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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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for so freedom and. start behaving like an executive body who can who can take over. that is a vacuum i think the sudanese people are going to face a very dire situation in the coming few days and we saw. the protests that are taking place outside of sudan in solidarity with the with the with the opposition movement there what sort of a difference is that likely. to make really because you know expressions of support and condemnation of the military's actions it is one thing but it's not being backed up with any real concrete action is. i believe we are seeing some concrete actions on behalf of the african union. it's very clear now the africans realize that this phenomenon should it is spread in the whole african continent of being militias hijacking
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a platform and controlling the whole state is there not going to allow it. europeans have made very strong statements but we need to get the u.s. on board and. so far it doesn't seem that we are a boy we will be successful in doing that because the us i mean is saying one thing the circuit over state is saying another and it doesn't seem. the united states have to lead a foreign policy or a strategy to the horn of africa this is this is very dangerous and activist scholars and politicians have been speaking about this that you have to have you have to devise a very clear it is tied to the if not the developmental is that the at least a security threat to the horn of africa because you get your thoughts on this. thank you thank you still ahead on al-jazeera india's prime minister arriving in
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sri lanka a look at what's on the. genda at a sensitive time there. hello again it's good to have you back well here across the southern part of asia we are watching a lot of clouds and a lot of rain particular up here towards parts of thailand and also into myanmar over the next few days we could be seeing some localized flooding across much of that area notice that very dark blue on the map and that's going to be affecting parts of thailand as well bangkok not really looking to bet on monday with clouds in the forecast but we do think that the rain is going to be on the increase as we go towards tuesday some sundown here across much of southern indonesia that's going to continue with maybe some clouds in the forecast but for bali it is going to be into the low thirty's over the next few days well here across parts of australia we have been watching cold front after cold front coming into the southwest you can
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see on the satellite image as they push through brings some very heavy rain at times also some windy conditions also for perth and that is going to continue as we go towards saturday so you can see a break in the rain but by the time we get towards into monday we're going to be seeing more rain coming into the forecast there so we are going to be seeing some windy conditions some rainy conditions and also temperatures staying into the high teens for most of the beginning of the week as well over here towards adelaide windsor coming out of the north we do expect to see a lovely day there at 21 degrees and a nice day from melbourne was sunny to forecasts at 90 degrees there. ready drinks contain. ready and easily end up as garbage. but for a select few. as the building blocks of a better life. ready and the stepping stones to owning a family how. do you find
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a lot in america is in bolivia and dallas into the wild. on al-jazeera. and again you're watching a reminder of our top stories this hour protesters and police force on election day in kazakstan critics say the vote to choose a successor to the long time president is neither free nor fair. tens of thousands of people in hong kong have hit the streets to protest a proposed extradition bill that would allow people to be sent for trial on the chinese mainland. reports of violence in sudan as the opposition or should campaign
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of civil disobedience protesters are accusing the military junk of intimidation after the arrest of 5 leading opposition members. the media in yemen say the rebels have launched several drones targeting saudi arabia in a tweet they said they were trying to hit military facilities in the airport near the yemeni border there's been no confirmation of this though from the saudi government. u.s. politicians have asked the white house to spell out exactly where it stands on libya they say confusion is allowing the armed groups there to justify fighting. attempts to take over the capital tripoli. reports from washington. as forces loyal to khalifa haftar moved on tripoli the u.s. secretary of state sounded the alarm this won't be resolved through force of arms or just a no way that's going to take place we there's a u.n.
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process we've been part of that and a half stars been part of that we urged them to have started stand down move back to the negotiating table so that we can get a political resolution in libya but then soon after the president picked up the phone and in a readout of the call the white house said president donald trump recognized field-marshal have to our significant role in fighting terrorism and security in libya's oil resources and the 2 discussed a shared vision for libya's transition to a stable democratic political system that to many seemed like an endorsement including to the democratic members of the foreign affairs committee who have sent this letter to the secretary of state writing the call has led to uncertainty regarding the u.s. position and that libyan armed actors are using the confusion to continue the conflict they're urging him to clarify the country's position this is part of a broader fight for influence according to federal filings just last month after hours organization agreed to pay $2000000.00 to a u.s.
