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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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weeks before a conference in bahrain where the u.s. will unveil part of its new peace deal more now from nida able to him in the occupied west bank the secretary general of the p.l.o. cyber part has said that these remarks should send a clear message to anyone who is willing to attend them and am a conference that is expected to be held in a couple couple of weeks he says that israel wants to annex occupied territories which is considered a work crime under the international law the p.l.o. executive committee member had an astro he said that the us is justifying israel theft of land for the has also released a statement which is the ruling party in the west bank in which it said that they don't know if ambassador friedman is advocating for the israeli settlers or if he is representing the u.s. administration's point of view now asked of that conference in manama that is expected to be held the palestinians said they weren't consulted in it and they believe that any conference that does not tackle the political aspect of the
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palestinian israeli conflict conflict is not going to be successful they want an end of the occupation and not a better life under it group of u.s. politicians has called on secretary of state might go to clear up the government's policy on libya they say confusion over the white house position is being used by armed groups in libya to justify fighting on friday the deputy prime minister libya's u.n. recognize government expressed concern over a phone call between the u.s. president and warlords in april that will soon after half past forces launched a military campaign to take tripoli to cohen has more from washington. this is a letter from the democratic members of the house foreign affairs committee that's the secretary of state mike pompei when they're urging him to come out and clarify exactly what the position of the u.s. is when it comes to libya now the secretary of state had said weeks ago that they still back in the u.n. backed government and they urged restraint here for syria but then u.s.
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president phone call was khalifa haftar hour and the readout of that was fairly confusing they seem to be back you have to are saying that he was fighting terrorism in this letter the congressmen and women are saying that that was just confusing and that it sent the message to armed actors that are now using that confusion over u.s. policy as justification to continue the conflict further jeopardizing prospects for a political settlement and threatening regional stability now what these congress men and women are trying to do is make this issue that gets covered because this is an administration that tends to react to what they see and read in the media and right now the conflict in libya is really not being covered at all all right still ahead when we come back i have tons finally gets an official mosque why did say more than 180 years and when kazakstan before historic elections.
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hello resettled turn to gently rising temperatures over the plain of iraq the cloud that shows just the north. seems more likely to do so on the high ground just over the border in iran and certainly near the coast north of tara now we see it's very hard times in southeast iraq even yesterday some reporters 56 to be very far but more typically were in the high forty's maybe the low fifty's if you start time the year after or so shells are very unlikely except where you got close to. water source which means the coast nets ready you could if you're lucky but sun shines in the forecast for monday 27 in beirut sasso this increasing humidity seems like a few showers in the mountains of yemen or west and saudi in particular it's a possibility you see something in the forecast it's clear blue sky at the moment
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temps is quite high 44 entire high slightly higher not in land in a band certainly the mt cotton is about the same across in mecca as well i'm also not a cloud in the whole of africa if you come further south it is that time of year when tonight where it's quiet most the time with any stormy weather just rushing across the fast so in the forecast then we find the most probably show is in mozambique. stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives on the sun just a longstanding international. finally separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the journalism protesters complain about the under reported of police violence the sensationalizing of the demonstrations with the listening
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post on al-jazeera. hello again you're watching i just need a reminder of our top stories this hour sudanese protest leaders are calling for a new civil disobedience after 5 opposition leaders were arrested they were detained hours after taking part in talks led by ethiopian prime minister the athame. but its way the president nicolas maduro has reopened the border with colombia thousands of people across the top to buy food and medicine because of shortages and high costs in venezuela was closed for nearly 4 months. the u.s. ambassador to israel has told the new york times the israeli government has the
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right to annex popped of the occupied west bank the new leaders say david friedman is trying to justify the theft of their land. saudi arabia is facing international criticism over a death sentence it gave a teenager involved in anti-government protests with. faces execution for a series of offenses. which they back to when he was just 10 years old charlotte ballasts reports. this was qatif in eastern saudi arabia in 2011 the arab spring was under way in the shia community was protesting against discrimination and incitement against them what happened in qatif has led to several boys being seen to its to death including teenager coed assess the charges against him date back to this night november 20th leven was the crowd was chanting death to al so
