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business update by qatar and we're going to go. back to go this is the news hour live from my porges in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. paramilitary forces gather in strength in sudan's capital i day after dozens of protesters are killed in a crackdown. people say here it is much easier to find weapons than finding medicine the cruel irony of syria's province where even hospitals are being bombed
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by government forces also this hour from palm to business donald trump holds straight talks with the british prime minister and business leaders in london plus the crackdown china wants to raise from its history but 30 years on memories from the taliban square massacre are being kept alive outside i'm going to go with the sports including a ray of hope to cement near her ban from competing in the 800 meters has been temporary misted by court in switzerland. thank you very much for joining us we begin with so don way gunfire is being reported in the capital a day after a crackdown on protesters left at least 35 people dead and there are reports also coming in that the paramilitary group known as the rapid support force has surrounded a major hospital. that's where
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a number of protesters injured in the crackdown on monday are being treated security forces opened fire on crowds gathered outside the army headquarters in khartoum on monday morning the heads of the military joined says they will no longer negotiate with protesters and have called for a general election within 9 months internet services remain down in large parts of the country alexia brian begins our coverage with this report on the latest developments. oh. saddam is mourning its date after the military june to crush the camp that protesters saw as a symbol of the revolution. thousands were killed and injured and hours of violence it's all troops opened fire on unarmed demonstrators and in hospitals in khartoum and beyond the military says it will investigate. the visit with our mothers who are solo or the military counselor sorry for what
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happened this morning for the bench that surpass or previous plans we know there's nothing more precious than preserving life and the leader of the council that's ruled saddam since it ousted president omar al bashir an april also called for elections but is the us going to the military has decided to seize negotiations with the declaration of freedom and change forces until elections are held within 9 months with regional and international supervision all those from the previous regime who've committed crimes will come before the courts approaches does want the military to hand over power to civilians immediately especially after monday's crackdown. that cured people. appear election are going to be what we want to have a good life if you manage the public would not be met unless. you count removed from the rule. talks between the military john to and protest leaders were suspended 2 weeks ago after the 2 sides failed to agree on who will lead during the
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transitional period i think you were not talking about in negotiation with demands of need to be met it's a process of hard over of all and i think the military council passed on that astound is not about give and take this is a demand from the people who will lead the revolution. with hundreds of protesters arrested and internet caught many a skeptical about the gentle agenda and willingness for change we all want to feel like but you know unfortunately it's how you get there and the testimonies of people on the ground for little information that we're getting out of you on the ground looks like the gentry is doing what they've done historically which is you know go home to home an arrest people so you know i have 2 hours we're going to be left to stand for election that's the big issue and who's going to be allowed to stand for election. then. the army says the only way out of the crisis is
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through the ballot box the protesters are vowing to keep up the pressure with mass demonstrations and a general strike. and al-jazeera. let's bring in our just here is mom advantage was recently in khartoum covering the protests so we have a situation now where we have the army saying the military saying that they will be no more negotiations with the protesters that they'll be elections in 9 months what are the plans what are the military intentions going forward and what about the protesters what do they do now but apparently fully with regards to the military it's clear that. they're going to do what they have announced over the night. the not going to negotiate until unless there is a new type of pressure put on them during the next few weeks but if they can have it their way they will not negotiate and they will organize an election within a year and we have seen scenarios like this in other countries who want to stay in power and the expectation in sudan i talked to some people they told me the
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expectation is that if they have their way they will organize an election on their own terms and or someone else from the top leaders will run for president and the next top man will be his defense minister we have seen these other countries so that's not serving tension with regards to the protesters their plan is to. continue the demonstrations their plan is to yesterday they have announced a civil disobedience we have seen the airports not functioning yesterday no civil aviation disruptions we have seen of so in some of the banks to the eat they have gone to prayers the interestingly the military council announced that it should be tomorrow and not today more so than is hard not to listen to that because that's an un mutual situation in sudan and right now as we speak there are cracking down on prego as people who go to the brain trying to prevent them from going to the sites where the organize that prayer. so here you have this confrontation is already.
