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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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quite poorest border we've been trying to get the foreign ministry to confirm that they've been tight lipped about that but it's appeared in a couple of different places now so from president lopez obrador at the start of the day and then to the signs that been coming out from members of his of ministration mexico's obviously willing to move on this and to a certain extent they need to show some willingness to move on this one because 80 percent of mexican exports do go to the united states that deal with the most valuable market here they have to play ball. they do but what about this prospect of this potential option the u.s. has done this with other countries of migrants seeking asylum in the 1st country they arrive in so essentially seeking asylum in mexico as opposed to going on to the u.s. how much concern is there on the part of mexicans about the effect that would have on the country. that's always been
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a big no no actually for me it's going any negotiations they've always resisted that basically because officials here fear that it could mean that mexico become sort of the final place for a lot of different refugees and people from central america so that is a real sticking point but mexico has already sort of tacitly agreed to a unilateral decision from the united states and this been going for some months now that while people wait even if they're not from mexico while they wait for their asylum case in the united states to be resolved instead of waiting in the united states they can be put back across the border in mexico and there's more than 8000 of those so there's already been sort of not a precedent but something that before wasn't happening is now already happening in mexico so there could be some possibility of that but i think that a lot of ordinary mexicans really some of them tired of the caravans might not look on that too favorably they might see is president lopez obrador news of
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ministration caving somewhat for now thank you very much john john holliman with that from mexico city as well still to come for you on. the other. how a rise in gold mining may help police and thousands of children in nigeria also hundreds of migrants are rescued from the mediterranean we hear from one of the last aid groups directing search operations. hello again it's good to have you back well over the next couple of days we are going to be seeing some very active weather here across parts of south western australia is going to be back to back storms coming across this area and actually the temperatures with each of those storms is going to be going down each time so
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here's our for. system right now bring some clouds across parts of perth and very heavy rain is expected as we go towards friday now from friday to saturday that system makes its way towards the east we get a break right there on saturday but if you look a little bit more towards the west this is going to be our next system right here and it is expected to be even stronger by the time it makes its way probably here to perth on sunday out here towards the east the it is going to be rainy across the coast 1st townsville some showers fewer $24.00 in brisbane maybe some showers as well at 19 degrees there well for the northern south island of new zealand things have getting better here as one system is pushing through maybe some more clouds coming into your forecast as we go towards friday but not a lot of rain in the forecast over the next couple of days winds coming out of the southwest in christ church going to sing about 10 degrees there maybe getting to about 15 degrees in auckland but still clouds are going to be in the forecast across much of the region and for parts of japan it is still going to be rainy over the next few days with tokyo at $25.00 degrees there.
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a horrific crime that shocked the world 51 people killed at mosques in christchurch new zealand why i want to investigate people for could have done more to prevent this massacre on 00. 0. every.
