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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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yes fulfilled their parts of the agreement say that they have already withdrawn from the from the sea ports we have withdrawn 5 kilometers to the east of the seaports so that's why the say that we have launched the. a group of u.s. senators is trying to block weapons sales to saudi arabia the united arab emirates and jordan president trump bypassed congress last month by declaring an emergency because of growing tensions with iran he approved 8000000000 dollars worth of arms sales which the bipartisan group of senators want stopped article hain has more from washington this is a bipartisan group of senators most notably the republicans or some of the president's closest allies in the senate but these are offensive weapons they're smart guided bombs they're mortars jet engines for fighter jets they're concerned that these could be used in the war in yemen there's also concern over the killing
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of washington post columnist marcus shoji so these senators want to send a message to donnelly saudi arabia the united arab emirates but to the president but what actual impact will it have well not much less several more republicans get on board the president can simply veto the measure a number of senate republicans are beginning to say we need to constrain the president the way the congress has traditionally constrained the executive branch i'm hopeful but i'm also skeptical let's hope that this time it's different let's hope that these murmurings among republicans. about the saudi arms sales and about the tariffs are real and they will actually stand up to him which is what a congress should do even when they're of the same party as the president now if they are able to get enough republican support in the senate then they have to do the same in the house of representatives and that seems like a much longer shot there has been some talk among democrats about changing the last of the president's couldn't declare emergencies like this the larger goal is likely
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in the senate where they can debate this for weeks or months they can threaten to hold up the entire white house agenda in the senate by talking about these resolutions intil the president decides to go through congress and try and get their approval for the saudi deal now the white house has given no indication that they are not going to continue back in saudi arabia in particular the crown prince mohammed bin salma u.s. intelligence shows a saudi arabia has significantly escalated its ballistic missile program by purchasing technology from china that's according to u.s. media reports says there's a suspected missile treaty west of the capital riyadh president trump has been accused of not disclosing this information to key members of congress the report the discovery has heightened concerns among congress over a potential arms race in the middle east. will break here not just when we come back because a new report finds public confidence in the media is. believed is to play more of that status.
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hello again we're here across united states the big problem over the next few days is going to be the continued flooding here across much of the south notice all the clouds across the area now we did have a disturbance in the gulf of mexico and that is helping to bring a lot of that moisture in from the south up here towards across the southeast and into the plains as you can see from thursday and into friday not much of a change on where this rain is going to be we're going to be seeing a lot of the rain in same places and this is the flooded area that we saw last month so this is not going to go anywhere anytime soon up towards new york though on friday it is going to be a nice day at $25.00 degrees in ottawa at about $24.00 degrees for you there where across much of mexico we did see that storm system we were talking about that did brings me heavy rain we're starting to see an improvement across much of that area
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but for mexico city it is going to be a rainy day at $24.00 degrees clouds continue here on friday but out across parts of panama coaster rica the heavy rain continues across much of that area and then very quickly across parts of south america it is not looking too bad for much of the region take a look at the image for here on thursday the forecast map looks fairly dry across much of the area down here towards what is that is it is going to be cloud if you add $1000.00 degrees and as we go towards friday a little bit cooler at about $73.00 as there. challenging the brazilian dictatorship with a democratically run team. changed the course of. the center was a revolutionary foot. to locals as the dr. football rebels concludes with a celebration of the life and legacy of socrates in the corinthians democracy
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movement on al-jazeera. welcome back to the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.n. is putting some of that stuff from saddam not an escalation of violence early this week the u.k. has also announced as closing its embassy doctors say the military crackdown left more than 100 people dead. emergency talks will continue on thursday in washington where mexican officials are trying to stop a 5 percent tariff president trump is warning the tax will come into force that mexico does not stop illegal immigration. and a group of u.s. senators is trying to block weapon sales to saudi arabia the u.a.e.
