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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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choice to save people and america's debt to the black people today some over so skull we even ski the speak out because it's a problem. al-jazeera correspondent a moral debt. protest has followed a poll in sudan's capital less than a day off to dozens of demonstrators were killed in a crackdown. kind of their eye for the steeple and you're watching al jazeera life from london also coming up. u.s. president tells prime minister to resign may he's committed to a post for exit trade deal as thousands protest against his visit plus.
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it is 30 years since the violent suppression of the student led pro-democracy protests here in tiananmen square i've been speaking to one of the leaders of that movement now in exile still defiant his reflections on the ottoman 30 years on here on al-jazeera. and if you can't beat it legalize it it's a bold new proposal by mexico's president that he hopes will end the war with drug cartels. follow protest organizers in sudan's capital say a woman and a child have been killed by gunfire from security forces this just a day off to a crackdown by a paramilitary group killed at least 35 protesters there are reports that the group known as the rocket support forces has surrounded a major hospital. reports. members
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of the sudanese paramilitary group known as the rapid support force shooter protesters in the capital khartoum the military john taylor has been in charge since long time president bashir was deposed in april military leaders have apologized for the killing and injuring of dozens of demonstrators on monday. but on the 1st day of the eat festival following ramadan the crackdown appears to be continuing. some sudanese attended. prayers but many stayed at home too scared to go outside. activists say the rapid support force has surrounded mosques and a body representing sudanese pharmacists says r.s.s. soldiers are provoking fights with medical staff outside hospitals the military leadership says elections will be held within 9 months for protesters day trust the genter they want an immediate transfer of power to civilian will and aggressive i
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mean we the sudanese people hold the security forces accountable for the dispersal of the certain the security forces a bit trite the sudanese people. hundreds of protesters have been arrested and the internet is cut despite that analysts say demonstrators can keep the momentum for change going but they do have the ability to mobilize civilians not only in protest but in not just in the 3 towns in the capital but others cities in the sudan and they also have the ability to call a general strike which would severely. sudan's economy the justice says it's investigating why forces shot unarmed civilians that they're long running sitting at a military headquarters in khartoum and the killings are being condemned worldwide but pleas for restraint are apparently being ignored by members of the rapid support force and protesters are paying the price victoria gate and be there are
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all united nations security council will discuss the crackdown in sudan in a closed door session on tuesday a spokesman for u.n. chief antonio terrace has condemned the targeting of medical facilities meanwhile the un human rights agency has called on the military to resume negotiations with protesters. instead of targeting the protest leaders we call on the transitional military council to reach out to them again for a renewed negotiation and a discussion about how to manage the transition of sudan to a civilian led administration the human rights grievances that led to the protests in the 1st place will not go away if the military simply decides to impose its own election schedule there needs to be a discussion about the grievances that sparked the protest in the 1st place if any transition in sudan is to be sustainable and peaceful. is a member of the alliance of sudanese political forces an opposition group here in london he says
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a new government needs to be formed free from foreign interference we want freedom we want we want to have free and fair election and want to see that the transitional government's lost to. the. developing countries we've got a lot of resources which as been explained that in the last number of years i would like to have a government of all on was complete independence was out in the field for egypt saudi arabia or united auto. us president donald trump passed promised a phenomenal trade deal for a post breck's it person held talks with outgoing prime minister trees in may on the 2nd day of his state visit he seemed to brush over disagreements about the chinese telecoms giant weiwei pose was happy to discuss who mrs may successor
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should be let's take you live to al-jazeera is jonah hall outside the prime minister's residence in downing street it's a little strange isn't it jonah to have a president in discussions with the prime minister who's basically about to leave the job. well that perhaps explains why there were no big decisions made or substantial announcements coming out of this trip perhaps or playing into the hands of president trump he may have felt some sort of advantage over prime minister may with the end of her tenure so fast approaching lots of talk about a trade deal of course phenomenal very very substantial in mr trump's words he was confident enough to drop that many bombshell in the press conference that the national health service would be on the table as part of future trade talks well the reason may possibly happy that she doesn't have to worry too much about those future trade talks and the enormous fury that will have build up in the coming days over that n.h.s. announcement she will stand down on friday as the leader of her party with
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a new prime minister expected to be in place at the end of july. in other circumstances would be a significant meeting was on this occasion far more low key the u.s. president alongside a british prime minister on the verge of stepping down for the past 2 and a half year the president and i have had the privilege of being the latest guardians of this precious and profound friendship between our countries there was no avoiding breaks it and opposed breaks a trade deal between the 2 countries donald trump is a big fan of both i would say i would think that it will happen and it probably should happen this is a great great country and it wants its own identity it wants to have its own borders it wants to run its own affairs is a very very special place and i think it deserves a special place on the topline point of contention between the 2 sides the role of huawei the chinese telecoms giant in building the u.k.'s 5 g.
