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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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i agree. 103 points. and you know. the who say they are advance is on strategically important locations the videos are just a small lightly armed force alongside saudi forces recruits from yemen's south saudi arabia has neither confirmed these attacks nor refuted them. these operations are a last resort their aim is to riyadh to will come this talk all my greyman signed last december aimed imparts at ending the fighting around the port city of. and free up the distribution of aid. whether it will work is open to question what we know is that 12000000 yemenis are in urgent need of food and medical help unless there is an end to the fighting there
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situation can he tell you right. bob. while the weather next and then we'll be live in colombo where india's prime minister has a ride for talks with real life as leader. a call for unity and celebration after mexico strikes a deal with the u.s. but it's at a state cost. hello there we've been watching a huge storm make its way across parts of europe is this whirling massive here it borders a gust of wind around 130 kilometers per hour in the northwestern parts of france and now it's working its way towards the north it is still giving us some heavy downpours and some pretty strong winds but it will mostly be confined to parts of
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scandinavia the as we head through the day on sunday behind it a lot calmer for many of us the still a good deal of cloud and the chance of see one or 2 showers in particularly lively ones in the southern parts of france that faced in parts of europe it's staying hots for many of us here basco up at 30 degrees another hot day for us so expect more scenes like this blue skies and people struggling to cool down i don't think that's going to last too long though because by the time we get to monday we'll see more thunderstorms roll their way across us and so things here will definitely turn a bit wetter a bit further south and for many of us here it's fine and settled $27.00 the maximum temperature in benghazi towards the west it's hotter $38.00 inch in is not as hot in our area though and that's thanks to a little bit more in the way of clouds well geas maximum around $23.00 or $24.00 over the next few days and the cloud edging its way eastwards and just taking the edge of the temperature in tunis for monday.
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the journey to work can be a challenge on it. but for some peruvian villages traversing one of the world's most dangerous roads is a risk that comes with the job. you follow the journey of the speed as they get there to survive. risking it. on al-jazeera. again you're watching edges in a reminder of our top stories this hour general strike was stopped in sudan after
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protest leaders called for a campaign of civil disobedience they're accusing ruling military jointer of intimidation after the arrest of 5 opposition leaders. tens of thousands of people in hong kong have hit the streets to protest over a proposed extradition bill that changes what allowed people to be sent for trial on the chinese mainland potentially a vague national security challenges. have been clashes between protesters and police in kazakstan scapel voters are currently choosing a successor to the man who led the country for almost 30 years our correspondent robin foresty walker joins us on the phone now from the capital little town so robin just bring us up to date and what is the latest that you're seeing and hearing there on those clashes. well let me describe to you know what's going on
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with right where i'm standing and unfortunately i apologize for the quality of. the authorities are pleased to have 1 a circle makes it easy in these parts of the city. regions because there are hundreds of protesters here to gather. in a place called just holidays and when we're already hundreds of riot police on the scene there are lots of buses and vehicles and. actually we are used to and through. quite violent scenes earlier clashes between protesters and the police and the police seized we know at least several of those people to be put into police custody but what's happening now is that the protesters are preventing those buses from leaving with people inside so it seems as if the criticism i don't have the kind of upper hand this is
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a really extraordinary situation to be seen as on election day in kazakhstan because your sorties have tried so hard to give the impression that everything is peaceful everything is calm the green detentions in the run up to reserve actions but only of minor let's say activist. individuals who have been calling for more democratic the moca sea in the country but the protesters here today some of them tell me that they are supporters of an opposition figure who is banned from kazakhstan whose political party has been prescribed as extremist his name if you like so aptly as so. a form of banking here and considered to be a financier the opposition such is the existing kazakhstan it's just been really suppressed for many many years so what we're seeing today is an outpouring of frustration from even those guys who support this this. this most are because of all just citizens who want to express their frustration because they do not believe
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that the election today is a genuine election and they want to boycott this approach and robyn in terms of the devoting itself how how has that been progressing could i think in terms of the turnout and the numbers. well i mean with the exception of what we're seeing here i don't i can't tell you of any other. activity going on that would have marred the elections that we have to see the vote you know we were earlier in another part of the city where all of the buildings all of the expensive high rises. the kind of image area of the city to become and wanted us to see this is where the acting prime minister. the interim prime minister causing so much talk 1 came in very seriously in an opera house that was all that splendid spectacle where all history is were playing patience it was a friendly cheerful atmosphere the image they want to project is that everything is going smoothly catholics have
