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tv   Garbage Homes  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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has been lending his deadly services to a local politician. we're following the footsteps of a man who's actually accused of ordering the killing of mariella franco he's a councilman and a real estate developer and he's heavily invested in these areas. his name is muscle. and he's agreed to meet us in his sports club in ga daniel another area firmly under militia control. this club used to be run by a political opponent but sicilian or took it over. in the snow and his assistants have organized the community thank you party that just happens to coincide with our visit. more video. on the witnesses to. the homicide police have build
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a case against. based on a witness who said he heard the councilman order the militia to kill. the motive so this theory goes is that sicilian wanted to stop mariella from educating residents about the housing rights in communities where he has construction interests. but the witness has been discredited and sicilian will insist that he's being framed by this and this. doesn't mean. you're with a force on the us i think it will get your game going you'll get a subbie of. this scene because of the stat that would you believe in him he claims a political opponent is using the allegations to undermine him so you watch. this by the remark. you think if we all moderate you mean like we have.
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with as we had died he would use. that get us as you know that there are more than jumping when you board the possibility that the theory could even be true shows how murderous rio's politics can be is the police doing a good job if they take a witness like that seriously. at their me we're going to get into my heart that you go 3 of. the federal police have started to investigate allegations that the homicide police helped protect the person who really ordered mary-alice killing meanwhile councilman cecilia no remains a suspect. 10 days into our stay there are dramatic developments. on the orders of the public prosecutor and the civil police one of 5 flew in forstmann agencies in brazil 2 men are arrested for mary alice murder. allegedly drove the car.
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whilst funny lessa a former policeman is accused of firing the gun that killed money and her driver. investigators also raid the house of another associate upon a lesser where they find a huge stockpile of weapons kit enough to assemble over 100 m. 16 rifles the parts are owned by lesser and suggest that he may be an illegal gun dealer with connections to organized crime. we had to buy her dirty duca lived a neighborhood hardly affordable for a retired policeman this is the street to the house behind us i was arrested it's really a market exclusive community one of the houses in there belongs to president joe you have also narrowed meaning the president of brazil and mary alice killer when neighbors. the suspects are held at the local police station.
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it's also home to the homicide division that's now under scrutiny for the as yet botched investigation into councilman cicely arnold. what the local colleagues are saying is that this operation was brought forward by one day because there was a rumor that the fastback had received a tip off and were getting ready to flee loesser later confirmed that he'd been tipped off about his imminent arrest and it fueled yet more suspicions of a wider conspiracy involving the police certainly the director of the homicide division emerges he's off to meet rios governor for a press conference. at the governor's palace we pick up on more news about links between the alleged killers and brazil's new president it's confirmed that he number one of the president's sons had dated lessers daughter. then the president is identified in a facebook photo with. the alleged driver maddy ellis killing.
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governor wilson witsel opens the press conference for g. . and then detective ginny to enlarges who is leading this investigation explains how officers used technology and tip off from informants to identify lesser included as the alleged assassins and one crucially their movements in the moments before mary-alice death where is devolution is the result of i think what is known. by his article or are we want to. stop users of. uganda detective largest says the analysis of less is internet searches sheds light on a possible motive you know it's not the former policeman had been looking for targets on the political left not just mariella. heavier mouthpiece and
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some. others beside him gratis you know. this is. what i mean joe gained by he has a very own. and you see the form of government. if you assume you can draw the journalists are skeptical they wonder why previous theories about money as clashes with housing construction are suddenly no longer valid because i want to. know if it got here again no no no it was those adults known only to be resupplied many here believe that less or had links with the militia group and that he was paid by a powerful person to kill money or they suspect a cover up. which must always be. fast enough. and then the press conference is abruptly
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halted. by de lay to detective largess is removed by gov witsel from the investigation. if my realist killers intended to stop her campaigns their plans failed. the outrage over her desk of momentum to the election of 3 more black female lawmakers into rio's legislative assembly. source or danny montero and monica francisco the mary-alice friends and are all members of peace all the party for socialism and liberty. they have vowed to
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continue my realist struggle for more inclusiveness embryo's politics. this is the office of recently elected state deputy source. peace all has a track record of challenging corruption in various politics and its members think that the killing of mariella could have been part of a wider attempt to silence their party. so here you go must say. what is a militia as being as nice is sheer. work for business or isn't just see out as usual we saw shaved ice on the you know what is a our. bow. paths stand wise that you made the suppliers are gone very. peaceful is a small party on the far left but it often punches above its weight another
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investigation into wrongdoing in the city's public transport system also led to a rest. but despite their efforts the power of various militias remains unchecked. dark it is now bomb wish to move in but as you know. more about to out if it out in the sack she was for the os if bamma but i come back or i saw my familiar journey you know from the mother this isn't said she you wish wish that and they usually saw you always as a sham in these. huge and. but most brazilians are more worried about security than corruption. they believe that politicians who want the security forces to respond with more force are more likely to deliver. both president also narrow and reels governor voted into
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office by a public who favored strongmen. gov witsel rarely gives interviews so we've come to see him at a public event. it's meant to be promoting tourism but instead his pro security agenda gets an airing your remarks really. is the law school of. you know the governor is upset about come and see made by real smith who has called the police a mess and corrupt. he's unapologetic about the use of violence by rio's police since he took office in january police killings are the highest ever recorded. after the event the press get whistle to respond to the mayor's criticism of the police you don't know what the question is can we ask you know what did you know here all the morning you'll know flash through g g r which are so general just
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so you know what you. just don't see. that big it would be good to were suckered you can and we should do so on what the. i wondered if the governor's close connections with the security forces might affect the inquiries into mario his murder are you committed to seeing the mariella from 2 investigations through all the way to the end even if the connections go to the very top of the political police establishment doesn't money ending up in with the police or huge growth yeah i give you. what you don't want to be. watching my vision got is it was one down to the premium prize money and then base it on just about a police records my vision got i was very good play nice people sold rescaling morphew book damage or loss of police if you'll let me say we're going to struggle here down the road so should. british go. for.