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network president trump seemed to brush the issue aside there will be an agreement he said not to worry he seemed to imply leave it to mrs may's successor on which point the. president has made his views very public indorsing top contenders boris johnson the former foreign secretary and the current foreign secretary jeremy hunt . environment minister michael gove also a front runner he said he didn't know very well and there was talk of a one on one meeting it was as if the former reality t.v. star was back candidates this time for the job of british prime minister at the business end of this state visit donald trump was most at home around a table talking deals. even the national health service he said later should be part of future trade talks look i think everything with a trade deal is on the table when you when you're dealing in trade everything's on
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the table so anything else besides the hospitality of the queen great britain once a valued ally and strategic partner is to this president it seems a deal waiting to be done so then the president has been giving some. to be the next prime minister. oh yes more than thought he's thrown himself vigorously at the task of trying to find out and get to know the next prime minister boris johnson of course he's indorsed a man he's called a good friend remember a year ago when he was here he committed a huge political gaffe by endorsing boris johnson then only days after he resigned from to reserve may's cabinet michael gove another top contender donald trump says he doesn't know him very well michael gove remember conducted the 1st u.k. interview with the president on behalf of the times newspaper in the presence of the times owner rupert murdoch a hugely influential media mogul in the politics of this country one thing to
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mention though donald trump seems to discount the possibility that jeremy corbyn could be a near future prime minister many people here think he could win the next general election donald trump dismissed him this afternoon as a negative force suggesting that perhaps the president hasn't got all of his bases covered china thank you. well earlier several 1000 anti trump demonstrators marched through central london in protest against the u.s. president's visit but trying to dismiss the demonstrations as a small protest and claimed he'd seen cheering crowds there as paul brennan was that. it was billed as a con a ball of resistance and the demonstrations certainly included elements of performance as well as protest the costumes and fancy dress one group dressed as characters from the hung maid's tale some blackouts were simple of this simple many
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simply too profane to show on television or even trump impersonators we have reached a deal. with. the 6 metre tall trump baby blimp was back after 1st appearing in 2018 and the republican effigy titles dumped trump made its debut this year i do respect democracy but i'm ashamed of this country for inviting him and treating him with fun and dignity i think that the british government is about that kind of thing to be able to welcome somebody who's kind of a new go fascist a short distance from where the president was meeting the prime minister the stage had been set up to host several high profile speakers look around describe look at each other. we are young we are old we're why we disabled an elegy beach where the whole wonderful mosaic of diversity and inclusion that we represent from this demonstrations of i.
