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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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you know. we're. in this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes as the u.n. meets to discuss the violence and doctors say that death toll in the country from the crackdown has risen to 50 with hundreds critically injured. we report from a camp in northern syria where thousands of displaced people are facing eviction. 200000 people attend a vigil in hong kong marking 30 years since the tannin square massacre elsewhere
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and china the anniversary is even more and. i believe it would be good for the country yes. and u.s. president donald trump says britain has bright days ahead often leaving the e.u. that missing he is committed to a phenomenal post rex a trade deal. now sudanese opposition leaders have denounced monday's attack by security forces on protesters in khartoum and other cities as a bloody massacre they rejected the military joins his plan for an election in 9 months saying it won't be free or fair the united nations security council is having a closed door musing on the situation secretary general antonio terra's is calling for an independent investigation the u.s. britain and norway issued a joint statement saying the transitional military council has jeopardized any peaceful transition to civilian government in. dung adopt as aligned with processed
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as says 50 people have now been killed across the country since monday but it says some bodies were taken by security forces as also says more than 300 people were injured most of them critically. begins our coverage with this report. members of the sudanese paramilitary group known as the rapid support force shooter protesters in the capital khartoum the military john to has been in charge since longtime president omar al bashir was deposed in april military leaders have apologized for the killing and injuring of dozens of demonstrators on monday. on the 1st day of the festival following ramadan the crackdown appears to be continuing the 2. some sudanese attended prayers but many stayed at home too scared to go outside. at all but you know this one of them
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called tomb is now a ghost city called tomb is now a city where movement is completely hindered there is still more to come we are now in a stage of the holiday imagine what it will be like after. activists say the rapid support force has surrounded mosques and a body representing sudanese pharmacists says r.s.s. soldiers a provoking fights with medical staff outside hospitals the military leadership says elections will be held within 9 months that protesters don't trust the john to they want an immediate transfer of power to civilian rule and aggressive i mean we dissidents people hold the security forces accountable for the dispersal of the certain the security forces a bit trite the sudanese people. hundreds of protesters have been arrested and the internet is cut despite that analysts say demonstrators can keep a mental change going but they do have the ability to mobilize civilians not only in. in not just in the 3 towns in the capital but others cities in the sudan
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and they also have the ability to call a general strike which would severely. sudan's economy the justice says it's investigating why forces shot unarmed civilians at the long running sitting at a military headquarters in khartoum and the killings are being condemned worldwide but pleas for restraint are apparently being ignored by members of the rapid support force and protesters are paying the price victoria gate and there are diplomatic editor james bezout joins us live from the united nations james we're expecting a statement any minute. yeah we are just run up stairs from the floor below which is where the security council meets the security council meeting has just ended you can see the pictures i think we have of just outside the security council you can see there a huddle of ambassadors we're expecting
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a statement but not on behalf of the security council they've been meeting for 2 hours they have failed to get any sort of agreement i'll explain that in a moment but 1st let me explain who the statement is going to be from and it's from the ambassadors of the european union so the current members current e.u. members of the security council as well as recent members they call themselves the e.u. a c. going to see those ambassadors come out make a joint statement they are speaking out saying i think what they hoped the security council would be able to say but hasn't been able to say after this crackdown which has seen innocent protesters unarmed protesters murdered by a military slaughtered by a military the security council cannot find the words to condemn that now from speaking to ambassadors on text messages while the closed meeting has been taking place i can tell you that's because of objections in part from russia but mainly
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from china which said this was an internal matter you can see the e.u. ambassadors gathering that the polish ambassador looks like she is going to be the one i think to read the statement the lady in the middle so let's listen to her words. behalf of the current and preceeding european union members of the security council belgium friends gemini poland the united kingdom as well as. the kingdom of the net the law and sweden i would like to make a brief statement on sudan. the security council will receive a briefing from the secretary general's special advisor on sudan and nicholas hey some on the latest developments in sudan. we condemned the violent attacks in sudan in the face of danny's security services against civilians resulting in
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the killings and during of many we are also deeply concerned about the parts that in turn civilians have been prevented from accessing medical facilities. they set arcs to. their important transition process we urged the pseudo new security services to cease all acts of violence and i suspect human rights and fundamental freedoms and to ensure the safety and security of civilians we call for an immediate secession of violence accountability for crimes committed and underlined the responsibility of the transitional council in ensuring the safety of sudanese the union letter and announcement to see sniggers houston's appoint their government and calling for elections to short period of time is of great
