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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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emergency powers to push this weapon sell through essentially a vague congressional review something that otherwise is constitutionally mandated now the administration has sided the tensions with iran without supplying any sort of adequate intelligence that there is an escalated threat so members of congress not happy with what they see as part of a larger package that will now add to the stockpiles of tens of thousands of weapons already available to saudi arabia from a standpoint of congress not only is there discomfort over this being potentially falling into the wrong hands but also the coziness of the trump administration with saudi arabia particularly given the fact that the cia has concluded that saudi arabia was responsible the highest levels of the saudi government specifically the crown prince of ordering the murder of jim hush oshie the washington post journalist and they believe for this reason as well as other human rights violation
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the this is not a government that the united states should be supporting. in the news ahead the british prime minister theresa may has officially stepped down as the head of the conservative party triggered by her failure to deliver brags that. hello summer proper seems to settle the now that doesn't disallow a few showers so need the last line the clouds run out from egypt into normal society is like trees a shower to up in syria eastern turkey or georgia but otherwise just think of temps as inland in the forty's quite happily and near the coast if you're lucky in beirut high twenty's rather more pleasant i would have thought temperature wise in iran to round up to 35 but there is still there is to
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a potential for quite significant thunderstorms along the southern caspian to the northern shores of iran if you like the arabian peninsula is typically dry and hot is time of the year $42.00 in doha $42.00 in mecca but the cloud is increasing in yemen and will start to creep up there on the coast as done so yet with the horn of africa catching some pretty big downpours along with occasionally southern yemen so in africa should be large to draw its when to seize nass you tend to get storms streaming through just catching the sudden cape for example cape town looks fine to 18 degrees but with a bit of rain up through the mozambique coast otherwise it's looking good by day because we're talking about high ground here we're into the low twenty's of course overnight it gets down to near frost particularly in south africa but if you like the sunshine go anyway. the journey to work can be a challenge on its own. but for some peruvian villagers traversing one of the
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world's most dangerous roads is a risk that comes with the job. to follow the journey of these people as they get there to survive. risking it all. on al-jazeera. back with the headlines for you here on al-jazeera and sudan's opposition has accepted ethiopia's prime minister as a mediator in the political deadlock with the military. trying to kick start
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negotiations as protesters continue to call for civilian rule for violent crackdown on demonstrations. protesters rallied in liberia's capital to voice their anger over rising prices and corruption queues president george way of mishandling the economy in the u.s. congress is pushing back on president trump's move to fast track the sale of american weapons to saudi arabia a new york times report says the u.s. could give riyad access to technology to produce its power and high tech bombs. the u.n. says at least 4000000 people have now left venezuela because of its worsening economic and political crises well that 7 100000 of them left since the end of 2015 the un's described the figure as alarming and says urgent help is still needed to host them and other countries particularly in latin america more with asean human i latin america editor in santiago. the u.n. high commission for refugees numbers of 4000000 venezuelans having left the country
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could in fact be conservative and we know that the numbers are increasing by the day in fact some organizations including the united nations are predicting that more than 6000000 venezuelans could have left the country before the end of this year and the vast majority of these people are coming here to latin america and to countries that simply cannot cope in many cases cannot even provide the basic services for their own population and so latin american countries are trying to urge the international community to step up to try to help to share the responsibility for this unprecedented flood of refugees as they're being called now from venezuela they are in chile they are in argentina in peru more than a 1000000 in colombia in ecuador and counting and in fact we're now seeing for the 1st time that israel in striving to leave the country in raf's and some of them drowning in the ocean trying to get to places like trinidad and tobago the u.s.
