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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 23  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2019 7:33am-8:02am +03

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just a nation in canada. i didn't know what to expect. this is a city of big dreams and big believers. superstars who are extraordinary and ordinary at the same time regina. it looks beautiful what you may cause it depends on you the 1st thing you don't know display is it to be difficult
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that's why we write their original can also set it to help you to answer those questions. but with time you will get used to regina had to valladolid your life it had her book and your sex it was a love so just like many of us. i had never seen anything like this before. and i had to adapt fast. i my name is dawn here and i'm your tester for today and so could you tell me a little bit about yourself. i'm
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hani almost 2022 years old from homs. and i meant rima i passed like. a lot of things happened in the sense that i found myself with with a tent instead of university if you could tell me beginning with number one if you could tell me describe the shopping trip and i can begin to give you an evaluation of your speaker. how much so she can maybe. you're having to look quite quite closely to the pictures you have because you have some yeah problem with my friend. so yeah because i can read like 10 something to just.
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this. is a city built on dreams. but would it be true for me. looking straight ahead at the dream i have to open a sandbank. can you tell me what you see here oh what is that when they're going to check your things even the next. just blink your eyes really just keep thinking. scepter is in these areas never claimed to develop the same way you know it's it's like instead of kind of having a clear focused view our eyes always kind of moving a little bit that's never going to see or into focus exactly we can't stop that movements with glasses or anything else like that and maybe even with surgery at this point our benefit would be not really any of any of it. that's exactly right
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so. it was what i expected. but not what i had for. nothing had changed. i would go on as before. the highest test that you have it will come out. of the not just the top. hat a hobby and i was tempted. to. tell you that we were all finding our way they have it. publicly for you and.
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mother. it is. not love you i do it it just needs to go need be living in its hands. home from homs. there are a. couple here don't rush that was good news and you know i am going to the fuck i can without him to. use them is this i should have thought i'm going to say oh thanks dear but i wish. 1st i don't think these are beyond shell shock. that.
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i am. i was the. was. but even in this quiet city the room was never far away. as. the serial was being destroyed in front of our ice my city homes lay in ruins as i. know over the world was. the.
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we had to keep reminding the ruled what was happening to our country. but it is. now i feel a value list this is the one. to look amazing with i wish that i can sin so here's something. we can print or something i didn't do that time but i still want to do that they are mollett relate of how i'm going to see them again. so. this one it will be less special when can we put it like as 1st for a show because i love it. it's not just a big i q about what is in the picture before i take it even though. that's that's
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how i feel. as an offering. after every. story and history have is heart breaking to you for hearing well hope to despair oh yes you can or are all. mine. but i'm going to need. more. oh. for me oh my god and. while that yesterday was very all of us all right who are you know you're asking oh my lad i suppose you thought it was all
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good that way this was what i said he would have said he said you. were a. kid that you that came and put on the. the key thing here issue pharmacy and. that. was what i asked. about comes the nurse the hour that either she thought and.
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that's. a what. i. had asked how to hello i'm a. or when i'm in oh no can a nurse in me live not a former has i don't i have a model of. the war in syria told me what to value in life. because that any moment it can be taken from you. in canada i had the chance to start again was. was. but my memories will always be with me. my family and friends
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who work still in the camps. us dream for one thing. the right to a future whatever we are. my name is. kim from from a city in syria called homes it's really really trouble like there is no life there anymore i have to love and i'm taking all the in my high school diploma that's the only thing that i have from home. i don't know stead of university campus i found myself in a refugee count the most fearful thing for me in account was but there's no counter so i began to take a lot of pictures for everything you know until you want everyone there is just
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a number but life goes on people life goes on. thallus they told you you might never know i am legally blind yes i see shades light and dark and you know sometimes people also value can't take pictures will blind this is another obstacle that i still let out of school stuff me i just go around them thank you and now they mean to do you say to my family. thank them for me all the way thank you don't wait till tomorrow to make a difference in your life start today. thank . you.
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germany is very and helps where stunning scenery is playing host to europe's latest arrivals. separate in origin. share a common roof and together dream of a german future. welcome to german café vald left a witness documentary on al-jazeera. it's
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a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tiger's nest ball astri seems to defy gravity every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness when it became a democracy in 2008 the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it. happiness is when should it if it is. simply turning its pursuit into policy has done what no other country has. that can be a challenge on its own. but for some peruvian villages one of the world's most dangerous roads is a risk that comes with. any of these people as they get to survive.
