no tacit approval from the white house in the u.s. and they know that nobody else can force anything in the region except the u.s. at the moment russia were allies with the omar bashir the former president right now their stance is not clear. and we want to go to russia and the us gain by not actually intervening by not actually saying to the military. enough you know we
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need to get the civilians involved they need to be in charge of their own destiny you've had your you have 30 years you've had your time it's time to move move move to one side again it's all about keeping control isn't it is about the big money part of the end of the day as well there's a big money pot in the sudan but remember the the new with turned in the middle east is that keeping control is something that can be done only by the military this is this is the this is a conviction on the part of the saudis and the emeritus they are supporting have time in libya they are supporting 16 egypt and they want another dictator in so that they think that giving power to civilians means democracy in sudan it means that the people will have the decision into their own hands and it means is the success of an arab spring experience in a new in another country right across the border from saudi or cross the red sea from saudi arabia they don't want that to happen so forget about big powers big powers have delegated the the the situation in the middle east to to their to their people in the middle east are similarities and saudis and those are the policies
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now you'd like like stability let's let's help you we need a dictator and that we need a dictator in libya we need a dictator in egypt we need a dictator a military dictator in every arab country and even in our judea as well so you're talking about idealism you're talking about you know what people across the world want talking about democracy i mean the stability in the long term and so on for people but they are talking about stability on the long term for their interests in the region i'm sorry well of course no no that's ok because indeed that's exactly what people have been telling us that eyewitnesses there in khartoum will be and talking about you know a chance for self-determination a chance to actually make their own decisions rather than being dictated to and that's the real problem is that when you have military dictatorships in power for so. long time they have this assumption that people can't think for themselves and when the people stop thinking for themselves they're deemed as you said terrorists all. insurgents i think this is this idea should be taken to the think tanks in the
4:43 pm
west they should talk to their leaders about it you know this is you know again i'm always afflicting the ideas in sudan because you know those people who are leading this revolution they're not ignorant people they're not illiterate people i mean quite the opposite of you know the military side we have we have a man who is the leader of the ourself the spot force who is who is almost illiterate i mean he came from the countryside of western sudan he was just a tribal leader and you have that type of thought opposed to this other type of people who are ph d.'s people who have studied politics who have studied you know economies everything and they are the people who are now theorizing for this revolution in sudan but they don't have the power they will tell you that you know so there is a new we have a new so that you know the youth who have come out from the universities yes they they are thinking about this and they are not given a chance to mistakes of the past to be repeated again if that's the case stay with
4:44 pm
us because we just got a comment from the military council we read this to our viewers globally the military council spokesman speaking to our sister channel al jazeera arabic is saying what the security forces have done is targeted the area what is going on is targeting the district of columbia adjacent to the city area not targeting the city in knots contrary to the pictures that we're seeing more of it if it is we confirm that we are continuing the political path with our brothers in the negotiations which i don't think has been happening for several days. negotiations dangerous groups infiltrated the protesters at the sit in site area we believe that a return to negotiations is the quick way to resolve the problem and certainly trying to put a sort of clean clear transparent sort of. view on it when it's like this the pictures don't the pictures that we're seeing this can work for somebody who doesn't know the geography of the place i've been there for a month you know and even for years i've been up for
4:45 pm
a long time to know that colombia what's called colombia is a street by the nile and that's a street that is it's 1st it's separated from the city it's not a part of the city and it is a street well there's a lot of trees by the nile and it's a place that's frequented by the military themselves you know you know they're retired military or the military because they use drugs and so on and that's a place where they sell drugs so that has nothing to do with the city and nothing to do with the protesters. the jews of that you know excuse is wrong because it's it's just incorrect to separate places. for the moment mohammed we will leave it numbered valar correspondent cartoon but very much for joining us and you have been watching. english along with our sister as there are because the events of course coming out of sudan this is the protest site. in the day outside
4:46 pm
the military headquarters in khartoum that was you might say raided by the military life fire and ammunition used against civilians as they fled the area hospitals inundated up to 8 people dead so far you're watching al jazeera english we will of course continue to update you on the situation from sudan as well as reaction. do stay with us here we'll be back with more on the other side of the after decades of being programmed with instructions data hungry computers can now learn on their own identifying patterns and predicting human behavior. artificial intelligence can monitor our movement. and decide on our future the big picture decodes of the world according to ai and exposes the bias inside the machine part one on al-jazeera capturing
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most believe by russian security forces. crime in russia's dark secret on al-jazeera. at least 5 people are killed a sudanese security forces fired live ammunition and break up a sit in the protestors in khartoum. and security forces stormed a hospital where the wounded are being taken.
