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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 160  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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consumers when they start looking at what's happening in mexico donald trump has pushed an all fronts war against allies neighbors and those he thinks he's in contention is worldview is creating the crisis so i don't i'm afraid i'm going to have to disagree with my colleague that this is all going to work out and that somehow we're in kansas and this is this is just going to be wonderful stuff and it shouldn't be were it this is very serious stuff this is the way that world war one happened at people sleepwalked into a terrible situation and i'm going to come back to you in a 2nd steven rogers but if i could just pick up with you victor all of it you also didn't didn't seem to have reacts favorably to stephen's comments and you also believe that there was perhaps. an opportunity for military cooperation do you see this a video of it as a as
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a and the goosey ation tactic from china and russia to try and get the u.s. to cut an easier deal or is this a more long term strategic partnership. well the american foreign policy makers had believed since the late 1980 s. and the early 1990 s. after the soviet union collapsed after the were so backed disappeared it was just beyond the ability of the to the so-called backs amerikana a world order centered on american decision making is going to last if not forever then for a very very long time and of course washington has seen the in the past few years in the past decade that china's economic power and china's military capabilities have grown significantly and. and we even outpace american economic power in the next several decades american foreign policy makers have also
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been 80 seargent to russia and they have seen that russia is no longer. a state that meets was and they will not and that's why they're taking their to yes let's do it to rather than talk about american foreign policy i really do want to focus on the on this actual partnership itself you say that. russia is becoming resurgent russia has been penalized by quite significant international tariffs since 2014 it desperately needs markets to sell its oil to to sell its energy and china is no more willing to embrace that would you say this is more of a transactional relationship rather than a shift in the entire foreign policy and global what world order the cure and to russian chinese relationship is not just about economic cooperation it's not just about increasing business. it is the action to the vamps by washington to sideline
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and to weaken both china and russia as its geopolitical and economic competitors and of course we have seen not only these meetings between putin. and being in the scene petersburg. the economic forum we have seen them at major military exercises several months ago between china and russia that took place in russia by the way mongolian military and the mongol in military also took part in the exercises and that was a clear signal to washington and to its closest western allies that that that as long as pressure is going to be increased. against beaching and against moscow the cooperation between the 2 k.k. peoples is going to also be increasing as a counterbalance to american and and wider western pressure ok stephen roach as we're hearing from several events that this isn't just economics
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on the table this is military cooperation as well this is very much an attempt to come up against u.s. global power does that notes alarm you and would that not alarm president trump though it would not look my older respect my colleague who mentioned the incident at sea the other day that's nothing new this are going on for years returning the russian russian navy in the united states now but not limited to refind but not all of that alaska ocean. no i agree there but it's all about posturing the united states is a powerful country they know we have the most powerful military on earth they know we have a very strong economy my colleague mentioned mexico well they caved yesterday the mexican government caved to the president yesterday and now they're on a sitting at the table and they're cooperating regarding the immigration issue and i bring that up for this china and russia is a natural is a great negotiator he's
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a he's a he's a he's well with all due respect our colleague brought it up so i'm responding to what he said but you're right but at the end of the day it's transactional transitional it that they're going to come together at the panic buttons are not the flashing this is all political posturing and look no one the president trump is a builder he builds relationships no one wants to see a war no one wants to see trouble in the pacific i again as i speak from at least believing how this president works he's looking to build relationships not divide them had i not. i find that statement absolutely oster so i don't trump is built any relationships other than with israel and with saudi arabia his track record has been one of divisiveness of pushing tearing apart the very multilateral institutions that we created so i don't know where this is coming from