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on. al-jazeera. where every. this is al-jazeera. calorie i'm a star in this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes staying away deserted streets in sudan's capital as people back to court for
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a general strike in defiance of a military crackdown. a violent end to amount by hundreds of thousands of people in hong kong against a controversial extradition the. voters are outraged as an election in kazakstan that many say wasn't free nor fair. and it's a record for rafa at 12 the french open tennis title but the king of. now sudan's military has defended its crackdown on armed protesters saying it's their job to ensure the safety of the country at least 4 people were killed on sunday in the capital khartoum and neighboring. the opposition accuses the military jointer of waging a war against the sudanese people but the military says it's working for the people in new york darling will you so it's going to be real and we call on all citizens
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to be vigilant and careful and to inform us quickly about any negative actions and we will respond will be on continues to try. in all the cities and we will protect the wealth of the citizens especially when the citizens refused to acknowledge the call for civil disobedience and were determined to go to work this despite the difficulties and the barricades we affirm that the military council is not an enemy of the forces of change of freedom or any other political entity in the country and we affirm our determination to achieve the aims of the revolution and in particular the desired democratic change the military forces and the rapid support forces are ensuring the security of the people and the country. while people across sudan have heeded the calls of protest leaders for a mass civil disobedience movement this was the scene in the capital where shops and businesses were closed and all this follows a weeklong crackdown on protesters demanding civilian rule jamelle style begins our
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coverage with this report. sunday marks the beginning of the we can sit down but rather than work commutes and traffic jams the streets of khartoum are empty these videos appear to show that the public has heated the calls by pro-democracy groups for civil disobedience and the general strike the movement for freedom and change together with the sudanese professionals union had announced sunday's action in response to the military genter seizing of power and the continued crackdown on protesters. it's still not known how many people were killed by the security forces during last night's massacre when the main pro-democracy sit in was forcibly dispersed but a sudanese doctors group puts the toll in the past week at 117. videos like these continue to emerge showing that while the military gentle talks about dialogue it's personnel are trying to beat the people into submission but when the play. we hope
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that our brothers in the other groups respond to our colfer dialogue without preconditions what's at stake is the nation we value the efforts of our friends who are concerned about developments in sudan we want to reach an agreement but if we don't then we will form a government. despite an attempt by the if european prime minister to mediate between the joints and pro-democracy groups being received well by both sides security forces arrested several of the group's leaders within hours of the if european pm departs and called home the man believed to be quoting the shots in the military council is its vice presidents mohamad hum done the former warlord in his notorious jungle weed forces have been accused of committing war crimes during the darfur conflict that doesn't bode well for sudan's pro-democracy protesters added to that's the military's leadership has held several meetings with saudi crown prince mohammed bin salomon and mahratti de facto leader mohammed bin zayed and egypt's kuti their turn presidents are different the all of whom have been accused
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by human rights groups of cracking down on free speech. the main groups behind saddam's revolution have insisted they will remain peaceful and not give up their demands for freedom despite the violence general strikes like sundays are an example of peaceful resistance but in a country with a history of conflict in a region where revolutions have tried to interest wars there is genuine concern for sudan's future. i'll just hear oh well people in khartoum say the empty streets are a sign of anger against the military. and. the people cannot be governed by force and i'm not saying this neither as a member of the opposition nor someone who supports the government but the people do not want this government and as you can see the streets are empty shops are closed i personally want to civilian government and. the
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sudanese people also had a big role to play in order for the civil disobedience to be executed in the correct way and on its 1st day i think that it has been 300 percent successful well let's take a closer look at the demands of the opposition they want to clear admission and apology for monday's crackdown in khartoum which according to susan his doctors killed $117.00 people they also demanding the release of all political detainees on friday 5 opposition members were arrested soon after holding mediation talks with ethiopia's prime minister protest leaders also want all internet and media restrictions lifted there's been a complete lie about internet backed up blackout since the crackdown last week the military joint also closed al-jazeera has offices in the capital and withdrew accreditation for other media outlets and they want a guarantee of public friedan's like the right to assembly and the freedom of speech well as me is a series human rights activist and she joins us now live from washington d.c.
