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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 90  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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we're following the footsteps of a man who's actually accused of ordering the killing of mariella franco he's a councilman and a real estate developer and he's heavily invested in these areas. his name is muscle. and he's agreed to meet us in his sports club in ga daniel another area firmly under militia control. this club used to be run by a political opponent but sicilian or took it over. and his assistants have organized the community thank you party that just happens to coincide with our visit or your. video. of the whoop or do they need a witness in. the homicide police have to build
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a case against. based on a witness who said he heard the councilman order the militia to kill. the motive so this theory goes is that sicilian wanted to stop mariella from educating residents about the housing rights in communities where he has construction interests. but the witness has been discredited and sicilian will insist that he's being framed. this evil commercial but it doesn't mean wage be with up the marketplace on the ass i think it will get your game going to change you'll get a subbie of. this scene look at the vision that there would you believe in him he claims a political opponent is using the allegations to undermine him you mark. my vision which is by the only argument judge you think if we all moderate you mean the curia palagi we have. with as we have died would you speak of the rather good
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of us as you know that there are more than jumping when. the possibility that the theory could even be true shows how murderous rio's politics can be is the police doing a good job if they take a witness like that seriously. at their me we're going to get into my heart that you go 3 of. the federal police have started to investigate allegations that the homicide police helped protect the person who really ordered mary-alice killing meanwhile councilman cecilia remains a suspect. 10 days into our stay there are dramatic developments. on the orders of the public prosecutor and the civil police one of 5 flew in forstmann agencies in brazil 2 men are arrested for mary alice murder. allegedly drove the car.
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whilst funny lessa a former policeman is accused of firing the gun that killed money and her driver. investigators also raid the house of another associate upon a lesser where they find a huge stockpile of weapons kit enough to assemble over 100 m. 16 rifles the parts are owned by lesser and suggest that he may be an illegal gun dealer with connections to organized crime. we had to buy her dirty duca lived a neighborhood hardly affordable for a retired policeman this is the street to the house behind us i was arrested it's really a market exclusive community one of the houses in there belongs to president also now wrote meaning the president of brazil and mary-alice killer when neighbors. the suspects are held at the local police station. it's also home to the homicide
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division that's now under scrutiny for the as yet botched investigation into councilman c.c. leonore. what the local colleagues are saying is that this operation was brought forward by one day because there was a rumor that the suspects had received a tip off and were getting ready to flee lesser later confirmed that he'd been tipped off about his imminent arrest and it fueled yet more suspicions of a wider conspiracy involving the police certainly the director of the homicide division emerges he's off to meet real skirvin earth for a press conference. at the governor's palace we pick up on more news about links between the alleged killers and brazil's new president it's confirmed that he number one of the president's sons had dated lessers daughter. then the president is identified in a facebook photo with. the alleged driver at maddie ellis killing.
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governor wilson witsel opens the press conference for g. . and then detective jenny to enlarges who is leading this investigation explains how officers used technology and tip off from informants to identify lesser included as the alleged assassins it was crucially their movements in the moments before mary alice death where is the evolution is though as. i think what is known. by his article or are we want to ask you our staff uses of. you got detective large it says the analysis of less is internet searches sheds light on a possible motive you know it's not the former policeman had been looking for targets on the political left not just money or. heavier mouthpieces some. other space time guy just you know i
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reach this is. what i mean joe gained by he has all very own. and you see the form of government. if you assume you can enjoy the journalists are skeptical they wonder why previous theories about money as clashes with housing construction are suddenly no longer valid because i want to talk now with someone now if it got here again no no no it isn't because those adults don't deserve it. many you believe that lesser had links with the militia group and that he was paid by a powerful person to kill money or they suspect a cover up. which must always be. spying on you and then the press conference is abruptly halted.
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with. a day later detective largess is removed by gov witsel from the investigation. if mary alice killers intended to stop her campaigns their plans failed. the outrage over her desk as momentum to the election of 3 more black female lawmakers into rio's legislative assembly. source or danny montero and monica francisco the mary-alice friends and are all members of peace or the party for socialism and liberty. they have vowed to continue my realist struggle for more inclusiveness embryo's politics.