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concern with support the people of sudan in search for and i create an orderly transition led by civilians and for them to establish the conditions for elections which have to be free and fair we call a fanatic greed transfer of power to a civilian government as the man that the people of sudan we welcomed the statements by the secretary general and turbos son of the african union and suppled the firm a leadership role of the african union. the people of sudan if we continue to show incredible. and perceive humans in their fight the moment for a better future and then to authoritarian rule we support the democratic and state thank you very much. for that. at the
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united nations condemning violent attacks against civilians in sudan reading out a statement that called for an immediate cessation of violence accountability for that violence and saying that elections that would be discussed were happening in too short a period of time and also calling for an immediate transfer of power to a civilian led government well let's speak again to our diplomatic correspondent james bays james what do you make of that were there any surprises there would we have expected more. no that is the statement i think almost that the e.u. nations who delivered it the polish ambassador on behalf of 8 e.u. countries the current 5 members of the security council of the european plus some recent ones that have gone off the council. and that's the statement i think they wanted the security council to make or something very similar to that around security council table it was clear from the south african ambassador what's
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happened and that's when they came up with the idea of coming up with a security council statement one member state one very important member state as a permanent member was completely opposed to the idea of the security council getting involved and that was china they said this is an internal issue that china is representative and we do not want the security council to make a statement i can tell you though also in that closed door meeting the russians seemed to back that idea although they weren't as adamant as the chinese and also that the current president of the security council kuwait didn't object necessary to a statement but certainly when there was some draft language presented i think by the europeans kuwait said it would have some amendments to that language the african countries though the 3 african countries were supportive i'm told to a statement by the security council so the security council unable to reach agreement on a common position condemning the crackdown in khartoum i can tell you moments
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before we got that outcome we saw the special advisor to the selector general nicholas hague some who'd been briefing at that closed door meeting giving the security council members the latest say to us as he walked out of the meeting that he is really hopeful that the security council could come up with a common position he made it clear that he's going to try and get his way back to sudan as soon as possible he didn't say it but my understanding is the problem for him traveling back is this for a 2nd. gentles mediator is that he doesn't carry out a visa so he's waiting for a visa so the un position really the strongest part of the u.s. position remains the words of the secretary general release more than 24 hours to go callie for accountability calling for an inquiry into what happened the security council has not been able to come up with having some diplomatic answer there james bay speaking to us live from the united nations in new york thank you for that
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update james well al jazeera correspondent mohammed has reported extensively from sudan and he joins me here now thanks for being with us tonight i want to ask you in the face of the failure of agreement at the security council a little more about what's happening on the ground because we are seeing a rising death toll and now hearing from potentially doctors in sudan saying that some some bodies that they found were burned potentially intense around around that a military headquarters. and this is the same. this i'm in the sudan professional association which is the civil society wing all of the forces for change and freedom instead done has also raised those claims of those bodies found in tents bombed by the top could support forces i love to done the cartoon some 10 days ago and about time the protest outside this the squire. outside the military headquarters was beaming with hope that the talks between them and
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transitional military council were on the verge of a breakthrough now seems to have been thrown out of the window where the transitional military council would say it's not willing to talk to the protesters and forgetting all about the protests that led to the eventual toppling of the model but she is actually what necessity to these change that we are seeing in sudan and we're seeing a situation where this hopelessness all all around when they are speaking about this going to hopelessness outside the military headquarters but now people aren't allowed to even gather there is there a place for people to try to come together to express themselves and protest or what's the situation on the ground not sole the people have been removed from the square violently as we saw on the 3rd of june. not even allowed to gather in small groups the security forces have been going. from street to street in the
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capital and may bring into the man clearing away any groups of people that have come together and this square was really central to what was going that education for change the transfer of power from the military to a civilian authority it was some sort of a short time for the protesters and. it was also i mean that sit in was also the only wildcard the protesters had begun the transition minister council now. and on top of it they can gather together again you talked about this kind of growing sense of community outside the military headquarters and and now it's at the end of the month of ramadan and traditionally people in sudan would come together to praise or gather is there a place for them to do that now and could could that actually see a more violent crackdown it is the transitional military council worried about people gathering in large screens and the tradition is done has always been that people prayed together in big numbers in squares in various parts of not only the