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as we've been seeing these pictures of shuttered shops and empty streets in your assessment how successful was the call for a strike and civil disobedience today. it was very successful and i think it became very it was like very intuitive for people not to go to the streets as they're being attacked and they've been shot at stabbed and shoved be looted don't touch the t.n.c. in the dungeon we did not make the city safe for anyone i'm sure a lot of the people who remain to hold not necessarily opposition many of them might be pro-government but the streets are not safe for anyone to go out it became the logical decision and it became the logical choice for people who fear for their selves just heard to the joint and all their spokesperson spewing lies about that this is all caused by the opposition i don't know who they are following this is their own making there are tons and hundreds of videos that we managed to get from people on the ground that show their forces wearing their own official clothes
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hitting people manhandling people firing gas firing like live ammunition this is not the doing of the people they are leaving the don't under don't go eat a leaving their own loaded guns on the streets trying to instigate people to pick up the guns they will not pick up the gun we did not do this to pick up the gun and that's what scares them this is a peaceful revolution and a peaceful movement and it will never result to violence the problem what they're doing this and don't they're trying to justify their killings because they feel backed they're backed by sudan by saudi arabia they're backed by u.a.e. they're backed by the u.s. they're packed also by the european union everyone in this world has packed this ready before and embolden it to this extent that they started to commit mass occur and the message for it was not just on monday it's been on a daily basis we have people shot and left on the streets today
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a guy who was shot the day before yesterday they were not even allowing his family to take his body and when they eventually gave the body they came to the funeral start to hit people and. the body fell off the this is a crime against humanity and i don't know how far this going to go until the world do something or take an action and as you mentioned they're trying to cover of their crimes they already closer to 0 because it was covering this not to stop life feeds they already close down the internet they're doing that intentionally because they have something to hide if it wasn't for that they would not put us on lockdown but we will not be silenced the sudanese people will not be silenced not incidentally not up rock we are not going to be silenced as us let me ask you more about that because we're hearing about the protestors preconditions for talks which have been suspended for some time where are those now. i personally don't speak for them but i personally do not think the joint top of the the military or
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their gender we are worthy of sitting with them at the table preconditions are not they should not be even a partner to this transfer of power they are criminals they are criminals when you ask them to say sorry and admit you who are you kidding i think these demands are not even does not even honor the blood of the people it does not honor the blood of the people we demand that the done top down and be held accountable that's what we call for i'm not going to take an apology apology were not really backed the people apology will not bring back our of our youth apology will not bring back the pain that they caused that i do not want apology and admission i don't need it we know that happened what we need here is really understanding this conflict a recognizing that the t.m.c. and the gentiles are criminal and we need to dry up any support given to them the international community has been supporting bashir redid all these issues because they thought they can do something and they wanted to get to make
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a deal with the with the devil look with this guy if you think you you for instance think that sudan or this military council will help them even an iota to legal immigration just be prepared for more people to come they have blood on their hands if the u.s. thinks that a collaboration with the t.n.c. ever deter any security threats to the u.s. oh the world think again they are the source of terror they are the terrorist i want. a resolution understand that because we have seen the violence continuing now for some time i'd like to ask you about a potential resolution where you see a potential resolution to what's happening here because the violence has been going on for some time now we're hearing demands from the protesters talks have been suspended where do we go from here. i don't know i think this should be treated like what happened around wanda this should be treated like something like a massacre that it's taken place we cannot we need to learn from the history we
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need to do something we need to support and protect the civilians then you and the 1st think and then it does exactly when it's stuff that is very colored dicked you cannot leave off or think it did just evacuated it's stuff that is very colored boy it's none of these negotiations none of these talks recognize the t.m.c. as a partner will go anywhere believe me if it doesn't happen now it will happen again they want to kill everybody they have not shown one act that can make us trust them or they did not show any act to free morse or any actor for ignition of the crimes we cannot trust them with the what do we need more to recognize that these are criminals host taking the people of sudan hostage and they're committing more crimes they say that they want the people to go back to normal life we can't there's tanks and patches and cars and guns every single every street you look
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around even when people don't go out of their houses they break in a lot of them and i'm talking only about the tool that has relatively a crack of information leaking but we're know what's happening in other cities and this is not new it happened in darfur and everybody was watching we documented so many crimes everything that happened in darfur is happening now is to die countrywide if you fail to stop the 4 you have a chance now to make this right and correct your mistake i have no idea what convention national community do but since this is their mass they need to clean it 1st starting by cutting any aid any aid to the t.m.c. any aid they're doing they need to cut it to t.m.c. money anything do not recognize them they failed to do that time and time again look where this got us the need to recognise that he can see joe we are not trustworthy.


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