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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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according to the united nations 4000000 people have left venezuela in recent years the u.n. has called the mass migration the largest in the recent history of latin america and the caribbean hyperinflation poverty and political chaos are fueling the exodus the. actress and humanitarian activist angelina jolie who is a special envoy for the u.n. refugee agency u.n.h.c.r. visited a camp for venezuelan migrants in neighboring colombia she was greeted by children who spoke about the desperate conditions that forced their families to leave their country the comedian a simple say yes it was i guess i can say yeah we couldn't find food and if we did it was very expensive the same for my medication we couldn't find it and if we did it was triple or quadruple the price or colombia has taken in the largest share of venezuelan refugees 1300000 people jolie praise their strength and
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perseverance the people who have had to go through displacement i think answer and go through it like all these young children and all of you strongest people in the world. meanwhile venezuelan opposition leader one goh i don't know when door to door in a small town south of the capital caracas he greeted residents and met with local politicians who support his efforts to topple much duro why dose said mediation efforts sponsored by norway have stalled over maduro's refusal to allow the new presidential election i went to meeting in oslo takes place with the international contact group it's because we are closer to ending the usurpation to the transitional government and free elections and when we are ready to take a step in that direction and when the regime is also ready then we will have something but not in the meantime the bridge opening relieves some of the pressure on at least a small number of venezuelans millions more inside and outside vent as. look
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continue to suffer their futures. rob reynolds al-jazeera. still to come on al-jazeera by a russian investigative journalist who says he's been framed has been placed under house arrest. and we look at how every indian businesses are coping with tightening u.s. sanctions. the weather sponsored by cattle and ways. hello there we've got lots of showers still every part of the middle east that area of cloud is being with us for a good few days now making its way northward from saudi arabia and all the way up into parts of turkey is still with us there at the moment and it will still sees more showers as we head through sunday and into monday as well again one or 2 showers most of them are in the northern parts of i'm up here over parts of turkey
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but we're also seeing a few showers elsewhere one or 2 around the northern parts of iran and plenty more as you head further east towards tashkent and el monte further south it's largely fine and dry pretty warm now they have a couple were up at 29 a forcing kuwait city up at 42 here in doha it's no call of not hot temperatures getting to around 44 at the moment certainly very very hot at least it's a dry heat at the moment it's not too sure made elsewhere it is more humid still at 33 it is sticky here we're also seeing more cloud around the coast of yemen and that will give us a few thunderstorms more expected as we head through monday but maybe not quite as many of them as we head down to was a southern parts of africa most of the showers here are in the eastern parts of about just being brought on to the shore by these winds so if you have them over parts of mozambique a couple more over madagascar as well but further west is fine 19 is the maximum there in cape town. sponsored by the time i always.
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heard that i could record everybody a creator of twitter returns to activism with a new mission i said ok i'm working with my job right build software but. can't digital dissident work within the technological free market it's a relief to get suckered into the patents with a steal from the capitalists part of the rebel geek series on al-jazeera. this is all to say recruitment of the top stories for you now protest leaders in sudan accuse the ruling military jones over intimidation after the arrest of 5
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opposition leaders their detention comes ahead of a civil disobedience campaign due to starts on sunday. polls are now open and kazakhstan choose the country's next president nursultan nazarbayev course in charge 30 years and pick successor. is favored to win. and venezuela's president nicolas maduro has reopened the border with colombia after a 4 month closure it was shot to stop his political opponents from bringing in a u.s. backed aid. at least 5 people have been killed in various times in syria's last rebel held province all of it lou on saturday activists say the government's use missiles and barrel bombs indiscriminately the bashar al assad's regime launched an offensive to recapture the april fighting between rebels and government forces also continue in the northern province well
