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protesters clashing with police in the capital city on election day people are being seized they've been put into buses and those buses are now but it's illegal but the protesters are pushing back against the putting away now involved in a tug of war or a push of war to try to stop the police from leaving. with those forces on it and it looks like at the moment the crowd is stronger than the police i've been speaking to some of them they say they're just. exercising their democratic rights that others have told me that they are supporters of the man move to be as old lived in exile and lead a political party that has been outlawed in this country and prescribed as an extremist organization. now at least half a 1000000 people in hong kong and hit the streets to protest against a controversial extradition bill they fear the proposed changes would allow china
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to target political opponents in the territory and send them to the mainland the trial opponents say it's another sign of hong kong losing more of the rights it was supposed to have been granted in the 199700 over from british rule sarah clarke has more from hong kong. and their expectations by around 300000 people would join israeli actions have certainly been where the rally started to make sure it was and i was flying now thousands of people are marching from troy through to the city's little council which is where we are now and the same people generation by democracy activists student union groups and families are joining in trying to be united in their opposition to this extradition bill but this really could actually be as large as the occupy on. which were held in 2014 and shut down parts of the central part of hong kong but despite their efforts bill is likely to be the hong kong government has a majority in the cities and the chief executive harry lam want to buy into. well
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some of these and call this the final fight for whole gold so how did it all come to this well critics say beijing has been encroaching on the city's autonomy for years in 2012 the hong kong government tried to include national education courses in schools to nurture patriotism towards mainland china that led to mass protests which forced the government to cancel the planned well 2 years later police fired tear gas against tens of thousands of protesters demanding direct elections demonstrators blocked the city's main roads for 2 and a half months for 4 of the 9 leaders behind the so-called umbrella movement were recently sentenced to jail raising concerns over freedom of expression and in late 20155 booksellers linked to a hong kong publisher specializing in books critical of the communist party and its leaders went missing their all or they'll eventually surfaced under mainland chinese custody. mainland china all sorts of way. to
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exercise dictatorship in hong kong. now the people they treat anime coming out they hand i joined the march today because i want to take back and fight for the freedom of the people of hong kong the motherland once promised that we would have one country 2 systems but now under the regime of g. jumping kerry lim and john lee who are all betting on the future of hong kong will no longer exist if this law is passed plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news and we're live in columbus where india's prime minister has become the 1st foreign leader to visit the country since the deadly easter sunday bombings. and a call for unity and celebration after mexico's trying to deal with the u.s. over town. and in schools england's star cricketer takes down more than his team's opponents the world cup that's coming up with.
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india's prime minister has become the 1st foreign leader to visit colombo since the deadly easter sunday bombings and remotely flew into sri lanka on sunday for talks with the country's leaders and members of the opposition he then stopped by one of the churches targeted at the easter sunday attacks to pay tribute to some of the 250 people killed our correspondent in elfin and as in colombo with the very latest an important visit for both sides. that's right so her 4th the fact that the leader the prime minister of one of the world's most populous countries biggest of marcus' it coming here a becoming the 1st world leader to actually visit after those words to sound attacks is a big deal. to call that after the attacks there was
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a lot of concern of a bottle uncle as a destination now one of the largest tourist groups the visitor lanka happen to be indian tourist so very important the confidence of the indian prime minister's visit sort of coming here to say things are returning to normal if it's good enough for the prime minister of india then it's good enough for everybody to follow suit so in that sense it's really sort of a confidence boost for sri lanka a feel good factor to be able to horst the indian prime minister on his forced foreign visit after his reelection and for india obviously big brother india in the region very much part of the policy of neighborhood 1st and that was what brought prime minister mordy to the maldives 1st and assure lanka to sure that they care what's going on in their backyard so it's also very important in terms of the
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politics really is no he wants a leader like near and remote come and speak to politicians on both sides of the divide right now perhaps to make sure that the tense atmosphere that's existing can be sort of calm down before a very important election. that's right so her larvae asli big brother india has a certain amount of muscle and we saw that in terms of the prime minister's visit he did have one on one talks with the sri lankan president mighty parlous seriously and who incidentally was at the body swearing in and extended that visit for prime minister morty to stop over in sri lanka as part of his 1st foreign visit and there is a certain amount of goodwill between both sides and obviously a certain sort of a relationship and a rapport that has built this is reminiscent more these 3rd visit to sri lanka now
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he also had talks we heard with the joint opposition with the former president mahinda rajapaksa with the group from the tamil national alliance saw being seen as as quick as this visit was it was a 4 hour stop and an absolute world win but prime minister mori finding the time not just to meet with the president talk with the prime minister as well as those with the in sri lanka sort of political circle so they do have a certain amount of sort of goodwill a certain position of big brother india to be able to talk to the different political groups here as the tensions do pit basically the president trying to partner sort of say in a with the prime minister having a lot of tensions the parliamentary select committee on those easter sunday bombings being one of the primary sort of forums where that dispute is now being