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the other celestial to mistake it's the 1st anniversary of money and this killing the stage has been set up and a crowd has gathered for a memorial event. we were. told. that. danny and monica the newly elected state legislators are joined by tell you be a patron a realist federal deputies. they urged the crowd to keep up the pressure for the investigation to continue but yes that was true of course so the only point eat. eat point is he saw himself that bottle. that was mine has to go. at least you know what it was the think i'll just pass. g q 4 you came enjoy. it's an emotional event
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for the crowd and speakers alike many you knew mariella personally and they're determined to continue her legacy. oh. they're basically. i don't think it's a bad thing. to mariella supporters my guess carnival song has become an anthem to justice. issues here or. at least lord knows close. to the school. there are still many unanswered questions about the
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assassination of money out of franco especially who may ultimately have been behind it. against a background of widening divisions in brazil the authorities must prove that they're serious about solving her murder until they do the mistrust and anxiety will only continue to grow. as governments fail to cut emissions scientists are proposing drastic measures to save the planet. people and power ways technological endeavors to counter humanity's pollutants against the risks of further meddling with the environment to ever feel like this is playing god it's actually quite unsettling and quite frankly makes me quite anxious. clyne attack is on our jersey or.
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carcinogen. a natural resource that's gone untapped for more than 2 decades. of course years before israel despite its al-jazeera world tells the untold story of
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gaza's un exploited gas fields guzzle of it is only made us of the palestinians so it's a lot of money and how this valuable resource could have transformed palestinian lives. because the gas deal on al-jazeera. the site says. it was. sudan's opposition leaders are calling for more civil disobedience after several protest leaders were arrested.
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as i'm sick of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up on the move crowds of venezuelans cross the border with colombia. the u.s. ambassador to israel says the occupied west bank should be at least partially and next. month we have to trust our own judgment fast advice from astrologers or just a 2nd opinion it's all in the stars we explore the deep cultural roots of astrology in thailand. protest leaders in sudan or calling for a new campaign of civil disobedience after some of them were detained by security forces they've ruled down negotiations with military rulers and told those responsible for killing more than 100 demonstrators last week i held to account several opposition leaders were arrested soon after meeting with ethiopia's prime minister who was meeting at mediating with the military junta the special anymore
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has more. mohammed went from shaking hands with ethiopian prime minister avi to a jail cell in one day the sudanese opposition leader was part of a delegation that met akhmed after he arrived in khartoum on friday to act as a mediator he is one of several opposition members arrested during saturday morning raids their arrests are expected to hamper efforts to reopen talks between the opposition and the military earlier this week more than 100 protesters were killed in a crackdown by the military hunta the opposition has issued a list of demands including restoring freedom of the press and access to the internet before they'll return to negotiations 1st the military council needs to recognize that the crime was committed secondly there needs to be an international investigation into the dispersal of the sit in fairly old political detainees and
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old political prisoners held by the previous regime need to be released. the transitional military council hasn't said whether those demands will be met but the president of the transitional military council abdel fatah the one confirmed that the council is open for negotiations and reaching a solution at any time and god willing the mediation will have a good result. protesters have called for the immediate withdrawal of the paramilitary group the rapid support courses they are accused of raping and murdering protesters including children but some doubt that's possible i do have hope but i'm also willing to take a. sudan has been suspended from the african union the un wants to send a team into the country as soon as possible to investigate and monitor events want
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accountability. and also. we want annual military. to have. a mission to hand all the civil suit. forces a general strike is planned for sunday despite the internet blackout and restrictions on journalists protesters are pushing out videos on social media to ensure the world gets a clearer view of what's happening in sudan natasha going to al-jazeera ira greaves is a sudan research and senior fellow at harvard university he says the arrests of opposition leaders shows the military juncture is not taking diplomatic efforts seriously. i think we make sense but only by understanding that the transitional military council is not really serious about negotiating with civilians this could
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not have been a more lately thumb in the eye and that opposition and it certainly errol isis any effort to move forward in negotiations that transitional military council did however achieve one thing and that is probably there's a division now in the civilian opposition between those who will not negotiate with the t.n.c. under any conditions and the decision by some to reengage the t.m.c. but with conditions that effectively removed the t.m.c. from power in sudan it's a very confusing situation a very divisive situation not only benefits t.m.c. 8 venezuelan president nicolas maduro has reopened the border with colombia at the crossing near kuku toth thousands of people began the day in long queues many intend to buy food and medicine because of shortages and high costs in venezuela