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says it will go ahead with a 5 percent tariff on all mexican goods from monday despite progress in talks over migration and trade it was just hours after the president's the mexican president under its manuel lopez obrador said he was optimistic a deal could be reached but tariffs are being imposed to pressure mexico into stemming the flow of migrants over america's southern border the white house says the terrorists could go as high as 25 percent. russian president vladimir putin says the u.s. isn't forcing its legal power across the world. economic forum he called american efforts to be more protectionist a recipe for conflict he also called it's measured against the chinese tech giant huawei a move to push the company out of the global market all the details now what steps falls. flat to me put into words must have been music to the ears of his guests of chinese president xi jinping is on a 3 day state visit to russia at a time when china is involved in
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a trade war with the united states and the relationship between the 2 world's largest economies is at a low for putin it is clear who is to blame. it is how the united states i regret to say that x. today it extends the jurisdiction across the whole world by the way i already spoke about it 12 years ago not only contradicts the normal logic of communication between the nations in the reality of the complex multi-polar world most importantly it does not meet the challenges of the future. both put an end she have described their relationship as unprecedented trade between russia and china has reached a historic high of more than $100000000000.00 and the 2 leaders have decided to start using the national currencies to be less dependent on the u.s. dollar look at the sizes of the economies china and russia are far apart but their troubled relationship with the united states and their common positions on
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international issues like for his away north korea and iran i've created a strong bond so while china has been dominating this most prestigious international forum the united states government has been boycotting it the reason was the best of american investor michael kawhi 4 months ago alfie has worked in russia for more than 2 decades and is facing fraud charges he says are fabricated who is. under house arrest had requested to attend the forward but even an endorsement from the kremlin did not help at the russian american business meeting his chair remain empty. longstanding. person investor with a very good reputation in russia and when that happened to him everybody thought that it happened to him a good happen to anybody and that has an impact on investment decisions of course foreign and russian business people called for legal reforms during the forum but
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reform was not on the menu put in was hosting cheat the russian leader took the opportunity to take the chinese president on a river cruise in his hometown st petersburg while she remarked that the city had nurtured many outstanding people put in later apologized for keeping the chinese leader awake way past his bedtime because they had so much to talk about step fasten al-jazeera st petersburg. and so with russia the u.s. says it will lodge a formal diplomatic protest with russia over a near miss between their warships and the east china sea both countries are accusing each other of unsafe actions after the ships came within 50 meters of crashing the 2 ships at stake invasive action to avoid a collision which military officials say puts sailors lives in danger. britain's prime minister theresa may has officially stepped down as the leader of her conservative party she will continue to serve as prime minister while the party
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chooses her successor and there are 11 pages already in the race to do that may announced her resignation 2 weeks ago after parliament voted down her briggs it deal for a 3rd time. but is covering it conservative party that was beaten into 3rd place in a byelection in the city of pisa bro in uniform brags that party came in 2nd after its strong performance in the european elections last month however it was the opposition labor party which held on to the seat despite differing opinions across our city the fact that the bracks is party had been rejected here in peterborough shows that the politics. shows that the politics of division will not win. this is a result for every community in peterborough tonight's victory is significant because it has shown that the politics of hope can win. regardless of the
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odds and judges in britain's high court of thrown out an attempt to prosecute politician boris johnson for allegedly lying about briggs it last month johnson who is considered the front runner to replace to reason may was told to appear in court for saying that during the $26.00 the referendum britain would be about $400000000.00 a week better off outside the european union u.n. human rights experts are demanding an investigation into what they call a staggering number of murders in the philippine government's war on drugs human rights watch estimates at least 12000 filipinos have been killed since president deterred his campaign began back in 2016 or from charlotte bellus. one year into philippine president rod regarded her say as war on drugs 17 year old candela sentence was dragged into a dark alley in manila by plain clothes police officers and shot in the hit. he was
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one of 32 suspects killed that night for their alleged involvement in the illegal drugs trying to. hurt the people who shot my son can hear this i don't know if they have a heart there are a lot of churches here they should go to one. another year passed into tears i had doubled down on the drug war his signature policy initiative went to the funerals of 5 people in cebu killed in a right one widow told us how police barged into her home at dawn looking for her husband he told me don't be afraid there are no drugs in our home they won't do anything but she says police shot her husband dave in the last 3 years police say they have killed more than 5000 drug users or dealers but rights groups insist that number is at least 3 times higher.
