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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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basically go back to congress and try to get their authority their approval so far that no indication that the white house is going to bend when it comes to saudi arabia they've been very steadfast in their support for dollar saudi arabia of the crown prince mohammed bin psalm on but the said it is going to try and force this issue just how many senators well that's going to be the important thing to look out for in the weeks ahead ok for now apache go ahead thank you aaron in northern sinai in egypt or to an attack is reported to have killed at least 8 security force members commander say it happens as a checkpoint in the city of arash during morning prayers no one has claimed responsibility but previous attacks in sinai happening blamed what the government described as a terrorist group linked to i so. so it's come on al-jazeera are the u.s. is rebalancing its regional interests on the 2 year anniversary of the blockade of qatar. i believe that the daily struggles of
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a displaced family in syria's last rebel strongholds. hello there we are still seeing some showers they rip out the middle east at the moment the latest area of cloud is making its way up from egypt through parts of lebanon into syria and up into tekkie in turkey we're seeing the shopper shouts from this system we'll see some more as we had 3 thursday and into friday as well meanwhile towards the east there's more in the way of dr hot weather for many of us here baghdad well that's $45.00 degrees for us but for the east there is more the way of cloud still here so we could catch one or 2 showers in the over the mountains that is still turning wintry every further towards the south it is hot here in doha now our temperatures up around $42.00 degrees but it shouldn't be too shumate as we head through the next few days is far more humid for the south more
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crowd around so large that will keep the temperatures down to $31.00 degrees but it will be very very muggy as well down towards the southern parts of africa for many of us here there's plenty of dry weather around a little bit more cloud over parts of madagascar that's giving us quite a few showers here there's also a bit of cloud just drifting its way over parts of south africa as well so there are more clouds here will make things a little bit cooler in cape town maximum only getting to around 15 degrees as we head through the day on friday notion change for our further north and force invasion talk a maximum will be $27.00. after decades of being programmed with instructions to date on greek computers. can own on their own identifying backrooms and predicting human behavior. artificial intelligence can monitor our movement. and decide on our future the big
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picture to coach the world according to ai and exposes the bias inside the machine part one on al-jazeera. the way they are does iraq quick rise on the top stories for you 9 in sudan not 40 bodies are being retrieved from the river now doctors say they were dumped there by the paramilitary rapid support forces for the gunfire has been heard in khartoum at least 100 people have been killed since monday's crackdown by the military giunta. city fighters m.d.m.
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and say they have crossed the border into southern saudi arabia and have taken control of more than 20 locations it is reportedly killed dozens of saudi troops during a heavy fighting near the city of nashville on. and some u.s. senators are trying to block weapons sales to saudi arabia the united arab emirates and jordan president donald trump approved $8000000000.00 worth of arms sales when he circumvented congress last month by declaring an emergency over iran. it's the 2nd anniversary of the start of the air sea and land blockade of qatar by its neighbors saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt's over the last 2 years the us government has bolstered its support for both qatar and saudi arabia i canna has more from washington on the
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balance in policy we've become very good friends over a fairly short period of time president trumps close relationship with saudi leaders appeared to color his 1st reactions to the blockade the nation of qatar on fortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism. but within months the president had come full circle welcoming the emir of qatar at the white house and calling him a very big advocate of the war on terror it's a great honor to have the mirror of guitar with us it's a friend of mine knew a lot before i entered the world of politics he's a great gentleman it's very popular in his country his people love him we're working on unity in that part of the middle east and i think it's working out very well our military. cooperation is very solid very strong as everybody knows that the heart of fighting terrorism is from
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a low data base and. thank god that's really very successful campaign against. terrorist groups around our region. be out of date air bases a centerpiece of the u.s. qatar relationship it serves as a forward headquarters of the u.s. central command and as a springboard for u.s. operations in more than 20 countries including iraq and syria. when the u.s. sought to reduce its military involvement in afghanistan it turned to cutter to play a diplomatic role the capital doha hosting the 1st public direct talks between u.s. officials and the taleban ministration role. of qatar to many eventual political strategic and military to military needs and interests and objectives. the blockade though continues the u.s.