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this is the office of recently elected state deputy source. peace all has a track record of challenging corruption in various politics and its members think that the killing of mariella could have been part of a wider attempt to silence their party. so here he is almost say. what is a militia as it is nice is sheer. work for business or isn't just see out as usual we saw shade. on the you know what is a are. both. paths stand wise that you made in their home very. peaceful is a small party on the far left but it often punches above its weight another investigation into wrongdoing in the city's public transport system also led to
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a rest. but despite their efforts the power of various militias remains unchecked. dark but is now balm wish to move in but as you know. more about to out if it out in the sack she was for the os if bamma wish but i come back or i saw my familiar journey you know from the mothers this isn't said she wish wish that when they usually saw you always as a shammy these are called for in the region. but most brazilians are more worried about security than corruption. they believe that politicians who want the security forces to respond with more force are more likely to deliver. both president also narrow and real's governor but voted into office by a public who favored strongmen. gov
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witsel rarely gives interviews so we've come to see him at a public event. it's meant to be promoting tourism but instead his pro security agenda gets an airing your remarks really. is the most cruel of you guys you know the governor is upset about come and see made by real smith who has called the police a mess and corrupt. he's unapologetic about the use of violence by various police since he took office in january police killings are the highest ever recorded so we went. to the event the press good whistle to respond to the mayor's criticism of the police we don't know what the question is can we ask you know what did you know here all the morning you'll know flash through g g r which are so general just so that you know what it's about and. just don't see.
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that big would be that good to what you're not good you can and we should do so on a quick. i wondered if the governor's close connections with the security forces might affect the inquiries into mario his murder are you committed to seeing the mariella from 2 investigations through all the way to the end even if the connections go to the very top of the political police establishment does money and in opinion with the police when you travel yeah i give you. what you don't want to be. you want to live you should go to see it because it was one of the premium prize money and then base it on just about a police records my vision got i am gonna hit it exactly the bolt hole risk a reasonable feel good damage and also police reveal you know me say we're going to startle her down the road so she would report as maybe she got.
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the other celestial to mistake it's the 1st anniversary of money and this killing the stage has been set up and a crowd has gathered for a memorial event. the worst. a little. bit and. danny and money the newly elected state legislators are joined by tell you via a patrol in a real stretch of road deputies. they urged the crowd to keep up the pressure for the investigation to continue but yes a lot of those who of course so the only point eat. the point is he bought a self up bottle. he sure was mad his. seat. at least you know what it was the think that he just passed. did you feel you came enjoyed. 6 it's an emotional event for the crowd and speakers alike
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many you knew mariella personally and they're determined to continue her legacy. oh. there there's like a place that i don't think the police by that name. come up. to larry ellison protests my guess carnival song has become an anthem to justice. all. the over the years you are. the most famous lawyer known coal. is full of. nothing there are still many unanswered questions about the assassination of money out of franco especially who may ultimately have been behind it. against
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a background of widening divisions in brazil the authorities must prove that they're serious about solving one murder until they do the mistrust and cya teams will only continue to grow. cricket's biggest total it has come to england though miles 6 weeks. 11 venues. can australia the french. will in good fun and win a world cup tie with al-jazeera for all the latest on the 29th cricket world cup. after decades of being programmed with instructions data hungry computers can only on their own identifying patterns and predicting human behavior. official intelligence can monitor ombudsman. and decide on
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a future the big picture decode the world according to ai and exposes the bias inside the machine. on al-jazeera. driven by outrage and spanning generations the real hinge of demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable if you don't like we're so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 2030 or if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minorities in the world. in 2008 raggy traveled across the united states discovering what it was like to be both a patriotic american and
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a devout muslim can you be muslim and american you have to be american 1st i didn't have much appreciation for why it would be a big deal that a muslim to be elected to the united states congress. rewind islam in america on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter double you're watching the news a lot from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes.
