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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 160  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2019 2:32pm-3:02pm +03

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you have the possibility that one of his followers may decide to take up arms and defense of christianity or in defense of the new zealand way of life. now a private security consultant buchanan has lived in new zealand for the past 20 years he doubts the christchurch killer was a true lone wolf if there were other like minded people still out there i mean he was part of a community that was both physical in the south island and then why he was being cheered on and real time during the mass murders including by people who claim to be in new zealand. was just 6 when he arrived in new zealand with his mother and siblings from somalia he says like most refugees he battled racism all his life we feel like you know we have to fight just not only to be. and
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to express how i think to express our religion. and he says he knows what it's like to be targeted by white supremacists getting chased by skinheads you don't expect the scot to suddenly turn around. you knowing he's a skinheads and people pretend life we don't have that history here in new zealand christchurch is wrong on for its being a hotbed of white supremacy in this country. in the hours after the christchurch attack prime minister just seemed. was quick to condemn the shooter we were not a target because we are a safe for those who fight. we were not true isn't for this act of violence because we can darn rices them because we are in on clay for extremism. we would chosen for the very fix that we none of these things her response was widely praised around the wound but to google it most it was deeply flawed this whole this is not us
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again it's denying the experience that it's everything that is us everything that is all that racism that hatred that exists in this nation it's us and he says he you know those in the muslim community who are calling it out for years prior to the christchurch massacre we're going to talk nice to have had conversations about actually what causes hate and intolerance and how we need to target the root causes of violent extremists and nothing is done. since of complacency bad got us here a. violent jihad the extreme using was much more of a real threat here than anything else to an harassment of our communities extra profiling of our communities that was not necessarily warranted feeling to monitor us just as much before and make sure you capture every single risk. police minister stuart nash says
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a royal commission is now examining any failures of the forty's in the lead up to the attack if you look around the world a lot of the terrorist incidents. you know what's the protests you know i don't think they were oblivious to it but we need to make sure that in fact their intelligence agencies were looking across the border and not being overly concerned about one ear to the detriment of another. and it seems other agencies may also have serious questions to answer i've been saying for a long time that this was going to happen and when it did happen this is the voice in the back of my head saying sure tried harder. former soldier peter bridle represented new zealand as a combat shooter. 18 months ago he went for a shooting competition to this rifle range needin listen 5 hours' drive south of christchurch we now know the march 15th gunman had been a member hiya. bridle says he was shocked to see shooter is wearing camouflage.
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like cam are on a range in new zealand is a strain on our the army with uniforms not civilians and they were quite militia. and he says he became even more alarmed by what he describes as a deeply bigoted views of members one even complaining he was stopped from taking a rifle to a university it was a big red flag for me and then it was the i want to talk about how mark my words that the new zealand defense force will be deployed on the streets of dunaden with all of these terror attacks with you know the muslim immigration and what's going on in syria and did you ever mate the shooter from christchurch do you think yes our beliefs are. i strongly believe so and i vividly recall the details of the conversation. he says the shooter anothers how did discussion about the guns used in astray his worst mass murder. in
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1996 martin bryant killed 35 people and wounded 24 that was one of the biggest triggers for me going to a place so i can say here this is the 20th of november 27th saying bridal documented ease concerns that night in a posting on a firearms group website and at times i fear their isolation in the redneck from the deep south is a bit of a worry i was literally scared so many sympathized but one member of the group urged to go to the police the guy sounds like a fruit loop the next arm want to talk for it. was a mass shooting and done a 30 years ago it doesn't matter it was 30 years ago that mentality. that mentality was still there and after you posted these you went to the police yes absolutely the place i have reportedly said that they have no right to have an ira or me i
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don't dismiss that but i have a record here donna it was not taken seriously i was dismissed hour on the spot the concerns of. the group of us and so too was the person who recently sent this message to bridle he tells of his along at scene the christchurch shooter firing multiple rounds as he changed magazines and how his complaint to the dunaden rifle club was ignored so i'm not blaming the dunaden place i'm not blaming anyone i'm blaming new zealand as a whole having this it's never going to happen in a culture. little more than 3 weeks after the shooting at the mosques new zealand's parliament banned all semiautomatic and military style weapons like those used in the attack. but many believe the gun licensing system also needs an overhaul. the christchurch shooter had only been in new zealand a few months when he got a firearms license he required 2 new zealanders who knew him well as referee