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topamax quick look at top stories the african union has suspended sudan the military gentles brutal crackdown on protesters this week the health ministry has denied reports that 108 people were killed saying the real figure is 61. and mexico's president has expressed confidence that a deal can be reached to avoid u.s. trade towers his interior minister says the country's southern border will be reinforced often hundreds of migrants were blocked by armed police on wednesday. a german nurse has been sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of murdering 85 of his patients ales hogle was already in prison for killing another 2 patients it is thought to be one of the most prolific serial killers germany has ever seen dominic came reports now from but. this is one of the worst serial killers since the 2nd world war a relatively nondescript man to look at news hurdles crimes on. anything but
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investigators believe he may have killed hundreds on thursday he was convicted of 85 murders a shortfall several in court deplored as this is a bitter and this is the it's very very bitter we've gone through i'd say 2 and a half years really through her it's hard to bear at the moment that's what it is that her girls 1st began killing patients after starting work at this hospital in book in 1909 here he would inject patients with drugs to make their hearts stop and then try to resuscitate them colleagues called him the resuscitation rambo because he would manhandled them out of the way so he could get to the sick but a high death rate among his patients made colleagues suspicious and he was forced to leave so in 2003 he moved to work at this hospital in delman haast 2 years later a colleague saw him administer a fatal dose of a drug to a patient who died within hours arrested soon after he's been in custody ever since
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during this trial it emerged her girl induced cardiac arrest in the 90 delman host patients so he could enjoy trying to bring them back to some relatives thursday's judgment is not enough they believe the hospital thora he's failed in their duties it's not conscious not true to the original i hope the connection of the deal was but it is made clear i believe it's very important for all of us to being religious wants to just as well logic to become a series of murders for hogle is already serving a life sentence for the murder of 2 patients during his time at the 2 hospitals in handing down the verdict on thursday the judge told her goal the scale of his crimes made the mind boggle meaning that one of germany's most prolific mass murderers is unlikely ever to be released dominic kane al-jazeera. another boat with migrants has been rescued by a merchant vessel in the mediterranean
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a day after nearly 400 people were saved by the maltese military footage released by sea watch international wednesday's rescues show several things overloaded with people trying to reach europe a migrant rescue n.g.o.s says at least one of those donkeys deflated and sank it's not care if there were any survivors where benoit is head of mission for airborne sea and research operations with sea watch international he says italian efforts to stop the landing of rescue boats is putting people's lives at risk then there is. really validation of rescue at sea and to those of port in europe more and more. best of turn a blind eye on this case that we have recently had. reporting example the italian navy stood by without carrying out rescue operations for more than a day. that situation human life that can sometimes. lead to situation brooke people grow and we have that in one condition while doctors in
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northwest nigeria say thousands of children have been poisoned by lead aid groups believe an increase in illegal gold mining is largely to blame for this hundreds of people have died in the last 10 years as ahmed interest reports from. here in the judaism for a state these children are sick from lead poisoning but it's difficult for their parents to get the help they need tensions between farmers and herders of access to land have led to armed gangs of from the thai king people in this region making it risky to try and reach hospitals. the money as i see with a lot of his condition deteriorates let alone have to take him to the doctors on a motorcycle in a little come to sleep because of insecurity and that's the scene with all children affected. for years mohamed watched his son's health deteriorate until he was
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unable to walk or eat today niger can only be fed through a tube grafted into stomach there's heavy concentrations of lead in the earth here and aid organizations say many children began inhaling lead dust when a rapid rise in gold mining started around a decade ago. some are contaminated when they work in the mines are those when their relatives return covered in dust or when or it's crushed right wing. health workers say the levels of lead following children's blood treatments can often be fetal their range was staggering between $1400.00 micrograms of lead to seal it off blood above $100.00 really it is said that most victims die right but there is no all safe blood lead level even 5 micrograms of lead participate or blood or even below the ra some
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serious consequence of quinces in terms of neurocognitive. deficit. but with attacks now happening almost every day so parents here say all they do is to wait and hope and they aren't the only ones who have been advised by the security angle to it the opportunity to know who because it's all of exposure to our team and this is a fake scene the treatment that we give to the children we're very worried that this would be to reach the situation for me seemed more problems with late in the community. nigeria's strict mining rules are forced many workers you know miners underground they are bringing to process exposing many children to contamination i did contamination project carried out in several villages 4 years ago is now at risk. for many here mining for gold is their only way to