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capital but other parts of the country now the transitional military council is stopping people from gathering let alone in this square is anywhere at all and it would be very difficult to see people coming together because we know during the beginning of the protests last year people used friday to try and gain the numbers they needed to try and put pressure on the to leave and this is what the transitional military council ease seeing and it's fitting that these. squares where people would be meeting for for is. tom into impromptu protest of salt against the. here's our correspondent who has been covering and syria sudan for us and extensively over the last few months and beyond that thanks for being with us tonight. well the syrian government's ally russia has blocked the united nations security council from issuing
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a statement on attacks in province the member states were expected to sound the alarm over the possibility of a humanitarian disaster because of attacks by the army on rebel controlled areas government forces launched an offensive to recapture it live in april the provinces the last area preventing president bashar al assad from claiming final victory after 8 years of war while thousands of internally displaced people are actually camp in northern syria and have been threatened with eviction sin and cos the early reports from the province. this is one of the many camps that the syrian internally displaced people could find refuge after the syrian regime intensified its bombardments in the forest problems mainly in the southern cities and towns there are nearly 1500 civilians residing in this camp and that most of them to this camp in the month of ramadan when richelle rosado and his allies began airstrikes and the civilians here are taking refuge under these all the trees and the they have
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covered the colored around the trees with the blankets they have and some other materials that they can have they are telling us that when their city was bombarded it was only their clothes and a few blankets that they could hardly take with them and they ran away from their homes to the turkish border here to find refuge the situation is very dire in the camps their supplies are caught the hygiene is the problem here as you can see here they have water problem as well this water for instance is being used for washing purposes and they are they are short in drinking water as well they're telling us that telling us that they were delivered aid during only during the month of ramadan a one meal a day and which is not enough for $300.00 families living in this county. look problems are that little look at conditions we want to change we want suppliers
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research we get all of growers we are waiting for help from the international community. so yes it's very but there's garbage or outburst there in sex a lot of disease children to seek some women gave birth here are better at the front line so we don't have to lose lives we caught a previous properly here the majority of those 1500 people deciding in this camp are mainly women and children and children are suffering because of hot weather they're suffering from diarrhea diarrhea and their mothers tell us that they have no access to the hospitals and some people die because the ambulances aren't fast enough to pick them up but the worst thing is that here the owner of this land is telling those 300 families in this camp to move out as soon as the islamic fees and they tell us that they have no idea where to go but we are hearing that the local government here the local administration is doing is some preparations for
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them and some n.g.o.s are trying to. trying to do what they are tense and they are supplies for those people in case an attack happens in at that but in short these people are left vulnerable here and at that. there's plenty more ahead on this news hour including the trunk than that a stray shirts to reimpose some of the sanctions on cuba is to buy barack obama. and it's rivalry is renewed at the french open as nidal and federal prepare to go head to head leah has the support. of tens of thousands of people across the wilds has commemorates the 30th anniversary of china's brutal crackdown on student protesters and telemann square. but not in china where any mention of the massacre is banned hong kong is the only
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place under chinese rule that holds public commemorations and organize a say 200000 people attended the chill that. was at the event. the songs and chants are repeated every year in hong kong the stories told again and again to remember the time when people in china rose up calling for more democracy only to be brutally put down by the chinese government and those people just. forget about historic battles. and for us to tell the next generation to know about the event otherwise it would be forgotten 30 years ago democracy activists leach akiane was given the job of delivering money donated by supporters in hong kong to the protesters in tiananmen square on june 4th i was in the square i remember the people told me that the army is coming in go away go away tell the world the truth we have to go and brought the army and yes they did and what happened is that tanks rolling in you know the army shooting is
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people indiscriminately we don't know how many people die it's an account that's will not be retold in mainland china and few will be aware of the latest annual vigil in hong kong. censors in china have stepped up their policing of social media and police detained activists a spur caution. but in hong kong it's a very different atmosphere in recent years there was a sense that this vigil had lost momentum many people felt that it had become a tradition lighting the candles to mark a point in history but this year many here say there is a new sense of urgency with china tightening its grip on the city like never before people say they want to speak out before it's too late and the latest threat to freedoms in hong kong a proposed extradition law if passed it will allow people here to be tried by judges in mainland china extradition to write or has
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a trust or for that matter confidence and the chinese generational right china where does. the fact this. treatment of a suspect this is the only chinese territory where such a massive demonstration against the communist leadership in beijing takes place but amid the singing chanting and calls for democracy a major question on many people's minds how much longer will the people of hong kong be allowed to express their dissent so openly they go to holland al-jazeera hong kong. now the u.s. president has promised a phenomenal trade deal for a post bresson health talks with the outgoing prime minister in the british capital during the 2nd day of his state visits as he seemed to ignore friction over dealings with chinese telecoms giant way even that replacement china. in other circumstances would be a significant meeting was on this occasion far more low key the u.s.
