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said under certain circumstances i think israel has the right to retain some but unlikely all of the west bank friedman made the comments just weeks ahead of a conference in behind where the u.s. will unveil part of its new peace deal more now from nida over him in the occupied west bank. the secretary general of the p.l.o. has said that these remarks should send a message to anyone who is willing to attend them and conference that is expected to be held in a couple of weeks he says that israel wants to annex occupied territories which is considered a war crime under the international law the p.l.o. executive committee member said that the u.s. is justifying israel theft of land has also released a statement which is the ruling party in the west bank in which it said that they don't know if. or if he is representing the u.s. administration's point of view. that is expected to be held the palestinians said
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they weren't consulted in it and they believe that any conference that. the political aspect of the palestinian israeli conflict conflict is not going to be successful they want an end of the occupation and not life under it all right still ahead on when we come back time running out for a palestinian journalist deportation from israel. we have to trust. it's all in the. making themselves in central china recently they've been.
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lost belt of. deep white clouds which is where the big showers are on the forecast for sunday takes and just about out towards shanghai certainly stretching back towards you none it's cloudy and humid to the south showers are likely in hong kong but not necessarily heavy ones there that is of course where this wave of moving clouds and rain is moving on the way south again the atlanta looks cloudy actually fairly dry at the moment and the monsoon rain has been a bit delayed reason the euro press to pick out where it is we've seen the big showers recently in bangladesh in the northeast of india as you can see quite clearly but that should be the forward line of the monsoon this is the average no position for the jury it's actually only just coming into sri lanka now so it's a little bit delayed but it was last year it ends up actually usually averaging out forecasts they will see that rain start to come into carola certainly industry but not much beyond that so head of course is still fairly halt $48.49 in rochester russia for example that of course is going to last until the monsoon finally breaks
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and it will probably leap forward sometime in the next 2 weeks. she was black. i'm from rio de janeiro's havana's. she was also an elected outspoken councilwoman. until she was assassinated. people in power investigates the killing of a vocal critic of brazil's security forces and the legacy of empowerment she left behind the mantle of mario franco out you see and.
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a lot again you're watching edge there are a minder of our top stories this sudanese protest leaders are calling for a renewed civil disobedience after 5 members of the opposition were arrested they were detained hours after taking part in talks led by ethiopian prime minister. ahmed. venezuelan president nicolas maduro has reopened the border with colombia where international aid has been piling up thousands of colombians a crossing into the top to buy food and medicine because of shortages and high cost in venezuela thousands of venezuelans while the syrian border was closed for nearly 4 months and these are live pictures now of venezuelan opposition leader. who's been rallying supporters in a shot i love day that's outside of caracas he says the pressure on president
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maduro to step down will continue and he's describing the situation venezuela as a humanitarian crisis. a saudi arabia faces international criticism over a death sentence given to a teenager involved in antigovernment protests were tied up quote arius faces execution for a series of offenses some of which date back to when he was just 10 years old salah bellus reports. this was qatif in eastern saudi arabia in 2011 the arab spring was under way in the shia community was protesting against discrimination and incitement against them what happened in qatif has led to several boys being seen to it's to do it's including a teenager who taj a coed assess the charges against him date back to this nice november 28th leven was the crowd was chanting death to al so a reference to the saudi royal family among the protesters was brother ali hours
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later he was shot and killed by security forces 10 year old multiracial marched in the funeral procession this is one of the charges against him he was arrested 3 years later as a 13 year old un and rights groups say he was tortured for a month spent over a year in solitary confinement and forced to sign a confession that lead to his death sentence he is now 18 it's quite shocking when you hear that these steps are being taken against a child especially when. there has been a fair trial process and the boy has been to tarry for a long period of time and not been able to present a defense despite the death penalty for minors being illegal under international law is not the 1st in 2013 trolling can teenager result in a fake was executed after a baby died in her care she said she was tortured and forced to confess to the
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infant's murder. and in october last year the un pleaded with saudi arabia. not to execute 6 boys who were jailed for their involvement in anti-government protests in 20112012 when they were teenagers but 6 weeks ago miche tarbell sway cart some in korea and others karim were beheaded alongside 34 others mostly shia mean i have recorded many cases of that with the cases of. mostly young. men who were executed as syria 2013 many you know there were were nothing anyone and they were well it would be they would have minders. qatif where it all began has also paid a high price violences eskin late in recent years the government says it is redeveloping the 400 year old town but it's the fighting and weapons that have