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a choice of candidates but what we see on the streets of the capital right now unprecedented i should add for an election day this is not the picture that because i quote or if he would want us to see and we'll be able to carry those speeches as soon as we can it seems we can get some house of get around the data connection problems that we also already appear to have imposed on this part of the city all right for the moment robin forest the war fighting is there on almost like a volatile situation there in the catholic capital. india's prime minister narendra modi is in sri lanka for talks on a 2 day trip to some of his allies in the region his 1st since being reelected will be the 1st foreign leader to visit colombo since the easter sunday bombings there were killed more than $250.00 people there been growing it tensions in sri lanka just months ahead of the presidential election our correspondent now for nando is
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in colombo now with the latest so now what just give us a sense of why this visit is important. for sri lanka has them in wake of those easter sunday attacks everything went silent people were really worried there were travel advisories advisories around the world talking about the sort of security threat the danger of visiting this country and now to see basically the prime minister of one of the most populous countries coming here 6 weeks after those attacks means a lot because it's a sort of a gesture of confidence that things are indeed returning back to normal prime minister narendra modi. basically after his reelection he's very 1st foreign trip he stopped in the maldives on a state visit and on his way back it is a very short it's just a 4 hour stop. however for sri lanka it is important because it as i said shows
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that things are getting back to normal the prime minister also saying that the people of india stand committed with the people of sri lanka in its fight against terror obviously indian tourist arrivals to this country one of the biggest groupings so they will be taking their cue from their prime minister as well on the other side of it there is the fact of india looking to establish and sort of confirm its presence as big brother neighbor here particularly in view of china's strong presence in sri lanka as a minnow this visit of course comes as string lankan politics is going through a tough time of the moment with the president and the prime minister having a very what seems like a very public spat of the moment. that's right it has them sadly for the people of this country its leaders are so busy with their own political rivalries that the country seems to be paying the price in terms of the
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current situation post the easter sunday bombings we have a parliamentary select committee a special parliamentary 6 elected body set up to inquire into those bombings and now it seems that the president has basically thrown down the gauntlet he has said that no serving officers no one from the ministry of defense which covers the armed forces or the police department would be allowed to appear before that select committee now the select committee obviously made up of the government representatives those from the prime minister's party the time of national alliance the congress but the opposition is boycotting that select committee so very much more party politics coming in as the country heads into a definite presidential election which they have to in about 6 months time as a thank you least 5 people have been killed in syria's last rebel
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held province of idlib on saturday activists say syrian government forces are using missiles and barrel bombs indiscriminately shuttle as regime launched an offensive to recapture the northwestern city in april rebels and government forces have also been battling in the northern hammer province and thousands are celebrating in mexico after leaders there reached a deal with the united states to cancel or threatened trade tariffs the event with mexico's president under its men was met with door took place in the mexican town of the one near the u.s. border reports. the over her it was all cheers for mexican president and his will but i thought as he arrived at this rally in downtown one of. the event which included a march by local factory workers was initially organized as a protest against u.s. president donald trump's threat to impose up to 25 percent export tariffs on mexico
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anyway one. reason is here and it is my money some of those speaking to hundreds of supporters president lopez obrador called for unity among neighbors as he outlined the importance of the relationship between mexico and the united states if either samir see mic or the united states and mexico are not distant neighbors our border is more than 3000 kilometers long and we have a shared history that includes hostility but also cooperation and understanding. that. it was a festive atmosphere in downtown to one of many people expressed relief that the 2 countries had reached an agreement on. things that there is no pretext for investment to stop generating jobs in mexico but. this is very important because the americans are friends of the mexican people and we are friends of theirs. the successful negotiations between the u.s. and mexico may be a cause for celebration but the also resulted in a significant change to mexico's immigration policy since that agreement between
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the united states and mexico was announced the big question here in the city so close to the u.s. southern border is what will happen to the hundreds of central american asylum seekers who will now have to wait here in mexico for their asylum cases to be processed. the threats of tariffs from the trumpet ministration have subsided at least for now and so has the anxiety many felt over the past few days along mexico's northern border. one. a russian investigative journalist has been put under house arrest accused of dealing drugs but even his supporters say the narcotics were planted on him and he's been beaten in police custody the journalist is known for his work exposing corruption they've been protests in mosques and simpy against arrest dozens of people mainly fellow journalists were detained iraq a archeologists say they need urgent help to preserve artifacts from what was the