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clearly the the referee or not wouldn't have known him there would appear so on the surface but i don't want to preempt the press investigation. but it wasn't the 1st time a dangerous destroyed ian had been granted a gun license in new zealand peter edwards had 53 criminal convictions in a story when he got his over just 18 months he bought more than 70 rifles and shotguns modified them into pistols and sold them to criminal gangs before he was jailed in 2014 and maybe what we should there was ensure that a striving to get licenses and but you i mean i'm being but obviously but seriously we do need to make sure that the system is enough integrity to ensure that are not get into the hands of criminals. edwards border all of his far arms from what
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claims to be the biggest guns to war not just in new zealand but the world the man convict. did of new zealand's previous mass killing at our own. also board ammunition here and so to do the christ church. a month after he got his gun license board his 1st weapon on line from dallas city over the next 4 months he went on to buy ammunition and another 3 guns on line in the shop while the gun store may not have done anything illegal serious question being asked about its ethics and the fitness of its owner to be a gun. gun cities owner david temple has a link the criminal record in new zealand he's been convicted of assaulting police offices smuggling explosives and dangerous and reckless driving and in the united states he served almost 2 years in jail after attempting to smuggle semiautomatic
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firearms and ammunition out of the country. a few days after the christchurch shooting he faced the media how do you feel you know. where i think we're all totally did the straight down do you feel any sense of responsibility for what happened on friday no it shouldn't you be more proactive in looking into people's backgrounds before. that question is completely wrong i'm sorry i don't want you to ask any more questions please restrict me on this on going to leave if these are the only questions. over the years tipples been accused of flooding the market with cheap semi automatic weapons and then using the courts to stop attempts to ban them. today he denies the main semiautomatic used in the attack came from his shop. i sure the rifle and it was not from you he comes from
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the affiliated store. has the reputation of his multi-million dollar business. seems paramount gun city has operated for 40 years and it will translate made on legal obligations. but new zealand police haven't always agreed they've twice revote steeples gun dealers license for breaches of the arms act only to have it overturned by the courts and to successfully sue for damages. and uses the court system to his advantage of that there was no doubt would you consider somebody who is a convicted criminal or a fit and proper person to have a gun dealers license i mean i have a personal view around this but as a minister of police i need to follow a process but as the minister for place more importantly do you believe that someone with a serious criminal record should have a gun dealers license in this country is the minister of police what i am
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instigating is a program to ensure that those who do get deals indorsement often proper what constitutes for profit going forward. we need to work out but i can tell you that. someone with serious. criminal convictions i suspect in the future would not be considered fit and proper. reforming gun legislation is one thing but many like paul be can and believe there's a much greater challenge ahead the whole gun reform flying is simply to lower the body count in the event that someone goes off the rails it's you know throwing a band-aid on what is a much larger woen and i want begins in the heads of people not necessarily on the trigger fingers. that split wide open in the lead up to this year's move it remains remember and stay when a suggestion was made to on a victims of the christchurch attack during this ceremony when college thank you
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all so we do something just to lalage's as a one off. afghan war hero colonel simon strum bomb was behind the move as an act of terrorism and on usals i was quite upset happened to the community that we went on to say scott to take on this topic. but his plan was late to the media and he and others from his return serviceman's club became the subject of a vitriolic backlash that was just pure just hide and of a certain community which was mostly a committee that i knew quite well a quite direct. quite a lot of aggression on shaima. help you just seen it so she capitulated been on a such an evil from the sky here. into the ground we seem to probably about a dozen to the place probably about 6 personal ones too many which i think long
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term and to scare been jealous of sauteed but unfortunately i think our prime minister and glossed over the prime minister herself and said that we do have small pockets of russians in this country we always have had i mean sort of past that clash look we've seen a little bit of that i just think that's just. about all the types of of a few idiots but i don't think that it's got widespread support. for model but the police ministers dismissal of it as the foolish bravado of a few idiots doesn't go down well with. i do feel like it's quite international himself about racism in this country i think it's dangerous for somebody to be making comments like that you know we take their so it's very seriously i still don't feel safe i've had basically really threatening messages with you know nazi symbols being sent to me saying this is just the beginning how do i know that
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there's others right now that are plotting something crazy who are not on the radar of authorities we cannot afford to be complacent we are skids white supremacist want us as a new rainy a new born member of parliament is given police protection of 2 white supremacists threatening to lynch one of the christ church most recently received a visit from a group of brian todd mckee's distin a church full of. overloud hayes's they do claim that jesus is the only true god all this is being quite good to the mosques. i reckon they'll do well and given a few here it sort of creates i think people really are interested in the painting which.