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caused most of the demolition shallop ballasts al-jazeera a sri lankan intelligence chief has left his post after an emergency meeting on friday president matter of policy to senior said he sacked c.c.r. mendis after he appeared before a parliamentary committee investigating the april attacks on thursday mendis told the committee the attacks could have been prevented he said the president should have held more regular security meetings presidents in athena is refusing to cooperate with the inquiry in l. finance has more on those developments from colombia. present my policy recently livid at the proceedings at the special parliamentary select committee on the easter sunday bombings on the very 1st day he ordered a halt to the live feed from that parliamentary select committee and that is where his chief of national intelligence is or mendis a gave testimony we had him say that the national security council had met on a regular basis essentially revealing the kind of lackadaisical attitude to its
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intelligence to its intelligence sharing and things like that now he told his senior police officers when he met them last evening that all those who had given evidence were those who had been removed and there he revealed that even his chief of the national intelligence had been removed or sacked now here's his reason why moammar marble i will not send anyone who is currently working for the defense ministry or police department before the select committee and i will take primary responsibility because revealing intelligence chiefs intelligence directors and criminal investigation chiefs through the media is not something that is done anywhere in the world. present my policy receive talking about the number of cases before the supreme court saying that his attorney general had pointed out that it's the same issues that the select committee is looking at so he says he has informed the speaker you know essentially implying that the select committee should defer to
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the supreme court however we are hearing that a special emergency cabinet meeting that the president called essentially on friday evening to discuss these issues reached no sort of conclusive decision and that we are expecting that the select committee will resume sittings on tuesday. iran says new sanctions on its petro chemical industry show the u.s. is not serious about its calls for dialogue sanctions target iran's largest petrochemical group which provides billions of dollars to the islamic revolutionary guard corps the u.s. branded the lead military unit a terrorist organization that comes a week after u.s. said tuesday my compost said it was ready to sit down with iran iran's all minister says it is keeping up oil sales through what he calls unconventional means to circumvent u.s. sanctions also joe body has more enough and iran while this move is being called economic terrorism according to the foreign ministry spokesman up us mousavi this
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is a continuation of the united states government's policy towards iran of putting pressure on the pressure on iran and the people of this country and that the suggestion last week by officials in the united states that they were willing to talk with the iranians is not really a true one it's not they does not what they actually mean they're not true to their words of they cannot be trusted the iranian oil minister has also been speaking on saturday saying that iran has absolutely no plans to leave opec and the gap that's been created in the oil markets by iran being not being able to sell all its oil on the international market can never actually be filled by any of the countries such as saudi arabia and the u.a.e. so he's also reiterating iran's position that all these sanctions they might put some pressure on the country but nobody can actually replace what they're trying to do. a hoodie rebels in yemen have released new images showing what they say are saudi military positions they've captured near the border the rebels say they
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killed dozens of saudi soldiers near the southern city of niger nan little media released this video which appears to show weapons seized from the saudi u.a. e. coalition it also shows what they say is the wreckage of an american made drone the coalition which backs the yemeni government has not confirmed that a prominent figure of the rebellion against syrian president bashar al assad has died fighting government forces and the best is settled rose to fame as a goalkeeper for a football team in homespun he became known as the singer of the revolution for his ballads during rallies against the government he was killed while fighting in northern hemisphere whose father and 4 brothers also died during the rule. a palestinian photojournalist arrested by israeli police he will hear whether he'll be deported rights groups say will stuff r.l. how to freeze being punished for his work but officials argue he is in occupied
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east jerusalem illegally how he forces reports. 6 years ago. appeared in the documentary describing the difficulties of living stateless and under occupation in east jerusalem doesn't for us if we have no idea the union o.b.d. . now is families in east jerusalem have been celebrating the muslim festival of ied. his wife to mom and their daughter without him as they have been since january when he was arrested and threatened with deportation the whole month for. his psychological situation is really bad he's refusing to communicate with anyone he's allowed to use the telephone but he's refusing to talk to his friends his family colleagues and even his mother he just calls make sure a see is ok. arrest followed a long battle over the legality of his status in occupied east jerusalem our host palestinian father brought him here from algeria when he was 12 years old but
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delays in applying for and processing family reunification papers meant that his case wasn't considered until he was an adult he's been living here on humanitarian visas since but in late 2015 he was informed the interior ministry was considering rejecting his latest renewal request over security concerns. the ministry cited the nature of some of the images he was posting on social media and alleged links to hamas which are horrific denies he's long been a well known figure at the locks a mosque compound volunteering as a medic and an activist before his growing focus on photography so him hired full time last year by turkey's an adult agency. lawyer has taken his case to the supreme court arguing the security concerns are a pretext to get rid of a journalist whose work the government doesn't like we see a straight line connection between his walk is strong least to the fact that he annoyed these really authorities and to the current situation where he is under bars and we think it's illegal. to to keep him under arrest.
