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tv   The Murder Of Marielle Franco  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2019 8:32am-9:01am +03

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but of course those people are going at it. but you know all the as we as we used to say here in a restaurant or in russia kremlin has a lot of powers you know once our war is safe for us you know it. ok even missing the you know we are you there on that skype line it's degrading as skype sometimes does so we'll wrap up our conversation but thank you so much for joining us from riga we do appreciate your time. and give. a palestinian photo journalists arrested by israeli police is duty whether he'll be deported it's human rights groups say moustapha is being punished for his work but officials argue he's in occupied east jerusalem illegally here's how to force it. 6 years ago mr appeared in a documentary describing the difficulties of living stateless and under occupation in east jerusalem doesn't for us if you have no idea the euro nobody. now is
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families in east jerusalem have been celebrating the muslim festival of eden. over his wife and their daughter and without him as they have been since january when he was arrested and threatened with deportation the father the woman for. his psychological situation is really bad he's refusing to communicate with anyone he's allowed to use the telephone but he's refusing to talk to his friends his family colleagues and even his mother he just calls make sure care. arrest followed a long battle over the legality of his status in occupied east jerusalem. horace palestinian father brought him here from algeria when he was 12 years old but delays in applying for and processing family reunification papers meant that his case wasn't considered until he was an adult he's been living here on humanitarian visas since but in late 2015 he was informed the interior ministry was considering rejecting his latest renewal request over security concerns the ministry cited the
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nature of some of the images he was posting on social media and alleged links to hamas which are denies he's long been a well known figure at the mosque compound volunteering as a medic and an activist before his growing focus on photography so him hired full time last year by turkey's an adult agency. lawyer has taken his case to the supreme court arguing the security concerns are a pretext to get rid of a journalist whose work the government doesn't like we see a straight line connection between he's walking strong least to the fact that he annoyed these really authorities and to the current situation where he's under bars and we think it's illegal and to to keep him under arrest. is reason terri ministry declined our request for a statement saying only that i was arrested due to an illegal stay in israel it's still intends to deport him to jordan he has no right to citizenship there and his
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legal team says jordanian officials have indicated they would reject such a move for his wife to mom deportation is the biggest fear the prospect of his living in a country where she and their daughter have no right to live not knowing when if ever there in force separation would end sorry for al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. the president of malawi is accusing the opposition of trying to overthrow his government by force backers of the opposition party leader on lazarus say he was robbed of victory in the elections on may the 21st 18 people have been arrested since protests began in the capital a long way since tuesday. the streets of malawi turned into chaos the speech hundreds of protesters are calling for president putin with her recount to step down after an election they say was rigged the property was just. getting late and story of the operation. they're not one of if you're not going to tell what direction of. a standoff between police and supporters of the main
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opposition candidates lazarus' to cuero turned violent with some quote in the crossfire this man was reportedly shot by police in the capital security forces used to gas to disperse others outside the opposition menai congress party headquarters 6800000 people were registered to vote in the may 21st presidential elections at 78 years old peter which arika narrowly won by 38.5 percent allowing his governing democratic progressive party another 5 year term in office but critics accuse him of corruption the main opposition and his former vice president say the election was mobbed by irregularities and they say they had evidence that voting sheets were altered if you get a customs document and you're making a declaration to customs if there is any alteration on your declaration that their declaration is rejected what you told you that any alteration is not valid in an
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official document then the question arises how did mick accept. figures that had been amended. the accusations have prompted a petition to the high court to nullify the results i have a special message to. become very. very. fine. but president with ericka's party denies any wrongdoing. electoral commission. presidential candidate on the democratic progress but they will not after being
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sworn in the president called the protests illegal and accuse your position of trying to cause chaos while malawians wait for the court's decision protests to say they will carry on demonstrating until the presidential election results are withdrawn and a new vote is held for him 100 al-jazeera. police in hungary say the question nearly 300 people over last month's boat collision on the danube river at least 18 south korean tourists were killed and several still missing sightseeing boat sank within seconds after being struck by a cruise ship but the past with authorities say the boat is unlikely to be pulled out before tuesday. still to come for you here on the news a. new grand slam champion andy will explain a comeback in a couple of minutes. a
