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tv   David Kaye  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2019 11:32am-12:00pm +03

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i feel i'm doing better here because they can do whatever they want but we mustn't be in things here. still sanctions are hurting bottom lines many cafes have already closed their doors. and iran's old coffeehouses or cowboy economy are also under threat losing money could make it harder to preserve the roots of persian cafe culture you know i think about my grandparents my great great grandparents who were hanging out in these kind of places back in the old days a serious concern for employers is also young people heading abroad to find work i mean that sucks i mean that's that's horrible we're losing a lot of these talented. folks just because of that because. they see the future of. coffee business as somehow limited for them in the wrong. sully says she wants to enroll in
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a new coffee program at the university of california in the united states but a ban on visas for iranians makes that dream seem impossible cuffy even darker dream but the created from like when you're. trying to be a cop someday i'd. like to know that they don't want to see you as a self described coffee lover cup it seems is oh is half full and part. of the same but the old is he wrote to her. and sri lanka the intelligence chief has left his post after an emergency meeting on friday president. says he cites a sitter mendis after he appeared before a parliamentary committee investigating the easter sunday attacks in april and assess he resigned on thursday he told the committee the attacks could have been prevented when elfin and as has more now from colombo. present my 3 policy recently
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livid at the proceedings at the special parliamentary select committee on the easter sunday bombings on the very 1st day he ordered a halt to the live feed from that parliamentary select committee and that is where his chief of national intelligence is or mendis a gave testimony we had him say that the national security council had met on a regular basis essentially revealing the kind of lackadaisical attitude to its intelligence to its intelligence sharing and things like that now he told his senior police officers when he met them last evening that all those who had given evidence were those who had been removed and there he revealed that even his chief of the national intelligence had been removed or sacked now here's his reason why moammar the market i will not send anyone who is currently working for the defense ministry or police department before the select committee and i will take primary responsibility because revealing intelligence chiefs intelligence directors and
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criminal investigation chiefs through the media is not something that is done anywhere in the world. present my policy receive talking about the number of cases before the supreme court saying that his attorney general had pointed out that it's the same issues that the select committee is looking at so he says he has informed the speaker you know essentially implying that the select committee should defer to the supreme court however we are hearing that a special emergency cabinet meeting that the president called essentially on friday evening to discuss these issues reached no sort of conclusive decision and that we are expecting that the select committee will resume sittings on tuesday. well always president is accusing the opposition of trying to overthrow his government because of the opposition party leader lazarus. say he was robbed of victory in last month's elections his home it. the streets of malawi turned into chaos the
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speech hundreds of protesters are calling for president putin with a recount to step down after an election they say was rigged up protests was just. getting late and. they're not one bit if you're not going to tell what direction of. a standoff between police and supporters of the main opposition candidates lazarus to cuero turned violent with some caught in the crossfire this man was reportedly shot by police in the capital security forces used to gas to disperse others outside the opposition menai congress party headquarters 6800000 people were registered to vote in the may 21st presidential elections at 78 years old peter which arika narrowly won by 38.5 percent allowing his governing democratic progressive party another 5 year term in office but critics accuse him of corruption the main opposition and his former vice president say the election
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was marred by irregularities and they say they had evidence that voting sheets were altered if you get a customs document and you're making a declaration to them if there's any alteration on your declaration that their declaration is rejected what you told you that any alteration is not valid in an official document then the question arises how did make x. . because that had been amended. the accusations have prompted a petition to the high court to nullify the results i have a special message to. become very. over the years you see. this in the intentions you. know you often find the visual image in britain but president with ericka's party denies any wrongdoing. electoral commission which is
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a mug. of the republic. a really. good book dippin to give people. a little. presidential candidate on the democratic progress but there we were after being sworn in the president called the protests illegal and accuse your position of trying to cause chaos while malawians wait for the court's decision protests to say they will carry on demonstrating until the presidential election results are withdrawn and a new vote is held for him have it there. still to come here on the news hour the sports news tennis has a new grand slam champion. ready they start as drinks containers. ready and usually end up as garbage.