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a reference to the saudi royal family among the protesters was brother ali hours later he was shot and killed by security forces 10 year old multination marched in the funeral procession this is one of the charges against him he was arrested 3 years later as a 13 year old un and rights groups say he was tortured for a month spent over a year in solitary confinement and forced to sign a confession that led to his death sentence he is now 18 it's quite shocking when you hear that these steps are being taken against a child specially when ariel said yes that there has been a fair trial process and the boy has been detained for a long period of time and not been able to present a defense despite the death penalty for minors being illegal under international law is not the 1st in 2013 true lankan teenager resign and
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a fake was executed after a baby died in her care she said she was tortured and forced to confess to the infant's murder. and in october last year the un pleaded with saudi arabia not to execute 6 boys who were jailed for their involvement in anti-government protests in 20112012 when they were teenagers but 6 weeks ago tarbell sway caught. some in korea and now because karim will be hated alongside 34 rather is mostly shia mean i have many pieces oh please of the 7 young. men who were executed is syria 2013 many you know were would not kill anyone they would well it would be it would miners. qatif where it all began has also paid a high price violences eskin late in recent years the government says it is
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redeveloping the 400 year old town but it's the fighting and weapons that have caused most of the demolition shall a palace 0 iran says new sanctions on its petrochemical industry show the u.s. is not serious about calls for dialogue the sanctions targeted iran's largest petrochemical group which provides billions of dollars to the islamic revolutionary guard corps the u.s. branded the elite military unit a terrorist organization u.s. secretary of state my pompei all had said it was ready to sit down with iran last week sri lanka's intelligence chief has left his post after an emergency meeting on friday president met a policy to senior said he sacked syria mendis after here appeared before a parliamentary committee investigating the april attacks on thursday mendis told the committee the attacks could have been prevented he said the president should have held more security meetings presidency his senior is refusing to cooperate
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with the inquiry a kazakh stands presidential race is coming to an end with polls opening on sunday . by f. has been leader for 30 years before stepping down in march and his chosen successor is favored to win roland foresty a walker reports from the newly renamed capital nor small town. was 2 men now appeared to run kazakstan the official leader of the nation nor so tender as a by him and his appointee interim president kasim your marked talk i am not sure the army is going to assure our main task is to realize the strategy of the leader of the nation in order to strengthen the potential of our state i firmly believe and the success of our noble endeavor. took i have has government resources to boost his chances stadiums filled with students the state controlled mainstream
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media was staged were the there was there were good citizens are those it was before it was it started us it was kind of the season. when as a boy i have resigned in march takai have renamed the capital after him some saw that as a sign of subservience. it was all done you i got no so turned it is not my town i have a choice said this activist. others have called for a boycott of the vote seeing talk i have as a stop gap to deny stick succession. as senate leader now survives daughter daddy is next in line for the presidency. on friday police raided homes and detained several activists the authorities are on
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high alert. so i want to know for the 1st time in almost 3 decades the voters will have a choice or an appearance of choice at least but failed to show up at this t.v. debate a sign he doesn't take the competition seriously the very idea let him if you were competition does include a genuine government critic i mean. may take his share of the vote but he isn't optimistic because it it would be put to sleep that some boaters would boycott the boat but not those who support to cairo i'm afraid these votes will be taken from me by those who are organizing the boycott today i ask people to boycott the boycott. the students may vote just as they were required to attend the rally off camera when you talk and i support it this way failure to comply means failing your exams that is the kind of pressure that will benefit at the ballot box robin
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1st year walker al jazeera no so tired of the russian investigative journalist charged with drug dealing is being treated in hospital even lawyer says he was severely beaten while in custody glynn of is accused of drug possession with intent to sell but his supporters say officers planted the substances on him to stop him from reporting on corruption and protests against his arrest outside moscow's police headquarters on friday. muslims in athens finally have their own mosque they want permission from authorities to build a place of worship after waiting more than 180 years the city has not record does not had a recognized mosque since greece won independence from the ottoman empire and 833 jumps or opulence reforms. the education minister's arrival to open the athens mosque is a moment a quarter of a century in the making and we are trying to about soln in many years' time in
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about 25 years we had many time go mr lee he would try to love me and we so much meeting for much trying pretty hard and you tried to convince kind men can win and 10 god we are now is. in a mission is complete muslim immigrants have gradually acquired official community organizations green cards and even citizenship but their religion has been kept quiet by opening this mosque weeks before a general election the city's a government is actively courting the muslim vote yet the plan and. athens now has a dignified place of worship for muslims whether they are citizens or migrants refugees or visitors the right to pray to the god you believe in like the right of a child to go to school does not depend on the circumstances under which someone arrived here everyone has these rights they are non-negotiable human rights only the dignity of the afghans mosque is a far cry from what muslims have been used to makeshift places of worship in
