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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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duty to their come patriots into millions yet unborn there were the british whose nobility and fortitude saw them through the worst of dun kirk and the london blitz the full violence of nazi fieri was no match for the full granger of british prime thank you president trump appearing to stick mostly to script for once there speaking live in normandy let's bring it out as there is no sasha who's in course. in normandy president mccraw and prime minister may have a ceremony earlier commemorating british participation in d.-day. and as we saw just donald trump and an audio macron now attending an american ceremony what's been said this morning. yes donald trump and emanuel might
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call that ceremony colleville superman the american cemetery where more than 9000 american servicemen and women are buried it's a very moving place looking over omaha beach one of the 5 d.-day landing beaches and we heard there from donald trump paying homage to the american troops that took part in those d.-day landings which led eventually to the liberation of france and europe from nazi powers a bit earlier emmanuel michael spoke he gave a very emotional speech indeed he described what it must have been like for those thousands of soldiers british american canadian but also many other nations that are often overlooked in these ceremonies poles czechs a belgian south africans who joined in these d.-day landings who came ashore he talked about the anxiety they must have felt but the great courage that they also showed and d.-day of course the loss of the 5 years has been
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a moment to really celebrate all mark if you like international cooperation it's a moment that really underlines the power and strength of nations countries when they come together for a common purpose so there was no surprise that emanuel marco used the opportunity if you like to remind the world all of his multilateral fission because he is somebody who supports international institutions and alliances so he talks about the alliances that have been built since the 2nd world war he talks about nato he talked about the european union and how these alliances had made the world a safer place now it's interesting of course because donald trump takes a very different vision of the world he has not been a particularly friendly when it comes to the european union he's threatened to pull the u.s. out of nato and his american america 1st policy put him at all it's with him at all marco you just heard that cannon fire actually on a juno beach here where the canadians landed and there is a ceremony behind me at the moment so it's very interesting to see these 2 visions
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of the world but for the time being it presents very much for putting the accent on the homage being paid to the veterans. we know what we. do you over there on. our freedom. on behalf of my nation. i just want to think thank you. for the moment call and donald trump will leave colleville silmaril cemetery and then hate to call the main city in normandy where they will have a working lunch a lot of talk the least say has been quite a positive spin on this saying they're going to be talking about like trade iran what they call a terrorism of the situation the middle east an opportunity to perhaps to reset these this relationship that has become increasingly strained over the past year or so but it's hard to see how that might happen of course because there are still such points of differences emanuel. is frustrated with donald trump to put us out
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of the iran deal out of the paris climates accord and then as i said you have to hold some threatening to pull out of nato trying to get the europeans to put their defense spending so those points of differences remain and one real point of contention at the moment and more recent one is the fact that e.u. and the u.s. are supposed to be entering into true talks on duster or goods emanuel mark although says that the you should not be entering into these talks until the united states puts in very clear environmental policy come to the u.s. climate accord that al-jazeera has not actually but what they're reporting live from juno beach in normandy natascha many things. the united nations security council is due to hear about last month's all tanker attacks off the coast of the united arab emirates an erotic saudi arabian norwegian diplomats are expected to make an informal briefing iran rejects accusations that iranian minds likely cause the tank of damage. saudi arabia is reported to have improved its ballistic missile
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capability by buying technology from china a us media report cites 3 unnamed sources for the previously on reported classified intelligence it describes a suspected missile factory west of the capital riyadh president donald trump. as accused of not disclosing the intelligence to congress which is infuriating democrats as trump refuses to rule out military action with iran the saudi missile report heightens concerns of the middle east arms race let's get more on this now from al-jazeera china correspondent adrian brown who's live with us from beijing adrian how big a customer is the chinese arms oh a very big one indeed what we got on thursday a dream was china basically stating its position when it comes to arms deals with saudi arabia interesting because earlier this year the chinese government denied
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helping saudi arabia develop its ballistic missile program but on thursday it essentially outlined in great detail how that relationship on the military front is actually strengthening and growing now china has been selling arms to saudi arabia since the late eighty's that was in 1907 when it sold them the dongfang 3 medium range missile in recent years they've provided the saudi arabians with the dung func $21.00 long range missile and in fact that missile was part of an a an arms package worth more than $100000000000.00 and you know china is also selling saudi arabia its drone technology because china is now a leader in that technology so the foreign ministry spokesman was asked by me this is going to how china was hoping saudi arabia develop its ballistic missile program and it was interesting it was like a sort of 15 2nd gap between my question and his answer as he looked on the desk in