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position that outside pressure on either side would not contribute to the parties resolving it themselves. but as us records up its military deployment to the middle east in response to a mounting crisis with iran qatar is once again playing a crucial role with the knowledge if not at the request of the u.s. secretary of state cutters foreign minister engaging in talks with irregular leaders in a bid to reduce the tension. and while the military benefits of the u.s. relationship with qatar are proven the full evidence of cutter's diplomatic worth may yet be to come mike hanna al-jazeera washington. here and says large areas of farmlands growing vital crops in the woods in syria have been burned by pfizer is both governments and rebel forces are being blamed for the destruction in province which is under attack by government forces russian airstrikes dozens have been killed in weeks of unburdened said that these 300000 people displaced see them
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closely with reports from a makeshift camp given shelter to some. the dermis family has little to celebrate the state they have been displaced 4 times in the past 5 years and have ended up at this makeshift camp in northern italy to escape the regime's airstrikes they 1st left their homes north of hama when a strikes killed alice brothers and nephews his young grandchildren were born in different refugee camps it hasn't been easy for one camp to another their son and daughter are disabled. tries to keep the family together. so what them we don't mind sleeping under these trees as long as the revolution succeeds now we are happy with the idea of aid but inside now we have no toilets no bathrooms here it's god veiling us. people here have limited food it is difficult
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to keep supplies fresh and clean only one a dog and ization has provided food during ramadan but not enough to feed all here because. the russian is drugs in the south of it that the staple in the hospitals bakeries farmland this push is living conditions even in the north prices are much higher now as the local administration we've paid tents and other basic needs in case of an attack by the regime in the liberated north. $1500.00 people have arrived at the scamp since the end of april. and privacy is a major problem children have suffered. diarrhea and as they are living outdoors families have to deal with the heat insects and fly there is makeshift shelters holds more than 300 families alone and the land belongs to someone who wants the displaced out as soon as the heat holiday ends maybe they will move to some other
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all of grows near by the turkish border. some just want to return home 68 year old party male misphrased from kaffir not a major battlefield between the opposition and the syrian regime in northern hama her husband left her 10 years ago and her son has been in jail for the past 5 years when daughter on her left suffers cancer what. part of me wants international support to help take them back to their village she stays their house and foreman have been destroyed but she would prefer to camp back there she says those who remain silent over the plight of civilians are as guilty as the regime for now residents of the soul of gross say they are praying for salvation seen in kosovo al-jazeera asma northwestern syria. fighting in southwest libya has killed at least 2 people and forced hundreds from their homes and urgency workers in god districts are appealing to local and international communities to provide urgent aides they
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say around 70 percent of streets are flooded in the city of gut my prayers for the holiday in indian administered kashmir have been followed by processed. i demonstrated is in strain a guard waving the flags of pakistan demanded justice for the killing of muslim rebels and civilians why police have responded with tear gas and shotgun pellets and then forces say they've killed at least 20 people with ties to rebel groups in the last month. emergency talks are about to begin between the u.s. and mexican officials in a last minute attempt to stop threatened american tariffs mexico's foreign minister wants to stop the 5 percent tariff increase juta starts on monday president trump is threatening to increase charges every month unless mexico stops the flow of
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migrants on suits across the border. the us president says military action against iran is still an option donald trump made the comments in an interview with piers morgan when i see good morning press an iran is a place that was extremely hostile when i 1st came into office they were the terrorist nation number one in the world at that time and probably maybe are today and they were a funder of terrorism president obama made a deal the iran nuclear deal which was a terrible deal because it was a short term deal and i was very much against there is very much against the deal i terminated the deal on iran is a much different country today you will need to take military action there's always a chance to i want to know a druther now. the u.s. president said has met war veterans as a ceremony for the 75th anniversary of the detail landings donald trump joined 15 world leaders in portsmouth the home of britain's royal navy veterans appeals to
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the anti from protesters not to the star of war tributes. on the barker asked more from where many ships in the invasion are mother sailed to france. the final day of his state visit to the u.k. he's in the port city of course much. for the 75th anniversary of the d.-day landings that all important moments in the 2nd world war but the u.s. and the u.k. and the european allies came together to mark an all important turning point in the conflict they staged the largest i'm phoebe s. landing ever it was an opportunity finally to push back nazi germany's control of the entire continent it is a moment of shared sacrifice a reminder for donald trump of the longstanding symbolism of the relationship of the so-called special relationship between the u.k. and the united states one that of course predates trump and one that many hope will
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significantly out lost him as well there are many international leaders present more than a dozen in total including angela merkel of germany justin trudeau of canada and france is emmanuel to name a few it is of course the last major engagement for the british prime minister to resign maybe for which she steps down it's 25 years since the last u.s. president was here for the 50th anniversary of the normandy landings of course bill clinton a very different style of president those are also very very different times as well more than $20000000.00 has been spent on security for donald trump's presence here there are many many layers of all made fences we've seen snipers at the top of watchtowers. many people here in portsmouth have been deeply concerned that doldrums presidency it would distract away from the solemnity of the asian the main event which of course is to remember the shared sacrifice and to also pay there
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were gods to the hundreds of veterans who survived the normandy landings who were here by any of those of course went to war as young men and they're in their ninety's this could be the last opportunity that they have to attend commemorations of this size and scale. a former catholic cardinal has been back in court in australia to appeal his jail sentence for child sexual abuse george pell was sentenced to 6 years in march for abusing teenagers when he was archbishop of melbourne 20 years ago lawyers for the 77 year old said the jury's verdict was unreasonable australian police have raided the offices of the national broadcaster a.b.c. it's over a series of stories from 2017 which reports on killings allegedly carried out by stray and special forces in afghanistan the network says it stands by its journalists and that the raid raises concerns over media freedom.
