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chance of bringing the 2 sides together it would be the cuban government and the current ethiopian prime minister if you're betting as significant interests and also a reason why it is important for you to remain neutral in the ongoing dispute confrontation between the 2 parties so it would have an interest obviously in bringing a peaceful settlement to this conflict but also it would have an interest in remaining neutral because it is all in your strategic interests what does a peaceful solution look like what are what is the likelihood what are the chances that there will be some form of a civilian government. i think the likely scenario you know the demands by the sudanese people by the protesters and also the international community is very much consistent in that in order for this proper evolution to result in some kind of stable
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representative government there has to be a civilian live transitional authority and the nature and the particular composition of that towards you has to be agreed between the 2 parties but in the final analysis ultimate power to lie with the civilian government not with the military council and the key disagreement in the earlier negotiation is on the composition of the soul body in council that is a body that would have the ultimate authority supremely told pti during the transitional period the military wanted the presidency and the majority of. the council membership this is really in leaders wanted equally the presidency and the majority membership of these already in council so i think the best out and that is consistent with the demands of the revolution and the international community is setting up a transitional government that gives the majority or the torah to the supermoto to
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a civilian body not to the military ok we'll see how this all plays out a while oh thank you very much appreciate it britain's main opposition labor party has seen off the challenge from the bracks party in a byelection in the city of peterborough they know they form party was hoping to when its 1st parliamentary seat after a strong performance in european elections last month and in 2016 a referendum 60 percent of voters in peterborough backed leaving the block. despite differing opinions across all city the fact that the cracks of policy have been rejected here in pizza praagh shows that the public. knows that the politics of division will not quit. this is a result for every community in pizza for tonight's victory is significant
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because it has shown that the politics of hope can win. regardless of the odds still add on al-jazeera a warm welcome for brazil's president in argentina but not everyone is happy. with. hello again and welcome back to your international weather forecast over here across europe plenty of weather to talk about out here towards the east we have a lot of instability as those temperatures are rising into the high twenty's in some locations even into the low thirty's and a lot of thunderstorms will be popping up across this region over the next couple of days temps wise from warsaw all the way down across parts of the black sea and even into turkey we are talking about temperatures above average for this time of year even moscow is seeing about 30 there out here towards the west though it is
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a different story we have a system that has moved up towards the north across parts of the u.k. here on friday really causing a lot of problems in terms of rain as well as windy conditions in that area by the time we get to saturday maybe moving into the north sea but still causing a lot of problems particularly in scotland there down towards the south though things are improving for switzerland we're going to see zurich at $22.00 degrees and still quite warm across parts of spain at 30 degrees there well across the mediterranean things are calming down and across the northern part of africa we're not seeing too much in terms of weather maybe some clouds down here across parts of libya from gazi some winds out of the north there with 29 degrees as your forecast high here on friday getting a little bit cooler by the time we get towards saturday and for algiers it is going to be cloudy and maybe rain at 26. she was black gay i'm from rio de janeiro's havana's i don't think she was also.
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outspoken councilwoman. until she was assassinated. people in power investigates the killing of a vocal critic of brazil's security forces and the legacy of empowerment she left behind the murder of mario franco on al-jazeera. this is at the top stories this hour the prime minister has landed in sudan to broker talks between pro-democracy protesters and the military show into this comes as the african union has suspended sudan over the military's crackdown on
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protesters mexico says it is sending thousands of soldiers to the border to stop the flow of migrants entering the united states u.s. and mexican negotiators have not yet reached an agreement that will stall tariffs on all mexican good set to be imposed on monday and britain's main opposition labor party has seen off a challenge from the brics a party in a byelection and the city of peterborough the newly formed party was hoping to when its 1st parliamentary seat after a strong performance in european elections last month. instead he counseled has been told a state actor is likely responsible for an attack on oil tankers off the u.s. east coast last mup saudi arabia norway and the u.a.e. presented a joint report that said sabotage was sophisticated and cordon needed but didn't blame any country specifically the u.s. has previously blamed iran that tehran says israel could be responsible or his deputy ambassador to the u.n.
