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tv   A Moral Debt The Legacy Of Slavery In The U.S.A.  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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during his or her resolution talks were his rivals on drugs represent joins me while banning capital john any chance that death is will get what they want. to lauren they make it part of what they want they have been demanding a cancellation of the june 30th local elections for 61 municipalities across the country they don't want those to take place and no democratic party opposition candidates are standing for those elections it is just the socialist party fielding its candidates that's the ruling party of prime minister eddie rama they say that these elections if the government goes in the head and holds them will be a sham and they shouldn't be held at all the 2nd thing they're demanding is a general election instead of the rama has said he's going to proceed with the local election and he has made no noise is concerning an early general election his term in office still has 2 years to run the constitutional conundrum that albania
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now finds itself in is unprecedented because the president. has tonight declared that in his opinion those local elections on june 30th should not be held he said current conditions do not allow for the real democratic representative and inclusive elections to take place and that's a reference to 2 things one the fact that there are no opposition candidates so this isn't a real election and to the fact that there is no constitutional court because the entire judiciary has for the past 2 years been tied up in a normal shakedown there's a there's a huge process of review of the profile of judges their suitability to hold office their wealth that background their sources of income and whether these are legitimate and because this process has gone on for so long and is so pervasive and has removed so many senior judges from office the constitutional court which should
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now have 15 judges on it has only one absent that. court no disagreements no differences in any electoral process can be resolved internally and international monitors are insufficient to guarantee a free and fair election sal dania now finds itself very much caught between the will of 2 men prime minister and the rama who is going to have things his way and the opposition democratic party leader losing basher who says no we're not going to have things your way he does not want to be rahman to serve out his 2 years of office and he doesn't want a local election that no one here seems to believe in. this thank you very much and . watch out as there are still to come on the program the rebels a yemen released footage showing what they say are saudi military positions they captured near the border. and a voice of the revolution a former footballer and prominent syrian activist has died fighting government
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forces. hello there we've been watching a huge storm make its way across parts of europe is this whirling massive here it borders a gust of wind around 130 kilometers per hour in the northwestern parts of france and now it's working its way towards the north it is still giving us some heavy downpours and some pretty strong winds but it will mostly be confined to parts of scandinavia the as we head through the day on sunday behind it a lot calmer for many of us the still a good deal of cloud and the chance of so you want to showers in particularly lively ones in the southern parts of fronts that they still parts of europe it's staying hots for many of us here basco up at 30 degrees another hot day for us so expect more scenes like this blue skies and people struggling to cool down i don't
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think that's going to last too long though because by the time we get to monday we'll see more thunderstorms roll their way across us and so things here will definitely turn a bit wetter a bit further south and for many of us here it's fine and settled $27.00 the maximum temperature in benghazi towards the west it's hotter $38.00 inch in is not as hot in our area though and that's thanks to a little bit more in the way of clouds well geas maximum around $23.00 or $24.00 over the next few days and the cloud edging its way eastwards and just taking the edge of the temperature in tunis for monday. a natural resource that's gone on top for more than 2 decades. of course years before israel has rockets on al-jazeera world tells the untold story of gaza's un exploited gas fields gaza loggin is it only made us of the palestinians so it's
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a lot of money and how this valuable resource could have transformed palestinian lives. because the gas deal on al-jazeera. and are going to one of the top stories here now is their sudan's protest leaders have accused the military of trying to disrupt a civil disobedience campaign planned for sunday 5 members of the opposition have also been arrested. venezuelan president nicolas maduro has authorized the reopening of the border with colombia. and tens of thousands of albanians are on the streets of the capital in another week of protests against the government as they demand new elections. saudi arabia is facing international criticism
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over a death sentence given to a teenager involved in anti-government protests or tajik or aries faces execution for a series of offenses some of which date back to when he was just 10 years old short bus reports. this was qatif in eastern saudi arabia in 20 leven the arab spring was underway in the shia community was protesting against discrimination and incitement against them what happened in qatif has led to several boys being seem to institute including a teenager who taj a courageous the charges. against him date back to this nice november 20 leven was the crowd was chanting death to al so a reference to the saudi royal family among the protesters was brother ali hours later he was shot and killed by security forces 10 year old montage and marched in
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the funeral procession this is one of the charges against him he was arrested 3 years later as a 13 year old un and rights groups say he was tortured for a month spent over a year in solitary confinement and forced to sign a confession that led to his death sentence he is now 18 it's quite shocking when you hear that these steps are being taken against a child specially when ariel's yes that there has been a fair trial very serious and the boy has been to terri for a long period of time and not been able to present a defense despite the death penalty for minors being illegal under international law more taj is not the 1st in 2013 trilling can teenager result in a fake was executed after a baby died in her care she said she was tortured and forced to confess to the infant's murder. and in october last year the un pleaded with saudi arabia not to