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if you stay 3 years to destroy our. human rights experts and the cools for an independent investigation with this statement to the un human rights council we have recorded a staggering number of unlawful deaths and police killings in the context of the so-called war on drugs as well as killings of human rights to find they right the killings appear to happen in a climate of impunity and that concerns have been raised with to today's government 33 times over the last 3 years. the president has remained defiant when the international criminal court began examining the president's policies on drugs he withdrew from the court and he isn't 20173 singing the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings agnes kalama. that's why i told column art if you
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investigate me i'll slap you she is the lead signatory to this new statement. that even though you may be more are ever. even don't present it heard this our lives are not even in charge of the legislature and even though there's not much of a challenge for checks and balances at home at least internationally there are good men that run. the livin rights campaign is timed this statement a hit of the un human rights council opening a new session in geneva this month challenge ballasts al-jazeera the world health organization says around a quarter of ebola infections in eastern democratic republic of congo are going undetected there have been more than 2000 confirmed cases since the epidemic broke out in august with nearly 1400 deaths the w.h.o. says its teams have not been able to reach some areas because of fighting the unrest is also making detection harder and in some cases those with the virus are
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being diagnosed too late a jury is interim president says he will stay on until the next election despite calls by protesters for him to step down a bill carter been solid soco over as leader in april after the longtime leader abdel aziz put a figure resigned but protesters want anyone associated to put a fake a gone before a new election can be held. the u.n. security council has been told a state actor is likely responsible for an attack on oil tankers of the coast of the u.a.e. last month saudi arabia norway present of the joint report the u.s. previously blamed iran but teheran says israel could be responsible for him harm and has more. sophisticated and coordinated operation that's how the united arab emirates saudi arabia and norway described last month attacks on for oil tankers off the coast of the u.a.e. a u.a.e. led investigation has told the u.n.
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security council that a state actor played a role but gave no clarity on who was responsible for the attack happened east of the emirate of fujairah which is near the strait of hormuz a global oil and gas shipping route to saudi tankers and amorality vessel and the no we were targeted but there were no casualties the country's believe the may 12th attacks required experts navigational fos boats and trained divers who placed mines to cause damage to the vessels but not a major explosion. u.s. president donald trump has deployed warships and b. $52.00 bombers to the region citing an unspecified threat from iran and there's been an escalating series of rhetoric and accusations. u.s. national security adviser john bolton has accused iran of attacking the vessel's he's long been calling for regime change into one and u.s. secretary of state my pump aoe says it's possible to her alleged attack was an
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attempt to raise the price of oil the saudi ambassador to the u.n. also blamed iran but iran's foreign minister rejects the accusations as ludicrous and is calling for an investigation in a tweet he left little doubt about who he thinks is responsible accusing the israeli intelligence agency mossad of fabricating information to link to her and to the attacks russia's deputy ambassador to the u. . and says the investigation should continue but you shouldn't jump to conclusions you want to know when the both know you really really. know because we're. losing the investigation will be continuing so no name no you know you. just didn't claim any litigation will continue to change but that's going to leave but he told you we live in the investigation so far no one has presented evidence of the claims all of this comes after the us really imposed sanctions on the rainy and oil exports after withdrawing from the 2050 nuclear deal last year
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iran has since begun rolling back on some of its commitments under the nuclear deal the 3 countries you presented this report say the attacks endangered commercial navigation and the security of global energy supplies really mohammed al jazeera. the american pianist and singer macrebennack known as dr john has died of a heart attack at the age of 77. since his 968 debut album grigory the 6 time grammy award winner was celebrated figure in the new orleans music scene 35 albums he produced spanning rock jazz and funk or reflecting on his family his time in prison and his struggle with drugs.
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with al-jazeera these are the top stories sudan's opposition has conditionally accepted ethiopia's prime minister as a mediator in their political deadlock with the military. it isn't hard to try to kick start negotiations protestors continue to call for civilian rule there are now reports that an opposition leader has also been detained. amnesty international says an internet blackout is also allowing the military to conceal the ongoing violence this is obviously for the reason that the government of sudan was a military gasses they know they want to hide. their crime that. the committee. meeting people analysis deeds across the capital city they beat up people. around the world with. daily basis about what's happening in sudan atmosphere of fear about mysterio sadness and i think this is not the way to govern any country
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the other headlines demonstrate is in liberia's capital the protesting against rising prices and corruption they're angry over president george wears handling of the economy accuse them of poor leadership he came to power 18 months ago promising to create jobs and to tackle corruption the government is also blocked access to social media it says to maintain public safety the u.s. has impose new sanctions on iran's petrochemical industry targeting the country's largest petrochemical group over its financial support for the islamic revolution recall a guard corps elite military unit has charge of ballistic and nuclear missile programs u.s. congress is pushing back on president trump's move to fast track the sale of american weapons to saudi arabia a new york times report says the u.s. could give riyadh access to technology to produce its own high tech bombs and the u.n. says 4000000 immigrants migrants have fled the political and economic crises in venezuela most of them in the past 3 and
