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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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imperative come from because the relationship it occurs to me between mexico city and washington has been wholly and utterly negative for the past 2 years and then something clicked something changed maybe 10 days 2 weeks ago and the choreography was wrapped up in very positive language. yeah you're exactly right you know what seems to be the immediate condition for why this occurred was the presentation of the us southwest border to the city of el paso of approximately 1000 migrants and it seemed as if that just. the president on this course but i think that what changed the dynamic was 2 things number one the government of mexico presented itself very willing to negotiate it did not cut back it did not push back and take a nationalistic stance and said ok we understand this we're going to try to work together to resolve it that was the 1st step the 2nd step with what the president of the united states only heard negative responses to his initiative the response
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was uniform from the business community which rejected this many in congress including republicans said this is not the way to proceed so he really in some ways needed to have a solution to this because many people who would normally be supportive of some of the white house initiatives clearly were not on the side so i think the politics of the somewhat well and what's your reading briefly erick once we get to the stage where sarah sondos is on twitter talking about this for example you know donald trump has had a 5 day european tour pictures of him state visit her majesty queen elizabeth good headlines fox news likes that kind of thing and now he's got a double whammy because i guess his people will say mexico is doing what we've been telling mexico to do. well i think that's right there will be a certain amount of triumphalism here and crow and i think my personal view is that would be a mistake to look at the mexico is going to be a neighbor for ever of the united states. it's being too triumphalist about this
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will cause mexico in fact to have to resist in some way i think a much better approach would simply be to say we're working together with our friends south of the border we're trying to address some very difficult issues together and just move forward. eric thank you very much thank you. moving on if he appears prime minister has called for a speedy democratic transition in sudan as he tries to mediate in the political crisis between the military juncture and the opposition which is demanding a civilian government had met protest leaders in khartoum days after a military crackdown left more than 100 protesters dead the opposition says is open to talks but only if certain conditions are met. first the military council needs to recognize that the crime was committed secondly there needs to be an international investigation into the dispersal of the sit in fairly all political detainees and all political prisoners held by the previous regime need to be
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released there needs to be freedom of speech and the media the military needs to be pulled from the streets and the internet ban needs to be lifted until all the demands are met we will not hold talks on a future political process. well the ethiopian leader also met members of the military council in khartoum however gen mohammad harm done to garlow who leads the so-called rapid support forces was notably absent sudan's foreign ministry says the council is open for dialogue and the president of the transitional military council abdel fatah confirmed that the council is open for negotiations and reaching a solution at any time and god willing this mediation will have a good result. there are now reports that one of the protest leaders has been detained mohamed as he was part of the delegation that attended talks with in the capital natasha condemn as more.
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knowing even this small act of defiance a. small group of people gathered in khartoum on friday after prayers they continued their call for the transitional military council to transfer power to the people. i know in the city of. they were shouting in. stead of prayer and reflection at this mosque worshipers thought the a man was a mouthpiece for the military on top and kicked him out. more than 100 people have been killed since june 3rd when the military began cracking down on protests i can pick up on this right now and i think right now the better so if i have to be united even more and we are determined now more than ever more than before to end this and to start a new chapter. a paramilitary group called the rapid support forces is accused of
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murder and rape to silence protesters want accountability. and also. we want and your military. mission to hand over with a civil suit billions. d.f.c. . forces. now the transitional military council is choking off access to the internet to hide these crimes in the street all free about must see you know sadness when i sing this is not the way to go any country. ethiopian prime minister ahmet arrived in the capital and brought the group representing protesters the alliance for freedom and change back to negotiations with the transitional military council the prime minister has endorsed. on behalf of ethiopia to represent
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him as a special envoy as well as a special envoy from the african union as well and they will be staying within the course of the next 2 days to further in-depth discussions with both parties and ensure that whatever has been started today and most of the decisions that have been confirmed today will find fruition over the next few days. a general strike is planned for sunday the streets of khartoum once filled with hopeful chanting are now eerily quiet. however slowly the videos documenting the attacks are spreading well beyond sudan natasha going to 0. plenty more still to come for you here on the all to see the news hour including we'll examine the role of kazakstan is growing use movement in the forthcoming presidential election. and in the sport. inside of a record 12 title the french open. amnesty
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international is urging saudi arabia to rule out the death penalty for a teenage boy more toucher called racists was arrested 5 years ago at the age of 13 for taking part in anti-government protests he's been detained ever since caresses faces possible execution for a series of offenses some of which date back to when he was just 10 years old he is currently awaiting his next trial session bringing in early director of the gulf affairs institute who joins us on skype from washington. what is it allegedly that this child did. joe. comes from a family of protesters is rather and he was killed in the protest his younger days all that were there also was in jail in his father's work and he was as a child took part in this bicycling children bicycling protest famous and that
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happened in 2000 in november 2012 so he was in front of that protest so he was riding his bicycle along with a few dozen. children part of the the protest movement that time so the saudis are charging him with leading a protest for the saudis for the saudi court system he's a is not an issue because they consider anybody who was 10 years old as an adult but just to be clear if this happens this flies in the face of every international statute and law against the execution of a minor. this saudi government has executed children before including in in the past few months in april and it has done that over the years i have recorded many cases of that looting the cases of the 7 mostly young.