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downplayed the evidence but you shouldn't jump to conclusions too was in the face of the british and you know no you know no because we're you know no collusion levy investigation will be continued so no name no you ron no you would be going to blame your i just know they didn't blame him he was to get you into to get you but that's going to do you do you photo you believe in the distribution you did you come to russia and china are presenting a united front at the st petersburg economic forum amid shared trade troubles with the u.s. chinese leadership ng will join a session at the conference on the last day of a state visit and the hopes of encouraging foreign investors are putin says the relationship with china as an unprecedented level and his call she has quote best friend the conservative presidents of argentina and brazil have vowed to do everything possible to restore democracy in venezuela during talks and it was precisely in later tell a person i was 1st state visit to argentina since taking office and he was met by
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crowds of protesters are saying a trial or reports. argentina is normally the 1st country a new president of brazil will visit but. 5 months to get here after stops in the united states and israel. he did with his argentine counterpart. discuss trade border corp fighting organized crime and energy but their agenda was dominated by the situation in venezuela. i believe all of us in south america are concerned and don't want to see new venezuela's in the region we should be taking decisions and be even more united to ensure that peace is more present in our countries both the king to see the removal of the president of venezuela. and have pledged to support declared interim president. we should both confirm our promise to do what we can from here to reestablish democracy in venezuela it's what
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we want not just for venezuela but for the whole region. resilin argentina are hosting some of the hundreds of thousands of venezuelans who have fled their troubled country they don't want more but their position on venice weyler wasn't the only reason why thousands of demonstrators turned out onto the streets during both scenarios visit while many of the themes that people are protesting against a specific to certain countries others cross borders and when. travels you can expect to find opposition to his views on many things including the environment gender and human rights he found that in one osiris more than 60 local organizations working with brazilians living in argentina to express their opposition to him in their most. the argentines agree we must stand together well tomorrow is agenda is not just about brasil it's an agenda that's been present in latin america for some years president visit to argentina came late and was
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a short one lasting less than 24 hours the 2 neighbors have much in common and several areas where they plan to grow together but many here have made it clear they don't want him back any time soon. when osiris. and then as leyland's fleeing poverty and unemployment will now find it harder to enter peru president martin was carter has announced a new policy were all venezuelan migrants must have a humanitarian vsa to enter will be effective june 15th the government has been deporting migrants with criminal records since april and its tightened entry requirements after more than a half 1000000 venezuelans entered peru last year. thousands of teachers are on strike in chalets capital calling for better working conditions and employment rights are also protesting against a government decision to eliminate compulsory school subjects a lot america has more.
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in the western hemisphere united states 3 many are in. the race the memory. i think. what. was contingent of riot police after the. marches the teachers say they want
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to be out of these. measures. and. that they. have. 30. 6 are going to the polls on sunday to choose a new president for the 1st time in almost 30 years the interim president has been handpicked by the country's former leader but as robin forced a walker reports a growing youth movement has other ideas. have been running. from people here to vote for another one. but younger kazakhs getting other ideas elsewhere. this post went viral exposing the absurdity of a political system where even a blank ballot line is you in trouble and i need to know what you did i never want
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you to activism has grown rapidly since president nursultan nazarbayev resigned in march after 30 years. there tony. and the lot further on his chosen successor. is expected to win on sunday in what many say is a managed election. but some activists are calling on voters to boycott the poll saying it won't change anything this relation 1st meeting with this system is the weaker because one person can decide for my whole continent what we're trying to do now is convince enough people to speak out to me and then more people will speak out thomas the train their people will be ready maybe they call themselves in kazakh meaning wake up a new civic movement demanding democratic freedom but taking a long view how. this works out in
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a given point table and the action that will bring real change here. at the 1st stage just to make sure that everyone in this country clearly understand what kind of steps should be taken to change the political system and what kind of political system should be in this country to tackle the problems of the current authoritarian regime. young activists have been arrested and jailed but it's helped raise their profile and their social media posts are attracting thousands of followers funding my studies at this minute. but this. is a network of supporters but that support exists largely in cyberspace and not yet in large numbers on the streets. this symbolic run towards truth was organized and supported online but only
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a few jokers took part. so i'm here fear that after the election you authorities may try to crush this movement unless the youth you know pace them in that pursuit to change ruben 1st you will get 00 mets fans acting prime minister says he'll meet leaders of rival parties to form a new government the socialist party a pitcher essential as one the most votes in april's national election but lacked a majority to rule alone is talking to 3 other parties to form a coalition that is likely to include the left wing is a must party another boat carrying migrants has been rescued by a merchant vessel in the mediterranean that's happened the day after nearly 400 people were saved by the maltese military footage released by sea watch international shows several dinghies overloaded with people trying to reach europe on wednesday the migrant rescue n.g.o.s says at least one of those detainees deflated and sank it's not clear if there are casualties palestinians are accusing
