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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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that as a dangerous stay for the country charlotte bellis reports. arranged by the australian federal police is underway at the a.b.c. offices in sydney straining media reporting on a range of one of their our police into the headquarters of the astray of broadcasting corporation with a warrant after a broadcast classified material in 2017 the raid focused on investigative journalist daniel oakes and same year clarke they reported a series of stories called the f.b.i. and files based on hundreds of pages of secret ministry of defense documents leaked to the a.b.c. . they alleged unlawful killings and misconduct by a stray in special forces in afghanistan including the alleged killing of an unarmed man and his 6 year old child in a raid on their home as well as the killing of a detained taliban fighter at least 2 incidents are the focus of an ongoing defense force inquiry. the police raid targeted emails between the journalists and their
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sources and written notes draft scripts passwords photos and videos related to the afghan files in or more than $1000.00 items the warrant was served under the century old crimes act that the bids publication of classified material it's very unwelcome and serious development i think for people maybe who aren't in the media business sometimes talking about priests freedom can sound a bit like a cliché it is extremely unusual for an authority to exercise a warrant on a national public broadcaster like this and it is very serious on tuesday police searched the home of an excuse me to the award winning political editor of the media organization news corp following his story on plans to expand domestic surveillance 6 treme alarming that incident then used to come on the back of it really just was. the government laser attempting to stop me freedom of the
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press which of course is so awful. emory. in years amnesty international has been calling for more transparency by the straining defense force for its actions in afghanistan the a.b.c. says it stands by its journalists we will be doing everything we can to limit the scope of this and we will do everything we can to stand by our reporters. and as a general observation we always do whatever we can stand by our sources of course police deny there is a link between the 2 media raids although they are related to the reelection of prime minister scott morrison his government 2 weeks ago shelob ellis al-jazeera. still ahead in this half hour as more migrants cross into mexico emergency talks are held in washington over donald trump's parrot right find out how this indian school is making students pay their fees and fight plastic pollution at the same time.
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hello again or welcome back we're here across southeastern australia we did see one storm you can see here on the satellite image making its way towards new zealand and that storm brought even snow to the higher elevations of australia over the last few days there temperatures are still moderate and coming back up from that storm going to be seen about 13 degrees here and melbourne up towards sydney at about 16 degrees there where we are going to be seeing a problem of the next few days and what is happening here across much of the southwest now we do have a formal boundary that's coming into play towards perth brings a very heavy rain possibly thunderstorms there dropping the temperatures and we're going to see rain continue probably till we get towards saturday 18 degrees expected high here on friday and for townsville we do expect to see some rain in your forecast at about 23 degrees there where across the south island of new zealand not too bad it's the north island seeing the big problem now that is that
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storm system that we were talking about still pushing across much of the area things improve by the time we get to thursday another storm comes into play down here towards the south and that is going to be making its way towards the north so clint you get one day off and then we expect to see more clouds and rain by the time we get towards saturday and then here across parts of japan at the temperatures are up across much of the area tokyo is expected to be about 31 degrees there a sucker i do at 31 as well. she was black gay i'm from rio de janeiro's her vallas don't think she was also an elected outspoken councilwoman until she was assassinated. people in power investigates the killing of a vocal critic of brazil security forces and the legacy of empowerment she left
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behind the mantle of mario franco on out using. a comeback here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera more than 100 people are now known to have died in sudan after the military jumped up began a brutal crackdown on monday the u.k. and the un are pulling some of their staff from the country yemen's who the rebels say they've taken from troll of more than 20 locations in saudi arabian territory and australian police have raided the offices of the national public broadcaster over a story which suggested that australian troops were being investigated for possible
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war crimes in afghanistan. russia's president says both moscow and china while the situation in venezuela destabilize the mere putin made the comments while hosting china's leaders using ping who is on a state visit both countries are allied with venezuela's president nicolas for the little fortune also said the ties with china are of an unprecedented level as both countries seek closer relations hew to tensions with the u.s. . emergency talks are being held in the white house for mexican trade officials have been trying to stall a 5 percent tariff coming into effect on monday president trump has threatened to impose a tax on all mexican goods if mexico cannot reduce the number of migrants crossing into america will she ever can see joins us live now from washington d.c. so what kind of proposals did the mexican delegation bring she have if the backs of
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leaks are to be believed that we've been getting in the last few hours mexico is holding pretty firm specifically on what appeared to be one of the main demands from donald trump's trade advisor peter novato that mexico absorbs all of those currently in mexico who are waiting for their asylum claims to be processed in the usa that mexico into the mexican legal system now we're going to leak from mexican authorities say that they would not that bad negotiation remains not to accept safe country status which is what the effectively means so actually apparently holding firm on that demand those talks would have ended by now serving appears there that the to the talks with the 2 delegations have ended and now the u.s. secretary of state at his mexican counterpart have not go into one on one talks so we were expecting a press conference from the mexican foreign minister this hour that seems and that will be delayed if the reports are to be believed another one on one talks between one pair and the mexican foreign minister we know n.b.c.