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men who want to executed it's nice here in 2013 and many of them were were not can anyone and they were when they went to the a lot of minors. here is one of the youngest to be. you know sentence or. sought to be executed we had another child executed in just one. had to be his last name and he was executed when he was 14 years old so this is nothing new to the saudi court system which does not. hold the minimum of international standard when it comes to. the seizures or the need good protection that the international community has said and when you talk about the legal system there and the court sally does this chime in with a broader debate that's going on not in saudi arabia but outside saudi arabia about
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the specialized criminal court where what it does seems very far reaching but slightly vague you know you you couldn't put on top of it or umbrella or it with what you and i would understand as being legal strictures from another framework. well number one in this special is criminal court of the even me this would be legal challenge meaning that it was formed without the necessary saudis saudi laws. that's number one but generally the quota system side is not consistent with international. standards it has been the case it's a very it's for example set up by fact court that's what i call it because it's really it's an up up that court does not allow most of the population to work as judges or to be persecutors part of the crime of the process secondly it's not
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independent it's part of the special specialized what is part of the security up at this so they're out of s.e.p. having a can go to court with the preset sentencing so everything that they spend their time on is just for show it's not because the judge knows what's going to happen regardless of what so any defense and the lawyers does not make any difference it's really everything except about a very briefly i mean we're almost out of time what's the signal here to the shia minority and then there's a war and i can tell you i recently contact even with early people they have basically cut off any connection to the some state they want out from the southeast and that is basically there is not the right war and that community and their history and their existence so this is the worst ever in the history. between government and. the country and i left that in washington thank you.
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who the rebels in yemen have released new images showing what they say are the key saudi military positions they've captured close to the border the rebels say they've killed dozens of soldiers near the southern city of not sure on who the media released these pictures showing fighting scenes and weapons seized from the saudi emirates the coalition as well as images showing what they claim is the wreckage of an american made drone aircraft. the u.s. is raising the stakes in its standoff with turkey over ankara's plans to purchase russian air defenses the 2 nato allies have sparred for months now over turkey's ordering of russia's s. $400.00 defense system washington will reportedly give ankara until the end of july to backtrack on the deal if not the u.s. will start taking steps to remove turkey from the f. $35.00 fighter jet program robert pearson is the former u.s. ambassador to turkey he joins us now from raleigh north carolina mr ambassador why
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is it come to this. it's come to this audience off for number of years the u.s. has recognized that the s 400 system isn't dead and where if the nato. operations and from the turkish side perhaps they had an opportunity earlier in the us had an opportunity earlier to make a better offer on the patriot system i don't know their history but i do wonder whether there was a time earlier then today when the us to have made a more generous offer on the system but it's come to this because but turkey has decided to move ahead with the us who aren't since which is completely incompatible with the f. 35 fighter jet and it would be impossible to allow her to be used to test the s 100 system and vice versa it would be in danger of american aircraft and
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american forces all over the world is the reality slightly different here and as much as i missed it one of the turkish military may feel they need a better military but they've actually galt's from a technical point of view a very good military as that as it stands at the moment. they do indeed and while nobody questions the turks trying to use but the side really want or a missile the best since the one does have to wonder i guess whom is the missile winston's the many of their cold turkey is cooperating with iran well i guess it is that serious surely the russians are not giving the turks the software they were allowed to shoot down syrian aircraft so it is a puzzle why bother they in the idea that this is a show piece of turkey's determination to have a modern military they have to acquire a system of deadly and this threatening has the s. $100.00 since them now but if we view turkey through the prism of nato nato ally