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survive but by making a living this way they are putting their lives at c.b.s. risk comedy agrees al-jazeera about a northwest nigeria. now to malawi where police are fighting against the hundreds of opposition supporters in the capital on the 3rd day of protests demonstrators are calling for president peter moore to recur to resign after what they say was a rigged election last month protesters say bullets were fired at them and a police spokesman said a child had been accidentally shot sri lankan officials investigating the easter sunday bombing say repeated warnings were ignored including one just before the attacks happened more than 250 people were killed in the coordinated blasts which have been blamed on a local group linked to i still in alpha and as has more now from colombo. trying to make sense of the easter sunday carnage that killed more than 250 people a 3rd man special parliamentary select committee heard from police chief budget
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just in the who's on compulsory leave for refusing to take the blame and resign it would be even though we were there with no practice anywhere with regards to intelligence information that the inspector general of the police should share with the president a suicide bombers from a local muslim group attack christian churches on easter sunday as well as 5 star hotel more than 250 people were killed and hundreds injured i say are claimed responsibility for the coordinated attack. the police chief said the state intelligence service received repeated warnings of possible attack and detailed a series of delays by all security agencies to act in the house i got a phone call about an imminent threat that something trying to risk could happen when you are being told repeatedly something happened something and i wonder war or been to ask what steps have been taken because it's not possible for you to just
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give. one way what i've. done the police chief told the committee that president citizen or asked him to resign after the attacks he says he was offered an embassadors job if he agreed to resign and he was told that any investigation would find him responsible for failing to stop the attacks the other big name to appear at the select committee was former defense secretary a mysterious finance. he highlighted the restrictions imposed on him by the president was not an independent. instruction from the president for every little thing fernanda told the committee that it was difficult for him to contact the president and said the strain between the president and prime minister affected governance after the incident when the prime minister called for a meeting you said to the president we're told by the president himself not to
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go for the meeting going with a brain minister. if not yet just get. the committees do to reconvene next tuesday when the finance jazeera colombo demonstrations of him taking place and what desire is where the brazilian president is on his 1st official visit to argentina but has gathered at the plots a demaio square in the city center holding signs reading argentina rejects all sonora the brazilian need to held talks with his counterpart present but it's your mockery on regional trade and the crisis in venezuela. it was the largest sea and invasion in history involving 160000 troops on a single day western leaders gathered with world war 2 veterans to pay tribute to those who charge the beaches of normandy on d.-day 75 years ago it's actually about reports now and commemorations of the day that helped give birth to a new europe. as they met american d.-day veterans emanuel mark hall and
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donald trump put aside their political differences the presidents of france the united states paid tribute to american troops simply 5 years after allied soldiers landed in normandy to help liberate france and europe from nazi powers trump often injects personal politics into diplomatic occasions this time he avoided control the sea on this day 75 years ago 10000 men shed their blood and thousands sacrificed their lives for their brothers for their countries and for the survival of liberty. on june 6th $944.00 american canadian british and french troops would joined by those from other nations including poland and south africa and enduring symbol of international cooperation in the face of nationalism mccraw praised international
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alliances his multilateralism has put him at all does with trump and is america 1st policy. this is the field vive we must never allow the alliance of free peoples to die that's what the victors did as soon as germany and japan capitulated when they created the united nations it's what the united states did when they created nato it's what european leaders did a few years later when they created the european union we must refine the meaning of the promise of normandy 75 years ago the franco american alliance was so strong that the united states and thousands of young soldiers to fight and die for france that relationship today as fragile as disagreements between remote control mounts at talks after the ceremony the gulf between the 2 leaders was apparent with a little common ground on iran trade or climate change. some veterans who fought for peace so long ago say they worry about the future.
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so far neo living today. on the road another chauvel. recount truman pick and choose exactly what i've been in the world after world war 2 nations pledge never to allow political divisions to lead to conflict again a promise being tested by growing diplomatic differences natasha butler al-jazeera normandy france. well there's more to everything we're covering right here al jazeera dot com is the address for comments analysis and video on demand of course you can watch us live there as well if you like out there. just a quick recap of the top stories this hour now the african union has suspended sudan i was a military gent is brutal crackdown on protesters calls for the group to take action had mounted to after monday's crackdown which doctors say killed $108.00 people but
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sudan's health ministry says only $61.00 have died in this week's violence the african union's peace and security council said transferring power to civilian out authority was the only way out of the crisis go through for the besides the. military goes to hug of a boa. without any for the. measure or indeed. they've. struck to the establishment of the. mexico's interior minister says the country's southern border will be reinforced after police blocked hundreds of migrants there on wednesday the mexican president has expressed confidence that a deal can be reached to avoid u.s. trade tariffs the white house is standing firm on donald trump's threat to introduce tariffs by monday mexico doesn't limit the flow of migrants u.s.
