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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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back to the united states but the u.s. has also repatriated 18 people it says took up arms for i sold 13 of them are on trial it does raise the question about whether there is a consistent policy to repatriate those who joined the caliphate between 2014 and earlier this year when the caliphate fell to u.s. and syrian forces this is also a situation where you're asking now what actually happens to those people who have survived the end of the caliphate how are they rehabilitated do they pose a security risk and in the case of the 10s of thousands of children can they go back to their home communities can they be reintegrated will they be cared for or will they suffer the damage of having been raised in the middle of a war zone ok let's talk now to lawrence korb he's a senior fellow at the center for american progress he's also for me a u.s. assistant secretary of defense joining us from washington lawrence korb welcome
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back to the new american citizens going home to america from eisel how does that work. well basically they'll come home and they'll be debriefed probably by the some of our intelligence people to find out if they still harbor a lot of resentment against the united states or they have have ties to any any radical groups and once that's completed then they will go back to their their families that they had before they or they came over obviously people are going to say that there is a risk there's always taking a chance but i do think that in a long term this is the right thing to do because it will undermine the eisel narrative that where enemies of all the people who are affiliated with the votes of the risks here for the security services because presumably when they get off
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a plane when they've gone through that deep briefing process they can never be told ok. have a nice life see you in 30 years. well basically there's going to be some restrictions i think for example as you mention with a passport but i don't think it will take away their driver's license for example and i think that they will follow up with these people to make sure that they're not causing busy any problem i mean you can't buy perfect security most of the harm those thought in this country like we saw in virginia beach this weekend done by native americans who have a grudge against people or religion or ethnic background. do they have to go into some sort of omas like a witness protection program because if it's some point they deems not to be a risk and then something bad happens in the area that they are living those people
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if they are if the back story is known they would instantly be in the crosshairs full well to be investigated point number one but also they would be on the receiving end of an awful lot of anger. well there's no doubt about that and that's why you have to be very careful where you put them we also have to undermine the narrative that all of the terrorist attacks or gun attacks in this country are not done by people from the from the from the middle east or people who went to the middle east if you look at what happened to the synagogue in pittsburgh or in charleston south carolina or just recently what happened in virginia beach these are not people who were you know try to join isis or were related to people who did. but when you talk about undermining the narrative you know we're talking here at the moment about 2 women and several children undermining the narrative isis doing that to itself because it's on the back foot
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in iraq it's almost completely defeat seeds. in syria ok it's regrouping it's moving is still strong in southern libya but it's damaging itself so if this is a cost benefit analysis is does does the benefit outweighs the cost or the potential danger here all the very definitely because this struggle with isis we're never going to completely kill all of them and even though we've driven them from you know rock and co vonnie and their their capital they still can go on the ground but by doing this you can tell people who might want to join i still look at what the united states said even though these people went over there and their relatives or friends put american troops in danger we're welcoming them back i mean that is going to be i think very important for us in the long run sure you're going to have problems you know as i mentioned before you have a lot of people in this country who commit acts of terrorism and violence though
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it's called thank you very much. plenty more ahead here on the news for you including. a new era of friendship by the leaders of china and russia they're committed more than ever to strengthening their ties. and 2 years after the original blockade against began we'll look at where the situation stands as of today also ahead. the president stayed in power. his get more of one of the headlining stories mexican trade officials have been at the white house today trying to stop a 5 percent tariff the stooge come into effect on monday mexico's foreign minister marcello product is leading discussions with the u.s. vice president mike pence president trump who's in europe says some progress has been made but has once again threatened to impose
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a 5 percent tax on all mexican goods if its neighbor can't stop the number of illegal migrants crossing into america john heilemann standing by for us in mexico city will talk to john in just a moment 1st let's take you live to washington and my colleague she had she have a far as we know have they come up with anything new so far. it's interesting the mexican foreign minister was just speaking he called the talks called deal but but he said that the issue of paris wasn't actually discussed in the meeting instead the focus was purely on migration specifically what mexico is proposing in order to soothe all trump i suppose on the issue off of migration the mexican foreign minister saying the u.s. is very much like the short term measures whereas mexico's mexico's focus is on long term measures and certainly while the meeting was on the way we got a leak from mexican authorities saying that their position is more about spending more money on the development of central america for example looking at the root causes of migration and where as and also that the mexican mexican would be holding