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that's harder and harder. and i just. walk. victims families aren't there are. there's no doubt the pain and trauma will live with victims and their families for a long time. the big question is how long will it take new zealand to rid itself of the racism and hatred and naivety that many believed enable this horrific crime. for 30 years the red cross has provided a lifeline for afghanistan's physically disabled one i want to meet the remarkable people risking their lives to help the decided in the war 2 in afghanistan on al-jazeera. when the news breaks the inauguration of comedian and actor as
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president of ukraine when people need to be heard there were days when i came back to work with no food for my joints closer to all but to sleep with an empty stomach with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries most russian goals will be achieved none and light news on air and online. oh and has i'm speaking in doha the top stories on al-jazeera democracy leaders in hong kong have called for a strike on wednesday after the largest protest seen in 16 years the chief executive says the extradition bill with mainland china will go ahead despite fears from protesters the new laws will allow the government to target its political
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opponents and send them to mainland china for trial demonstrations ended in violent scenes after hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets on sunday kerry lamb warned of violence won't be tolerated as mentioned by the commission off police earlier this morning we are taking very serious actions against those preachers of the law because hong kong is a very lawful society while we respect and up hold the freedoms of expression we also expect every citizen to obey the law adrian brown has more from beijing. many people in hong kong are not sort of persuaded by carry lymes arguments that there are sufficient safeguards in this new bill to address their concerns kerry says that people who are facing potentially sentences of more
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than 7 years would not be extradited to to china sure so says that people who would face political or religious persecution would not be sent back to the mainland but that still hasn't been enough to reassure people and that was made abundantly clear by those protests on sunday sudan's military has defended its crackdown on unarmed protesters saying it's meant to ensure the safety of the country at least 4 more people were killed on sunday as demonstrators answered protest leaders calls for a mass civil disobedience movement and. the people cannot be governed by force and i'm not saying this neither is a member of the opposition nor is someone who supports the government but the people do not want this government and as you can see the streets are empty shops are closed i personally want to civilian government and. the sudanese people also had a big role to play in order for the civil disobedience to be executed in the
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correct way and on its 1st day i think that it has been 300 percent successful the preliminary results show cassim germ of talk a of has one kazakh stance presidential election with 70 percent of the world but opponents say it was not free or fair at least 500 people were detained in protest takei of succeeds former president nor sultan as a buyer who ruled the oil rich country for almost 30 years. the u.n. refugee agency says the risk of people dying while trying to get to europe is at its highest ever the libyan coast guard said it's rescued more than 500 refugees trying to reach europe in the past 9 days most were brought ashore off the coast of tripoli and taken to government shelters at least 2 people have been killed and 5 others injured in protests in haiti's capital port au prince demonstrators set up roadblocks and torched buildings and cars they want president morsi to resign after
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accusing him of stealing money from an oil aid program. california will become the 1st u.s. state to pay for health benefits for some adults living there illegally the plan agreed by democrats will apply to almost 100000 low income adults aged between 19 and 25 but to help pay for the program the state will start taxing people who don't have health insurance it is a revival of the nationwide penalty under for president barack obama's health care law syrian government forces say they've captured a village on the border between hama and in the provinces government tanks and soldiers moved into. president bashar al assad's forces launched an offensive to recapture it live and parts of hama province in april in sport roughly on a dollar as late tennis history in paris by winning the french open for a record 12 time spaniard the dominant team of austria in sunday's final a roland garos takes the dollars total of grand slam titles to 18 those are the
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headlines are correspondent is next. see. i'm james gannon a news editor for al-jazeera. i grew up in this house in virginia in the southern united states my childhood here was a happy one my family weren't rich but we were comfortable. i was particularly