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a prominent figure in syria's rebellion has died fighting government forces a bus and so routes 1st rose to fame as an athlete's but later became known as the center of the revolution syrians in the opposition held tired of jobless in the province gathered to mourn the activists. obeyed as president says councils are coming with actions citing the need to reduce political tensions there tens of thousands of obedience gathered in the capital tehran or for another week of government protests john psaropoulos has more. protesters calling for the resignation of prime minister eddie roemer were met with a cannonade of tear gas outside parliament the opposition democratic party that held this protest didn't get to the general election it is askin for but the chief another goal albania's president has called for local government elections
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scheduled for june 30th to be cancelled saying current conditions don't allow for real democratic representative and inclusive elections opposition leader little seem busha was jubilant before his supporters. here. this is the result of your unyielding strength your stand your unshakable faith in european values of freedom democracy and human dignity. but prime minister eddie romer insists the local elections will go ahead and has called an emergency cabinet meeting on sunday there's no constitutional court to decide the issue because it's judges are under ethical review for possible bribery and corruption this puts albania in a constitutional crisis not only did the president and prime minister disagree the opposition democratic party refuses to field mayoral candidates in the country $61.00 municipalities it is doubtful what legitimacy the socialist party is man's would enjoy if elected unopposed this was the 8th anti-government protest since the
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opposition democratic party walked out of parliament over 3 months ago and took its campaign to the streets to unseat the socialist government these protests are fueled by a widespread perception of corruption the government was hit by a series of scandals suggesting roma was reelected 2 years ago thanks to help from organ. crime is. that he was not elected by the people it is. legally proved it is proclaimed that he was elected by the criminals many albanians a disappointed with what they see as a partisan economy he built the speech when rama was elected in 2013 he said that every house in albania will be given a title deed because a lot of homes have been built illegally but when he became prime minister. and others got nothing that's why i am here i work for 25 years in my house.
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the legitimacy of edgy rama's government is already undermined by the opposition's absence from the total amount if from a insists on holding a local election with only socialist party candidates he is sure to face stiff opposition. al-jazeera tirana. almost 4 months ago most of us power after almost 4 months once it was parliament has finally approved a new government to try and end a political crisis sponsored by an election in february no party won a clear majority in the fruits resulting in a hung parliament after months of negotiations the pro russian socialist party or president igor dodson and a proof e.u. alliance have agreed on a coalition a former education minister and world bank advisor has been appointed prime minister. mexico's president andrus manual lopez obrador has attended
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a celebration rally to mark the migration deal with the us that suspended looming trade tariffs its place in the mexican tearing off to one near the u.s. border he called for the unity rally even before that agreement was reached on friday mexico pledged to implement measures to stop illegal immigration into the u.s. and over power was an answer that rally. there is an atmosphere of celebration in the city of tijuana hundreds of people have come out to watch the mexican president give an address a celebration of that agreement reached between the united states and mexico that managed to avoid tariffs imposed on mexican exports tariffs that could have reached as high as 25 percent are over the course of the next few months of course you want to being a city so close to the united states border one question that continues to loom since that agreement was made is what will be the fate of the hundreds of central
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american asylum seekers who are now have to wait in mexico for their sound cases to be process instead of otherwise being able to wait in the united states policy questions aside it seems as though people here are more interested in celebrating the agreement reached between the united states and mexico a lot of factory workers out here a lot of workers coming out here to show their support to show their gratitude to president over the top for having reached that agreement with president. a russian investigative journalist who has been placed under house arrest after being charged with drug dealing ivan golan also as the drugs were planted on him and that he was beaten in police custody well the journalist has repeatedly expose corruption among moscow's political elites governor of the rest of sport process to moscow and st petersburg so petersburg rather and dozens of people mostly fellow journalists were detained steadfast and has more in the church decided that they had been held under