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firm on some issues of migration like a demand from the u.s. but mexico absorbs all of those currently waiting in mexico to have their asylum claims processed in the u.s. but mexico absorbs them into the mexican legal system mexican authorities saying that that they're holding firm and not going to do that so the mexican officials there saying that it was a cordial meeting but it was purely about migration issues not about tariffs told trouble meanwhile tweeting saying that the meetings will continue tomorrow but that progress has been made so it'll be interesting to see you know what exactly he donald trump feels is the progress that has been made but we don't know yet. thanks very much john holdren in mexico city what are the mexicans think they can realistically achieve here john. well i think it's very much damage limitation from the mets can side and that's probably why as she have mentioned there the postures of the 2 sides don't seem to have
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changed that much that's why they say they're going to meet tomorrow to try and understand each other more now the mets composed mention is very much and has been since the start of president and those men who are lopez obrador as president see here that the united states needs to put resources into southern mexico needs to put resources into those central american countries like conduit us and salvador and guatemala to stop the economic necessity and the problems with security and gangs in those countries that's causing people to have to leave he said we can't he said that the u.s. was more interested in short term punitive measures i think from the u.s. side though they would see the problem as something like this mexico has been mentioned in especially the last couple of days they've been saying really there's been a big uptick in what we've been trying to do in terms of stopping migrants getting to the united states they mention that there's about 800000 people that they've detained and deported that have been trying to get through mexico i think the
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united states on the other hand would be using perhaps the latest customs and border protection figures that show that 5 times that number of being picked up on the u.s. southwest border so obviously mets cross saying we're doing all we can and there has been a real increase here in detail detentions and different treatment of the caravans but the u.s. is probably saying well that's not enough because we're still seeing the surge reaching us and also john we're hearing that the police have been making a number of detentions because they've got this care of of central american migrants to be making their way north. that's exactly right and the pitches that our audience might be seeing now is exactly probably the pitches that the mexican government will want the u.s. delegation in these negotiations to be seeing as well a line of police intercept in this caravan of about a 1000 people reporters that were there at the same saying and apparently most of
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those from central america most of those being taken off to a detention center and that hasn't been an isolated case especially since april there was another massive arrest of more than $300.00 people in another caravan and there have been more detentions an 80 percent increase in detentions in mexico this april from the same month that the year before so the lopez obrador government really is sort of departing a bit actually from what he said on campaign when he said that the treatment for migrants is going to be very humanitarian he understood the reasons for going north he has been perhaps his hands been forced into taking more punitive sort of measures against them but that is happening at the moment and it seems to be playing into the times when president trump warns mexico that it's going to it's going to close the border or warns it about these tariffs that we see these sort of actions to try and perhaps placate him john thank you both. the russian president
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says both moscow and china want the crisis in venezuela stabilized putin made those comments while hosting the chinese leader xi jinping who's on a state visit to moscow both countries are allied with the venezuelan president nicolas maduro mr putin also said ties with china are at quotes unprecedented level as both countries see closer relations juice tensions with the u.s. beijing is locked into a trade war with washington while moscow's ties with america have been damaged over the conflict in ukraine stop vasant has more from moscow. the relationship between both russia and china has reached an unprecedented level that's the message both teaching ping and president vladimir putin have sent to the world today they have been signing a series of documents and agreements come to not just $22000000000.00 u.s. dollars and interestingly put and sat at a lot of trade the be done in the national currencies russia of course is facing sanctions by the united states because of its crisis in ukraine and also china is
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facing higher trade tariffs so they both want to show to the united states others have other friends as well to turn to last year in 2018 both countries had the highest level of trade after more than $100000000000.00 u.s. dollars and also on the international front russia and china have said that they want to stick to iran deal and also that the solution in north korea should be definitely a peaceful one but we have to bear in mind that the economy of russia of course is a lot smaller than that of china it's only 110th so whatever happens in the future and how i'm president of their relationship will be for the time being as the spokesman of putting this pride that russia will still be looking to the west the russian eagle will fly both ways as you describe it and the same will be done by china. let's bring in mark so makowski he's a senior fellow at the atlantic council's eurasia center he joins us from