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fully going there between dealing ring of a heavy military presence right now on the streets of khartoum and of course we'll keep a close eye on that you talked about the pressure and i will touch on that in just a moment and talk about the role of the regional countries the regional heavyweights like egypt but is there right now internally in sudan is there anyone who can step in and take on the military establishment the military what about the political opposition where are they novice the political opposition stern is printed like never before even some of. the parties that were you know members of the freedom and change the collaboration now they are you know going back on the other you know in that alliance but. they are now in a situation where you don't know where they stand and very obviously they are standing with the military council and they are against you know the decisions of
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the freedom to change so that's a very very dangerous situation on the part of the opposition so that has never never been really a united front and this is the worst moment it is seen in its history so we can't count nobody else that is counting on that to additional opposition they're talking only about a revolution of these and those are a coalition of youth who are not even politicized and not more militarized not organized and normal people and also the you know those few parties in the freedom of change who have decided to go ahead and not to be you know submitted or subdued by the military council monod let's take a closer look now at the role of regional powers the crackdown on protesters follow meetings between sudan's military leaders and some foreign powers last month the head of sudan's military general abdel fattah abu dhabi's crown prince mohammed bin ziad in the day before that he met egypt president abdel fattah el-sisi in cairo egypt has said it's a poor saddam's military council so has the u.a.e.
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$470.00 general mohammed doggle also known as he met he has also just visited saudi arabia to attend a series of emergency summit saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have offered about $3000000000.00 to sudan to support saddam's economy after all ma bashir was deposed in april the protesters are calling for an end to what they say is foreign interference in their country now of course everyone outside of sudan is looking closely at how the situation develops because wherever sudan goes the rest of africa goes of course egypt has publicly pledged to honor the will of the sudanese people after the crackdown on monday but we. no and we see that they've provided significant assistance to the military gent and so have the u.a.e. and saudi arabia how is this regional influence going to shape the future of sudan what do these countries get in leaving the military establishment in place
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well they got a lot they want sudan to be a part of the of the sphere of saudi arabia the united arab emirates we are watching what they are doing in libya we are watching what they are doing in yemen they want sudan to be included in that they want to control it's through a military dictator and this is a golden opportunity for them because remember. bashir the former president he tried to you know balance his relationship with saudi arabia with his relationship with other countries and he even though he sent troops to yemen he did not fully felice who was not like a yes man to saudi arabia to right 100 percent so they don't want that they don't want anyone who can say no to them they want sudan to be in the sphere but what about the great international players the un the e.u. the african union they have all come out and condemned the violence but will they put more pressure on these regional allies on saudi arabia the u.a.e. will the u.n. security council when it meets later today come up with anything concrete. i want to reflect what the sudanese say they are the people who are concerned with this
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and they know what's going on because they have seen this in the region you know nothing is expected absolutely no results on the ground in sudan are expected from the decisions of the security council or any other regional powers or world powers they know that decisions might be taken they know that resolutions might be issued they know that condemnations will be announced but that will be it you're asking they say they have no hope they're not putting any hope on those regional powers because they know that without a green light from the white house for the american side saudi arabia and the united are. wouldn't have gone on that road you know like we saw in sudan now it's very clear that after the visit to saudi arabia by he came back with very different agenda he was negotiating with with the freedom of. forces of change the evolution of these he stopped that negotiation he was talking about 3 or 4 years transition now he is not talking about that anymore so he came back with the agenda
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and people are saying that without a green light from the superpowers particularly the united states now you wouldn't have the military council wouldn't have taken those decisions and those decisions came from you know with the. rubber stamp from saudi arabia and the highest r.m.s. thank you very much for joining us here on a new. our with the latest on the developments in sudan as turn our attention to other world news now and the syrian government's on i russia has broncs the un security council from issuing a statement on attacks in italy province the member states were expected to sound alarm over the possibility of a humanitarian disaster because of increasing attacks by the government on rebel controlled areas on monday at least 3 people were killed in the town of moreton gnomon government forces launch an offensive to recapture it in april despite a cease fire deal that both the syrian government and russia have been accused of systematically targeting hospitals doctors a force evacuee patients and many international aid agencies have pulled out
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because of security concerns al-jazeera has got rare access to adelaide from wesson and. has this report. even though located in a cave hospitals are not safe in this part of syria anymore as the regime and its allies continue to target them. who are so low was injured in. almost a month ago with over the horizon she and her brother went back home to pick up some stuff during what they believed was a cease fire. is the. well of. my brother as a martyr what was our guilt mine about or what may god punish assad his people and russia and the him taste the same pain. syrian and just say at these 26 medical facilities have been hit since the syrian regime intensified its attacks in at there on april 26th at least 300 people have been killed whole of the
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fear now i'm at a hospital but i wish they took me out the hospitals are now targets many would prefer to suffer and die at home to dying in a hospital now. despite this hospital being hidden underground a bomb blended 200 meters away a few days ago. to prevent civilian casualties the hospitals inside did live made a decision to evacuate patients except for the emergency cases. this doctor says' even this children's hospital couldn't escape the regime's shelling despite coordinates being shared with the un. well. during the airstrikes my wife and daughters were also at the hospital but i had to keep them here to be able to evacuate the others the hospital was full it was tough to decide and keep the crew safe at the same time we have only 2 options either stay or die following the syrian regime's latest airstrikes targeting the health facilities in medical workers think they are being deliberately targeted aid