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israeli settlers of setting fire to hundreds of olive trees in the occupied west bank israeli police have opened an investigation by human rights groups and locals say they're not hopeful the case will be resolved abraham reports in the town of show low olive trees that have been here for the past 60 years have turned into ashes after decent arson in juba village north of the occupied west bank. israeli settlers were seen attacking the school in the village ahead of the fires locals say they started it they will submit the surveillance camera footage to the israeli police but they don't expect the fair trial has set up in the u.k. it's difficult to imagine that they would hold settlers accountable usually the israeli justice system stands by the settlers in the face deterrence from the israeli forces and police they wouldn't repeat their attacks every year there's a problem of the sort of. human rights organizations see less palestinians are reporting settler attacks and accuse the israeli system of biased towards settlers
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this is really a human rights organization yesh dean says that 93 percent of cases regarding olive trees attacks were closed due to israeli police investigation failure people here say that secular violence and lack of accountability i meant to establish feed and push palestinians out of their lands they believe that this will help the expansion of illegal israeli settlements allow as president is accusing the opposition of trying to cause chaos and mobilizing what he called illegal demonstrations on thursday police fired tear gas at hundreds of opposition supporters in the capital on the 3rd day of protests are calling for president peter with the record to step down to resign after what they say was a rebel action last mon world health organization says it estimates that around a quarter of ebola infections in eastern democratic republic of congo are going undetected there have been more than 2000 confirmed cases since the epidemic broke out in august with nearly 1400 deaths and health agency says its teams have been
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unable to reach some areas because of violence by rebel groups and rest is making detection harder and in some cases the virus has been found too late. we are definitely missing cases because when you have can community debts like that and probable cases then you are definitely missing transmission and the 1000000000 dollar question is how big is that number we believe at this point i'm and let me be me let me be very cautious here where we believe. we've we're we're probably. detecting in excess of 75 percent of cases we may be missing up to a quarter of cases. to get the headlines right now on al-jazeera the o.p.m. prime minister has landed in sudan to try and broker talks between pro-democracy
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protesters in the military jury and this comes as the african union has suspended sudan over the military's crackdown on protesters and security council has been told a state actor is like are responsible for the attack on oil tankers off the coast last month saudi arabia norway and the u.a.e. presented a joint report that said the sabotage was sophisticated and ordinated but didn't blame any country specifically the u.s. has previously claimed to iran to tehran says israel could be responsible. mexico's foreign minister says troops will be deployed to its border with water mala to stop the flow of migrants to the united states or sell a broad says $6000.00 national guard soldiers will be sent go shaders have yet to reach an agreement as a 3rd day of trade talks is held in washington president donald trump is threatening encreasing tariffs on monday if a deal on migrants isn't reached because bracks a party has lost an election challenge to labor in the city of peter her the newly
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formed party was hoping to win its 1st parliamentary seat after a strong performance in european elections last month during the referendum 60 percent of voters in peterborough in fact leaving the bloc despite differing opinions across sausage say the fact that the cracks of policy have been rejected here in pizza for a shows that the public say. shows that the politics of division will not quit. this is a result for every community in pizza praagh so now it's victory is significant because it has shown that the politics of hope can win. regardless of the odds russia and china are presenting a united front at the st petersburg economic forum amid shared trade troubles with the u.s. chinese leadership paying will join a session at the conference on the last day of
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a state visit and hopes of encouraging foreign investors are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera have another bolton at the top of the hour inside stories next. on americans are struggling to pay their rent the problem isn't just limited to the cities. of all the governor of the indian social bankers cost the country. we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. back to democracy thailand now has a new civilian government but is it democracy when the new prime minister is a military general who led the coup 5 years ago. is promising change but is that possible in a country that's had more than any other this is inside story. well
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over one come all santamaria welcome to inside story when you look at a country that's had 12 coups since 1932 along with another 7 attempted ones well there is clearly something of a love hate relationship with democracy there and so it is in thailand which had an election in march the 1st since its $114.00 coup and now has a newly confirmed prime minister only this prime minister was the same army general who led that they didn't do a whole lot of questions about the true state of democracy in thailand that's what we're discussing today the relationship between state military monarchy and the people and why that mixture proved so unstable time and time again let's start with this from wayne hay in bangkok. after more than 11 hours of debating and voting thailand's parliament finally elected a prime minister for the next 4 years. general prayuth channel receives more than half the vote from the house of representatives which means he has been chosen as
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the new prime minister. but he's not new at all. is the army general. who led a coup to remove a democratically elected government in 2014 and has been prime minister ever since . much of his support in the parliamentary vote came from senators in the upper house who were hand-picked by the military it wasn't surprising therefore that they all voted for prior to continue as thailand's leader. the only other contender was a man seen as the new face of thai politics talent on june room wrong kit led his young future forward party to 3rd place in march's election the 1st since the coup he's now vowing to be a strong opposition voice continuing to fight for democracy and human rights. you know. what the. good things.