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every year are poor so on freedom in the media documents the state of journalism war winds this year's reports which is protected by freedom house blames politicians for declining public confidence and in some countries is putting germans lives in danger alan fischer reports from washington d.c. . you are the enemy of the people go ahead let's go trump is known for his attacks on the media but a new report on press freedom says the constant onslaught leads to a loss of confidence in mainstream outlets the report says it's a template being copied by so-called populist leaders elsewhere in the world it highlights viktor orban in hungary and serbia's alexander footage as 2 leaders who've concentrated media ownership in supporters hands pushing critical voices to the margins journalists no longer believe the us will help when basic rights are violated here in the united states we really need to think about the example that
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we're setting present tense attacks on the past are are really really toxic both here at home and in the world and we need to. turn that around and bring our best friend. report also discusses the death of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi killed in the city consulate in istanbul last year it says while his death is perhaps the most famous case it's hardly unique with journalists all around the world at risk almost every single day freedom house says the biggest drops in press freedom have come in eurasia and the middle east north africa areas the report says examples include new legislative restrictions embellished further arrests and convictions in lebanon and heightened insecurity and fatalities in war torn yemen people with in the countries need to understand the value of they be independent past the value that it can bring to their country and how it helps promote everybody's freedom freedom house insists it's not all bad news it highlights ethiopia malaysia armenia
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ecuador and gambia as places where improvement in democracy has led to partly all gains in media freedom and it says media freedom can easily bring spac from even long periods of authoritarian intervention but there's a warning to about social media and how authoritarian governments and state actors can manipulate. the online space to manipulate and undermine democracy it calls on the tech giants and governments to improve transparency which in turn improves press freedom and by extension democracy itself alan fischer al-jazeera washington . this is al-jazeera and these are the top stories and sit on at least 100 people have been killed since monday's crackdown by the military genzer 40 bodies have been retrieved from the river nile talked to say they were dumps that by the
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paramilitary rapid support forces for the gunfire has been heard in khartoum. they see feiss in yemen say they've crossed the border into saudi arabia and taken control of more than 20 locations haiti has reportedly killed dozens of saudi troops during heavy fines saying here the city of not sure on. some u.s. senators are trying to block weapons sales to saudi arabia the u.a.e. and jordan president donald trump approved $8000000000.00 worth of arms sales when he circumvented congress last month by declaring an emergency over iran. a number of senate republicans are beginning to say we need to constrain the president the way the congress has traditionally constrained the executive branch i'm hopeful but i'm also skeptical let's hope that this time it's different let's hope that these murmurings among republicans about the saudi arms sales and about
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the tariffs are real and they will actually stand up to him which is what a congress should do even when they're of the same party as the president. and trump has met war veterans at a ceremony for the 75th anniversary of the d.-day landings before he flew to arlen's on his 3 day state visit to britain the president joined 15 world leaders and portsmouth the home of britain's royal navy as friends appeals to answers from protesters not to disturb the war tributes russia's president says ties with china rats an unprecedented level but a reputed welcomes the chinese president xi jinping for a 3 day state visit to russia denuclearization on the korean peninsula syria unfairness wella are expected to top the agenda in moscow trip coincides with an economic forum in st petersburg. well those are the headlines
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to stay with us here on al-jazeera the news continues after inside story don't go away. the impulse in the gulf 2 years since comfort was blockaded by 4 arab nations 2 years of regional isolation and still no end in sight so is this just the new normal in the gulf or is it a crisis which could actually be solved this is inside story.
