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to ensure there's no political motives but if the mass to net a disability is any indication it's clear many in hong kong i'm not convinced yes there is so is there any indication at all that after these protests and more than a 1000000 people came out on to street on to the streets that this might affect how authorities proceed with this extradition law does the government as i mentioned the story that have defended this bill and signed will uphold protect human. 5 life and the hong kong court so my other independent the independent judicial system that the the bill will cause the 2nd reading ongoing but for now i think it's hard to be just trying to search for the police to try to clear the area around the ledge to the council building to my wife who died tomorrow when business you take out starts in hong kong than a few 5 of the places that cleared everyone from the let's attack the building there was a 15000 straightening just 15 until that bill went for
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a 2nd reading on the wind that was had thousands of clicks fall off the general media as well as the question is clearing us from that area for tomorrow and we're looking at live pictures there as you're thinking to us of police trying to clear people away so what would you say the numbers are like are like now. the numbers of the scattered the thousands of protesters who were there are now on the house of cards to staff area 51 to clear the place also gathered around the ledge the capitol building if i see another big russian here but some simply scattered about in so many different places to get much power was the chance of doing 6 that but now i think it should be relatively tarp at least that cloud for every people protest in coming days simply because the bill will have been reading on wednesday when it's taken to the capitol hill what do you mean by more protest in coming days what are you hearing from organizers are people that you've spoken to that are at
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this rally right now call a number of the groups and killing them again it's just i was the younger our political lead 1 at the junction along with county jail and he was a high profile activist on the occupy hong kong culture in 24 jane that was that was trying to do a feature and now it's not just around the. building it's. a an area where # occupy hong kong culture where hell basically we still have a number of people around in that area where there is a 15 but the mine area around allegedly the capitol building has been playing all right live pictures from hong kong where protesters and police as you can see are facing off in hong kong sara heart for the time being thank you. india's prime minister has become the 1st foreign leader to visit sri lanka since the easter sunday bombings narendra modi has paid homage to the victims and agreed to step up cooperation to prevent future attacks fernandez has more from colombia. a firsthand look at one of the main targets of the easter sunday bombings for indian prime
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minister narendra modi he's the 1st world leader to visit children since the attacks and stopped its alarms and his church in colombo on his way in from the airport. worshippers had packed this church for easter sunday service on the 21st of april the 1st of 7 suicide bombers launched his attack here. within minutes 3 churches and 3 hotels had been targeted killing more than 250 people and injuring hundreds more. 10 indians were among the 45 tourists killed. it's a 3rd visit here for the indian leader who had a ceremony and welcome including a 21 gun salute despite heavy rains india is probably going to take a more secure assertive role as far as its regional influence is concerned and this is part of that modi has said his visit is to express india's solidarity with sri
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lanka's government and people in mind just be a force stop in sri lanka but analysts say prime minister narendra modi's visit sends an important message that things are getting back to normal 6 weeks after the easter sunday carnage politics is a different story present mighty by the city center and prime minister brown has become a singer may have come together for more this visit but they continue to disagree on a number of issues their latest battleground the special parliamentary select committee set up to investigate the easter bombings the president has sacked his intelligence chief and says he want to allow any serving officers to testify before the committee the indian prime minister highlighted what he calls a neighborhood 1st policy by choosing the maldives and sri lanka for his 1st foreign visit after his reelection observers say it's a policy that is likely to shape regional relations in future years when a finance jazeera colomba plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including
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thousands desperate for food and medicine pour into columbia from venezuela after the border is really opened. and described as the birthplace of civilization which archaeologists warn is crumbling before our eyes. can sport a hat trick hero delights the crowds at the women's world cup details. but 1st polls have closed in kazakhstan where voters are electing the 1st new president in 30 years in north. of lead kazakhstan from its separation from the soviet union in 1900 till he stood down in march this year he handed the leadership to a career diplomat joe martok. exit poll say he's won just over 70 percent
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of the vote talk a have was always expected to win partly because of as i have supports and partly because few people know anything about talk of 6 rifles there's also been a crackdown on dissent in the lead up to the poll police have shut down rallies and they've arrested 500 people on election day robin forrester walker reports in the capital. this was the what's the electoral turnout the authorities wanted disorder because extends capital. and 2nd city. and we caught the vote protestors croyde because they do not believe this election office them a real choice or. some said they supported the democratic choice of external political party. the camera was for i'm not afraid because i've had enough i've been living without a home in temporary accommodation for 13 years i'm fed up of this said they wanted