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journey of personal discovery by a great grandfather he was a slave of the leave property al-jazeera is james gunn and explores his family's legacy of slave ownership you know like my family status and wealth has benefited from their choice to slave people and america's debt to the black people today some over so sco even scared to speak out because it's a problem. al-jazeera correspondent a moral debt. so
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if you sports news is andy thank you very much tennis has a new french open champion ashley balti of australia clinching victory on a maiden grand slam title with a dominant performance against czech teenager mark. they holding a small. there were lots of firsts for the 2 players competing in the french open final. and neither had made it this far in a grand slam tournament. australian ashley barty up against checkmark at the wagner show ever. vondra chauvel looked nervous in this final barty took
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advantage of it and took the 1st set $61.00 in less than half an hour 23 year old barty quit tennis for more than a year to try her hand at cricket then in 2017 she swapped her bad back for racquet it looks to have been a good decision as barty continued to dominate this match she sealed the deal 6163 . she was. right there when shell moved from 8 to 2nd in the world rankings it's unbelievable but speechless it's incredible i played the perfect match today i'm so proud of myself and my team but it's just been a crazy 2 weeks. party represents a 1st for her country as well she's the 1st australian to win the tournament since 1703. and with wins like this it's unlikely to be her last. harding al-jazeera. of a joke of it she has missed the chance to win a full strike grand slam title dominate same base in the world number one in 5 sets
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in the semifinal they'll face are often a battle in sunday's final 12 months ago middel beat the austrian in straight sets in a title decider djokovic star of so happy with the playing conditions. i mean you see when you're playing in the curate came good kind of conditions you know it's hard to perform your best you know it's really just kind of surviving in these kind of conditions and trying to hold your serve and play you know. one ball more than your opponent into in the quarter that's what it felt like playing yesterday to be honest. now the former head of the afghanistan football federation has been given a lifetime ban by the game's world governing body faith for an independent ethics committee said commenting kerim was guilty of sexually abusing players in the women's national saying it being accused of repeatedly assaulting players over a 5 year period. as a one win away from sitting their 1st ever n.b.a.
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title by beat defending champions the golden state warriors to take a 31 series late for a small reports you want to hold and be a member of the raptors were hoping for the improbable beat the warriors on home turf for the 2nd game in a. country stepping in their way though curry who helped put golden state can only thank you joining him in that mission the return from injury of clay thompson 3. times and again was. my child i was a child thank you. toronto had their work cut out for that leonard putting them back into the game and with back the raptors polaroid began. showing such hail as he was still missing no wonder when 3 knocks it down thank god
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it was trying to winning 105292 pushing the defending champions to the pouring of elimination is not over yet so he said oh we're better. you know just a kid tonight as well it was a pretty much show you guys know playing defense and you know towards a 2nd now we started to make some shots and we just pretty much stuck into the stadium. is that this whole series owners had in and. you had no one game it's august sounds cliche and for us. that's literally the only way we're going to get your back in this series is give everything we've got for 40 minutes everybody as those who are on the floor gave. the raptors went into this series as the underdogs they're now the favorites to win the championship the series returns to canada after game 5. sorry smile out is there at.
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a rapid century from jason roy helped hosts in one on the way to a big win over bangladesh in the cricket world cup roy smushing 153 in cardiff is england get back from their loss against pakistan last time outs the 100 teams going 386 to 6 their highest ever tonsil in a world cup match and are buying that i should be turning one in their last 2 world cup encounters and shakira his son gave them hope for the 95 for century penstock so bowling him out for a 121 bangladesh finished up all out for 280 and winning by a 106 rounds. new zealand made it 3 wins from 3 with a comfortable 7 wicket victory over afghanistan captain came winston scoring on bates in 71 for afghanistan that is 3 straight defeats. ferrari special vettel has taken pole position for sunday's canadian formula one grand prix an incident packed qualifying session montreal saw kevin magnussen suffering
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a big crash the hash driver still starts 10th on the gridiron vessel is at the fronts with championship leader lewis hamilton in sac. ok but it's only sport for now more later. when we come back we'll search the minutes of al-jazeera world news in a couple of minutes. burn to read so that i could read or every man a creator of twitter returns to activism with a new mission as though there were thick with my dollar. bill software for free.
