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tv   New Zealands Dark Days  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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relying on groups to justify fighting those would clean to have 2 attempts to take over the company tripoli article has more from washington d.c. . as forces loyal to khalifa haftar moved on tripoli the u.s. secretary of state sounded the alarm to swap a resolve through force of arms or just a no way that's going to take place we there's a un process we have been part of that and a half stars been part of that we urged them to have started stand down move back to the negotiating table so that we can get a political resolution in libya but then soon after the president picked up the phone and in a readout of the call the white house said president donald trump recognized field-marshal have to our significant role in fighting terrorism and securing libya's oil resources and the 2 discussed a shared vision for libya's transition to a stable democratic political system that to many seemed like an endorsement including to the democratic members of the foreign affairs committee who have sent this letter to the secretary of state writing the call has led to uncertainty
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regarding the u.s. position and that libyan armed actors are using the confusion to continue the conflict there urging him to clarify the country's position this is part of a broader fight for influence according to federal filings just last month after hours organization agreed to pay $2000000.00 to a u.s. lobbying firm to help improve his image in d.c. the white house says he has not been invited to meet with the president at the white house. but they've said very little about which side of the conflict the u.s. actually supports members of congress say that needs to change. political hay and al-jazeera washington. iraqi say that they need urgent help to preserve artifacts from what was the ancient kingdom of charles stross it went back to find out more. babylon the capital city of an empire that reached its peak on the king neb you could name around 2600 years ago this road led to the tower of babel
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archaeologists say the walls were once adorned with blue ceramic designs the babylonian god murdoch rides along the famous ishtar gate king maybe couldn't his name is carved in qunu form a writing around 5000 years old and some of the bricks the southern palace was rebuilt on the original foundations and completed around 20 years ago but a lot of the restoration work is complicated to preservation efforts. concrete is forced moisture and salt up into the ancient foundations the water table is high because a tributary of the euphrates river is close by bricks late in the 1980 s. to reinforce some walls have made archaeological investigations difficult. problems include the shifting heavy populated areas close by winning a vast plan of excavation the remaining archaeology needs sustainable preservation
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because the archaeological material is being heavily eroded rising above the site perched on top of a manmade hill is a palace built for a man who often identified himself with the babylonian kings saddam hussein's sama policies an eerie reminder of iraq's more recent past. the former dictator's faces carved into the palace walls. the great holes inside the empty marble walls are covered in graffiti him you're alone the ceiling seems the only thing not defiled it's saddam hussein was so obsessed with babylon that he built one of his policies here and it's from the palace walls that you get this incredible view of the ancient ruins it's believed that in the foreground here that's where the fabled hanging gardens of babylon were located and it's hoped that after years of
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petitioning by the iraqi government this site is soon going to get world heritage status iraqi archaeologists say the government needs to demonstrate its commitment to the sustainable preservation of babylon conflicts and political instability has kept most international archaeological teams away for almost 30 years the importance of babylon goes beyond whether or not it's the world heritage property and that goes for many sites in this country the origin of civilization civilization itself of complex civilization the evidence of it is here in this country the origin of writing you know important governance itself kingship and the temple complex evolving over hundreds and thousands of years according to the bible god punished the babylonians for trying to build a structure to heaven and this overgrown trench is where it's believed the tower of babel once stood experts say a star archeological investigation of babylon in the surrounding area could take centuries a site often described as the birthplace of civilization in
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a country the struggling to recover from its violent recent past chance trafford al-jazeera babylon. fascinating as mobile payments growing popularity so does the dominance of tech giants who help drive it now the head of the international monetary fund says that's bad news for the global financial system who seem like god says it's given tech companies too much power and access to cheap payment systems has been growing especially in the merging economies where there aren't enough traditional banks were speaking on the sidelines of the g 20 finance leaders meeting in japan. well still ahead in sports rory get to start from the canadian drum break that's coming up with the 2nd.
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part. after decades of the program with instructions data agree computers can only on their own identifying problems and predicting human behavior. official intelligence can monitor ombudsman. and decide on. the big picture to coach the world according to ai and exposes the bias inside the machine . on al-jazeera.