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freedom to demonstrate because unsanctioned protests are illegal in passage started only just here lection is in fear it's all been decided already it's not like attend choices as they are all. its own like circus. detroit police are working their way down essentially street the protesters in for . and sydney they are trying to stay ahead of the police. in the future grabbing ceased. it's really getting it's a good if the situation. was good that. this was the image the authorities wanted to project an orderly participation by the electorate in a peaceful transition of power. as
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a boy of the man who ran kazakstan for nearly 30 years has stepped into retirement although he retains significant powers as chairman for the life of the country's security council he's chosen successor. to talk i have his own cause to take over what is your specific message to those individuals who are campaigning for democracy and rights in this country those individuals you've been detained are advised all the law enforcement agencies to be tolerant. society restraint but any serious violations of our laws of course will not be tolerated but at the same time i urge all the young people. on the same level. to exercise restraint to be tolerant to the power through the government
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a rare acknowledgement that because it's deserved more political freedom i know that didn't stop the detentions kazakstan has never seen an election day quite like this before robin for a steelworker al-jazeera though so tied up the risk of people dying attempting to cross the sea to europe is at its highest ever that's according to the un's refugee agency so lawrence taylor now with our with more on that from our european broadcast on through. during the u.n.h.c.r. says without intervention in the mediterranean there will be quote a sea of blonde it comes as the libyan coast guard says it has rescued within $500.00 refugees in june so far well santander is the mission head for libya and the mediterranean doctors without borders and joins me live via skype from tunis thanks for being with us so it's a very stark warning from the u.n. would you agree with that assessment it is exactly that it is it is stark and we
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welcome the united nations shining a light on what is very clearly the human cost of e.u. policies to restrict search and rescue activities in the central mediterranean how difficult is it at the moment to provide assistance or is it even possible to taught it to give assistance to people who are at risk what we've seen over the last years is a consistent campaign of. unfounded criminal accusations administrative blockages on those humanitarian organizations that are trying to conduct search and rescue in the mediterranean sea and this is led to a very real reduction in the capacity that is there to respond and we're seeing the effects of that now what about the numbers going i mean does it affect the point the un is making is that without the rescue ships the more people the risk of dying is higher but i suppose overall the figures have come down what kind of numbers which are weapons are leaving at the moment. absolutely that that is correct the
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the absolute number of people who are fleeing across the central mediterranean is much lower this year than it has been in previous years but the key point of concern is that whilst over the same period last year the chance of dying in attempting to make that journey was one in $59.00 over the last 5 months the chance of death during the course of of that journey is now one in 15 it's more than 4 times higher chance that someone will die if they attempt to cross the central mediterranean and why do you think people are still making that journey what if the fact is pushing them there are many factors that drive people to take this desperate option to to try to cross the central mediterranean one of those factors is the likely to be the recent conflict in tripoli in northwest libya that has destabilized a large region had a massive impact on civilians in and around that city but it is also likely to be
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pushing people to take options that they otherwise might not thought of including crossing by sea and what about the kind of the options for the european politicians i mean we know that the italian government has been one of the big drivers in trying to make it harder for for migrants and they've closed some of the ports to these rescue ships given that 75 he did so well in the european elections what was the likelihood of the e.u. actually tackling this issue. unfortunately the likelihood. is one is likely to become embroiled in politics but what we really want people to hear loudly and clearly is that this is not a political decision this is a human decision lives are being lost and the longer we sit back and allow this continue the higher that death toll will be the european union's naval operation in the central mediterranean now no longer has any ships operating in the areas where these vessels often come into distress therefore are on able to carry out rescues
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a toll and this is clearly a wider part of the e.u. member states elysees to prevent people from reitman's their shores and it's a bit about the conditions that people are facing in the camps in libya so i know that your organization is done out of work on that presumably they're quite desperate not to get end up in those camps and salute them i mean the detention centers and yet they are not camps they are they are centers that are more like prisons they are warehouses converted to storage of people rather than goods the conditions there have have long been into maine but over the last couple of months with the fighting in or around tripoli we've seen those those conditions become even worse we're seeing people who are going without food without water and on multiple occasions detention centers have been directly affected by the fighting there themselves and a number of detainees have been shot as a result santana thank you very much indeed geoff adjoining s f m m f a thank you