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ancient king of babylon the biblical city is the birthplace of the world's 1st complex communities many sites have faced neglect because of years of conflict in the country charles trafford went to babylon to find out more. on the capital city of an empire that reached its peak on the king neb you could never around 2600 years ago this road lead to the tower of babel archaeologists say the walls were once adorned with blue ceramic designs the babylonian god murdoch rides along the famous ishtar gate king neb you couldn't is his name is carved in qunu form a writing around 5000 years old and some of the bricks the southern palace was rebuilt on the original foundations and completed around 20 years ago but a lot of the restoration work is complicated to preservation efforts concrete has
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forced moisture and salt up into the ancient foundations the water table is high because a tributary of the euphrates river is close by bricks late in the 1980 s. to reinforce some walls have made archaeological investigations difficult. babylon's problems include the shifting heavy populated areas close by we need a vast plan of excavation the remaining archaeology needs sustainable preservation because the archaeological material is being heavily eroded. rising above the site perched on top of a manmade hill is a palace built for a man who often identified himself with the babylonian kings saddam hussein's summer palace is an eerie reminder of iraq's more recent past the former dictator's faces carved into the palace walls. the great holes inside the empty marble walls are covered in graffiti amuro on the ceiling seems the only thing not
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defiled us saddam hussein was so obsessed with babylon that he built one of his policies here and it's from the palace walls that you get this incredible view of the ancient ruins it's believed that in the foreground here that's where the fabled hanging gardens of babylon the world located and it's hoped that after years of petitioning by the iraqi government this site is soon going to get world heritage status iraqi archaeologists say the government needs to demonstrate its commitment to the sustainable preservation of babylon conflicts and political instability has kept most international archaeological teams away for almost 30 years the importance of babylon goes beyond whether or not it's a world heritage property and that goes for many sites in this country the origin of civilization civilization itself of complex civilization the evidence of it here
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in this country the origin of writing you know important governance itself kingship and the temple complex evolving over hundreds and thousands of years according to the bible god punished the babylonians for trying to build a structure to heaven and this overgrown trench is where it's believed the tower of babel once stood experts say a star archaeological investigation of babylon and the surrounding area could take centuries. the site over described as the birthplace of civilization in a country struggling to recover from its violent recent past stratford al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera it's going to round up of our top stories a campaign of civil disobedience has been called by sudan's opposition leaders they say it will continue until the military jointer hands over power to a civilian government but 5 opposition leaders have been detained since friday some
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had earlier met the theo paean prime minister who is attempting to mediate tens of thousands of people in hong kong are protesting a proposed extradition bill it would allow people to be sent for trial on the chinese mainland potentially over a vague national security charges that in clashes between hundreds of protesters and police in kazakstan capital voters are currently choosing a successor to the man who led the country for almost 30 years and also thomas out of bias hand-picked successor cassim john mark talk is expected to win easily but some of called for a boycott of the vote describing it as far from fair india's prime minister narendra modi is in sri lanka for talks years on a 2 day trip to some of his allies in the region his 1st since getting reelected will be the 1st foreign leader to visit colombo since the easter sunday bombings that killed more than 250 people there have been increasing political tensions in
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the country just months before the presidential election at least 55 people have been killed in syria's last rebel held province of idlib on saturday activists say syrian government forces are using missiles and barrel bombs indiscriminately bashar last says regime launched an offensive to recapture the northwestern city in april. a russian investigative journalist has been put under house arrest accused of dealing drugs but even gotten off and his supporters say the narcotics were planted on him and he's been beat in police custody the journalist is known for his work exposing corruption venezuela's president nicolas maduro has reopened the border with colombia after a 4 month closure thousands of people queued at the crossing to buy food and medicine in colombia because of shortages and high costs at home are due to close the border to stop his political opponents bringing in aid from the u.s. . those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now on al-jazeera it's
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inside story. on the counting the cost the trump doctrine carrots 1st negotiate 2nd who benefits as the global economy slows. what was behind the it's attempt to merge with run out and the shipping line that's going green counting the cost on al-jazeera. a strategic partnership or a marriage of convenience china and russia voted to strengthen their ties both countries are engaged in stand offs with the u.s. but can they build a united front against washington this is inside story. hello