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president alongside a british prime minister on the verge of stepping down for the past 2 and a half the president and i have had the privilege of being the latest guardians of this precious and profound friendship between our countries there was no avoiding breaks it and opposed breaks it trade deal between the 2 countries donald trump is a big fan of both i would say yeah i would think that it will happen and it probably should happen this is a great great country and it wants its own identity it wants to have its own borders it wants to run its own affairs is a very very special place and i think it deserves a special place on the top line point of contention between the 2 sides the role of huawei the chinese telecoms giant in building the u.k.'s 5 g. network president trump seemed to brush the issue aside there will be an agreement he said not to worry he seemed to imply leave it to mrs may's successor on which
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point the president has made his views very public indorsing top contenders boris johnson the former foreign secretary and the current foreign secretary jeremy hunt . environment minister michael gove also a front runner he said he didn't know very well there was talk of a one on one meeting it was as if the former reality t.v. star was back or candidates this time for the job of british prime minister at the business end of this state visit donald trump was most at home around the table to . deals are going to come. besides the glamour of a state visit the lavish attention of royalty great britain once a valued and strategic partner is to this president it seems a deal waiting to be done. london. while there was major concern in the u.k. over trump's comments about the nation's public health service being up for
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negotiation in any future trade deal just hours later he appeared to have stepped back from those comments i don't see it being on the table somebody asked me a question today and i say everything's up for negotiation because everything is but i don't see that being that something that i would not consider part of trade that's not trade. and several 1000 demonstrators marched through central london and protest against the u.s. president's visit the turnout was below expectations prompting trying to dismiss it as a small protest for brennan was that i found out. it was billed as a carnival of resistance and the demonstrations certainly included elements of performance as well as protest the costumes and fancy dress one group dressed as characters from the hung made tale some blackguards were simple others subtle many simply too profane to show on television or even trump impersonators we have reached a deal to kinda shit. the 6 meter tall
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trump baby blimp was back after 1st appearing in 2018 of the republican effigy titles dumped trump made its debut this year i do respect him not to see but i'm ashamed of this country for inviting him and treating him with fun and dignity i thought that the british government was about that very thing to be able to welcome somebody who's kind of a new go fascist a short distance from where the president was meeting the prime minister the stage had been set up to host several high profile speakers look around. look at each other. we are young we are old we're black we're why we disabled going to. wear the whole wonderful mosaic of diversity and inclusion that we represent on this demonstrations and i. know there were isolated confrontations
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between protesters and some vocal pro trump individuals but they were quickly contained. protest organizers had anticipated the degree of outrage for teagan certainly the numbers on this protest are a fraction of the 250000 the turned out when president last painful on that in 2018 on the last visit to the u.s. president has succeeded in uniting a kaleidoscope of different courses from pro-feminist the fascists. when he was asked by journalists about the protests outside president trump claimed to have seen only cheering supporters as a demonstration he said was a small protest in the media attention obvious fake news i don't see any protests i did see a small protest today when i came very small so a lot of it is fake news i hate to say but you saw the the people waving the american flag waving your flag it was tremendous spirit and love for the most part the public is being kept well back from the president and his own but if president
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trump was really oblivious to the chorus of booing his motorcade left downing street it can only have been because of the remarkable sound proofing of his official limousine brennan al-jazeera central london. now still ahead on al-jazeera we speak to a former child vigilante in nigeria he's learning new skills to reintegrate. and in a sport with sri lanka survive a scare against afghanistan at the cricket world cup. hello the thunderstorms now and in the forecast throughout the u.s. for principally the plain states are still big still by well bring hail and slight wind damage and huge amounts of rain but tornadoes are much lower risk at the moment his typical early summer weather now doesn't help very much that down the
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mississippi the missouri and the arkansas 3 major river systems it is still flooding in many places and that flood is moving downstream so if you add more to it well it just gets worse as it were that's a general picture warm humid and quite a few thunderstorms around for many many states further west you are in part of the further north you are the better it is and the point of view of sunshine of what's happening in the skies and francisco about 18 degrees denver the 26 but here you go prone to a few showers in the east coast 2 was fairly sherry but toronto is in the sunshine slightly warmer at 19 on thursday so the caribbean we've seen weeks now of fairly frequent showers it's clouding up again the lesser antilles up through haiti going to republican further west with big showers of possible what was a mass of rain over mexico does not like develop into very much there's always a possibility it would but the bin big showers recently was some local flooding they're going to i think become rather less over the next couple of days.