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thank you. aaron officials have been continuing their relief efforts after a boat commission that took place on the danube river last month police announced the body of another south korean tourist had been recovered taking the confirmed death toll to 20 or 30 said the danube high water levels have hindered recovery efforts at the country's counterterrorism center as designated a floating crane to raise the boat out of the water this week. when over's interim president has signed a decree calling for snap elections to be held in september the move plunges the country deeper into political crisis after pro russian and pro european lawmakers failed to form a government after months of wrangling and embargo reports as moldova's political crisis continued members of parliament convened on sunday with some declaring that state and legal institutions have been seized the woman who in theory heads a new coalition government called on officials to work with her new administration
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. we address all the state employees and workers of the law enforcement institutions with a request to ignore illegal orders of those who try to use our power and stick to the side of the people and legitimate authority parliament and government mulled over as one of europe's poorest countries in the populations broadly split between people who favor ties with russia and supporters of european union it's witnessed several political crises in recent years on saturday parliament finally approved a new government a day after a court mandated deadline it's one based on an unprecedented alliance between sunday news pro european akam bloc and the pro russian socialist party of outgoing president igor dot on the flow of. people who live in moldova differ in their views identity and geo political views but what happened in parliament today prove that we can find that which unite us. the formation of a government was meant to end months of uncertainty following elections in february
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that failed to produce a majority for any party. but after dawn refused to dissolve parliament this weekend the constitutional court ordered fresh elections in september and appointed an interim president from the democratic party which is led by this man vladimir a highly controversial or legal he is one of the financier's and leading men of the democratic party and has been kind of the shadow ruler of malt over for quite a while now due to its influence over the party's influence over the media he is the richest man in moldova he's for been from holding any of the senior official positions to elements of this past holiday sions of corruption criminality. closer ties with the european union has been addressing supporters who set up tents in front of ministries and state institutions in the capital in recent years the e.u. has become increasingly critical of moldova's record on reforms in this lady's down
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policies unlikely to reassure the outside world that al-jazeera. that's all from london for now back to during and. thank you very much well still ahead on the out is there are news our officials on both sides of the border say the new u.s. mexican immigration deal isn't really new at all. and we report from mexico southern border to hear from some of the people affected by the agreement. and sport with peter the action as india proved too good for australia at the cricket world cup. hello again it's good to have you back well cross to parts of turkey we are looking at some scattered showers this has been what we have been seeing over the last few days as well temperatures into the low thirty's across much of the area aleppo is
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going to sing about $34.00 degrees beirut really not looking too bad at about $28.00 degrees there but of course we are still seeing the heat across parts of central iraq where we are looking at 45 degrees for baghdad quite city is still warm at 43 degrees and speaking of the heat here in doha our temperatures are coming up as well 46 degrees is the expected high here on monday that's translated to about 115 fahrenheit and it's going to continue maybe getting a little bit better by the time we get to tuesday but we are talking about a dry system across much of the area over towards me it is going to be warm as well tempers coming a few to about 40 degrees there and selema some clouds in your forecast at $34.00 degrees well we are expecting some rain across the eastern shores of madagascar over the next few days anywhere from the north all the way down here towards the south and that will continue and for the capital it is going to be a high of for you about 18 degrees but down towards the south durban is going to be one of the warmest temperatures on the map at about $26.00 degrees but capetown we
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do expect to see some clouds in your forecast at 70 s. and over towards osaka at $22.00. on the counting the cost the trump doctrine carrots 1st negotiate 2nd who benefits as the global economy slows. what was behind fi its attempt to merge with run out and the shipping line that's going green counting the cost on i does it i'm. not. i'm. not. doing that not. germany's but very and helps whereas stunning scenery play host to europe's latest arrivals. separate in origin. they share a common roof and together dream of
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a german future. welcome to germany cafe vald left a witness documentary on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news our activists in sudan are accusing the military of waging war on its citizens it says the opposition begins a campaign of civil disobedience streets were largely deserted across the country on sunday the 1st day of a general strike 3 because hastert as well reported killed there been violent confrontations between protesters and police in hong kong after