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that he's a great negotiator what is he done in this big stick to see you think mexico for one instance is thinking that this is great you really believe that the rest of the countries around the world have been hit with these terrorists unilaterally by donald trump think that this is about relationship building it's just preposterous i don't sack lee where this coming from this repetition of don't hit the panic buttons well nonsense steven rogers well if i if i may if i may look what happened in great britain we have a special relationship with great britain and they adore this president look what happened with nato and our allies he got them to the table to contribute more to the defense of their so yes he has built some tremendous good relationships and unfortunately the media is not projecting that they're projecting the negative but you speak to some of these world leaders and by the way president xi mentioned last week he's friendly with the president united states president putin friendly with
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the president there's a lot of mutual respect a lot of it that we don't hear about so that's why i don't think things are as bad as some people are projecting it to be ok so of it steve think that these these warm relationships with president trump. will help to resolve the issues that. that some americans have been voicing about this increased rapprochement if you like between china and russia do you think this is dancing related let it east and let's be frank the topic me station i mean because they lease a ship with. meaning of its partners has deteriorated. from russia to china to or even to germany which is anita member and he has a quiet the content care situation for the washington for the last several years especially with what america's new ambassador to ireland has been doing. in
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germany ok and so we can expect in the next few years an even more closer alliance between moscow and beijing that will become a stronger counterbalance to america's attempt at global dominance that is essentially winning ok victor all of us i want to focus on this relationship between russia and china how close be a list to the do you think these 2 countries can become because there are competing interests for the 2 there are competing interests in central asia in africa in the arctic concerts in the most school views china's president sees pet project the bill to mood in the stiff with with more than a little degree of suspicion do you think china and russia can enjoy very very close relations well there are definitely challenges but there are also great opportunities to expand those relations between moscow and beijing we have seen
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a growing trade relationship between china and russia in the best few years we have seen a much more much closer political dialogue between the 2 nations we have seen an expansion of russian energy exports into china and we have also issues with the recession spent expanding cultural dialogue so also they are one of the enders i couldn't try so i'm sorry to cut you off with these energy contracts a lot of them were signed in 2014 before the before the current tensions between the us and with china. but. when we talk about the business relations you know rushing chana just a few hours ago at the st petersburg economic forum there is a new id and there was a new agreement signed between why way and its russian counterparts on the chain
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use development of 5 g. networks in russia and that's a very good point let me take you to see even rajiv expand that type of nation and different areas absolutely i'm sorry to cut you all sort gentleman but we are in the dying minutes if this debate steven rogers certainly the u.s. is very keen to curtail huawei and its 5 g. networks does this not look like she sing yourselves in the food alive a relationship to develop between china and russia where huawei can i cite in a very lucrative contracts indeed this is not shutting down or way this is allowing them some expands well look it may look like that but i don't believe it is and you know what i see here 2 countries is like a marriage during the honeymoon stage they have a common goal right now is to use their relationship as leverage against the united states but look at i think the soul and in they divorce if you will i use that term because you and the other guest mentioned before there are competing interests here
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so we go back to what i said originally using this as leverage against the united states with regard to president trump sections but at the end of the day all of them are going to have to come together because there will be impact regard worldwide impact with regard to the citizens they make and i think it will benefit all of us provided the goal is to do what's right for all of the people who live in each country and that the president has been very consistent on with regard to the american people i know our time can i get your response to this. well i don't know that a merits a response dunk trump and consistency would see a not an oxymoron the guy is all over the place he loves creating dissension and chaos and making people guess it's part of his idea of transactional negotiation that's not correct i mean that's not the way to do things diplomacy and business require that you can rely and trust people and that's not something donald trump
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does but in terms of the larger picture since post world war 2 there has been a 3 quarter situation between russia china and the u.s. the u.s. and china came together and that was part of an issue that in essence led to the fall of the soviet union now you have russia and china getting together us should be worried about this this kind of hide your head in the sand ostrich approach is not worthy of consideration but but there is also a transactional nature t.p. consensus here and i'm sure china is looking at the numbers somewhere in support why who is more important to beijing is it the u.s. market or is it this american russian market know if that's the wrong way to look at it china is looking to expand peacefully from their perspective they don't want to create alliances they're very aware of what happened or want they don't want