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risky new talk. coming soon. on al jazeera. kidnappings and murders in crimea says russians forced an extension of the black sea peninsula. i don't understand why now. scores of crimea into toss have been arrested tortured and killed. most believe by russian security forces. crimea russia's dark secret
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on al-jazeera. hello again i missed. our mind of the news this hour saddam's opposition alliance doctors group says 50 people were killed and monday's crackdown in khartoum the opposition has rejected the military plan for an election and 9 months saying it won't be free. members of the un security council are calling for a swift transition to civilian rule. nearly $200000.00 people have attended a vigil in hong kong that anniversary of china's brutal crackdown on student
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protesters in chatham and square commemorations were held around the wilds but not in china where mention of the massacre is banned. and u.s. president has promised the u.k. a phenomenal trade deal once it leaves the european union he also called for a united front against iran on the 2nd stage of his state visit. while the trumpet ministration is imposing major new travel restrictions on visits to cuba by u.s. citizens the treasury department says it will no longer allow group educational or cultural travel to the island one of the most popular forms of tourism from the u.s. it will also deny permission for private and corporate croft and boats it's part of efforts by the united states to pressure have ana over what it calls cuba's destabilizing role in the region including its support for president nicolas maduro and venezuela under former president barack obama at the white house east sanctions travel and financial restrictions and established formal diplomatic relations white
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house correspondent can be healthy has more. these are major travel restrictions put in place by the trumpet ministration effectively blocking what was considered to be the most popular form of travel to cuba and that is travel that took place through a loophole in existing travel restrictions allowing for those to transit to cuba through organized tour groups as well as on cruise ships not only has this been blocked but the state department with its announcement has also ended travel by private citizens u.s. citizens who were perhaps going to cuba on a yacht or even a private aircraft now the reason for this punitive action we're told is that the united states continues to believe as it has said many times before that cuba is responsible for what it sees as destabilizing activity within the western hemisphere that is propping up governments that the united states does not support
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particularly in but as well as well as in the now this is a major departure from the actions of the obama white house that of course had eased travel restrictions to cuba not only are tighter restrictions in place but now as well the only form of travel that really seems to still be allowed under the trump administration is that of commercial airline flights to support what the united states is calling lawful forms of family travel well joining us now via skype from havana is journalist ed augusten ed what kind of reaction are we seeing there in cuba. people are upset that the cuban economy is increasingly dependent on tourism within that over the last few years cruise tourism has been dry for normally taking last year's figures for example of the 300000 americans business it came by cruise that's more americans that was it to the island by
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compassion airlines so by taking away got saying that mode of transport you're potentially going to be hawking them out of american businesses and tourism is the main thing now that's keeping the keep an economy afloat it's a very difficult regional context the to be an american of course the united states a strong one of the rights over the last few years cuba is isolated and those tourist dollars we're keeping our state coffers and off decent shape but also cubans working in the tourist economy which is overwhelmingly the private sector so people who are in restaurants people who work in restaurants like weights as musicians artists they're going to be hit be hit by this fall in service and of course americans are right now i'm thinking about being very very generous with the tips which filters through hugely in direct states and just thousands if not millions of cubans working in the private sector so it's not a happy day here in cuba ed do you think this is likely to change sentiment and have an a to want to see us so if this is likely to change sentiment and have on
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a towards towards the u.s. . no i don't think so she has a love hate relationship with the united states the government is staunchly what it would say on same period it's so grand it's true it's like it's proud of having won is what it says is its sovereignty from the united states in the 1959 revolution. within the cuban population we've got 2 parents of those people who are very i'm say u.s. foreign policy and people who are very pro-u.s. how to really end up trying to get that chunk is not a popular president in cuba. even amongst people who don't hold any candle to the communist party because he's been hitting the country and thereby its people over the head it's clear that the private sector he's closed. is closed the u.s. embassy it's all extents and purposes because of u.s. allegations that cuba has allowed some attacks its a place on its own territory this allegation without any evidence whatsoever to offer by the u.s.