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and mexican officials have been holding talks in washington effort to strike a deal president lopez obrador is urging mexicans to join what is called a border unity rally on saturday now another boat with migrants has been rescued by a merchant vessel in the mediterranean a day after nearly 400 people were saved by the maltese military. spicey watch international of wednesday's rescue shows several overloaded with people trying to reach here at a migrant rescue ngo says at least one of those boats deflated and sank it's not care a fellow any survivors. a german who murdered dozens of his patients with lethal injections has been sentenced to life in prison meals hogle is thought the one of germany's most prolific serial killers is known to have killed 87 patients in a 5 year period to 2005 police suspect he might have selected more than $200.00 victims at random the judge described his killing spree as in comprehensible.
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phrase update of our top stories one i want to waste is next. on americans are struggling to pay their bread the problem isn't just limited to basic cities. a former governor of the good social back has cost jobs but from your 1st job. we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. it's regarded as one of the most picturesque and peaceful places on the planet. but in march this year new zealand's ideally kimmie was shattered. when a gunman went on a rampage at 2 mosques in christ church. one o one east investigates why and how these to rethink attack happened.
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mohammad. susan strong as zahra ahmed read out the names of the did at a remembrance day service 2 weeks after the christchurch attack she was only just beginning to come to terms with the horror she witnessed time in the hammoud. don't know. the names i'm pretty i know them. i know them i know them through businesses and know them through the most analysts through the through coming to the clinic and all those kind of things so. so it became a reality. on march 15th this year and a strange and gunmen targeted 2 mosques during friday prayers and streamed it
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online. 51 people were killed and scores of others seriously injured some people are really at risk. we have to do what we could to save their lives. a trained nurse says sorry lift the medical clinic where she was working and went to one of the mosques to help but even students on the front line of a ball epidemics in africa couldn't prepare for the emotional challenge ahead this was completely and absolutely horrific situation even today i don't understand what to drive and of ritual to do such saying to god list a religion no color all whatever day background i just don't understand the anger and the hatred drove and killed innocent people. sorry came to new zealand as a refugee 20 years ago having fled balance in
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a homeland somalia. the mother and brother always go to friday prayers at this small school with 42 people were killed. as she tended to the injured at the other mosque across town it was hours before she knew if her family with saif the phones were getting overloaded so sometimes you couldn't get through the phones it was a little fool to not known that they were ok and when i saw them they were ok then i felt ok. here feel lucky that there are. but it's the unlucky ones that haunt. us all the other people came us refugees who just a couple of. the injuries they sustained in those places but to be a fleet traumatized that's what the cost of the think about it todd where do we go from here to say you're going to be safe. it took
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a week before sorrow was ready to talk to her husband mo come about the day of the attack on the north there was a kid she said to me the one thing she said to me was the same things that nobody should ever say and that was the knowledge to guess i was in a shop in my own way and i just sat down. like most new zealanders the couple full of the country was site from such attacks but both now believe the warning signs with their there was different a white supremacist a skinhead something passed since record the last few years are once again from our point of view. just last september sorry says she came across these white supremacy stickers on the sign for one of the christchurch mosques. they had the stickers on everyone and i took the chair over the and then i went to their website
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think google you are very dangerous and also thinking. of you report the man said that he didn't report at the time. but any fight she had in police taking action as fall into a new law. exactly a month after the attack a man let out an anti muslim tirade outside one of the mosques the police guarding the scene didn't apprehend him the policeman said all is a freedom of speech is nothing to mistreat if it hit other people. it took a social media campaign a new reports to the police before they finally arrested and charged the man as much as his grace to come together solidarity and say you know we all from here and all that the truth is there is a strong racism in new zealand that exists among saying it's a large number of people but significant number of people and there are people who actually races but not even know about it.