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house arrest so there was a lot of cheers here at the courts where hundreds of people have gathered to ask and shout for his freedom of course investigative journalist in front of was detained on thursday according to the police he was carrying drugs on the road for drugs found it is apartment but it's widely believed not only here not only among his colleagues and his closest friends but in wider circles that these charges are fabricated that it's basically a method to silence me because you have been doing some very lucid stories on corruption practices here in moscow and also mafia like the 1st round capital sony also factors now in what it means very sure that is the crime is very much related work and that's also what a lot of people here think and it's not only a warning to him but also to another to a lot of other journalists of course that this is happening right now. in yemen see
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the. airports in saudi arabia with multiple drone attacks they say airports which is near the border with yemen was hit so far there has been no confirmation from saudi arabia on the aerial strikes. well i was president is accusing the opposition of trying to overthrow his government's. opposition party leader larcenous mcqueary say he was roped of 63 in last month's election for him a moment as more. the streets of malawi turned into chaos this week hundreds of protesters are calling for president putin with a recount to step down after an election they say was rigged the workers i was just . getting later. on a bit if you're not going to tell what direction of. a standoff between police and supporters of the main opposition candidate lazarus to cuero turned violent with some court in the crossfire this man was reportedly shot by police in the capital
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security forces used to gas to disperse others outside the opposition menai congress party headquarters 6800000 people were registered to vote in the may 21st presidential elections at 78 years old peter which arika narrowly won by 38.5 percent allowing his governing democratic progressive party another 5 year term in office but critics accuse him of corruption the main opposition and his former vice president say the election was marred by irregularities and they say they had evidence that voting sheets were altered if you get a customs document and you're making a declaration to customs if there is any alteration on your declaration that their declaration is rejected what you told you that any alteration is not valid in an operational document then the question arises how did make x. . because that had been amended. the accusations have prompted
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a petition to the high court to nullify the results i have a special message to. become very. you know all there is over the years you see. this in the ditch. you find fishing in the 1000000 bucks president with ericka's party denies any wrongdoing. electoral commission. joe's. presidential candidate or the democratic progress but they will not after being sworn in the president called the protests illegal and accuse your position of trying to cause chaos while malawians wait for
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the court's decision protests to say they will carry on demonstrating until the presidential election results are withdrawn and a new vote is held for him to have it al-jazeera. they are sanctions having a major effects on iran's economy thanks for margins tights investors are turning to small and medium sized businesses like coffee shops that can still turn a profit so in this rover has pointed to her run. in iran oil isn't the only source of energy suffering under american sanctions the threat of punishment has made doing any kind of trade with iran highly risky for foreign companies but even in a cup of coffee the plight of iran's small businesses can be found. sharlee muscly is a trained lab scientist whose passion for the drink inspired her to become possibly iran's 1st and only female coffee bean roaster we have some traders business
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partners in america. i love my coffee. factories and the buy from them but because of the sanctions they don't want to get iran. to buy. right and we buy them at the most precious time of their life but we get them like 7 or 8 months later the work is delicate timing is everything a bad batch gets thrown out and sanctions have made these beans more precious than ever so people need a cup or 10 just to wake up in the morning for others it's a way that you can come together for the people who make the coffee they say it's the perfect marriage of art and sound a coffee roaster from germany is this cafes pride and joy a piece of precision equipment it needs regular maintenance and new parts but the manufacturers headquarters in germany and offices in istanbul in dubai have all refused to service it in iran after months of emails cafe managers found
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a technician from friends who wanted to come on holiday and was willing to bring the parts and do the work but going through back channels is time consuming and expensive. but jumping hurdles is the part of running a business the cafe owner most in mudgee the hall likes the best thing the staff with anybody whether it's become very difficult but it is interesting for us because we have to innovate it's a challenge and i like chodas when i compare myself to people who have businesses abroad i feel i'm doing better here because they can do whatever they want but we mustn't be in things here. still sanctions are hurting bottom lines many cafes have already closed their doors. and iran's old coffee houses or a cowboy harney are also under threat losing money could make it harder to preserve the roots of persian cafe culture same 0 to her.