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so that the that the view of most cubans towards towards trump was already deep he said the full this event because it's just the latest in many many sanctions we've seen announced just in the last few months so you saw in the last in april we saw as a chunk of ministration announced they're going to sanction oil tank is. shipping cuba cheap oil busy from venezuela speedball that they're going to open up more suits in the u.s. against a former u.s. property so this idea that trump is to cuba has been set in people's minds well before this announcement that's ed augusten a journalist and have anna speaking to us from kevin thanks for being with us and well now let's speak to john suarez he's joining us live from washington d.c. he's the executive director of the center for a free cuba john what do you make of all of this and these new heightened restrictions. well i think that we need to take into consideration that the tourist economy in cuba is run by
2:38 am
a conglomerate called the armed forces business enterprises group which in spanish acronym is guys it's run by well castro son in law so there's a direct relationship between tourism tourism dollars and the military and it's not the trumpet ministration but the oas general secretary luis armado who has described the cubans as an occupying force in venezuela and many venezuelans are very concerned by the presence of security and cuban cuban military and human security in their country that has been undermining democracy and doing everything they can to stop president wide open supporting the supreme nicolas maduro and that's why these sanctions have been put in place to put pressure on the cuban government to stop engaging in those actions in venezuela and also in the garage but john americans are the 2nd largest group of visitors to cuba and some might say that restricting their interaction with kevin's could be
2:39 am
counterproductive if you want to change attitudes and certainly doesn't support the growth of cuba's private sector which the u.s. has said is a priority well the issue is that the profits you're not supporting the private sector what you are actually doing is supporting the cuban military that runs 60 percent of the cuban economy and controls the entire tourism business well john there is there's also people employed presumably within that economy people who might lose their jobs if u.s. tourists stop coming. there are people that are employed but it is in the majority cases through state enterprises there are also the issues of what they call quintuple peace those that have to get licenses through the government and they're also conditioning. their loyalty for the regime to be able to maintain those licenses so there is really this discussion of economic liberalization that somehow it's going to open things up i think i hear echoes of what i heard back in
2:40 am
the eighty's and ninety's regarding china and there seems to be more of an interest in the economics and rather in the human rights and over the long term as we've seen in china that has improved the human rights situation there in the case of cuba during the obama administration we saw an uptick in repression we saw increased numbers of arbitrary detentions violence murder of opposition leaders such as was by the by us a dean yes who was a prominent cuban pro-democrat who had organized petition drive sort of crossed the island during the obama administration he was extra judicially executed the leader of the ladies in white. also died under suspicious circumstances a lot of your earlier so there are consequences to this this detente that we talk about during the obama administration was not without serious costs what we're seeing now with this administration is a focus a regional focus. with regards to venezuela nicaragua to try to do something to
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improve the situation there and recognizing that cuba is a bad actor let us recall during the obama administration in 2013 cuba was caught trying to smuggle tons of weapons to north korea including ballistic missile technology meg's in violation of international sanctions and scarcely a formal complaint was made by the us although the un did investigate and found that cuba was culpable in the violation of international sanctions and john i do want to ask you also about the timing of this because one could also argue that this is about a u.s. election and voters in florida rather than the cuban people or indeed the venezuelan people well i would say that the dynamics of what's taking place now in venezuela with president why though the cubans taking a very proactive approach to try to preserve the muddle dictatorship regime in venezuela to me that that indicates more of the timing of trying to put pressure
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we've seen news now that supposedly the russians are pulling back a bit there's also some efforts to negotiate and push the chinese and this i believe is part of that effort to open up venezuela democratically. and to do that you need to pressure the cuban government on what they understand or resources and hard currency john as far as that the executive director of the center for a free cuba thanks your insights on out there. thank you natasha well iraq's government has offered to mediate between the u.s. and iran to reduce tension between its 2 biggest allies but many sunni iraqis say they've been neglected by shia led government for years and their concerns their views on the issue are being ignored that has more from baghdad. these iraqi shia muslim fight is a demonstration against israel on the streets of baghdad. part of the popular
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mobilization for seize o.p.m. after it was set up in 2014 to fight eisel. 2 years later the pm f. well integrated into iraq security forces to the united states it's a proxy militia for iran. some p.m.a. factions say they'd support tehran in any military confrontation with the u.s. and that's made many in iraq's sunni muslim community nervous. this is a mosque in fallujah in a province often cold iraq's sunni heartland. edges that we call on politicians and security forces to save iraq from being dragged into a regional conflict the mud if they can sit here in balance in iraq during a visit to baghdad last week by the iranian foreign minister his iraqi counterpart muhammad ali a key said iraq would stand by iran in the face of increased u.s.