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often a nuisance but for a select few old bottle service the building blocks of a better life. ready and the stepping stones to owning a family. you find a lot in america is in bolivia and dallas into the wild. on how to sing when. it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the country has a fighting each other that we've been told that we can still hear this is the largest demonstration that's been held by god to refugees since over 700000 by the year some of the martyrs who are the front here for example. it could be part of the. al-jazeera english. recipient of the new york post it would cost to be you know.
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times the sports is andy thank you very much tennis has a new french open champion ashley balti of australia clinching victory on a maiden grand slam title with a dominant performance against czech teenager mark. they holding a small. there were lots of firsts for the 2 players competing in the french open final. and neither had made it this far in a grand slam tournament australian ashley barty up against checkmark at the wagner show of. vondra show a look to nervous in this final barty took advantage of it and took the 1st set
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$61.00 in less than half an hour 23 year old barty quit tennis for more than a year to try her hand at cricket then in 2017 she swapped her bad back for a racquet. it looks to have been a good decision as barty continued to dominate this match she sealed the deal 6163 . she was. right there when shell moved from 8 to 2nd in the world rankings it's unbelievable but speechless it's incredible i played the perfect match today i'm so proud of myself my team but it's just been a crazy 2 weeks. party represents a 1st for her country as well she's the 1st australian to win the tournament since 1703. and with wins like this it's unlikely to be her last. harding al-jazeera. of a joke about shares missed a chance to win a full strike grand slam title dominic same base in the world number one in 5 sets
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in the semifinal they'll face are often a battle in sunday's final 12 months ago middel beat the austrian in straight sets in a title decider djokovic i got so happy with the playing conditions. i mean you see when you're playing in the. curie came good kind of conditions you know it's hard to perform your best you know it's really just kind of surviving in these kind of conditions and trying to hold your serve and play you know. one ball more than your opponent into in the court that's what it felt like playing yesterday to be honest. now the former head of the afghanistan football federation has been given a lifetime ban by the game's world governing body faith for an independent ethics committee said care meeting current was guilty of sexually abusing players in the women's national saying it being accused of repeatedly assaulting players over a 5 year period. as a one win away from sitting their 1st ever n.b.a.
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title by beat defending champions the golden state warriors to take a 31 seriously are a small reports of the wonderful and being a member of the raptors were hoping for the improbable be the warriors on home turf for the 2nd game you know brett. godfrey stepped in their way though curry who helped put golden state thanks joining him in that mission the return from injury of clay thompson 3. times that i gave was. my child was a child thank you. toronto had their work cut out for that while leonard putting them back into the game and with back the raptors polaroid began. showing such pale as he was and still is enough wonder when 3 knocks it down thank god i am trying to winning 105292 pushing the defending champions to the
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pouring of elimination is not over yet so consider we are better. you know just a kid tonight when i was pretty much show you guys know playing defense and you know towards a 2nd now we started to make some shots and we just pretty much stuck into the stadium and. just look there's a whole series on as. you do one game. and for us. that's literally the only way we're going to get your back in this series is give everything we've got for 40 minutes everybody is those who are on the floor gave. the raptors went into this series as the underdogs they're now the favorites to win the championship the series returns to canada after game 5. bar i smile out is there at. a
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rapid century from jason roy help hosts in on the whites who a big win over bangladesh in the cricket world cup roy smushing 153 in cardiff is england get back from their loss against pakistan last time out the 100 same score and $386.00 to $6.00 their highest ever tonsil in a world cup match out buying that i should be turning on and the last 2 world cup encounters and shakira hassan gave them hope for the 95 for century penstock so bowling him out for a 121 bangladesh finished up all out that c. 180 and winning by a 106 runs. new zealand made it 3 wins from 3 with a comfortable 7 wicket victory over afghanistan captain came winston scoring on bates in 71 for afghanistan that is 3 straight defeats. ferrari specially vettel has taken pole position for sunday's canadian formula one girl prix an incident packed qualifying session montreal saw kevin magnussen suffering
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a big crash the house driver still starts on the gridiron vessel is at the fronts with championship leader lewis hamilton in sac i. that is only sport for now. that was. is waiting in the wings my name's piece it will be here in doha i will see you very soon. on the counting the cost the trump doctrine arabs 1st negotiate 2nd benefits as the global economy slows. what was behind the it's attempt to merge with run out and the shipping line that's going green counting the cost on al-jazeera. across the united states indigenous families are searching for their loved ones for relatives of people who go missing finding closure is often impossible people are meeting
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here to raise money for the search efforts of the young woman advocates and family members have started to raise awareness about the high rates of violence that disproportionately impact indigenous communities most tribal police departments are understaffed and under resourced another factor is that tribes don't have jurisdiction over non-native americans for all crimes there but a lot of concerns that the federal agencies don't respond that they don't take these crimes seriously a lack of evidence is the main reason federal officials are declining to prosecute crimes on reservations that should be the end of the discussion. there should be then a ok let's see what went wrong in this case why the is no evidence or why the evidence isn't good enough and make sure that doesn't happen yet. to read so they could read. a creator of twitter returns to activism with a new mission they sell him perfectly like all right bill software.
