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tv   Steal From The Capitalists  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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to change the political system what kind of political system should be in this country to tackle the problems of the government. was young activists have been arrested and jailed but it's helped raise their profile and their social media posts are attracting thousands of followers. there is a network of supporters but that support exists largely in space. numbers on the streets. this symbolic run towards truth was organized and supported online but only a few jokers to part some here fear that after the election your thirty's may try to crush this movement unless the youth you know pace them in their pursuit change ruben for a steelworker al-jazeera. protesters are gathering in liberia's capital monrovia
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as president george weah struggles to revive the economy we are came to power 18 months ago campaigning on promises to create jobs and fight corruption but a protest coalition says the president has done little to improve daily lives. paley is a liberian political analyst she says that some of the protest leaders may have ulterior motives. i think ordinary citizens who will show up today for this protest have genuine concerns about their economic state right there their livelihoods being threatened but i think there are also a lot of political motives that i find to be quite problematic so a number of the protest leaders who are heads of the council of patriots i think have dubious motivations some of them are members of the previous administration some of them are members of the administration of charles taylor who was a rebel leader turned president many of whom benefited from the economic
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mismanagement of those 2 administrations and the question that a lot of liberians have who may or may not show up for the protests today is what are their motives are they genuine are they actually representing the will of the people so i think there is both genuine economic concerns that people have who will show up at the protest but i think a lot of the protest leaders also have more to motives that are not necessarily genuine as well algeria's interim president says that he will stay on until the next election despite cool spy protesters for him to step down. took over as leader april off the longtime leader abdel aziz because of resigned but protesters want anyone associated with beautifully go to go before a do election can be held a throne as he's canceled a presidential election that had been set for july 4th. malawi's president is accusing the opposition of trying to cause chaos and mobilizing what he called illegal demonstrations police fired tear gas at hundreds of opposition supporters
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in the capital on thursday the calling for president peter with reka to resign after what they say was a rigged election last month. the world health organization says that it estimates that around a quarter of the bowl infections in the eastern democratic republic of congo are going undetected they've been more than 2000 confirmed cases since the epidemic broke out in august with nearly 1400 deaths the world health organization says that its teams haven't been able to reach some areas because of fighting the unrest is also making detection harder and in some cases those with the virus are being diagnosed too late. we are definitely missing cases because when you have come community dates like that and probable cases then you are definitely missing transmission and the. 1000000000 dollar question is how big is that number we believe at this point i'm then then let me be clear let me be very cautious here or
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we believe that we were we're probably. detecting in excess of 75 percent of cases we may be missing up to a quarter of cases in chile thought thousands of teachers are on strike and calling for better working conditions on employment rights they're also protesting against a government decision to eliminate compulsory school subjects on latin america as a lucy and even reports. on.
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race. riots after the holy. spirit it was. not. just ahead here on the biggest women's sporting event. will have all the build up from.