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execute 6 boys who were jailed for their involvement in anti-government protests in 2011 in 2012 when they were teenagers but 6 weeks ago tarbell sway caught some in corish and others karim wash were beheaded alongside 34 others mostly shia main i have recorded many cases of that moving the cases of the 7 mostly young. men who were executed this year 2013 many oh there were were nothing anyone and they were when they would be there. it would miners. qatif where it all began has also paid a high price violences escape a recent use the government says it is redeveloping the 400 year old town but it's the fighting and weapons that have caused most of the demolition. a group of u.s. politicians is called on secretary of state. to clear up the government's policy on
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libya they say confusion over the white house's position on the issue is being used by groups to justify the fighting practical hane is the latest from washington d.c. this is a letter from the democratic members of the house foreign affairs committee that's to secretary of state mike pompei when they're urging him to come out and clarify exactly what the position of the u.s. is when it comes to libya now the secretary of state had said weeks ago that they still back to the u.n. backed government and they urged restraint here for syria but then u.s. president donald trump got a phone call with khalifa haftar hour and the readout of that was fairly confusing they seem to be back you have to are saying that he was fighting terrorism in this letter the congressmen and women are saying that that was just confusing and that it sent a message to armed actors that are now using that confusion over u.s. policy as justification to continue the conflict further jeopardizing prospects for a political settlement and threatening regional stability now what these congress
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men and women are trying to do is make this issue that gets covered because this is an administration that tends to react to what they see and read in the media and right now the conflict in libya is really not being covered at all. a russian investigative journalist who's been charged with dealing drugs even going to know appeared in court after doctors rejected claims by his lawyer that he'd been beaten while in police custody good enough is accused of possessing large quantities of the designer drug method road and cocaine but his supporters say officers planted the substances on him to stop him from reporting about corruption in the protest against his arrest outside moscow's police headquarters on friday steadfastness following the story and is outside the court in moscow she joins me now what's the latest on the on the court case. well just literally 2 minutes ago the church decided that being held under house arrest so there was a lot of cheers here at the courts where hundreds of people have gathered to ask
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and shout for his freedom of course investigative journalist in front of was detained on thursday called into the police he was carrying drugs on the road so drop found it is apartment but it's widely believed not only here not only among his colleagues and his closest friends but in wider circles that these charges are fabricated that it's basically a method to silence me because he has been doing some very exclusive stories on corruption practices here in moscow and also mafia practices around to say happened so he also said just knowing what it means are you sure that this detention is very much related to this war and that's also what a lot of people here think and it's not only a warning to him but also to another to a lot of other journalists of course that this is happening right now. what a father the size of the demonstrations how unusual is it to get to turn out like this and to move really how significant is this case. this
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is very unusual and it is saturday evening and it's past 10 o'clock in the evening and that we're talking here hundreds of people here gathering behind me shouting very loud. freedom freedom they have actually been demonstrating since the moment that everyone heard that he was detained of course protests are illegal here in russia so what they have been doing since yesterday was basically picketing and then one person at a time would hold up a pamphlet asking for his freedom hundreds of people also gathered yesterday but here it's all a big gathering nothing one by one anymore people are really coming out in full force to support him and it's not only as i said not only his closest friends and colleagues but also people within the state media because basically he is working for me which is one of the the last free media basically here in russia most of the media are already on the state comptroller but also people prominent people working
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for the state media have come to his defense his defense steadfastly thank you very much. the rebels in yemen have released new images showing what they say are saudi military positions they've captured near the border the rebels say they've killed dozens of saudis soldiers near the southern city of niger on the media released this video which appears to show fighting and weapons seized from the saudi u.a.e. coalition it also shows what they say is the wreckage of an american made drone the coalition which backs the yemeni government has not confirmed the developments went a lot more from santa. this kind of new tactic which is taking is now carrying carried out by the how these the saudi territories we have used in the previous occasions or all the 2 had returned back to heads of the saudi military positions and with them back to yemen eternities but this time the taking new kind
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of tactic in order to take control of these military positions to stay inside them despite of the saudi intensified era strikes in the previous. incursion the how these have been had more than 72 air raids just within. 20 hours this reveals the domination of the saudi domination of aerial era strikes but according to the photo is released by b. hold the made it so that the whole of these have this kind of domination in the ground iran says new sanctions on its petrochemical industry show the u.s. is serious about its calls for really go sheeting the nuclear deal the sanctions target terror and largest petrochemical group which provides billions of dollars to the islamic revolutionary guard corps or shinton has branded elite military unit a terrorist organization because a week after my pump air announced the u.s.