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a mass rally paralyze the center of the city demonstrators are worried a planned acts traditional law will be used by china to target political opponents in the territory. around $500.00 people have been arrested in kazakhstan during protests on election day exit polls suggest interim president cason jomar took just over 70 percent of the vote it's. more now on our top story in the political upheaval in sudan just a record spondon imran khan has just come back from khartoum he says the protest movement is in a new phase. well if you speak to the protest movement there are really 2 very distinct periods now that they talk about they talk about before june the 3rd and after june the 3rd not before june the sit in was a very peaceful it was almost like carnival like atmosphere and we would go down to the protest signs every night to see what was going on to do our reporting and what we saw was a young people old people families coming and want the people providing
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face painting services you see these little kids with sudanese flags across their faces there would be people giving lectures there was a lending library on the would be people creating art and then june the thing that happened now on june the 3rd in the very early hours of the morning they actually blocked off her telephone stopped us from leaving and what happened was i went out onto the balcony with my colleagues just to see what was going on we were hearing sporadic gunfire and the road was closed off by the rapid security forces on both ends of the street and then they came to the street with guns and forced us back inside the international media was staying at the hotel none of us could leave that day and it was a real problem for people who want to report now we were banned from reporting on the friday before the monday so we knew that there was an issue we knew there was a problem going in what we didn't realize is how much they were going to stop us
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then you get to off to june the protest movement say is that the sit in has been dispersed a 100 people at least killed on that day so now what they're doing is this campaign of civil disobedience is taking 2 forms this is a strike and you see the pictures of the empty streets and the strong kids taking hold but also what's happening is kids basically young people from various different neighborhoods are building barricades they're building barricades of brick and they're building barricades with burning tires they set them up and then they leave and that causes a problem for the rapid security forces because they then have to take them down and this is a way of slowing though so the civil disobedience is a huge campaign and it's the only thing really that the protesters say they have left. u.s. president donald trump is pushing back against media reports that his latest agreement with mexico doesn't actually contain anything new the white house announced the greens on friday trump had threatened to impose tariffs on all imports from mexico unless it did more to stop migrants from crossing into the u.s.
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a report soon emerged that the deal mostly involves agreements that have been reached months ago alan fischer has more from lawsuits in the senate. what are some new elements to this 1st of all the idea that the national guard in mexico would be deployed to the southern border to stop people coming up through the country are partly in agreement was reached in december between the u.s. and mexico what we have know is a number around 5000 national guard troops will do that job and also a time scale mexico say they are moving on and they are moving on it quickly mexico is also going to make it easier for people to stay in mexico while the asylum claims are held in the united states know that whole thing is being challenged in the courts here in the u.s. so that might not become such a key issue donald trump has also said in a tweet on sunday that there is one big thing that wasn't unknowns when the news release about this went out on friday and that will become clear at the appropriate
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time no idea what that could possibly be and also he is saying that mexico has agreed to buy a great deal of agricultural produce from the united states but that has left both people here in the u.s. and in mexico are scratching their heads saying there is no such agreement mexico has entered into nor agreement about agricultural products what supporters of donald trump are saying is that the threat of tariffs undoubtedly made mexico come to the table because within hours of him saying that this was a possibility that the foreign minister of mexico was in washington discussing a deal this also gives donald trump a convenient political out if the situation on the border does not improve that he can say this is not a problem this is mexico and he may well raise the issue of type of sigyn because the talents for the moment are only suspended not completely canceled. well both the u.s. and mexico have called the agreements
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a success but those trying to reach the united states see the deal very differently john rowland has more from the top which on mexico southern border with guatemala. over the earth the united states and mexico a bunch celebrating the new agreement mexico's of voided the threatened us terrorists the u.s. has the promise mexico will tighten its borders. it's been sold as a triumph by both sides but there's bound to be a human cost and these people may be it central americans trying to get through mexico to the u.s. and cool it up in the crackdown the president trying to push pull in the couple of hours we spent at the mix can checkpoint 5 groups who are detained. many like honduran. say that the end demick violence and chronic poverty in their homelands means there's little choice but to flee if i let the fact that it's the situation here organized crime there's no work the americans the whole lot we can't do that