4:49 pm
consul raman you're watching al-jazeera english live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up u.s. president donald trump arrives on a state visit to the united kingdom issues of trade and 5 g. technology on the agenda. but our social program in mexico aims to pull young farmers out of poverty and cracking down on crime. back into the program the sudanese military has carried out a crackdown on protesters the committee of sudanese doctors says at least 5 people have been killed while many others are critically injured it began several hours ago when troops began to break up the protest camp outside the military headquarters witnesses say the forces were heavily armed and fired live ammunition and tear gas the committee of sudanese doctors says at least 5 people have been
4:50 pm
killed while many others a critically injured security forces have surrounded 2 hospitals and stormed one of them one of the main protest groups the sudan professional association says the ruling genter will be held accountable for any bloodshed. they're calling for people to march into the city center to support and overthrow them thousands of protesters have been blocking roads and burning tires in sudan's 2nd largest city on demand just over the river from khartoum and. has the very latest force. a raid at dawn with a protest is least expected it oh so downs dropped support forces and the police moved in. shots were fired as unarmed protesters dive for cover. for more than 2 months they have protected the city and outside the army headquarters. the symbol of their defiance and their evolution but
4:51 pm
1st advance military genter it represented a threat. or even like that they gathered from the army. because when a life well it's been stuck in the perimeter or the army base the army the right. weren't going to be accorded the video but now we have been shot right there are going to argue that nothing. coming from different side streets and the like. where we're being attacked by the rocket pretty or. the police. protest is a queue saddam's to torrijos dropped support forces headed by gen had made of ordering the violent crackdown he's the deputy leader of the transitional council has been in charge since omar bashir was deposed in april. 24 hours earlier he was films making a veiled threat to protest does he want to see civilian rule we must firmly stand
4:52 pm
up to the ongoing chaos and build a true state as for the civil state the protesters are demanding to be truly a civil individuals above it it must be built on the rule of law it must be ruled by law and no one is above the law if this chaos continues it will be a civil state it will be anarchy. but saddam's protesters who've seen the bloodshed during the she's era not too long ago are prepared for a long fight after monday's violence they call it specifically and government has morphed into the removal of the entire military leadership the protest leaders are calling for a mosque civil disobedience movement across the country. i am going. right now. is not going to be the end of this movement and there you.