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organizations are scared to send crews into syria leading to a shortage in medical supplies people say here it is much easier to find weapons than finding medicine. people in a blip say they have lost hope that the world will do anything to stop the onslaught. of the 7 years the international community has provided nothing not the un not the others it's all empty promises it is one of the escalation zones agreed by turkey russia and iran but equipment has been constant to violated by the syrian government and russia now 3000000 people in it live for you the up so you can violence over recent weeks is only going to get worse. al-jazeera in the northwest and syria probably like you cannot live to london where u.s. president donald trump has arrived in downing street to meet the british prime
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minister the outgoing british prime minister to may. he held talks with business leaders on day 2 of his 3 day state visit to the u.k. the focus of the meeting with theresa may is expected to largely be on trade the trade deal after breck's it kind of change and the chinese tech company while we are also expected to be discussed again live pictures there from london where donald trump has just gone into a meeting with theresa may not at all and john tie demonstrations are planned in london today as well as in several other british cities leaders of britain may not be. labor party and other politicians are expected to join those demonstrations. we will be speaking to our reporters in london in just a few minutes for more on what's planned on day 2 of trump's visit now tens of thousands of people are gathering in hong kong and rallies planned elsewhere in the world to mark 30 years since the tenement square massacre in beijing but in the
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chinese capital it's not being mentioned and a security clampdown is in place tanks rolled in and soldiers opened fire to end a long standoff with pro-democracy protests this city has to go and i speak to adrian brown in beijing for is so adrian 30 is on there has still been no public reckoning by china's government about what happened 30 years ago why. yes indeed fully 30 years ago beijing was under sullen gray skies it has been again today this is the 30th anniversary of the suppression of the pro democracy movement but this is still an incident that china's government doesn't want to talk about there's been no public reckoning as you say and the reason for that is that it raises questions over the legitimacy of the ruling communist party in other words the chinese communist party still believes that the army were correct in the
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actions they took because if they hadn't have gone into the square to clear it they could have been civil war and china never would have gone on to become the economic superpower that it is today so one word really sums up their attitude it is on repentant but some world leaders have been commenting today mike pompei of the u.s. secretary of state has said in a statement was issued on the eve of this anniversary that the united states has essentially given up with china when it comes to human rights and he demanded that china and its silence over what happened to come clean on how many people were killed and how many people were arrested well i've been speaking to one of the leaders of that protest movement work i she who now lives in exile in taiwan and he's been reflecting 30 years on whether it was all worth it. in the spring of 1989 student leader work i she was in the thick of it confronting authority on the streets arguing with china's leaders in the great hall of the
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people dressed in hospital but the hunger striking workers she had been rated the prime minister lee passage when students began occupying tiananmen square they were demanding more accountability in government and tougher measures against corruption they were joined by doctors teachers judges and journalists from state media the growing movement posing the greatest threat to 40 years of communist rule. work-i she says he never thought it would end the way that it did with the people's liberation army firing on the people. expect that some blood shed. be hit by the police but. that's what we have expected life. today he lives in exile in taiwan the self-governing island republic the china wants back and he's had
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a lot of time to reflect on whether it was all worth it i think politically or legally. rationally speaking. but. what if there's this one person shot and dead. because he heard a speech that given. the army quickly regained control of the streets but no one was quite sure who was really in charge as i reported from beijing at the time meanwhile the men who control the army and perhaps now the government have issued another ominous warning stay off the streets or face the consequences one man certainly didn't seem to care about the consequences. yesterday in an extraordinary single act of defiance this young unarmed protester brought a column of tanks to a standstill we still don't know his name or if he survived after he was bundled
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away unclear by whom june the 4th is just another day in china they'll be no public displays of dissent or remembrance china's vast security and surveillance network will see to that even mothers of students killed in the bloodshed have been told to remain silent as part of the continuing official cover up the chinese leadership still refuses to acknowledge how many people were killed or to express remorse. herein is it possible that because of all the censorship that many chinese people still don't know what place. well you know i have chinese friends who say they have told their children about what happened and i've got other chinese friends who say that they have and i think what we have to remember foley is that at one stage there were more than a 1000000 protesters in china one square one of the biggest public squares in the
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world and that these students had been cheered on by hundreds of thousands of people and also remember there were protests in other cities here in china so many of those people of course are still alive and of course they will not have forgotten about what happened i think it's too easy to say that there's a sort of collective nisa in china about this event i think there are plenty of people who do remember what happened they just don't want to talk about it in public meanwhile the censorship here has been in overdrive today censorship that of course is now supported by algorithms an artificial intelligence and i have to say that largely that censorship has been very effective today thank you for that adrian brown live for us sane beijing meanwhile taiwan's president says china should use the tannin then anniversary as an opportunity to corrected spats mistakes. we hope china which is currently in the process of becoming
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a powerful nation can become a more convincing a country within the international community and can welcome different opinions and the development of a pluralistic society so i also hope the china or the or thora g.'s in beijing can adopt an attitude of self reflection and progress regarding the june 4th geonim and crackdown and as i mentioned in hong kong a large candlelight vigil is expected in the coming hours but some student unions are boycotting the event exposing a rift between younger and veteran democracy activist sarkar is in hong kong with more. 30 years on kenneth lam recalls the events of june the 4th $989.00 like that happened yesterday he was a student leader and was in tiananmen square when he saw soldiers and tanks rolling in and hundreds of students were being shot at that moment. to 3 gunshots and i didn't realize at that moment.