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hello everyone i'm come all santamaria welcome to inside story a lot can happen in 730 days except it seems in the gulf crisis in fact arguably the standoff between qatar and the group of 4 arab nations which blockaded it is still where it was some 2 years ago you'll remember those 4 nations saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind and egypt cut their diplomatic and economic ties with cut or they close the only land border and imposed an air and sea blockade on june the 5th of 2017 kuwait stepped in to mediate but even as recently as last week saudi arabia's foreign minister was saying quote hopefully there will be a solution if it comes back to the right path suggesting there's been little or no compromise made in that time which are now out of scotian is coming up after this report from victoria case and the. a handshake between saudi king salmon bin abdulaziz and the qatari prime minister but if anyone saw this is
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a sign of warming relations between the 2 countries they'd be wrong that was a week ago and despite the most high profile meeting between the qataris and saudis in 2 year is the g.c.c. is still in crisis and very much divided. we had reservations about many parts of the statement these elements include 1st the issue of only condemning iran and the escalation against in the absence of any moderate policy to engage in dialogue with iran. the statement also mentioned the united ago where is the night of the gulf war we have 3 gulf states blockading another gulf state ever since saudi arabia the united arab emirates and egypt imposed a land air and sea blockade on cattle in june 2017 the gulf cooperation council has been at olds. the g.c.c. has held 2 summits in saudi arabia and one in kuwait which has led mediation efforts at the 1st summit since the blockade began a catalyst to mean been hammered out that he attended but his adversaries said the
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foreign minister is their absence was seen as a snub to kuwait city to heal the rift throughout the dispute catto has strongly denied claims made by the saudis and generalities the doha supports terrorism or is too close to iran. be groups have been engaged in cattle's foreign ministry has arranged meetings with representatives from dozens of countries with the i'm a and foreign minister touring the world riyadh and abu dhabi will say being busy with media campaigns against cattle including one targeting the 2022 world cup yet both have been dealing with crises of their own the killing of saudi jenna's jamal khashoggi in istanbul and accusations that it was ordered by crown prince mohammed bin salmond have damaged the kingdom's image. so here's the war in yemen and the humanitarian disaster it's caused. the amorality s.
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and saudis have been accused of committing human rights violations there and cattle says that's the real reason it's being targeted by its neighbors but the blockade appears to have had little effect in the past 2 years trade between cattle and iran has increased and qatari media outlet al-jazeera and others are operating freely despite demands by the saudis and deborah artie's for their closure qatar is a country that is immensely grown and has a lot of positive developments since the crisis because they have a lot more freedom to maneuver freedom to choose their suppliers choose their partners in the region without being hamstrung or tied down to. a dictator as the g.c.c. crisis and does its 3rd year division and distrust between the councils members appear to be becoming the norm and if people in the gulf begin to accept that reality that could make changing it more difficult in the long run victoria gayton be al jazeera. so 2 years
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on let's introduce the panel to you here in the studio as he was actually 2 years ago when this crisis began there's a whore who is an academic research or he contributed to the book policymaking in a transformative state the case of cancer so welcome also in london with got him other than algebra a political commentator there and running out of power from lancaster in the north of england is simon mobile on a senior lecturer in international studies at lancaster university gentlemen welcome to you all a quick question for each of you the same question and i'll just go around you to get a very quick thoughts to start with and i'll start with your abilities what has been achieved in 2 years what has this blockade achieved other than disunity in the gulf actually this is a very good questions because in. if you remember last year i said we bleed they bleed we lose a dollar they lose
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a dollar and this is what what happened actually you know what the gulf region is the most resourceful region it's a hub of energy it's a hub of world. it has been practicing and helping a lot of countries in the region what we have lost is this unity what we have lost is the the cut of social relationship between among families who are really into related what we have lost or it's as the people who cannot perform there and what we have lost is people who cannot to manage their assets and the blockading countries what we have lost as people who lost i mean getting their qualifications and certificate from the the last simister or one loss to either of their studies this is what we have lost so i don't think we have
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achieved anything by the blue kade and as i said even last year it's a clear act of war against qatar. in london your thoughts on well as abilities put it losses and gains. well in fact just one point i would like to to mention about out there he said that by the hodge in many ways for the people and cut out to do the hedge but the other the broken from the for the and so when this we don't we have fought a protocol that with conditions we don't have followed. then hung out of the way we don't. have that i hear you or you turn away from this away from so do you out to be at all when the door for the height of the cutout by the government of qatar to stop that so hard that we have to be alone this one's got all this a lot of thoughts you know the way you talk we have to mention the people i thought i had my own time and i'm going to jump in we have got to what happened on the way