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israel's interior ministry declined our request for a statement saying only that our roof was arrested due to an illegal stay in israel it still intends to deport him to jordan he has no right to citizenship there and his legal team says jordanian officials have indicated they would reject such a move for his wife to mom deportation is the biggest fear the prospect of his living in a country where she and their daughter have no right to live not knowing when if ever there in force separation would end sorry for. occupied east jerusalem other russian investigative journalist charged with drug dealing is being treated in hospital even gallen office lawyer says he was severely beaten in custody good enough says glynn of is rather accused of drug possession with intent to sell but his supporters say officers planted the substance on him to stop him from reporting on corruption or protest against his arrest outside moscow's police headquarters on
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friday a judge will decide on saturday whether he'll be released or held in custody. our entire lens king was crowned last month people went into a frenzy of forecasting times how long a fascination with astrology and it touches on every part of daily life there scott had the reports from bangkok. booths lined up waiting for customers but what's being sought here cannot be carried away in a bag these are fortune tellers who use the ancient practice of astrology or the study of stars and planets to advise their clients on their future by tapping the past it's a common sight across thailand in markets in alleys the cramped dark corners of cities where rent is cheap and access to people is easy and we have to trust that own judgment advice from astrologers just a 2nd opinion and only give us something to have spiritual comfort but at the end of the day it's a self that has to choose our own death and astrology has been part of thai culture
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for centuries it's mixed into thailand's unique version of buddhism but fortune telling doesn't belong to any specific class it's used by the world family by big business decision makers even students studying for exams. during the recent coronation of king maha corn royal astrologist inscribed the king's official titles and a horoscope of his reign on a golden tablet. and astrology has deep roots in thailand one of 600 yes i think that different when it comes to thailand and other countries they have high respect for estrada just be viewed i'm a psychologist who sells society. poncy tool is one of thailand's most famous astrologist. he's hired by big companies as a consultant and endorses consumer products like tissues and paint his facebook page is used by millions but he's in clinical wow i thought the most important thing is that astrology is not the one factor the controls all aspects of your life
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it's like i'm up to advises where we should go. part of statistical science it really comes down to who interprets the subject i try to make people understand that it's all about statistics that have been collected over time this one and with the next generation of astrologists embracing technology reaching larger and younger audiences and there's little question that this slice of thai culture will remain alive in relevant well into the future but then they probably already knew that it's got harder al-jazeera bangkok. let's get around now of our top stories on it is that a sudanese protest leaders are calling for renewed civil disobedience after 5 members of the opposition were arrested they were detained hours after they took
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part in talks led by ethiopian prime minister abby ahmed protest leaders are refusing to return to the negotiating table until those responsible for killing more than 100 demonstrators last week are held to account oh well at 1st the military council needs to recognize that a crime was committed secondly there needs to be an international investigation into the dispersal of the sit in thirdly all political detainees and all political prisoners held by the previous regime need to be released there needs to be freedom of speech and the media the military needs to be pulled from the streets and the internet ban needs to be lifted until all the demands are met we will not hold talks on a future political process venezuelan president nicolas maduro has reopened the border with colombia at the crossing the top thousands of people began the day in long queues many intend to buy food and medicine because of shortages and high costs in venezuela the border was closed for nearly 4 months. opposition leader one
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who has been rallying supporters in a that's outside of caracas these are live pictures he says the country is facing a humanitarian crisis and it's promising to keep up the pressure 2 on the duo to step down a group of u.s. politicians is called on secretary of state might pompei or to clear up the government's policy on libya they say confusion over the white house's position is being used by armed groups to justify the fighting on friday the deputy prime minister of libya's un recognized government expressed concern over a fun call between the u.s. president and warlords in april syria 3 lanka's intelligence chief has left his post after an emergency meeting on friday president method of policy to c.n.n. said he sacked syria mendis after here appeared before parliamentary can committee investigating the april attacks on thursday mendez told the committee the attacks could have been prevented residents it is seen is refusing to cooperate with the
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choir and those are the headlines people empowers next. in march 28th mariella franco a prominent brazilian human rights activist and politician was murdered in mysterious circumstances a champion of the fella's rio slum neighborhoods area and it was also a vocal critic of brazil's security forces and the civilian casualties of their war against the city's drug gangs so who killed it and why giuliana rufus went and such
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votes. rio de janeiro carnival 2019 the somebody schools are getting ready to parade in january a new government came to power in brazil led by president roh a nationalist politician and former army captain during the military dictatorship
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from the 1960 s. to early eighty's. this somebody's school money has chosen is the directly confronting the new president's right wing political agenda its focus the brutal history of brazil's white elite and the often ignored contributions of the country's black and indigenous heroes. tribute is being paid to mariella franco a gay afro brazilian politician and human rights activist assassinated nearly a year ago. monday as artistic director landrieu vieira took the decision to put money at the center of the parade to get a small amount if that was how these movies because you see the best the how do you stop what i did was this is a village will be afforded by that fact when you are you following the investigation to find out. what was. there much of it that if you get that through