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washington mr zuma kosky welcome to the news here other aspects of the joint bilateral relations seem to be in a constant state of flux is that the main part of the dynamic here. you know i think russia and china have a mutual interest and converging in increasing their ties obviously the geo political context is that both countries see a threat from the united states they see it arising challenge and as a result they want to merge and converge their policies and their economic cooperation obviously on the russian side because it's isolated from the united states looking for markets looking for partners on the chinese side it's more political china does not rely on russia or russia as a junior partner to china which russians do not want to hear but of course politically it's of benefit to beijing to showcase the united states that a cost of pushing china away as a result of these trade negotiations is what has always concerned policymakers in
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washington is the convergence between beijing and moscow on a range of strategic issues and we're seeing that today in venezuela related to obviously what's going on in north korea and that china and russia can support each other at the u.n. and make life very difficult for the united states to the sea. 2020 vision illness when it comes to the issue of iran those countries have interests in iran. absolutely russia and china of course oppose u.s. interests in ending iran's ability to have access to the outside world economically so the united states has put pressure on any companies that are doing business with iran but russia and china want to see and sustain the way and so as a result their power together is is influential in ensuring that our iran has an economic lifeline and so i'm sure today in moscow the discussion was how to
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circumvent many of the sanctions that the united states has placed on iran and the economic pressure that it's placed on iran as well as in venezuela and so in many ways their interests converge but again i think nothing fundamental has changed these 2 countries still i each other warily russia looks to china as a threat and over the long term not only among russia's underpopulated east in siberia but also because china has made inroads on traditional russian sphere as of influence in central asia and that competition between russia and china is going to continue to subsist despite their interest in countering the united states and meeting together how long a new mind until this relationship starts to tilt done with the china morning post 24 hours ago talking about beijing's difficulty in getting its hands on currency getting its hands on dollars but presumably one can't extract to say oh well they might flip so they might start working in rubles i mean that's never going to happen. no i think the russia and china will always be there will be an interest in
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them working together but they'll be limits to that cooperation so 100000000000 in trade that was hit last year about a 24 percent increase between the 2 countries again that pales in comparison to the trade between the united states and china so russia cannot offer an alternative to china in terms of the markets that it will lose by continuing or potentially losing its engagement with the united states but this message more is political and but of course russia does offer very unique source of energy for china china will always want to continue it also offers a source of defense equipment for china although that has lessened in recent years so i don't see this relationship changing or going in reverse it will continue to steadily increase but the more important aspect of course is the political component of what she and putin are trying to send in terms of a signal to russia's neighbors in europe as well as to the united states which is
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in the midst of a trade war with china moxon in washington thank you still to come to you here on the news we'll take a look at the daily struggles of a displaced family in syria's last rebel stronghold. in. create. these. kinds of tools in this creepy algorithm an exhibition of images produced by the world's 1st humanoids a artist. and the sports news for the human being european champions league rivals become an international team mates pool is here with that story in about 20 minutes .
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hello again we're here across united states the big problem over the next few days is going to be the continued flooding here across much of the south notice all the clouds across the area now we did have a disturbance in the gulf of mexico and that is helping to bring a lot of that moisture in from the south up here towards across the southeast and into the plains as you can see from thursday and into friday not much of a change on where this rain is going to be we're going to be seeing a lot of the rain in same places and this is the flooded area that we saw last month so this is not going to go anywhere anytime soon up towards new york though on friday it is going to be a nice day at $25.00 degrees in ottawa at about $24.00 degrees for you there where across much of mexico we did see that storm system we were talking about that did bring some heavy rain we're starting to see an improvement across much of that area but for mexico city it is going to be a rainy day at $24.00 degrees clouds continue here on friday but out across parts of panama coast to reka the heavy rain continues across much of that area and then very quickly across parts of south america it is not looking too bad for much of
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the region take a look at the image for here on thursday the forecast map looks fairly dry across much of the area down here towards what is out as it is going to be cloudy if you had $1000.00 degrees and as we go towards friday a little bit cooler at about $73.00 as there. a natural resource that's gone untapped for more than 2 decades allison has found off course years before israel has markets on al-jazeera world tells the untold story of gaza as an exploited gas fields gaza loggin is only made us of the palestinian so it's a lot of money and how this valuable resource could have transformed palestinian lives. the god that gastein on al-jazeera when the news breaks the inauguration of comedian and actor as president of ukraine when people need to