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and jordan has been trumped by passed congress last month by declaring an emergency because of growing tensions with iran. and as you mentioned earlier president trump is an island the latest stop on his european tour trump said he believes to be left in great shape after brags that the border on the island will not be a problem. responded by saying his country wants to avoid a hard border with northern ireland which is in the u.k. used his meeting with trump. underline concerns of brigs that is the u.s. president strongly supports but only a trump ended his state visit to the u.k. by joining with leaders in the city of portsmouth to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the d.-day landings a decisive turning point in the 2nd world war the baka reports. away from the politics of the protests of the past 2 days donald trump was back in the limelight shoulder to shoulder with queen elizabeth world war 2 allies and countries long
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since reconciled on behalf of the entire country indeed to her own country well that i say to you all think. that 75 years is the normandy landings the decisive turning point in the war with britain the u.s. and their allies launched the most ambitious seaboard invasion plan ever this poignant moment of remembrance trump stuck to the script with a prayer almighty god. our sons pride of our nation this day have set upon a mighty endeavor that bring some concerns about donald trump's presence here that he would in some way to track from the solemnity of the cage and draw attention away from the veterans of d.-day many of them in their ninety's who were young men when they went to war so it's about respect and we can keep politics out of the situation and it's more the legacy of the united states and their importance to the
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day that i think he it's important that he's here as well as all of the all of representatives all the other nations as well he's the president under their country he does what the people want and all these people around him moaning and groaning. get a life. is 25 years since a very different us president visited portsmouth for the 50th anniversary of d.-day then bill clinton mingled with the crowds today there's a gulf between the u.s. president and the public extensive fortifications around the main enclosure watch towers snipers $22000000.00 worth of security a letter from captain and w. g. skinner british prime minister theresa may will step down in the coming weeks in the past few days trumps held meetings with several possible successors intervening in british politics like few american leaders before him. for trump of the state visit is a p.r. coup back home with the u.s.
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audience obsessed with the royal family for many brits his visit was a reason to protest i almost wonder if this is. sort of beyond repair 1st of all you have to have someone or as a staff in the white house who are listening because there's a 2nd term i can't imagine what will happen for instance just in the case of iran. a country that wants peace. is being forced in another direction. as the 2nd world war is remembered the shadow of another potential conflict looms in the middle east between america and iran against the advice of many of america's allies leave barca al-jazeera portsmouth. russia's president says both moscow and china want the crisis in venezuela stabilized lot of hooten made the comments while hosting china's leaders she simply things in a state visit both countries are allied with venezuela's president nicolas maduro
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who you know as i said ties with china an unprecedented level as both countries see closer relations due to tensions with the u.s. asians locked in a trade war with washington while russian american relations are their worst since the end of the cold war step. the relationship between both russia and china has reached an unprecedented level that's the message both teachin ping and president vladimir putin have sent to the world today they have been signing a series of documents and agreements coming to an up to $22000000000.00 us dollars and interestingly clinton sat at a lot of trade to be done in the national currencies russia of course is facing sanctions by the united states because of its crisis in ukraine and also china is facing trade tariffs so they both want to show to the united states are they have other friends as well to turn to last year in 2018 both countries had the highest level of trade after more than $100000000000.00 u.s.
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dollars and also on the international front russia and china have said that they want to stick to iran deal and also that the solution in north korea should be definitely a peaceful one but we have to bear in mind that the economy of russia of course is a lot smaller than that of china it's only 110th so whatever happens in the future and how i'm president and their relationship will be for the time being as the spokesman of fulton described it russia will still be looking to the west of the russian eagle will fly both ways as you describe it and the same will be done by china. the i still love being blamed for an attack on monday that killed 13 civilians of an edge in the democratic republic of congo fighting between the allied democratic forces on the government in the resource rich eastern part of the country has intensified in recent days. another attack in a village near the city of binny in the eastern democratic republic of congo
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villagers say victims were shot and stabbed government officials believe attacks by the allied democratic forces or a group relieved to be linked is responsible for several attacks in the area the violence has board more misery and despair aeration to a community. by years of conflict. we are demonstrating because we are tired of idiot rebels killing our people we also don't like it when government troops display the bodies of rebels that they have killed on the street this will make the rebels come back and take their revenge on us. the fighting between the a.d.f. and congolese forces seems to be intensifying people in this area have witnessed decades of violence it's believed more than 100 different groups are vying for territory and control in eastern sea and the level of mineral resources are also a source of conflict they deal is home to the world's largest. used in mobile
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phones and electric cars as well as significant quantities of cobalt copper diamonds and gold. the world's largest un peacekeeping force. some other people under constant attack say they feel authorities aren't doing enough. to support for what we call upon the international and national communities to understand that these killings are no longer taking place in the forests they're taking place in the town of benny. for now burying the dead is all the civilian population can do many know given the long and brutal history of this area things could get. even worse. we want security restored since the mobutu regime i have never seen security forces who are so weak we are facing terrorism the authorities need to act. that containing violence is happening if was to contain the 2nd worst people epidemic on record the number of cases hit 2000 this week as
