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tv   Afghan United  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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world's global bird migration flight intersects right where we have to face it discovered a treasure trove it is one of the most special that lands on the plate at rice ecosystems elaborate on al-jazeera. hello i'm. with the top stories here it out is there the head of sudan's military says they'll be no more talks with protests says and he's calling for elections to be held within 9 months. there's also apologize for the violent crackdown on monday that's or at least 35 people killed but the protests is want an immediate transfer of power to civilians alexia brian reports. that saddam is mourning its date after the military giunta crushed the camp that protesters saw as a symbol of the revolution. thousands were killed and injured and
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hours of violence it's all troops opened fire on unarmed demonstrators and in hospitals in khartoum and beyond the military says it will investigate. go to our mothers who. were the military counselor sorry for what happened this morning for the bench that surpass or previous plans we know there's nothing more precious than preserving life and the leader of the council that's ruled saddam since it ousted president omar al bashir an april also called for elections but is the us going to the military has decided to seize negotiations with the declaration of freedom and change forces until elections are held within 9 months with regional and international supervision all those from the previous regime have committed crimes will come before the courts the protesters want the military to hand over power to civilians immediately especially after monday's crackdown. that
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cured people. appear election are going to be what we want to have a good life if you manage the public would not be met unless. you count removed from the rule. talks between the military john to and protest leaders were suspended 2 weeks ago after the 2 sides failed to agree on who will lead to during the transitional period i think it will we're not talking about in negotiation where we're going demands that need to be met it's a process of how good overall for all and i think the military council passed on that it's found it's not about give and take this is a demand from the people who will lead the revolution. with hundreds of protesters a ray stared and good internet cat mania skeptical about the junctions agenda and willingness for change we all want to feel like but you know unfortunately it's how you get there and the testimonies of people on the ground or little information
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that we're getting out of you on the ground looks like the gentry is doing what they've done historically which is you know go home go home and arrest people so you know i have 2 hours who's going to be left to stand for election that's the big issue and who's going to be allowed to stand for election. then. the army says the only way out of the crisis is through the ballot box the protesters are vowing to keep up the pressure with mass demonstrations and a general strike. and excedrin al jazeera. president trump has toasted the u.s. alliance with britain at a state banquet hosted by queen elizabeth he's on a state visit to the u.k. the president escalated his feud with a london mayor calling him a stone cold loser. people around the world are remembering china's 989 crackdown on student protest since in tiananmen square more than 100000 people are expected at a vigil in hong kong but no such events will take place on the chinese mainland as
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beijing continues its censorship. in a mature market has been added to a washington memorial honoring journalists who've been killed for their trade was murdered in turkey after entering a saudi consulate in istanbul in october a colleague of his said if he can be killed with impunity no journalist is safe. a group of human rights lawyers is suing the european union over the deaths of thousands of migrants from libya crossing the mediterranean sea in a request submitted to the i.c.c. the international criminal court the lawyers say that policies are to blame for crimes against humanity they've also criticised the recent decision which sent back more than 40000 migrants to camps in libya al-jazeera world is next.
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caught up with the queen check it out on our. show show and i was able as you can you know the show on the air with the jedi and without a lot of. truth to your the other you won't. be here. or if you wish it. was going to be jeff meant that it was that i missed out on japanese oh yes oh yeah if only off the default on the i want to set your side of my life out of the bottom of it were i 5 nobody would ever be morbid but i'm lucky i'm on going to go 5 are going to go back.
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of them was on the show. don't you. know i don't want to go out. there and then be able to zone out on a show what's it going to miss out thought mrs thought i've got on this i'm not a woman i'm kind of committed oh no no no i don't want to want. 6 any i don't know that you think about it without on what i found the thought of i began with the thought go thought oh. no no. of course. well the heart of it don't you know what talent one how many mind you are doing your own with. the words good i'm good with a. 1000000000 with a cellphone a. 100 comedy did him no joke genesis omitted him the beach you know.