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a half years describes the figure as alarming and says urgent help is needed and those are your headlines we're back with the news hour right after inside story. say done under pressure the african union suspends khartoum over its violent crackdown on protesters and ethiopian prime minister is in the country to try and diffuse the tension but will this all work and how much power is the military ready to give up this is inside story. it.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm hala my he had seen with more than a 100 protesters killed in the past week international pressure is growing on sudan's military jointer it's a compromise with its opponents if it's leading mediation efforts to end the standoff prime minister abu ahmed says in khartoum where he's juta meet both sides the goal is for the military to hand over power to civilians but after this week's violent cracks are in the process later see little reason to trust the army they have refused further talks and say they'll continue their demonstrations. while the african union has suspended siddhant over the cracks and it won't be allowed to take part in the regional bloc unless civilians are put in charge they use says this is the only way out of the crisis but the military has been sending mixed
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messages on wednesday it said it was open to negotiations with the processors. when 100000000 ask we in the transitional military council open our hands to negotiation with no purpose but the interest of the nation through which we can complete the establishment of a legitimate authority that expresses the ambitions of the sudanese revolution in all its varieties but this came just one day after they rule dates any further talks and states calling for elections within 9 months in the service are either a legitimate mandate can only made through the ballot box as a result the military council is to tight the following counseling what has been agreed and ending negotiation with the declaration of freedom and change forces secondly a call to general elections within a period that does not exceed 9 months from now with international and regional monitoring creating a necessary environment for this. well let's introduce our panel joining us from london adama ghai author of to morrow the
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new africa and former information director for eco us and florence we have majority to delhi maru fellow and former african union official and back in london john a professor all of anthropology at bard college and founder of rift valley institute's a research body operating in east africa welcome to you all if i could start with you adama guy how significant would you say ethiopia's intervention in this crisis is. at least we see africans trying to help other african countries in need so this is a welcome development that the prime minister be mohammed. precisely attempts to mediate as he has tried to do between kenya and somalia
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and between djibouti and i think that's something that is to be looked at but defunct also is that utopia is a for a guy in the country and it cannot be they want to rule the fixing do or problem of done you know that there are other big players behind the scene for instance a saudi other bia immunity. it give to that is ordering at the moment the chairmanship of the african union so those are important players and beyond them you have the african union you have the united nations and the of western countries that include of course china that me have a seat because it has been a major player in supporting the regime of president bashir there collapsed on april 11th so i think that is an attempt which is good dissolute but you need to expand it and ensure that there is students behind the diplomacy that is undertaken
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by mr ok it is another danger though that we do have too many cooks in the kitchen at this point says atomic i was mentioning we did have this you to promote sic turkish from the african union as certainly ethiopia has has got in there straight off the bat but there are other countries who have an interest and a very significant state in here given this situation today tomorrow do you think that. the african union's intervention at this point is not going to be enough given there are so many other regional powers up play. yes hello i think the point you're making is correct for the fact that the horn of africa now is the proxy battlefield for many are too many actors too big ones to be easily heeding to unified voice from
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africa or the horn of africa or mediation by one country clearly the 1st one. with the last. unified voice unified all vision from the un from out there after the european union united states and so on which is playing actually a different kind of role this will be. less likely the. elites seeing this country initiative will work generally speaking to so welcome. the african union has. voiced its polish him and he is attempting this arc but this country would be after the axis is you don't want to ask too big too many and there are 2 heads i don't know i'm not going to hear i've
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done to sorry to cut you off my heart john royal if i could turn to you now would you agree with this assessment there are good intentions from the african union that essentially this problem is now too large and too international in scope well i think you would look at the afternoon is record i mean it's it's obviously correct that they should have suspended saddam for membership and they've done this before to other countries with mixed results but not a mouse quite right in saying there's an awful lot unpack in terms of the national interest both of the neighbor countries and member countries of a you and the international players and i think that. the ahmed is one leader in the region who has credibility because of the astonishing transformation under his leadership in ethiopia but whether he can do the same thing in sudan i think it's symbolically important that he's gone and we await to see what he said both to
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the leaders of the transitional military council and to the leaders of the civilian movement a response to me with well interestingly that you've raised that point joined while there has been much made of the situation particularly on social media that. has indeed met with leaders of the transitional council but one key leader of the transitional council was not there we are of course talking about mohammed's drug lord or head as he's known the. individual he's deemed to be the real person in charge she certainly has these rapid support forces under his command general what would you say this signifies in terms of. a realistic way forward through dialogue if this individual was knots at present at these talks.