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here a destiny church followers believe there's only one true god and he's the christian . my the pentecostal services they live over the internet for an estimated 10000 followers in new zealand and australia the vast majority maori. now apostle. al bashir manual mazie. there. to stay and not only for us is your people. but you stand for god jesus christ. like never before. under 3. let's give them a round of opinions as it comes to the pope. followers call the church found apostle be ship brian tam a key and it was our heritage as
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a people with them out of the european go back as far as the 1800s we were introduced to christ and it was correct. after the attack timothy in his fullaway's office to the muslim community that makes up little move than one percent of the population but he has strong views about their place in his native country you come into my country and so therefore you respect the the host country and the ways and what you come and then after attunement being here you run your life and your values and your religion like you did when you came from. disingenuous to the foundations of countries that have been built of years did he blames a clash of cultures foolish shooters action i think it's naive to think think that
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. very different audiology ism beliefs. could happily and how modestly live together i think that's a bit naive and almost ignorant they immigrations and new people come on and grow and they have firm beliefs and ideologies now we've seen the results of that in europe this is where the white supremacists have had the the deep hood and their buttons. in 2005 he calls the new zealand pol event evil when one of the members sworn only on the koran. and a week after the massacre he voiced outrage at the planning of the movie. praying before 2 minutes of silence fell victim to be claimed the nation's identity was its dyke prime minister. owned
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a ways which is text by iran was so that like it waves was going to put the. the the the muslim priya through that i felt at that point as a christian in this country i had to say something but given the gravity of what happened wasn't a show of respect for the muslim community that new zealand is with banding alongside them after this horrific event you know what i don't think and i'm pretty sure i would say this that i don't believe that the muslim community were upset about not having the preceded of the us i don't think they requested it i'm not quite sure where he's getting from that the muslim community did not ask for this it was a powerful just sort of inclusion some of those in his professional life who led most is a government policy advisor but in his spare time he's an advocate for the country's muslim youth and for us it's a horrific incident and welcome all the films of solidarity that are willing to be
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there but we don't welcome those hateful divisive years that come from people like brian tamaki and just sort of double standards. of his views in this particular situation on the one hand ok we want to defend muslims and protect them on the one hand we're going to stand for anything that allows for them to freely express their religion and for that to be case publicly because it's against his basically his racist hateful views. and 10 mckee's views can be dangerous according to former u.s. government intelligence analyst paul buchanan this gets back to the vast pool of enablers and accomplices is you know if you have people of his stature. be. outright islamophobia you have the possibility that one of his followers may decide to take up arms and defense of christianity or in defense of the new zealand
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way of life. now a private security consultant buchanan has lived in new zealand for the past 20 years he doubts the christchurch killer was a true lone wolf if there were other like minded people still out there i mean he was part of a community that was both physical in the south island and then why he was being cheered on and real time during the mass murders including by people who claim to be in new zealand. was just 6 when he arrived in new zealand with his mother and siblings from somalia he says like most refugees he battled racism all his life we feel like you know we have to fight just literally to be. and to express how i think the thing to express our religion. and he says he knows what it's like to be targeted by white supremacists getting chased by skinheads you
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don't expect the scot to suddenly turn around. you knowing these are skinheads. people pretend life we don't have that history here in new zealand in fact it's wrong on for it's being a hotbed of white supremacy in this country. in the hours after the christchurch attack prime minister just seemed. was quick to condemn the shooter we were not a target because we are a safe for those who fight. we were not true isn't for this act of violence because we can darn rices them because we're in on clay for extremism. we were chosen for the very facts that we are none of these things her response was widely praised around the wound but to google it money it was deeply flawed this is not us it's denying the experience of.


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