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is welcome back and it's not just cricket that we've got to talk what i've known it's be so busy and it's global yeah that's an understatement really to. start in london where australia's defending cricket world cup champions are taking on their toughest opponents yet india india have made a great start after winning the toss and choosing to bat their now 94 no loss after 17 overs both india and australia have 2 wins from 2 matches. england recovered from a loss to pakistan jason roy led them to victory over pakistan but took out one of the umpires in the process his century celebrations had to wait as he helped the match official back to his feet despite his team's reaction neither got hurt and they both found it funny. at the other end of the spectrum afghanistan slumped to
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their 3rd defeat in a row they were beaten by 7 wickets by new zealand captain kane williamson scored an unbeaten 71 that's 3 from 3 for the black box. defending french open champion rafa on the doll is aiming for his 12th french open when he'll take on dominant team on sunday for the 2nd year in a row world number one novak djokovic missed his chance 24 straight grand slam title team beating him in 5 sets and the 2800 fighter it was a doll who won in straight sets against team however this year team says he's ready . i mean it's almost to bleed off here on this score does always. well to challenge one of the toughest challenges sports in general give and. played a really good match against him in boston long or was 6 weeks ago so of course i
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tried to do similar even though it's it's even way tougher to blame here. well roland garros has a new women's champion australia's ashley barty's been showing off her trophy after winning her maiden grand slam title she checked teenager marquette up on the show in a dominant performance draw and i got her has more. australia's ashley barty had never made it to may just singles final 4 but up against marquez have under show over she showed she was every bit the grand slam champion. with the bati party while on the way the australian took advantage of her nervous opponents clinching the 1st set 61. monte quit tennis to crickets a few years ago but swapped top bats back for the racquets in 2016 the decision paid off she continued to dominate this match. victory 6163.
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with the wind chill new from 8 to 2nd in the world rankings. so i'm going to run a little bit speechless it's incredible i played the perfect match today i'm so proud of myself my team but it's just crazy 2 weeks. boss he's the 1st australian to win a singles title at roland garros is $973.00. with a victory like this it's unlikely to be her last joint to. australia as women begin their world cup campaign in the next few minutes and france matilda's as they're known face italy in their opening match the team say they've grown closer since the unexplained sacking of their coach in january even without allen who led them to the quarter finals 4 years ago the players are confident they can go further this time captain sam kers says she's keen to get her 1st world cup goal. every time i step on the field i want to school for my country but to do it in
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a world cup would be a dream come true like he said i i haven't done that but i feel like i'm a different the smoke up feel like i'm a different person. i feel like i'm better prepared i know more about the game i know more about my own game and i feel like i'm just say look if i don't score we win the world cup i'm going to be happy brazil face jamaica later on the south americans are still searching for their 1st world cup title but they were likely to be without 6 time world player of the year marta who has a spy injury jamaica's playing and its 1st ever world cup and the 3rd match is england face cotland in their opening game england are one of the favorites for this year's trophy but they have a tricky group with japan and argentina england's men play switzerland for 3rd place at the away from nations league later on but it's portugal or the netherlands who will be crowned the champions of the not girl tournaments on sunday both teams have plenty of stars in their sides on their sides but it's the battle between 5 time ballon d'or winner ronaldo and the world's most expensive defender virgil van
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dyke that's going to be the one to watch and with portugal on home soil the netherlands know that they really have to show up we know that we need to play good football and good defending and. we showed that they can stay england and we be trans we beat germany we beat england it will be on believable if you beat portugal in the final at home it would upset my sympathies do you approach writing it's a positive pressure playing at home count to beat your fans it's positive most of the eating but i don't see a potential for players of such quality and experience in top level football i only see it as motivation playing at home is exciting. for you sebastian vettel will start from pole position for the 1st time this year at the canadian grand prix kevin magnussen has quite quite a crash in an accident packed qualifying session in montreal the haas driver will
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start 10th on the grid vettel is out in front with championship peter lewis hamilton and so. a lot of adrenaline in qualifying you know quite tensed in terms of concentration if you try to put everything in that one not going. to attend was really that you have and i was quite pleased it worked quite well today rory mcilroy is looking for his 2nd victory of the season at the canadian open mcelroy shot a bogey free 6 under 64 on saturday to move into a share of the lead after 3 rounds webb simpson and max boot are also at 13 under $197.00 mcelroy one the players championship in march but it's not seriously contended since so when stan won the final jewel in the triple crown of course racing at the belmont stakes 10 horses were vying for the win but it was sir winston strainer who end up winning more than any of the horses he won the preakness with more of will this was the 1st year that there was no possibility of
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a triple crown winner and it was a messy triple crown that after disqualification at the kentucky derby and a horse without a rider and the preakness. back to so cold it was busy but also the joke around the world was that thanks very much liane hansen is up with more news after the break you've been watching the news with me so rob thanks very much for time and your company stay with us. burnell reads like a real. a creator a twit tax returns to activism with a new mission. trying to build software.