2:44 am
sanctions and he said iraq rejected the idea of the u.s. taking any unilateral action against its most powerful ally in the region the iraqi government has offered to be a mediator between the u.s. and iran. as an emergency summit in saudi arabia last week the iraqi delegation refused to sign an arab league statement condemning iran. province many of the towns are still lie in ruins a year and a half off to victory was declared over eisel in iraq. iraq's cities have long complained of neglect by repeats each year late governments and many don't trust iran backed here but on the net the whole family we are of course afraid we are sick of these wars out of our towns like a looter have suffered so much contact and over again it was devastation and destruction sunni tribal leaders say they are concerned about potential sectarian violence if there was an escalation between the us and the wrong. help the other we
2:45 am
hope that iraq will stay away from this crisis it's a turbulent situation rockies have suffered unlist say a military escalation between the u.s. and iran seems unlikely but it's tension continues many of iraq's sunni fear they may be being marginalized by the iraqi government again as it tries to mediate and restore calm troll stop at al-jazeera. no t.v. no coffee and no alcohol that's the warning by india's government to people living in the desert state of raw just on as a heat wave sweeps across the region the high temperatures have led to a surgeon heat strokes people have also been told to avoid going out during the day hours where it can be as hot as 50 degrees celsius the annual monsoon is running a week behind sched jewel and meteorologists fear there will be less rain than usual this year while china has issued a travel warning to citizens against traveling to the united states a wedding there until the end of the year the country's minister of culture and
2:46 am
tourism cited the frequent shootings robbery and theft as the reason for the at a trade dispute between the u.s. and china has deepened in recent weeks after talks fell apart and early may. and a bird outbreak in eastern democratic republic of congo has surpassed 2000 cases and is picking up speed the world health organization has called it a sad and frustrating milestone has killed more than 1300 people in the region the outbreak which was declared in august is the 2nd deadliest in history attacks by rebels and mistrust from local communities have made it difficult for aid agencies to combat the disease the un the un human rights activists have accused boko haram and groups of fighting it of putting children in harms way but now hundreds of former child agility is a learning skills to help them reintegrate calumny is one of them.
2:47 am
the limbs comical 18 years. was a form of discipline to work all day long in the city. certainly as always. right now your organization called search for common ground picked up vigilantes like me and taught us how to make shoes some go to school and becoming a very good. i served as was allowed to help secure my community if you don't belong you could be suspected of having ties to coram that's why i joined some of it's been traumatic for some of us but we saw people killed. hardly slept at the 8 koran crises. sometimes there's hardly time to it it's just difficult for children to understand what was really happening. and small jobs we did for the
2:48 am
older members. when i. open my own business and. allows me to go to school and work. and.
2:49 am
2:50 am
al jazeera. now scandinavian airlines will stop selling duty free goods during flights to save fuel the company estimates a lower weights will cost emissions by 25 percent in just over a decade trying to make the carry a more efficient and now it's time to support his leah. thank you very much will refrain and adele and roger federer will go head to head for a place in the final of the french open but they had very different matches on tuesday to get there federer came through in 4 sets after
2:51 am
a hard fought encounter with fellow swiss player stan wawrinka which lasted for more than 3 and a half hours federer who's playing at roland garros for the 1st time in 3 years is looking to add to his one title at this grand slam which came in 2000. when it was a much easier ride for the 11 time champion adult he cruised through his quarter final against a 7 seed. dropping just 5 games in straight sets when nidal leads the head to head it with federer having won 23 of their 38 matches but they haven't met on clay for over 6 years. on the woman side is through to the semifinals for the 1st time she being world number 7 sloane stephens in straight sets is the 1st british woman to make the last 4 in paris in 36 years. she'll play marquez of on the rest of the czech republic in the semifinals late in the day she came through in straight sets against petra martic it's the 1st time in 1000 year old has reached the last 4 and
2:52 am
a grand slam tournament. sri lanka's cricketers have survived a scare to beat afghanistan at the world cup sri lanka's indians was interrupted by rain in cardiff and they only managed to post a total of $201.00 to sell pereira top scored with $78.00 but how would now be taking 4 wickets. the delays left afghanistan chasing a revised target of $187.00 was a draw on lead the way with $43.00 but they lost wickets at regular intervals in the end they fell $34.00 runs short on the duckworth lewis stern method new on pretty taking 4 wickets for sri lanka to give them their 1st victory of the tournament. a year after winning the world cup france's football team have received the country's highest accolade the legion of honor the squad were presented with their medals by president emmanuel macro in a ceremony out in this