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but can't digital dissidents work within the technological free market it's a race to get security the patients when they're steal from the capitalists part of the rebel geek series on al-jazeera. was the it was. protesters in sudan accuse the military of widespread intimidation after 5 opposition leaders are arrested so i had of a civil disobedience campaign. and
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how i had seen this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up venezuela reopens its border with colombia which was closed for months ago when the opposition tried to bring in aids. more protests in albania accusing the government of corruption and demanding the prime minister quits. and people in kazakhstan votes for their 1st president in 30 years but critics say the paul won't spend change but more of the same. kids are happy with his clothes as leaders in sudan are accusing the ruling military judge of use and widespread intimidation to prevent a civil disobedience campaign juta starts on sunday at least 5 process leaders have been arrested some allege in their lives have been threatens their detention came
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just hours after they met the visiting ethiopian prime minister who's trying to mediate the opposition says that the military is targeting workers in banks electricity companies and airports the military has rejected any preconditions and says it will install a caretaker government if negotiations fail with the one. i hope that our brothers in the other parties were. spawned without preconditions we appreciate the efforts of our friends and brothers who care for sudan we want to reach a solution but if we don't reach a solution our alternative is clear we will form a caretaking government. good name has more mohamed went from shaking hands with ethiopian prime minister abi mid to a jail cell in one day the sudanese opposition leader was part of a delegation that met after mid after he arrived in khartoum on friday to act as
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a mediator he is one of several opposition members arrested during saturday morning raids their arrests are expected to hamper efforts to reopen talks between the opposition and the military earlier this week more than 100 protesters were killed in a crackdown by the military hunta the opposition has issued a list of demands including restoring freedom of the press and access to the internet before they'll return to negotiations 1st the military council needs to recognize that the crime was committed secondly there needs to be an international investigation into the dispersal of the sit and thirdly all political detainees and old political prisoners held by the previous regime need to be released. protesters have called for the immediate withdrawal of the paramilitary group from rapid support courses they are accused of raping and murdering protesters including
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children but some doubt that's possible i do have hope but i'm also willing to. read the militia groups sudan has been suspended from the african union the un wants to send a team into the country as soon as possible to investigate and monitor events want accountability. and also. we want annual military. to have. a mission to hand over. a civil suit millions. d.f.c. . forces a general strike is planned for sunday despite the internet blackout and restrictions on journalists protesters are pushing out videos on social media to ensure the
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world gets a clear view of what's happening in sudan natasha going to al-jazeera. the venezuelan government reopens a key border crossing with colombia which was cool 4 months ago but 0 had seal the border saying that it's the u.s. position these are one quando wanted to bring in undermines the country so france saying well brendan's reports. thousands of venezuelans lined up to cross the simone boulevard bridge into colombia was a rare chance for these people to purchase food medicine and other commodities no longer available or in extremely short supply in venezuela only pedestrians are allowed to cross back and forth into colombia the government of president nicolas maduro has blocked large scale food convoys according to. the united nations 4000000 people have left venezuela in recent years the u.n. has called the mass migration the largest in the recent history of latin america
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and the caribbean hyperinflation poverty and political chaos are fueling the exodus the. actress and humanitarian activist angelina jolie who is a special envoy for the u.n. refugee agency u.n.h.c.r. visited a camp for venezuelan migrants in neighboring colombia she was greeted by children who spoke about the desperate conditions that forced their families to leave their country the comedian a simple say yes is that once again we couldn't find food and if we did it was very expensive the same for my medication we couldn't find it and if we did it was triple or quadruple the price. colombia has taken in the largest share of venezuelan refugees 1300000 people jolie praise their strength and perseverance the people who have had to go through displacement i think answer and go through it like all these young children and all of you strongest people in the