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you're fully u.t.v. school you. control your dinner. between your dads for one about the. junk you believe you had. with him with a little to start a. home with him your parents are. we didn't your mother. by the show limbs all worlds. so there will be. home. to be do none as our for you as a cooling off the record by some nam trick of vocalisation lady or the ice does go in this with you before that i wouldn't. want to miss the more than i can see how it is going forward. on the one hand john has been off for the last a lot of us and i wish you all the more i asked him very afghan yes. afghanistan war bad them from selling a machine when i wasn't shot at but i want to think had put enough thought care
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more tony with on bad though i don't put down i will thank you while one with a missionary went off and when they were having their knowledge and found their element was there was no modern i'm on there i can feel a bit share model. and i get very much i had an impassioned team there on their. opposition to me. has been easy. for us to get on the 1st iteration. of love to watch others. learn. not after you afghanistan not after the hired man in iran yet news. for me watch i love the show but i don't laugh and one day. i will thank you
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i guess. i forgot how one annoyed with an hour and. then maybe. i call off the bulb in one user. name and i want to one which going to. show me you have to choose which order to refuse to 1st know is your mission and you really. are. never a. bit of. afghanistan . you don't. leave there is that stylish with. your head on bad ass chance the economy is adequate as.
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have you you don't. they can been your my them i mean job after my decision. deplorable madela you down in get of them. but i'm gonna show man this is. no hostile missile that afghanistan you know you don't go to get a bush. you're there i've done been on a chicago money than. i'm going to. show them but i'm sorry caught when i got us off the moon. thank you to miss them too in court when i called people. i know you more that angel. who is the beast on barge other young wanna. be more that you know them nice. i thought. i scored us off them one bit that. has to move
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on i'm sad i'm a let me. down more on why are they gone to the nearby ones in the game. is meant as. a model with us them in. the. morning i'm. done him can enjoy the game course.
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that saudi guys mean go to the. cuban house or french over you. should i was sure sure this. was just your. budget with. him on his in the game i mean if the hard media. by the battle. i gave obama to then they give. jaime show me that i thought about tell you. only did it out so that even the whole them would. not have as yet afghanistan. and iraq was a short walk to show what it will cost of course that was very bizarre i'm usually join as an economist. not serve as
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a human. and if you get it you. show me the void to chart a gain at that. time is known as deacon idea behind him by admitting yes i had to get a look at the economy tonight i'm able to. enjoy those any down time that the rest is saturday as you not understand i'm going town hall you commit the name to john and i'm his on him sultan bush the bush. fellow muslim school who was here which i said i didn't sell or was it was already been a. large area that had latino votes for the senate if i say they were there and i wasn't out of that's the year they have all the while on
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the additional race and bill hader was the one i have and this is any question he has yet to be sure. mombassa moloch's out of color minimalism but maybe not the only real mean i'm each going east. that needs more than is better than other because in another way because as an officious article of the south isn't there because i'm not a mom but a mom was good at that a call was half the act of a bit of us a woman on the ship the of a lovin of course or could have can easily as the other a little ways. than they can muster been reduced of them myself invisible for the moment out of the still wish of cheesy with an abyss lucia leslie is almost a moment in pushing without cost another step on the way but i haven't always time enough what is on the court much we're going to let out of and by the actor. and i wish i. could not but i'm guessing that on colin you know you've got much to get
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him home if we know what alfie to get another and what everyone can and should have with what dr shall come on i'm an import can i mention about him joining in a much enjoyed oswald wish him william do what it was going to push me ought not misha to sando is your i'm afraid what about a messiah got me a whole other go for it will be no more that mustn't begin if you're the same could be heard in my new mission to. you know as i want to follow mother angel path before they call it all mother or the tallow ship the gun i asked. this will is to hold busy out to the gun cannot assassin i got thomas quoting ariel but betty and asked. who is not only does she isn't that over though she left. the best audiences that he that said i love because it was my assumed addition of them go to her i can come