2:53 am
a palace on tuesday france won the tournament for the 2nd time in russia last july . it was a busy day for president macro with france getting ready to host the women's world cup he also visited the squad at their training base to wish them luck for the tournament they play south korea in the opening match that's on friday. our sports correspondent lee wellings met up with the jamaican women's football team at their training camp they're the 1st caribbean country to qualify for the term and with a little help from bob marley's daughter to get them to get up stand up. to some teams at the women's football world cup for you to win the trophy they'll be a disappointment but to my kids team who call themselves the gals just being here is an american. before and after the last world cup 4 years ago the jamaican football federation decided to concentrate their limited resources on the men's take whatever was going to be white says denham ali daughter of reckon let your
2:54 am
ball step to 1 the brightest mommy raised awareness and kick started a property oh no to people we still don't know your story where did this thing come from and what. we've put this thing together over the. 4 years and. some of the 1st. person i can remember. and look where they've got to now mike is somehow qualified for the weld cup the team celebrations after beating possible hoping might the football well take notice. i. reminded her of being drawn in a tough world cup. against brazil but it's a story of bob playing off
2:55 am
a 24 seventh's ridge the knockout stage so one good result i can continue their journey here in france most of their goals come from khadija sure who's played in the american league but it's a touch now and i can the world cup secures her a lucrative move to european football 3 of her brothers have died in gang violence and you michael but this is a team full of spirit and. what makes our team so great is that we're the perfect example of our country's motto which is out of many one people social media spreading the word which really helps and getting our message across that what we're doing is really a big deal and definitely an attacking. physicality. and hopefully we can kind of bring a more organization and a discipline to our play but all i'm thinking about is that we're going there for 9 points and i said this is not. always be on.
2:56 am
the brink i wouldn't prove that there's more than sprinters in jamaica is a serious women's football. league al-jazeera and that you might can training company. african football officials have been meeting in paris to discuss whether the result of their champions league final should stand supporters of both esperance and we were protesting outside players walked off the pitch and eventually forfeited the match in protest at having a goal disallowed they wanted the referee to check the v.a.r. system which wasn't working esperance were awarded the trophy and believe the result should stand. anthony joshua will get the chance to regain his world heavyweight titles from andy rooney's junior later on this year the pair of agreed to a rematch in either november or december ruis caused a sensational upset to become world champion after stopping joshua in the 7th round in saturday's fight in new york nacho the american footballer who lied to get
2:57 am
a job damon she had to step the trick his way into an n.f.l. tryout with the cleveland browns claiming he'd been invited by a member of the team's backroom staff but simply wasn't true but the wide receiver impressed coaches with his speed and now offered him a place on their offseason roster well that's all yours for now we'll have more for you later well if you're one of the millions of people well why the test with a tele you may think you may need to think about rationing your supplies and that's because when his at the world's biggest nutella factory has gone on strike 160 staff members of walked off the job to demand better pay and improve working conditions at the sites and fronts many have blocks trucks from entering or leaving the factory for a week the facility in normandy produces 600000 jobs every day. you can find much more intriguing ongoing coverage of the crackdown on our web site the address for that al-jazeera dot com. well that's it for me in
2:58 am
a stall as you take this news hour back in just a moment. carcinogen .
2:59 am
it's a tool to climb to one of the holiest sites in. the street seems to defy gravity every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness but it became a democracy in 2008 the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow putin's example but how do you measure it. it's a nice happiness is but when sure it's if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy time has done what no other country has. a journey of personal discovery my great grandfather he was a slave of the lead property al-jazeera is james garner and expose his family's legacy of slave owners just like my family status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave people and america's debt to the black people today some of
3:00 am
us so scar we even scared to speak out because it's a problem. al-jazeera correspondent a moral debt. condemnation at the un violence in sudan has doctors in the country said the death toll from the crackdown has risen to 50 with hundreds critically injured. and this is al jazeera live from also coming up. i believe it would be good for the country yes. u.s. president donald trump says britain has bright days ahead after leaving the e.u. adding he is committed to a phenomenal prospects a trade deal.


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