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this is al jazeera and these are the headlines protest leaders in sudan are accusing the ruling military jensen. of using widespread intimidation to prevent a civil disobedience campaign judy just on its own sunday they've been calling for a transition to civilian rule at least 5 political leaders have been arrested with some of them saying they've received death threats protest leaders are refusing to negotiate with the military unless certain conditions are met emergency has rejected any preconditions with one. i hope that our brothers in the other parties will respond without preconditions we appreciate the efforts of our friends and brothers who care for sudan we want to reach a solution but if we don't reach a solution our alternative is clear we will form a caretaker government people in kazakstan have started voting to choose their next
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presidents near sultan nasser baez was in charge for 30 years before stepping down in march is chosen successor talk ayad is favored to win but some of called for a boycott of the vote to stop what they call didn't last tick succession 6 other people are vying for the top job and they want of them as from the opposition venezuela's president nicolas maduro has reopened the border with colombia after a 4 month closure thousands of people queued at the crossing to buy food and medicine in colombia because the shortages and high costs at home where syria had to shut the border to stop his political opponents bringing in aid from the us police in albania have used tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters in the capital to rama there's a man's and that the prime minister resign demonstrators accuses the roma of electoral fraud and wants an early general election the president has canceled local elections shuttle to be held at the end of the month. but those are the
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headlines news continues here on al-jazeera after rebel kinks. cricket's biggest total is has come to england so miles 6 weeks 10 tell us 11 venues for the c.i. guides can australia defend the choice i will include funding when a world cup play with al-jazeera for all the lights just on the 29th cricket wild card. digital technology conference on its intimacy means mentoring and in and i'm going to be even in teaching billions of calculations you know ok it seems a little scuffle in meantime edge. in which everything in our lives he trained and trained. and intended humor. that he's convenient for profit and surveillance he only needs the power. game is never
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easy that's going to charms tech giants. and you name for a different technology. one rep people not reporting. the. i like the concept of the unwashed masses that no one respects the things that have good ideas coming from but it's also the people who rise up and overthrow tyranny. in the troublemaker of activist. i politically identified as a non ideological in a. legal love for carroll's count so we go out and find some cows we go. to tell me more of that you sure made books to the children to you kurt wallander you know.
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i started programming. when i was 5. i learned to read so that i could read programming manuals. like i love about. this is a house that built with my family and we built it out of paper which is like this recycled paper. what we did was we just built the wall straight up and then we chain saw it out the hole where the windows are going to be. it's completely off the grid which means that both the communications up and down go straight to a satellite and actually try to figure how to get microwave internet which is going to all putting in 10 is on top of the mountains due to bouncing goes back and forth to try to get online so it will be a fair bit faster. living out here you have to know much more about what's going on with your property you have to know all the systems there's no passing it off in
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some ways that's very aligned with hacker culture you have to get in there and see how it works. programmers are like digital superheroes everybody else gets to use the technology in their reality which we play but the programmers we get to reshape the rules the physics of our digital universe. the values of hacker culture the values social movements exist more in startups than we ever think. capitalism is an astounding belief that the most likely just
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a minute will do the most reproduced of things for the greatest good john maynard keynes. was a great. as it were my favorite shirts. in the back more world less bank. beats the less for the distance. the end of the number 999. going to negotiate a new round where companies could go in and overturn the country's laws and fight countries if their countries passed laws that hurt their profits. and so there was a very large protest maybe 50000 people. dead b.t.o. was supposed to be a shining moment for seattle but as we know it didn't turn out that way. demonstrators terming trading mainland it was a centralized thing. they created the narrative and the message so in the media had
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this radical concept that activists that anyone concerned about the world and social change should no longer focus on convincing journalists to cover their stories but they should make the media themselves. we have to find our own ways to get the message out revolution will not be televised by the corporate media the couple days before the protest i walked in and joined as a volunteer. at the whole protest inside just smelling the tear gas floating under the doors. building software that let people go online and publish their own. web site to staff the crowd. and that more plays grassroots politics in that they can from to come from that they're not going to young and very exciting thing is emerging here in seattle and people's opposition to the world trade organization we set it up so
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that people are doing live streaming video in the streets be have laptops with all sorts of complicated network equipment published photos published video in the late ninety's that was a very rare thing to be a thing that trade agreement ended up not being passed. that moment proved to be a shift where i said ok i'm going to quit my job or try and build software for social change fold. and so i spent 4 years setting up computer labs and websites who are into globalization. so you missed the raspberry but are there still or throbber everything i can still read. my friends pat hurst he's been trying to figure out how to build technology for activism to. he had this text