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but can digital dissidents work within the technological free market it's a race against the curtain occasions when there steal from the capitalists part of the rebel geek series on out is iraq. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the wound. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. in 2008 raggy omar traveled across the united states discovering what it was like to be both a patriotic american and a devout muslim can you be muslim and american your heart to be american 1st i didn't have much appreciation for why it would be a big deal that
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a muslim to be elected to the united states congress. rewind islam in america on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. swear every. protesters in sudan accuse the military of widespread intimidation after 5 opposition leaders are arrested ahead of a civil disobedience campaign. welcome on peter w.
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watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha also coming up venezuela reopens its border with colombia which was shut down 4 months ago when the opposition tried to bring in 8. more protests in albania accusing the government of corruption and demanding that the prime minister quits. a russian investigative journalist is placed under house arrest on drugs charges his employer says the allegations are fake. let's get going protest leaders in sudan accusing the ruling military jointer of using widespread intimidation to prevent a civil disobedience campaign due to begin on sunday at least 5 political leaders have been arrested with some alleging their lives have been threatened their detention came just hours after the met the visiting ethiopian prime minister who's been trying to mediate the opposition says the military is targeting workers in
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banks electricity companies and airports protest leaders are refusing to negotiate with the military unless conditions are met however the jointer has rejected any preconditions and says it will install a caretaker government if negotiations fail. i hope that our brothers in the other parties will respond without preconditions we appreciate the efforts of our friends and brothers who care for sudan we want to reach a solution but if we don't reach a solution our alternative is clear we will form a caretaker government and such a good has more. mohammed went from shaking hands with ethiopian prime minister abi after mid to a jail cell in one day the sudanese opposition leader was part of a delegation that met akhmed after iraq in khartoum on friday to act as a mediator he is one of several opposition members arrested during saturday morning
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raids their arrests are expected to hamper efforts to reopen talks between the opposition and the military earlier this week more than 100 protesters were killed in a crackdown by the military hunta the opposition has issued a list of demands including restoring freedom of the press and access to the internet before they'll return to negotiations 1st the military council needs to recognize that the crime was committed secondly there needs to be an international investigation into the dispersal of the sit in thirdly all political detainees and old political prisoners held by the previous regime need to be released protesters have called for the immediate withdrawal of the paramilitary group the rapid support courses they are accused of raping and murdering protesters including children but some doubt that's possible i do have hope but i'm also
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willing to. read the militia groups sudan has been suspended from the african union the un wants to send a team into the country as soon as possible to investigate and monitor events want accountability. and also. we want annual military. mission to hand over. a civil suit millions. d.f.c. . forces. a general strike is planned for sunday despite the internet blackout and restrictions on journalists protesters are pushing out videos on social media to ensure the world gets a clear view of what's happening in sudan natasha going to aim. well
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jeff stacy is a national security and development consultant and formerly a u.s. state department official he says the arrests of the protest leaders is a worrying development. the protesters got very close they were there for a long time they had several things on the table already mutually agreed with the t.m.c. these are the military hunta top leaders. and what they've decided based on this lobbying i'm afraid is that they are not going to give an inch and the less the international community against the odds could mount all this pressure and there is some sort of nationwide you know nonviolent protest probably we're going to go back to another dictatorship by another name we thought that they were considering and they were apparently that's why it took so long the protesters were so excited i mean they really thought they had the momentum it began to be reported along without geria as almost a 2nd arab spring in the making because the military junta considered it very
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seriously what seems to be the difference is that they were pushed by a very strong conservative movement from the crown prince of u.a.e. the crown prince of saudi arabia the military dictator who was a democrat and turned into an autocrat in egypt a few others that is proving to be the decisive cobol around the region when it comes to these protest movements the legitimacy that they kind of builds up they thought they had unfortunately we're looking at a kind of region wide clampdown and we're going to see it soon in other countries as well i'm terribly afraid to say. in known as wail of the president nicolas maduro has reopened the border with colombia after a closure that lasted for 4 months thousands of people queued at the crossing to buy food and medicine in colombia because of shortages and the high cost at home most of shut the border to stop his political opponents bringing in u.s.