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is reporting that administration official told them that no deal had been reached but they were necessarily expecting any deal to be reached but but we do expect on this have a have some idea of where this goes from here we have monday the monday deadline adult trump says those tabs will be imposed on monday she had her hand see with the latest on that from washington thank you. some u.s. senators are trying to block weapons sales to saudi arabia the united arab emirates and jordan president trump circumvented congress last month by the clearing an emergency because of growing tensions with iran and he approved 8000000000 dollars worth of arms sales which the bipartisan group of senators want stopped as equally and as more on this from washington. this is a bipartisan group of senators most notably the republicans or some of the president's closest allies in the senate but these are offensive weapons they're smart guided bombs they're mortars jet engines for fighter jets they're concerned
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that these could be will be used in the war in yemen there's also concern over the killing of washington post columnist marcus shoji so these senators want to send a message to donnelly saudi arabia the united arab emirates but to the president but what actual impact will it have well not much less several more republicans get on board the president can simply veto the measure a number of senate republicans are beginning to say we need to constrain the president the way the congress has traditionally constrained the executive branch i'm hopeful but i'm also skeptical let's hope that this time it's different let's hope that these murmurings among republicans about the saudi arms sales and about the tariffs are real. and they will actually stand up to them which is what a congress should do even when they're of the same party as the president now if they are able to get enough republican support in the senate then they have to do
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the same in the house of representatives and that seems like a much longer shot there has been some talk among democrats about changing the law so the president couldn't declare emergencies like this the larger goal is likely in the senate where they can debate this for weeks or months they can threaten to hold up the entire white house agenda in the senate by talking about these resolutions intil the president decides to go through congress and try and get their approval for the saudi deal now the white house has given no indication that they're not going to continue back in saudi arabia in particular the crown prince mohammed bin salma. and the trumpet ministration has imposed new restrictions on medical research using fetal tissue in a major victory for abortion opponents government scientists when longer be allowed to use fetal tissue for the research including into hiv and several cancers the tissue is taken from elective abortions and would otherwise be discarded u.s. health department says it's trying to balance pro-life and pro science imperatives
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. it's the 2nd anniversary of the start of the air sea and land blockade on catherine by its neighbors saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain egypt and others they accuse katherines leaders of supporting terrorism they consistently deny that and say that talks can settle the dispute peacefully over the last 2 years the us government has bolstered its support for both qatar and saudi arabia mike hanna has more now from washington on the balance in policy. become very good friends over a fairly short period of time president trump's close relationship with saudi leaders appeared to color his 1st reaction to the blockade the nation of qatar on fortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism. but within months the president had come full circle welcoming the emir of qatar at the white house and calling him a very big advocate of the war on terror sigrid honor to have the mirror of qatar
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with us it's a friend of mine knew it long before i entered the world of politics he's a great gentleman very popular in his country his people love him we're working on unity in that part of the middle east and i think it's working out very well our military. cooperation is very solid very strong as everybody knows that the heart of fighting terrorism is from a low data base and. thank god it's been very successful campaign against. terrorist groups along our region. be out of date bases a centerpiece of the u.s. qatar relationship it serves as a forward headquarters of the u.s. central command and is the springboard for u.s. operations in more than 20 countries including iraq and syria. when the u.s. sought to reduce its military involvement in afghanistan it turned to cutter to
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play a diplomatic role the capital doha hosting the 1st public direct talks between u.s. officials and the taleban ministration role. of color to many of edged political geo strategic and military to military needs and interests and objectives. the blockade though continues the u.s. position that outside pressure on either side would not contribute to the parties resolving it themselves. but has us records up its military deployment to the middle east in response to a mounting crisis with iran qatar is once again playing a crucial role. with the knowledge if not at the request of the u.s. secretary of state cutter's foreign minister engaging in talks with irregular leaders in a bid to reduce the tension and while the military benefits of the u.s. relationship with qatar are proven the full evidence of cutter's diplomatic worth
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may yet be to come mike hanna al-jazeera washington. zimbabwe has started talks with the e.u. to improve diplomatic relations president m. a son of god one has made it one of his major priorities to restore ties with the west and multilateral lenders like the i.m.f. to attract foreign investment some bob was economy is struggling with soaring prices fuel queues and power cuts during his 40 year rule former leader robert mugabe would routinely blame quote european colonialists for his country's problems . youtube says it will ban what it describes as hateful videos from its service the website owned by alphabet inc schoolgirl will block content that promotes or glorifies racism and discrimination it will also ban and remove any videos that deny well documented violent events like the whole of calls it announcement is the