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down to be i didn't know it was this week right of people but if you haven't had just had an interest i cannot hear what either of you are saying you know my life and stop you are so i don't know why you like to just so much of this anyway ok madeline you've made the point about how this writer from saudi out of but that got a government broke that way anyway this is not the end of the day there is a situation for this this is a crisis because it isn't the end of the day we are losing from each side we are rose and it is not good for the future but that out of 15 the minds of the cut that i am sure should apply for this one for this but don't tell me what i mean open the door how do i knocked to finish this a lot of getting the money is ok i'm sorry to hear it as a student you know everything as it is becoming back to up to the states that are is i mean i was there 3 years at 15 my style as it is chilled let's bring in simon my bow now your thoughts. so i think it's
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a really interesting question and i think as well you've seen from the different perceptions the way that people answer this question is contingent on their own backgrounds their own experiences their own unique takes on this this particular crisis i think what we have seen is the doubling down of the various positions involved we've seen 2 years of diplomatic rhetoric we've seen 2 years of of posturing and we've also seen the rise of qatari nationalism i was in doha a couple of months before the crisis and then again about a year afterwards and and what i saw was the real emergence of a strong the nationalist sentiment that saw the depiction of the mirror everywhere across qatar and i think that's one of the real things that we're starting to see out of it whilst we see the entrenchment of positions we also see the emergence of a strong nationalist sentiment from one of the smaller gulf states so i think it's
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quite interesting to see that and to see how that has then manifested in qatar's behavior trying to carve a new path for itself away from its larger more powerful neighbors but when the problem is that nothing's really changed i made this point in my introduction if you look at where we were 2 years ago you could say yes there has been talk that has been mediations but as a model being pointed out the demands are still in place the 13 demands and mediation doesn't seem to have produced anything mediation by the kuwaitis simon yeah i think that's entirely accurate there has been very little movement in terms of getting this situation resolved we saw in the past that there was a resolution to a previous crisis between these various actors but that was resolved through mediation this one hasn't been and i think that tells you a lot about the concerns that the various sides have and that these concerns and the suspicions really mana fest in that behavior towards each other i think one
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thing that we have started to see is that qataris tried to assert. independently of the other members of the g.c.c. it's carving this new path for itself it's trying to become more self sustainable it's tried to get a new economic direction and it's starting to do that in a successful way according to the i.m.f. at least so i think that's one thing that we have seen but of course that does not get a resolution to this crisis and i think that whilst it was many would hope that it would be mediated and resolved by by one of their own let's say a member of the g.c.c. it may well take a more powerful external actor like the us who possesses strong ties with with both the saudis and the turkeys as a way of actually trying to get this thing resolved in model did in your opinion what's happened to the mediation process now for example we had the numerous summits in saudi arabia last week and the cut the trees were invited and the qatari prime minister to go i mean that seemed like a positive step but as we've discussed there with simon the actual mediation
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process is well it's almost inactive it happens when it happens in your opinion what's going wrong with that. well to be honest with you we were really happy that you know the prime minister of qatar then to appraise us would be something open the door to finish this program for 2 years but suddenly after the senate they changed their mind which is really to surprise you know we are 4 observers when when we saw that action. review surprised us because you know in the beginning it was good and he was there he has no objection why you when he left back he has his objection and then refused this is that it is a price so it means something whatever beyond this action something but i shot or something from iranian regime because this is our biggest problem because the qatari. stand by the. iranian regime and they are very dim sectarian.
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control of or out of the country is a still a project sectarian project and then i want to dance and dividing our societies so this is why one cut that stunned by the iranian regime this is the problem furthermore even the president of the usa always repeated that the terrorism comes from iranian regime so why out of a country is part of the art of the quarter leave us to go to stand by the iranian regime this is the confusing and the solution by the hunt of the leadership of gotta to stop that things i mean stunned by the iranian regime the sectarian regime and be back to that of a quarter because they are part of us. of this actually little let me go back to the list of 13 demands actually one of these demands is to shut down where the horse of this gentleman over there as is the the war on the freedom of
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speech and demand is to sign a plane check to embarrass these. countries i mean and the theory of demand as 2 fires and consent on your sovereignty so not new and different insolvent country will accept even to discuss the list of demands and these demands has expired 15 days after the demand so fine friend does not know that this list of demands has has been expired by those who issued these demands this is the new news for him the 2nd point regarding the iran if he thinks or he claims that qatar enjoys a strong relationship with iran let's talk about u.a.e. there are $10000.00 iranian companies in new way the trade between us and iran is $11000000000.00 u.s. dollars there are more than 700000 people iranian people living in a qatar the trade between qatar and iran is $2240000000.00 u.s.