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that got gunshots there was the 1st time i carry a person. going to die. photos and details of the massacre in beijing a shed in this hong kong museum dedicated to the tiananmen square crackdown the museum was forced to close 3 years ago but has reopened in time for the anniversary . vigil in hong kong is the only commemoration held on chinese soil remembering a chapter in history that china's latents prefer to forget but attendance has been on the decline since the occupy pro-democracy protests 5 years ago demonstrators demanded the communist leadership in beijing respect the $997.00 agreement which guaranteed freedoms after the handover from british colonial rule since those protests are rising and he mainland and pro hong kong sentiment has split the pro-democracy camp student unions are now boycotting the vigil we are not going to
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out there cananites in pretoria pocket yet the most important reason behind is that we do not agree with that the wedding of people practical enough at the heart of the student boycott is a growing conviction that this special administrative region is separate to the mainland and attending a vigil is acceptance that hong kong is part of china student unions are now holding their own alternative events with a different agenda focusing on the political issues closer to home that's disappointed the veteran democratic activists and those pro-democracy groups who support the vigil they argue it's an occasion for everyone to reflect on hong kong's future i really hope we show that we don't forget and we're still striving for democracy no matter even hong kong and we also support. the point of china striving for changes despite this widening rift between the older and younger generations they still share a common goal greater democracy in the face of what they say is china's ever
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tightening grip sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. and a few moments we'll have the wild weather with kevin and still ahead on the al-jazeera news to a former child vigilante in nigeria who is learning new skills to be integrated into society a green each holiday for families in yemen where poverty has forced many to eat leaves just to survive and in sports with joe the tennis player who turned on the style on his way to the french open on. the web sponsored by time and always. well across india we're still looking at a he waves situation particularly the central and the northern part of the country if you look at the satellite no clouds up in the north allowing plenty of sun
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during the daytime down towards the south that we are picking up the clouds this is priest monsoonal moisture and clouds we'll talk about that in just a moment but i want to show you some video that has come in from new delhi they got up to 50.2 celsius and this was an official reporting here at the weather station just outside of new delhi now of course under these situations it's very very dangerous people need to stay hydrated stay stay out of the sun during the day if they can but unfortunately the severe heat wave is expected to continue at least through the next 3 days time to the cross region just recently we're talking 50 degrees here it actually was $50.00 many locations reaching for the high forty's and the low fifty's in this area of the next few days that is going to continue across much of the region and that is because we're still looking a very clear skies very hot days in that region down towards the south though you'll notice of those temperatures are beginning to come down into the thirty's we are getting more clouds across much of that area helping to subdue
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a lot of the heat in the region and that's going to continue of the next few days but of course where is the monsoon it is delayed right now about 10 minutes 10 days delayed and just coming into parts of sri lanka right now. the west sponsored by cattle and ways. kidnappings and murders in crimea since russia's forced an extension of the black sea. i don't understand why. schools of crimea into tongs have been arrested. and. most building by russian security forces. crimea russia's dark secret on al-jazeera. a journey of postmen discovery very grim for he was the slave of the lead property near is james gunn and explores use family's legacy of smooth you know like my family status and wealth as benefiting from their
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choice to slave people and america's debt to the black people today some over so strong you can skew the speak out because it's a problem. al-jazeera correspondent a moral. hello again you're watching the news on al-jazeera with me fully back to a reminder of our top stories more gunfire is being reported in sudan's capital khartoum a day after a military crackdown left 35 protesters dead a paramilitary group known as the rocket support forces are believed to have surrounded a major hospital where
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a number of injured protesters are being treated. people around the world are marking 30 years and many square massacre in china more than $100000.00 people are expected at a vigil in hong kong but no such event will take place on the chinese mainland as beijing continues its censorship and donald trump has arrived in downing street for talks with the british prime minister theresa may the 2 leaders are expected to talk about future trade deals after breakfast chinese tech company huawei is also likely to be discuss now launch demonstrations are expected in london as well as several other british cities against the u.s. president's visit old brennan is at one of them in london in trafalgar square the main protests actually in one. and today paul not a very popular president in the u.k. tell us about what's going to be happening where you are and the mood among the protests. well he certainly has his opponents that's for sure i mean president