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the intially base of course which was so headline grabbing during the 1990 s. in the early 2001 says it's about the relationship of the dynamic between say mr and mr putin that's making mr tilt in a known obvious direction when perhaps he should be moving towards his nato populace. well i think the main reason is that what mr eric to i'm desperately wants to see favors from the russian with respect to the future security of syria or turkey including the right to have a presence we enter in or we need and northeastern syria where the syrian kurds have been writing the. regime and have been riding high since so i think he thinks that by doing enough labors for the russians he will get some leverage from him and he's
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agreeing with in the end there are certain security and i think it's a false hope in the russians and shown in their recent operations in italy or province after or waiting for the church to do something about group al qaeda related errors there they aren't there for us they are to clear the progress of those forces ignoring to richard quest you know and ignore importance designers are you saying mr ambassador that in your opinion there have been off the radar conversations then between ankara moscow and the conversation goes something like look pivot towards us forget about your relationship with donald trump because that's not an easy good relationship anyway just from the get go and if you if we get to a stage where syria is calmer than it is at the moment maybe post bashar al assad the words autonomy can maybe be used or you can do what you want overall just turn a blind eye. well they'll have to do
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a deal that would involve damascus of course it has sunk in well it's but basically the turks would be very happy if the recent broker an arrangement with damascus then would allow turkey a greater freedom of action in northeastern syria and along the border including us our border where the turks have invested a lot of money here in the infrastructure and so on in the hopes that $1.00 day those would be it and it's the government this is they be it in northern iraq but by the way now the last war brother of his'n family u.s. ambassador to turkey we appreciate your time sir many thanks we thank you very much the u.s. has impose new sanctions on iran's petrochemical industry that targeting iran's biggest petrochemical grouping over its financial support for tehran's islamic revolutionary guard corps the elite military units in charge of iran's ballistic a nuclear missile programs it was added to washington's list of terror
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organizations in april. the chief prosecutor of the international criminal court wants to appeal against a decision by judges not to investigate possible war crimes in afghanistan in april the court refused to burn souter's request to investigate alleged atrocities carried out by afghan and u.s. forces judges cited a lack of evidence and cooperation from kabul and washington as well as the taliban last month the us secretary of state mike pompei o said america would revoke or deny visas to i.c.c. start investigating these allegations. still to come for you here on the news hour how one of the u.k.'s brics that strong holds appears to have had a rethink at the ballot box. that is a very remarkable day. nasa says is opening up the international space station for tourism and other businesses. are. the biggest women's sports event ever resigned or why the women's world cup and the host nation of started well.
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the weather sponsored by cattle and raise. hello there we're seeing lots of wet weather over the southeastern parts of china actually this system runs all the way up towards japan but it's still dragging its feet across us and it's going to stick around as we head through the next few days of yet more very heavy downpours and the threat of seeing more flooding out of this to even further south i think we'll see some fairly sharp showers particularly over the northern parts of vietnam again is looking like we're going to see a few showers there for the towards the south and there's plenty of downpours here as well many of them have a pulse of borneo stretching their way towards the west we're also see some through parts of thailand and cambodia as well in the south there own says many showers say
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for a safer parts of java they should be more dry weather as they should be over bali as well in this region gets a little bit cloudy as we head through sunday so the chance of seeing one or 2 more showers so once the west and hey for many of us we're seeing some pretty monsoon showers particularly over the southern parts of india and in the northeast in through bangladesh as well these bright white areas of climate really are giving us of heavy heavy downpours there's still the risk of seeing some more downpours here as we head through the next few days but to the north of all of that it's dry and it's certainly hot new debt equal to 45 degrees will be on saturday. when.