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bargains are the sport here so i thank you very much adrian always out with the latest from the french open where rafael nadal is just a win away from his record 12 title at the long haul suspended has just beaten his old rival roger federer and straight sets 636-4622 reach his 26th a grand slam final he will now face the winner of the other semifinal between world number one novak djokovic and dominique team. while marquis of long to do so has
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become the 1st teenager to reach the women's french open final in more than a decade in 1000 year old the czech player b. britain's join a contact in the unseeded going to the silver is yet to drop a set at this torment and will be making her 1st grand slam final appearance. she'll be taken on australia's actually barty and sasha days of final the 8th see this recovered from being a fed down to be 17 year old american amanda i miss him over side of rhonda rouer said the 23 year old that will be playing in her 1st grand slam final. the biggest women's sporting event in history kicks off in france later on friday the host nation take on south korea in game one of the world cup i just sold out to the press stadium france are hoping to emanate the success of their men concert pause in russia last year and make history by becoming the 1st country to hold both wall cups interested in women's football has reached
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a new peak nearly 1000000 tickets have been sold out for the event as our sports correspondent reports. some of. the world's best female footballers have the biggest stage yet the world copied from 24 teams 52 going and use it's a bigger deal than the last women's world cup in canada 4 years ago this is the biggest of a sports event for women along. it needs to be a gang changer i want to harness the energy of the millions of women and girls around the world who are june in towards the future for our women's work and be inspired by is a world class players. as the quality has risen so has the interest from duke constantine sponsors as well the 1000000 tickets sold where they are. finally players are getting the recognition they deserve social media is playing
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a significant part of the german same rank in the world this still work to experience unless you he owns an amish can't. trophy how does an favorites of the united states who won the 1st world cup in 1091 to a lukewarm response in 2019 competition will be fierce the best in the guts a bridge to the men's guy who received 10 times more prize money to be united states star hope solo called it discrimination others say it shouldn't spoil the positive tone around the event the bonds coming in for this $1.00 just is so in the standard really before even the 1st game is even kicked off people at the planning viewing parties that already know what time the kickoff to going to be and just the investment and the buzz around this one it's going to be the biggest one yet are you looking forward to the women's world cup again we watch of course of course i'm going to be there for your. host nation france have a chance of emulating the men's team that beat the world in russia last year. and
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that the wins a european champions and expected to be strong along with england canada and japan . and then in a month's time the semifinals on the final of the tournament where. the home of the limping and i lay on is the current epicenter of women's football french champions for the last 13 years in succession european champions the path for. a head go back is the world's best player but the norwegian won't be at the world cup she quit the national team i have a concern female players are not respected it's a cause she still fights for it's up to other players to take this opportunity to show just how far women's football is calm. al-jazeera of the women's world cup in france. the head of african football ahmed ahmed has been released without charge off the spending 10 hours in detention in paris where he was questioned why a french authorities if the 9 year old has been accused by a former official at the continent's governing body of misusing hundreds of
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thousands of dollars that is also a fee for vice-president his incidents came less than 24 hours away after president johnny infant claimed that he says days of corruption were in the past. resume full sun has given a statement to police in rio linked to the rape allegations against him the brazilian football confederation reported that the p.s.g. striker received a summons to speak with authorities over accusations he posted pictures and messages from his a ledger victim on social media without her permission while the police are investigating whether he broke the law by doing so the rape case is being investigated separately in sao paulo has denied any wrongdoing. billionaire minority owner of the golden state warriors that has been fined $500000.00 for pushing the toronto pledging game 3 of the n.b.a.
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finals wants even so on the right of your screen there the raptors stop playing loughrea when he fell out of bounds in oakland stephens later apologized and accepted the punishment toronto currently leads the best of 7 series 2 games to one you know in this situation. i couldn't hear any better i'm glad i did but i didn't. understand you know these could have been a lot different if i reacted a different way or by did something or. per his own no more degree nature but the support i've got from fellow players league has been on believe. in the n.h.l. the senate was bruised one win away from lifting the stanley cup for the 1st time in history they claim stand on the road when they get the boston bruins arrive brian on me and david perron help the boosted to one win against boston to be the
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best of 7 series 3 games to 2. and that's it for me adrian so many thanks indeed for the news out as well but of course the news continues i'll be back with more of the day's news in just a few moments see. burnell read that i could read. a creator a twitter returns to activism with a new mission here that would like all right bill. but can't digital dissidents work within the technological free market it's a race against the kurds in the persians when there steal from the capitalists part of the rebel geek series on al-jazeera. in an