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the border was closed for nearly 4 months we do know said his political opponents wanted to bring aid to strengthen support for the opposition opposition leader one why does been rallying supporters in a shuttle are made just outside of caracas he says the country is still facing a humanitarian crisis and is promising to keep up the pressure on the do it out to step down meanwhile a rival rally by supporters of maduna is taking place in caracas to get more on all it's now are from out of san diego m.p.'s who is in bogota colombia for us so a sondre 1st of all what's what more has been happening at that colombia venezuela border. by the time since the early morning hours of patter they we've seen venezuelans that lining up to cross into columbia as you were saying in your
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introduction the border there has been formally close for almost a foreign minds and tens of thousands of venezuelans who live in that border regions rely on crossing into colombia for food the medicine to access services especially medical services that they have not been able to access in their towns and cities the colombian out story sees that i've been sending more people at the border to control the documents given it for them through our crossing for the day inside colombia things that have been moving smoothly even. using these formal bridges as it's been made difficult by the fact that given its violent governments has put containers there shipping containers to block the bridges but there's no doubt that they have an excellent
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for the venezuelan government that says that a way to try and reduce the social pressure n.b.s. border regions that making it easier for them to cross into colombia and deal with the shortages back home also many people were using illegal crossings underneath the bridges and that this was made difficult by the fact that these illegal crossings are controlled by criminal groups at the border who are asking money for the venezuelans that has to cross there were a number of incidents there it's also a rainy season so at times the level of the river that these people need to cross the rice is in this made that that more difficult also tells us that. even a certain government might do with us to use less of a risk coming from colombia at the border since the opposition seems to have abandoned the idea to try and move the united states. into venezuela from the
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crossing from this former crossing another such as you just mentioned a little bit earlier the 2 leaders nicolas maduro the venezuelan president an opposition leader one been holding competing rallies today in venezuela but what is what is happening between the 2 sides in the dialogue and as much as there is one. yeah in the past 2 weeks there has been an attempt at sewing desire log in norway a number of european countries that and some of that you know american companies countries who are part of a negotiation contact group but have been reaching out to both the governments of my google and the opposition to see if they could negotiate their way out of the police to call an economic crisis that the venezuela is leaving but from what we
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understand those thoughts haven't really gone very far why does the leader of the opposition is now saying that he doesn't think sending a representative you through another round of talks and less and i do accept that the possibility and he's saying that he wants to date for already elections in venezuela something that so far and i do trust that is not negotiable at the rally something that he said on friday just to get on that point again today saying that it makes sense to continue negotiating with somebody that they can see there at the paper and who's not approaching the saw with good faith that that's what he told people but he also said that the you will continue putting pressure on my daughter convinced that the change will come very soon and that in the country at the same time though we've seen a few thousands of it's well and supporters rallying with. the venezuelan military
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in support of the. food distribution program that the government has been. using for months to help for people inside the vineyards when and that they now say is on their trail by sanctions imposed by the united states so the situation remains the same failed things that we've seen going on for months inside than when. alessandro thank you are palestinian leaders have condemned the u.s. ambassador to israel for backing a partial annexation of the occupied west bank prime minister benjamin netanyahu has promised to begin and next an israeli settlements in the territory and that would violate international law in an interview with the new york times david friedman said under certain circumstances i think israel has the right to retain some but unlikely all of the west bank friedman made the comments just weeks before
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a conference in bahrain where the u.s. will unveil part of its new peace deal more now from nida able to him in the occupied west bank the secretary general of the p.l.o. cyber part has said that these remarks should send a clear message to anyone who is willing to attend them and am a conference that is expected to be held in a couple couple of weeks he says that israel wants to annex occupied territories which is considered a work crime under the international law the p.l.o. executive committee member had on our show we said that the u.s. is justifying israel theft of land for the has also released a statement which is the ruling party in the west bank in which it said that they don't know if ambassador friedman is advocating for the israeli settlers or if he is representing the u.s. administration's point of view now asked or that conference in manama that is expected to be held the palestinian said they weren't consulted in it and they believe that any conference that does not tackle the political.


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