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was ready to sit down with terror on iran's oil minister says his country is keeping up sales through quote unconventional means to circumvent u.s. sanctions also barry has more terror on. well this move is being called economic terrorism according to the foreign ministry spokesman up us mousavi this is a continuation of the united states government's policy towards iran of putting pressure on the pressure on iran and the people of this country and that the suggestion last week by officials in the united states that if they were willing to talk with the iranians is not really a true one it's not they does not what they actually mean they're not true to their words that they cannot be trusted the iranian oil minister has also been speaking on saturday saying that iran has absolutely no plans to leave opec and the gap that's been created in the oil markets by iran being not being able to sell all its oil on the international market can never actually be filled by any of the
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countries such as saudi arabia and the u.a.e. so he's also reiterating iran's position that all these sanctions they might put some pressure on the country but nobody can actually replace what they're trying to do should act as president has sacked the intelligence chief syria syria mendis after imagine emergency meeting on friday mendis who claims he resigned and told a parliamentary committee investigating the easter sunday bombings that the attacks could have been prevented he also blamed the president for not holding regular security meetings present math about a serious anus says he will not cooperate with a parliamentary investigation. the problem of the figure of the rebellion against syrian president bashar assad has died fighting government forces about said so root rose to fame as a goalkeeper for a football team in homes he later became known as the singer of the revolution got to know chris had a on as will. was that he had lived his life in the spotlight but
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abdelbaset cerruti left it all behind for a serious revolution the 27 year old was a famous goalkeeper in homes as well as a singer and activist he chose a battleground over comfort joining serious rebellion against president bashar al assad in this online video he explained why he decided to take up arms and fight against government forces are you going to russia where you live i'm your groove illusion will continue this journey cannot be stopped by obstacles all the government this is our land it's our country. and that was so rude was injured on thursday in northern hama province where fighting between serious army and rebels in their last stronghold has intensified in recent months he died on saturday a fate it seems he expected. in the lyrics to a song he wrote he predicted his death in the battlefield was so rude had many
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followers but also enemies he survived at least 3 assassination attempts he was banned from playing football after serious government declared him a traitor salute family was certificated to the revolution 4 of his brothers and his father were also killed in the war a cause they believed was worth fighting for. their jaan al-jazeera has more for you any time on our website address that is al jazeera dot com and you can watch us live on their back and on the orange live icon out of there don't call . one of the top stories around is there sudanese protest leaders say they have been disastrous and oppressive developments aimed at breaking the civil disobedience campaign plan for sunday it comes after they accuse the military of rejecting
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mediation efforts when 5 members of the opposition were arrested hours after taking part in brokered talks by ethiopia's prime minister on monday security forces stormed a sit in protest killing $100.00 people. but israel and president nicolas maduro has authorized the reopening of the border with colombia at the crossing and thousands of people began the day in long queues to buy food and medicine because of shortages and high costs tens of thousands of albanians have been on the streets in the capital in another week of protests against the government demonstrators are demanding new elections be held and accuse promise to any rama of corruption and electoral fraud he has denied any wrongdoing and has offered resolution talks with his rivals out of the restaurants or office is in toronto and has more. they make it part of what they want they have been demanding
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a cancellation of the june 30th local elections for 61 municipalities across the country they don't want this to take place and no democratic party opposition candidates are standing for this elections it is just the socialist party fielding its candidates that's the ruling party of prime minister eddie rama they say that these elections if the government goes in have had an older than will be a sham and they shouldn't be held until the 2nd thing they're demanding is a general election instead. a russian investigative journalist has been charged with dealing drugs if i'm going to know for appeared in court after doctors rejected claims by his lawyer that he had been beaten while in police custody he's not been placed under house arrest could you know if is accused of possessing large quantities of the designer drug method drone and cocaine but his supporters say officers planted the substances on him to stop him from reporting about corruption . there's the headlines to stay with us on which is their next stop it's the
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listening post and yours catch up anytime with our website is there dot com for news about how. you know we count on a crackdown by surety of a market economy. but that. many close to the main square when i. decide it's time. to lower richard gaisford if you're at the listening post here are some of the stories we're covering this week political unrest in sudan the story enters a new phase a crackdown on demonstrators