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the u.n. remove some of that stuff from sudan as the death toll from the military crackdown on protesters rises above 100. emergency talks at the white house to discuss illegal immigration as mexico tries to convince the u.s. not to impose tariffs on its goods. for the numbering today world leaders gather on the british coast to mark 75 years since the largest seaborne invasion in history. also ahead taking the hate off line each to bans videos that promote racism and discrimination. the u.n. is pulling some of its staff from sudan after an escalation in the violence this week the u.k. has also. announced it's closing its embassy and has warned british citizens against traveling to the country protest leaders have totally rejected the
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transitional military council's offer of talks they're demanding justice for a crackdown that doctors say as left more than 100 people dead on monday the security forces moved in to disperse a sit in just days after a crackdown on press and internet freedom the military ordered al-jazeera to close its khartoum office a week ago without giving a reason stephanie decker reports. the muslim holiday of eid marked by gunfire this man appears to be shot for getting the full picture of what's going on across sudan it is difficult to know these are the 1st images from outside the military headquarters where thousands that camped until monday's crackdown it's been described to us by someone there as hopes and dreams destroyed the potential heart of a future sudan now with its arteries and veins cut off. the head of sudan's you military council made this offer in an ied message on national t.v.
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. when the military council open our hands for unconditional talks and negotiations for the sake of our country's interests in order to complete the establishment of a legitimate authority that represents the variety of expirations of the sudanese people's revolution. this is a u. turn just 24 hours after but han halted negotiations with the protesters the death toll keeps rising since monday's attack on the protest camp and wider clampdown bodies are being pulled out of the river nile at least 40 so far according to sudan's main doctors group they're believed to been dumped there on the day of the crackdown by the rapid support forces or r s f formerly known as the gender weed militia and accused of committing war crimes in darfur the man in charge of them then now the deputy head of the military council. it is do you know the aim of the rapid support forces and this is an important point is to be on the side of the
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revolution of the sudanese people this is what we are convinced of after the talks and the negotiations i feel sorry to say things were not on the right track. the military's being accused of confiscating mobile phones to try to stop the violence being documented and shared al-jazeera has correspondents in sudan but they've been told to leave the country and are currently confined to their hotel such of us reported paramilitary group is rated hospitals looking for injured protesters and the medical workers treating them and one of the rapid support forces came in and attacked me and hit me here and over here as well may god punish them. the doctors union says the beating suffered by patients in their colleagues are part of a wider campaign of violence. the miniatures apologized for the violence and says it will investigate its called for elections within 9 months something the opposition has rejected. just weeks ago protesters gathered full of hope the talks
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of the military council were on the verge of a breakthrough now that hope has turned to anger and protesters say they won't back down stephanie decker al-jazeera. the senior opposition leader has been arrested and beaten according to his political party. had recently returned home after living in exile for years his people's liberation movement is part of the main opposition coalition last week the military judge ordered our man to leave the country. as a sudanese lawyer and human rights activist he says the offer of talks by the military leaders is just a tactic to buy time. that was not c.b.s. actually protect her will actually make any kind of breakthrough or to make any kind of course assurance to a civilian rule that that very clear that's why you know they did all this kind of thing they buy time not so that way nobody actually throws them that are sure to go ahead with the election or something they say if you're not one of them they don't actually have to have power because for that mr immunity because most of them they
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were been involved in war in that war in war in yemen is very clear and also some regular power as you know in saudi arabia iraq that a lot of that want them to hamper the could they want them to stay in power so that they're not providing them with more you know 40 and you know military element to fight in a much better had that that will not ask him if he would do or who is in target actually only hold free and now look what he can give it or something about his running game play a short show in the country because adam is so weak and even the you know the leadership of the more something is controlled by him it as well because you know he actually you know. having been actually held accountable for his crimes in that forum now he's repeating the same crimes actually in khartoum that's why the international community should take action to stop what's going on there the international community 1000000 actually the big powers you know including united kingdom including iraq you see it on the you want some members of the u.n. security council you know these they have actually to be you know to take
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responsibility who the fighters in yemen say they've crossed the border into surgery arabia and taken control of more than 20 military positions. they've killed dozens of saudi troops during heavy fighting near the southern city of nuts run these iraqi led coalition war in yemen as well as the strikes in the area over the past 3 days. as more from. the host these have also inflicted heavy losses on the saudi backed forces most of them have been recruited from. southern yemen to defend the saudi southern borders this recent escalation and also retaliatory attack by these. come in context with the. recent call by the leader of the american home with you who called for the launch of over 300 retaliatory attacks that include. also missile attacks.