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well i suppose the hope is that the other members of the transitional military council are attempting to militarize him and possibly to blame the rapid sport forces for the violence which they were indeed the main perpetrators of but it may just be seen as tact he may have refused to meet them i think we really can't possibly know but what is undoubtedly true is he is the leader of the r.s.s. the rebels forces they were not the only but the main perpetrators of the massacre earlier this week which was an act of really unusual violence i mean a lot of people were killed we know at least a 100 people were killed many women raped people with one of the nile this is actually a body count higher than that of many of the insurgencies elsewhere in the region although of course it's eclipsed by the history of this regime or it's because a regime in darfur itself where hundreds of thousands of people have been killed
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over the last 20 years down a guy what are your thoughts of the likelihood of. sitting down to dialogue do you think this is likely perhaps behind the scenes he may turn back to mediators such as the theory of prime minister. i think suspect that. this person who has been behind atrocitus t.v. it is not just in death food but this past week on monday when almost over 100 people it has been said have been killed after a peaceful demonstration in the name of democracy that this person is out of the game because sudan is a country that is known for in a meeting in a minute imported to leaders who are problematic and you recall that mr bashir has
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been ousted after. 30 years in power and nobody is talking about him anymore i think that the dissolution would come from balls were not tainted by blood and the busy fact 2 that. it busy has met the person with no means of the. do one leaving the country. is not to be is not something that should be considered as busy secondary i do believe that you need to have a partner with whom you can talk and discuss which solution and. a way forward that will be agreeable by the international community many will not want to talk to this criminal who have killed the people so being a rough person even though you may have the support of egypt and other alternative religion is not the way forward and last one to do this i do believe mr ahmed as a lot of stake in this mediation that is doing because with what he has achieved in
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the id court i have met him 2 years ago who during the turn of forum we have seen the thought formation if he pulls this crisis out and fix it and appears as the one with given a chance for the military to exit which is the right way forward i do believe we may be considered as a party. sure winner this year of the nobel prize it could at least vote for it because it is middle lot of inroads in democracy and opening up is country and in playing regional rule i think that that does perhaps somewhat far away to talk of nobel prizes given that certainly we're still waiting on hearing what's come of these efforts but i mean realistically where's the incentive for b r me to step back and say ok we'll hand over power i guess we've heard there have been these atrocities committed certainly a very violent crackdown by various factions of the military where is their
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incentive to turn around and say ok hands up or just hand over power. yeah but the military they realized that they have really a small window of opportunity here because the longer they try to cling to power even with the support of those alternatives in regime of. egypt saudi arabia and emits evidence that we are committed to be against them they have learned their juvenile she didn't know the job put it seems of africa they have seen many leaders we have been in power and we have been ousted and we have exerted peacefully the likes of mugabi zuma and others there to be considered so if they want to insist i think they will create the condition of a civil war and i suspect also once again we have to look far ahead if i mention
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this number of his friends that's something that one has to analyze in the long run it's a possibility but also the who was it isn't it may be this some of these asian of zimbabwe of this country of sudan because recall in 99 to one when the mamma said but it was in power in. somalia it was almost the same situation but because he tried to get into power that created what domestically that we still witness in some somalia the sensing may happen into student if ever the minute any people who are in charge at the moment in a further condition under sun that their time is over they have not managed property of the economy they have numbers politically the situation and the walled in against them at this stage they have to exit and allow others to take over the reins of power ok my heart attack that they would you agree with this assessment that it is time for the military to stand down and they have an incentive to do so
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. let me say this 1st that if your assessments for missing and nobel to be satisfied for now. then i have to point is that i've received in my opinion in the c.m.c. special you have the key then either miscalculation that the sudanese army is similar to did your shot which is not. they give me enjoy a lot of interest from western and middle eastern forces so it's not going to be support life support to the sudanese army to gauge the kind of support base your. game so far and sustain itself would not insist on i think that it is a tendency to look at this as an example egyptian army as example and you know being poor is that he's a confrontation and the confrontation continues the way it's now the people are
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really i mean we have serious problems and i would miss the i want to end the element of the t.n.c. we ordered the public in general because the protests are going to continue that added element to this in different process rebuys and. ok this will not come to the legs and let me add another point. with regard to the forces that are supporting this and see me not see any sense to look at g.m. and now yemen either didn't it's a disaster and the reason we have forgotten it is it was instigated by you expect similar situation could happen in sudan of course for big bucks i think that is the need for instance by this element within the m.c.c. only if it's comes from policy that i've highly polished and also has.