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a clampdown on media coverage australian police raid 2 news outlets putting media they're on high alert what is the attraction that draws british audiences to the genre of television programming big call poverty porn and is it a parody or a genuine tribute to donald trump. the israeli video that leaves viewers confused. nearly 2 months after a mass at a government demonstrations led to the overthrow of sudan's longtime president omar al bashir a mostly peaceful political transition has turned violent this past monday soldiers taking orders from the military regime that now rules sudan opened fire on protesters killing more than 100 people the exact body count remains on known and that is by design the who imposed a communications blackout blocking access to social media disrupting phone traffic severely restricting the news and information flow over the past few weeks many
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foreign journalists including those from al-jazeera have had their licenses revoked their offices raided meaning that stories of alleged mass murder and rape at the hands of the security services do not make it beyond sudan's borders when the generals took power they promised new media freedoms space for independent reporting however their tolerance for those telling the stories of this revolution has run out and they're using tactics straight out of omar al bashir as playbook our starting point this week is cartoon. it's about control the message the playbook is a playbook that many have these before and it's essentially how do we lock down how do we strike fear in the hearts of people culminates with the shut down in social media. the point. that this is very important
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that they call the picture would be extremely extremely harmful to the regime. much of what we know is from civilian journalist cell phone videos and word of mouth that journalists have not had the access that the need to. know the people dying in the hundreds missing and injured but they still show music on t.v. . business as usual and this is exactly what used to happen during this year. sudanese activists hoped all of that was behind them almost 3 decades of home are al bashir as president finally came to an end in mid april with his overthrow arrest and imprison a temporary military government in place calling itself transitional saying it was committed to handing over power to the people but like algeria to the northwest where unrest brought down another longtime leader toppling
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a president has proven easier than negotiating with men in uniforms. following the stepping down of this. april and then the transitionary military council sort of saying we're going to negotiate we're going to have this sort of transition period there was hope. i think a lot of people around the world are looking at sudan as an example of ok maybe we've learned from the arab spring maybe this will be egypt or libya or syria maybe this will be a little bit different it became clear 2 or 3 weeks ago that the transitional military council was not negotiating in good faith tensions began to rise the 2 month old city and had become the symbol of resistance and the uprising and it became very clear last week that the military council was not going to permit the sending longer. basically what happened is that they attacked protesters they started shooting anybody that puts up
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a phone trying to film and so a lot of people are were shut down because their phones were stolen and after that of course the slowing down of the internet and most of the networks and so that and eventually shutting it down. bar jamming internet networks the military government choked information flows inside the country and to the outside world sudanese relied. our messaging services like whatsapp and social media platforms like facebook and youtube to organize politically and to get images information out the clampdown created a vacuum missing people could not be found and no one knew just how many people had been killed by the r.s.s. the paramilitary rapid support forces all of this took place under a transitional military council that when it took power less than 2 months ago made all the right noises and. the appointment of general abdel fattah han as the head
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of the t.m.c. was initially well received. and had previously met with protesters and appeared to be open to their view of. the military council released hundreds of political prisoners ended the curfew in khartoum and said it would work with the opposition alliance for change and freedom the t.m.c. also made the kind of promises on media freedom that make headlines the military council sent a message to newspaper editors basically lifting censorship which after 3 decades was impressive to see the type of headlines in the type of coverage some outlets were not as quick to jump on that actually done t.v. . but some of the outlets like 24 had to move very interesting coverage she saw opposition leaders on t.v. think that was a fresh to see that type of press freedom. being allowed in the country but once the transitional military council decided i believe that they were going to
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crush the uprising. that led to an increase ratcheting up pressure on journalists expulsion of journalists and restrictions of all sorts as a transitional military council closer to the crackdown closer and closer to tire shop. both international and domestic news coverage. the coverage of the story in the international media has been restricted foreign reporters who would only recently been allowed back into the country after being banned in the dying days of the al bashir regime had their movements curtailed by the new military authorities one of the most influential foreign news networks al-jazeera is currently banned from reporting from sudan its offices were raided and it had its license to broadcast revoked on may 30th the timing of the ban on al-jazeera raised eyebrows