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basements like this one which filled the overcrowding cities and is careful to maintain that low profile here there are no loudspeakers to call the faithful to prayer and no minarets to form landmarks the building barely resembles a religious structure and the compound itself is part of a navy facility surrounded by a high wall and barbed wire and with a round the clock police good citizen understands that although greeks agree to a mosque in principle there are also sensitivities greeks remember that the ottoman empire ruled greece for 4 centuries until the early 18th hundreds the saudi government offered to build a huge cultural center and mosque in 2001 and libya's moammar gadhafi made a similar offer a few years later but both sank under a popular. disapproval and pressure from the church and local government then in 2006 parliament decided that the athens mosque would be built at public expense and 13 years later it is ready the mosque isn't big enough to absorb all of these
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underground worshippers and such unofficial places of prayer may will continue but it's a 1st step towards religious acceptance in this overwhelmingly orthodox christian society john psaropoulos al-jazeera athens. when thailand's king was crowned last month people went into a frenzy of forecasting ties have a long fascination with astrology and it touches every part of daily life there scott hardly reports from bangkok. booths lined up waiting for customers but what's being sought here cannot be carried away in a bag these are fortune tellers who use the ancient practice of astrology or the study of stars and planets to advise their clients on their future by tapping the past it's a common sight across thailand in markets in alleys the cramped dark corners of cities where rent is cheap and access to people is easy and we have to trust that
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own judgment advice from astrology is just a 2nd opinion and only give us something to have spiritual comfort but at the end of the day it's us that has to choose our own death and astrology has been part of thai culture for centuries it's mixed into thailand's unique version of buddhism but fortune telling doesn't belong to any specific class it's used by the world family by big business decision makers even students studying for exams. during the recent coronation of king maha corn royal astrologist inscribed the king's official titles and a horoscope of his reign on a golden tablet. astrology has deep roots in thailand one of 600 yes i think that different when it comes to thailand and other countries they have high respect for estrada just be viewed him as psychologists who sell society. poncy tool is one of thailand's most famous astrologist. he's hired by big companies as
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a consultant and endorses consumer products like tissues and paint his facebook page is used by millions of his own kind i think wow i thought the most important thing is that astrology is not the one factor the controls all aspects of your life it's like a map to advises where we should go still a g.'s part of statistical science it really comes down to who in the subject i try to make people understand that it's all about statistics that have been collected over time this one and with the next generation of astrologists embracing technology reaching larger and younger audiences. there's little question that this slice of thai culture will remain alive in relevant well into the future but then they probably already knew that scott harbor al jazeera bangkok. this is going to round up the top story sudanese protest leaders are calling for
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renewed civil disobedience after 5 opposition leaders were arrested they were detained hours after taking part in talks led by ethiopian prime minister abbie akhmed protest leaders are refusing to return to the negotiating table until those responsible for killing more than 100 demonstrators last week are held to account. first the military council needs to recognize that the crime was committed secondly there needs to be an international investigation into the dispersal of the sit in thirdly all political detainees and all political prisoners held by the previous regime need to be released there needs to be freedom of speech and the media the military needs to be pulled from the streets and the internet ban needs to be lifted until all the demands are met we will not hold talks on a future political process venezuelan president nicolas maduro has reopened the border with colombia at the crossing near cougar town thousands of people began the
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day in long queues many intend to buy food and medicine because of shortages and high costs in venezuela the border was closed for nearly 4 months opposition leader one why does has been rallying supporters in a shadow larvae that's outside of caracas he says venezuela is still facing a humanitarian crisis and it's promising to keep up the pressure on the dog and rival rally by supporters of the duo and members of the army is taking place in caracas. protesters in the albanian capital tirana are gathering in front of parliament there demanding the resignation of prime minister eddie a drama of accusations of fraud and involvement in organized crime these are live pictures from tirana protests have been going on for 4 months now our brain is political crisis is seen as a threat to plans to join the european union the us ambassador to israel david friedman has told the new york times the israeli government has the right to annex
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parts of the occupied west bank those are the headlines inside stories next. a strategic partnership or a marriage of convenience china and russia voted to strengthen their ties both countries are engaged in standoffs with the u.s. but can they build a united front against washington this is inside story. hello
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and welcome to the program on how he had seen china and russia's leaders say their countries of course are than they've ever been and that's partly due to what they see as a common threat seeing peeing and floods in your putin's meeting in st petersburg was a display all of these strength off their relationship and also show of solidarity against the united states russia has been economically isolated for years jutes you western sanctions over its invasion of crimea in 2014 meanwhile china is in the grip of a trade war that the with the u.s. that seen tariffs imposed on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of gates. was speaking at the summit c.g. describes putin as a close friends and said there was scope for even greater cooperation in future. only on one of my asia our bilateral relations not reach the maximum and can become