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front of him to find his prepared answer so he was expecting this question and this is what he had to say. the chinese government has always opposed the use of weapons of mass destruction as well as their proliferation tried has been very strict with its export of missile technology turner in saudi arabia our strategic cooperation partners we've maintained good cooperation in many fields including the arms trade and this cooperation does not violate any international law and does not involve any proliferation issues of weapons of mass destruction. so what we're saying there is essential that the weapons that china sells saudi arabia are not defined by china as being weapons of mass destruction now china right now adrian is basically the world's 5th largest arms exporter and of course when it comes to the middle east china has pulled off something of of a country trick because it has very good relations with saudi arabia very good
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relations with iran and very good relations with israel which is really a feat i think the no other country has managed to so far pull off adrian many thanks are trying to correspond a daydream brown in beijing. this is the news hour from of syria still to come on the program south korea's scramble to stop a swine fever outbreak crossing the border. in sports things get worse brazilian stars he suffers yet another injury ahead of a copa america. in germany a hospital nurse who murdered dozens of his patients with lethal injections has been sentenced to life in prison meals fogel is thought to be the most prolific serial killer in germany since the 2nd world war he's known to have killed 85 patients in a 5 year period to 2005 police suspect he may have selected more than 200 victims
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at random the judge described his killing spree as incomprehensible 42 year old asked for forgiveness for from his victims' families. china's president xi jinping is the guest of honor at a major economic summit in russia he's in petersburg called the 2nd day of his state visit to the country flooded near putin says the relationship with russia's biggest trading partner is at an unprecedented level with exports growing every year the leaders been talking about the korean peninsula syria venezuela let's go live now to some petersburg i was here a step is there so what's on the agenda for this forum so. yes the main guest of honor is being and he's arriving here today from moscow after he had these talks with president putin and at the kremlin and of the 1500 participants to the forum 1000 are from china but at the same time the american
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delegation is boycotting the. forum because of the arrest of u.s. investment banker michael caliphate he was arrested in february charges of fraud which he says are being fabricated to use now on the house arrest and he actually has asked his investigators if he's allowed to participate and attend the forum and the kremlin has actually said that they really would be very happy if you could do that but they can't interfere in the law this case of course has shocked many foreign investors not only american but generally and it actually a focus is again on the legal uncertainty here in russia for in fact there's thousands of people behind bars right now on very clear charges what step does russia want to get out of this for. well the foreign comes at a time where the economy in russia is very much underperforming the growth figures
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from the 1st 3 months are very low 0.5 percent which is much lower than expected so basically president putin has tried to revive the economy by announcing national recovery plans as he has called it but they still have to materialize and it is expected that during this 4 you will announce more plants but the tone of course is also been sacked by the head of the oil group here in russia who said that america is basically colonizing and is playing a war of energy by these sanctions to iran and venezuela so of course of sanctions are of course also here a topic that's been discussed but that's not the only reason that economy is doing bad it's also the lack of consumption because consumer tax was raised last year by 2. 00 stedfast live it's petersburg. a parliamentary committee investigating sri lanka's church bombings that killed more than $250.00 people in
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april is meeting senior government officials it's looking into causes that led to a series of coordinated bombings on easter sunday the 12 member team will also look into what action needs to be taken let's take you live now to colombo al-jazeera smell fernandez's there so what's happening this session today but now. it's been information overload almost age and if i can describe it as such just behind me the committee room where this special parliamentary select committee on the easter sunday bombings is basically having its sessions today they've been hearing for the last couple of hours from the police chief the inspector general of police just on the road and that has lived through some interesting information coming out i mean essentially the police chief who incidentally is on compulsory leave at the moment sent there by the president about the sosina essentially
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talking through the sort of timeline leading up to the easter sunday carnage i mean essentially that are things that we were hearing at this elect committee session to say on the 16th just 5 days before the event there were reports of an explosion in the east the explosion of a motorbike obviously later on it seemed that these were part of those who had been involved that were possibly carrying out some sort of experiments you know all of this information somehow didn't filter through to those who could have taken measures to looking at the intelligence to seen what it implied agent so another thing we're hearing is that just the night before that on the 20th of april the director state intelligence the police chief tells us gave him a call and said that something is going to possibly happen tomorrow. it's very dangerous once again on easter sunday morning between 645 and 715 the police chief
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tells us there was another call from the director of state intelligence saying something dangerous can happen today so obviously there was a certain level of knowledge of something about to happen impending but sadly nothing much was actually done about it adrian but now many thanks for that is live in colombo weather stuff stuff coulter is here with a look at the weather in just a few moments but still to come on the news. the invisible threat that's killed hundreds of children in nigeria plus. i'm a. big. thanks to pieces. by algorithm an exhibition produced by the world's 1st humanoid artist. and later in sport european champions league rivals become international teammates for england far will be hit with the rest of the sport in around 20 minutes.