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we thought. we. were. but for now he has to work outside parliament clearly seen as a threat to the military he has several legal cases against him which he says are politically motivated and the court has suspended his m.p. status 5 years after staging a coup the military says it is now returned democracy to thailand but the process was anything but democratic and the end result is an unstable government and the prospect of more political turmoil. for the past 5 years the military has been able to rule with impunity many of the same people are still in charge of the new civilian government but the now answerable to coalition partners and constituents and after being largely silenced since the coup the opposition parties can now
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speak freely one of their 1st jobs may be to table a vote of no confidence in the prime minister who they view as illegitimate wayne hay al jazeera bangkok. because i want to show you a little bit here about how the balance of power works in thailand basically it is a constitutional monarchy there is a king but the prime minister is the head of government by law the king is supposed to have little direct power but that's not the case time monarchs have often busy used their moral authority to influence the course of governments and they're normally not big fans of power sharing in fact their supporters repeatedly been to the military which explains why thailand civilian governments are often short lived and toppled by coups on average thailand has had a military coup every 7 years since 932 powers often been consolidated them through changes to the constitution for example the current constitution where the prime minister is to be jointly chosen by the senate and the house of representatives however the senate members are all nominated by the army which means you've got 250
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votes in the bank already leaving just 126 more to become the prime minister. ok so let's introduce you to today's panel starting in tokyo with michael at monticello is the coordinator for the thailand studies program at the yusof ishak institute in singapore and bangkok soon i pass out who is a senior research for asian human rights watch also a former advisor to the thai senate and rounding out the panel in washington d.c. anthony nelson director of the east asia and pacific practice at the advisory firm albright stonebridge group gentlemen welcome to you all thank you for joining us. i want to do a little bit of math 1st of all and i might start with you soon i bank 750 seats in the house that means 376 to become prime minister for you have got 500 now when you look at it just by the numbers that's a landslide the real story though is that he already had 250 votes in his favor
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already and it was all according to a lot of what i've read certainly rigged in his favor do you think. in did come out that you know there was no even playing field from the start that. started with $250.00 senator that he personally handpicked including his younger brother and that currently that you know no matter what he will be selected as a new prime minister of thailand regardless of the election result it has been decided such way so it is not fair and has from the beginning 10 per time i feel rightly aggrieved given they and again i've got numbers here a 136 votes if we actually go back to the election itself they want a 136 votes and the party of mr pryor 197 so we have again and we've seen this in other countries the party which didn't get the most votes doesn't get to form the government the constitution the election law the administration of election by by
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the election commission of thailand and lead this was the decision of constitutional court all have been set up to her and he that. the winning party always everyone knew that and you know it was put high couldn't form a government that no matter how hard they try they would get a college and that couldn't form a government 1st of all because they are contesting against. the m.p.'s from that camp last senators 250 of them that produced hand-picked and then later on we saw incidence after incident that seats that won by and what taken away from them by some sort of twisted mathematical in the calculation of obsolete a location by election commission we solved the decision of the court to disqualify
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elected m.p.'s and candidates from the anti. and now we might see further actions against and not an opposition party that is future forward party and cannot hold on to room kid who was the candidate for the premiership who ran against in a minute he will talk more about future for a little bit later my comments in turkey you've had a sort of rise smile on your face the whole time as we've been talking there i'm sensing you don't totally agree with what we're saying here though i agree highly was what should i says i always agree with and i and i just. what we're describing here things that we've known for quite some time since the 2017 constitution was approved and i think it's more fruitful to look and see what lays ahead so i had rather than to rehash this mathematics that's been obvious for
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a long time well if it's been obvious for a long time it's all been done under the guise of a democratic election so i think it does need to be rehashed because this doesn't if we knew the solong if we knew these numbers then it doesn't look like a democratic election. well we're tossing around categories here that really don't reveal very much a democratic election well we had an election in which many type people showed great faith and many type people approached the election with energy and commitment and they campaigned very hard on a busy large number of parties was created to to contest this election and i think that indicator democracy looks pretty healthy the fact that some men who seize power with the barrel but at the barrel of a gun in 2014 have written the rules to perpetuate their power that's not much of a surprise these are soldiers who committed a coup what do we expect from soldiers i'm going to cool but