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crafts store with out there. that why something that is still lives lost us in a way that we are going to out that means what you want you to feel it was you know . mariella franco was born in one of rio's poor mostly black urban areas known as fatherless by the law i. have work to improve the lives of minorities resulted in a triumphant election to the city council in 2016. when she became a vocal critic of brazil security forces and a champion for the many civilian casualties of their rule against the favelas struck. a fundamental power bike out there blown up the small maintenance via joyce you know call my. face
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a father joe my korea side said john is now my dear but she was just as resolute when dealing with hecklers. no say they'll be at the no i don't doubt that is their stock guys know up to that agency. in the i'm sad. but someone did want to silence her on the 14th of march 28th. into dr anderson pedro gomez limited shot several times from another car. the assassination had been meticulously planned and carried out and soon the murder weapon and ammunition used will link back to the police raising serious questions about who really was behind mary-alice killing. a discourse an outpouring of grief and rage. courage and charisma that struck
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a chord across brazil and around the world. protesters demanded that the killers be found. but brazil has a new government elected with the backing of the security forces my d.l. is support his fear this may undermine the investigation if he is not in the form of back unfit arianrhod oh i think that it's old and the fear that if i try to keep a memory alive the big question is whether it's not going to start that serious about finding her and if not then why. oh my oh it's been nearly a year since madea was killed and several official investigations by rios state and brazil's federal authorities on the way. money ellis assassination has begun to reveal troubling connections between security corruption and politics
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and we want to take a closer look at what efforts the authorities are making to find her killer oh oh. we begin by following up on speculations that members of the military police assassinated mariella that she was being punished for criticizing the way they carry out their operations against drug gangs in the favelas. one such operation took place on june 20th 2018 in muddy the favela that mariella came from . the police came in by air firing killing a 14 year old boy mark has been a serious. brunette a silver his mother told us that marcus and his friend and he could live running late for school but when the show got him off and when. i show what prison don't want him over to look at a few the boys to cover them coming out they faced an armored car one very
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real awake and god was there again bought a ticket on the border. with a bunch of backyard. marcus was just one of the nearly 1400 people killed by real security forces in 28 teams. up or do so i answered i think they are well off i was surprised by zane chained up when i reach him up on the union rules. for the outbreak in humans before they will say water which will be of the pits and a blue tblisi hides a lawyer to help bruno investigate the websites oh no she says it was mary ellen who taught money as women to challenge such injustices which is a shot of the same as a rabbit outside before they were. milked my beloved they watch the aren't you going to have a born also streamers boy just so much money that was a lot of homemade thank heavens and she'll. have.
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not far away carnival preparations underway flavia candido was formally mary alice assistant. she too is highly critical of the police operations in rio's favelas. follow my. brothers. who also made the ball before the law but flavia says there is more to mario is killing them revenge for criticizing police operations. no follow up with. this woman so the bad cop was still my. voice. for more land. things that maryellen was despised by the conservative political establishment
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because she empowered. by the atavism old boy's. voice. no we'll know you. for. all. of us about what but only because. this carnival parade too is my list legacy she wanted my niece residents to be proud. of me now all of. my colleagues. i leave. the communities mistrust of the police is understandable but to date no evidence has emerged to support the theory that the police killed marianas.
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instead all official investigations are focusing on more sinister groups rio's crime. secret paramilitary organizations known as militias. they have been formed by members of the security forces who felt that working within the constraints of the law was too limiting heavily armed they've taken the fight against the drug gangs into their own hands many militias have close links with politicians and some politicians even employ their services. in rios west zone the militias control entire neighborhoods forcing residents to pay not just for security but for gas cable t.v. and transport too. according to a homicide police investigation a west so militia commander has been lending his deadly services to
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a local politician. we're following the footsteps of a man who's actually accused of ordering the killing of mariella franco he's a councilman and a real estate developer and he's heavily invested in these areas. his name is muscle. and he's agreed to meet us in his sports club in ga daniel another area firmly under militia control. this club used to be run by a political opponent but sicilian or took it over. and his assistants have organized the community thank you party that just happens to coincide with our visit. with him and. the homicide police have build
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a case against. based on a witness who said he heard the councilman order the militia to kill not reality. the motive so this theory goes is that sicilian wanted to stop mariella from educating residents about the housing rights in communities where he has construction interests. but the witness has been discredited and seattle insists that he's being framed. this. doesn't mean. you. think. you're going going to change. this scene. will continue he claims a political opponent is using the allegations to undermine him you walk. which is why they don't. you think if we.


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