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message alert system for protest it was something called text. ringback in the summer of 2004 researchers produced a text model a cell phone text message broadcasting system text mob allows activists who are distributed throughout a city term in who are going to rise to during chaotic street protests the republican convention in 2004 was in new york and bush. has the money for reelection on the campaign of continuing occupation. so by this time we had any media sort of tweet like messages single said you know 150140 character long messages they were breaking news updates and we provide these every few minutes testers were able to bypass preemptive police tactics by sharing information on undercover officers and police techs mum was a bit of an improvised system but the basic idea was that users would have their
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cell phones. and they would send messages to a server. going online saying i want to sign up for text mob and these are the information i want i want to be a member of this group and we had this p.h.p. web server. and appears the web server say great what's your phone number and what's your email provider in there then it would send email providers emails to the company sprint 18 th t. mobile. and that would then send a e-mail message that became an s.m.s. and those would go back and forth. the problem was 18 t. very soon discovered this and said you can't do that give us lots of money being a bunch of activists who didn't have a lot of money. we decided that we were going to do that instead what we built was
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a. a sneaky system around that we build a what is called a peer to peer network. and we build a little java applet. and we put that applet in the in the media web page. and whenever we want to send an s.m.s. we send it out to all of these little applets running on many thousands of people's computers that uplift would then do the communication to the 18 t.'s of the world from a new ip address and this is all you need for saying you're not doing this anymore in 1000 pieces happily i'll deliver a couple s.m.s. is for you but not a lot and it started working and so we built this system that let us send 405-0000 s.m.s. is an hour through text mob without. having to pay for any. text in the media on the other optimism or is
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a major precursor to what has become socially media. i was a broke activist traveling around living in a v.w. bus that i bought for $200.00 and i saw this contract on craigslist listing the company trying to create a new media of communication and i was like i'm all for democratizing the media all do this this is the picture. not a very good picture. but that's. that's the demo. of the original twitter and we've been video about lost. and this is the original team that got split up to work on twitter so when we divided up the teams internally who's florian. and noah.
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it looks like the picture was taken in a club or something. the whole team said let's look at text messaging let's look at social networks let's look at building stuff. when we took texas up and looked at it we said well ok this is interesting but it doesn't have the social model that blogging. and so the transition from twitter to text is that that reading relationship in the a.p.i. and the openness of the web. over the summer it went on i actually personally after we launched twitter which. i didn't realize what i myself was doing by part of the team that i helped create
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and hire and partially that the way the technology worked and part of its roots in text bob and other projects i didn't realize the value that went into it because you don't have to be conscious of the values that you're putting in things when you do it. this is one of those sort of the biggest commercially focused on open source conferences nonsense there's i.b.m. and there's a paper and microsoft. they don't necessarily agree conducted by politics but there's none of this like you should be shunned because you want to overthrow capitalism. are you. near. the. good.
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that the couple years i worked on twitter and then seeing it grow totally changed my life. i've done a lot of interesting projects and i've traveled around the world and built lots of software. it's a foggy field of bucks if you did the box exactly. and then one day i was talking to subpoena bill about how to build software for oil rigs. and i realized that is interesting is the problem was. i had. lost track of the desire and the need to focus more directly on changing the world. and so i wrapped up my projects and everything else i said that i needed to refocus and apply the lean
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startup techniques apply big data play start of technology open source all of the things back to the activist world nuts that's where i am now. heading up to seattle we're going to drop in on a new project called the. and. the norden ization and software project that's been working for a number of years to create secure communication it was a very big problem with the way our e-mail and mailing lists the way your communications work. people think that they're sending a private letter and it turns out that what they're sending are postcards. the lead team reach out to me because i'm one of the people that has bridged the gap
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between the activist world and the startup world. there are not a lot of anarchists angel investors and so they wanted to find someone who could advise them on and raising money on being a viable start up all the same time knowing that they don't want to abandon the larger busy political vision of why they're doing. it. and it's it's really unique important to have the capacity to
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organize without all of your information being completely exposed and i think it's an egg. essential question for social change and no i don't think that it will be possible in the future without the capacity to communicate securely whether it's behavior tracking whether it's business intelligence or what are other forms of analytics it is the data that mattered not. on what most people in the tech read the radical took me to do. i've worked with in that sort of world i really go the whole works the people who are dollar big. they're going to stumble into more efficient solutions than the people who use intuition i guess taking a step back i would say all aspects of governance are increasingly becoming