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trump on social media yesterday he tweeted out the tremendous crowds of well where shoots saying there was great love all around well he hasn't seen this crowd behind me out here in safaga square gathering all the biggest of the opposition rallies is going to say place today to mark preston from his business i'll step out of shot so someone can have a look around the square and i would say this publicly around 10000 people here now on downing street where president trump is currently meeting the prime minister is away down that street down there that's where the protesters will stop the march in about 15 or 20 minutes a real kaleidoscope of opinions and sentiments and here there are small replicas of the trump baby balloon away to the left of the shots there are some climate change protest says i've also seen protesters dressed up in the red cape or white hornets all 300 mates. a whole range climates food stand and some
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people were dressed up as chicken soup protest against the prospect and it is alleged that chlorinated chicken from america could be brought into the u.k. so the sentiments here is not angry certainly the organizers said they want a carnival atmosphere but there is no mistaking the opposition to the president on his policies and meanwhile back in downing street president. holding talks what can we expect we need to come out of the talks between an outgoing prime minister and a president who is seeking another time in office. yes it's a difficult want to interest may has already announced on friday she will formally step down as the conservative party leader triggering the race to succeed in june. course the next prime minister so effectively she has no power anymore it's interesting or what they do but there is of course continuity and certainly the governments of the u.k.
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redoubts through the prime minister house to house dealings with the united states so that we talk about our rights to things including for example iraq. britain is one of those countries but you still supportive all the iran nuclear deal despite the fact that america is unilaterally without all that there are concerns about food standards and the prospect of course if it does eventually go through that there will need to be trade deals with the united states so there busy will be in line with groundwork the background of their situation as well but you're right to say that to resume a really is at the limits of tenure in downing street so although it's billed as political there's really not much that you can do in a real sense thank you for that kolbein and life force in london china meanwhile has warned its citizens against traveling to and working in the u.s. companies run the risk of being harassed by american law enforcement officials it also warns tourists risk of being robbed or shot on monday beijing also issued
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a warning to students who want to study in the u.s. both countries have been locked in a trade war since last year. and the us congress has begun an investigation to see if big tech companies stifling competition the house representatives judiciary committee says a handful of companies have come to dominate digital platforms and now have extraordinary power no firms were mentioned by name but the justice department is preparing to examine the influence of apple amazon facebook and google spanning company out of it well it speaks more about this to cohen who's a lawyer specializing in internet law and social media is also the author of the net is closing birth of the police thank you so much for being with us on al-jazeera why is the u.s. government pushing this anti-trust investigation against big tech companies what is it hoping to achieve. it is a double concerned that there is an economic concern and there is
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a political concern of course in terms of the economy concern be it if you think google for example google controls 95 percent of the digital of the search engine. activities so it has good a highly dominant position in through does dominant position google is able to promote all its other services to say for example you want to book a flight you go on google search you the fly details and the 1st thing that shows up is google on flight search which means google will take a cut of it at the expense of perhaps smaller travel agent smaller developers who might be hoping to develop similar products that traditionally. doing it positions prevent competition create higher prices but that leads us to the political aspect of it because what members of house of representatives are concerned about is they
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did dominant position of google facebook twitter might allow them to go in brain wash people and the concern about of course the previous presidential election where there are many still in the u.s. who believe that. the elections been won by donald trump due to unfair influence that people had been subjected to know via internet and social media or so how big of a headache it is going to be for the tech company that this move by congress made them now more vulnerable to losses. we we talked he we're talking about investigations that are likely to last for 5 to 7 years and the investigation the matters eventually will get settled but the in terms of the big. quarry there were easy they did these all thing is about the regulations that the u.s.