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isolated confrontations between protesters and some vocal pro trump individuals but they were quickly contained. protest organizers had anticipated the degree of outrage for t.v. and certainly the numbers on this protest are a fraction of the 250000 the president last 28 seen on the last of the visits of the u.s. president has succeeded in uniting a kaleidoscope of different causes from pro-feminist the fascists. when he was asked by journalists about the protests outside president trump claimed to have seen only cheering supporters as the demonstration he said was a small protests and the media attention obvious fake news i don't see any protests i did see a small protest today when i came very small so a lot of it is fake news i hate to say but you saw the the people waving the american flag waving your flag it was tremendous spirit and love for the most part
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the public is being kept well back from the president and his entourage but if president trump was really oblivious to the chorus of his motorcade left downing street it can only have been because of the remarkable sound proofing of his official limousine. al-jazeera central london all right still ahead so on the program keeping the memory alive thousands gather to remember tannin square in the only chinese place by memorial so off the mask all out. on the medical workers forced to work underground because of constant strikes we report from syria's last rebel strongholds. hello daily summer showers all thunderstorms are raging in good part of central
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europe this circulations very obvious we've had some significant damp poles in the last few days actually in both gary and serbia this general area the fact there was flooding in serbia if not $64.00 movies did fall in just 6 hours if probably more like an hour and a half but the 6 hour total comes out $64.00 there's been more significant rain further west it's a frontal system from the atlantic change things completely temperatures down in london paris for wednesday to the teens still 290 that suggest sundry weather in switzerland and northern italy and madrid stand by a good 10 degrees and about 23 degrees as cool change in western europe still showery in the war bits here but rather less so i think on thursday but of a change though through power in western russia more significant rain is still there on the warm side as it is in germany all this happening over a lot of prompted by the sunshine over north africa the temperatures still hovering on the high side in tunisia 36 in tunis and 35 in kara but in red backed with the
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on shore breeze again a loss of about 10 degrees in the last couple of days wednesdays at 21 and thursday is about the same. a natural resource that's gone untapped for more than 2 decades palestinians found of course years before israel has rockets on al-jazeera world tells the untold story of gaza's unexploited gas fields gaza lobby and is only made us of the because they're going to so it's a lot of money and how this valuable resource could have transformed palestinian lives. because the gas deal on al-jazeera.
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other again undermined the top stories here on al-jazeera protest organizers in the sudanese capital say a woman and a child killed by gunfire from security forces at least 35 people were killed in a crackdown by paramilitary groups on monday. donald trump has promised a phenomenal trade deal for post breck's it britain the us president has held talks with the u.k.'s prime minister on the 2nd day of his state visit. thousands of people demonstrated against trump in london but the president himself dismissed the protests are small reports of a massive rally. tens of thousands of people across the world have commemorations the 30th anniversary of china's brutal crackdown on student
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protesters in town and square but the chinese capital itself has fallen silent as authorities impose an information lockdown several dissidents all thought to have been taken. away by security agents to silence them at a time when the world remembers one of the darkest chapters in chinese history officials abound any mention of the events in june $1809.00 in which hundreds if not thousands of pro-democracy protesters were killed by the military when i was there is adrian brown was there in 1989 and now reports on how the tiananmen square massacre is remembered in china 30 years on. in the spring of 1989 student leader work i she was in the thick of it confronting authority on the streets arguing with china's leaders in the great hall of the people dressed in hospital but the hunger striking workers she had been rated the prime minister lee
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passage when students began occupying tiananmen square they were demanding more accountability in government and tougher measures against corruption they were joined by doctors teachers judges and journalists from state media the growing movement posing the greatest threat to 40 years of communist rule. work-i she says he never thought it would end the way that it did with the people's liberation army firing on the people. expect that some blood shed. will be hit by the police but. that's what we have expected life. today he lives in exile in taiwan the self-governing island republic the china wants back and he's had a lot of time to reflect on whether it was all worth it i think politically or legally or rationally speaking we are blameless.