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systems of code and analysis and data and certainly the lesson out of the dot bomb of 2000. when the nasdaq internet stocks a version of their value in a week was that the companies left standing were the ones with the biggest databases and so that trance that lesson and that transformation has led to this current rise of surveillance as a business but surveillance is really a subset of this process of. social control through data and. to go and work for silicon valley is not selling out in the sense of like oh that band used to be cool and they sold out and made money it's not it's not like selling out it's like switching sides. using our labor it's very important to be building something that is not potentially part of
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a dark distance. and you go and work for silicon valley the current game is building technology that could be used for talent terry and social control. but if you don't collect data if you don't want to experiment and get the stats of it then. you determine that it's good. to achieve the larger political aims it needs to be something that exists and you get widespread adoption and that's a that's a company in this world. you know i spent 5 years travelling around setting up protests and building community centers and technology for activist groups with the goal of changing the media and the project which i told my friends i was selling out work at the start up a larger effect of transforming the media. twitter
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. facebook or twitter it's a very good way for communication has no power control for maybe one it looks like the media like the t.v. i want to get some t.v. or whatever the are controlling everything now we get if you're going to i just make a capsule any bid you will for pictures i just upload it very little actual protests are coordinated on twitter. but the public speech and the personal feeling about them is completely different. i. let people share ideas and me and share photos and share videos and shape the media and shape their own narratives.
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only activists only people who wanted to achieve social change use a technology that it's very easy to get rid of so in the case of text mob it was easy to eventually block and shut it down because people only used it at protests but when people used twitter of protests twitter got used for lots of other things . to transform the world in the way we make social change we need the tools of social change be used enables everyday lives for things that have nothing to do with social change.
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with the chaos computer club camp camp and every 4 years it's where the european opportunity fits together and things out play. and connects with each other in a face to face real world. and this is the community that created me he leaks this is a community they created tor is a you know a community that says that privacy is important and this is the the the communities that built the internet. it's a campaign with power cables and computers long as it doesn't rain it's great the rains it's everybody rushed to hit the circuit breakers and turn off the power is all that and. what i want to know. what do you think we should do but just be
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brutally honest about how we should get in and encrypted e-mail into the hands of let's say a 1000000 let's say a 1000000000 people and i like what should we do like next next month be next year needs to. launch products under different names with different designs with different sales pitches and everything else to see what people will sign up for you would basically say let's build 2 web pages of the one who let's begin with like i think when you think it was at 11 web pages here's a v.p.n. is great and we see a sign up for that name another pages of e-mails great and we see how many people sign up for that everything will thing you think you can do in the lead cloud for and make you launch before you. you build it. the start up world has figured out how to do stuff and do things that make their software work better and
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we think that selling out. if you don't do the experiments at all you'll never build something that gets used but i think like the problem is. with the people here is because they know that the kind of realize that the start up stuff might work a magician techniques there but when they see start up people and they see that the people who work in start are directed primarily by money or by fame i mean everyone here is camera shy no one who wants to be famous people want to be anonymous and thus like i kind of think that that actually is causing all of this weird. paradox of the like we know and already we need in order to be successful as revolutionaries we need everyone to use the stuff i think that's like the disconnect is almost ethical dest disconnect but it's not necessarily disconnect of
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the techniques with them so. i want to talk a little bit about why people are using start ups or corporations communications of where and why they're not using us and in particular i want to encourage us to steal ideas and techniques from from the capitalists in the start of community. it's a race that we face it's a race between different applications to get security limitations we need to win the race and right now. we're not going to win that race. right now we have all these different projects very bravely in valley fighting out there and we're not learning quickly. so we need we need to build things that people use we need to build things that people want to build things that people look. at as software
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developers as people who work in startups as people who care about the future of the world we have to look at where technology is being built how it's being built what values go into it because those are the values that will then shape future. airborne vehicles harvesting every pick you take every click. click to get everything all the way so. it's time to watch the what. we blame it on the deep sleep the 1st civilian. and creator of. all. the engineers. just. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as
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a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be pushes you know steady tendency to believe but together because you have a lot of people that don't give a did on political issues. of people believe to tell the real story so i'll just mandate is to deliver in-depth generalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. she was black gay i'm from rio de janeiro's for vallas i don't think she was also an elected outspoken councilwoman. until she was assassinated. people in power investigates the killing of a vocal critic of brazil's security forces and the legacy of empowerment she left behind the magic of mario franco on out using a. global food production is wasteful and it's straining our planet.