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morning. this is a really fabulous news for one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in. something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone. often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well.
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just joining us you're watching news live from doha these are your headline news stories the u.s. president donald trump says his government has reached a migration deal with mexico suspending trade tariffs that would come into effect on monday under the deal migrants currently in the u.s. are waiting asylum applications will be sent back to mexico for their cases to be presented from their. ethiopia's prime minister has called for a speedy democratic transition in sudan as he tries to mediate the political process in khartoum. the ruling military jointer protest leaders days after a military crackdown left more than $100.00 protesters dead. one other story amnesty international is calling on saudi arabia to rule out the death penalty for a teenage boy. who was arrested 5 years ago at the age of 13 for taking part in antigovernment protests he's been detained ever since he's now 18. the
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united nations says at least 4000000 people have left venezuela because of its worsening economic and political crisis it's described the figure as alarming and says urgent help is still required. to host them in other countries in america. now reports from santiago the chilean capital. over the numbers are staggering and unprecedented every day thousands of more than his wayland's join the exodus the vast majority by 1st crossing over into neighboring colombia which has already received more than 1300000 economic refugees and. is one of the newcomers at this un refugee camp. my children went 3 days about eating anything it's very difficult as a mother my mom isn't here she's over there suffering from hunger and that's why i was eager to leave and work to send her something. the u.n. predicts that before the end of the year the venezuelan exodus will surpass
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$6000000.00 the vast majority of whom are coming here to latin america. from colombia millions of impoverished venezuelans are moving further south especially to ecuador who rule and chile these countries social services are already strained to the limit this week bruce president announced he was following neighboring chiles lead by requiring the news whalen's to enter the country with humanitarian visa. starting in june the 15th and even as whalen's for the passport and the corresponding visa and to the country. it will be a requirement to enter pollute with a humanitarian visa which will be processed over there in venezuela in the peruvian consulate. this may slow down but not stop the stampede fueled by when israel is increasingly dire economic and political crisis which is why latin american governments are raising the alarm and asking the rest of the
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international community to share the burden of the biggest refugee crisis ever seen in the americas to see and human are just sida. demonstrators in liberia. as capital have protested against rising prices and corruption they're angry of a president george we his handling of the economy accusing him of poor leadership the former football star came to 18 months ago promising to create jobs and to tackle corruption the government has blocked access to social media it says to maintain public safety when the dress has more now from the capital monrovia well it looks like the horny mon between the liberian people and their president is over across the country thousands of people took to the streets to demand action from a government they said has ignored them for quite some time by the way liberia's president george wears on to be not his for 18 months out of the 6 years it's supposed to be in that office and a lot of problems like creeping up rising inflation high unemployment rates the
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devaluation of the currency and according to protesters rampant corruption in his government they accuse the government of siphoning millions of dollars from state coffers that are still and accounted for and they're also talking about $25000000.00 u.s. dollars now went missing from government coffers and billions of liberia and dollars that also are not and are not accounted for the liberian government said there is no course there is no sand that is not accounted for nothing has been stolen whatsoever and what is surprising now is that the demonstrators not only after i not only from the opposition but also from within the coalition that put george we are into office so that's a very big problem for george weir and by far this is the biggest challenge he's ever faced since coming to power 18 months ago the russian president vladimir putin has told the st petersburg international economic forum that u.s.
