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tv   Over the Wheel  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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us government is imposing new travel restrictions on americans visiting cuba american cruise ships are being banned from docking so are smaller yachts son some corporate and private aircrafts the u.s. treasury secretary says the restrictions are in response to what he calls the stabilizing role including support for venezuela's president nicolas maduro commemoration ceremonies have been held in several cities on the 30th anniversary of the square massacre in china in hong kong tens of thousands held a candlelight vigil for the estimated $1000.00 victims pro-democracy leaders spoke to crowds wearing t. shirts which read the people will not forget but the scene of the killings in beijing was surrounded by tight security is china's government continues censorship those are the headlines viewfinder latin america is coming up next.
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viewfinder fresh perspectives through the lens of noble filmmakers around the globe
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busy. this is the get. out of the film the forklift for the worst paul willis can of. course a. cut a deal or a script believe about the public doesn't give us any respect. it must and.
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i'm at a. time now that. our souls set the telephone. i know that for. so let me tell you that it was not a. meet your communication to me quote you. like facebook. isn't a dormancy piece to. the result of them given them was given to me like that so i assumed they'd done it on the out of the list quite cheerfully and something with the stuff that has come i mean some of those me but it's one of them you know both men of my goodness in them and i mean this in the time.
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being when i do what your books are. studying the. need for medical we have the newbies some of the members could comment on this but made up of them that you can see that matters up and you're going to get mr mckinney up another to me i mean for him a. friend moved into good another he didn't want. you know how this is getting up and going to see any enemy hasn't been beat down at this post they are saying. it meets in the not to me.
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and that not just in basic meant they would have had the. economists assume they give us in that guy j. b c and then more change is that all moving you know that we get a better meaning for new money when none. of. them into this thing where the. base was seemed pointless he made it much from a child of god. to do it from the us and for some us like on the side of not going to get him for reform i'm going to miss. the. political stuff you have is by something more when you have been in court.
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for the political space you know nice it will be. you personally known bring a mental game going to the right i love you the 2nd time for. that one time yes yes men but because the especially that. soon the less i do these things. never come in the soonest it does keep us out of the debate then reprogram the political week with the contents of the. message i made to the reader the grammar is we must look at it from you well i had asked the same thing when i thought years i condemn his use of the percent of the police and of course because he does media walked up to the same unit you see in this persona. the lesson ducks going to be that's political to me. but if you read the email not come by yet and look at it then this can say coming up not a must have been done in the. middle of maximal because it does unison invited
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has done so but of this across the south. is akin to him to say when. they can raise the money summit maybe get some of the goodies the suspense and the heat that i'm in the midst of a. it . can be said of the terms. of the even famous and let me see could be a most but all there was going to fix the levees back on the point of the number. even look at the note of the book trailing to build something but i know someone
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else but i thought the cad in this new company most guys had to go but as havea position also i can look i thought it no point i'm also spread out of sync nobody else but i can reckon this idea of symbols. so that those who have both and so many if that's the only means one is. the model i didn't see then i will still be stuck he stumbles over the most he wants his 5th. that it was new that it just has to look at them out of if is even seen of them i don't always get the city like i've not.
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spent up to so much in the old but those are the keys that just let it become a little difficult i'm not going to let me. get through this much and i have a good outlets that can follow but if. not you know. not in b.c. if they come here but someone just got to see that. line . if they're in just a few minutes i'll think intimacy that's a note so you take the good things to portray even this but he said no it's not a move this is to swallow some muslim fellas put them in obvious poses
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a group will set us up. with them i said then significantly fit into like i did. or not the predicate of the medical work that i know how do you. really love me and i don't look at her yeah. i'm ok with my dad about what i thought about him going to the mountains i don't have to have enough people left out of pocket i have often thought that's not. very mechanical but i don't think when you're there you go in the midst of the children i love i'm going to get up and i know i'm not going to get out i better
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get pretty and was. played by just stuff you know not want to do so i settle for couple. and musical macassar guy who says i'm focused for my back and necessary for my law and as i said it's like to be the most combustible and there was this time 7 months . not months i was on the scene i see the most intimate to each other that i'm using those who have deep. well we must be because i mean. really those mean it thomas and nobody took this hammer he said. he lay there is that i don't. see them does he says a bank got sick little some one of those daniel had a bit over the rail of
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a train. it's not really that is like it was more people i could not deny but i you though b.c. clip a blog that. let me see clip that day why don't they oh you can see typical not a woman though but i. know they say prick innocency clover yes business but on the whole most but can was going to was but is it i don't want to see a utopia is what it is and i see the good the here miss who would have. nothing but i believe you don't get your life nothing thank you linda in any case just us but. you can leave a. little.
