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riya when the u.s. sought to reduce its military involvement in afghanistan it turned to cutter to play a diplomatic role the capital doha hosting the 1st public direct talks between u.s. officials and the taleban ministration role. of qatar to many of which political strategic and military to military needs and interests and objectives. the blockade though continues the u.s. position that outside pressure on either side would not contribute to the parties resolving it themselves. but as us records up its military deployment to the middle east in response to a mounting crisis with iran qatar is once again playing a crucial role with the knowledge if not at the request of the u.s. secretary of state cutters foreign minister engaging in talks with irregular leaders in a bid to reduce the tension. and while the military benefits of the u.s.
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relationship with qatar are proven the full evidence of cutter's diplomatic worth may yet be to come mike hanna al-jazeera washington. the u.s. government imposing new travel restrictions on cuba the treasury department says it will no longer allow educational or cultural groups to travel to the island it will also deny permission for private and corporate aircraft and boats as part of efforts by the u.s. to pressure her vanna over its support for the venezuelan president nicolas maduro . you tube says it will ban or describes as hateful videos the video sharing platform owned by google will block content that promotes or glorifies racism and discrimination at lots of ban and remove any videos that deny well documented historical events such as the holocaust the announcement is the latest in a series of tech industry moves to filter out hateful or violent content but some free speech advocates say hate speech should not be censored or goldberg is an
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assistant professor of law at the university of dayton in the u.s. state of ohio she says the move could provoke some consequences. but there are a very small number of private entities that basically control the conversation on the internet now and by doing this you tube is appointing itself arbiter of what topics we can engage in it's discriminating on the basis of viewpoint basically and that raises a lot of concerns because this speech will get out there but now it's going to be driven underground where other people can't really engage with it and might not change people's minds and that leads to a sort of further radicalization so it is a concern that youtube has so much control now over controversial topics counterproductive problems with doing something like this is you create free speech martyrs you kind of conflate 1st amendment for free speech concerns with the truly sort of objectionable views that people want to express and when
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a private entity that is so powerful like you to censors these opinions or you know doesn't treat certain opinions the same as it treats other opinions you create people who say well now i'm not only expressing this opinion but now i'm championing free speech principles and you create a group of people that feels even more eliminated and marginalized and may already be on the sort of margins which is why they have kind of offensive in the 1st place . still to come here on the news. sports new south africa's cricket world cup campaign goes from bad to worse as they lose again this time against him. was.
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the sports news has opened the box with which could really frame the way you look at a robot called aida is having a showing and all the books already been sold bringing in more than a 1000000 dollars and. like any artist ada says she's a little anxious revealing her art to the public for the 1st time. to create core traits like this takes a picture of her subject using the camera and her eye an algorithm then interprets that photo and randomly translates it into corners she plots paper the outcome is loose and expressive almost abstract a result of deliberately adding flaws into what would otherwise be a very expensive printer the creators argue that she is innately creative in that
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what she produces is new surprising and of value her works have all sold printing in over $1200000.00 but they also want her to stimulate debate about the future of artificial intelligence and how it will change humanity by technology. of automation because of dramatic effect on the world. if we need to have a public debate about this as to where this is all going ot is a great vehicle to be able to do. is are the mode is abstract interpretation of. the c. and b. producing fragmented pictures have been painted over by humans here at oxford university professors are exploring the new frontier that is artificial intelligence but some don't believe that robots like helping the debate what ai and automation will look like in the future is not humanoid robots but more like
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mechanical arms and warehouses or checkout tills at tesco and so when we have embodied robots that show women young attractive women we're kind of doing a disservice to the conversation we could be having about the future that we want for humanity ada's work is art by algorithm highlighting some of its limitations but also its potential and as we give machines more decision making power in areas like health care transport and security this world view seen by algorithm could become the dominant reality charlie rangel al-jazeera oxford. sports news. thank you very much faith president jonny infantino claims to have cleaned up football's governing body after years of corruption under the watch of his predecessor sepp blatter he was speaking after being reelected for the 4 years in the job sports correspondent li welling's reports from the fifa congress in paris