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the weather sponsored by qatar and ways. hello there it is horse for some of us in europe at the moment this is the temperature it's in the orange where we're seeing the warmest weather we've had temperatures of around 30 degrees there in warsaw in poland very very hot people in the farms there cooling off and it's also been around 30 for some of us in germany as well with the whole weather we are seeing quite a bit of thunder reactivity see the bright white areas of cloud here and some of the worst of the weather has been around ukraine just in the past the hour also really has been very very wet in this hot weather towards the west though it's quite different here it's a lot cooler and this area of cloud here is the changing point between the very hot air and the cool air that's pushing its way eastwards that's given
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a sim very heavy rain but it's also given us a few tornadoes and some strong winds as well and strong winds of course a fair amount of damage putting down trees power lines and ripping the roofs off some homes so that system is now gradually pulling away towards the north we've got most of the lightning most of the activity over parts of norway and towards parts of denmark but the next weather system that's already pulling itself together and that's gradually running its way towards the northeast so for some of us in france and across the british isles it's looking pretty miserable on friday a cool wet and windy but in the east still very hot. always. the latest news as it breaks local communities here importing are very frustrated because the lack of post storm services with detailed coverage this backlog of the flag though people flock to see
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this struggling to make ransom notes and just want a better life from around the world and amnesty has been offered to those who rebel against the government. except those involved in human rights abuses a war crime. when the news breaks the inauguration of comedian and actor as president of ukraine when people who need to be heard sober days are back in the work with no food for my joy because it all went to sleep with an empty stomach with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries what russian goals will be achieved none and lightening moves on air and online.
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hello again it's good to have you with us a very unforgiving here in doha with the news hour from al-jazeera the headlines the african union is holding an emergency meeting to address the deadly crackdown a protest camp ensued that killed at least one of the people united nations of the u.k. embassy and 1st announced that they're removing some of their staff from the country . u.s. president of trump has joined world leaders in france to mark 75 years since the d.-day landings it was the largest combined naval air and land operation in history which turned the course of world war 2. saudi arabia is reported to have improved its ballistic missile. capability by buying technology from china the us media report cites 3 unnamed sources previously unreported classified intelligence president donald trump is accused of not disclosing it elections to congress. in
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libya an airstrike has targeted the runway of the only operational airport in the capital tripoli has been told the board khalifa haftar ordered the attack on the airport no casualties have been reported have task forces have been fighting for weeks now to oust the un recognized government and seize control of tripoli doctors in northwestern nigeria say that lead poisoning is threatening the lives of thousands of children and some serious armitage dress reports hundreds have died over the past 10 years as illegal gold mining has increased here in nigeria some for a state these children are sick from lead poisoning but it's difficult for their parents to get the help they need tensions between farmers and herders of access to land to armed gangs often attacking people in this region making it risky to try and reach hospitals the money as i see it his condition deteriorates i'll have
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to take him to the doctors on a motorcycle. this week because of insecurity and that's the same with all children affected. for years muhammad watched it sounds how deteriorate until he was unable to walk or eat today now you can only be fed through a tube grafted into your stomach. there's heavy concentrations of lead in the earth here and aid organizations say many children began inhaling lead dust when the rapid rise in gold mining started around a decade ago. some are contaminated when they work in the mines are those when their relatives return covered in dust or when or is crushed at will. health workers say the levels of lead falling children's blood treatments can often be free tell their range was staggering between $1400.00
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micrograms of lead to serious or blood above $100.00 really it is said that most victims die right but there is no all safe blood lead level even 5 micrograms of lead participants or blood or even below the raw some serious consequence of quinces in terms of neurocognitive. deficit but with attacks now happening almost every day so parents here say all they do is to wait and hope . and they aren't the only ones who have been advised by security and will treat it you know to it it's not who because it's all of exposure to our team and this is affecting the treatment that we give to the children and we're very worried that this we did to reach the situation for me seemed more problems with late in the community nigeria's strict mining rules have forced many workers you know miners underground they are bring their ox home to process exposing many children to