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lobbying firm to help improve his image in d.c. the white house says he has not been invited to meet with the president at the white house. but they've said very little about which side of the conflict the u.s. actually supports members of congress say that needs to change. political hay al-jazeera washington. by india's prime minister narendra modi is in sri lanka for talks he's on a 2 day trip to some of his allies in the region his 1st since getting reelected is the 1st foreign leader as well to visit colombo since the east the sunday bombings there that killed 250 people there's been increasing political tension in sri lanka just months before the presidential election our correspondent now from nando's has more from colombo. 6 weeks after the deadly easter sunday carnage the visit of the prime minister of india is important for sri lanka it's a gesture of confidence that things in the country are returning to normal almost
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as if to highlight that the prime minister stopped in anthony's church the church that was one of the 1st hit on that easter sunday morning basically father highlighting the fact that his message is that it's back things are getting back to normal so he had to said that the people of india stand firmly with the people of sri lanka in their fight against terror and it seems that that is very much the message of his visit even though it's just for 4 hours his 1st foreign was it after his reelection as the prime minister of india but for sri lanka it comes at a time when politics are has always in quite a whirl if you can use that description particularly with the special parliamentary select committee on the easter sunday bombings having face and facing its own problems the president laying down very clearly that he would not allow any serving
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officers of the military all the police to appear before the select committee saying that everyone who had appeared so far all those who had been removed in fact he removed even his chief of national intelligence lots of things in terms of the testimony pointing towards the president the fact that he knew of those warnings and overall that the entire defense establishment did nothing to stop it. a prominent figure in syria's rebellion has died fighting government forces and the best settled force rose to fame as an athlete but he later became known as the singer of the revolution syrians gathered in the opposition held town of jabal listen to more. lopez all day on reports. that he had lived his life in the spotlight but abdelbaset cerruti left it all behind for syria's revolution the 27 year old was a famous goalkeeper in homes as well as a singer and activist he chose
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a battleground over comfort joining serious rebellion against president bashar al assad in this online video he explained why he decided to take up arms and fight against government forces. group illusion will continue this journey cannot be stopped by obstacles or the government this is our land it's our country. the way the white house so rude was injured on thursday in northern hama province where fighting between serious army and rebels in their last stronghold hasn't turned survive in recent months he died on saturday a fate it seems he expected. in the lyrics to a song he wrote he predicted his death in the battlefield was so rude had many followers but also enemies he survived at least 3 assassination attempts he was banned from playing football after serious government declared him
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a traitor salute family was certificated to the revolution 4 of his brothers and his father were also killed in the war because they believed was worth fighting for . will persevere jaan al jazeera. albania's president has cancelled local elections due later this month putting him against the prime minister who says they will go ahead it is the latest development in a political crisis that has spilled out into the streets with often violent anti-government protests johnson reports now from the capital tehran. protesters calling for the resignation of prime minister eddie roemer were met with a cannonade of tear gas outside parliament the opposition democratic party that held this protest didn't get to the general election this is askin for but the chief another goal albania's president has called for local government elections scheduled for june 30th to be cancelled saying current conditions don't allow for
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real democratic representative and inclusive elections opposition leader little was jubilant before his supporters. here. this is the result of your unyielding strength your stance your unshakable faith in european values of freedom democracy and human dignity. but prime minister eddie romer insists the local elections will go ahead and has called an emergency cabinet meeting on sunday there's no constitutional court to decide the issue because it's judges are under ethical review for possible bribery and corruption this puts albania in a constitutional crisis not only did the president and prime minister disagree the opposition democratic party refuses to field mayoral candidates in the country's $61.00 municipalities it is doubtful what legitimacy the socialist party is man's would enjoy if elected unopposed this was the 8th anti-government protest since the opposition democratic party walked out of parliament over 3 months ago and took its
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campaign to the streets to unseat the socialist government these protests are fueled by a widespread perception of corruption the government was hit by a series of scandals suggesting roma was reelect. 2 years ago thanks to help from organized crime it is. that he was not elected by the people it is the legal. claim that he was elected by the. many albini and are disappointed at what they see as a partisan the colony he built this be when rommel was elected in 2013 he said that every house in albania will be given a title deed because a lot of homes had been built illegally but when he became prime minister he gave papers to the supporters and others got nothing that's why i am here i work for 25 years in greece to build my house. the legitimacy of his government is already