4:53 pm
go talks between the military and protest leaders were suspended 2 weeks ago after the 2 sides failed to agree on who will lead during the transitional period the military council says if no progress is made it will call elections before the end of the a move rejected by the opposition. but many protesters accuse the military rulers of being influenced by external powers monday's attack on what's been the most potent symbol of saddam's resistance has made a more intense face off between protesters and military rulers more likely. al-jazeera. and we're getting some international reaction to the actions of saddam's military and the a u.s. embassy in khartoum says the attack on protesters and civilians is wrong and must stop it says the responsibility for stopping the attack lies with the military
4:54 pm
council while the british ambassador to khartoum says there's no excuse for any such attack joining me now from a kill university is a low he's a senior lecturer in law at the university which is based in staffordshire in middle england good to have you with us on the program let's just begin with the words coming out from sort of international either capitals or from khartoum itself are words enough from the international community. absolutely not words are certainly not enough they need to be backed by concrete actions given the global balance of power a layman of western powers with certain powers in the region doesn't look as eve western powers would generally support the sudanese who volution. as you know the is collation the latest discoloration in what is already
4:55 pm
a peculiar situation came after the head of the military council of the deputy hear it and have done. since then the significance is collusion in terms of the tonic against the protesters and. regionally and i think it is very likely that voice in the middle east would be coordinate with western powers so these statements in my view don't mean anything go to people who are protesting on the ground and who are facing. a less they are backed by concrete actions is interesting you say that the powers in the middle east would be coordinating with western powers surely western powers wouldn't be giving them the nod surely they'd be. some sort of conversation going on that you can't go around killing civilians in the streets you can't go around beating civilians in the streets especially when they are unarmed and all they are doing is protesting. that's going to cause
4:56 pm
a real problem for capital in the west is it not absolutely i think the. well absolutely the worst i think would say that it is unacceptable to shoot protesters that it isn't acceptable to you know people that are out to protest just me a statement i think behind the back doors and there are deals that are done. clearly bore the u.s. and most of your people hostile towards done as a country for obvious reasons but there are regional powers saudi arabia and the u.a.e. who are very strong working relationships with the u.s. and european countries who would have influence over western countries when it comes to sudan because sudan is not an important player it is not a significant states from your political point of view for a western powers it is their interest in saudi arabia the u.a.e. there kind of outweighs whatever into they have in so it is highly
4:57 pm
likely that these soldiers and the americans can influence the west in terms of the conversations that saudi arabia will be having with sudan itself obvious saudi arabia doesn't want to see another arab spring on its doorstep certainly to its you might say southeastern border and a across the waters but it seems that this turn of events has happened very quickly and it seems that you might say that the military council in khartoum have been given the nod by saudi arabia by the u.a.e. to go ahead on this crackdown. i think that is very very likely 1st of all this idea of a speed experience or the spring is an experience that is shared across borders particularly in the media this not just in the middle east i think the notion that people must have a certain degree of freedom that stability is not the only good the only public
4:58 pm
good that society wants that certain level of political participation civil government has to exist in the view that is shared and i think the art of its being very strongly the spired view so. this would obviously want to avoid the possibility of a popular revolution of that sort in their own in their own country. and even this revolution succeeds in sudan and i think they have reason to be concerned there also i think broader geopolitical issues in that you have this political battle between saudi arabia and u.a.e. gives on the one hand and qatar turkey on the other hand this competition between the 2 groups to get greater footprint both politically and also economically in the horn of africa region and sudan is one of those one of those countries i think
4:59 pm
sudan during the omahas another bashir kind of tried to balance the 2 camps really well it didn't for example join what is called the un tied to our un tie ankara alliance so it used to because it is to its own advantage while it participate for example in the war in yemen it did not really do much to kind of distance itself from from qatar and turkey buzzard and also i think played a very important role for example in terms of the relationship between ethiopia and egypt over their disagreements or how to best use now. under omar has been out of bashir a lot really been a banana republic and what we see now is. this competition to make sudan formally within firmly within the kind of control within the influence of the you and sold over so there are 2 factors that might be i think pushing the saudis
5:00 pm
to have greater influence here in terms of how we see the situation unfolding or ending of the current at all in the coming hours or days when you have a statement that we've just had released from the military kills all talking about what the security forces have done in the area they were clearing an area targeting a district called colombia which is adjacent to the city area which is now being cleared they want to actually continue talking with civil society groups do you think that can actually happen who would civil society really want to talk to after the events of the last 3 hours. i think it seems to mean that now that is the contribution that isn't there a way and i don't think you can have again even dialogue by removing protesters from that very important site which has become the focal scene for protest of you is also a very important symbol of the revolution doing that i think undermines the
5:01 pm
confidence on the part of protesters it also deprives supporters to form one very important i think instrument they have against.


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