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but can't digital dissidents work within the technological free market it's a race to get sicker patients when they're still from the capitalists part of the rebel geek series. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in due time. ball astri seems to defy gravity every piece of these is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness when it became a democracy in 2008 the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it brittany's happiness is what we ensure it's if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy bhutan has done what no other country has.
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on the counting the cost the trump doctrine cherubs 1st negotiate 2nd benefits as the global economy slows. what was behind fee its attempt to merge with run out and the shipping line that's going green counting the cost on al-jazeera. the. streets are mostly empty in sudan's capital as a civil disobedience campaign begins the reports say one. tester's been killed. hello i'm have them see this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. fighting
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between protesters and police in kazakstan during elections to replace the longtime president. tens of thousands protest in hong kong against a proposed law that would allow extradition to mainland china. no end in sight to the political crisis in albania that's put the president on a collision course with the prime minister. follow a campaign of civil disobedience has begun in sudan and opposition groups promise to continue their protests until the military jump to gives up power this video shows quiet streets in the capital khartoum but we are getting reports that at least one protester has been killed at least 5 protest leaders were arrested over the weekend on friday some of them had met the visiting ethiopian prime minister
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who's been trying to mediate they haven't been any negotiations between the jump to and protest leaders since a violent crackdown on demonstrators last week as you mentioned several protest leaders arrested after the ethiopian prime minister met them on friday he met with both sides in a bid to revive talks tasha when him has more. mohammed went from shaking hands with ethiopian prime minister avi to a jail cell in one day the sudanese opposition leader was part of a delegation that met akhmed after we arrived in khartoum on friday to act as a mediator he is one of several opposition members arrested during saturday morning raids their arrests are expected to hamper efforts to reopen talks between the opposition and the military earlier this week more than 100 protesters were killed
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in a crackdown by the military hunta the opposition has issued a list of demands including restoring freedom of the press and access to the internet before they'll return to negotiations 1st the military council needs to recognize that the crime was committed secondly there needs to be an international investigation into the dispersal of the sit in thirdly all political detainees and old political prisoners held by the previous regime need to be released. protesters have called for the immediate withdrawal of the paramilitary group the rapid support forces they are accused of raping and murdering protesters including children but some doubt that's possible i do have hope but i'm also willing to. read the militia groups in sudan has been suspended from the african union the un wants to send a team into the country as soon as possible to investigate and monitor events want
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accountability. and also. we want and your own military. mission to hand over with a civil suit billions. sources despite the internet blackout and restrictions on journalists protesters are pushing out videos on social media to ensure the world gets a clear view of what's happening in sudan natasha going to al-jazeera. some people have been protesting elsewhere in the world in solidarity with sudan's opposition demonstrators in london called on the government to put more pressure on the military jointer foreign secretary jeremy hunt earlier condemned the crackdown promising the international community would hold the military to account in france
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protesters called on the sudanese military to transfer power to a civilian government they also condemn saudi arabia and the united arab emirates for supporting the jointer 2 regional powers pledged $3000000000.00 in aid to the military council shortly before the crackdown began and in washington many gathered in front of the congress building they want to us to take a clear stand against the military jointer the state department is urging sudan's military leaders to in their words desist from violence and for both sides to return to talks a leader madiba is a founder and president of the sudan policy forum he's here with us to talk more about this so let me ask you 1st of all about the civil disobedience campaign how widely observed. you expected to be in sudan and what's what difference is it going to make ultimately. it will bring it may not necessarily bring them down but
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so far it's going very well the country has just been brought to a total hold and. it seems that that he doesn't have an exit strategy it's just cracking down more and more into activist and civic society leaders home it could have used to negotiate with with the civic society and we hear from our sources that doctors can't even go to the hospitals to help save the lives of individuals because in the past in the very recent past they have been targeted physically targeted. so obviously that he him is is committing an act of nihilism and by by by so doing it's not only. trying to lead the population but it's it's hanging it's on self and this is what i called