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latest in a series of tech industry moves to filter out hateful and violent content which of sport calls for tougher regulation but some free speech advocates say hate speech should not be censored an exaggeration is opening the u.k. city of oxford which could reframe the way the you look at art a robot called ada is having a 1st solo showing and all the work several ready been sold bringing in more than a $1000000.00 charlie angela has the story. like any artist ada says she's a little anxious revealing her art to the public for the 1st time. to create core traits like this takes a picture of her subject using the camera and her eye and algorithm then interprets that photo and randomly translates it into corners she plots paper the outcome is loose and expressive almost abstract a result of deliberately adding flaws into what would otherwise be
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a very expensive printer her creators argue that she is innately creative in that what she produces is new surprising and of value her works have all sold printing in over $1200000.00 but they also want her to stimulate debate about the future of artificial intelligence and how it will change humanity by technology. of automation because of dramatic effect on the world because the scale ability of the . if we do need to have a public debate about this as to where this is all going ot is a great vehicle to be able to do that is our the mode is abstract interpretation of . the c. and b. producing fragmented pitches then painted over by humans here at oxford university professors are exploring the new frontier that is artificial intelligence but some
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don't believe that robots like helping the debate what ai and automation will look like in the future is not humanoid robots but more like mechanical arms and warehouses or checkout tills at tesco and so when we have embodied robots that show women young attractive women we're kind of doing a disservice to the conversation we could be having about the future that we want for humanity ada's work is art by algorithm highlighting some of its limitations but also its potential and as we give machines more decision making power in areas like health care transport and security this world view seen by algorithm could become the dominant reality charlie and that al-jazeera oxford. a school in northeast india has told parents that their children will not get free classes anymore unless they pay their fees with plastic waste yes students who go to the
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action are form school and ask some state must now collect 20 items of used plastic every week and present them for recycling they also stuff plastic bags into plastic bottles which can then be used to construct school buildings toilets and even pathways that the scheme was introduced after parents ignored a plea from teachers to take part in a recycling project or tried this is instead a much more than that and everything else that we have been covering here on al-jazeera on the website there it is al jazeera dot com. now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera more than $100.00 people are now known to have died in sudan after the military jump began a brutal crackdown on monday the main protest site outside the army headquarters in
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khartoum has been cleared of demonstrators live ammunition has been fired in the capital for a 3rd successive day and dozens of bodies have been pulled out of the river nile the u.n. and u.k. say it's pulling noncritical staff from the country on may 30th the military ordered al-jazeera to close its khartoum office without giving the network of reason meanwhile a senior sudanese opposition leader has been arrested and beaten by security forces yes there are minor had recently returned home after living in exile for years yemen's who the rebels say they've taken control of more than 20 locations in saudi arabia territory who they say they killed dozens of saudi troops during heavy fighting near the sutton southern city of nashville on the saudi and iraqi led coalition has launched air strikes in the area over the past 3 days mohammed el a top has more now from santa the whole the fighters and also. started
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a new tactic in order to put more pressure on riyadh. during this military operation the. at least 20 vehicles have been destroyed dozens of for a saudi backed forces have been killed and endured. australian police have raided the offices of the national public broadcaster officers search the australian broadcasting corporation over a story based on leaked military documents which suggested that australian troops were being investigated for possible war crimes in afghanistan staff at the channel have called it a dangerous day for the country emergency talks are on the way in the white house when mexican trade officials are trying to stop a 5 percent tariff coming into effect on monday mexico's foreign minister marcello brad of those leading discussions with the us vice president mike pence washington to stress and to impose a tax on all mexican goods if you can't use the number of migrants crossing into
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america those are the headlines coming up people in power how the murder of a famous activist exposed corruption in brazil thanks for watching but i. was a roof a crime that shocked the world 51 people killed at mosques in christchurch new zealand why i want to investigate people forced could have done more to prevent this massacre on al-jazeera. in march 28th mariella franco a prominent brazilian human rights activist and politician was murdered in mysterious circumstances a champion of the threat is real islam neighborhoods marial it was also a vocal critic brazil's security forces and the civilian casualties of their war against the city's drug gangs so who killed it and why duty on the ruthless went to
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church votes. rio de janeiro carnival 2019 the somebody schools are getting ready to parade in january and new government came to power in brazil led by president. and nationalist politician and former army captain during the military dictatorship from the 1960 s. to early eighty's. this somebody's school money has chosen is the most
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directly confronting the new president's right wing political agenda its focus the brutal history of brazil's white elite and the often ignored contributions of the country's black and indigenous heroes. tribute is being paid to mariella franco a gay afro brazilian politician and human rights activist assassinated nearly a year ago. monday as artistic director landrieu vieira took the decision to put money at the center of the parade in a small amount if that was how these movies because you see the master with the how do you spot but i do this is a village will be afforded by that if that were going to be are you following the investigation to find out. what was. there much of it that could give you that feel