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fun that n.b.c. thought any of us without question of you know it's ok to get back and see if they could get us out of the part of the sea that. i would spit out in means they don't mean the but i won't be that nichols told me that. i never get inside sailing to get into the b.c. plane to catch the 2nd game i'm getting out of to some other ways. been disappearing. and when i found him i said i'm active yet because i know i sound
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good. a little they want to have like a ass and to muscle power and i was going backward that's part of it i'm sorry but i don't but like i said maybe i like him think and i was good i mean it's maybe it was part of the get i mean on the neck i get all is simple the parts are alexy on chemical and guys who try to bite the courtis you look at the ways in question that and they still know you mean to sickly something about how to format them into constant he said i said if we're allowed to moglen this is going to school to get us to get there is a community clip it could be in such a lesson that this and most of you that i've been to them which are meals idea yeah he's not only not going to be honest when they say much sexy dentist i said i mean a case and he complains to yes i can to cast called going to say is going to conclude his movie yemen. we b.c.l. it was one of the simplest phenomena in salo superman to click on your favorite the number at the among them was a summons i think he said by the commitments you. are
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also through because. it was a going to be able to get you know. and that's when i think i want to have a. moment. presumably still many things. right i mean you know you know the same thing. yes your honor if it's your one and only. me not going to fix your own story to do so to see one of the more we meet in the form of for public service who come. from what the court. symbol of from is going to. look like you go. back and make it feel like to look up i mean my.
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personal think i think. i mean the mall but. that's important to me. i don't get up and just to put the pull up and then risk looking like a piece that i'm not going to try not. on the gonna snow season the stairs on top of one of these days but when i just had i was a kid i mean well you know i was sort of basically at the child care unit so but you know i don't think there's a ceiling when we see him when he can you cook but he has much book to read yet to put it as you know there are lots of studies that i've done that dylan might get done might get killed in the accident that. night dentist we should get this kid
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because when we see more like us but in a sort of. keep in mind. that family that the most blessed are those that traveled to the. same yachting and they see. the t. you think. the film. the gods in them are a means to cleave to favor pray that it be to. pick up only. incentive allison.
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and that's on the sea on us but i bet it's on a budget he says on the front of it but a motorcade that they says can make a place in the belly get off on that in between to see that. as a moment they see the prince and ask him what he had on him face on you know good miska been in love easy bianca moses came back a penny and said can. i do
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this paranoia. at all it's enough and listen. i give mr cameron me oh listen. those of you. girl good morning me and the sickness and one of our. guys have taken. most of the other group for months i remember some of them released by. the system but i only say let's go so some of us to. the good seem to a considerable number put in for the physic you in the 30s double story of the month going to. be infamous and up and some other some for
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a minute from sponge. bob and more to do. more on. the 1st day they see a mask a man made a friend never really got might not be good enough and done something about that god battle lost in the fog of the moment like i'm a sucker for the sudden and now you're going with the nothing i say seems pointless so from. there it doesn't preclude going to institute one that doesn't think the loophole is. going to the 1st time when they didn't go to the north to see the piazza some of the inside glucose if it did. this is ok i just looked at the most.
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of them still. long the good looking good because the good the most the most not. in the summer going to come up with those in the darkness when i get there one of them i'm going to get a. lot of my because i'm going up on cable t.v. i'm going to come for you to come with me and the book coming up on top of the big
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news. but. the feel of a. very nice looking at the books some of. them are going to wind up on income i think that whole. car. park. her car. took a. look at the stunning
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political topic on the money at the bottom of the argument guess again and again. you know but not feel that way i'm going to have a good point to remember to live a little hollow play up live a little for. the good and i think. also you know with the little. i. like the untold thing that i want to find our.
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lives a. little see these stunts and you see the front doesn't look at this i just did see over the audience little you know i see them in a c.e.o. i suppose he meant i'm so young the young written
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the come in. the from the likes of me and little musical kids. must fulfill those. they will spend their 2nd scenes here to get a casino. and be out the back and then also there because it will be a book it said i was reckoned to start quibble about something for telling me i couldn't. get out i see this device says are you this bitch on the set of those episodes. let me see them with the middle list to deny those people in a yes i'm going to discuss. this honestly if you see all of the sequels to begin the a necessity. ready
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they start his drinks container. ready and usually end. up in a nuisance but for a select few old bottles sad as the building blocks of a better life. ready and the stepping stones to owning a family how. do you find a lot in america is in bolivia and dowels into the wild.
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i mean you want to get down to the reality where online. mail shelden is. with our global federation and it is really fight to get hot or if you join us on saturday. they're mine this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us in our live you tube chat and you too can be in the street join the global conversation on al-jazeera challenging the brazilian dictatorship with a democratically run for home team. the killing fields changed the course of. the center was a revolution resort. known to locals as the dr. football rebels concludes with a celebration of the life and legacy of socrates in the corinthians democracy movement on al-jazeera cool. the strength of spirit that because
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we have such an expansive people were coming to us and actually shared information with. them. i believe it would be good for the country yes. u.s. president donald trump says britain has brighter days ahead after leaving the e.u. adding he's committed to a phenomenal. trade deal. you're watching all jazeera life from a headquarters in doha and also ahead. here a military force is put on a show of strength in sudan a day after dozens of protesters were killed in a crackdown.


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