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but. morally i don't know. what if there's this one person or shot and dead. in that place because he heard a speech that given. the army quickly regain control of the streets but no one was quite sure who was really in charge as i reported from beijing at the time meanwhile the men who control the army and perhaps now the government have issued another ominous warning stay off the streets or face the consequences one man certainly didn't seem to care about the consequences yes. today in an extraordinary single act of defiance this young unarmed protester brought a column of tanks to a standstill we still don't know his name or if he survived after he was bundled away unclear by whom june the 4th is just another day in china will be no public
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displays of dissent or remembrance china's vast security and surveillance network will see to that even mothers of students killed in the bloodshed have been told to remain silent as part of the continuing official cover up the chinese leadership still refuses to acknowledge how many people were killed or to express remorse adrian brown al-jazeera beijing hong kong is the only place under chinese rule that holds massive public commemorations of the tiananmen square massacre thousands of candles flickered under the night sky as huge crowds held a vigil organizers say nearly $200000.00 people attended the event they were joined by chinese citizens from the mainland who crossed the border to avoid the wall of silence and post by the government how does there is to be a pardon spoke to some of those who attended. 30 years ago hong kong was a very different place for one thing it was a british colony while people here were angered and concerned about what happened
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in tiananmen square in 1909 there was a sense of distance so over the years this candlelight vigil became tradition the number of people coming and going waxed and waned but this year there is a sense of urgency can you tell us why this year there is a different feeling a 1st. i said i forget the approach that. is being fed by the chinese government thank you and can you tell us why you're here today and why you think it's important to be here. and i hope that. hong kong. ever happened to receive. there trying to find it for you and for your. are they are speaking as sites in its grip on the city of freedom of expression asterisk only on the central government has been interfering in hamas political system and now many people at all are fighting about hoess the extradition law
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which would be the way for people to be tried in the mainland china so picture the actual system. and those people just. forget about his heart it's. for. the next generation to know about the man otherwise it will be forgotten what i think this. time specially for the chinese and especially those who believe. this is the only place in china where people can denounce the communist party in such a large scale and call on the central government to apologize for the cracked on june 4th 1909 but among the speeches that chavez was singing there is a question on many people's minds here and that is how much longer people here want to be able to so openly expressing their. the united nations says faces in syria and now using food supply as
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a weapon of war after large areas of wheat and other crops were set alight fields orchards an olive groves are burning in northwestern syria it's a region where the army backed by russia is battling rebels in their last major stronghold or both the syrian government and russia have been accused of systematically targeting hospitals doctors are forced to evacuate patients and many international aid agencies have pulled out because of security concerns al jazeera has got rare access to rebel held it lip us from where the only reports. even were located in a cave hospitals are not safe in this part of syria anymore as the regime and its allies continue to target them. who are so low was injured in a new strikes in almost a month ago over the horizon while she and her brother went back home to pick up some stuff during what they believed was
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a cease fire. is this her moment well of. my brother as a martyr what was our guilts mind about or what may god punish assad his people and russia and the him taste the same pain. syrian n.g.o.s say at these 26 medical facilities have been hit since the syrian regime intensified its attacks in admitted on april 26th at least 300 people have been killed. the fear now i'm at a hospital but i wish they took me out the hospitals are now targets many would prefer to suffer and die at home to dying in a hospital now. despite this hospital being hidden underground a bomb blender 200 meters away a few days ago. to prevent civilian casualties the hospitals inside did live made the decision to evacuate patients. except for the emergency cases. this doctor says even this children is hospital couldn't escape the regime's
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shelling despite coordinates being shared with the un. what what we got was there during the airstrikes my wife and daughters were also at the hospital but i had to keep them here to be able to evacuate the others the hospital was fall it was tough to decide and keep the crew safe at the same time we have only 2 options either stay or die following the syrian regime's latest airstrikes targeting the health facilities in and let medical workers think they are being deliberately targeted aid organizations are scared to send chris into syria looting says shortages in medical supplies people say here it is much easier to find weapons than finding medicine. people in their lives say they have lost hope that the world will do anything to stop the onslaught. for 7 years the international community has provided nothing not the un not the others it's all empty promises it is one of the
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escalation zones agreed by turkey russia and iran but equipment has been constant violated by the syrian government and russia now 3000000 people in it the fear that the uptake in violence over recent weeks is only going to get worse seen al-jazeera in the northwest and syria. on a boat i'll break in eastern democratic republic of congo has surpassed 2000 cases in what the world health organization has called a sad and frustrating milestone. has killed more than 1300 people in the region the outbreak declared in august is the 2nd deadliest in history attacks by rebels on mistrust from local communities have made it difficult to aid agencies to combat the disease. mexico's president is proposing to decriminalize all illegal narcotics in an effort to stop what is safe and possible anding the war with drug