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undermined by the opposition's absence from parliament if from a insists on holding a local election with only socialist party candidates he is sure to face stiff opposition jumpstart oculus al-jazeera to honor a russian investigative journalist has been put under house arrest accused of dealing drugs but even going on often his supporters say the narcotics were planted on him and he's been beaten while in police custody the journalist is known for his work exposing corruption the been protests in moscow and st petersburg against going to nubs arrest dozens of people many fellow journalists have been detained that vasant has more from moscow. well the church decided that he can be held under house arrest so there was a lot of cheers here at the courts where hundreds of people have gathered to shout for his freedom of course investigative journalist in front of the tape on thursday quoting to the police he was carrying drunken they were also dropped down it is
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apartment but it's widely believed not only here not only among his colleagues and his closest friends but in wider circles that these charges are fabricated that it's basically a method to silence him because he has been doing some very exclusive stories on corruption practices here in moscow and also on the practices around to say capital sony also factors now and what that means are you sure that his detention is very much related to his work and that's also what a lot of people here think and it's not only a warning to him but also to another to a lot of other journalists of course that this is happening right now. for the venezuelan government has reopened a border crossing with colombia president nicolas maduro had closed it 4 months earlier saying aid that the u.s. and opposition leader why don't want to bring in undermined his country's sovereignty. thousands of venezuelans lined up to cross the
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bridge into colombia was a rare chance for these people to purchase food medicine and other commodities no longer available or in extremely short supply in venezuela only pedestrians are allowed to cross back and forth into colombia the government of president nicolas maduro has blocked large scale food convoys. according to the united nations 4000000 people have left venezuela in recent years the u.n. has called the mass migration the largest in the recent history of latin america and the caribbean hyperinflation poverty and political chaos are fueling the exodus the. actress and humanitarian activist angelina jolie who is a special envoy for the u.n. refugee agency u.n.h.c.r. visited a camp for venezuelan migrants in neighboring colombia she was greeted by children who spoke about the desperate conditions that forced their families to leave their
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country the communal suppose they use is that once again we couldn't find food and if we did it was very expensive the same for my medication we couldn't find it and if we did it was triple or quadruple the price or colombia has taken in the largest share of venezuelan refugees 1300000 people jolie praise their strength and perseverance the people who have had to go through displacement i think answer and go through it like all these young children and all of you strongest people in the world. meanwhile venezuelan opposition leader one goh i don't know when door to door in a small town south of the capital caracas he greeted residents and met with local politicians who support his efforts to topple much duro why dose said mediation efforts sponsored by norway have stalled over maduro's refusal to allow the new presidential election i went to meeting in oslo takes place with the international
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contact group it's because we are closer to ending the usurpation to the transitional government and free elections and when we are ready to take a step in that direction and when the regime is also ready then we will have something but not in the meantime the bridge opening relieves some of the pressure on at least a small number of venezuelans millions more inside and outside venezuela continue to suffer their futures and rob reynolds al-jazeera. as always want to let you know there is lots more on our website c.n.n. dot com get the latest on all the stories this. hour let's get a round up now of our headlines on the protesters and police have fought in kazakstan scow to join the 1st elections in almost 30 years without a long time president on the ballot demonstrate his inaugural tahn are calling for
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a boycott saying the vote is far from fair. choosing a successor to the man who will lead the country for 3 decades norful time by its hand-picked replacement kasim talk is expected to win. tens of thousands of people have marched in hong kong against a proposed extradition bill that changes would allow people to be sent to trial in mainland china potentially over vague national security charges opponents say it is another sign of hong kong losing more of the rights it was guaranteed to keep in the 1997 hand-over from british rule reports of violence in sudan as the opposition wants a campaign of civil disobedience protesters are accusing the military jointer of intimidation after the arrest of 5 leading opposition members and people have been protesting elsewhere in the world in solidarity with sudan's opposition demonstrators in london calling on their government to put more pressure on the
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military jointer foreign secretary jeremy hunt earlier condemned the crackdown promising the international community would hold them to account and in washington many gathered in front of the congress building they want the united states to take a clear stand against the military jump to the state department urging sudan's military leaders to in their words desist from violence and for both sides to return to talks. the media in yemen say the rebels have launched several drones targeting saudi arabia in a tweet they in a tweet they said they were trying to hit military facilities in the just an airport near the yemeni borders been no confirmation of this from the saudi government india's prime minister narendra modi is in sri lanka for talks on a 2 day trip to some of his allies in the region his 1st since getting reelected also the 1st foreign leader to visit colombo since the easter sunday bombings that killed more than 250 people has been increasing political tension in sri lanka
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those are the headlines viewfinder latin america is up next we're back in half an hour. cricket's biggest total is come to england though miles 6 ways. from the drive for good. bye with 0 for the lightest on the 20 cricket wild card. viewfinder. around the globe.