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ordinary week dr event atar at the heart of the only functioning hospital in town in north eastern south sudan and his team operate on around 60 patients. the united nations refugee agency nominated him for the prestigious nansen award which you won in recognition of his work and the incredibly difficult to constance's. south sudan has been in conflict since 2013 the war has divided the country along ethnic lines 200000 people most of them refugees from sudan's blue nile state even this remote town and looked to be a bad hospital for all their medical needs they would has destroyed almost the infrastructure which are especially in the upper layer. almost always including mother was would always have stood living there in the process or who you know visions of the mother to walk into the city that they're supposed to. global food
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production is wasteful and the straining our planet. but pioneers are adapting with new food sources jellyfish is delicious with a very light seafood taste and a texture some there to color mari. and innovative production techniques i've seen a vertical farm before i would never in a restaurant after say this is great earthrise feeding the 1000000000 on a jersey. ethiopia's prime minister meets sudan's protest leaders and the military join to try to ease the crisis. and i get i'm adrian for again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the
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u.n. says that 4000000 venezuelans have left the country. u.k. prime minister series and they will officially step down as the head of the conservative party a move triggered by the breaks that crisis. the u.n. the mounted investigation into what it calls a staggering number of murders as a result of the philippine government's war on drugs. if the o.p.'s prime minister says that he stressed the need for unity in his efforts to mediate between sudan's ruling military and protest leaders bad metz the declaration of freedom and change forces that's a coalition of political groups and passes representing the protesters and earlier in the day in khartoum he sat down with members of the military jumped up notably absent was the head of the rapid support forces general mohamed harm done bungalow
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the u.n. human rights chief is calling for an urgent deployment of the monitoring team it comes after a violent week in sudan in which more than 100 people were killed al-jazeera is stephanie deca has the latest. picture is slowly emerging of what happened in to dawn on monday the 3rd you know. grief fills this hospital room. bodies lined the floor. an internet blackout imposed by the minute she counsel means. mobile phone footage has been slow to make it out. but everything points to a gruesome bloody day a peaceful sit in that ended in this. with reports of rapes beatings and killings at the hands of the paramilitary rapid support forces were told many people are still missing. in an effort to resolve the crisis in prime minister abu ahmed arrived in khartoum on friday for meetings with the military council and protest
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groups the african union suspended sudan on thursday until the military hands over power to civilians the military council would have a stake in what happens in sudan in the future. many of these people who are now leading the transitional military council are people who have been leading the sudanese military for a very long period of time this is a military that has been involved in vii's atrocities various abuse particularly in darfur back in 20032004 there are questions of accountability there for you said one of the strongest and loudest voices in this process of transition and there are course already for accountability and for justice but for now there appears to be no accountability and no justice a general strike is planned for sunday the opposition wants change they don't want military rule an era of oppression hangs over the streets of khartoum that's how it's been described to us there is
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a sense of unease and fear but there is also resilience and little certainty about how things are going to move forward stephanie decker al-jazeera amnesty international says of the military council must withdraw all members of the rapid support forces from the streets secretary general kofi knight who says what we've witnessed in the past 3 days is horrific and barbaric the senseless killing of protesters must be stopped immediately of those responsible for the bloodbath including at command level must be held fully accountable for the dreadful actions . rupert coville is the spokesperson for the u.n. high commissioner for human rights he joins us now via skype from geneva report thanks for being with us the commission has said they continue to be gravely concerned about the situation in sudan but what's to be done about it. well i think a number of things we requested for us to the government to get the u.n. human rights management team into the country as quickly as possible. but one thing
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i think the other thing is to rein meeting the rounds of golf course. immediately because this group has a very very checkered history. and it has been at the center of the violence as we probably have been just a few moments ago talking about amnesty international calling for the withdrawal of the rapid support forces accountability is crucial is that it avoiding further bloodshed here yeah absolutely and i can't put it in any extremely short and you know the 1st protective out of the ransom court force you know crew members of the judge read which were implicated in the horrendous abuses of police in or 20031 ones and again they are the rapids. in 2030 they were so happily. rather than really serious violations killings rapes and destruction of villages
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and so on in darfur again and 20302040 because this un human rights monitoring team these talks about how difficult would it be to run with things as they are at the moment to to get such a force into sudan. well you know it wouldn't be a huge game invigorate in the small t.v. obviously we need the agreement and cooperation of the government to be requested. and they would go in and hopefully and to do everyone of any gender view to get a clearer picture of exactly what happened who's responsible. what the scale of the budget is so long and that's to go. many violations are taking place that the details are not here is a point and the sort of whole process moving towards accountability is not yet happening but as far as the un high commissioner for human rights is concerned a swift transition to civilian rule in sudan is what's most important here.