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dollars on lead there are like around 141-5000 iranian people in qatar and there are less than 40 companies iranian companies in qatar who enjoys that elation share with the with the with iran 95 percent of the trade in the gulf states with iran is with us he not not with with their with qatar what has. this please i mean if we are talking about their relationship with iran listed the facts not not that the claim of the good relationship with the of iran is amiable if we have. joint. field with the with the it on what we are asking with the iran is to stablish a framework to deal with iran not to fight iran and to create instability and other instability in the region. yemen is there libya is there syria is there i mean
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what do we need to add more wars in the in the region in modeled in i'll give you a quick chance to reply before i go back to simon i don't get about him obviously. i did as he is obviously a very clear contradiction we don't talk about the politics we don't talk about they can have a problem we talk about the political problem. sectarian militias destroy iraq destroy syria so we're talking up over a political problem not economical problem so not only on it contrary to see what other sort of things with a an economic direction but we're talking about the political subject iranian ha's sectarian political project on the out of the plant destroyed iraq 5 story syria was 7 and going on and on and yemen didn't mission in lebanon so this is the problem if there's a political problem you don't question they're going to probably yes actually i mean we have we have this limited edition show with iran however we disagree or
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fish really we disagree with iran and they have and their intervention in syria we disagree with iran and so many issues but we don't have to fight with iran because we disagree with them we have to know how to manage this disagreement with other countries you don't bully countries because you are here you have differences with them you talk you dialogue when you have differences with the with people in politics and in other places as well ok i'm going to leave that there only because this will turn into a complete conversation about iran if we're not careful and we want to talk more about qatar and the gulf countries simon let me come back to you you made the point that one of the impacts i guess of the gulf crisis was that the cuts. re nationalism and other things like the industries which have popped up here dairy agriculture local manufacturing all these sorts of things that have been positive i wonder if in some sense already there's actually no rush to end the blockade from the local perspective it's been in a perverse way
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a positive. yeah i think that's an interesting point and there's certainly a positive to be derived from the qatari economy in the sense that it's force members of the qatari state to think about how they can address certain socio economic challenges in an innovative and creative way that that moves beyond a reliance on their neighbors for for access to a range of goods and services we know the qatar got a great deal of it of its food supplies via some of the larger hub ports such as those in the u.a.e. and what this crisis has done has prompted a serious strategic rethink in terms of how qatar positions itself within global supply chains and we've seen of course some innovative approaches to those challenges of course having a great deal of money has helped smooth over the process and get over the initial hardships but i think moving forward it may well be
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a positive for the qatari economy and that suggests to me that might not be in quite as much of a rush as it once might have been with regard to getting it getting at result if of course there were economic hardships and people were struggling that it would be in a much more sort of much more pressured situation to get this result but it's not so there's very little little incentive for the heart to go back to the saudis and the m r r t's and to say ok well there are the 30 in the month so we're happy to meet you on that meant and to discuss them until there is a certain amount of pressure being placed on the qataris then it's got very little inclination to go and give up 13 incredibly powerful things. but maybe i'll put this to you. simons made the point that there isn't an economic hardship here as such. but still a lot of money was spent in making sure that supply chains carried on when the crisis began and that's been going on for 2 years and and you can't just keep
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spending all that money to fly in things because the land borders close. it can't go on forever actually that was at the beginning now even even shipping cost has has decrees for example of china to door her used to take $26.00 days it would jebel ali now it takes 16 gears with 50 percent lists cost to import to from china the growth of qatar 2018 was $2.00 and expected to be 30 percent in 2019 more than higher than the growth in all of the g.c.c. countries there has increased by 18 percent the exports of the. products has increased by 35 percent number of companies are just in 2018 it was more than 20000 companies has been just and 2018 food
2:42 am
security now we have food security for 2 years enough for 3000000 people we have water storage is for 4 for so many. months actually so actually qatar has become more self. reliance if the the even even the reserve in the central bank now it's back to the what it was before the relocate of $58000000000.00 us dollars and a museum in the central bank. of qatar has increased and the the bonds issued by qatar where a very very attractive. to the investors international investors ok gentlemen let's talk about solving this crisis the 4 of us are going to manage it but i'm sure we've got some ideas in model the let me start with you because you raised importantly early on the 13 demands which were laid down by the 4 blockading countries made the point that no country would want to just suddenly cede those 13
2:43 am
things so surely another way has to be found to get around that. we're always supposed to be through dialogue 15 the mines definitely some of them very essential very important like you know to stop terrorism. qatari support some islamist groups such as some brotherhood and other things you know a. new sort of front in syria and other this is must be stopped some other place maybe you know flexible but through the dialogue and what might saudi arabia will give up what might they compromise on will obviously be talking about. really terrorism comes from the iranian and some we have to say it's some points acknowledged by the qatari jim that you know they support the muslim brotherhood and some other some missed tourist and then the area so this is very
2:44 am
important for the whole region not just for the qatari and the relationship with the with the iranian doesn't really high question and the other thing about compromise not free night on the other side a lot of has not to answer the question but because but that can land that qatar support terrorism the fruit with the force of locating countries failed to approve and to submit to submit any evidence that this is what they did ok let's out as doing so it's here i mean i don't think just because it's all just ran down the chain of nonsense a government groundless cyclone a model then your answer and then a final word from simon. it is as i said acknowledged by the qatari supporting the muslim brotherhood and this is the last stop for a lot of the condit countries decided this total is a must stop so cut it their ships are supposed to respect this for out of according to these and cut their support and get assistance to the muslim brotherhood or they
2:45 am
are the motherhood of the most of the torah says islamists and then they area. i'm going to interrupt because we're starting to run out of time and i want to get a quick final word from simon there's got to be compromise somewhere along the way doesn't there. sure there really does and in order to actually get something moving forward you have to have dialogue you have to build trust and building trust is incredibly difficult when there's been such animosity to build trust both sides are going to have to have some degree of compromise they going to have to find something to give up that the other side has been particularly worried about and in order to do that we're going to have to find someone to mediate it's going to have to be someone powerful it's got a vested interest in the domestic actions of both sides of all the different parties involved and of course there are some suggestions the united states would be an obvious one given that it has a strong relationship with the saudis got this continued military base in qatar and i think that figuring out a way that trust can be built with
2:46 am
a mediator is the only way that this is going to happen because we've seen 2 years with very little movement very little by lateral relationships bilateral dialogue we're still in the same place it needs something to change and it's probably going to be an external mediator to try and bring them all on the same side simon move on in lancaster a model day in eligibility in london and that's these are who are with me here in doha thank you for joining us and hopefully maybe we won't be having this conversation one more year from now and thank you for watching as well plenty more few online a down to 0 dot com inside stories in the show news section if you want to see this or any of our other episodes again we're at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story we are on twitter at a.j. inside story and i'm at a jane in the tweeting directly thanks for joining us for inside story and we will see you again soon.