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over on the fishman the i'm going to have i'm sure you've seen the only one who will be in that area because. person doesn't and the other has been that. well i'm not just because a good company don't want to fit one of them one of the not from one of the go if he actually did settle into a negative after they were going for but was going to another genius is going to do . that on a catapult him the monday but most but they respect him got for their numbers shot at each other on the road to get a city was rewarded that should have got by told us yesterday that if she went to dubai told us that they're going to go to the debate you have to. go on with sedition what i've done even national and i will be talking about the 2nd ice call i forgot about to me that's number one and try to love me but then martial law the case it was it was can i should want you to be able to get on with my money to keep it on another no that's the only thing i think that you know i'm sorry i don't want your hook and your chin i said that's the humanity as you really need of
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a get it on the cross and that's when yeah but when i don't that i don't need to be already i am i sort of mission was done i want to do what can it be all the good i'm sure they're going to cannot achieve jamming up on me but you can almost responses and spawns that i had that was many are questioning today a question or a question i say you know for not meeting the guy and told his fans that it was act jack as the apostles farthest off you know i mean you could be on any which are among buses in mongolia in any hour he put a stop sign up we've been out up we all might any opportunity by sitting on the money idea i get doesn't get on the machine now you know my degree argument you're going to try and you're out of money i did it but i got it i was happy busy and. i stand. by it. struck.
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all of the structures will be looked at with the same. it's like last night of the world to realize i was there to greet us off when you call us and some of our team and on the hook for me 8 or more work or one or 2 words on one on one of my boxes of rock national you heard was right on. before that it was chanting the bad man. many i'm often on the team and he was pushing one of the sewers which of us was there not be our mission which will not answer. from the concert aila. would add to my wallet so i think about the world ready for the call that we shall be. enjoyed as. bad as i do see i'm about to go. in that i'm more than a man a chance only 1000 with. that i'm bad as mine i'm his own big.
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neon by chicken yard was the. only thought i'm having tony bishop. as i mean i got on is in the v.o.a. and the. navy that i use as. well as one of us if we put in a show of 100000 the band i'm able top one time to come close in the land then carry on ash i thought there was time to be. around in bomb bush in case i don't she was about to have already made one jack short while ago and i took the 4 that i got that we just had to go cause i'm told joe you know why haven't you done
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a survey going to last a month say we're told she's i was on some of the normal but i want to do a lot on them you know but i'm pretty sure now most of them if you want a job no high skill and a troll without i don't know what up on a bum or 2 on each i'll have to choose how i'm not sure they should let you know this she. was going to this machine worked out what good is a ship i see i love it she got it only the day she shot for that i was listening. i good to visit it was that all england is you so mother the job with all i know is that i'm head of the national marching to the fish i think i should have done it all which of you. as in not this up gone up then and will stand now in our. eyes not i thought it was time to meet you thank everybody. in camp out i am sad how the family is sure that the gas. in the taliban are going to be in fact never
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going to come out of that. is that. who would. use abuse. oh yeah but what about all. of the it's fun. for. them and then from the many if they were mad who. anybody who would behold on all media and the oh cause there's a look you know a big as yes well i'm going to have a smoke with one of the key njt upon the i phone going to behold i can nominate. that the event of them will go on for a lot of the beat any of us will go when i've known him ya medical i think that one size does not absolve the man who have a nominee off i don't know if it were so bad that she thought i thought everybody here most of office goers had out oh that's good that's good but i bought them on the whole i got to join us it wasn't always going to be done.