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crafts still put out there. that why something 30 a scope lives lost us in a way that we're going to out i mean if i cheer for you to feel stupid you know to . relive franco who was born in one of reals poor mostly black urban areas known as fatherless by the law i. put into work to improve the lives of minorities resulted in a triumphant election to the city council in 2016. when she became a vocal critic of president security forces and a champion for the many civilian casualties of their rule against the favelas struck. a fundamental power. yet they were born to be small maintenance zia joys you know call my. face a father joe my korea side said shon is now my dear but she was just this resolute
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when dealing with hecklers. no say they'll be at the no i don't doubt but it's their stock i know up to that agency. you know sabby. but someone did want to silence her on the 14th of march 28th mariella and to dr anderson pedro gomez limited shot several times from another car. the assassination had been meticulously planned and carried out and soon the murder weapon and ammunition used will link back to the police raising serious questions about who really was behind mary-alice killing. discourse an outpouring of grief and rage. courage and charisma that struck a chord across brazil and around the world. protesters demanded that the killers be
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found. but brazil has a new government elected with the backing of the security forces might be a disappoint his fear this may undermine the investigation if he is not going to go back and face arianrhod the compass and if it is like trying to keep him average life the big question is whether it's going to start that serious about finding her and if not then why. oh oh oh oh oh it's been nearly a year since madea was killed and several official investigations by rios state and brazil's federal authorities on the way. assassination has begun to reveal troubling connections between security corruption and politics and we want to take a closer look at what efforts the authorities are making to find her killer 000000
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. 000-0000. we begin by following up on speculations that members of the military police assassinated mariella that she was being punished for criticizing the way they carry out their operations against drug gangs in the favelas. one such operation took place on june 20th 2018 in muddy the favela that mariella came from . the police came in by air firing killing a 14 year old boy mark has been a serious. brunette is silver his mother told us that marcus and his friend and he could live running late for school but when the show got a muffin i realized when. i show what the prison don't want them over to look at a little milf you know the boys to cover them coming out they faced an armored car
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one barely reawakened was there again bought. them up on a box with a bunch of backyard. marcus was just one of the nearly 1400 people killed by real security forces in 28 teams. up or do so i and i think they all qualifies as buyers and chained up when i reach him up on the union rules. to be out of breaking news the move they will say porter which will be other. they're not going to listen i'm a lawyer help bruna investigate the websites oh no she says it was mary ellen who taught money as women to challenge such injustices which is a shot of the same as an idea that cycle for them they will. milk my beloved they watch so madly aren't you going to make up a point also streamers boy still so much money that was a light bulb from a bank of business she just bought out.
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no way carnival preparations are under way flavia candido was formally monday alyssa assistant. she too is highly critical of the police operations in rio's favelas. fox. feel much the robbers. who also made the ball before the law but flavia says there is more to mario is killing them revenge for criticizing police operations. this woman is still my. voice. for more land. things that maryellen was despised by the conservative political establishment because she empowered. by the activism old boys.
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know we'll know you. for. all. of us about what but only because. these carnival parade to is my legacy she wanted my residence to be proud. of. my believe. i believe. the communities mistrust of the police is understandable but to date no evidence has emerged to support the theory that the police killed. instead all official investigations are focusing on more sinister groups rios clan
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. secret paramilitary organizations known as militias. they have been formed by members of the security forces who felt that working within the constraints of the law was too limiting heavily armed they've taken the fight against the drug gangs into their own hands many militias have close links with politicians and some politicians even employ their services. in rio's west zone the militias control entire neighborhoods forcing residents to pay not just for security but for gas cable t.v. and transport too. according to a homicide police investigation a west so militia commander has been lending his deadly services to a local politician. we're following the footsteps of
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a man who's actually accused of ordering the killing of mariella franco he's a councilman and a real estate developer and he's heavily invested in these areas. his name is muscle. and he's agreed to meet us in his sports club in ga daniel another area firmly under militia control. this club used to be run by a political opponent but sicilian or took it over. and his assistants have organized the community thank you party that just happens to coincide with our visit. with him and. the homicide police have build
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a case against sicilian or based on a witness who said he heard the councilman order the militia to kill. the motive so this theory goes is that sicilian wanted to stop mariella from educating residents about the housing rights in communities where he has construction interests. but the witness has been discredited and seattle insists that he's being framed. this. doesn't mean. you. think it will get your game going to change. this scene. will continue he claims a political opponent is using the allegations to undermine him you walk. by they don't. you think if we. had died and.


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