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this kind of having. different entities aligning up there simply being forced into this situation because of what they perceive is very very ill and attacks by donald trump not only on the country itself but on any attempts to try and better themselves you know this idea that way is copying everybody well how can you copy somebody and be 2 years ahead of your opponent so in this particular case it just doesn't make sense this is just donald trump saying that i us rather than competing rather doing a sputnik and responding in kind. has decided to trip up and i'm afraid that will have to be the last word gentlemen it's been a fascinating discussion but we are it's a tie and i'd like to thank all of my guests victor all of it i had our tangan and steven rogers thank you to you for watching the program you can catch up again any time by this is saying on our website al jazeera dot com unst the conversation
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continues online you can either head to our facebook page forward slash a.j. inside story or join the discussion on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story or tweet me directly at alamo here dean and i for me and the whole team it's by phone i thank my. a horrific crime that shocked the world 51 people killed at mosques in christchurch new zealand why want to investigate people who are could have done more to prevent
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this massacre on al-jazeera. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than 12000 structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. in 2008 raggy omar traveled across the united states discovering what it was like to be both a patriotic american and a devout muslim can you be muslim and american you have to be american 1st i didn't
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have much appreciation for why it would be a big deal that a muslim would be elected to the united states congress. rewind islam in america on al-jazeera. your children their homes their whole raman these are all top stories sudanese activists say one protester has been killed as the opposition launches a campaign of civil disobedience there accusing the military genter of intimidation of the arrest of 5 leading opposition members. and protesters and police a fault on election day in kazakhstan demonstrators say it's far from sad voters
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are choosing a successor to dan as a buyer who led the country since kazakhstan declared independence from the soviet union almost 30 years ago of enforcing a walker has more from norse old tom the capital city that was recently renamed to honor the former president. these are completely extraordinary things because there are hundreds of protesters clashing with police in the capital city on election day people are being see they've been put into buses and those buses. but the protesters are pushing back against the buildings you know involve you know a good law or approach of war to try to stop these police from leaving. put those buses on it and it looks like at the moment the crowd is stronger than the police
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i've been speaking to some of them they say they're just. exercising their democratic rights that others have told me that they are supportive of a man who. lives in exile and leads a political party that has been outlawed in this country and prescribed as an extremist organization tens of thousands of people are marching in hong kong against a proposed extradition bill the changes would allow people to be sent to trial on mainland china potentially over thing at national security charges opponents say it's another sign of hong kong losing more of the rights it was supposed to have been granted in the 1997 handover from british rule sarah clarke has the latest from hong kong. expectations were around 300000 people much today those expectations have been decent they're still rally at this point. about 3 kilometers from here is making their way along the street i think it to let down to the cities
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around the building now they're still coming some of those right now train stations have been closed as a result of the mass numbers of people who are coming here today for this rally now as i mentioned before we understand that they can say well beyond 500000 at least at this rally now the bill has been you would like to go to a 2nd reading on wednesday in the cities how much at ease like that we're not sure when that whether she come through but even the governor has a majority in the city. will get a treat just a matter of time and that certainly this rally has been expect a shift regards the numbers and reach the numbers that we saw on the street to shut down to the. protests back in 24. well staying in asia india's prime minister nouri modi is in strength of the talks 30 years on a 2 day trip to some of his allies in the region his 1st since being reelected he's the 1st foreign leader to visit colombo since the easter sunday bombings that
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killed more than 250 people there's been increasing political tension in sri lanka just months ahead of its presidential election. the prime minister has visited also the scientists who were one of the explosions took place prime minister modi pay tribute to those killed and to the shrine during the easter sunday attacks modi tweeted his solidarity saying he's confident sri lankans will rise again if the media in yemen say the rebels have lord several drones targeting saudi arabia in a tweet they said that they were trying to hit military facilities in the design port area near the yemeni border there's been no confirmation of this from the saudi government. moldova's interim president has signed a decree calling for snap elections to be held in september father philip was appointed after a court relieved president ego and order on of his g t's he had refused to dissolve parliament and backed the formation of a new coalition government instead those are the headlines i'm back with more news