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a stunt like this i think we should look at the fact that the glass is half full but there was a competitive election in which a number of parties that are clearly opposed to military rule and to the continued perpetuation of the power in by politics did quite well. and so i'm not quite frank ok i'm going to bring in and thing on this one because i'm going to say i didn't necessarily go along with what michael was saying there initially but he's got a point as well what else would you expect from a military junta which took power 5 years ago this is all been in the teenagers for a long time it seems maybe we just shouldn't be surprised of all this and as a sense just move on. well i think what we need to look at right now is how is this government going to function those 250 senators as you mentioned the prime minister but they don't participate in no confidence votes they don't participate in passing the budget or other key pieces of legislation so the margin that preview has to actually get things done legislatively if razor razor thin. and that's going to put
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them in a position that they're not accustomed to of having to negotiate of having to make deals you're doing that right now as we look at who's going to be appointed what cabinet seats and from an investor perspective that's something we're watching very closely as there wrangling over commerce as they're wrangling over the agriculture ministry the health ministry these are the i.c.t. ministry critically these are the policymaking entities that are going to really determine if thailand is able to start rainy and more foreign investment so how that negotiation shakes out it's going to be incredibly critical to how this moves forward for thailand economy and if you got me thoughts about how that might shake out just based on what you know of the personalities in the place already. well you know we've heard a number of things about you know maybe the democrats are going to get it for all of agriculture and commerce while the length will retain finance that and will take on maybe health and i see but none of that is finalized yet but the
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question under the last government has been you know when the rubber meets the road and trenched interests. were not willing to change certain policies around maybe customs around balancing security with. courage and if they feel if they feel. who's had that final word and we haven't yet seen a reason under this government that it's necessarily going to change let's talk a little bit more gentle but about the man himself prime minister now prior to the channel shop. a man who banned a lot of political activity he restricted the media in some cases he has said that too much democracy and freedom are actually to blame for thailand's political troubles. so why is there any reason to think any of this would change at all even though he is promising some sort of change. general privilege is not going to shed his skin and behave any better he is a dictator who will continue to at with authoritarian in staying and behave
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and he is also a state we quibble with repressive powers that he will carry on from regular asked the hood and when he becomes the prime minister for an for not a term he will carry on with him repressive audits including the order that prohibit criticism of the government they are that. enforced blanket censorship of the media who criticize the government they are that allowed the military to arrest the detail in a one in secret detention for 7 days without charge august remain in effect when he assumed be their role as new prime minister again. so there's no guarantee that thailand is heading to what a transition to some saw it all. is simply the same military dictator
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who take off his military uniform and put on business suit just as that so then michael with your forward thinking idea earlier saying we should be focusing on what's to come so not just painted a picture and it's not a pretty picture of what's to come in fact it's more of the same. should we be worried about that and about that being scrutinized and changed. well i think the previous 2 speakers have every really focused very nicely on what the issue here mr nelson is explaining that we are perhaps set for some real tensions in the parliament and mr sanaa is saying that there is a system of repression designed to make sure that from the point of view of the new prime minister things don't get out of hand so we will have tension between this contest station and the parliament where you have a very active minority in opposition that's trying to make life difficult for prime minister but you look and then we'll have the structure of repression this intended
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to swart this opposition and this is really a recipe for conflict at some level whether this is conflict in the parliament whether this is conflict within some of the political parties even on but so a lot for that matter or on the street. in addition many observers now wonder how patient the military will be if general prayuth proves incapable of managing parliament with a very lively opposition and that's another factor that has to be introduced. if we poor see it coming collision and i'm glad you brought up that fact because if that were to happen that brings us back into the same cycle as i said in our introduction gentlemen 12 years since 1982 anthony maybe can you explain to our viewers why this keeps happening for anyone who's not totally up on their tie politics and why it might just happen again as michael is just sort of outlined
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there. there have been tensions in thailand between. if you can loosely explained it has as the kind of bangkok elite and conservatives versus rural. northeastern voters all of that doesn't kind of capture perfectly exactly how that's work but. thailand has been kind of trying to manage those conflicts of along with the role of the military and the role of the monarchy almost through the entire 20th century and into this century. and forging the compromise has proven to be thus far almost impossible there have been periods where things have worked better. but through it all generally. the time has continued to develop and continue to grow but that political tension has always been there that's part of the reason why. the previous government put in
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place the 20 year national action strategy which any government even if we did not think it was prime minister would be legally bound by that so there are certain signposts that the military government put in place to try to make sure regardless of what choices they have to make for the new government regardless of what the democratic developments are that they're going to have a strong firm control of how thailand develops and what switches are made looking ahead that that requires attracting a lot of foreign investment particularly into the eastern economic order and that's going to mean that thailand is going to have to increasingly do you know with trying to especially if it's not able to to be more nimble in terms of its economic policies. so gentlemen we've talked about the military obviously we've talked about the politicians we've talked about the people there is another element and that is the monarchy and maybe like i'm coming to you in bangkok on this one to explain to