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protectionism is a recipe for conflict slang by the chinese president xi jinping he also condemned u.s. measures against the chinese tech giant oil way fasten. reports from st petersburg . florida mia put into words must have been music to the ears of his guests of chinese president xi jinping is on a 3 day state visit to russia at a time when china is involved in a trade war with the united states and the relationship between the 2 worlds largest economies is at a low. it is clear who is to blame. it is how the united states i regret to say that x. today it extends the jurisdiction across the whole world by the way i already spoke about it 12 years ago not only contradicts the normal logic of communication between the nations in the reality of the complex multi-polar world most importantly it does not meet the challenges of the future. both put an end she has
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described their relationship as unprecedented trade between russia and china has reached a historic high of more than $100000000000.00 and the 2 leaders have decided to start using the national currencies to be less dependent on the u.s. dollar look at the sizes of the economies china and russia are far apart but their troubled relationship with the united states and their common positions on international crisis like britain is away. and we want a strong bond so while china has been dominating this most prestigious international forum the united states government has been boycotting it the reason was the rest of american investor michael kawhi 4 months ago has worked in russia for more than 2 decades and is facing fraud charges he says are fabricated healthy who is under house arrest had requested to attend the 4 but even an endorsement from the kremlin did not help at the russian american business meeting his chair
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remains empty. longstanding. person investor with a very good reputation. in russia when that happened to him everybody thought. him a good happen to anybody and that has an impact on investment this is of course foreign and russian business people called for legal reforms during the forum but reform was not on the menu put in with hosting cheat the russian leader took the opportunity to take the chinese president on a river cruise in his hometown st petersburg while she remarked that the city had nurtured many outstanding people put in later apologized for keeping the chinese leader a week way past his bedtime because they had so much to talk about steps rason al-jazeera st petersburg. britain's prime minister to resign may yesterday formally step as the leader of the
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governing conservative party just may handed in her letter of resignation 2 weeks after announcing she would quit at the time she said she regretted not being able to deliver breaks it she'll continue to serve as caretaker prime minister until her party chooses her replacement 11 m.p.'s are expected to be nominated in a succession contest that could last for several weeks. well this comes as the u.k.'s newly formed party failed to win its 1st parliamentary seat in a byelection in peterborough in eastern england the result was a surprise because 60 percent of voters there did vote to leave the e.u. in the 2016 european referendum journal hole is there. for a short while on a weekday afternoon the teton springs time and old english tradition into perfect step the breaks of piety came a close 2nd in thursday's peterborough byelection thanks in part to the strength of
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feeling in this room my over their lives it's all english for a graduate asian family moved in in the course of something moving the sun to see wayne and at the back of me and i'm getting some crowded out the majority of people of the united kingdom wales and i don't know about scotland because they sit on the fringes voted to leave in my opinion we should have left many who voted to leave the european union in 2016 including in this corner of the english countryside or deserted the ruling conservative party of a prime minister to resign may's failure to deliver. it's a void that leave campaign and nigel farage and his fledgling bricks of party have ambitions to fill peterborough may have taught them that they need actual policies beyond just the word bricks it without the brits it party it's much more likely that it will be kicked down the road or maybe never delivered and yet we will definitely tell it's delivered fundamentally it is not
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a promise you can keep well we can affect british politics massively and i did so the labor party narrowly held on to the peterborough seat a victory for hope so it's a new m.p. this is a result every community in peterborough. so now it's victory is significant because it has shown that the politics of hope can win. but in the culturally diverse town center where labor's vote is strong there was a read about the direction of british politics one is away now he says 5 relief as you say but 9 and a half 1000 people still voted for break sit in this in this constituency and that's a concern. and from what we've seen and heard of the brits it party they do seem very divisive as you've experienced this is a very diverse city like most cities in the u.k. now and that's the last thing that any city needs is that division as the ruling conservative party sets about electing its new leader this by election will prove
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that the threat from the heartbreaks of right is very real and that will all but ensure they choose a hard briggs's prime minister in peterborough some things do stay the same and the briggs's party ensures that hope is still alive here too among those clinging on to the traditions of the past join a whole al-jazeera peterborough. voters in kazakstan are going to the polls on sunday to choose a new president for the 1st time in almost 30 years the interim president has been handpicked by the country's former leader but as robin frosty walker reports from all matty a growing use movement has other ideas. old men have been running kazakstan the years and people here and now being asked to vote for another one. but younger kazakhs getting other ideas elsewhere. this post went viral exposing the absurdity of a political system where even
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a blank ballot line is you in trouble why did you not get a good thing if that's what you thought activism has grown rapidly since president mosel town knows it.


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