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a rate of infection accelerates adding another problem to an already a mix. the debate over the fate of relatives of 5 is back in the spotlight after the report ration from syria 8 americans with ties to the group the 2 women and 6 children hundreds of people freed from kurdish controlled camps this week was in jordan as the details from washington d.c. . not much is known about this group of 8 u.s. citizens said to be 2 women and 6 children being brought back to the united states from northeastern syria where they apparently have been living in a refugee camp it's not known whether they're going to be immediately returning to their home communities or whether there's going to be some sort of transition process the u.s. state department says it can't reveal any of that information under federal privacy act considerations now this would be possibly the 2nd such repatriation of at
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least a woman and several children in recent weeks another family a family of 4 has already been brought back to the united states but the u.s. has also repatriated 18 people it says took up arms for eisel 13 of them are on trial it does raise the question about whether there is a consistent policy to repatriate those who joined the caliphate between 2014 and earlier this year when the caliphate fell to u.s. and syrian forces this is also a situation where you're asking now what actually happens to those people who have survived the end of the caliphate how are the rehabilitated do they pose a security risk and in the case of the 10s of thousands of children can they go back to their home communities can they be reintegrated will they be cared for or will they suffer the damage of having been raised in the middle of
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a war zone. every year or poor some freedom in the media documents the state of journalism worldwide this is reviewed by freedom house blames politicians for declining public confidence in the media and even putting journalists lives in danger in some countries special reports now from washington d.c. . you are the enemy of the people go ahead let's go trump is known for his attacks on the media but a new report on press freedom says the constant onslaught leads to a loss of confidence in mainstream outlets the report says it's a template being copied by so-called populist leaders elsewhere in the world it highlights viktor orban in hungary and serbia's alexander footage as 2 leaders who've concentrated media ownership in supporters hands pushing critical voices to the margins journalists no longer believe the us will help when basic rights are violated here in the united states we really need to think about the example that we're setting present chance attacks on the past are are really really toxic both
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here at home and in the world and we need to. turn that around and bring our best friend. report also discusses the death of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi killed in the city consulate in istanbul last year it says while his death is perhaps the most famous case it's hardly unique with journalists all around the world at risk almost every single day freedom house says the biggest drops in press freedom have come in eurasia and the middle east north africa areas the report says examples include new legislative restrictions embellished further arrests and convictions in lebanon and heightened insecurity and fatalities in war torn yemen people with in the countries need to understand the value of they be independent past the value that it can bring to their country and how it helps promote everybody's freedom freedom house insists it's not all bad news it highlights ethiopia malaysia armenia ecuador and gambia as places where improvement in democracy has led to partly all
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gains in media freedom and it says media freedom can easily bring spac from even long periods of authoritarian intervention but there's a warning to you about social media and how authoritarian governments and state actors can manipulate. the online space to manipulate and undermine democracy it calls on the tech giants and governments to improve transparency which in turn improves press freedom and by extension democracy itself alan fischer washington. time for a quick recap of the headlines here on al-jazeera the un is putting some of that stuff out of sudan for an escalation in violence early this week the u.k. has also announced is closing its embassy to say the latest military crackdown left more than 100 people dead protest leaders have rejected the transitional military council's offer for talks. an emergency talks will continue on thursday in
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washington where mexican officials are trying to stop a 5 percent tariff president trump is warning the taxes will come into force if mexico does not not stop illegal immigration. if the fighters in yemen say they've crossed the border into saudi arabia and taken control of more than 20 military positions but who things say they have killed dozens of saudi troops during heavy fighting in the southern city of nashua. a group of u.s. senators is trying to block weapons sells to saudi arabia the united arab emirates and jordan president trump bypassed congress last month by declaring an emergency because of growing tensions with iran he approved 8000000000 dollars worth of arms sales which the bipartisan group of senators want stopped. a number of senate republicans are beginning to say we need to constrain the president the way the congress has traditionally constrained the executive branch i'm hopeful but i'm
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also skeptical let's hope that this time it's different let's hope that these murmurings among republicans. about the saudi arms sales and about the tariffs are real and they will actually stand up to him which is what a congress should do even when they're of the same party as the president donald trump is an island is the latest stop on his european tour trump said he believes to be left in great shape after brigs it on the board on the island will not be a problem but the irish leader of rocca responded by saying his country wanted to avoid a hard border with northern ireland which is in the u.k. from prison vocal supporter of the u.k. leaving the european union. and the russia's president says both moscow and china want the situation in venezuela stabilized but a mere putin made the comments while hosting china's leaders sheesh him ping was on a state visit. both countries are allied with them as well as president nicolas
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maduro as well as the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera the football rebels and what have. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it is there and will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. is iraq. because i'm going to say. this from pyongyang amadan the concept you can keep. that your dog's. name am there is also substituting. emotional but at the same. body to follow am.
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