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contamination i did contamination project carried out in some privileges 4 years ago is now at risk. for many here mining for gold is their only way to survive but by making a living this way they are putting their lives at serious risk. how many agrees al-jazeera a body north west nigeria. pig farmers in south korea taking emergency measures to try to stop an outbreak of swine fever in north korea crossing the border farmers in the south are concerned that the north is ignoring calls for joint quarantine efforts traps and fences are being built around hundreds of farms to keep out wild boars which room in the north florence 3 reports now from a major pig farming region in south korea. well here on gungho island one of several places designated by the south korean government as a special surveillance area following an outbreak of african swine fever in north
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korea were really close to the border with the north it lies just beyond the river where about 2 kilometers away an endless island there about $35.00 pig farms african swine fever is harmless to humans but it's fatal to pigs to prevent the disease from spreading south korea's agriculture ministry is taking several measures access to and from pig farms is known tightly controlled farm workers have been told to carry out disinfection and then fences and traps have been set up to prevent infected wild boars from coming into contact with domestic pigs not many wild boars will be able to cross the bab wire fences or make it across the heavily mined border area but that's a possibility that some of them may be able to swim across the river and get into south korea and that's why the south has proposed to the north that they work together to prevent the spread of the disease and that is the political dimension to this story relations between the 2 countries have cooled considerably since
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a february summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong il and ended without agreement on the outbreak of the disease cannot come at a worse time for north korea which is already experiencing a severe food shortage following its worst harvest in a decade but while some analysts say the promise of aid may not be enough to lure north korea back to talks there are others who say that humanitarian assistance may lead to other exchanges perhaps even in the political arena and that could possibly be what south korea's strategy is mexico has blocked hundreds of central american migrants from heading towards the u.s. border. they were forced to board a bus and taken to a detention center. the u.s. has threatened to impose tariffs on mexico if it doesn't limit the flow of migrants . tons of reports but is the 1st time he's been here as
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a present united states speaking in ireland before the talks president trump was unequivocal about his threat of imposing tariffs on mexican imports beginning monday. if mexico didn't act against undocumented migration into the u.s. if they don't tariffs will go on and if they go high companies are going to move back into the united states it's all very well people are going to have to worry about paying the tax because the companies are going to move back in to the united states there won't be any care after the talks the mexican foreign minister said both sides would reconvene on thursday. we don't discuss the tridents like i said china it's a dialogue west's focus on rich we are optimistic because we have a good meeting with respect respect. from both parts and president to expressed a sliver of optimism following the meeting progress is being made he tweeted but
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added not nearly enough republicans in congress are making their opposition to the imposition of tariffs clear even raising the prospect of a potential veto proof votes to prevent them from going into effect there is not much support in my conference for terms of for sure most of us hope that this mexican delegation to come up here and discuss. the challenges at the border and what the mexicans might be able to do to help us more than they. will be fruitful there should be noted that congressional republicans have grumbled a president of the past only eventually to fall in line. washington. john holliman is following developments from the other side of the border in mexico city. the negotiations between the mexican and u.s. administrations on wednesday didn't seem to be a great success yet they say they're going to meet again on thursday but the pictures that came out of southern mexico on wednesday probably exactly what the
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nic the delegation that was negotiating from the mexican side would want the u.s. counterparts to see there was a caravan of about a 1000 people reporters who were on the scene say many of them from central america and that caravan was intercepted by mexican authorities and then many of those people were detained and that's the sort of image that is manual lopez obrador the mets can president trying to show the u.s. administration it's not the 1st mass arrest of a caravan that happened in april these caravans of course large groups of people mainly heading from the daughter. and home tourist countries wracked by poverty and violence and trying to get north as a group so there's been a sort of change of attitude towards those caravans osieck to detain the people in them and to stop them there's also been an 80 percent increase in detail tenses of people in general from this to the same month of the year before so the mets.