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us the monarchy the constitutional monarchy as we explained earlier which is supposed to stay out of politics but doesn't it certainly leans on politics and more in favor of the military is that they have been in the past is that a problem going forward given there is so much reverence for the monarchy there and there's a new ish king in place is that something we need to keep our eye on as well. put it this way come out pretty good today given into we'll when he was asked what will be. expectation of him as a prime is therefore not it and he said that it be all the same and all the same in this sense i believe include his policy statement when he 1st assume power after the coup when he set. number one priority of him and the military that stage a coup was to protect the monarchy from challenge is and it seems that over the
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past 5 year 14 or a preview it and the military generals what they see as the more threatening factor to the more naggy east the rise of hullo resume the rise up liberal democracy which this they'd been trying very hard to undo that in every way possible and let's not forget that you know now we have the. the coolie is. becoming a premise for not it and the korean amish if an od a commander of the armed forces all have spoken in one voice that they can stage a coup again if it is necessary they have said that repeatedly and publicly so if they see either we talked already about the possibility a plan descending into chaos for now that. the possibility of faery.
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contestation in the parliament or even on the street that's one factor and let's not forget that every single time the military stage a coup they always made the excuse that that took that action to protect the throne as well so it may come up that the military will use this excuse in the near future that they wouldn't need to intervene into politics and undo the air force of everyone with that that we discussed about the d.v.d. the rigorous performance of the opposition in the parliament the commitment to thai people to try to restore democracy they would try to destroy that but i reckon michael is protecting the throne and if this is that enough of in excuse almost for this to be another coup or for there to be more unrest well it's certainly an excuse for the military to take firm action as this the lawyers said and the thing
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we need to bear in mind however is. that high royalists have known for for decades that they do need to be slightly cautious and. one issue concerning the future forward party is that there was notable success in planting this idea that the leadership of the future forward party was was anti-royalist and yet a huge number of people voted for this new party including a huge number of young people and in a sense young people support for the future for our party despite the we're being out that it was somehow anti-royalist is a warning signal to royalists that they really shouldn't push their luck that there's that there's a significant part of the thai population that is no longer so interested in in the status of the monarchy as the center of time national security and this sort of thing does service
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a constraint. royalist before they move because they know that they can only go so far and as i say the electoral performance of future forward party is really a warning signal to them yeah this future forward party really interests me i had it in my list of questions i wanted to bring up but all 3 of you have talked about in any way anthony 3rd placed in this election they were. young and charismatic leader if there is a future if a democracy in thailand and i am going to go back to that point about democracy then is that what that future looks like is that something that people can can grasp on to say. well there's no question the future forward brought a lot of excitement but they also drew a larger share of the vote than maybe they would have because one of the way tyler parties was banned after the. kind of the issue with the prince of civil rights in his brief run for prime minister. but there's no question there's
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a lot of excitement around them that they spoke to a lot of people who want to have. in government the question is is can time and forge a compromise of some kind that the military feels comfortable enough to step back that the monarchists feel protected and. the. democracy advocates feel like they actually have a what's and that's what we'll see in this parliament is whether or not you can somehow manage to forge a working environment where those democracy advocates are able to feel like they actually can have a voice in legislation where they actually can make a difference or do they feel like they have to be obstructionist and they have to try to bring down the government through no confidence measures or anything else every chance they get because of that's what they're doing and that margin again is razor razor thin and it's going to be a difficult time to get anything done and the government will have to spend a lot of its time buying water compromising with smaller parties to make sure they
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remain part of the whole time i politics it is never dull is it michael moore to son. and to nelson i'd like to thank all of you for joining us on inside story today and thank you for watching this program and indeed all our others are online about as a result coleman side stories in the show's section there you can also hit us up on social media facebook dot com forward slash a j inside story also at a.j. inside story on twitter where i am at a.j. if you want attack me in on any of those conversations from the whole team here thanks for joining us and we'll see you can see. cricket's biggest total has come to england's a wild 6 weeks 10 tell us 11 venues guns count australia
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the friend of the guard will in good fun and win a world cup tie with al jazeera for all the lightest of the 29 so you cricket wild card. a horrific crime that shocked the world 51 people who took mosques in christchurch new zealand why want to investigate people or could have done more to prevent these massacres on 00. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than 12000 structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term
4:47 pm
accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. to read so they could read every minute of a creator or twitter returns to activism with a new mission they said ok we're here with my job trying to build software which. can digital dissidents work within the technological free market it's a race to get security the patients when they're steal from the capitalists part of the rebel geek series on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you. after decades of being programmed with instructions data angry computers can only
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on their own identifying power and predicting human behavior. official intelligence good moment to moment. and decide on. the big picture to coach the world according to ai and exposes the bias inside the machine . on 000. the ethiopian prime minister is in sudan to try to bring the military jueteng protest leaders back to the negotiating table. and richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. britain's
4:49 pm
party fails to win a seat in westminster as labor scores a narrow victory. extra promises to step up security along its border with guatemala to stop migrants but the u.s. wanted to do more to avoid tariffs. and a push to end the crisis in venezuela brazil's president is in argentina but everyone is not happy. ethiopian prime minister has arrived in sudan to broker talks between pro-democracy protesters and the chair and that's after the african union suspended sudan's membership in response to the crackdown on protesters and the military's refusal to hand power to civilians say more than 100 people have been killed since monday smith has war with a warning that some viewers may find the images in this report disturbing. the another person with a bullet wound medics rushed to stop the bleeding then another wounded person all
4:50 pm
the while the endless sound of gunfire. this was khartoum on monday and this is the latest video to emerge from when the palace military group known as the rapid support forces fired on unarmed protesters and we have urged restraint from the security forces and we've urged that the government respects all of the basic human rights of the people including freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. but the paramilitary force behind this crackdown is known to respect basic human rights amnesty international says they are a south then known as a gender we killed raped and tortured tens of thousands in darfur during the civil war that began in 2003 it's commanded by general mohammed hamdan the garlow the deputy leader of saddam's transitional military council he's close to saudi arabia
4:51 pm
and the united arab emirates. on thursday khartoum was quieter opposition groups have tried to block the roads to stop the our assessment licious the opposition had been in talks with an interim military council the negotiations faltered on a civilian led transition to democracy. a sudanese professional association which has been leading the am to government demonstrations says they'll be no more talks with the military council it wants the militias to be disbanded and the transitional authority handed over to civilians the african union also says there should be a civilian government and how suspended saddam from the group until that happens. to florida decides that's. needed to go through fear to hand over power to civilian authority without any affordably. beneath cvs measures. and entities that struct in the establishment of the civilian.
4:52 pm
protestors detained by the r.s.s. found police were shown crouching on the ground during monday's crackdown this week's violence has been the worst since omar al bashir was removed as president by the military in april after 3 decades in office bernard smith al-jazeera. marlice that speak to a wall oh he is a lecturer specializing in east african politics a log scale university in the united kingdom thank you very much for your time said this some suspension by the african union and how significant is that. i think it is very significant that the significant for several reasons in that communique that the african union peace and security council issued yesterday the council made it clear that sudan is suspended yesterday from all activities of the african union it also made it clear that if the terms of number 3 council fail to
4:53 pm
try to transfer authority to it's a video call it will impose sanctions against individuals and certain entities that probably means the militias and including maybe the transitional military council itself so that is significant in terms of the prayer that it brings on the transitional military council but also i think in terms of the misses that it sends to the international community if you remember a few days ago the security council of the united nations met and in that meeting the russian federation expressed its concern and said that the african union should be given the opportunity to take this process forward and now the african union has spoken and i think that opens up the door for security council as well to push for more stronger measures against the transition with any council another important dimension of this is the intervention of the ethiopian government so in that same common ek the peace and security council called
4:54 pm
a point which is the interim government out already for development by the that brings together several east african countries including. uganda kenya it's called up. to scale up the engagement with the values parties to ensure the transition to civilian rule so it will be a 2 day intervened on behalf of the african union and on behalf of get and i think being significant player on the transitional council it also i think sends a clear message to other members of the international community do you think that the military council will rethink if not their endgame well let's rethink the approach they have taken. i think they will or i think it would be very difficult for them to continue governing sudan without the king of key leaders in the african union i think will
4:55 pm
make it very difficult for them to convince themselves us a credible legitimate representative will to seduce people to the international community the very few supporters of the have in their region also i think find it very difficult to continue to support them in the face of significant international resistance so i think the major that is ratcheting up since monday this week is significant enough to move the transitional military council twice in the which is a settlement with the opposition ok i wallowed thank you for your expertise appreciate it very much. like a sparks a party has lost of iowa lection challenge to labor in the city of peterborough they newly formed party was hoping to when its 1st parliamentary seat after a strong performance in european elections last month and a 2016 e.u.