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played out with the president saying that he won't allow any serving officers to appear before the parliamentary select committee which is very much being driven by representatives from the prime minister's party joint opposition is boycotting that select committee so a whole bunch of things happening and prime minister narendra modi talking to different parties important parties that will be facing an election in a few months time so for the moment we'll leave it there now of course keep a very close eye on what's going on in colombo and it's outlying areas thank you. the thousands of syrians in southern turkey have held a funeral for a prominent syrian rebel who died fighting government forces on saturday mourners sang lyrics by. a former football star who became known as the singo of the revolution later a procession carried sure its body across the turkish border into italy province turkey hosts nearly 4000000 syrian refugees more than any other country. now hoofy
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media in yemen say that rebels have launched several drones targeting saudi arabia in a tweet they said that they were trying to hit military facilities to design an airport near the yemeni border there's been no confirmation of this from the saudi government now howard has more from the yemeni capital sanaa. confirmed the media outlets have attacked international airports with the key to. its kind of. phones for drone that has been. claimed that the it has been domestically made by the whole of these this kind of 1st drone. caus a big big distraction especially has been used to different areas and also it's a bit attack on the law and that has also caused her among the. the
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military there so the at has according to how the whole of these has had its targets this is not the 1st time for the whole of these 2 to launch drone attacks on days and international reports the they say that this. are in response that this airport is being used to launch air strikes against yemen so be considered as a legitimate targets although it was interim president has signed a decree calling for snap elections in september of philip was appointed after a court relieved president eagled all of his duties he had refused to dissolve parliament and backed the formation of a new coalition government in. albania's president has cancelled local elections due later this month putting him on a collision calls with the prime minister who says that they will go ahead is the latest development in a political crisis that spilled out onto the streets john's raw plus reports from
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the capital tirana. protesters calling for the resignation of prime minister eddie roemer were met with a cannonade of tear gas outside parliament the opposition democratic party that held this protest didn't get to the general election it is askin for but the chief another goal albania's president has called for local government elections scheduled for june 30th to be cancelled saying current conditions don't allow for real democratic representative and inclusive elections opposition leader lose him basher was jubilant before his supporters. this is the result of your unyielding strength your stand your unshakable faith in european values of freedom democracy and human dignity. but prime minister eddie roemer insists the local elections will go ahead and has called an emergency cabinet meeting on sunday there's no constitutional court to decide the issue because it's judges are under ethical
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review for possible bribery and corruption this puts albania in a constitutional crisis not only did the president and prime minister disagree the opposition democratic party refuses to field mayoral candidates in the country $61.00 municipalities it is doubtful what legitimacy the socialist parties may as would enjoy if elected unopposed this was the 8th anti-government protest since the opposition democratic party walked out of parliament over 3 months ago and took its campaign to the streets to unseat the socialist government these protests are fueled by a widespread perception of corruption the government was hit by a series of scandals suggesting roma was reelected 2 years ago thanks to help from organized crime in. that he was not elected by the people it is. legally it is very plain that he was elected by the. many
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binion's a disappointed at what they see as a partisan economy it will be because the speech when rama was elected in 2013 he said that every house in albania will be given a title deed because a lot of homes have been built illegally but when he became prime minister he gave papers to the supposed as an others got nothing that's why i am happy i worked for 25 years in greece to build my house. the legitimacy of his government is already undermined by the opposition's absence from parliament if from a insists on holding a local election with only socialist party candidates he is sure to face stiff opposition jumps at all close al-jazeera to other stuff whether his kevin looking so good to the east of the us or them and know it we have been talking a lot about flying that states we're just going to shift focus for just a little while because there is a new risk area that we are watching and had been the central plains and of course they are still under massive flood watches right now but it's actually out here towards the southeast notice as clouds are here well we have
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a system that has been stationary for several days causing a lot of rain across the same area i want to show the video that has come out of south care sumi north carolina here of what they're dealing with in some locations they've had about 130 to 150 millimeters of rain in 48 hours right now 18000000 people are under flash flood watches across this region because it is not over yet more heavy rain is expected to fall over the next several days this is the system right here this is the rain we're going to be seeing today is going to be very very rainy cross much of the region elana we're talking about charlotte as well tomorrow it is much of the same across that area it starts to ease a little bit more towards the east as we go towards beginning the week but it's still going to bring some very heavy rain across that area we're also watching is out here towards the western seaboard. look at san francisco 30 degrees is going to be the forecast high as we go towards monday that is about 11 agrees above average for the west coast we're talking about excessive heat watches excessive heat warnings in effect all the way down and we are talking about probably $12000000.00