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but pioneers are adapting with new food sources jellyfish is delicious with a very light seafood taste and a texture some that are aged. and innovative production techniques i've seen about off on the 4 i would never in a restaurant have to say this is great earthrise feeding the 1000000000 on a jersey. protesters in sudan accused the military of widespread sentiment ation i had of a civil disobedience campaign. on how my hitting this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up people in
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kazakstan votes for their 1st president in 30 years but critics say the election will results in more of the same. venezuela reopens as border with colombia which was cause 4 months ago when the opposition tried to bring in aid. after says in albania are calling for the prime minister to step down in tears again of corruption. a process leaders in sudan are accusing the ruling military genter all of intimidation prevents a civil disobedience campaign gita starts on sunday at least 5 her school leaders have been arrested with some alleging their lives have been threatened well their detention came just hours after they met the visiting ethiopian prime minister is trying to mediate an end to the crisis the opposition say the military is targeting
1:50 pm
workers in banks tricity companies and airports well the military has rejected any preconditions for talks and says it will install a caretaker government if negotiations fail when the plan. i hope that our brothers in the other parties will respond without preconditions we appreciate the efforts of our friends and brothers who care for sudan we want to reach a solution but if we don't reach a solution our alternative is clear we will form a caretaker government. there isn't going to him has more. mohammed went from shaking hands with ethiopian prime minister abi ahmed to a jail cell in one day the sudanese opposition leader was part of a delegation that met akhmed after he arrived in khartoum on friday to act as a mediator he is one of several opposition members arrested during saturday morning
1:51 pm
raids their arrests are expected to hamper efforts to reopen talks between the opposition and the military earlier this week more than 100 protesters were killed in a crackdown by the military hunta the opposition has issued a list of demands including restoring freedom of the press and access to the internet before they'll return to negotiations 1st the military council needs to recognize that the crime was committed secondly there needs to be an international investigation into the dispersal of the sit in fairly old political detainees and old political prisoners held by the previous regime need to be released. protesters have called for the immediate withdrawal of the paramilitary group the rapid support courses they are accused of raping and murdering protesters including children but some doubt that's possible i do have hope but i'm also
1:52 pm
willing to. read the militia groups sudan has been suspended from the african union the un wants to send a team into the country as soon as possible to investigate and monitor events want accountability. and also. we want annual military. to have. a mission to hand all that civil suit billions as the. forces a general strike is planned for sunday despite the internet blackout and restrictions on journalists protesters are pushing out videos on social media to ensure the world gets a clearer view of what's happening in sudan natasha al-jazeera. what tests
1:53 pm
they say is a national security and development consultant and former u.s. state department official he says the rest some of the process leads are a very worrying development. the protesters got very close they were there for a long time they had several things on the table already mutually agreed with the t.m.c. these are the military junta the top leaders. what they've decided based on this lobbying i'm afraid is that they are not going to give an inch and less the international community against the odds could mount all this pressure and there is some sort of nationwide you know nonviolent protest probably we're going to go back to another dictatorship by another name we thought that they were considering and they were apparently that's why it took so long the protesters were so excited i mean they really thought they had the momentum it began to be reported along without geria as almost a 2nd arab spring in the making because the military junta considered it very
1:54 pm
seriously what seems to be the difference is that they were pushed by a very strong concerted movement from the crown prince of u.a.e. the crown prince of saudi arabia the military dictator who was a democrat and turned into an autocrat in egypt a few others that is proving to be the decisive cobol around the region when it comes to these protest movements the legitimacy that they kind of builds up they thought they had unfortunately we're looking at a kind of region wide clamp down and we're going to see it soon in other countries as well i'm terribly afraid to say. what people in kazakhstan are voting to choose their next president as a rule the country for 30 years has chosen successor cousin joe wants to talk i have favorites and win but some of calls for boycotts all of the votes stop what they call the gnostic succession open for say walker has more from the u.a.b.