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even better if we are ready to work together with russia in order to continuously increase the effect of our country's high level cooperation with our cooperation will give our 2 peoples a bigger sense of achievement i have been able to promote the russia chinese agenda in international affairs. and last year putin spoke of new sensors of global power and an end to u.s. economic dominance. again one where you knew economic centers have emerged and the role of regional currencies has risen the balance of power as an interest has shifted obviously those deep changes require adaptation on the part of international financial organizations and rethinking the role of the dollar after becoming the global reserve currency the u.s. dollar transformed into the instrument of pressure used by the u.s. on the rest of the world. well disputes with the u.s. have brought china and russia closer trades between them rose 25 percent in 20 so
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a record high of more than $100000000000.00 russia is a key source of energy and natural resources that fuel the chinese economy and chinese investments in russian infrastructure projects is an economic lifeline as western sanctions start to bites well they're also cool slee aligns on many global issues including venezuela north korea syria and iran. well let's bring in our panel in moscow we have victor all of it shaping let's go analyst and commentator on international relations in particular in thailand we're joined by our inner tangan a political and economic affairs commentator specializing in china and in new jersey steven rogers he's the presidents of the america winning coalition i'd like to welcome all of you to today's discussion thanks for all of it let me start with
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you do you see this new relationship between china and russia as a positive development. well no one has done more to bring moscow and beijing closer together in the past few months and past few years than washington it was the white house the american foreign policy establishment that had decided to open a new cold war against russia and at the same time as something that looks like a new cold war against china and of course feeling pressure from washington feeling pressure from the top a new study sion both china and russia are looking forward to a closer military leadership to a closer g a political affiliation ship and to a closer economic relationship of course with the steps that the white house under donald trump has sticking against chain or it is becoming more and more obvious to
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the chinese neither ship that the purpose in mind in washington is not just to get a more fair trade agreement with china but to seriously hamper and diminish the cheney's influence in the world dick cheney's geopolitical standing in the coming years and decades and cheney's economic standing as a possible competitor of the united states let's say as it is quite obvious for was so it's quite awful let's see if they if from a chinese perspective that that is the case to you i know you see this new relationship as a oppose a sieve a development that will help china in the face of this this trade war increased pressure from the u.s. . i would actually agree with my colleague good what we have here is perhaps a marriage of convenience china and russia obviously have
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a lot of geopolitical issues that they share their outlook is much closer than the one that donald trump is pushing but you know this this trade away from multilateralism is something that china opposes russia somewhere in between and donald trump is clearly intent on destroying the order that was created by the united states after the world war or 2 so in terms of what this means for china i think they feel that they're pushed into this situation china has resisted in the past any hind of call for any kind of formal either military or earlier political alliance they simply want to do trade but with the hostile acts going on they see you know this that for instance this attack on our way in these terrorists as the beginning as said a cold war that does not appear to have an end and will in fact separates the united states from china at staving. no one has done more it's
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a bring china and russia together than president donald trump a move perhaps that we've heard there from mine a tank and that's at china's seen this mantle as somewhat reluctantly and it's all tied to the efforts of your presidents say to that. well i would not characterize this as a new cold war president trump has been very consistent in making clear that the decisions he makes are decisions that are in the best interest of the american people he has also said quite often that he understands that there are leaders throughout the world who will take positions that will be in the best interest of their people now i notice some of the wording used in the press reports over the putin sheet summit that they were speaking in a businesslike manner so these are business decisions indeed there is politics involved i believe they're going to be using their summit as leverage with regard
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to the actions that the united states has taken but i don't believe anyone's pushing panic buttons yet these are decisions or at least meetings and and decisions that are being made in a businesslike manner and i've got to tell you i'm an optimist i think at the end of the day all 3 of these leaders are going to be sitting down speaking about these issues because these are addressing a global economy and we're all involved in this we're all in this together so hopefully will all come together in the near future so do you think that this relationship as stephen roach is this is a way for the china and russia to try and get the u.s. to move because it sounds an awful lot like these 2 countries share a lot of common ground economically and said how can a closer relationship between china and russia be in the best interests of u.s. workers and u.s. forces. well you know we have we've had and we