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people under those you can see l.a. is also going to be seeing some very warm temperatures as well and as we go towards the next couple of days it gets even harder down towards l.a. a little break for parts of same sisko thanks very much kev well iraqi archaeologists say that they need help to preserve artifacts from what was the ancient kingdom of babylon many sites have crumbled during gears of conflict as charles stratford found out babylon the capital city of an empire that reached its peak on the king neb you could around 2600 years ago this road led to the tower of babel archaeologists say the walls were once adorned with blue ceramic designs the babylonian god murdoch rides along the famous ishtar gate king maybe couldn't is his name is carved in qunu form a writing around 5000 years old and some of the bricks the southern palace was
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rebuilt on the original foundations and completed around 20 years ago but a lot of the restoration work is complicated to preservation efforts. concrete has forced moisture unsold up into the ancient foundations the water table is high because a tributary of the euphrates river is close by bricks late in the 1980 s. to reinforce some walls have made archaeological investigations difficult. balance problems include the shifting heavy populated areas close by we need a vast plan of excavation the remaining archaeology needs sustainable preservation because the archaeological material is being heavily eroded. rising above the site perched on top of a manmade hill is a palace built for a man who often identified himself with the babylonian kings saddam hussein's summer palace is an eerie reminder of iraq's more recent past the former dictator's
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faces carved into the palace walls. the great holes inside empty marble walls are covered in graffiti humira on the ceiling seems the only thing not defiled it's saddam hussein was so obsessed with babylon that he built one of his policies here and it's from the palace walls that you get this incredible view of the ancient ruins it's believed that in the foreground here that's where the fabled hanging gardens of babylon were located and it's hoped that after years of petitioning by the iraqi government this site is soon going to get world heritage status iraqi archaeologists say the government needs to demonstrate its commitment to the sustainable preservation of babylon conflicts and political instability has kept most international archaeological teams away for almost 30 years the
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importance of babylon goes beyond whether or not it's a world heritage property and that goes for many sites in this country the origin of civilization civilization itself of complex civilization the evidence of it is here in this country the origin of writing you know important governance itself kingship and the temple complex evolving over hundreds and thousands of years according to the bible god punished the babylonians for trying to build a structure to heaven and this overgrown trench is where it's believed the tower of babel once stood experts say a star archaeological investigation of babylon and the surrounding area could take centuries. a site often described as the birthplace of civilization in a country the struggling to recover from its violent recent past charles stratford al-jazeera. well still to come here on the al-jazeera news the u.s. ambassador to israel and palestinians with a controversial statement about illegal settlements. and thousands desperate for
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food medicine pour into colombia from venezuela after the border is reopened. dramatic like finish between italy and australia at the women's world cup all of those sports details after the break ready. they start as drinks containers. ready and usually end up as garbage. often a nuisance but for a select few old bottle sat as the building blocks of a better life. ready and the stepping stones to owning a family hand. do you find a lot in america is in bolivia and dowels into the wild have got a child. on al-jazeera. when the news breaks the inauguration of comedian and actor as president of ukraine when people need to be heard there were
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days of again a lot of work with no food for my joy because of that all way to sleep with an empty stomach with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentary script was russian goals hardly a truth none and tonight news on air and online. welcome back you're watching the others their news hour with a reminder of our top stories protesters and police force on election day stand demonstrators say it's far from fair voters are choosing a successor to present. who has been in charge for almost 30 years
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also tens of thousands of people in hong kong have hit the streets to protest against a controversial extradition bill they fear the proposed changes will allow china to target political opponents in the territories. and sudanese activists say at least one protester has been killed as the opposition begins a campaign of civil disobedience or accusing the military of intimidation. there is offices in khartoum has been closed by the military gender which has been banned banned our journalists from reporting there our correspondent in one car has just returned to doha good to see you back let's just begin really with the pictures that we've sort of been seeing this last week they were the ones that you saw when you were there on the ground the protest site has since been attacked just talk us through sort of the atmosphere before the attack well i think now the sudanese protest movement is really divided into 2 key pieces so you have the piece
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before june where they went into the system they dispersed the city but then the atmosphere there was almost carnival like we would go down to those protests almost every evening i would meet with people and it was the holy month of ramadan so everybody would come out in the evening after the fast of broken and then the music and singing and dancing it was very peaceful atmosphere and you'd have various groups you know giving talks and lectures there was a library there and it was very much a kind of a family affair lots of young kids running around lots of you know older people and then you had set in the day the army went into the city. and that day was incredible we tried to get out see what was going on the minute we actually rules down to the balcony which overlooks one of the streets near the protests the soldiers just came to the balcony started pointing guns at us and forces back into the hotel and effectively held the international media hostage within the hotel so they could go without any witnesses really means going clear the site and now you