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pressure and the leverage on the middle eastern forces that are active in sudan not . only incentive to mislead the transition will have to be a big sense where civilians and many will come together to discuss the future of saddam and the armed forces should go back to back its place in the box and it has 2 men saying on meet the. national security of the country beyond let the army come north all consider itself are the goddamn of unity of saddam while the people are already about in the highest level up in the spanish and the distance to control the future of saddam ok tell me how can i get your reaction to that. well i mean that's that's the optimistic scenario very much to be hoped for i think one point about the army is as dr murray correctly says it's not really comparable
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with the egyptian army. it's reflective of become an alliance between the regular armed forces the armed forces of nist the national intelligence organization and the rabid support forces and the rebels of all forces are sort of monster created by the government over the last 20 years as a counter-insurgency force in darfur which has now come home to roost if you like and i think the question is who is best and can they actually assert their authority over amity i mean it's said that there's pressure on him to resign that he's resisting it and i think the the the somalis now are in the truly disaster scenario saddam will be a war between different factions of the armed forces in the center of the country because of course his a to war in sudan has been on the periphery in darfur which has spawned this terrible violence and in other parts on the borders of south sudan
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sometimes in eastern sudan this is the 1st time that the center has seen this these levels of violence and there's now a real conversation for the for the state which is not simply the army versus civilians there are interests on both sides i think we also have to weigh up the real importance of the support for the. let's say for the time being for the transitional military council from egypt saudi arabia. these this involvement is is very deep these are all military regimes of course and there are even there are some of those stories sudanese proxy forces fighting in yemen on behalf of saudi arabia so there's a sort of intimate relation between the armed forces of this these 3 countries which will be hard to disassemble under sustained civil campaign
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events. let us hope so i mean. who is one of the leaders of the civilian movement has said about sitting a thought to me that you can in the city and in khartoum but the whole country is now sits in ok now that may be true because the current movement started out psychotrauma started up roads as an old industrial city in sudan and spread to other cities in the central area so it's not something confined courtroom we don't really know what's happening in these other places because another thing to members concentration is there's a news blackout but a serious suppression of news media including of course. this isn't deeds and everything is if i was not clear where i'm sorry to cut you off we are in the time moments of this debate i am interested in exploring this aspect of the supports of the t.n.c. the transitional military council and the various factions mahara to tell him are
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you had said that it's unlike the egyptian army because there is no support from the west that we are seeing significant amounts of support from the united arab emirates and saudi arabia estimated the tune of $3000000000.00. it is as i have the axes changed because the west does not appear to want any part of this fight it's the united states the u.k. the european union these countries organizations are very quick to condemn but very reluctant to play any part in this is the new dynamic 9 knots bringing in supports or condemnation from the west but certainly the new axis of support now lies very much in the gulf in the middle east. as i think the main question is what is the strategic interest of the west and middle
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eastern m.p. in sudan of course the western slap in the interest on egypt is a much much long term and it has complicated history which i don't want to go now but it is much longer deep in terms of in that statement and so on and so on on the armed forces and we are now is it's not. done in my opinion will not be stable. continue the fragmentation will continue to has already fragment. down school and other places in how they. have been claiming for a little at least some on me and in the eastern conference. as we speak for most additionally but all together to the touch of agreement. on this part just keep calm and fartman vision police now the i'm 40 is not as monolithic
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as you are you seeing in egypt or else and i felt it's come upon the money for your violence through the temple in the 1st place against you was a takeover or civilian power if it was a city young aboriginal through the koran institution the vice president should have stayed there all this should i be the civilian government a condition to use national unity where everyone weak and no bullshit now the army is doing. on this additional money that is now moving and flying the government which is not your strong party ok where in the dying seconds of this debate adama guy if he was in one sentence do you think any media creation mediation attempts can succeed or is it over for the protesters. i think the magician is useful at least it gives