4:56 pm
referendum 60 percent of voters and here are brought back leaving the bloc despite differing opinions across our city the fact that the threats of party have been rejected here impede sobre shows that the politics. thanks to the politics of division will not quit. this is a result every community in pizza. tonight's victory is significant because it was shown that the politics of hope can win. regardless of the arts in town hall now from here and the u.k. so donna is this this result is this seen as a failure for the party. a failure yes perhaps certainly not the failure of the break to party in a by election for a seat in the parliament here of course expectations were enormously high that the
4:57 pm
brakes of party would wind to take me off to their enormous victory in the european parliamentary elections just a fortnight ago but you know failure here look at the bigger picture this is a party that was formed just a couple of months ago off the back of anger extreme anger by many voters at the reason may's conservative party government and its failure to deliver breaks it it's a one issue party the brig's it party no policy platform no manifesto beyond bracks a tremendously alluring to the great many breaks it supporters in this country who believes that passionately a brought about rights and it's led by nigel farage a tremendously charismatic. controversial politician here he's a friend of the us president he had private meetings with donald trump just this week and as i said 2 weeks ago in those european parliamentary elections the budget party came 1st out of all the national parties returning $29.00 any pieces to
4:58 pm
brussels in his 1st showing ever the conservative party sunk to its worst election defeat in its 200 year history and here we are now with the brics a party almost getting an empty into parliament losing by just under 700 votes that's a vanishingly small margin so this is a party i think without doubt that has become and remains a very significant feature a new feature in the british political ends. so how will this affect rex at. what i think it will have already had a profound effect on the search for the next prime minister of this country of course that search begins officially and in earnest after trees i'm a step down later today as the leader of the conservative party but all of the conservative contenders in the running know that their computer pains have to be based on brags that what the dregs of parties surge over the last fortnight and in this by election would have showed them this look the threat from their right over breaks it is very very real this i think would have turned conservative party
4:59 pm
members and the ever more in the direction of a man like. bush johnson rather he has this sort of campaigning charisma and a hard break secret credentials to stand up to break the party rhetoric and the likes of nigel farage for the labor party of course they wouldn't give their be tremendously pleased about this that it's a small ticking the box if you like in what remains of the hopes of a softer breaks it but those who want to remain in the european union will also hope that the labor party is pulled by the pressure of the bridget party to get off the fence finally on bragg's it embrace a 2nd referendum and stand in opposition the fact 2 bricks in our town hall of our thank you excuss foreign minister says troops will be deployed to at the southern border with lot of moloch to stop the flow of migrants to the united states or sell a bride says $6000.00 national guard soldiers will be sent that's after the us threatened to impose tariffs on all mexican kurds if it didn't do more to control
5:00 pm
the number of people crossing into the u.s. central american migrants plain poverty and violence travel through guatemala and mexico to reach the u.s. . and the u.s. vice president says he is encouraged by mexico's offer to do more but mike pence as president trump will decide if the steps are enough mexico's foreign minister has held 2 days of talks in washington been negotiated have yet to reach an agreement that depends on exports and faces a 5 percent tariff being imposed on monday and trump as more and that could rise to 25 percent if a deal on migrants isn't reached barberin also has more from washington d.c. talks over tariffs and money gratian between u.s. and mexican officials will continue here in washington on friday that's according to mexican foreign minister marcello brar who also confirmed that the mexican government would be sending national guard troops to the southern border with mexico up to $6000.00.


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