1:55 pm
of the capital there is still time. does it start as always like to consider itself exceptional in this central asian region because it's got over oil it's had all the wealth i missed an essay by a distant time that's about who has run this country all this time has really been very interested in conserving his image as a statesman and as someone who wants to transition kazakstan out of this controlled authoritarian system to a democratic one and that's why it was rather an exceptional move when he resigns rather than holding on to his position until he passed away as is so often very common in this region amongst a strongman he resigns and appointed a loyal to p.t. mr to be the interim president but everything here is extremely well managed and we do expect mr takai have to win very comfortably in these folks day
1:56 pm
everything is in his favor he's got the government behind him he's got what we call administrative resources where the public public sector workers are very strongly to go out and support mr talkative nevertheless we have seen some indication that not everybody is happy with the political system in kazakhstan after mr surprise resignation we had young people trying to make their protests you know and yet that was very strongly clamped down upon by the or thora t's with individuals detained fines and in some cases jailed for a number of days i spoke to mr talk of the early after he gets his vote and he said that he the authorities to exercise restraint on those young people who seem to me an interesting development but he at the same time is just people in kazakstan to recognize the legitimacy of his government and his power structures.
1:57 pm
the venezuelan government. says reopens a key border crossing with colombia president nicolas maduro seen the border 4 months ago prevents us aid being brought into the country claiming it undermines the country's sufferance a well bred its reports. thousands of venezuelans lined up to cross the simone boulevard bridge into colombia was a rare chance for these people to purchase food medicine and other commodities no longer available or in extremely short supply in venezuela only pedestrians are allowed to cross back and forth into colombia the government of president nicolas maduro has blocked large scale food convoys. according to the united nations 4000000 people have left venezuela in recent years the u.n. has called the mass migration the largest in the recent history of latin america and the caribbean hyperinflation poverty and political chaos are fueling the exodus
1:58 pm
the. actress and humanitarian activist angelina jolie who is a special envoy for the u.n. refugee agency u.n.h.c.r. visited a camp for venezuelan migrants in neighboring colombia she was greeted by children who spoke about the desperate conditions that forced their families to leave their country the comedian a simple say yes is that once again we couldn't find food and if we did it was very expensive the same for my medication we couldn't find it and if we did it was triple or quadruple the price or colombia has taken in the largest share of venezuelan refugees 1300000 people jolie praise their strength and perseverance the people who have had to go through displacement i think answer and go through it like all these young children and all of you strongest people in the world. meanwhile venezuelan opposition leader one goh i don't know when door to
1:59 pm
door in a small town south of the capital caracas he greeted residents and met with local politicians who support his efforts to topple much duro why dose said mediation efforts sponsored by norway have stalled over maduro's refusal to allow the new presidential election i went to meeting in oslo takes place with the international contact group it's because we are closer to ending the usurpation to the transitional government and free elections and when we are ready to take a step in that direction and when the regime is also ready then we will have something but not in the meantime the bridge opening relieves some of the pressure on at least a small number of venezuelans millions more inside and outside venezuela continue to suffer their futures and. rob reynolds al-jazeera. antonia mora is a latin affairs left in american affairs on the stands as attention of the news
2:00 pm
website news and news dot com he said football be changed in venezuela anything saying this is been a cycle now that as you know that has been going on for years where the protests ramp up the day the government gets negotiations going that they used to saw as a stalling tactic they defuse the crisis the the opposition gets tired of being out in the street and demonstrating against the government is happened over and over again and i suspect it will happen again obviously this time with one way though of declaring himself president and more than 50 countries knowledge in that he's the legitimate president of the united states and there seems to have finally have been some sort of fissures within the madeira regime there is a little bit more hope that something's going to happen but i have no illusions that all these talks in norway were going to go anywhere and i think i said it on al-jazeera air within the past couple of weeks so this is not surprising to me at all why.


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