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close to my grandmother mary hamilton lee it was she the told me about my lif family history. my most famous ancestor general robert e. lee led the confederate army against the union during the american civil war in the 1000 century. i was proud that this man considered one of virginia's greatest heroes was a relative. i wasn't told that he fought to defend slavery. on the 12th of august 2017 these pictures of racial hatred in charlottesville in virginia were particularly shocking. because that white supremacists were rallying around was the preservation of a statue of my ancestor robert e. lee. i felt outraged that my family name was associated with the k.k.k. and neo nazis. what happened in charlottesville made me consider for the 1st time the true legacy of my slave owning ancestors. i want to know why people in my home
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state of virginia are so divided on the subject of confederate monuments and what they represent. and i want to find out how much the oppression of enslaved people by my. sisters has had an impact on black lives in america today. what i'm told will at times make me deeply uncomfortable. but these conversations for me are long overdue. but now i'm broke. richmond virginia is the former capital of the confederacy the 11 southern states the vote the union in the american civil war. the statue of my ancestor robert e. lee is one of the 5 confederate statues on monument avenue the grandest street in richmond it stands 18 meters tall and dominates the city's landscape. for over 100 years
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richmond has honored as one of its greatest heroes until recently. in 20159 black church goers in south carolina were shot by a white supremacist the killer was photographed with a confederate flag a symbol for racists of white supremacy. soon after the city council in new orleans voted for their confederate statues to be removed the state of louisiana was once a major center for the slave trade. and public consultations took place in virginia which once had the largest in slave population in america in richmond the debate over the monument avenue statues was heated now is the time for us to tearing down participation trophies for the losing side. as you just. told. me to see. let's remember too that after the
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arlington county could to help reconcile and rebuild relationships between north and south how can anyone say this great leader is a symbol of hate and evil and white supremacy is a was vicious that you would you like to see well know by the end of. more of it's yeah yeah that was a it was well there for a long day or night leaving early this morning. i want to know why opinions in richmond are so deeply divided by just how are you glad to see you martha rawlins is also a cousin of robert e. lee you know are you. really do i know yet. i don't have a horse really no. mark that helps around the
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richmond chapter of an organization name coming to the table. it was set up to help realize one of the dreams of dr martin luther king jr that the children of former slaves and slave owners would one day sit down together at the same table. just the action of bringing people together don't go to the same. shop in the same place live in the same neighborhood and don't look alike i say that when we even go out in public we are the marching pair here we've been on every civil rights and woman's march there is even just seeing us to gather models what is possible that some people say that's really small but i think it's huge coming here is how people which is to heal. the legacy things like martin you know he's now. visiting our purpose 1st rack is uncovering and and teaching truth in history.
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and you will be a lot of homework even if. this is monument avenue. martha wastes no time in starting her 1st lesson on the true history of the american civil war next when we come to is. jefferson davis the jefferson davis was the president of confederacy we need to weed what's written on his monument. it's a it's appalling. the words on the statue paid for by the daughters of the confederacy gives a now discredited view of history. that the civil war was not fought to defend slavery but a heroic struggle to preserve the southern way of life from northern interference. which is that we say you're hardly that so it says to injure any section of the country not even for our own security benefit. but the high and solemn motive of
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defending and protecting the rights we inherited which it is our duty to transmit unshorn to our children. and what the rights we inherit a were the right to us right now was taught in school that we were not defending slavery we were just defending our us now from the northern aggression the rest why . next we visit the statue of our common ancestor it's very painful to remember the legacy evidence right where my great grandmother was 2nd cousin or property. so it's painful it's painful just now cham is not perfect right our queen i would take them day on the defense of slavery was not. something to be honored. gary flowers is a local radio host and to stay. odeon of black history in richmond he wants to show
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me a statue that he fought to get a wrecked in in 2017 so this is mrs maggie cleanup walker. born to an insulated mother maggie walker was the 1st black woman to charter a bank in the united states the st luke penny savings bank. statues say to the community and say to the world this is someone whose fault it is put on a on a literal pedestal that is a woman to be honored and that is a woman to be memorialized so that's what is so disheartening and despicable about the confederate statues because they fought for slavery sedition secession and racial segregation and so those are not honorable virtues for which to fight nor are they american there's no other country on the planet that i.


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