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backed aid which he said infringed venezuelan sovereignty will supporters of the president held a rally in caracas they put protesting against u.s. sanctions which the government says affecting the distribution of subsidized food stuffs. the opposition leader has been running supporters in the tunnel. because he says venezuela is still facing a humanitarian crisis and promised to keep up pressure on. al-jazeera sunder m.p.'s he has the latest from bogota in colombia thousands of venice when it started lining up in the early hours of saturday's just hours after president and i do not announce the reopening of the bridges the formal crossings between colombia and venezuela we've seen long lines especially in this city. a main entry point into colombia where tens of thousands of innocents in a daily basis cross to try and find food medicine and access medical services
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that they have a hard time getting back at home thousands of venezuelans were lying on illegal crossings on paths that are controlled by criminal gangs while the border was closed so this is definitely. a very good this is definitely very good news for thousands of in use well and that need to cross into colombia in a daily basis in the meantime inside the. political fight continues between the government and the opposition we've seen rallies in and around us and the leader of the opposition plan wedo though said that he's not interested in continuing and negotiations with the government that were attempted in oslo in europe as long as my daughter does not accept to put a date for early elections to try and solve the political crisis in venezuela.
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is a lesson america analyst and editor in chief of news news dot com he says he's dug full they'll be changed in venezuela any time soon. this is been a cycle now that as you know that has been going on for years where the protesters ramp up the the government gets negotiations going that they used to saw as a stalling tactic they defuse the crisis the the opposition gets tired of being out in the street and demonstrating against the government it's happened over and over again and i suspect it will happen again obviously this time with one way though of declaring himself president and more than 50 countries acknowledging that he's the legitimate president of the united states and there seems to have finally have been some sort of fissures within the regime there is a little bit more hope that something's going to happen but i have no illusions that all these talks in norway were going to go anywhere and i think i said it on
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al-jazeera air within the last couple of weeks so this is not surprising to me at all why there has been clear that the only negotiations should be about when with resigning the only way this is going to really work is either if there is such a massive popular rebellion against the government that it forces him to leave or if there is a very significant split from of the military and the military told her oh you're gone we have to find a way of fixing this country and moving into a democracy and that has yet to happen we thought or at least the united states government thought that they had some deal with a couple of the top generals in venezuela and why the declared you know in the in the months after it why do declare himself president would be when he had that many rebellion at the end of april but until the military really takes a strong move i have trouble seeing things to happen because the military really has a monopoly on power in that country and controls everything. the police an elder in albania used tear gas to disperse antigovernment protesters in the capital to ramah
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demanding that the prime minister resigns demonstrators accuse iran of electoral fraud and wants an early general election the president has canceled local election shuttles be held at the end of the month citing the need to reduce political tensions in the country but ramos says the poll will go ahead john psaropoulos has more now from tirana. albania is now in a full blown constitutional crisis the protesters led by the opposition democratic party seem to have achieved one of their demands which was to get the june 30th local elections an old canceled that is something that the president of albania has delivered he has said that those elections shouldn't take place because they could not be fair and free and the 2nd goal that the democratic party is trying to achieve is to get prime minister at iran with the socialist party leader to declare
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an early general election and not to serve out the remaining 2 years of his term in office because he has been beset by a series of scandals which seem to indicate that many of his members of parliament have colluded with organized crime in order to get elected and this is now something that seems to be pervasive in the socialist party and it seems to permeate the way that it works therefore there's a question mark in the minds of many albanians about how. honestly legislative decisions are come by the opposition democratic party has also boycotted parliaments at the moment promise and iraq is passing legislation that only his party supports and discusses and there isn't a full and proper legislative process and so that also costs down on his legitimacy as a government.


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