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in half an hour let's continue with al-jazeera world to stay with this course all the stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com. in 1909. in the
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eastern mediterranean of the coast of gaza magpie plight is an ambitious plan to exploit an annual 20000000 mile just east of the arena which as you know with all of that of the author had to mr had huge immediately and media trained them and to protect our own more folk i'm sure to me then there's a you called double machine i think you should try it but we hope it will be released actually said the hagerty that's what the obama team immediately back this up at the top of that eastern mediterranean area at the levantine basin the report tells us it has quite a lot of gas in there and not all that has been discovered yet. but when it's over why the little guys go after ourselves and our way of which you can be a fool from. the shock of what also have a. look down the actors of that as a pilot know there was a very you know what i thought i had done a poor let me at the mystic. of the formal announcement of the gaza guys field in 1900 former palestinian
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president yasser arafat's describe the new discovery as a gift from god to the palestinian people. palestinians actually found gas off their coast. years decades before israel has found its audience so the person has discovered gas and rain in 1990 and at the time the palestinian leader yasser arafat's viewed that as i went to change that could absolutely change the economy within the palestinian territories and that allowed the palestinians to have energy independence and some form of sovereignty. so what twin throng. at one point yasser arafat had this vision of making gaza into a singapore rate i mean you could see how if if the gas could be produced and it could be exported and i do think it could be exported because there are many ellen g. plants nearby for example in egypt where this gas could be liquefied and then exported
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the way that israeli gas is going to be liquefied in exported the way that egyptian gas is already liquefied exported it would make a huge difference but it hasn't revenues from offshore oil and gas can be an important source of revenue for a future state of palestine they can help in its development by helping to fund infrastructure or to offset the government budget. guzzle of it is that only men in the us of the palestinian side saw what the solar energy this is. a deposit which was 4000000000. dollars so it's a lot of money not in one use but what's in them to 15 used the village moment in the life of the food the benefits could have been enormous look at the rest of the region look at qatar look at israel look at cyprus they've all discovered gas and they're all now sort of thinking they're going to be the next you know wealthy rich gas gas country meanwhile gazan people in gaza just sit with the gas out in the
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ocean it's exactly as if you were somebody who didn't have any food to eat and you had a feast put in front of you and you were told you're not able to eat this feast it's it's it's it's pretty much a little. press and basically the palestinians in gaza right now are energy dependent meanwhile after coasts they have have gas that could make them energy rich and so if gaza was able to exploit its own gas which is just literally you know kilometers out from the coastline then maybe people in gaza wouldn't have to be intactness. i am terminal miss hell or arabic and i'm asking why this gas has not been exploited for 20 years and why such a major story has received relatively little media attention. while we were making
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this film we obtained the comments exclusively that reveal the official and unofficial correspondence between the palestinian authority the be a and the other bodies involved in the negotiations over gaza's guess. the geological surveys suggested that this guy was good equality under for real value and was within easy reach of gaza score settling. with. a woman. less than he heard. in 1906 eastern mediterranean countries were struggling to get hold of god as
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a toy. village palestinian engineer smile miss how was the 1st to suggest that gas under the sea but of gaza. l. mishan had years of oil and gas experience gained in libya qatar and iraq and conducted surveys into a potential gaza gas field. and miss hal was the b a's the richter of natural and mineral resources and brought to yasser arafat in december 1905 to a gas and mineral abridged of gaza out of 40 duly did a gated elma's how to make contact with international gas companies to establish the through nature of the gaza resources. and for. the fall is the model and what. can
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a chicken all of. that or virtual. illness has activity attracted regional international and internal palestinian attention. that. it is not. connect. the. heck a. paper that the well. to do evil of the gods feed the palestinian authority decided to do an exclusive deal with the british gas. it would have been normal business a practice to invite international tenders to encourage competition and to get the best deal for gaza and the palestinians. say the army i asked drama of doh.


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