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tv   Steal From The Capitalists  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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not something that i. saw in the last thing. i did that. i didn't think of it and think of it funny funny funny how i mean. i'm also not making an empathic i'm going to kind of. suddenly woke us up to want to come on our. game last night. he said. that he was going to.
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face of the fandom with us again do you. feel the venues in africa beatin giving or that i think you. on the counting the cost the trump doctrine arabs 1st negotiate 2nd benefits as the global economy slows. what was behind fi its attempt to merge with run out and the shipping line that's going green counting the cost on al-jazeera. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of back you need to be able to reach people wherever
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they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where i will be in slides as well as in front of a t.v. there on the smartphone there on the tablet there on the computer. and that's the way al-jazeera is a fall into a true media network. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. provided attempts into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers i'm at the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove. every. witness on al-jazeera. driven by outrage and spanning generations the rohinton demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh
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and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was probably if you don't like i was so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 20 if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minorities in the world. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the news live from headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes 5 opposition leaders are arrested in sudan as protesters say the military
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is engaging in widespread intimidation of a mass civil disobedience campaign. thousands of venezuelans cross the border with colombia reopened by president nicolas maduro after a 4 month closure. a russian investigative journalist is placed under house arrest after suffering injuries in police custody on drugs charges his employer says are fake. more protests in albania accusing the government of corruption and demanding the prime minister quits. protest leaders in sudan are accusing the ruling military of using widespread intimidation to prevent a civil disobedience campaign due to begin on sunday at least 5 political leaders have been arrested with some alleging their lives have been threatened that
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attention came just hours after they met the visiting ethiopian prime minister who's trying to mediate the opposition says the military is targeting workers in banks electricity companies and airports the military has rejected any preconditions and says it will install a caretaker government if negotiations fail but. i hope that our brothers in the other parties will respond without preconditions we appreciate the efforts of our friends and brothers who care for sudan we want to reach a solution but if we don't reach a solution our alternative is clear we will form a caretaker government let's get more now from natasha going to. mohammed went from shaking hands with ethiopian prime minister avi to a jail cell in one day the sudanese opposition leader was part of a delegation that met akhmed after he arrived in khartoum on friday to act as
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a mediator he is one of several opposition members arrested during saturday morning raids their arrests are expected to hamper efforts to reopen talks between the opposition and the military earlier this week more than 100 protesters were killed in a crackdown by the military hunta the opposition has issued a list of demands including restoring freedom of the press and access to the internet before they'll return to negotiations 1st the military council needs to recognize that the crime was committed secondly there needs to be an international investigation into the dispersal of the sit and thirdly all political detainees and old political prisoners held by the previous regime need to be released. protesters have called for the immediate withdrawal of the paramilitary group from rapid support courses they are accused of raping and murdering protesters including
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children but some doubt that's possible i do have hope but i'm also willing to. read the militia groups sudan has been suspended from the african union the un wants to send a team into the country as soon as possible to investigate and monitor events want accountability. and also. we want annual military. to have a. mission to hand all the civil syrians the d.f.c. . forces a general strike is planned for sunday despite the internet blackout and restrictions on journalists protesters are pushing out videos on social media to ensure the world gets a clear view of what's happening in sudan natasha going to al-jazeera well
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that report mentions some of the conditions as laid done by the protest leaders others include an end to killing and torture of citizens by paramilitary forces and their withdrawal from cities towns and villages they also want public rights to be restored including freedom of expression and the media and they want any mediation efforts to be aimed at easing the transfer of power to a civilian authority jerome to be on it is a sudan analyst he says the arrests of opposition members is a serious development. well it's very worrying especially you know it took place just after other important visit of the year to ensure gun prime minister and the importance moved from the african union to sanctions to land so it indicates that only some part of the security apparatus not paid much attention to international players so at least $2.00 african neighbors.