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continue to have a lot of trade with china it's all about the economy it's all about money i found it very interesting that president xi in st petersburg did state that he was not looking to disrupt his relationship with the united states i believe that was a signal to the united states saying look we might all have to sit down at one point and go further with these issues so as i said no panic buttons are now being pushed these a business decisions hopefully they won't spill over into any serious negative impact going to you that something this is no has to wait i'm sorry to interrupt but so you can see to sell this this relationship would not be in the best interests of the u.s. . i would say that right now i think if there were military issues being talked about regarding the geopolitics of the region yes that would be serious but none of
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that's on the table it's all economy all economic so hopefully they're not going to go down that road where the united states or nato or anyone feels that there are military threats to anyone that those things weren't discussed it was all about the economy ok and i see you shaking your heads i know tangan bridgie response that this is purely economic and not military. it's nonsense that we're just witnessing an incident between a russian warship and a united states or ship in this in the south china seas this is an area that has never seen any confrontation between russia and the u.s. in recent memory you know donald trump is using big stick diplomacy i don't think taking an ostrich like approach and saying that oh it'll all work out don't know and hitting the panic buttons i think is to start talking to industry. and technology they are hitting the panic button and so are the americans consumers
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when they start looking at what's happening in mexico donald trump has pushed an all fronts war against allies neighbors and those he thinks he's in contention is world view is creating the crisis so i mean i'm afraid i'm going to have to disagree with my colleague that this is all going to work out and that somehow we're in kansas and this is this is just going to be wonderful stuff and it shouldn't be worried this is very serious stuff this is the way that world war one happened at people sleepwalked into a terrible situation and i'm going to come back to you in a 2nd steven rogers but if i could just pick up with you victor all the events you hear also that didn't seem to react at favorably to see the. and you also believe that there was perhaps. an opportunity for military cooperation do you see this. as a as
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a and the goosey ation tactic from china and russia to try and get the u.s. to cut an easier deal or is this a more long term strategic partnership. well the american foreign policy makers had believed since the late 1980 s. and the early 1990 s. after the soviet union collapsed after the were so backed disappeared it was just beyond the ability of the to the so-called backs amerikana a world order centered on american decision making is going to last if not forever then for a very very long time and of course washington has seen the best few years in the past decade that china's economic power and china's military capabilities have grown significantly and. and we even outpace american economic power in the next several decades american foreign policy makers have also been 80
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seargent to russia they have seen that russia is no longer. state that meets was and they will not and that's why they're taking their to yes let's do it to rather than talk about american foreign policy i really do want to focus on the on this actual partnership itself you say that. russia is becoming resurgent russia has been penalized by quite significant international tariffs since 2014 it desperately needs markets to sell its oil to to sell its energy and china is no more willing to embrace that would you say this is more of a transactional relationship rather than a shift in the entire foreign policy and global what world order the curan to russian chinese relationship is not just about economic cooperation it's not just about increasing business. it is the action to the them by washington to sideline
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and to weaken both china and russia as its geopolitical and economic competitors and of course we have seen not only these meetings between putin and see. being in the seen petersburg. the economic forum we have seen them at major military exercises several months ago between china and russia that took place in russia by the way mongolian military and the mongol in military also took part in the exercises and that was a clear signal to washington and to its closest western allies that that that as long as pressure is going to be increased. against beaching and against moscow the cooperation between the 2 quite capitals is going to also be increasing as a counterbalance to american and and wider western pressure ok stephen roach as we're hearing from several events that this isn't just economics
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on the table this is military cooperation as well this is very much an attempt to come up against u.s. global power does that notes alarm you and would that not alarm president trump though would not look. with all due respect my colleague who mentioned the incident at sea the other day that's nothing new this are going on for years returning to russia russian navy in the united states navy not. flying but not all of that alaska ocean. no i agree there but it's all about posturing the united states is a powerful country they know we have the most powerful military on earth they know we have a very strong economy my colleague mentioned mexico well they caved yesterday the mexican government caved to the president yesterday and now they're on they're sitting at the table and they're cooperating regarding the immigration issue and i bring that up for this china and russia as a natural is
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a great negotiator he says he's a he's a he's a well busy with all due respect our colleague brought it up so i'm responding to what he said but you're right but at the end of the day it's transactional transitional it that they're going to come together at the panic buttons are not the flashing this is all political posturing and look no one the president trump is a builder he builds relationships no one wants to see a war no one wants to see trouble in the pacific i again as i speak from at least believing how this president works he's looking to build relationships not divide them had i not. i find that statement absolute oster settled a trump has built any relationships other than with israel and with saudi arabia his track record has been one of divisiveness of pushing tearing apart the very multilateral institutions that we created so i don't know where this is coming from