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have empty streets people out in the streets anymore in the way they are so you've got these 2 distinct phases we're in the 2nd phase now which is civil disobedience and what does that mean there's 2 things that they're doing 2 key things that you have a strike which is taking place well you know and it's not just businesses it shops it's you know the hospitals it's the airports it's it's the strike is holding and the sudanese professionals notion of made that call themselves asked all the members to come out and strike and it's working but then you have what the young people are doing and they're what they're doing is they're setting up these barricades of bricks and tires and then they leave them so they are fully the judge read in one of the biggest you know military groups on the streets and have to come and clear them so what they're doing is this is their way of now fighting about is this kind of civil disobedience it's no longer a protest movement it's this because this is what we're hearing of course from people on the ground and commentators of course in the lead up to when the military
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actually went into that there was talk from them that the camps would be infiltrated by criminals and did undesirables did you witness anything like that because that's what the military what the outside world to believe well there was one area called colombia and it had become a bit of a party place for young sudanese people to go and they would go there and they would play music some of them were drinking illegal alcohol and some of them were smoking dope but it wasn't in the huge numbers that the military said now if they wanted to clear that area that area was actually else. side of the protest site side of the city so i could they could have gotten quite easily as a police operation that was a military operation this was a law enforcement issue this wasn't a protest issue but instead of going into the area and clearing it as law enforcement issue they went in and clear the area and then went into the city so yes they would like you to believe that this was the reason they went in there was
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a criminal element there but they've been saying this since the beginning that the protest movement has been infiltrated by criminal elements when we wrapped the city insights i certainly didn't witness anything like that it was like i say very much a carnival atmosphere very much a family atmosphere that may well have been criminal elements there but we didn't see it in terms of the conversation you have had with people society movements civil society groups the opposition however they are being described from what you see now do you think they really have an opportunity to try and talk to the military didn't want to at the moment what we're hearing. and yet the military keep making these overtures and then she steps back. how do you negotiate i mean what we're hearing from the protest movement is how we supposed to negotiate them when you're arresting our leaders when you're not bringing us to the table and every time in the past and they were very close to signing a deal 2 weeks ago 3 weeks ago they were very close to signing a deal and then the regional players got involved there was the military behind one
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of the leaders of the military went to say you know i haven't been summoned in saudi arabia here. in egypt and you know that deal went away so the protest movement is very much about the idea that yes we do want to negotiate but if you keep arresting our leaders if you're not going to give us anything there what are we negotiating indeed we will keep a close eye on this the momentum of thank you. iran has unveiled a new air defense system which it says is capable of targeting fighter jets and drones it says a technology called 15 core dard can handle 6 targets but once tensions are high between tehran and washington last month the u.s. deployed an aircraft carrier group and a bomber task force to the region to counter what it said were threatening moves by iran their own foreign minister has once again his house and the u.s. sanctions against his country mohammed said the restrictions of squeezing the nation's economy and affecting innocent civilians relinquish added we said it
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clearly that economic wars are not different from a military war mr trump has announced that he is pursuing an economic war that targets ordinary people and is in fact terrorism this policy must stop the only solution to current problems is stopping a policy of economic war. finance ministers from the group of 20 major economies a warning that risks from trade and geopolitical tensions are intensifying they've been meeting in japan ahead of the g 20 leaders summit at the end of the month the today talks focused on trade and the digital digital economy. u.s. politicians have asked the white house to spell out exactly where it stands on libya they say confusion is allowing groups to justify fighting as ward cleaver hostile attempts to take over the capital tripoli particularly as well from washington d.c. . as forces loyal to khalifa haftar moved on tripoli the u.s. secretary of state sounded the alarm. were solved through force of arms or just
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a no way that's going to take place we there's a u.n. process we have been part of that and a half stars been part of that we urged them to have to stand down move back to the negotiating table so that we can get a political resolution in libya but then soon after the president picked up the phone and in a readout of the call the white house said president donald trump recognized field marshal have to our significant role in fighting terrorism and security in libya's oil resources and the 2 discussed a shared vision for libya's transition to a stable democratic political system that to many seemed like an endorsement including to the democratic members of the foreign affairs committee who have sent this letter to the secretary of state writing the call has led to uncertainty regarding the u.s. position and that libyan armed actors are using the confusion to continue the conflict they're urging him to clarify the country's position this is part of a broader fight for influence according to federal filings just last month after hours organization agreed to pay 2000000 dollars to a u.s.