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be heard to work days over again while they work with no food for my joy because it all went to sleep with an empty stomach with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentary script was russian goals how we achieved none and lightnings on air and online. you're watching the al-jazeera news hour live from doha let's just recap your top stories the u.n. is pulling some of its staff from saddam or for escalation in violence earlier this week the u.k. has also announced it's closing its embassy thought to say the military crackdown
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left more than 100 people dead. demonstrates the rebels say they've taken control of more than 20 military positions in saudi arabian territory. emergency talks are underway at the white house where mexican officials are trying to stop the 5 percent imposed terror of president trump has threatened the taxation if its neighbor doesn't stop illegal immigration. donald trump is in ireland the latest stop on his tour of europe mr trump said he believes island will be left in quotes great shape after bricks it and the border won't be a problem the irish prime minister lee over at kerr responded by saying island wanted to avoid a hard border or a wall mr broadcom planned to use his meeting with trump has been a vocal supporter of brics it to underline irish concerns earlier mr trump ended his state visit to the u.k. by joining world leaders in the city of portsmouth to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the detail landings a decisive turning point in the 2nd world war need barca was there. away
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from the politics and the protests of the past 2 days donald trump was back in the limelight shoulder to shoulder with queen elizabeth world war 2 allies and countries long since reconciled on behalf of the entire country. indeed the home free weld that i shit you all think you know. it's 75 years since the normandy landings a decisive turning point in the war with britain the us and their allies launched the most ambitious seaboard invasion plan ever this poignant moment of remembrance trump stuck to the script with a prayer almighty god. our sons pride of our nation this day have set upon a mighty endeavor that would bring some concerns about donald trump's presence here that he would in some way to track from the solemnity of the cage and draw attention away from the veterans of d.-day many of them in their ninety's who were
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young men when they went to war it's about respect and we can keep politics out of the situation and it's more the legacy of the united states and their importance to the day that i think he it's important that he's here as well as all of the all of representatives all the other nations as well as the president under their country he does want the people warm and all the people around him moaning and groaning. get a life. is 25 years since a very different us president visited portsmouth for the 50th anniversary of d.-day then bill clinton mingled with the crowds today there's a gulf between the u.s. president and the public extensive fortifications around the main enclosure watchtowers snipers 22000000 dollars worth of security a letter from captain and w g skin british prime minister treason may will step down in the coming weeks in the past few days trumps held meetings with several
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possible successes intervening in british politics like few american leaders before him and. for trump of the state visit is a p.r. coup back home with the u.s. audience obsessed with the royal family for many brits his visit was a reason to protest i almost wonder if this is. so beyond repair 1st of all you have to have someone know of a staff in the white house who are listening but if there's a 2nd term i can't imagine what will happen for instance just in the case of iran where a country that wants peace. is being forced in another direction. as the 2nd world war is remembered the shadow of another potential conflict looms in the middle east between america and iran against the advice of many of america's allies leave barkha al-jazeera ports with. zimbabwe has started talks with the e.u.
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to improve diplomatic relations the president and gaga has made it one of his major priorities to restore ties with the west and multilateral lenders much as the i.m.f. to attract foreign investors there's a bubble in economy is struggling with soaring prices fuel queues and power cuts during his 40 year old the former leader robert mugabe would routinely blame western powers. the new time parliament has voted to keep the prime minister. in power the military joined to achieve security $375.00 votes he required in both houses of parliament it comes 10 weeks after thailand's general election was held in the opposition's as the polls were held to the to my as military dominance in government when he has the latest now from bangkok. it was a very long process in parliament and at the end of it as there was no surprise that private channel was elected to continue as prime minister because the system was basically rigged in his favor the military was able to hand pick all 250
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senators sitting in the upper house of parliament so almost regardless of what happened in the lower house the party a party backed by the military and the party that nominated prior to become prime minister knew that it could probably rely on all 250 senators to deliver its the numbers that it needed on the other side as a pro democracy bloc led by the poor thai party that was removed in the coup in 2014 and the party that won the most seats in the election in march will parties in that block allege that this was a dirty campaign by the other side that millions of dollars was offered to members of parliament to switch allegiances and vote for prior to continue as prime minister put i didn't nominate one of its own to be prime minister instead it went for the leader of the new future forward party that performed so well in the election its leader tom out on june. performed