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and welcome to the program on how he had seen china and russia's leaders say their countries of course are than they've ever been and that's partly due to what they see as a common threat caesium peeing and floods in here putin's meeting in st petersburg was a display of these strength off their relationship and also show of solidarity against the united states russia has been economically isolated for years jus to western sanctions over its invasion of crimea in 2014 meanwhile china is in the grip of a trade war that the with the u.s. that seen tariffs imposed on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of gates. was speaking at the summit c.g. describes putin as a close friends and said there was scope for even greater cooperation in future. only on one of my inches our bilateral relations not reach the maximum and can
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become even better we are ready to work together with russia in order to continuously increase the effect of our country's high level cooperation with our cooperation will give our 2 peoples a bigger sense of achievement i've been able to promote the russia chinese agenda in international affairs. and last year putin spoke of new sensors of global power and an end to u.s. economic dominance he was young man when you knew economic centers have emerged and the role of regional currencies has risen the balance of powers and interest has shifted obviously those deep changes require adaptation on the part of international financial organizations and rethinking the role of the dollar after becoming the global reserve currency the u.s. dollar transformed into the instrument of pressure used by the u.s. on the rest of the world. well disputes with the us have brought china and russia cool so trade between them rose 25 percent in 20 or so record high of more than
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$100000000000.00 russia is a key source of energy and natural resources that fuel the chinese economy and chinese investments in russian infrastructure projects is an economic lifeline as western sanctions start to bites well they're also cool slee a lines on many global issues including venezuela north korea syria and iran. well let's bring in our panel in moscow we have victor all of it shape political analyst and commentator on international relations in particular in thailand we're joined by our inner tangan a political and economic affairs commentator specializing in china and in new jersey steven rogers he's the presidents of the america winning coalition i'd like to welcome all of you to today's discussion thanks for all of it let me start with
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you do you see this new relationship between china and russia as a positive development. well no one has done more to bring moscow and beijing closer together in the past few months and past few years than washington it was the white house the american foreign policy establishment that here decided to open a new cold war against russia and at the same time as something that looks like a new cold war against china and of course feeling pressure from washington feeling pressure from the top a new study sion both china and russia are looking forward to a closer military leadership to a closer j. a political affiliation ship and to a closer economic relationship of course with the steps that the white house under don't have time for speaking against chain or it is becoming more and more obvious
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to the chinese neither ship that the purpose in mind in washington is not just to get a more fair trade agreement with china but to seriously hamper and diminish the cheney's influence in the world dick cheney's geopolitical standing in the coming years and decades and cheney's economic standing as a possible competitor the united states let's say as it is quite obvious for was so it's quite awful let's see if they if from a chinese perspective that that is the case to you einar tighen do you see this new relationship as a oppose a sieve a development that will help china in the face of this trade war increased pressure from the u.s. . i would actually agree with my colleague that what we have here is perhaps a marriage of convenience china and russia obviously have
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a lot of geopolitical issues that they share their outlook is much closer than the one that donald trump is pushing but you know this this trade away from multilateralism is something that china opposes russia somewhere in between and donald trump is clearly intent on destroying the order that was created by the united states after the world war or 2 so in terms of what this means for china i think they feel that they're pushed into this situation china has resisted in the past any hind of call for any kind of formal either military or earlier political alliance they simply want to do trade but with the hostile acts going on they see you know this that for instance this attack on our way in these terrorists as the beginning as said a cold war that does not appear to have an end and will in fact separates the united states from china abstain from rogers says no one has done more sobrang
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china and russia together than president donald trump a move perhaps we've heard there from minor tighen that's at china's seen this mantle as somewhat reluctantly and it's all tied to the efforts of your presidents say to that. well i would not characterize this as a new cold war president trump has been very consistent in making clear that the decisions he makes are decisions that are in the best interest of the american people he has also said quite often that he understands that there are leaders throughout the world who will take positions that will be in the best interest of their people now i notice some of the wording used in the press reports over the putin sheet summit that they were speaking in a businesslike manner so these are business decisions indeed there is politics involved i believe they're going to be using their summit as leverage with regard
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to the actions that the united states has taken but i don't believe anyone's pushing panic buttons yet these are decisions or at least meetings and and decisions that are being made in a businesslike manner and i've got to tell you i'm an optimist i think at the end of the day all 3 of these leaders are going to be sitting down speaking about these issues because these are addressing a global economy and we're all involved in this we're all in this together so hopefully will all come together in the near future so do you think that this relationship as stephen roach is this is a way for the china and russia to try and get the u.s. to move because it sounds an awful lot like these 2 countries share a lot of common ground economically and said how can a closer relationship between china and russia be in the best interests of u.s. workers and u.s. forces. well you know we have we've had and we