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cartels in the final part of our special coverage marking 6 months since andres manuel lopez obrador took over a correspondent. examines the president's plan. this indoor garden consists of about a dozen marijuana plants. they're being grown in a spare bedroom of an apartment near downtown mexico city. the grower will call him carlos has asked us to hide his identity but he is happy to show off his plants which he says are only for personal consumption. the main reason is because i don't want to be involved in the game of violence and drug trafficking or not really knowing what i'm smoking. mexico city has some of the most relaxed marijuana laws in the country but it is still illegal to buy or sell the drug part of president and that is his over others national development plan a strategy that includes reducing violence over the next 6 years seeks to legalize
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marijuana use the plan calls for an end to prohibition but not just of marijuana all drugs a lot of the lemonade those who say that simply legalizing drugs will reduce violence in the country but have no idea what they're talking about that but clearly not everyone is on board with the idea in fact even experts who agree that a drastic change in drug war policy is needed often say the same thing that lopez obrador has proposed strategy lacks any sort of strategy at all. there are no specific plan the problem is when you have to do something like this you have to be really clear about what you try to legalize how you want to unlock the lives we talk to you try to address the problem how much will cost the problem or if you try to explain or you try to address by the health system. another controversial aspect of the legalization idea is ending the many the initiative
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a partnership between the u.s. and mexico that has directed some $3000000000.00 to fund the drug war since 2008 the united states is approved $145000000.00 in 2019 to be directed toward mexico under the maybe the initiative money that's expected to be use encounter narcotics operations president lobbies over the hopes that the united states will redirect those funds toward development and drug rehabilitation programs so. it remains unclear whether the u.s. would agree to the mexican president's offer to end the drug war but it's also not the type of policy that could be applied overnight to new music from private growers like carlos see legalization is inevitable for now he's trying to perfect the growing process so he can launch a legitimate marijuana business if and when the mexican government makes it legal. mexico city scandinavian airlines is to stop selling duty free goods during flights
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in an attempt to say fuel the carrier better known as s.a.'s estimates low weight also cut emissions by 25 percent of the joint danish swedish a new engine company trying to make it more efficient after announcing shop 2nd quarter losses last month there is much more on our website address is al jazeera dot com al-jazeera doc. and reminder the top stories on al-jazeera protest organizers in the sudanese capital say a woman and child have been killed by gunfire from security forces at least 35 people were killed in a crackdown by a paramilitary group on monday internet services remain down in large parts of the country opposition leaders have rejected the militia join to school to hold elections within my months meanwhile the un human rights agency has called on the military to return to negotiations with protesters instead of targeting the protest
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leaders we call on the transitional military council to reach out to them again for a renewed negotiation and a discussion about how to manage the transition of sudan to a civilian led administration and the human rights grievances that led to the protest in the 1st place will not go away if the military simply decides to impose its own election schedule there needs to be a discussion about the grievances that sparked the protest in the 1st place if any transition in sudan is to be sustainable and peaceful donald trump has promised a phenomenal trade deal for a post for exit person the us president has held talks with the u.k.'s prime minister to resign mail the 2nd day of his state visit he's also waited in the ruling conservative party's leadership contest speaking to the pro bricks at m.p. boris johnson who's the favorite to replace make what she steps down. thousands of people have demonstrated against trump in london but the president himself dismissed the protests calling reports of the massive rowdy fake news. tens of
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thousands of people across the world of commemorated the 30th anniversary of china's brutal crackdown on student protest as. the chinese capital itself has fallen silent post and information locked down several dissidents are thought to be taken away by security agents just silence them at a time when the world remembers one of the darkest chapters in chinese history officials have banned any mention of the events in june 1909 in which hundreds if not thousands of pro-democracy protesters were killed by the military. and those were his headlines here on al-jazeera more news for you in 25 minutes next the stream speaks to the powerful women leading the charge for gender equality to stay with us and thanks for watching.
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how are some of the world's most influential women leading the charge for gender equality melinda gates julie a large and winnie the any amount joined the stream live from the women deliver conference in vancouver canada. today will discuss their leadership their careers and the importance of mentorship have questions tweet me not a day stream. women deliver the world's largest conference on gender equality in the health rights and wellbeing of girls and women is expected to bring more than $6000.00 participants together from more than one.


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