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a city that week after year. and in africa year after getting out and. brazil a bastion of economic development and a key player in a shifting global order a country that's become an increasingly attractive destination for african migrant workers viewfinder latin america follows an angolan migration who turns to music once his brazilian dream encounters hardship and racism open arms and closed doors on al-jazeera.
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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. and natural resource that's gone untapped for more than 2 decades palestinians found of course years before israel has found its on al-jazeera world tells the untold story of gaza as an exploited gas fields gaza loggin is the only meaning of us of the palestinian so it's a lot of money and how this valuable resource could have transformed palestinian lives. to guard the gas deal on al-jazeera.
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global food production is wasteful and it's training our planet. but pioneers are adapting with new food sources jellyfish is delicious with a very light seafood taste and a texture some that alomari. and innovative production techniques i've seen a vertical farm before i would never in a restaurant have to say this is great earthrise feeding the 1000000000 on a jersey you know. this is al-jazeera. alarms the whole roman you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes streets are mostly empty and saddam's
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. battle as a civil disobedience campaign begins but there are reports that one protester has been killed also fighting between protesters and police in kazakhstan during elections to replace the long time president and tens of thousands protest in hong kong against a proposed law that would allow extradition to mainland china. plus by the ruins of babylon archaeologists warn the site that hosted one of the earliest civilizations is crumbling before our very own eyes and i'm leah harding with your sport rafa nadal is aiming for his 12th french open title but it's a party party in paris as australia is actually very climbs and clenches the women's title and the world number 2 spot. good to have you with us here on the news hour we begin with a campaign of civil disobedience that's begun in sudan and opposition groups have
6:50 pm
promised to continue their protests until the military join to give that power now this video shows quiet streets in the capital khartoum but we are getting reports that at least one protesters being killed at least 5 protest leaders were arrested over the weekend on friday some of them had met the visiting ethiopian prime minister who's trying to mediate on the situation now there haven't been any negotiations between the protest leaders since a violent crackdown on demonstrators last week well let's cross over to khartoum now and join her son a professor of political science in the capital bad joins me on the phone from khartoum so good to have you with us on al-jazeera just tell us exactly what the situation is like where you are in terms of whether this civil disobedience is being observed across the capital and across the country. yes. the coalition for freedom and cheering. she will p.d.s.
6:51 pm
supposed to start to the. streets are quite. the day before. but some. folks a number of. government institutions are open some of them partially open. but the streets are. quite. the normal before in the lead up to this in the lead up to sunday what sort of conversations were being had with people that you were discussing this with obviously there's a great deal of concern amongst the public certainly in the capital and beyond the capital in sudan about every move that they make whether it be on the streets or off it. the main concern of the
6:52 pm
people. is regarding the general serapis of the electricity the paper is like a grocery store stores are. functioning and operating then this the general disobedience will be of little concern today because they need the services. to know how the electricity is functioning. in other cities. also the difficulties over heating oil so in terms of the basic services that are still running ok. if that's the case with basic services sorry to interrupt you that's the case with basic services you say operating as normal and i can appreciate that it's difficult for you to.
6:53 pm
you have to be very careful about the words you use on a live television program like this because you are in khartoum but obviously there needs to be a conversation does that not on the political level now regardless of civil disobedience in the public domain between those members of the you might the opposition or civil society with the military that's currently in charge in comping down anybody that decides to stand up to them here but. the. let me also remind you that was a living will by words because. came through different roads late this morning when i saw these big trees and. in. my house and in the office the electricity is operating we'll so this is this is a fact. also the other. question because being they were safe.