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paris is the original home of fee for and the man currently in charge is failing at home as president of football's world governing body good morning mr fine so you know pretty confident a positive johnny in france they know he's been in charge for over 3 years and knew he'd be confirmed for another 4 years at a new congress in france you know became president after making pledges the 211 national associations wanted to hear and he's delivered his financial promises not the 1st one man presidential election of faith but this time no controversy this organization went from busy being toxic almost criminal to being what it should be an organization that develops football nobody talks about scandals nobody talks about corruption. we talk about football. in france you know knows he has the approval of the room and how to play
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to his audience and i'm honored to serve you and to surfie for pay for clean and positive and happy now today was 3 was a very positive day for syria but there is some tension between faith and european governing body you wait for in frontin i was with french president of on your mark on this week where mcconnell criticized your wife is controversial plan to ring fence the champions league helping the biggest clubs to qualify we are says it was the microns comment that said. busy maybe i could say that there was a bit disappointed. because to use though pulling before the congress or the festival of women's football. doing today here in. congress happened in paris because the women's world cup the biggest ever women's sports event is about to take place in france the spotlight will shift onto the
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pitch for an important month of football this was going to be the congress when an expanded cattle 2022 world cup was going to dominate proceedings but that was never likely to happen and it quietly went so why johnny and thing is here to stay. i think for congress in paris where the meeting of african football officials congress has concluded with the decision to replay the 2nd leg of the continent's champions league final fans of both teams involved. esperance sportive have been staging protests in paris match was called off on friday midway through the 2nd half with esperance to clear the winners after we dad walked off following a controversial refereeing decision. portugal have reached the in or profile of the usa for nations league they were drawing with switzerland until late in their semifinal when christiane arlo scored 2 quick goals to complete his hatrick 31 the
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final score in porto while england play the netherlands on thursday in the other semi domestic rivals becoming international team mates again for england just a few days after liverpool beat tottenham in the european champions league final spurs striker only just passed a fitness test for that game and he's a doubt for this match against the dutch. india have made a winning start at the cricket world cup rohit sharma scored an unbeaten century in a 6 wicket victory over south africa and the ritchson reports. was almost a week after the tournament began india finally made their 1st appearance at this world cup. their fans had been made to wait while the team was given some extra rest days following the conclusion if the indian premier league. they were quickly on top in south africa in southampton. just claimed
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a couple of early wickets for the 2 time champions i will use dandruff shall took full 51 south africa were restricted to score of 227 for 9. in reply india captain durant kohli was out cheaply thanks to a brilliant catch from prince of the cook. but an unbeaten century from rohit sharma steered india towards their victory target. david miller's bungled attempt to catch row hit pretty much summing up south africa's campaign so far this the team's 3rd straight loss. india going on to win by 6 wickets. if more than 2 overs to spare i and the richardson al jazeera. the days of the game new zealand had a nervous finish as they chased bangladesh's modest total of $24048.00 kiwi wickets
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falling but the black caps get in a 2nd wind with 17 balls to spare. and that is always sport and i will have more later on. blogs more news on the web site it's always there for you al jazeera dot com you can talk to me on twitter tweet me else would you back peter dot be one we will have more news for you in 2 minutes so you are. challenging the brazilian dictatorship with a democratically run football team believe the collisions change the course of the
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nation. at the center was a revolutionary football known to locals as the dr. football rebels concludes with a celebration of the life and legacy of socrates in the corinthians democracy movement on al-jazeera. cultura downs thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to brace and maintain their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are or whether. this is a suburb of the capital new delhi tibet to be refugees here since 1964 buttons here have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient setting up their a business says and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough.
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kidnappings and murders in crimea says russia's forced an extension of the black sea pinch. i don't understand. by speeding up. scores of crime into toss have been arrested tortured and killed. most believe by russian security forces crime in russia's dark secret and al-jazeera. the u.n. remove some of that stuff from sudan as the death toll from the even the free crackdown on protesters rises above 100.