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these recent school ation also in response to the delay and also in the to the sit back and the fulfillment and also the. to complete the. full fulfillment of the sweden peace agreements of the describe that the saudi backed forces haven't have not yet fulfilled their part of the agreement say that they have already withdrawn from the from the seaports they have withdrawn 5 kilometers to the east of the seaports so that's why the say that we have launched the switzerland 3 attacks a group of u.s. senators is trying to block weapons sales to saudi arabia the united arab emirates and to jordan president trump bypassed congress last month by declaring an emergency because a growing tensions with iran and he approved $8000000000.00 worth of arms sales
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which the bipartisan group of senators want stopped particle hain has more from washington. this is a bipartisan group of senators most notably the republicans or some of the president's closest allies in the senate but these are offensive weapons they're smart guided bombs they're mortars jet engines for fighter jets they're concerned that these could be will be used in the war in yemen there's also concern over the killing of washington post columnist. so these senators want to send a message to donnelly saudi arabia the united arab emirates but to the president but what actual impact will it have well not much less several more republicans get on board the president can simply veto the measure a number of senate republicans are beginning to say we need to constrain the president the way the congress has traditionally constrained the executive branch i'm hopeful but i'm also skeptical let's hope that this time it's different let's
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hope that these murmurings among republicans. about the saudi arms sales and about the tariffs are real and they will actually stand up to him which is what a congress should do even when they're of the same party as the president now if they are able to get enough republican support in the senate then they'd have to do the same in the house of representatives and that seems like a much longer shot there has been some talk among democrats about changing the last of the president's couldn't declare emergencies like this the larger goal is likely in the senate where they can debate this for weeks or months they can threaten to hold up the entire white house agenda in the senate by talking about these resolutions intil the president decides to go through congress and try and get their approval for the saudi deal now the white house has given no indication that they are not going to continue back in saudi arabia in particular the crown prince mohammed bin salma the debate over what to do with relatives of its isn't foreign prisoners is back in the spotlight this after the repatriation of 8 americans with
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ties to ice or from the northeast of syria they include 2 women and 6 children that are among thousands of people have been detained in camps controlled by kurdish forces now this week hundreds have been allowed to go home from washington. not much is known about this group of 8 u.s. citizens said to be 2 women and 6 children being brought back to the united states from northeastern syria where they apparently have been living in a refugee camp it's not known whether they're going to be immediately returning to their home communities or whether there's going to be some sort of transition process the u.s. state department says it can't reveal any of that information under federal privacy act considerations now this would be possibly the 2nd such repatriation of at least a woman and several children in recent weeks another family a family of 4 has already been brought back to the united states but the u.s.
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has also repatriated 18 people it says took up arms for eisel 13 of them are on trial it does raise the question about whether there is a consistent policy to repatriate those who joined the caliphate between 2014 and earlier this year when the caliphate fell to u.s. and syrian forces this is also a situation where you're asking now what actually happens to those people who have survived the end of the caliphate how are they rehabilitated do they pose a security risk and in the case of the 10s of thousands of children can they go back to their home communities can they be reintegrated will they be cared for or will they suffer the damage of having been raised in the middle of a war zone ok let's talk now to lawrence cold he's a senior fellow at the center for american progress he's also for me u.s. assistant secretary.


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