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it happened just after t.m.c. leaders met with the rulers of saudi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt the saudi owned out of be a which competes against the qatari owned al-jazeera across the arabic speaking world has been far less critical of the t.m.c. over the stalled transition process and continues to report from khartoum and saudi arabia and the u.a.e. as support for the sudanese who is not limited to the airwaves 10 days after al bashir was deposed the saudi and amorality governments sent sudan $3000000000.00 worth of aid including half a 1000000000 in cash reserves which the reuters news agency described as throwing a lifeline to the country's new military leaders that decision to shut down. his license was not too surprising after the head of the military council and committee paid a visit to saudi arabia. egypt that's when license was withdrawn and
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there's widespread believe and so that these governments are interfering to prevent the establishment of a full democracy in the country what's important to remember about so that is its political importance but also previously bashir didn't quite pick sides. and so on on side as well as the saudis by supporting this saudi interest in yemen but the transition of that era council didn't quite feel the same way and so by actively going to saudi arabia and the emirates and saying you know what we're on your side here effectively. it then became. a porn in that in that day between. the sudan story of 2019 as unfortunate echoes of 2011 and the arab spring the sense of optimism and the prospects of a political transformation that proved fleeting the ensuing clampdown that has been
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brutal the alliance for freedom and change that has so far failed to live up to its name and the space that seemed to be opening up for the news media gone before they knew it before they really had a chance to use sudan was always a dark spot for media we never had independent media for the last 30 years and even before that i think you know the military council is basically a more powerful extension of the old regime a biased extension of the old they need to clamp down on us because they only want their version of the news and so what you've got at the moment is a country a city that has been divided up that is unable to communicate to each other let alone to people outside a diaspora that is desperate to know what's going on in the country on the ground and in international media that isn't quite sure what's going on and so it essentially that they can kind of do what they want. and that's tough.
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looking at other media stories that are on our radar with one of our producers i mean actually ravi there are many countries where police routinely raid news organizations but a stray is not one of them and there have been 2 such raids over this past week why that's exactly what many australian journalists are wondering why the 1st raid was at the home of hearst she is the political editor of the sunday telegraph now back in 2018 she published a story about a top secret proposal to expand surveillance of australian citizens. then came another bigger raid this one at the offices of the australian broadcasting corporation b.b.c. police were there for 9 hours and the executive editor of a.b.c. news was life tweeting it through out material was seized relating to a 2017 investigation by a.b.c. into the killing of unarmed civilians in afghanistan by australian special forces
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who are stationed there now apart from these 2 raids there was a call from the home affairs ministry to the radio reporter ben forde him he was asked where he got the information or how he got the information about the turning away of 6 boatloads of asylum seekers by a stray and authorities at sea so in all 3 of these cases you have reporting based on classified government documents and this appears to be the government trying to flush out the source doesn't not exactly and if you think about why all of this is happening now for example that a.b.c. report went out 2 years ago it goes back to politics and last month's elections now there's a new majority conservative government in power and they have extensive national security laws at their disposal to clamp down on these troublesome leaks of classified information now across australia media houses union's watchdogs they've all sounded the alarm and they are pressing the government for answers but make no mistake what happened last week has put them on notice ok turning to pakistan where
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the army has described a recent report by the b.b.c. as a pack of lies what did that story focus on this report by the b.b.c. was about the pakistani army is activities in one of the most sensitive regions of pakistan it's the mountainous. in the northwest now this area has been under the pakistani army is control since 2002 when pakistan joined the american led war on terror now according to the b.b.c.'s investigations tens of thousands of people mostly civilians have been tortured and killed by the army soon after the report was published the pakistani army spokesperson posted this pack of lies. tweet but it was followed up by a statement from the army in which it said that the b.b.c. sent a judgment to a questionnaire via e-mail to get their comments and then ignored the army's offer to get a full rundown of their side of the study now the b.b.c. has said that it is confident about its reporting and that it would like to interview the pakistani army under range of subjects ok thanks me. on to
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a story about a unique vision of media now born and produced in the u.k. take what the british call a benefit scroungers someone who is allegedly milking the state's welfare system for all it's worth throwing a dash of social stereotyping a little demonize ation at an element of reality t.v. celebrity culture and presto you have a television show some might find that to be an odd formula but british newspapers tabloids for the most part have long been hooked on stories about people claiming money from the state among the problems associated with poverty porn it might entertain viewers and readers but it does not inform them and caricaturing welfare recipients for the benefit of mass audiences has potential implications for the welfare system and the people who actually depend on the listening post flow phillips now on the british media's obsession with benefits the myths and the money making industry it has created.