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an act of nihilism no exit is throughout the not allowing anybody to bring to bring in to help salvage the process so very soon they will put all activists they with around all political leaders put them in gear and the people in the diaspora may feel the responsibility may have falling onto their own shoulders so they have to bring together a group of progressive forces and one for the really it's somebody for mr ideals and demands. put to give that leadership and start addressing the international community would you fear that in this campaign of civil disobedience could be counterproductive i mean clearly did the intention is to put pressure on the military but when when people are not going to work when when when people can go to the banks to get their money out you mention the doctors not been able to go to the hospital that has an effect on ordinary sudanese people as well doesn't it so you
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feel that they could be a backlash against them and i think the people now are totally realize that and list and i and until the succeed completely in removing the t.m.c. completely out of the political scene they don't they won't have any a life of any sort. but then the situation. on drugs because you have. you have a child. who are in neighboring neighboring countries but they seem to partially buy into this is. no plan of the 3 apartheid groups. it's not to their own interest because sudan this integrated child will be negatively affected be negatively affected i think child is more careful than. this in this sense could just pretty well lead medieval thank you. protesters and
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police have 14 kazakstan scap at all during the 1st elections after the only president the country has ever known step down in march demonstrators in town are calling for a boycott saying the vote is far from fair but it is choosing a successor to mosul tons of biafra led the country since kazakstan declared independence from the so union in 1901 until this year sima john mark talk of the interim leader backed by a muslim by f is expected to win but been forced to walk as more now from north to town the capital city there was recently were named to honor the for president. these are completely extraordinary things because it's. hundreds of protesters clashing with police in the capital city on election day people are being see they've been put into buses and those buses are now trying to leave but the
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protesters are pushing back against the buildings. tug of war or approach of war to try to stop these police would probably. put those buses on but it looks like at the moment the crowd is stronger than the police i've been speaking to some of them they say they're just. exercising their democratic rights that others have told me that they are supporters of the man who looked up we also know of. your lives in exile and leads a political party called democratic party because that storm that has been outlawed in this country and prescribed as an extremist organization tens of thousands of people are marching in hong kong against a proposed extradition bill the changes would allow people to be sent to trial in mainland china potentially of
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a vague national security charges opponents say it is another sign of hong kong losing more of the rights it was supposed to have been guaranteed in the 1997 handover from british rule sarah clarke has more from hong kong. expectations were around 300000 people would march today those expectations have been pretty decent they're still keep the rally at the starting point for detroit fox about 3 kilometers from here this is like e bay why along the streets i take it to let's live council which is the city's parliament building now they're still coming some of those roads no blocked train stations have been closed as a result of the mass numbers of people who are coming in today for this rally now as i mentioned before 300000 victims i'd say well beyond 500000 at least it's really now the building has been it was lucky to go to a 2nd reading on wednesday in the cities how much at ease like a lot but we're not sure when that hot weather but what should come through but
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even the hong kong government has a majority in the cities how much they will get it's really just a matter of timing but certainly this rally has been expect tensions with regards to numbers that might reach the numbers that we saw on the streets to shut down parts of hong kong during the occupy hong kong protests back in 24. india's prime minister narendra modi is in sri lanka for talks he's on a 2 day trip to some of his allies in the region his 1st since getting reelected modi is the 1st foreign leader to visit colombo since the easter sunday bombings that killed more than 250 people there's been increasing political tensions in sri lanka just months ahead of the presidential election the indian prime minister went to one of the sites where the bombings took place in sri lanka in the interim ot pay tribute to those killed at the st anthony's shrine during the easter sunday attacks modi tweeted his solidarity saying he has confidence re lankans will rise again our correspondent for nando's has more.


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