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government wants to be able to take control over the internet be able to regulate internet activities via regulations of internet companies now regulating internet means less control of for internet companies more taxes more of corporations more influence by government the government effectively wants to get into the internet they want to start policing it and one way of doing this is is by placing a lot of pressure on into the companies through the economic route what about the consumers how do they benefit from such. consumers certainly benefit in any area. there is real competition so whenever the reason competition people are on the exposed to to certain type of news that on top of opinions certain types of products they they clearly don't benefit from they had
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they might they might feel that it is convenient to to read this type of news that we used to be reading you know be exposed to anything else so so. once competition becomes. very difficult to to control it means that prices are high there's no what the very good there is very little of that it will consumers so do it consumers will benefit is number one there are going to be some very hefty fines. likely to be which are going to compensate for the low taxes those companies are paying at the moment and 2nd it is likely that the those in the new companies will voluntarily start opening up the market for competition and thank you very much for talking to us there you're welcome thank you. iraq's government has offered to mediate between the u.s. any iran to reduce tension between its 2 biggest allies but many sunni iraqis say
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they've been neglected by the shia led government for years and that can send their views on the issue are being ignored for it has our report from baghdad. these iraqi shia muslim fighters are demonstrating against israel on the streets of baghdad the part of the popular mobilization forces o.p.m. a.f. that was set up in 2014 to fight eisel. 2 years later the pm if we integrated into iraq security forces to the united states it's a proxy militia for iran. some people factions say they'd support tehran in any military confrontation with the u.s. and that's made many in iraq's sunni muslim community in the us. this is a mosque in fallujah in a province often called iraq's sunni heartland. ledges that we call them
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politicians and security forces to save iraq from being dragged into a regional conflict the modify the ethnic and sectarian balance in iraq during a visit to baghdad last week by the iranian foreign minister his iraqi counterpart muhammad ali and a key said iraq would stand by iran in the face of increased u.s. sanctions and he said iraq rejected the idea of the u.s. taking any unilateral action against its most powerful ally in the region the iraqi government has offered to be a mediator between the u.s. and iran. as an emergency summit in saudi arabia last week the iraqi delegation refused to sign an arab league statement condemning iran. province many of the towns still lie in ruins a year and a half of the victory was declared over eisel in iraq. iraq's sunnis have long complained of neglect by repeated cheerlead governments and many don't trust the iran backed here but i don't know if the whole family we are of course afraid we
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are sick of these wars out of our towns like a looter have suffered so much conflict and all the again it was devastation and destruction sunni tribal leaders say they are concerned about potential sectarian violence if there was an escalation between the u.s. and iran no help pull out of what we hope that iraq will stay away from this crisis it's a turbulent situation rockies have suffered unlist say a military escalation between the u.s. and iran seems unlikely but this tension continues when iraq's sunni's fear they may be being marginalized by the iraqi government again as it tries to mediate and restore calm troll struck at al-jazeera by. the rebel attack in southern yemen has killed a child and wounded 6 others the rebels launch rocket attacks on areas around thais there's also been fighting between yemeni government forces and the whole fees east
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of the city that millions of people around the world are celebrating. holiday which marks the end of the holy month of ramadan but in yemen families have little to celebrate ramadan reports from the capital sanaa. kurdistan's helpless by his broken taxi it was his last option to make ends meet for his big family he has no idea how they will celebrate the eagles pitch holiday marking the end of the holy month of ramadan but. i bought this taxi which help me meet my family's needs now it's broken down i can hardly afford daily meals let alone eat essential so my family. is used to a better life he was a military pilot before the war devastated yemen's air force the relocation of the central bank from sun how to aden was another blog not only to her but to thousands
1:43 pm
of public employees. the war has pushed 13000000 yemenis to the brink of famine while another 7000000 have become dependent on foreign aid that's according to the u.n. but despite all this many here in the capital sanaa are buying whatever they can for the aid holiday and to put a smile on their children's faces. most of the people you see here shopping for aid after they received half a payment from maiden's bank months after nonpayment. borrowing money from relatives has been the only way for me and many others to make ends meet we receive half a celery every year that's not even enough to buy sweets this devastating war has to be brought 20 and as we've had enough. close all the saudi border live is even more difficult this is a slum 50 kilometers of this of saudi arabia it's
1:44 pm