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i think it's. the single mom with lots of kids that are house for children who want to find us. the alcoholic drinking away his dome and. the immigrant sponging off the state. to cheat just when. you break your salary for the channel 4 was benefits street channel 5 benefits. headlines in the sun on the daily express when it comes to stories about. welfare recipients the british media rely on a cast of cliche characters they recycled over and over those narratives in this kind of images to create and sustain divisions between society and undeserving populations between them and work. between welfare dependents and
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hard working families the whole setup of these programs is around the pain like of them and us all telling everybody in this studio and you're telling everybody who's watching right now that we're mugs that we're idiots and we're fulls for going out to work because why don't we all just give up work in the benefits may present the idea of a benefits kocher and a benefits lifestyle as if people on benefits are choosing to be there and that that language that they rocketry langridge feeds into casual contention for the poor of course kelly's going to be comfortable in the benefits system call this money coming and what we say is programs like make a margaret we all pay your benefits which creates intentionally and very clearly a division between the idea of tax payers and benefit recipients as enemies. britons have been fed stories about the flaws in their social benefits system for years the tabloids were the 1st to discover the audiences for such stories and by
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2013 t.v. producers were tapping into that same market the b.b.c.'s we will pay your benefits came 1st similar offerings followed on other channels along with millions of viewers the programmes attracted plenty of criticism for the exploitation of people's hardship what has come to be known as poverty pool the term poverty is a pretty accurate reflection on this idea of. what's important for entertainment and reading about poor people newspapers where it's for entertainment as opposed to an actual insight into these people's lives i'll be quite offended if people. benefits britain was political because benefits britain told the stories of people who live their lives with limited resources. very strong there's no reason why you shouldn't tell that story you're putting programs out about people whose lives and on benefits and who live in poverty and those programs write well then
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programme makers just continue to make those programmes. and that's exactly it these programmes rate well but do they actually portray reality take the benefits cheat trade in the 201516 tax year fraudulent benefits claims cost the british state $1900000000.00 pounds the cost of tax evasion that year 5200000000 pounds add into the mix tax avoidance at $1700000000.00 and your 2 almost 4 times the cost to benefit from and that doesn't begin to include wealthy britons hiding their assets off shore or tax loss to the shadow economy but the media especially the tabloid press disproportionately choose to direct our attention and outrage to the form leaving high income fraudsters who are less telegenic and harder to find in the shadow i would love to see you know the flip side of the television show
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about. tax avoiders that people are over this in the 1st. attack and so for the hypocrisy surrounded what they choose to put on t.v. screens it will always target the most vulnerable as a programme making you always choose the best stories the characters who will make the best television in one case we filmed with some remaining in rome is going to come to the u.k. to kind benefits of the unfortunately then took british benefits back to mania and built themselves a home i'm going to take benefit for. this one quickly with much money we shouldn't shy. my wife from stories to all true stories just because they are sensational or the contributors of outrageous in some way thank you so much so long as the context is should be fine the really key areas of misrepresentation are around the day to day life of people in the city about what
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benefits and how far that's kind of car tries by maybe i don't listen in october take a kind of active choosing to be on benefits the poll getting me are trying very hard to get into paid work when and where that's like a realistic option. the british welfare state the provision of education childcare health and homes came about after the 2nd world war designed to ensure a good standard of living from the cradle to the grave while popular at the outset by the late 1970 s. much of the rhetoric from politicians and the press was anti well social security was depicted as a burden on the state not us citizens right the explosion of reality t.v. programs about benefits has only made this image worse. some benefits claimants have been transformed by these programs into celebrities media stars and the many
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industry has since grown around them take baritones a p.r. agent who saw an opportunity in the new genre and took it. he has a book of clients who are on benefits and he says when journalists and t.v. producers need help with some kind of benefit story they call him his clients can be offered anywhere between 150 pounds 225000 pounds for a story and barry takes a cut he also told us that misrepresentation is a big part of the game any story that looks like a benefit recipient is spending big money that's the key so just one of our clients marie who can see a good example when rebuilding and being in the press for a war she wanted a horse or some people are going to go what do you have in a horse of a lot of heat for watching marie i know and i will be saying you've got 8 children why on earth would you want to have a horse that's going to cost you so much money while everybody comes down to lose the horse must cost thousands of times so i had to do the facts that were printed