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that he's a great negotiator what is he done in this big stick to see you think mexico for one instance is thinking that this is great you really believe that the rest of the countries around the world have been hit with these tariffs unilaterally by donald trump think that this is about relationship building it's just preposterous i don't sack lee where this coming from just a repetition of don't hit the panic buttons well nonsense steven rogers well if i if i may if i may look what happened in great britain we have a special relationship with great britain and they adore this president look what happened with nato and our allies he got them to the table to contribute more to the defense of their so yes he has built some tremendous good relationships and unfortunately the media is not projecting that they're projecting the negative but you speak to some of these world leaders and by the way president xi mentioned last week he's friendly with the president united states president putin friendly with
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the president there's a lot of mutual respect a lot of it that we don't hear about so that's why i don't think things are as bad as some people are projecting it to be ok so of it steve think that these these warm relationships with president trump whoa that will help to resolve the issues that. that some americans have been voicing about this increased rapprochement if you like between china and russia do you think this is dancing related let it east and let's be frank and the topic me station i mean because they lease a ship with. meaning of its partners has deteriorated. from russia to china to or even to germany which is anita member and he has a quiet the content care situation for the washington for the last several years especially with what america's new ambassador to ireland has been doing here in
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germany are ok and so we can expect in the next few years an even more closer alliance between moscow and beijing that will become a stronger counterbalance to america's attempt at global dominance that is essentially winning ok victor all of us i want to focus on this relationship between russia and china how close be a list to the do you think these 2 countries can become because there are competing interests for the 2 there are competing interests in central asia in africa in the arctic concerts in the most school views china's president sees pet project the belts of moods and the stiff with with more than a little degree of suspicion do you think china and russia can enjoy very very close relations well there are definitely challenges but there are also great opportunities to expand those relations between moscow and beijing we have seen
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a growing trade relationship between china and russia in the best few years we have seen a much more much closer political dialogue between the 2 nations we have seen an expansion of russian energy exports into china and we have also issues with the recent action spent expanding cultural dialogue so also they are one of the enders i couldn't try so i'm sorry to cut you off with these energy contracts a lot of them were signed in 2014 before the before the current tensions between the u.s. and with china. but. when we talk about the business relations you know rushing chana just a few hours ago at the st petersburg economic forum there is a new id and there was a new agreement signed between why way and its russian counterparts on the chain
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use development of 5 g. networks in russia and that's a very good point let me take that as a see even expand that type of mission in different areas absolutely i'm sorry to cut you all sort gentleman but we are in the dying minutes if this debate steven rogers certainly the u.s. is very keen to curtail huawei and its 5 g. networks does this not look like shifting yourselves in the food it's a lever relationship to develop between china and russia where huawei can i cite in a very lucrative contracts indeed this is not shutting down for way this is allowing them some expands well look it may look like that but i don't believe it is and you know what i see here 2 countries is like a marriage here in the honeymoon stage they have a common goal right now is to use their relationship as leverage against the united states but look at i think the soul and in they divorce if you will i use that term because you and the other guest mentioned before there are competing interests here
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so we go back to what i said originally using this as leverage against the united states with regard to president trumps actions but at the end of the day all of them are going to have to come together because there will be impact regard worldwide impact regard to the citizens they make and i think it will benefit all of us provided the goal is to do what's right for all of the people who live in each country and that the president has been very consistent on with regard to the american people i know our time can i get your response to this. well i don't know that a merits a response dunk trump and consistency would see a not an oxymoron the guy is all over the place he loves creating dissension and chaos and making people guess it's part of his idea of transactional negotiation that's not correct i mean that's not the way to do things diplomacy in business require that you can rely and trust people and that's not something donald trump
2:44 am
does but in terms of the larger picture since post world war 2 there has been a 3 quarter situation between russia china and the us the u.s. and china came together and that was part of the issue that in essence led to the fall of the soviet union now you have russia and china getting together u.s. should be worried about this this kind of hydra head in the sand ostrich approach is not worthy of consideration but but there is also a transactional nature to c.p. consensus here and i'm sure china is looking at the number somewhere it support will lie who is more important to beijing is it the u.s. market or is it this american and russian market know it that's the wrong way to look at it china is looking to expand peacefully from their perspective they don't want to create alliances they're very aware of what happened or want they don't