a month's latest whom after being forced from 2 other. i have fled my region and lived everything behind as it's on the constant in the tillery bombardment we have marched for 2 days in the long journey i've lost my 4 month old child now i'm here facing another challenge to survive famine. some of the most of the internally displaced people are forced to eat leaves outside human i'd means presents truths and sweets. mother and thousands like him the dream this holiday is for a decent meal or how about bob. so not italy's prime minister has threatened to resign unless the 2 main parties stop arguing and respect. the league and the 5 star movement formed a populist coalition last year and just epic kaante was chosen a little known lawyer to serve as prime minister and mediator since then the
1:45 pm
coalition has argued about everything from infrastructure projects to immigration is he also faces the possibility of e.u. sanctions for breaching budget will. i ask both political forces and in particular the respective leaders who also play a role in the government to make a clear choice and to tell us if they intend to continue in the spirit of the contract stipulated with the goal of implementing the actions for its realisation of its contents in the interest of the country or if they prefer to reconsider their position because they cultivate the hope of an electoral test. the president of mexico is proposing to decriminalize all illegal narcotics in an effort to stop what has so far proved impossible ending the drugs gang war in the final part of our special coverage marking 6 months since under-estimate overdraw took office our correspondent money arapaho examines the president. this indoor garden
1:46 pm
consists of about a dozen marijuana plants. they're being grown in a spare bedroom of an apartment near downtown mexico city. the grower will call him carlos has asked us to hide his identity but he is happy to show off his plants which he says are only for personal consumption. the main reason is because i don't want to be involved in the game of violence and drug trafficking or not really knowing what i'm smoking. mexico city has some of the most relaxed marijuana laws in the country but it is still illegal to buy or sell the drug part of president under his over those national development plan a strategy that includes reducing violence over the next 6 years seeks to legalize marijuana use the plan calls for an end to prohibition put not just of marijuana all drugs laws to learn them and those who say that simply legalizing drugs will reduce violence in the country but have no idea what they're talking about. clearly
1:47 pm
not everyone is on board with the idea in fact even experts who agree that a drastic change in drug policy is needed how often see the same thing that lopez obrador has proposed a strategy that lacks any sort of strategy at all there are no specific plan the problem is when you have to do something like this you have to be really clear about what you try to legalize how you want to legalize weed who you try to address the problem how much will cost the problem or if you try to explain or you try to address. by the health system. another controversial aspect of the legalization idea is ending the many the initiative a partnership between the u.s. and mexico that has directed some $3000000000.00 to fund the drug war since 2008 the united states has approved $145000000.00 in 2019 to be directed toward mexico under the maybe the initiative money that's expected to be used in counternarcotics
1:48 pm
operations president love is over the hopes that the united states will redirect those funds toward development and drug rehabilitation programs and set. it remains unclear whether the u.s. would agree to the mexican president's offer to end the drug war but it's also not the type of policy that could be applied overnight to new music from private growers like harlow's say legalization is inevitable for now he's trying to perfect the growing process so he can launch a legitimate marijuana business if and when the mexican government makes it legal. mexico city.
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my . i am. and what is just funny thank you and then pick 800 meter champion caster semenya has been cleared to compete over have favorite distance after a swiss court agreed to hear her appeal against testosterone rules last month's menu lost an appeal at the court of arbitration for sport which meant she'd have to take drugs to low and naturally high testosterone levels or change events but the south african athlete has been given hope of the court in switzerland temporarily suspended her ban cement when the 800 meters in doha last month and told al-jazeera that she wasn't prepared to take drugs. confirmed the cattle will host the next 2 club world cup tournament's they will serve as
1:51 pm
a test event for the main world cup coming up in 2022 stadiums and facilities are still being built the cup competition takes place in december between the 6 continental champions including liverpool and the cats all champions outside of course excited to host the here 210-2020 addition to the club world cup for us it's a great opportunity it's a great test event to try out some of the operational plans we had a place in the lead up to the world cup and we're excited of course to hosting the world you know on and the major clubs in qatar 2102020. well staying with cattle we just learned that they will defend their asian cup title in china in 2023 it's the 2nd time china have hosted asia's top football competition with us was back in 2004 cats all won the trophy in the u.a.e. back inside during. the women's world cup starts in france on friday and all sports correspondent lee wellings has been inside jamaica's training camp known as the
1:52 pm
rego by all the 1st caribbean country to qualify for the tournament with a little help from the daughter of. some teams that the women's football world cup failure to win the trophy will be a disappointment for jamaica's team who called themselves the wreckage gallus just being here is a miracle. before and after the last world cup 4 years ago the jamaican football federation decided to concentrate their limited resources on the men's take whatever additional was going to be a white sedan a molly daughter of reckon a ledge a step to the right used mommy raised awareness and kick started a property not to pick we still don't know your story where did this thing come from and what we. know i mean obviously we can put this thing together over the. 4 years and i mean obviously you know some of the worse it is.