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anybody can do to do a hand job so they would deem. the hakani battery german amazon a sense of peace with endless family has so it's awesome going to get better for them when you more yeah that's i'm just sad now that he. cannot fathom on this you more john the one i sat in with a body. that is what was it exactly like i was still i was in the midst. of them and somewhat to the whole idea. is a version of and i don't much matter how much i found but i knew i thought it useful. now so i jot side. by side of this without anybody at all that was the. bearer. of the mother
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in law that has clue what is going to cover all. i don't know now that i will back that letter which i did they are sure yeah. sheesh don't cha i did you faster how about that. sound i said. there's. nothing in this now i'm just going. to shoot and i'm stuck with him and if i'm going to get numbers that i'm watching jack you're the one that you should enjoy that someone with more. than. into account i would naturally give him a book in the end there. then he didn't want more little more him in the if you push even though she wasn't good enough to me with what has name was going on and
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you don't have to push him but i know. if there was i don't want to deal. i'm sure you missed your sparkle about their monthly budget which was about the ramble strike occurring monday if one of your legal. issues are to do over you know the guys i'm writing on mr i mean are they going to give me a new young irishman i know my sponsors understand he's president enough when he was over. the earth or of iraq or to kill him is the key with. me wish it was. so to all get your. i see mr bastable socialist or. john as a moment when you could couldn't get it without either the real and i did not enter the. iraq war or was there must be
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brutally honest with you not the but i did after i'd ask you said i was you don't you got. a whole lot of the. fact that this was a no we can't risk another how will you know. all of this after their wedding when they. want to move it down i just thought it would be. hoarders here the other question is she of them were. more copies make them better for the machine. and with whom i know one thing but i don't hear enough for the house i wanted a house that has left and what you can find in washington but i know he doesn't want to give this a lot of thought i'll just be done with it as if i don't wish it neither know nor the house that i fish that. i get to for us now if it didn't you for it is written from his record of wishing whole bit of clothing joys i would have ordered
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a moment of. your own people busy to be a good listener should be. manically maternity may shine john but i'm here as in every little bit. there was little middle. option shallow good over the middle earth again maybe you can him where does imagine that i'm going to happen when i stare down at them joy is that which you can manage a got home i surely would enjoy that i don't often times when we get our she'd a major welcome if you cork of. joy is a kind of one of the wish to ask me good. but only has one hasn't admitted these young or really wishing me. but the audacity of others who read that really were those on the reader that know all of us what there was to morrow she said regarding .
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risk in utah. coming soon. on al-jazeera. to follow on. the ground. in syria the world. because of a minister a key. a european judge tasked with imposing nor an order and a trial testing the nose of a new front nation. whitney. highway on al-jazeera
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i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would love for this job. you're watching al-jazeera arms the whole roman with our top stories here in doha the head of sudan's military says there'll be no more negotiations with opposition groups that is calling for elections to be held within 9 months. and also apologize for the violent crackdown on monday in which at least 35 people were killed. it got a lot of us thought oh well the military council are sorry for what happened this morning for the bench that surpass or previous plant we know there's nothing more precious than preserving life the nation is also precious and protecting it is precious. the military has decided to seize negotiations with the declaration of
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freedom and change horses until elections are held within 9 months with regional and international supervision all those from the previous regime have committed crimes will come before the court there will be a peaceful resolution of the conflict in all parts of the country so that also millions can return to their homes the election will be supervised by international and regional bodies to ensure complete transparency president donald trump has toasted the u.s. alliance with britain during a state banquet hosted by queen elizabeth he's on a state visit to the u.k. earlier trump escalated his feud with the london back holding him a stone cold loser. people around the world are remembering china's 989 crackdown on student protests in telamon square more than 100000 people are expected at a vigil in hong kong but no such events will take place on the chinese mainland as beijing continues its censorship. the name of jamal khashoggi has been added to a washington memorial honoring journalists who've been killed for their trade shows
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she was murdered in turkey after entering a saudi consulate in istanbul little tobar a colleague of khashoggi said that if he can be killed with impunity no journalist is safe the saudi arabian journalists name is one of $21.00 people that were killed last year the memorial is at the new museum. a group of human rights lawyers are suing the european union over the deaths of thousands of migrants crossing the mediterranean sea from libya in a request submitted to the international criminal court the lawyers say that the e.u. policies are to blame for crimes against humanity they've also criticised a recent e.u. decision which sent back more than $40000.00 migrants to the libyan counts those are the headlines more news in half an hour we continue with al-jazeera world to stay with us. june on al-jazeera people in power returns with an investigation into why india's capital delhi has some of the worst and pollution in
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the world 2 years into the blockade we look at the future of the g.c.c. crisis and its impact on life and the top join us for special coverage the big picture examines the power of potential unprejudiced of knowledge official intelligence as it used to shape our world leaders from the group of 20 nations will gather for the 14th g. 20 summit to be held for the 1st time in japan and in brand new episodes we follow people from around the globe who are risking it all just to make a living june on al-jazeera.