2:45 am
want this kind of heavy minutes of different entities aligning up there simply being forced into this situation because of what they perceive is very very ill and attacks by donald trump not only on the country itself but on any attempts to try and better themselves you know this idea that way is copying everybody well how can you copy somebody and be 2 years ahead of your opponent so in this particular case it just doesn't make sense this is just donald trump saying that i us rather than competing rather doing a sputnik and responding in kind. has decided to trip up and i'm afraid that will have to be the last word gentlemen it's been a fascinating discussion but we are i'd like to thank all of my guests fixer all of it i had our tangan and steven rogers thank you to you for watching the program you can catch up again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com unst the
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conversation continues online you can either head to our facebook page forward slash a.j. inside story or join the discussion on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story or tweet me directly at alamo here dean and i for me and the whole team it's by phone i thank my. ready they start as drinks containers. ready and usually end up as gob h. . often a nuisance but for a select few old bottles sad as the building blocks of
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a better life. ready and the stepping stones to owning a family. you find a lot in america as in bolivia and downs into the wild have got a child moves. on now to sing again. in 2008 traveled across the united states discovering what it was like to be both a patriotic american and a devout muslim can you be muslim and american you have to be american 1st i didn't have much appreciation for why it would be a big deal that a muslim to be elected to the united states congress. rewind islam and america on al-jazeera. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in due time tiger's next ball astri seems to defy gravity every piece of cheese is expected to complete the pilgrimage
2:48 am
to ensure peace and happiness when it became a democracy in 2008 the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it many brittany's happinesses will win sure if that is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy bhutan has done what no other country has. this is al jazeera. has i'm sick of this is the news live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes.
2:49 am
sudan's opposition leaders are calling for more civil disobedience after several protest members were arrested. on the move crowds of venezuelans cross the border with colombia. the u.s. ambassador to israel says the occupied west bank should be at least partly annexed . i mean our intended london with the top stories from europe including more mass protests in albania as opposition supporters take to the street to rally against the prime minister and demand new elections. and in sport the windsurf 1st grand slam title the australian beats in markets of on the show over in straight sets in the final of the french open. protest leaders in sudan are calling for a new campaign of civil disobedience after some of them were detained by security
2:50 am
forces they've ruled out negotiations with military rulers until those responsible for killing more than 100 demonstrators last week i held to account several opposition leaders were arrested soon after meeting with the ethiopians prime minister who is mediating with the military the touch of a name has more. mohammed went from shaking hands with ethiopian prime minister abi to a jail cell in one day the sudanese opposition leader was part of a delegation that met akhmed after we arrived in khartoum on friday to act as a mediator he is one of several opposition members arrested during saturday morning raids their arrests are expected to hamper efforts to reopen talks between the opposition and the military earlier this week more than 100 protesters were killed in a crackdown by the military hunta the opposition has issued a list of demands including restoring freedom of the press and access to the
2:51 am
internet before they'll return to negotiations 1st the military council needs to recognize that the crime was committed secondly there needs to be an international investigation into the dispersal of the sit and thirdly all political detainees and old political prisoners held by the previous regime need to be released. the transitional military council hasn't said whether those demands will be met but the president of the transitional military council abdel fatah the one confirmed that the council is open for negotiations and reaching a solution at any time and god willing the mediation will have a good result. protesters have called for the immediate withdrawal of the paramilitary group the rapid support courses they are accused of raping and murdering protesters including children but some doubt that's possible i do have hope but also because.
2:52 am
sudan has been suspended from the african union the un wants to send a team into the country as soon as possible to investigate and monitor events want accountability. and also. we want annual military. mission to hand. the. forces a general strike is planned for sunday despite the internet blackout and restrictions on journalists protesters are pushing out videos on social media to ensure the world gets a clearer view of what's happening in sudan natasha going to al-jazeera. on a tasha's report mentioned some of the conditions laid down by protest leaders
2:53 am
others include an end to the killing and torture of citizens by paramilitary forces and that would draw some cities towns and villages they also want public freedoms to be restored including the right to free expression and association and they want to any mediation effort to be aimed at easing the transfer of power to a civilian authority. well someone here in mubarak is a spokeswoman for the sudanese professionals association she joins us now from hard to thank you very much for being with us. so i want to ask you 1st of all what do you hope to accomplish from this latest plans for civil disobedience you've laid out all of the demands there what are the chances that those demands will be met given the atmosphere right now and given what happened 2 days ago the response from the authorities to to the protests in khartoum.