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continue to have a lot of trade with china it's all about the economy it's all about money i found it very interesting that president xi in st petersburg did state that he was not looking to disrupt his relationship with the united states i believe that was a signal to the united states saying look we might all have to sit down at one point and go further with these issues so as i said no panic buttons are now being pushed these a business decisions hopefully they won't spill over into any serious negative impact sure going to be you that something this is no has to wait i'm sorry to interrupt but so you can see to sell this this relationship would not be in the best interests of the u.s. . i would say that right now i think if there were military issues being talked about regarding the geopolitics of the region yes that would be serious but none of
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that's on the table it's all economy all economic so hopefully they're not going to go down that road where the united states or nato or anyone feels that there are military threats to anyone that those things weren't discussed it was all about the economy ok and i see you shaking your heads i know tangan bridgie response that this is purely economic and not military. it's nonsense that we're just witnessing an incident between a russian warship and a united states warship in this in the south china seas this is an area that has never seen any confrontation between russia and us in recent memory you know donald trump is using big stick diplomacy i don't think taking an ostrich like approach and saying that oh it'll all work out don't know and hitting the panic buttons i think is to start talking to industry. and technology they are hitting the panic button and so are the americans consumers when they start looking at
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what's happening in mexico donald trump has pushed an all fronts war against allies neighbors and those he thinks he's in contention is world view is creating the crisis so i mean i'm afraid i'm going to have to disagree with my colleague that this is all going to work out and that somehow we're in kansas and this is this is just going to be wonderful stuff and it shouldn't be worried this is very serious stuff this is the way that world war one happened at people sleepwalked into a terrible situation and i'm going to come back to you in a 2nd steven rogers but if i could just pick up with you victor all of which you hear also is it didn't seem to have reacts favorably to seaver. and you also believe that there was perhaps. an opportunity for military cooperation do you see this. as a as
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a in the goosey ation tactic from china and russia to try and get the u.s. to cut an easier deal or is this a more long term strategic partnership. well the american foreign policy makers had believed since the late 1980 s. and the early 1990 s. after the soviet union collapsed after the worst of backed disappeared it was just beyond the ability of the to the so-called backs amerikana a world order centered on american decision making is going to last if not forever then for a very very long time and of course washington has seen the best few years in the past decade that china's economic power and china's military capabilities have grown significantly and. and we even outpace american economic power in the next several decades american foreign policy makers have also been 80
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surgeon to russia or they have seen that russia is no longer weak state let me trust them they will not and that's why they're taking their to yes let's do it to rather than talk about american foreign policy i really do want to focus on the on this actual partnership itself you say that. russia is becoming resurgent russia has been penalized by quite significant international tariffs since 2014 it desperately needs markets to sell its oil to to sell its energy to china is now more willing to embrace that would you say this is more of a transactional relationship rather than a shift in the entire foreign policy and global what world order. the cure and to russian cheney's relationship is not just about economic cooperation it's not just about increasing business. it is the action to the at them by washington to
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sideline and to weaken both china and russia as its geopolitical and economic competitors and of course we have seen not only these meetings between putin and being in the scene petersburg. the economic forum we have seen them at major military exercises several months ago between china and russia that took place in russia by the way mongolian military in the middle in military also took part in the exercises and that was a clear signal to washington and to its closest western allies that that that as long as pressure is going to be increased. against beaching and against moscow the cooperation between the 2 k k peoples is going to also be increasing as a counterbalance to macon and and wider western pressure ok stephen roach as we're hearing from several events that this isn't just economics
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on the table this is military cooperation as well this is very much an attempt to come up against u.s. global power does that notes alarm you and would that not alarm president trump though would not look. with all due respect my colleague who mentioned the incident at sea the other day that's nothing new this are going on for years returning to russia russian navy in the united states navy not. flying but not all of that alaska ocean. no i agree there but it's all about posturing the united states is a powerful country they know we have the most powerful military on earth they know we have a very strong economy my colleague mentioned mexico well they caved yesterday the mexican government caved to the president yesterday and now they're on a sitting at the table and they're cooperating regarding the immigration issue and i bring that up for this china and russia is a natural is a great negotiator he's