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a remarkable campaign really and is clearly now a force to be reckoned with in thai politics even though he couldn't quite get the numbers to be prime minister clearly the military is concerned about the threat that he poses now to there are several dubious legal cases against him that could see him banned from politics or even thrown in jail flooding in the southwest of libya has killed at least 2 people and forced hundreds from their homes emergency workers in the districts of guts are appealing to local and international communities to provide urgent food they see around 70 percent of streets the amount under water. the u.n. says large areas of farmland growing vital crops in northern syria have been burned by fighters both government and rebel forces are being blamed for the destruction in a province it's under attack by government forces and russian airstrikes dozens have been killed in weeks of bombardment and at least 300000 people displaced is sin and cos sort of. the davis family has little to celebrate this they have been
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displaced 4 times in the past 5 years and have ended up at this makeshift camp in northern to escape the regime's they are strikes they 1st left their homes north of hama when a strikes killed alice brothers and nephews his young grandchildren were born in different refugee camps it hasn't been easy for one camp to another their son and daughter are disabled. tries to keep the family together. so let them we don't mind sleeping under these trees as long as the revolution succeeds now we are happy with the idea of aid but inside now we have no toilets no bathrooms here it's guard veiling us. people here have limited food it is difficult to keep supplies fresh and clean only want to go again ization has provided food during ramadan but not enough to feed all here. strikes in the
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south with the staple in the hospitals bakeries farmland this push is living conditions even in the north prices are much higher now as the local administration with another basic needs in case of an attack by the regime in the liberated north . $1500.00 people have arrived at the scam since the end of april. 5th hygiene and privacy is a major problem children have suffered from diarrhea and as they are living outdoors families have to deal with the heat insects and. these makeshift shelters holds more than 300 families alone and the land belongs to someone who wants the displaced out as soon as the holiday ends maybe they will move to some other all of grows near by the turkish border. some just want to return home 68 year old party male mysteries from kaffir not a major battlefield between the opposition and the syrian regime in northern hama
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her husband left her 10 years ago and her son has been in jail for the past 5 years when daughter on her left suffers cancer what. to me wants international support to help take them back to their village she stays their house and farm and have been destroyed but she would prefer to camp back there she says those who remain silent over the plight of civilians are as guilty as the regime for now residents of the soul of gross say they are praying for salvation seen al-jazeera asma northwestern syria. it's been 2 years since saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt imposed an air sea and land blockade on qatar they accuse its leaders of supporting terrorism which cats are consistently denies and says talks can settle the dispute peacefully let's take a look back about how the dispute began on may the 20th 2017 president trump landed in saudi arabia to be kings and all the arab leaders strong plaits took credit for
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move against castro in a series of tweets just 3 days later the cancer news agency was hacked attributing false statements to the amir they were broadcast on saudi and ever wrote in media despite the cattery government saying it was fake. news then on june the 4th leaked e-mails from the u.a.e. bastards of the us revealed what appeared to be a long running effort to discredit cattle on june the 5th diplomatic ties were cut and an economic embargo imposed mike hanna has more from washington we've become very good friends over a fairly short period of time president trump's close relationship with saudi leaders appeared to color his 1st reaction to the blockade the nation of qatar unfortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism. but within months the president had come full circle welcoming the emir of qatar at the white house and calling him
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a very big advocate of the war on terror it's a great honor to have the emir of qatar with us it's a friend of mine knew it long before i entered the world of politics he's a great gentleman it's very popular in his country his people love him we're working on unity in that part of the middle east and i think it's working out very well our military. cooperation is very solid very strong as everybody knows that the heart of fighting terrorism is from a low data base and. thank god it's been very successful campaign against. terrorist groups around our region. be out of date airbase is a centerpiece of the u.s. qatar relationship it serves as a forward headquarters of the u.s. central command and is a springboard for u.s. operations in more than 20 countries including iraq and syria. when the u.s.
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sought to reduce its military involvement in afghanistan it turned to cutter to play a diplomatic role the capital doha hosting the 1st public direct talks between u.s. officials and the taleban ministration role. of color to many eventual political geo strategic and military to military needs and interests and objectives. the blockade though continues the u.s. position that outside pressure on either side would not contribute to the parties resolving it themselves. but as us records up its military deployment to the middle east in response to a mounting crisis with iran qatar is once again playing a crucial role with the knowledge if not at the request of the u.s. secretary of state cutters foreign minister engaging in talks with irregular leaders in a bid to reduce the tension.


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