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a window of opportunity for the parties to sort out politically the crisis other way that will lead to military violence with the consequences that would be bad for everybody i do believe also that the african union as an institution not under mr el-sisi the president of egypt who has a side in this conflict should as an institution under the peace and security council come up with a solution to help the sudanese get out of this. crisis so that is may affect the whole region of eastern even northern africa the whole of the continent after the because this kind of course is we cannot allow them to fester ok and 4 say that will have to be the final words thank you very much indeed see all our panelists adamah guy margarita there in morrow and john royal and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by this is
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a new website al-jazeera dot com and the conversation continues online just head to facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story to take part or have your say on twitter our handle is at stage a inside story or tweet me directly at how are. you hearing from here until then for me and the scene and i. well as. burnable reads a lot i could read every man a creator a twit tax returns to activism with a new mission myself here with
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a quit my job of trying build software for social change. but can't digital dissidents work within the technological free market it's a race to get security the patients need when they're steal from the capitalists part of the rebel geek series on al-jazeera. culture a down's thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to brace and maintain their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are and whether. this is a suburb of the idiot capital new delhi tibet so be refugees here since 964 buttons here have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they've become self-sufficient setting up their a business says and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. a
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journey of personal discovery my great grandfather he was a slave of the only property al-jazeera is james garner and expose his family's legacy of slave ownership young like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice to slave people and america's debt to the black people today some of us all star we even scared to speak out there's a surprise that. al-jazeera correspondent a moral debt. this is al jazeera. santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera if the o.p.'s prime minister meet sudan's protest leaders and the military. tries to ease the country's crisis.
2:49 am
also the u.n. issues a warning over the staggering number of venezuelans the scope of the crisis in their home. and maryam namazie and london with all the news from europe including a sunset riverboat of the world's most powerful man as president putin accuses the united states of starting dangerous trade was an unspoken rafael nadal is inside of a record 12 title of the french open the defending the 2 roger federer in straight sets in the semi. opposition has conditionally accepted ethiopia's prime minister as a mediator in their political deadlock with the military. spent the day in sudan he met leaders from a coalition representing protesters calling for civilian rule though there are reports now of one of those leaders being detained they told the ethiopian leader
2:50 am
yes they're open to mediation but under certain conditions and that would include recognizing the violent break up of the sit in demonstration on monday as a crime as well as the release of all political prisoners and also met some members of the military council in khartoum but noticeably absent was general mohamed gallo who leads the so-called rapid support forces the ones have been blamed for most of the atrocities committed. during the crackdown which is left $100.00 people dead stephanie decker. a picture is slowly emerging of what happened in sudan on monday the 3rd of june the. grief fills this hospital room. bodies lined the floor. and internet blackout imposed by the military council means mobile phone footage has been slow to make it out. but everything points to
2:51 am
a gruesome bloody day a peaceful sit in that ended in this. with reports of rapes beatings and killings at the hands of the paramilitary rapid support forces were told many people are still missing. in an effort to resolve the crisis in prime minister abu ahmed arrived in khartoum on friday for meetings with the military council and protest groups the african union suspended sudan on thursday until the military hands over power to civilians the military council would have a stake in what happens in sudan in the future. many of these people who are now leading the transitional military council are people who have been leading the sudanese military for a very long period of time this is a military that has been involved in vii's atrocities various abuse particularly in darfur back in 20032004 there are questions of accountability there for you said one of the strongest and loudest voices in this process of transition and there are
2:52 am
course already for accountability and for justice but for now there appears to be no accountability and no justice a general strike is planned for sunday the opposition wants change they don't want military rule an era of oppression hangs over the streets of khartoum that's how it's been described to us there is a sense of unease and fear but there is also resilience and little certainty about how things are. going to move forward stephanie decker al-jazeera. that we talked about the rapid support forces an amnesty international's call for the immediate withdrawal of those forces from sudan straits secretary general crimean i do says what we have witnessed in the past 3 days is horrific and barbaric the senseless killing of protesters must be stopped immediately and those responsible for the bloodbath including at command level must be held fully accountable for their dreadful actions we heard from rupert coville as well spokesman for the u.n.