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as we all know that the situation is very polarized that is tailor made now in a country. people are waiting for a mediation of some sort. the visit of the if you've been prime minister didn't produce any fruitful pixel between the 2 parties there is some efforts. some. good media trying to. proceed forward to. bringing the 2 sides. to get there but i'm not sure whether that will we successful or not it will have to see what does happens and in the coming hours for the moment ali thanks so much for joining us from the university in khartoum.
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and as we mentioned several protest leaders were arrested after meeting with the ethiopian prime minister on friday it met both sides in a bid to revive the talks with us again and has the latest. mohammed went from shaking hands with ethiopian prime minister abi mid to a jail cell in one day the sudanese opposition leader was part of a delegation that met akhmed after he arrived in khartoum on friday to act as a mediator he is one of several opposition members arrested during saturday morning raids their arrests are expected to hamper efforts to reopen talks between the opposition and the military earlier this week more than 100 protesters were killed in a crackdown by the military hunta the opposition has issued a list of demands including restoring freedom of the press and access to the internet before they'll return to negotiations 1st the military council needs to
6:56 pm
recognize that the crime was committed secondly there needs to be an international investigation into the dispersal of the sit and thirdly all political detainees and old political prisoners held by the previous regime need to be released. protesters have called for the immediate withdrawal of the paramilitary group the rapid support forces they are accused of raping and murdering protesters including children but some doubt that's possible i do have hope but i'm also willing to. read the militia groups sudan has been suspended from the african union the un wants to send a team into the country as soon as possible to investigate and monitor events want accountability. and also. we
6:57 pm
want and your military. to have a. mission to hand all the civil suit millions. d.f.c. . forces. a general strike is planned for sunday despite the internet blackout and restrictions on journalists protesters are pushing out videos on social media to ensure the world gets a clear view of what's happening in sudan natasha going to al-jazeera. and people have been protesting elsewhere in the world in solidarity with sudan's opposition demonstrators in london called on the government to put more pressure on the militant foreign secretary jeremy hunt earlier condemned the crackdown promising the international community would hold the military to account. in france protesters called on the sudanese military to transfer power to a civilian government they also condemn saudi arabia and the u.a.e.
6:58 pm
for supporting the genter the 2 regional powers pledged $3000000000.00 in aid to the military council shortly before the crackdown began and in washington and he gathered in front of congress they want the us to take a clear stand against the military junta the state department is urging sudan's military leaders to desist from violence for both sides to return to talks will lead its founder and president of these to garner policy for joins us again here on the program good to have you with us we heard our contributor there from the university of khartoum talking about electricity being fine bakeries being open is that a real indication that things are getting back to normal or is it a case that some things are ok on the streets but not everything nothing is ok i think a more insidious indicator is the central bank of sudan and the civil aviation wars are on a strike you can call it like 8085 percent strike so if you take the situation in which the civil aviation chairman of the civil aviation of 30 is
6:59 pm
already held in custody and there are rumors that he has been badly treated his health is not ok so it seems that the transitional military council is. using force . and it doesn't and that is standard governance has become it was never an easy issue but it has become more and more complicated task in the modern world so we have a scenario as we have seen this past week certainly where the internet is being cut social media is very restricted so very difficult to get the word of the pictures out independent media organizations including al-jazeera have been thrown out of the country and our bureaus closed what sort of a picture are we getting in terms of the activity of the opposition groups in relation to the situation on the ground the way the military is behaving the way the the the rapid security force is acting against the public at large i think we
7:00 pm
have allowed ourselves to fall victim to the propaganda of the of the game the islamist regime in the sense that if anybody is trying to do to say the rap it support forces is what's doing whatever it's been done in khartoum but i think it's doing it along with others it's the security forces or 30 years that have. used the concept concentrated those of hit at it again is the protesters in the sit in they have committed that they have their own people in that river and they are now the more grevious situation is the fact that they. that they are now targeting the civilians so it seems that while the people who are jubilating in this sit in they were just rounding up everybody collecting ideas and information about the leaders of the protests and.


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