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were nothing like the truth but i was happy to run with that because that's what we do i don't decide if it's fact or fiction that's for the publisher of the zone there's an exclusive some might call it fate. and this media myth making has a potentially more detrimental impact on politics. since the financial crisis more than a decade ago cuts to welfare have been a constant feature of government policy to sell those policies politicians often rely on the same kind of stereotypes that t.v. producers and newspaper publishers do what we've got is these programs that are setting themselves up as journalism giving tory politicians more ammunition in order to support through brutal legislation if you don't have sanctions essentially you don't have water and you don't change behavior tabloid headlines have led to a debate in the house of commons with for example george osborne talking about how
4:44 am
taxpayers a subsidizing these lifestyles and this was after the daily mail headlined by a product of welfare u.k. it's setting an agenda that the problem is people who exist in poverty not that there are not an economic crisis on austerity because of people like mary that we do have to bring the benefits. in a country where social security cards are having a real impact on people in need a media industry has grown creating its own set of beneficiaries it is the publish it produces p.r. agent some politicians reap the benefit and you could call it irresponsible. to use a term the media usually reserved for those on benefits seamus. and finally president trump's state visit to the u.k. was all over the news this past week mean makers balloon designers and protesters all had a field day but it's not like trump doesn't have fans overseas take israel and this
4:45 am
next video which was posted on you tube recently the song's title is supertramp it lauds jerusalem's prince who fights like a lion for israel recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital as well as prime minister netanyahu his claim to the golan heights has one trump plenty of friends on the far right but there was some confusion over this video the comments section indicates that a lot of people thought it was a parody and that's the problem with trump related material in the news or online you never really know we'll see you next time you're at the listening.
4:46 am
thank. you.
4:47 am
a journey of personal discovery by a great grandfather he was a slave of the leave property al-jazeera as james gannon expose his family's legacy of slave ownership don't like my family status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave people and america's debt to the black people today some over so scar we even skew to speak out because it's a problem. al-jazeera correspondent a moral debts the strength of al jazeera is that because we have such an expansive knack for people will come to us and actually share information with the al-jazeera team entrapped that. this is a dialogue reading about it for not actually staying at on international media and
4:48 am
on t.v. why should we stop this conversation with skepticism because there's a lot of it online everyone has a voice we are being taken advantage of just because we're a small community without any network just each helps join the global conversation on out to 0 all they want to do is start to do the same kind of debate that we have here in st. how about i'm going to stick all in london with the top stories on al-jazeera sue dolls protest leaders have accused the military of trying to disrupt a civil disobedience campaign planned for sunday they say there is widespread intimidation talk of the workers in banks electricity companies and ports 5 members of the opposition have also been arrested it's possible. mohammed went from
4:49 am
shaking hands with ethiopian prime minister abi to a jail cell in one day the sudanese opposition leader was part of a delegation that met akhmed after he arrived in khartoum on friday to act as a mediator he is one of several opposition members arrested during saturday morning raids their arrests are expected to hamper efforts to reopen talks between the opposition and the military earlier this week more than 100 protesters were killed in a crackdown by the military hunta the opposition has issued a list of demands including restoring freedom of the press and access to the internet before they'll return to negotiations 1st the military council needs to recognize that the crime was committed secondly there needs to be an international investigation into the dispersal of the sit in fairly old political detainees and
4:50 am
old political prisoners held by the previous regime need to be released. the transitional military council hasn't said whether those demands will be met with the president of the transitional military council abdel fatah or han confirmed that the council is open for negotiations and reaching a solution at any time and god willing mediation will have a good result. protesters have called for the immediate withdrawal of the paramilitary group the rapid support courses they are accused of raping and murdering protesters including children but some doubt that's possible i do have hope but i'm also worried because. the militia group of sudan has been suspended from the african union the un wants to send a team into the country as soon as possible to investigate and monitor events want
4:51 am
accountability. and also. we want annual military. mission to hand all the. civil suit. forces a general strike is planned for sunday despite the internet blackout and restrictions on journalists protesters are pushing out videos on social media to ensure the world gets a clear view of what's happening in sudan natasha going to al-jazeera. venezuelan president nicolas maduro has authorized the reopening of the border with colombia the crossing thousands of people began the day in long queues many intend to buy food and medicine because of shortages and high costs in venezuela. just today after a deal was reached between the u.s.