2:53 am
high commissioner for human rights who says sudan's rapid support forces must be held accountable for years of human rights violations. we've made a request for more to the government to go to the un human rights monitoring team into the country as quickly as possible. that's one thing i think you know the thing is to rein meaning the rapid support force. immediately because this group has a very very checkered history. and appears to be at the center of the violence as we count abilities in premature incident with. the rapid support force crew members of the former challenger we were implicated in the horrendous abuses at least an hour or $2300.00 words and again you know after the rapids of course was formed in 2013 they were. in other words really
2:54 am
serious violations killings rapes destruction of the looters and so on in darfur again and 20302040 i think you know one has to take one's hat off to the protesters being in a remarkably restrained and you know really exemplary in the way they carried out their protest since the beginning of the year. in the face of quite severe propagations the worst which came. when i have a look now at why many are seeing the prime minister ahmed as someone who actually could ease the crisis in sudan became africa's youngest head of state when he took office in april of last year in just a few months he implemented rapid reforms including a lifting of a state of emergency and ordering the release of thousands of political prisoners has also allowed dissidents to return home and blocked hundreds of websites and
2:55 am
t.v. channels but his biggest achievement so far is ending the state of war with eritrea by agreeing to give up disputed territory on the border. we're going to talk to a protest in. shams who's on the line for us and thank you for talking to us do you have any hope now that the prime minister of ethiopia priester stepped in and they could bring some mediation going on. hi i do have hope but i'm also worried because it's not the. militia groups that. are the offenders are one of. the statements made by. my associate that. after. the r.t.f. so i don't know how that would be but i am. what the records of all forces have done me in this past week and what people are
2:56 am
calling for them to be held accountable for does it make you stop does it make you think i'm not going to go out there and protest or is the cause too important to you. right now definitely not on the street goes is the other way like a civil disobedience that will start on sunday it actually started because many pharmacies that are already closed hospitals. so there are other ways to protest than protesting on the street because at this moment it's very dangerous to see that happen we've seen children getting shot on the street at this point we have to try other measures but do you worry that momentum will be lost because so much was with the protesters for so long and there was this feeling for certainly looks like the protesters wouldn't step back. that momentum because we lost here. no absolutely not the momentum got stronger other people were not even with the
2:57 am
protester not believing what we were doing are with us now because it happened in front of them become too real i can pick up on this right now and right now the brothers actually united even more. now than ever before to end it and to start a new chapter. ok thanks for taking the time to talk to us today do appreciate it to other news in the u.s. as impose new sanctions on iran's petro chemical industry that targeting the country's largest petrochemical group over its financial support for teheran's islamic revolutionary guard corps that is the elite military unit. has me in charge of iran's ballistic and nuclear missile programs and the same group that was added to washington's is to terror organizations back in april. u.s. congress meanwhile is pushing back on donald trump's move to fast track the sale of
2:58 am
weapons to saudi arabia a new york times report says the u.s. could give riyadh access to technology to produce its own versions of high tech bombs these precision guided bombs are the ones being used in the war in germany remember trying to clear a national security emergency last month bypassing congress to sell billions in arms to saudi arabia and the u.s. more on all of this with our white house correspondent kelly wallace as the details of this arms deal come out there is frustration an outrage on capitol hill by both democrats as well as members of the president's own republican party there is concern about saudis having access to this american technology when it comes to these precision guided bombs there is fear that eventually the saudis could use this technology to produce their own weapons and there is concern as well that this could be used in the saudi led conflict in yemen now last month we know that the trumpet ministration took the rare step using emergency powers to push this weapons
2:59 am
sell through essentially a bathing congressional review something that otherwise is constitutionally mandated now the administration has sided the tensions with iran without supplying any sort of adequate intelligence that there is an escalated threat so members of congress not happy with what they see as part of a larger package that will now add to the stockpiles of tens of thousands of weapons already available to saudi arabia from a standpoint of congress not only is there discomfort 2 over this being potentially falling into the wrong hands but also the coziness of the trunk administration with saudi arabia particularly given the fact that the cia has concluded that saudi arabia was responsible the highest levels of the saudi government specifically the crown prince of ordering the murder. show she the washington post journalist and they believe for this reason as well as other human rights violations this is not
3:00 am
a government that the united states should be supporting the u.n. says at least 4000000 people have now left venezuela because of its worsening economic and political crises orbit 700000 of them left since the end of 2015 the un's describe the figure as alarming and says urgent help is still needed to host them in other countries small from a loss in america added to the scene human in santiago the u.n. high commission for refugees numbers of 4000000 venezuelans having left the country could in fact be conservative and we know that the numbers are increasing by the day in fact some organizations including the united nations are predicting that more than 6000000 venezuelans could have left the country before the end of this here and the vast majority of these people are coming here to latin america and to countries that simply cannot cope in many cases cannot even provide the basic services for their own population.


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