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all. systolic in 1000. what is in the game might not be don't. know what it meant to now but almost all the 20 perhaps are young and if you all. think you meant to name the
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body cannot humble as it. was. tough enough i. should have been to get your commendation to do it i think it was the fact that alex chipped back all of my cap off as my common problem for. fashion that what i thought the who or how they got an extra 105 percent i bet i'm not the 1st i mean. you know my. mom. my mom. was. i.
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i. that oh yeah you're going to sit down all of. the night all
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because you can tell my head to. head. off. mom to see the silent city bombing after the charge as i love you. might do in time gate you know john you. know i let you go i mean to do it on a few of my stupidity if you want me to write maybe you will but you don't know what you mean i you know. just a hunch. john they would have shot this. john they. lost emotional. and you. may blow it and it was that. i had thought only yes you can us all you want you may not. live.
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my. life. oh just tell me that's.
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what i'll be the stomach minister said i'm off but i know bush and i think it's a d.d. could am i just get beat on. somebody could i was allowed by the way with. him when i actually. did and i'm not into mr law when i disown and i was muslim he would. make it very. often it can not be good music on. when you know it's not. economy. going to give it was the owner was and now they're. feeling or are down and messily side the randy has been on the side gives us norah o'donnell. good e.o. . cheer on one. never.
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mind you know. was it that it has a thing that's a question that i'm just really. mutinous out in years and you know. and want to mine and i don't know when i'm pissed off if. i'm to look as you know with and without going to news not getting more and younger than i did take a job that i will you know just to. have the you know to play thoughts about other things without. that that. was.
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us was. weak. let's. just say that it's just. us that was. sad. but it's not the goodness of god it is all i know the cause of it is you know how to write came about it is our got to have what i thought not that we're going to have much time that's going to have that trying to have that clash of the. day you know. put up.
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in with a new me that a stoic you know you could it was you know it's a medication i was. i don't want to spit on the last little bit i mean about about how ben goes down on my show i did just about all was going to be soft you warm water if you got out i was just saw you can like an afternoon enjoy. it just it was understood so that would was in the care of them what i've been to many who knows who goes by what i've been to. us and what has been. chilled i was gone when. i sent a cappella it was your mom you know as i was telling the social going to show you know a lot about mean after which a better way to millie so as you say the enough time to share them with decision i've done it and put it on his cell by all going on chairs either side. a
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state official with i'm asked on here. if that's what i'm just. i'm what's mine and. it was about a 100 years. on the humble core of what i'm going to do the other thing i want to cast a funny has got on his. team eliminate him he's just always jani i think i mean she's all just. oh. i just you know i don't have you. know. you got that. although i mean by that you should i just let it all say because it just.
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gets to me i like how i'm going to deny. this oh oh i'm not i'm not at all i did you know was working on. yes. so much more said i want you. to have our.
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honest. it's an imposter so you know now after there was be sort of tennis are that if nerds hope would to give the show for them and a kid joy. now we don't want going to an afternoon with an iran yes a hot afternoon join us and we'll watch something which i need young iranians and might well enjoy around them and wasn't going to have a home comedian one eyed kid has more job i should take us on a horse. joan rivers and. i'm going up after. all afghan n.g.o.s and well god. has to finish us torso to mars or was wooed by joint task in each as new in the list and. the plural we did talk to the 2 of q. and a mere human after he. died they began to talk i'm going to run in situ i'm
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going into. no room for thought tall mountains or also encountered a hierarchy i wouldn't get even wish delish when dragon after. that. and i am with a task that's in the i mean. i'm going to do your homework and showed this would mean after i moved out on that. i was delicious. it was a thing as segments and i mean. john was english as down by j. young was. that in. long enough and in the on the master dick you know. in show it is in the game you're going to be if there are laws in the on deuces i mean any was. a body language.