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june on al-jazeera people in power returns with an investigation into why india's capital delhi has some of the worst and pollution in the world. 2 years into the blockade we look at the future of the g.c.c. crisis and its impact on life and how top join us for special coverage of the big picture examines the power of potential unprejudiced of knowledge official intelligence as it used to shape our world leaders from the group of 20 nations will gather for the 14th g. 20 summit to be held for the 1st time in japan and in brand new episodes we follow people from around the globe who are risking it all just to make
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a living june on al-jazeera. a horrific crime that shocked the world 51 people killed at mosques in christchurch new zealand why i want to investigate the full force could have done more to prevent this massacre on al-jazeera. the strength of al jazeera is that because we have such an expensive knack for people will come to us and actually share information with the al-jazeera team in fact that. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm hello my hits and this is the news our live from doha coming up for you in the next 60 minutes other options. 100
2:49 am
in 3 days south sudan's military joins us saps up its count crackdown against protesters and opposition groups. here and says he pfizer's say they taking control of several locations in southern saudi arabia for in a 3 day. holiday i'm felicity bar in london with the latest from europe including. 300 parachutists fill the skies above normandy as world leaders and boils gather on the british coast from the d.j. 75 years old. and sports gianni infantino is reelected as president of football's world governing body infantino claims the quote toxic almost criminal days of fifa are in the past.
2:50 am
but we begin this news are in sudan where the ruling military johnson has unleashed a campaign of violence and intimidation against protesters seeking a handover of power to civilians so to say at least 100 people have died since monday's attack on protestors outside the military headquarters gunshots were fired in khartoum for a 3rd successive day and dozens of bodies have been pulled from the river nile a senior opposition these are has been beaten and arrested by security forces yes you're our man had recently returned home after being in exile for several years last week the ruling jinsa had ordered him to leave the country well this latest onslaught comes just days after the military leadership blog the flow of information or sit on or may 30th of course the military ordered al-jazeera to calls its current. office without giving
2:51 am
a reason sudanese media outlets were also coast and the internet has been severely restricted inside the country as stephanie decker now reports. the muslim holiday of eid marked by gunfire this man appears to be shot for getting the full picture of what's going on across sudan is difficult. these are the 1st images from outside the military headquarters where thousands of camped until monday's crackdown it's been described to us by someone there as hopes and dreams destroyed the potential heart of a future sudan now with its arteries and veins cut off the head of sudan's you military council made this offer in an ied message on national t.v. that instead of the u.s. and other we in the military council open our hands for unconditional talks and negotiations for the sake of our country's interests in order to complete the establishment of a legitimate authority that represents the variety of aspirations of the sudanese
2:52 am
people's revolution. this is a u. turn just 24 hours off to britain halted negotiations with the protestors the death toll keeps rising since monday's attack on the protest camp and wider clampdown bodies are being pulled out of the river nile at least 40 so far according to sudan's main doctors group there believed to been dumped there on the day of the crackdown by the rapid support forces or r s f formerly known as the gender weed militia and accused of committing more crimes in darfur the man in charge of them then now the deputy head of the military council. it is do know the aim of the rapid support forces and this is an important point is to be on the side of the revolution of the sudanese people this is what we are convinced of after the talks and the negotiations i feel sorry to say things were not on the right track. the military's being accused of confiscating mobile phones to try to stop the violence
2:53 am
being documented and shared al-jazeera has correspondents in sudan but they've been told to leave the country and are currently confined to their hotel much of us report a paramilitary group is rated hospitals looking for injured protesters and the medical workers treating them and one of the rapid support forces came in and attacked me and hit me here and over here as well may god punish them. the doctors union says the beating suffered by patients and their colleagues are part of a wider campaign of violence. the miniatures apologized for the violence and says it will investigate its called for elections within 9 months something the opposition has rejected. just weeks ago protesters gathered full of hope the talks of the military council were on the verge of a breakthrough now that hope has turned to anger and protesters say they won't back down stephanie decker al-jazeera. they say fighters in yemen say they've crossed the border into saudi arabia and taken control of more than 20 locations mazie say
2:54 am