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absolutely and i think you know you're hearing what everyone's saying that it was that general the african union the high commissioner said they don't come up with any of the violence and that's really the only and the solution and i think you know what has to take on hat off to the protests as being in a remarkably restrained and you know really a exemplary in the way they carried out a protest since you know the beginning of the you know. in the face of the quite severe propagations which. could still to rip up any thanks for being with us rupert coville the spokesperson for the un huge high commissioner for human rights . the u.s. congress is pushing back on donald trump's moves to foster tracked the sale of american weapons to saudi arabia a new york times reports reports concern that it could give riyadh access to technology to produce its own versions of high tech bombs precision guided bombs of
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being used in the war in yemen president trying to plant a national security emergency last month by passing bypassing congress to so billions in all means to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. let's go live now to washington correspondent kimberly how could this the white house and can tell us more what are we to make of this complete. well congress not very happy about this in their number of reasons for that 1st of all they're concerned that this technology could fall into the wrong hands they're also concerned that if this technology gets to saudi arabia which it will we don't have a timeline on it but unless there's any effort to legislatively stop this this is moving ahead and the fear is in all of this that well it's american technology adrian that is being sent over and and adding to the stockpile of weapons that already exist that saudi arabia will then be able to use this technology to in term produce their own precision guided weapons where is the concern about these being
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used when it comes to the u.s. congress well it's yemen that they're really worried about the saudi led conflict there potentially there has been sort of a long effort in the u.s. congress pushing back trying to stall the sale of these weapons but as you pointed out it was donald trump who declared a national emergency citing tensions with iran as a reason to push this forward but the u.s. congress not happy about it and certainly using what little. constitutional powers given to them in terms of a check and balance to try and stop this ok kimberly many thanks indeed offices kimberly hope to live in washington. now mexico's president manuel lopez obrador says that he's optimistic that a deal can be reached with the united states the 2 sides are into the final day of talks to resolve differences over migration and trade lopez obrador says that it's a positive sign that the talks are continuing in washington the u.s. is set to impose a 5 percent tariff on all mexican goods from monday and it's threatened that could
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increase if mexico doesn't stem the flow of micron's over the border. the un says that at least 4000000 people have left venezuela due to its worsening economic and political crises all but 7 100000 of them left since the end of 2015 the un's describe the figure as alarming and says urgent help is still needed to host them in other countries especially in latin america for more let's cross live to al-jazeera as they see a new man who's in santiago for us this is quite a staggering number of people who have left the country 4000000 is that going to rise. adrian i think it's a conservative number the u.n. usually puts out these reports months after they've gathered the figures and what we've been hearing now for the last 4 or 5 months is that the number of people exit that israel has been increasing it hasn't stopped at all there was
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a slight pause in the number if you like during february parrott least some of it is wayland's thought that there might be a political change in the country that could lead to an improvement in the economic climate but that has not happened as we all know and the numbers continue to rise and in fact some agencies including the united nations are forecasting that that number could reach $6000000.00 by the end of this year so it is a staggering amount unprecedented amount and the vast majority of these venezuelans are not going to europe are not going to the united states are trying to they're coming here to latin america to countries like chile the u.n. has called them as well as to be given refugee status but can latin america cope well that is the big question and that is why many latin american countries are calling on the international community to come to look at to try to help to take some part of the responsibility in what is an unprecedented migration crisis for
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this part of the world remember we've been seeing for months thousands and thousands of central americans for example forming caravans trying to cross over into the united states from mexico but what we're seeing from that is where is far more people millions not tens of thousands coming here into latin america to countries like ecuador peru colombia especially chile and argentina in fact as we speak at this hour there is a demonstration taking place in ecuador ecuador and taking to the streets complaining that their unemployment rates are just staggering and unacceptable and top of that now they have got hundreds of thousands of venezuela in migrants so simply simply put no latin america can't cope with this this embody thanks did a lesson america has had to see in human their lives in santiago we're going to weather update next here sirrah that britain's brigs of process fails where the seeds of westminster as labor secures a narrow victory.


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