1:53 pm
in the us an accumulation of results from a father. and look where they've got to now mike is somehow qualified for the world cup the team celebrations after beating panama helping make the football well take notice. yes. to my career of being drawn in a tough world cup group after the opening game against brazil by then by italy story a bought 6 there you know the 24th so you bridge the knockout stage so one good result and i can continue their journey here in france. most of their goals come from khadija shaw who's played in the american league but is on the touch now and i think the world cup secures her a lucrative move to european football 3 of her brothers have died in gang violence in jamaica but this is a team full of spirit but what makes our team so great is that were the perfect
1:54 pm
example of our country's motto which is out of many one people social media spreading the word which really helps and getting our message across that what we're doing is really a big deal and definitely an attacking. physicality. and hopefully we can kind of bring a more organization and a discipline to i play but all i'm thinking about is that we're going there for 9 points and i said this is not. always be on you know. it's been going on in. the break i wouldn't prove that there's more than sprinters in jamaica this is serious when it's. al-jazeera or the gym i can training camp and. a quick one to tell you about coming out of my league and now the former real madrid and spain coach who then look to take has been appointed as the new survey a boss on a 3 year deal he has to be as 6 coach in 3 years since the departure of one i am
1:55 pm
sorry. it's almost even in the race for the end i tells stanley cup this and there was blues we're back on home ice and made it a bruising encounter for the boston bruins in game 4 down there sarah had to leave the game after taking a puck to the mouth. ryanair royally school twice as the blues won the 4 to go back to boston on thursday for game 5 of the series tied at 10. been a long time right. season weight on time for those who were into prada last came so we really had to grab it and get ready for a night but you can see the buzz around the city and. driver of the game it's pretty fun to see now 2 major league baseball's biggest stars went head to head on monday many misato was up against bryce harper for the 1st time since the 2 change teams it was miss out on his son diego padres who got the better of the philadelphia phillies in the south even hitting a grand slam as the padres won 8 it was his 10th home on the season.
1:56 pm
that's the american footballer who lives to get a job damon she teaches that pete tricked his way into an n.f.l. tryout with the cleveland browns claiming he'd been invited by a member of the team's backroom staff it was a lie but the wide receiver impressed with his speed and they've now offered him a place on their off season busta. their cricket world cup continues and it's afghanistan up against sri lanka on choose day both teams are looking for their 1st win of the tournament sri lanka batting 1st and they are currently $13041.00 having lost captain timothy kudo. pereira has passed 50 the hosts in favorites england was shocked by pakistani smashed 348 runs in the innings and then fell 14 short of what would have been the
1:57 pm
most successful run chase in world history and ends pakistan's 11 game using streak which included a mail series defeat in the build up to. the tennis now and it's called finals day at the french open up 1st on the financial tree a court it's sloane stephens against joe concha followed by cain issue corey and rafael nadal and his version of federal and standard bring kick things off on the other side courts have markets haven't got a sofa against petra mob. oh plays uncle would do well to do something as good as they strum full say dominic tamed this celts through his legs all cycled the hot dope the liason crowds in paris and getting a round of applause from his opponent campbell face one in straight sets. all right that is a useful now. joe thank you very much that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera do stay with us plenty more coming up very shortly so rahman the well be with you next and i'll be back with you again at 1300 g.m.t.
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by here on al-jazeera thank you very much for watching. june on al-jazeera people in power returns with an investigation into why india's capital delhi has some of the worst air pollution in the world. 2 years into the blockade we look at the future of the g.c.c. crisis and its impact on life and the top join us for special coverage the big picture examines the power potential unprejudiced of knowledge official intelligence as it used to shape world leaders from the group of 20 nations will
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gather for the food to feed 20 summit to be held for the 1st time in japan and in brand new episodes we follow people from around the globe who are risking it all just to make a living june on al-jazeera. in the 1st century. americans are struggling to pay their rent the problem isn't just limited to major cities. a former governor of the indian social bank has cast doubt on the country's growth. we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in.
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counting the cost on al-jazeera. our military forces gather in strength. after dozens of protesters were killed in a crackdown. on civil war when you're watching all jazeera live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes from to business trade is the focus of donald trump polls talks with the british prime minister in london. also the crackdown in china wants to raise it from its history but 30 years old memories of the tiananmen
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square massacre being kept alive outside the country. people say here it is much easier to find weapons than fine.


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