4:52 am
and mexico on tariffs and immigration migrants continue to make the journey between guatemala and mexico southern border mexico has deployed 6000 members of its national guard to its border with guatemala to try to stem the flow of migrants to the u.s. . tens of thousands of albanians have taken to the streets of the capital in another week of protests against the government protesters marched through tirana demanding new elections the health they accuse prime minister any rama of corruption and electoral fraud he's denied any wrongdoing and has offered resolution talks a russian investigative journalist has been put under house arrest after being charged with dealing drugs even gotten off appeared in court of the doctors rejected claims by his lawyers that he'd been beaten while in police custody going all face accused of possessing large quantities of methadone and cocaine but his supporters say officers planted the substances on him to stop him from reporting on
4:53 am
corruption. and those are the latest headlines here on al-jazeera more from me in 25 minutes al-jazeera world is next by. in 1909. in the
4:54 am
eastern mediterranean of the coast of gaza matt pipeline is an ambitious plan to export an annual 20000000000 miles just east of the arena which as you know with all of the other day i think is a huge immediately and media phenomenon to qatar and more folk of a higher community as you cardinal must assume are deficient but i hope to meet mr v.v. said the hagerty yes what the ability and we do to get back there's a. lot of that eastern mediterranean area at the levantine basin the report tells us it has quite a lot of gas in there and not all that has been discovered yet. but clearly for why the crisis on our plate of which you can be a food from. the shop and what also have a. look down the actors of that as a pilot know there was a very you know what i have done a poor living at the mystics. of the formal announcement of the gaza guys field in 1900 former palestinian
4:55 am
president yasser arafat's describe the new discovery as a gift from god to the palestinian people. allison has actually found gas off the coast. years decades before israel has found its audience so the person has discovered gas and rain in 1990 and at the time the palestinian leader yasser arafat's viewed that as i went to change that could absolutely change the economy within the palestinian territories and that allowed the palestinians to have energy independence and some form of sovereignty. so what to winter on. at one point yes arafat's had this vision of making gaza into a singapore rate i mean you could see how if if the gas could be produced and it could be exported and i do think it could be exported because there are many ellen g. plants nearby for example in egypt where this gas could be liquefied and then exported
4:56 am
the way that israeli gas is going to be liquefied in exported the way that egyptian gas is already liquefied exported it would make a huge difference but it hasn't revenues from offshore oil and gas can be an important source of revenue for a future state of palestine they can help in its development by helping to fund infrastructure or to offset the government budget. guzzle of it is that only men in the us of the palestinian side saw what the solar energy this is. a deposit which was 4000000000. dollars so it's a lot of money not in $1.00 use but what's in them to 15 years the the. life of the food the benefits could have been enormous look at the rest of the region look at qatar look at israel look at cyprus they've all discovered gas and they're all now sort of thinking they're going to be the next you know wealthy rich gas gas country
4:57 am
meanwhile gazan people in gaza just sit with the gas out in the ocean it's exactly as if you were somebody who didn't have any food to eat and you had a feast put in front of you and you were told you're not able to eat the space it's it's it's pretty much a leader. press and basically the palestinians in gaza right now are energy dependent meanwhile after coasts they have have gas that could make them energy rich and so if gaza was able to exploit its own gas which is just literally you know kilometers out from the coastline then maybe people in gaza wouldn't have to be intact. i am terminal miss hell or arabic and i'm asking why this gas has not been exploited for 20 years and why such a major story has received relatively little media attention. while we were making
4:58 am
this film we obtained the comments exclusively that reveal the official and unofficial correspondence between the palestinian authority there be a and the other bodies involved in the negotiations over gaza's guess. the geological surveys suggested that this guy was good equality under for real value and was within easy reach of gaza scores line. with. a woman. less than he heard. in 1906 eastern mediterranean countries were struggling to get hold of god as
4:59 am
a toy. village palestinian engineer smile miss how was the 1st to suggest that gas under the sea but of gaza. l. mishan had years of oil and gas experience gained in libya qatar and iraq and conducted surveys into a potential gaza gas field. and miss hell was the be a is the richter of natural and mineral resources and brought to yasser arafat in december $1095.00 to propose a guys and mineral abridged of gaza are afforded usually do they gated delmas how to make contact with international gas companies to establish the through nature of the gas resources. in. the fall is the model and what.
5:00 am
can a chicken all of. that or virtual. illness has activity attracted regional international and internal palestinian attention. that. it is not. connect. the. heck a. paper that the well. to do evil of the gods feed the palestinian authority decided to do an exclusive deal with the british gas. it would have been normal business a practice to invite international tenders to encourage competition and to get the best deal for gaza and the palestinians. say. i asked rami have don't.


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