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lobbying firm to help improve his image in d.c. the white house says he has not been invited to meet with the president at the white house. but they've said very little about which side of the conflict the u.s. actually supports members of congress say that needs to change. political hay and al-jazeera washington. have been celebrating in mexico after leaders reached a deal with the u.s. to council threatened trade tariffs the event with mexico's president on the ass lopez obrador took place in the town. near the u.s. border and while republic reports over her it was all cheers for mexican president and his own but i thought as he arrived at this rally in downtown t. one of. the event which included a march by local factory workers was initially organized as a protest against u.s. president donald trump's threat to impose up to 25 percent export tariffs on mexico
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. this is here and it is my money. speaking to hundreds of supporters president lopez obrador called for unity among neighbors as he outlined the importance of the relationship between mexico and the united states if either samir see mick or the united states and mexico are not distant neighbors our border is more than 3000 kilometers long and we have a shared history that includes hostility but also cooperation and understanding. that. it was a festive atmosphere in downtown to one of many people expressed relief that the 2 countries had reached an agreement on. the important things that there is no pretext for investment to stop generating jobs in mexico but. this is very important because the americans are friends of the mexican people and we are friends of theirs. the successful negotiations between the u.s. and mexico may be a cause for celebration but the also resulted in a significant change to mexico's immigration policy since that agreement between
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the united states and mexico was announced the big question here in the city so close to the u.s. southern border is what will happen to the hundreds of central american asylum seekers who will now have to wait here in mexico for their asylum cases to be processed. the threats of tariffs from the trumpet ministration have subsided at least for now and so has the anxiety many felt over the past few days along mexico's northern border. let's go to russia now an investigative journalist there has been put under house arrest accused of dealing drugs but even a girl an orphan and his supporters say the narcotics were planted on him and that he's been beaten while in police custody the journalist is known for his work exposing corruption and there have been protests in moscow and st petersburg against the girl in office arrest dozens of people mainly fellow journalists have been detained. well always president is accusing the opposition of trying to
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overthrow his government backers of the opposition party leader lars rusnak whether say that he was robbed of victory in last month's election 18 people have since been arrested protests began in the company a long way on tuesday bring them home it has will. the streets of malawi turned into chaos the speech hundreds of protesters are calling for president putin with her recount to step down after an election they say was rigged the protests was just. getting late and. they're not one of the if you're not going to tell what direction of. a standoff between police and supporters of the main opposition candidates lazarus to cuero turned violent with some court in the crossfire this man was reportedly shot by police in the capital security forces used to gas to disperse others outside the opposition menai congress party headquarters 6800000 people were registered to vote in the may 21st
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presidential elections at 78 years old peter which arika narrowly won the lottery his governing democratic progressive party another 5 year term in office but critics accuse him of corruption the main opposition and his former vice president say the election was marred by irregularities and they say they had evidence that voting sheets were altered if you get a customs document and you're making a declaration to customs if there's any alteration on your declaration that their declaration is rejected what you told you that any alteration is not valid in an operational document then the question arises how did make x. . because that had been amended. the accusations have prompted a petition to the high court to nullify the results i have a special message to. become very.
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very close to. this in. the final edition if you will.


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