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a he's a he's a he's well with all due respect our colleague brought it up i'm responding to what he said but you're right but at the end of the day it's transactional transitional it they're going to come together at the panic buttons are not the flashing this is all political posturing and look no one the president trump is a builder he builds relationships no one wants to see a war no one wants to see trouble in the pacific i again as i speak from at least believing how this president works he's looking to build relationships not divide them and i not. i find that statement absolutely oster so i don't trump is built any relationships other than with israel and with saudi arabia his track record has been one of divisiveness of pushing tearing apart the very multilateral institutions that we created so i don't know where this is coming from
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that he's a great negotiator what is he done in this big stick to see you think mexico for one instance is thinking that this is great you really believe that the rest of the countries around the world have been hit with these terrorists unilaterally by donald trump think that this is about relationship building it's just preposterous i don't sack lee where this coming from this repetition of don't hit the panic buttons well nonsense steven rogers well if i if i may if i may look what happened in great britain we have a special relationship with great britain and they adore this president look what happened with nato and our allies he got them to the table to contribute more to the defense of their so yes he has built some tremendous good relationships and unfortunately the media is not projecting that they're projecting the negative but you speak to some of these world leaders and by the way president xi mentioned last week he's friendly with the president united states president putin friendly with
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the president there's a lot of mutual respect a lot of it that we don't hear about so that's why i don't think things are as bad as some people are projecting it to be ok of it steve think that these these warm relationships with president trump whoa that will help to resolve the issues that. that some americans have been voicing about this increased rapprochement if you like between china and russia do you think this is dancing related let it east and let's be frank and the topic me station i mean because they lease a ship with. meaning of its partners has deteriorated. from russia to china to or even to germany which is only to member and he has a quiet the content or a situation with washington for the last several years especially with what america's new ambassador to ireland has been doing. in in germany ok and so we
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can expect in the next few years an even more closer alliance between moscow and beijing that will become a stronger counterbalance to america's attempt at global dominance that is especially waning ok victor all of us i want to focus on this relationship between russia and china how close to be a list to the do you think these 2 countries can become because there are competing interests for the 2 there are competing interests in central asia in africa in the arctic concerts in the most school views china's president sees pet project the belt of mood in the stiff with with more than a little degree of suspicion do you think china and russia can enjoy very very close relations well there are definitely challenges but there are also great opportunities to expand those relations between moscow and beijing we have seen
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a growing trade relationship between china and russia in the best few years we have seen a much more much closer political dialogue between the 2 nations we have seen an expansion of russian energy exports into china and we have also issues with the recent action spent expanding cultural dialogue so also they are one of the enders i couldn't trysts i'm sorry to cut you off with these energy contracts a lot of them were signed in 2014 before the before the current tensions between the u.s. and with china. but. when we talk about the business relations you know rushing chana just a few hours ago at the st petersburg economic forum there is a new id and there was a new agreement signed between in a quiet way and its russian counterparts on the chain use development of 5 g.
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networks in russia and that's a very good point let me take you to see even expand that type of nation in different areas absolutely i'm sorry to cut you all short gentlemen but we are in the dying minutes if this debate steven rogers certainly the us is very keen to curtail huawei and its 5 g. networks does this not look like she sing yourselves in the food alive a relationship to develop between china and russia where huawei can i cite in a very lucrative contracts indeed this is not shutting down or way this is allowing them some expands well look it may look like that but i don't believe it is and you know what i see here 2 countries is like a marriage during the honeymoon stage they have a common goal right now is to use their relationship as leverage against the united states but look at i think the soul and in they divorce if you will i use that term because you and the other guest mentioned before there are competing interests here
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so we go back to what i said originally using this as leverage against the united states with regard to president trump sections but at the end of the day all of them are going to have to come together because there will be impact regard worldwide impact regard to the citizens they make and i think it will benefit all of us provided the goal is to do what's right for all of the people who live in each country and that the president has been very consistent on with regard to the american people i know our time to get i get your response to this. well i don't know that a merits a response dunk trump and consistency would see a not an oxymoron the guy is all over the place he loves creating dissension and chaos and making people guess it's part of his idea of transactional negotiation that's not correct i mean that's not the way to do things diplomacy in business require that you can rely and trust people and that's not something donald trump
4:44 pm