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was. i. was. 7 i. i. i. i i i.
9:49 am
was thighs. through and thank you thank you. thank me. thank.
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you. was i was she was. was. thank
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god. was. joe you know on saturday mabel. to marjorie afghanistan team about and there was if you knowledge on that on his own. cannot harm his team but on they. just need to harden was just not the haha mame all you could do what about him all although that you know is who is in the game on in a year to see i'm john you know about i just try to hold him on but i said i'm going to.
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it's all over the. suv oh. oh. oh oh oh oh oh the mo. c ringback mo the oh. was. a.
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load oh. oh. oh you. oh. oh. oh oh. oh oh oh. 1
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0. it was a. medium sodomize not about it was. that it was only i mean just how should. you do stars to afghanistan hawkish when oh i'm on a mission. more data your heart chad the dio heart monitor me. for about i did what she isn't me when i'm on hold to enjoy the model hold his name in you know media. has said by the mothers that was a mommy don't. mind you may have money. and i can when i'm with us. then one. morning more i love him i'm going to be i'm all began by yet i mean what i mean just as in the. now afghanistan when i am all as one joe.
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doing the money monies. as how when she could buy them sat on my dresser got an obscene sock. i mean to lose it all thought not with how men are. caught when i value need and care of them all to be to each other. for them beyond into and out of this i'm a home or a bad i mean to. about on the one now enjoy the whole day to study.
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survive. and. this. is a lot like you've got a lot like us lot like you know like you guys i shudder on. the you know the. show i don't know enough and you know love. the rush to the love of a mother us with the. busy idea of.
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a natural resource that's gone untapped for more than 2 decades alison. years before israel and its al-jazeera world tells the untold story of gaza as an exploited gas fields gaza loggin is only made us of the palestinian so it's a lot of money and how this valuable resource could have transformed palestinian lives. mccarver gas. on al-jazeera. it's really on now across much of the middle east we have got some showers in the forecast which was used to sort of the region so northern parts of afghanistan
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could still see some heavy showers from time to time pushed a little further north into turkmenistan uzbekistan chances of showers here snow over the hard ground of course no sign of any snow for baghdad temperatures 45 celsius 30 degrees there for beirut's and pleasant sunshine into that eastern side of the med cloud does make its way a little further east which as we go on through wednesday so i think cloud cover for cyprus for example but i think for the advantage should generally stay dry bright and sunny as is the case across the arabian peninsula temperatures now quite readily getting up around the 40 degree mark even a touch higher gulf of aden seeing a little more clout chance of one or 2 spots of rain are rolling in here but for many it is going to say settled and sunny slushy settled and sunny to where cross southern africa we have got and there is a cloud and rain just skipping through the western side of south africa pushing through the western cape seeing some of that damp weather 16 celsius in capetown
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just one or 2 showers into mozambique over the next couple of days but by and large plenty of sunshine across the region. i really want to get down to the nitty gritty of the reality whether on line when you have that male chauvinism that is in plans with in our global federation it is really hard to get used to that pilot or if you join a sunset to block the help there are mind this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us in our live you tube chat and you too can be in the street join the global conversation on al-jazeera. kidnappings and murders in crimea since russia's forced onix a sion of the black sea peninsula. i don't understand why. scores of crimea into tars have been arrested and tortured and killed.
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most believe by russian security forces. crimea russia's dark secret on al-jazeera. saddam's a military judge just scraps talks with protest leaders and plans an election within months after its crackdown kills dozens. of media and transparent investigation. to hold those responsible for these actions accountable regional arm world leaders condemn the violence in sudan the un security council is set to discuss the crisis. play what you all deserve me so raman live from doha coming up in the next 30
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minutes. people say here it is much easier to find weapons than finding medicine the cruel irony of syria is it even hospitals are being bombed by.


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