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you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up emergency talks at the white house to discuss illegal immigration as mexico tries to convince the u.s. not to impose tariffs on its goods and. a new era of friendship why the leaders of china and russia say they're committed more than ever to strengthening ties. past remembering d.-day world leaders gather on the u.k. coast to mark 75 years since the biggest sea borne invasion in history. the u.n. is pulling out some of that stuff from sudan after violence that has killed more than 100 people since monday britain is shutting its embassy and is warning u.k. citizens against traveling to the country the deaths come in a violent crackdown against protesters demanding a civilian government
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a warning stephanie decker's report does contain images that some viewers may find disturbing. the muslim holiday of eid marked by gunfire this man appears to be shot for getting the full picture of what's going on across sudan and it is difficult. these are the 1st images from outside the military headquarters where thousands it counted to monday's crackdown it's been described to us by someone there as hopes and dreams destroyed the potential heart of a future sued on now with its arteries and veins cut off. that of sudan's you military council made this offer in an ied message on national t.v. . that we in the military council open our hands for unconditional talks and negotiations for the sake of our country's interests in order to complete the establishment of a legitimate authority that represents the variety of expirations of the sudanese people's revolution. this is a u.
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turn just 24 hours off to britain halted negotiations with the protestors the death toll keeps rising since monday's attack on the protest camp and wider clampdown bodies are being pulled out of the river nile at least 40 so far according to sudan's main doctors group there believed to been dumped there on the day of the crackdown by the rapid support forces or r s f formerly known as the gender weed militia and accused of committing more crimes in darfur the man in charge of them then now the deputy head of the military council. it is do know the aim of the rapid support forces and this is an important point is to be on the side of the revolution of the sudanese people this is what we are convinced of after the talks and the negotiations i feel sorry to say things were not on the right track. the military is being accused of confiscating mobile phones to try to stop the violence being documented and shared al-jazeera has correspondents in sudan but they've been
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told to leave the country and are currently confined to their hotel such of us reported paramilitary group is rated hospitals looking for injured protesters and the medical workers treating them and one of the rapid support forces came in and attacked me and hit me here and over here as well may god punish them. the doctors union says the beating suffered by patients in their colleagues are part of a wider campaign of violence. the miniatures apologized for the violence and says it will investigate its called for elections within 9 months something the opposition has rejected. just weeks ago protesters gathered full of hope the talks of the military council were on the verge of a breakthrough now that hope has turned to anger and protesters say they won't back down stephanie decker al-jazeera. meanwhile a senior position leader's been arrested and beaten according to his party yes mom had recently returned home after living in exile for years his people. liberation
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movement is part of the main opposition coalition last week the military giunta ordered armaan to leave the country when hussein adam is a sudanese lawyer and human rights activist he says the offer of talks by the military is just a tactic to buy time. there was no c.d.'s actually pretty karylle actually to make any kind of breakthrough or to make any kind of course assurance to civilian rule that that very clear that's why you know they did or discover things they buy time not but not so that way nobody actually throws them that you have to go ahead with the election or something they say if you're not one of them they don't actually have to have power because that was unity because most of them they were in war in that for in war in yemen is very clear and also some regular power as you know in saudi arabia iraq that a lot of that want them to hamper the could they want them to stay in power so that do not provide them with more you know 40 and you know military element to fight in a much better had they haven't done that we're not asking with the with the one who
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is entirely actually only whole free and now that what he can give it was something about his running game play a short show in the country because adam is so weak and even the you know the leadership of the more something is controlled by him it as well because you know he actually you know. having been actually held accountable for his crimes in that forum now he's repeating the same crimes actually in khartoum that's why the international community should take action to stop was going on there the international community 1000000 actually the big powers you know including united kingdom gridding you knock you see it on the you want some members of the u.n. security council you know these they have actually to be you know to take responsibility. who the fighters in yemen say they've crossed the border into saudi arabia and taken control of more than 20 military positions who few say they've killed dozens of saudi troops during heavy fighting near the southern city of nuts run the coalition war in yemen has launched air strikes in the area over the past 3