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world. meanwhile venezuelan opposition leader one goh i don't know when door to door in a small town south of the capital caracas he greeted residents and met with local politicians who support his efforts to topple more duro why dose said mediation efforts sponsored by norway have stalled over maduro's refusal to allow the new presidential election i went to meeting in oslo takes place with the international contact group it's because we are closer to ending the usurpation to the transitional government and free elections and when we are ready to take a step in that direction and when the regime is also ready then we will have something but not in the meantime the bridge opening relieves some of the pressure on at least a small number of venezuelans millions more inside and outside venezuela continue to suffer their futures on the term rob reynolds al-jazeera. but william spend
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there is the representative of the u.n. high commissioner for refugees for latin america he was at the venezuela colombia border earlier on saturday and says refugees are struggling to survive in the brink countries and that there's a risk of babies being born stateless. we have many children being born in colombia open a silent parents sometimes it's difficult for them to acquire colombian citizenship because the parents have not documents or they are not registered so this is always a concern. more generally than a silence are crossing into colombia because they tell us because they can't make ends meet they don't have access to basic health there are many people who walk on to be sick and cannot get medicine but also because all increasing insecurity violence and in some cases persecution these countries have been so far showing you
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know most generosity they have received literally millions of innocent and refugees but that they cannot sustain this generosity and keep the borders open if they don't get more support from the international community this is crucial we cannot take these generous people granted this country is saying that hospitals the schools the basic infrastructure hope a stretch because of huge influx of refugees and migrants from venezuela and the rest of the international community needs to do more to help this country so people are still crossing in the informal way from venezuela to colombia hold on the border was formally closed on the business went inside for many months both the border. with colombia and brazil still people were crossing through the regular waste taking pass through through forests of the jungle through cross and rivers
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and taking huge risks in the process because of the landscape but also because of the presence of armed groups of criminal elements that were preying on them. mexico's president andrus lopez obrador has just attended it's a celebration rally to mark a migration deal with the u.s. that suspended looming trade tariffs the event took place in the mexican tearing of to wanna near the u.s. border on friday mexico pledged to implement measures to stop illegal immigration inside the u.s. which includes keeping asylum seekers in mexico while their claims for the u.s. are processed man will repel was sense the rally. there's an atmosphere of celebration in the city of tijuana hundreds of people have come out to watch the mexican president give an address a celebration of that agreement reached between the united states and mexico that managed to avoid tariffs imposed on mexican exports tariffs that could have reached
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as high as 25 percent of over the course of the next few months of course you want to being a city so close to the united states border one question that continues to loom since that agreement was made is what will be the fate of the hundreds of central american asylum seekers who will now have to wait in mexico for their asylum cases to be process instead of otherwise being able to wait in the united states policy questions aside it seems as though people here are more interested in celebrating the agreement reached between the united states and mexico a lot of factory workers out here a lot of workers coming out here to show their support to show their gratitude to president lopez obrador it for having reached that agreement with president. police in albania used tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters in the capital to ramah their demands and that's the prime minister resign demonstrators accuse eddie rama of electoral fraud and wants an early general election the president has
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counseled local elections shuttled for later this month citing the needs to reduce political tensions in the country but rama says the pool will go ahead johnson has more now from toronto. albania is now in a full blown constitutional crisis the protesters led by the opposition democratic party seem to have achieved one of their demands which was to get the june 30th local elections and the old cancelled that is something that the president of albania has delivered he has said that those elections shouldn't take place because they could not be fair and free and the 2nd goal that the democratic party is trying to achieve is to get prime minister and iran with the socialist party leader to declare an early general election and not to serve a.


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