2:54 am
they point out. that it is a continuation of the people movement in the only way that we have started. the 19. rallies and we have had it in that. part. means are wrong and meet the protest and i 8 8. proclaimed to work. there the government the routine. going for the people with the being you know others in another method of nonviolent . is another method of nonviolent resistance. to what happened 2 days ago we cannot accept we cannot with whom our lives. cannot go back to living a normal life after what has happened if you gave a go what do you hope this campaign of civil disobedience will
2:55 am
accomplish trying to get at the economic levers of the country because if if there if that does have an effect that will affect ordinary people in sudan as well. well once we go into civil disobedience there is no there are no people to run and there is no. law are they going to learn. it it's our it's our way of saying that we're going to hold the power the power that's given to us by the country be running as normal as usual business as usual once business does not run its usual run the country comes to a standstill that means that there is no one to run they do not have power it can just roam around in their trucks and in. all their own home having their sons all around different parts of done with their guns at the face of the famous and
2:56 am
civilian there's nobody to run there's no country to run i was going to stay at a standstill with risk back to the. health economic factor with respect to the economic factor 5 to make keys that have been formed in neighborhoods and indifference obsessional sectors to help. ease out any hardships that would come out of. all economic problems and the lower income groups and the lower income classes it's more of a communal process. you took it to assess summer heat and mubarak joining us from part 2 thanks for being with us. a venezuelan president nicolas maduro has reopened the border with colombia at the crossing near thousands of people began the day in long queues and many intend to buy food and medicine
2:57 am
because of shortages and high costs in venezuela the border was closed for nearly 4 months with said his political opponents wanted to bring aid to strengthen support for the opposition opposition leader one of why dollars been rallying supporters in a shot are lovely that's just outside of caracas he says the country is still facing a humanitarian crisis and is promising to keep up pressure on my doula. or supporters of president to do are also holding their own rally in caracas they're protesting against u.s. sanctions which the government says is affecting the distribution of subsidized food for more on this let's go live to our son. who is in the colombian capital bogota for us so what morrie we're hearing about the reopening of the border there with venezuela. colombia's migration out sorry to say that roughly $18000.00 units will land illegally
2:58 am
crossing into colombia since the reopening of the bridges earlier on saturday that the operation is continuing in an urgent orderly manner however of course they are seeing very high numbers since the bridges have been closed for almost 4 months of course this is a big relief for the 10s of thousands or more venezuelans who rely on crossing daily into colombia for food medicine to access to medical services now for the last month and a half or so people that could prove that they needed to see a doctor in colombia were left through but that my journey she had to cross on illegal paths direct a road on the very porous border between colombia and venezuela they had to cross a river whose waters which were the waters were very high because we're in the
2:59 am
middle of the rainy season and these their paths are controlled by criminal groups who demanded money for venezuelans to cross and there had been incidents that used back and refuse gangs confronting each other violence lee so definitely they were the opening of the border will help these venezuelans the need to cross into colombia on a daily basis it also helps the venezuelan government to reduce the pressure day or since people are suffering with the shortages the lack of food the bad taste and of the services that they can't get in venice but i think it also tells us that of an interim government that's going to see the border with colombia's matches that stretched as they used to in the past months since that it's clear at this point that the opposition has decided that they will not continue to try and. use the border to pressure my daughter and they will not try to move the tons of aid that
3:00 am
the united states sent asked to border into various way left. and so we had these opposing rallies taking place. why does the opposition leader and the president nicolas maduro holding a rally as well but what what sort of dialogue have we seen between the 2 sides. but there has been in the past 2 weeks an attempt at a formal dialogue between the 2 sides this has been spared headed by a group of european countries that are part of what is called a true group trying to resolve the political price of it is whenever there has been 2 meetings in all slow but both of those could be seen as failed and what though is now saying is that he's not planning to send any representatives to any further meetings there's no deal on any new meetings giving the fact that he doesn't think that my daughter is.


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