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days mohammed a top has more now from santa the host these have also inflicted heavy losses on the saudi backed forces most of them have been recruited from areas southern yemen . to defend the saudi southern borders this recent escalation and also retaliatory attack by these. cam in context with the. recent call by the leader. holds the who called for the launch of over 300. 3 attacks that include. also missile attacks. these recent school ation also in response to the delay and also need to do this it backs and the fulfillment and also the. key to completing the the fulfillment of the sweden peace agreements and the hope these are described that
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the saudi backed forces haven't have not yet fulfilled their part of the agreement say that they have already withdrawn from the from the sea ports they have withdrawn 5 kilometers to the east of the seaports so that's why the say that they have launched the switzerland 3 attacks in america a group of u.s. senators trying to block weapons sales to saudi arabia the u.a.e. and jordan president trump bypassed the congress last month by declaring an emergency because of growing tensions with iran and he approved $8000000000.00 worth of arms sales which the bipartisan group of senators wants stopped practical hain has more from washington. this is a bipartisan group of senators most notably the republicans or some of the president's closest allies in the senate but these are offensive weapons they're smart guided bombs they're mortars jet engines for fighter jets they're concerned
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that these could be will be used in the war in yemen there's also concern over the killing of washington post columnist shoji so these senators want to send a message to donnelly saudi arabia the united arab emirates but to the president but what actual impact will it have well not much less several more republicans get on board the president can simply veto the measure a number of senate republicans are beginning to say we need to constrain the president the way the congress has traditionally constrained the executive branch i'm hopeful but i'm also skeptical let's hope that this time it's different let's hope that these murmurings among republicans about the saudi arms sales and about the tariffs are real and they will actually stand up to him which is what a congress should do even when they're of the same party as the president you know if they are able to get enough republican support in the senate then they have to do the same in the house of representatives and that seems like
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a much longer shot there has been some talk among democrats about changing the law so the president couldn't declare emergencies like this the larger goal is likely in the senate where they can debate this for weeks or months they can threaten to hold up the entire white house agenda in the senate by talking about these resolutions intil the president decides to go through congress and try and get their approval for the saudi deal now the white house has given no indication that they are not going to continue back in saudi arabia in particular the crown prince mohammed bin salma. mexican trade officials have been at the white house trying to stop a 5 percent tariff coming into effect on monday mexico's foreign minister marcello product is leading discussions with the u.s. vice president mike pence president trump who's in europe says some progress has been made but he is once again threatened to impose a 5 percent tax on all mexican goods if the country doesn't stem the flow of illegal migrants crossing into the states she have a chance he has more now from washington the talks will continue on thursday
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interested me the mexican foreign minister said the issue of tower refs the economic threat that's hanging over these talks wasn't even discussed at wednesday's meeting instead the focus was purely on immigration and what mexico was proposing in order to mollify donald trump on the issue of a mexican foreign minister though saying that the u.s. seemed more interested in short term solutions whereas mexico wanted to look at long term solutions to the problem of undocumented migration over the mexican us border however the mexican foreign minister also said he was optimistic and he felt that both sides really wanted to come to a deal john holeman is following developments from mexico city. the negotiations between the mexican and u.s. administrations on wednesday didn't seem to be a great success yet they say they're going to meet again on thursday but the pictures that came out of southern mexico on wednesday are probably exactly what
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the nic the delegation that was negotiating from the mexican side want their u.s. counterparts to see there was a caravan of about a 1000 people reporters who were on the scene say many of them from central america and that caravan was intercepted by mexican authorities and then many of those people were detained and that's the sort of image that is manual lopez obrador the mets can president trying to show the u.s. administration it's not the 1st mass arrest of a caravan that happened in april these caravans of course large groups of mainly heading from the door. and honduras countries wracked by poverty and violence and trying to get north as a group so there's been a sort of change of attitude towards those caravans to seek to detain the people in them and to stop them there's also been an 80 percent increase in detail tenses of people.


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