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and that's warring well was the opposition leaders will need us from the position we were went back to quite human rights that we've been because they have taken some risk but they really hope that they will be released soon and safe . a russian investigative journalist has been put under house arrest after being charged with dealing drugs even gotten off says the drugs were planted on him and that he was beaten in police custody the journalist has repeatedly exposed corruption among moscow's political elite his arrest to spawn protests in moscow and st petersburg and dozens of people mostly fellow journalists were detained and later released step bassam has more now from moscow. well the church decided that they can be held under house arrest so there was a lot of cheers here at the courts where hundreds of people have gathered to shout
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for his freedom of course investigators. on thursday. he was carrying. out it is a part and but it's widely believed not only here not only among his colleagues and his closest friends but. that these charges are fabricated basically a method to silence him because you have been doing some very elusive stories on corruption practices. and also on my practice round have been killed so he also factors knowing for sure that the country is very much related to work and that's also what a lot of people here think and it's not only a warning to him but also to another to a lot of other journalists of course this is happening right now. palestinian leaders condemn the u.s. ambassador to israel for backing partial annexation of the occupied west bank the prime minister benjamin netanyahu has promised to begin an exciting israeli
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settlements in the territory a move that would violate international law in an interview with the new york times david friedman says under certain circumstances i think israel has the right to retain some but unlikely all of the west bank mr friedman made those comments just weeks ahead of a conference in bahrain where the u.s. is to unveil part of its new peace plan for the palestinians and israel from al-jazeera is need to put him in ramallah. the secretary general of the p.l.o. has said that these remarks should send a clear message to anyone who is willing to attend them and i am a conference that is expected to be held in a couple couple of weeks he says that israel wants to annex occupied territories which is considered a war crime under the international law the p.l.o. executive committee member said that the us is justifying israel theft of land for the has also released a statement which is the ruling party in the west bank in which it said that they
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don't know if ambassador friedman is advocating for the israeli settlers or if he is representing the u.s. administration's point of view now asked of that conference that is expected to be held the palestinians said they weren't consulted in it and they believe that any conference that does not tackle the political aspect of the palestinian israeli conflict conflict is not going to be successful they want an end of the occupation and not a better life under it. president has cancelled forthcoming local elections citing the need to reduce political tensions earlier tens of thousands of albanians gathered in the capital to run for another week of protests against the government accuse the prime minister of electoral fraud and they're calling for an early general election he's denied any wrongdoing of talks with his rivals. from toronto. albania is now in a full blown constitutional crisis the protesters led by the opposition democratic
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party seem to have achieved one of their demands which was to get the june 30th local elections and the old council's that is something that the president of albania has delivered he has said that those elections shouldn't take place because they could not be fair and free and the 2nd goal that the democratic party is trying to achieve is to get prime minister and iraq with the socialist party leader to declare an early general election and not to serve out the remaining 2 years of his term in office because he has been beset by a series of scandals which seem to indicate that many of his members of parliament have colluded with organized crime in order to get elected and this is now something that seems to be pervasive in the socialist party and it seems to permeate the way that it works therefore there's a question mark in the minds of many albanians about how. honestly
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legislative decisions are come by the opposition democratic party has also boycotted parliaments at the moment promise and iraq is passing legislation that only his party supports and discusses and there isn't a full and proper legislative process so that also costs down on his legitimacy as a government. venezuela's president nicolas maduro has reopened the border with colombia after 4 months closure thousands of people queued at the crossing to buy food and medicine in colombia because of shortages and high costs at home shut the border to stop his political opponents bringing in u.s. backed heat which he said infringed venezuela sovereignty all supporters of the president held a rally in caracas they were protesting again. u.s. sanctions which the government says is affecting the distribution of subsidized food stuffs the opposition leader has been rallying supporters in the town of
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outside caracas he says venezuela is still facing a humanitarian crisis and promised to keep up the pressure on mr allison has the latest now from bogota thousands of venice when it started lining up in the early hours of saturday's just hours after president. announced the reopening of the bridges the formal crossings between colombia and venezuela we've seen long lines especially in this city. a main entry point into colombia where tens of thousands of venezuelans in a daily basis cross to try and find the food medicine and access medical services that they have a hard time getting back at home thousands of venezuelans were lying on illegal crossings on their paths that are controlled by criminal gangs.


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