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but he and his family will now most likely be headed back home and this is just the beginning because national guard are being deployed to the border to. mexico's rode out that kind of blanket security before and it's led to migrants taking even more dangerous and dyce related routes. what to mull until fellow is still recovering from his own taste of the people smugglers squeezed him and some 50 others into a truck standing up and drove through mexico's mountainous backroads it plunged into a ravine killing 25 people on medicare when i woke up and heard that 6 of my friends from the community had died 3 of whom i had gone to school with i was very sad the solution many would say is to simply stay home and the new agreement does include a plan for development in central american countries so that people don't have to
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leave but the presidents of honduras el salvador and guatemala themselves have been virtually silent during this crisis and without their support their countrymen could be forgiven for thinking that in this new deal they've been left on their own john home and i'll just say it a couple children mexico. the media and yemen say the rebels have long several drones targeting saudi arabia in a tweet they said they were trying to hit military facilities at the airport near the yemeni border there has been no confirmation from the saudi government. has more from the yemeni capital. confirmed media outlets the. international airports with the key to. its kind of. phones for drone that has been. claimed the has been domestically made by the whole of these this kind of 1st drew
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and. big big distraction especially has been used to different areas also. that has also closed. among. the military there so the. key has according to how the hold these has had its targets this is not the 1st time for the whole of these 2 to launch. an international airport the say that this. response that this. is being used to launch air strikes against yemen so be considered as a legitimate targets thousands of syrians in southern turkey have attended a funeral for a prominent syrian rebel who died fighting government forces on saturday mourners saying their rights while been vassal
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a former football star who became known as the singer of the revolution later a procession carried inside its body across the border into syria as it lip province turkey hosts nearly 4000000 syrian refugees more than any other country iran has unveiled a new air defense system which it says is capable of targeting fighter jets and drones it says the system can handle 6 targets at once the announcement comes at a time of heightened tensions between toronto and washington last month the u.s. deployed an aircraft carrier group and a bomber task force to the gulf to counter what it said were threatening moves by iran. well iran's foreign minister has once again criticized u.s. sanctions washington announced its latest round on friday when its target a petrochemical company for indirectly supporting iran's elite military units how much of god's a recess the restrictions are hurting the economy and they're affecting millions of iranians of us why do you think it's better to be we've said it clearly that
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economic war is not different from a military war used to trump has announced that he is pursuing an economic war that targets ordinary people and is in fact terrorism this policy must stop the only solution to current problems is stopping a policy of economic war qatar is urging both sides to meet and work towards a broad compromise for mr muhammad. said we believe that at one point there should be an engagement it cannot last forever like this since they are not willing to engage in further escalation they should come up with ideas that open the doors. thousands of venezuelans have crowned the border with colombia after was opened by the venezuelan government president nicolas maduro closed it 4 months ago to stop aid from getting from the u.s. getting in saying it undermined his country's sovereignty rob reynolds has more. thousands of venezuelans lined up to cross the simone bridge into colombia was
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a rare chance for these people to purchase food medicine and other commodities no longer available or in extremely short supply in venezuela only pedestrians are allowed to cross back and forth into colombia the government of president nicolas maduro has blocked large scale food convoys. according to the united nations 4000000 people have left venezuela in recent years the u.n. has called the mass migration the largest in the recent history of latin america and the caribbean hyperinflation poverty and political chaos are fueling the exodus the. actress and humanitarian activist angelina jolie who is a special envoy for the u.n. refugee agency u.n.h.c.r. visited a camp for venezuelan migrants in neighboring colombia she was greeted by children who spoke about the desperate conditions that forced their families to leave their
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country but the me then i suppose a year is that once i guess i can say yeah we couldn't find food and if we did it was very expensive the same for my medication we couldn't find it and if we did it was triple or quadruple the price or colombia has taken in the largest share of venezuelan refugees 1300000 people jolie praise their strength and perseverance the people who have had to go through displacement i think answer and go through it like all these young children and all of you strongest people in the world. meanwhile venezuelan opposition leader one goh i don't know when door to door in a small town south of the capital caracas he greeted residents and met with local politicians who support his efforts to topple more duro why dose said mediation efforts sponsored by norway have stalled over maduro's refusal to allow the new presidential election.


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