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are acting here perhaps not as fast as their u.s. counterparts especially president trump would want them to and as massively as they would want them to but in general the administration of president will preserve the daughter stressing that there are in this is another one they say that really to solve migration can't just be punitive measures if to tackle the long term impacts of this in the long term roots of this poverty and crime in southern mexico and in those countries in central america and they say that they want the u.s. to instead put resources and put effort into solving those problems at the root rather than just these measures along the way so far we haven't had heard of much response to that from the u.s. administration. the debate over want to do with the relatives of eisel faces is back in the spotlight after eights americans with ties to repair trees hit from
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northeastern syria the 2 women and 6 children were among the people who have been detained in camps controlled by kurdish forces this week hundreds of them open allowed to go home soon as russell and jordan reports from washington. not much is known about this group of 8 u.s. citizens said to be 2 women and 6 children being brought back to the united states from northeastern syria where they apparently have been living in a refugee camp it's not known whether they're going to be immediately returning to their home communities or whether there's going to be some sort of transition process the u.s. state department says it can't reveal any of that information under federal privacy act considerations now this would be possibly the 2nd such repatriation of at least a woman and several children in recent weeks another family a family a 4 has already been brought back to the united states but the u.s.
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has also repatriated 18 people it says took up arms for i sold 13 of them are on trial it does raise the question about whether there is a consistent policy to repatriate those who joined the caliphate between 2014 and earlier this year when the caliphate fell to u.s. and syrian forces this is also a situation where you're asking now what actually happens to those people who have survived the end of the caliphate how are they rehabilitated do they pose a security risk and in the case of the 10s of thousands of children can they go back to their home communities can they be reintegrated will they be cared for or will they suffer the damage of having been raised in the middle of a war zone. denmark's liberal party prime minister has conceded defeat to his opposition rival after preliminary results in the country's parliamentary election frederickson social democrat party want to run 26 percent of the votes fredrickson
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such as she'll govern as a minority government instead of trying to form a coalition with smaller parties rights groups of criticised both the social democrats and other mainstream parties for adopting far right policies on immigration. a deal between fit chrysler and red oh that would have created the world's 3rd largest car maker has 4 parts to it chrysler blamed the political climate in france for pulling out of the possible it said the french government which is 15 percent run no would stop the deal from being a success the combined company would have produced nearly $9000000.00 vehicles a year falling behind volkswagen and toyota. you tube says that it's burning what it describes as a hateful video the video sharing platform owned by google will blog content that promotes or glorify its racism and discrimination and it will remove videos that
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deny historical event events such as the holocaust it's the latest in a series of tech industry moves to filter content but some free speech advocates are against censorship erica goldberg is from the university of dayton ohio she says the ban could end up being counterproductive. but there are a very small number of private entities that basically control the conversation on the internet now and by doing this you tube is appointing itself arbiter of what topics we can engage in it's discriminating on the basis of viewpoint basically and that raises a lot of concerns because this speech will get out there but now it's going to be driven underground where other people can't really engage with it and might not change people's minds and that leads to a sort of further radicalization so it is a concern that youtube has so much control now over controversial topics that counterproductive problems with doing something like this is you create free speech
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martyrs you kind of conflate 1st amendment for free speech concerns with the truly sort of objectionable views that people want to express and when a private entity that is so powerful like you to censors these opinions or you know doesn't treat certain opinions the same as it treats other opinions you create people who say well now i'm not only expressing this opinion but now i'm championing free speech principles and you create a group of people that feels even more eliminated and marginalized and may already be on the sort of margins which is why they have kind of offensive in the 1st place sex from around the world a meeting at last vegas at the american institute of architects conference to discuss the latest trends in design and form this year's theme is blueprint for a better future but it seems that would play a big rule in the future is john hendrick reports if a new generation of ruger architects has their way.


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