does but in terms of the larger picture since post world war 2 there has been a 3 quarter situation between russia china and the us the u.s. and china came together and that was part of the issue that in essence led to the fall of the soviet union now you have russia and china getting together u.s. should be worried about this this kind of hydra head in the sand ostrich approach is not worthy of consideration but but there is also a transactional nature to c.p. consensus here and i'm sure china is looking at the numbers somewhere in support why who is more important to beijing is it the u.s. market or is it this american russian market know if that's the wrong way to look at it china is looking to expand peacefully from their perspective they don't want to create alliances they're very aware of what happened or want they don't want
4:45 pm
this kind of heavy minutes of different entities aligning up there simply being forced into this situation because of what they perceive as very very imminent attacks by donald trump not only on the country itself but on any attempts to try and better themselves you know this idea that way is copying everybody well how can you copy somebody and be 2 years ahead of your opponent so in this particular case it just doesn't make sense this is just donald trump saying that i us rather than competing rather doing a sputnik and responding in kind. has decided to trip up there and i'm afraid that will have to be the last word gentlemen it's been a fascinating discussion but we are i'd like to thank all of my guests fixer all of it i had our tangan and steven rogers thank you to you for watching the program you can catch up again any time by this is saying on our website al jazeera dot com
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unst the conversation continues online you can either head to our facebook page forward slash a.j. inside story or join the discussion on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story or tweet me directly at alamo here dean and i for me and the whole team it's by finite thank you thank you and thank the lord. ready they start as drinks containers. ready and usually end up as gob bitch. in a nuisance but for a select few old bottle service the building blocks of a better life. ready and the stepping stones to owning a family how. do you find a lot in america is in bolivia and downloads into the world of god. on al-jazeera. and her husband gavin worsley when 4 teenagers broke down the
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back the teenagers described as being of african appearance still on the run before all of this happened i wasn't scared out of black people or people of color. whatever the focus on african gang crime began in march 26th jane when violence broke out at the moon the festival of federation square in the center of melbourne to gird super african young people coming together and no one there was a far cry guarantee card by rolling poll if you lot some of that was because the place to be getting involved only started choice and they just bibles and that crowd all narrative it in the media to talk a lot of political pressure on. these people to commit crimes and every single race . gets blamed for the actions of the few. people have to pay sites i have to feel saif side there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with as well. as. to read
4:48 pm
so that i could read. a creator of twitter returns to activism with a new mission with my job trying to build software. but can digital dissidents work within the technological free market it's a race against the kurds in the persians when they're still from the capitalists part of the rebel geek series on al-jazeera. fighting between protesters and police in kazakstan during elections to replace the longtime president. this is live from doha also coming up tens of thousands protesting in hong kong
4:49 pm
against a proposed law that would allow extradition to mainland china. sudan's opposition groups called for widespread civil disobedience after 5 of their leaders were arrested. and were at the site described as the birthplace of civilization archaeologists warn it is crumbling before our eyes. protesters and police force on election day in kazakstan demonstrators in the capital mosul town are calling for a boycott saying it is far from fair voters are currently heading to the polls to choose a successor to the man who led the country for almost 30 years. as hand-picked replacement. is expected to win. and tens of
4:50 pm
thousands of people have begun marching in hong kong against a proposed extradition bill the changes would allow people to be sent to trial in mainland china potentially over vague national security charges opponents say it is another sign of hong kong losing more of the rights it was guaranteed to keep in the 1997 hand-over from british rule for more on this let's speak now to sarah clarke who's on the phone for us from hong kong so so just bring us up to date there on what is happening right now and what you're seeing and hearing looking at these pictures huge crowds of people filling the streets there. there are huge crowds the park has already become only a flying and to. join this rally to walk the capable walk down the let's go capsule which is where hong kong comics is like kind of. 9 organized we're expecting around 300. 50 on the ground if we can all around this
4:51 pm
place have. some areas around the size but thousands are still marching in and look at every generation because obviously you've got the pro-democracy groups but you've got students you've got families and as you venture before all of these great living 5 on the ground to be concerned about extradition those. exhibition those which might come through this week 5 but i worry to start is going to allow a fugitive suspect in hong kong to be extradited to the milan as a trial 1 and the concern is that i don't trust the milan judicial system and that could become political future yet as as you say there's this proposed law has clearly struck a nerve with so many people in hong kong what are the chances that it will toss and become law. well the bill has been contacting the committee hearings with bipartisan so the bill avoided some skirt you can vote. the critics of. the program
4:52 pm
. have now got a 2nd reading bill to be read on this wednesday but now barely it's unlikely to come to a close how quickly it's great but certainly the majority the government has majority numbers in parliament are certainly will certainly look to get. all right sara clark live for us there on the line from hong kong so these are live pictures that you're looking at right now of those demonstrations taking place in hong kong this is expected to be one of the largest rallies to take place there in possibly the last 15 years protesting against this proposed law that would allow the government there to extradite people to mainland china on what i've seen as some very vague security. charges so