they have. killed dozens of society troops during heavy fighting near the southern city of misrata but the soldier uni you led coalition at war in yemen have launched air strikes in the area over the past 3 days let's get the latest on this snow. joins us live from santa and could you just start by giving us a sense of how significant this is the fact that these have crossed into sovereign citee territory. for the fact the whole the fighters have been waging a retaliatory attacks against saudi military positions in the south of the saudi arabia for over 3 years since the beginning of the war but the this time and this. the have already intensified their retaliatory attacks to target military positions
2:55 am
and drown. in order to put more pressure on riyadh to force its backed forces to fulfill their part of the agreement which was signed. which was signed in sweden last december that force both fighting factions to withdraw from the city of data and to allow the humanitarian aid and also other commercial commodities to enter into the country but so far this latest. significance about these elitist reprisal attacks is that the. became and response to the answer allows the leader. to make a hole if he who called for the launch of $300.00 sides attacks saudi arabia in order to force riyadh to fulfill its commitments towards the sweden agreement but this is also important stage as they have now started to take control instead of
2:56 am
the previous tactic which is just around now they are taking another tactic which is taking control of the military positions. previous occasions they have already taken control most of the military positions around the city of measure and at that time the the the you could have this kind of fire range to attack any military positions within in the inside of the city of measure and but this is this proves that the host. started a new technique and also a new phase of the war in order to put more pressure on reality to to end its war and also its attacks on civilians as today at least 6 civilians were killed in a bar. raid well if this is the tactic to try and change the war just how much of an impact is it having on the overall conflict in yemen itself
2:57 am
is the consideration of the war as it's devastating impacts on the normal civilians in yemen and the they have had enough of the nearly 4 for years now the the war enters its 5th year so the continuation of the war has a devastating impact on the civilians who continue to face in a daily basis the threat of being attacked by u.s. strikes and also the consideration of the the blockade that has greatly impacted the entry of food basic commodities and also fuel. given also the. most importantly the lifesaving medicines many paid patients die because the of the none available to the of the lifesaving medicines so this situation of the war has its great impact on the civilians according to the united states the united nations status takes that over 13000000 yemenis have
2:58 am
become on the verge of 7000000 already dependent on foreign aid. this iteration but with the can to raise of the war this iteration is getting worse and worse hopefully that the. many who of political factions could reach an end to this war which has really. acted the normal yemeni civilians ok mohammed a lot life for us there in samara thank you. well some u.s. senators are trying to block weapons sale society arabia the united arab emirates joycean president donald trump circumvented congress last month finds acquiring an emergency because of growing tensions with iran and he approved 8000000000 dollars worth of arms sales which the bipartisan group of senators want stops. in joins us now live from washington d.c.
2:59 am
bassy why are we seeing both political parties here trying to block this weapon so well there are a couple of different reasons and this is an $8000000000.00 that the senate has held up for more than a year in large part because they're offensive weapons they're smart bombs and mortars and jet engines these are all things that could be used in the war in yemen which the senate is over he voted to basically get the u.s. out of that was vetoed by the president there's also concern about the killing of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi so the senators want to send a message and part of the problem is they're saying the president can't go around congress now the fact is presidents in the past have gone around congress usually they get to sign off on major weapons deals but now the president a frustrated as you mentioned because it hasn't gone through he's citing iran as a national emergency so we're seeing a handful of republicans notably those close to the president usually on foreign policy saying that they're going to vote for this resolution and now the question is how many of them join in because just like the evan vote there's likely not
3:00 am
enough to override a presidential veto which seems likely even the democratic leader of the senate said that you know he's hopeful but he's not optimistic let's listen to chuck schumer a number of senate republicans are beginning to say we need to constrain the president the way the congress has traditionally constrained the executive branch i'm hopeful but i'm also skeptical let's hope that this time it's different let's hope that these murmurings among republicans. about the saudi arms sales and about the tariffs are real and they will actually stand up to him which is what a congress should do even when they're of the same party as the president. so if the senate is able to get that veto proof majority and goes to the house it seems highly unlikely they've been much much less likely to buck the president for publicans in the house so the other option some democrats are considering is changing.


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