4:53 pm
we will be following that story for you as it develops there in hong kong. now a campaign of civil disobedience is expected to begin in sudan opposition groups so they will not stop until the military junk gives up power at least 5 protest leaders were arrested over the weekend on friday some of them met the visiting ethiopian prime minister who is trying to mediate the opposition says the military is targeting workers in banks electricity companies and airports. that has been any negotiations between the gentle and protest leaders since a violent crackdown on demonstrations last week when what. he said i hope that our brothers in the other parties will respond without preconditions we appreciate the efforts of our friends and brothers who care for sudan we want to reach a solution but if we don't reach a solution our alternative is clear we will form
4:54 pm
a caretaking government the task of a name has more mohammed went from shaking hands with ethiopian prime minister abi ahmed to a jail cell in one day the sudanese opposition leader was part of a delegation that met akhmed after he arrived in khartoum on friday to act as a mediator he is one of several opposition members arrested during saturday morning raids their arrests are expected to hamper efforts to reopen talks between the opposition and the military earlier this week more than 100 protesters were killed in a crackdown by the military hunta the opposition has issued a list of demands including restoring freedom of the press and access to the internet before they'll return to negotiations 1st the military council needs to recognize that the crime was committed secondly there needs to be an international
4:55 pm
investigation into the dispersal of the sit in thirdly all political detainees and old political prisoners held by the previous regime need to be released. protesters have called for the immediate withdrawal of the paramilitary group the rapid support forces they are accused of raping and murdering protesters including children but some doubt that's possible i do have hope but i'm also willing to. raise the militia groups sudan has been suspended from the african union the un wants to send a team into the country as soon as possible to investigate and monitor events want accountability. and also. we want annual military. to have a. mission to hand over. a civil suit billions.
4:56 pm
forces a general strike is planned for sunday despite the internet blackout and restrictions on journalists protesters are pushing out videos on social media to ensure the world gets a clear view of what's happening in sudan natasha going to al-jazeera and people have been protesting elsewhere in the world in solidarity with sudan's opposition demonstrators in london called on their government to put more pressure on the military john to foreign secretary jeremy hunt condemned the crackdown promising the international community would hold them to account and france protesters called on the sudanese military to chinese for power to a civilian government he also condemned saudi arabia and the united arab emirates for supporting the jointer 2 regional powers pledged $3000000000.00 in aid to the military council shortly before the crackdown began. and in washington many
4:57 pm
gathered in front of the congress building they want the united states to take a clear stand against the military john to the state department is urging sudan's military leaders to in their words desist from violence and for both sides to return to talks or lead madiba joins me now he is the founder and president of the sudan policy forum thanks very much for being with us so let me ask you 1st of all about this campaign of civil disobedience that the launching today what what difference will that make you think. big difference the country has been clinically dead for almost like 4 and a half months and this this last i mean today civil disobedience is it isn't bills pulling the pulling of the plug just going to bring the whole country down but my fear is that in the absence of an executive branch
4:58 pm
that can fill in the power vacuum we're going to get into chaos if not civil war. so for me it's not enough the opposition especially the forces of freedom and again to announce a civil disobedience they need to take immediate action to forming off putting together a cabinet at least they should have in mind. figurative hit if not necessarily a prime minister that who can immediately take over otherwise we're going to get into serious issues that might lead to a civil war what difference will that make to the military. as far as getting them to change their again the forces of freedom and change are adopting the very wrong tactic by by hinting to the transition in military council should
4:59 pm
they comply with some conditions that they are willing to go back to the negotiating table the the forces of freedom and should best provide the transitional military council and exit is that i think the should not give them any hope that they will ever go back to the negotiating table is specially with that we feel that the transition in military counter is council is already coming down. there are some major disagreements among the members of the council itself some of the members have already resigned others have already been detained so the whole thing is crumbling apart yet you see the forces of freedom and change giving them a hope that that kind of hope will just help you know him a t. and pull together they should only provide them and i think. was very clever in the sense that here again prime minister david mediating he understood that he
5:00 pm
yell it he understood that after what they have committed the transition in military council in no way will they ever have a hope in leading the sudanese people so in a way he was hinting to them that should you comply with some of the conditions we are going to provide you it exists at the. good to get your analysis on this will lead madiba thank you frank still ahead on al-jazeera india's prime minister arriving in sri lanka will look at what's on the agenda at a sensitive time. to saudi arabia sentences a teenager to death for attending anti-government protests. sponsored by the time. hello again and welcome back to international weather forecasts well it is.


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